Antoine Bethea (shoulder) placed on Injured Reserve list

The 49ers just announced they’ve placed veteran safety Antoine Bethea on the Injured Reserve list.

Bethea injured what appeared to be his right shoulder during the second quarter Thursday night, and rookie Jaquiski Tartt replaced him. One play after Bethea’s injury, the Seahawks called a play-action deep pass to Tartt’s side of the field. The fake handofff completely fooled Tartt, and Wilson completed an easy touchdown pass to rookie receiver Tyler Lockett.

This afternoon, the Niners replaced Bethea on the active roster with wide receiver Jerome Simpson, who missed the first six games due to suspension. Simpson should immediately become the Niners’ No. 3 receiver.

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  1. Simpson should immediately become the Niners’ No. 3 receiver.
    Uh yea I should hope so otherwise why would they bother activating him if not to release him.

    1. Yes, but who is going to throw to him, Kapernick? I don’t think Wilson is a great qb, but he did throw some beautiful touch passes last night, passes I have never seen CK make.

      1. Leo,

        What about the two slot fades to Boldin against the Ravens? Never is a long time and is all encompassing.

  2. Was just watching a clip of Roy Jones Jr. fights. He’s my second favorite boxer behind MT. Man he was fast but he also had a fluidity to his punches that just made it almost beautiful to watch.

      1. What can I say, I liked how he dominated his fights. Plus he was king of the world right when I was graduating high school so it’s partially a generational thing. I have great memories of my friends families ordering the fights and all of us watching them together. Boxing was a lot more popular still back then.

        If I wash pushed to come up with a better answer I could also throw that I really enjoyed watched Sugar Ray’s fights but when It comes to a more proficient boxer type versus the brawler that Tyson was I will probably always prefer RJJ.

        1. Gatti, I really liked Arturo as well. His fights with Manfredy are some of my favorite to re-watch.

          1. Or the knock down drag out fights with Mickey Ward. They punished the hell out of each other. They were some of the best fights to watch.

        2. Tyson fights were an event. It was a huge deal. It was also the worst value in pay per view history. I remember watching In Living Color (I was probably 12) on channel 2 and they live scrolled across the screen that Tyson had been knocked out by Buster Douglas. That was shocking. I appreciate the skill of boxers. Tyson was more of a dominant freak show that mad his opponents whimper before they even got in the ring. He was unstoppable when his head was focused on boxing.

          1. I watched the Tyson, Buster fight from Japan on TV. Total shocker. Tyson fought someone who wasn’t afraid of him. Buster tied up Tyson then successfully punched well out of clinches.
            Holifield used the same tactic in his fights against Tyson and did pretty good.

        3. Tyson was great under Cus D’Amato. After D’Amato, Tyson became a different boxer and a different man.

          Under Cus, Tyson was a devastating combination puncher with good defense.

          After Cus, he tried to be a one punch slugger. Naturally his KO percentage dropped. He lost alot of his head movement that served him well when he was younger.

          1. I think his conditioning went to absolute sh@t once D’Amato died. MT was never a volume puncher, but his up-close elusiveness combined with his power/speed was something I had never seen before. I remember in those early years Tyson would simultaneously dip all the way into a squat position while shoulder rolling the whole time, while moving forward to attack, lol. It was insane stuff to see at the time.

        4. Gotcha. First time I saw Tyson box live, he bit off Holyfield’s ear.

          I like watching Tommy Hearns fights on youtube.

          1. That was such a disappointing night. It was truly the end for Tyson.

            I do remember enjoying Hearns’s battles with Hagler.

            1. CFC, If you haven’t seen Hearns vs Duran, do yourself a favor and check it out. IMO, it’s one of the most dominating performance by any boxer against a great opponent. Definitely, one of the best offensive performance I’ve seen against a very quality opponent.

              1. The Motor City Cobra got great leverage out of his long frame. As a welter perhaps one of the hardest hitters ever. Hearns weakness… his chin didn’t match his punching power.

              2. He was The Hitman to me. I remember being scared of Hearns when I was a kid, he was genuinely mean looking.

          2. I don’t have a single favorite boxer, but I have favorite boxing eras.

            1- Light and Welterwights of the 80s
            2- Heavyweights of the 60-70s
            3- Welter and Middleweights of the 40-50s

            Discovered a nice little youtube account the other day that breaks down the science of some of the top boxers.


            1. Thanks.

              I love watching Sugar Ray Robinson highlights. He threw devastating combinations.

              1. “Sweet as Sugar”, SUGAR RAY ROBINSON, goes down, in my book, as TGOAT.

                85-0 as an amtuer, with 69 KO’s.
                173-19-6 as a professional, with 108 KO’s.

                What a lot of people don’t know about Robinson is that the term “Pound for Pound” was created to describe Robinson. Sportswriters and journalists coined the phrase because, as a professional, Sugar
                fought as a Featherweight, Lightweight, Welterweight, Middleweight and finally, in his last fight, before he originally retired (he would later make a comeback), he challenged JOEY MAXUM, as a Light Middleweight. Robinson, failed to answer the bell for the 14th round due to heat exhaustion, suffering the only “KO” of his career!

          3. Hearns, Marvelous Hagler was an absolute classic.
            Game plan. Let’s hit each as hard as we can until one of us gets knocked out.

              1. Three rounds of absolute fury!
                I was a Hagler fan, but gained a great deal respect for Hearns in that fight.

            1. Great era, and the last of the great eras.
              Sugar ray
              Marvelous Marvin
              The hitman hearns
              Boom boom Mancini
              Macho Camacho
              Man the nicknames alone were epic. Lol
              But the greatest fight I ever watched (although those were great) had to be Ward and Gatti. I was lucky enough to have it on live. So it was much more intense not knowing who was going to win. Fight of the century hands down

              1. And there’s a good one coming up next month.
                My Boricua Brother Cotto taking on the Mexican ginger bread man.
                Should be a divided house with my mex and fellow Puerto Rican peeps that night. As usual with the great mex/PR boxing rivalries money will be paid and since my wife is Mexican as a team we can’t lose.. Lol the benefits of being the party house. :-)

              2. MD,
                Don’t forget Julio Ceasars Chavez – he had all the tools. And of course Manos de Piedra Roberto Duran – he was Tasmanian devil.
                Yup, great era of fighters.

        5. I liked how tarver ended jones career. And in the second a** whoopin asked him if he had any excuses this time. Lmao classic.

    1. CFC, I guess you missed the Ravens game.

      Colin played poorly last night, but to suggest you have never seen Kaepernick make the kinds of throws Wilson made last night, is silly. He has made plenty of long touch passes during his career. And you need to go back no further than week six VS the Ravens to see him do it. His problem is that he is very INCONSISTENT when he throws the touch passes. I suspect it has more to do with his confidence in making those throws, than it is lack of ability. .

      1. You’re throwing up a game that had Kaepernick going up against a terrible pass defense in order to defend Kaepernick.
        I have nothing to add.

        1. That’s exactly what Wilson did. Throwing passes against a terrible pass defense.

          So Kaepernick did make the kind of throws Wilson made last night.

          Not that it helps the Niners in any way.

          1. Wilson made those kind of throws when our defense was one of the best too. That’s where the similarities end.

            1. Not arguing that.
              And not defending Kap either.

              The point was just that CFC said he had never seen Kap made the kind of throws that Wilson made Thursday night.

              That’s silly.
              Wilson just made a bunch of throws against a bad pass defense on Thursday.

              Kap’s done that a lot of times.
              The Ravens game was just one of them.

        2. And the 49ers defense isn’t as bad as the Ravens?

          First of all, WR’s are usually running wide open again poor pass defense. That was certainly trues last week, but I can think of a handful of throws that were placed perfectly against tight coverage, with touch, over the outstretch defender.

          Playing a bade defense affects your comp%, not your touch. .

      2. So Kaepernick threw for 340 yards against the Ravens. Big Deal. Freaking Josh McCown threw for over 400 against them.

        1. Different circumstances Hammer. You can’t make these statements without knowing all of the facts. Not all football game play out the same way. That game became a shootout as the Ravens and Browns traded leads 4 times in the 4th QTR before going into overtime. McCLown completed nearly 50 yards in overtime alone.

          SMH, come on guys. Look, Colin is not playing well this season. Particularly in games where he is facing pressure on nearly every passing attempt. But you cannot deny the obvious.

          Retired OL and 3-time Super Bowl winner turned analyst MARK SCHLERETH says that, during his 12 years of playing and 15 years of broadcasting (spanning nearly 3 DECADES) he has never seen an offensive line play CONSISTANTLY, as poorly as this group is playing.

          So…….. Whether or not this 49ers OL is THE very worst as a collective group, to play in the NFL over the last 3 decades, or simply ONE OF THE very worst, I ask everyone on this forum one simple question. And I cannot ask this question strong enough:


          Colin may never develop into a top 10 QB over the course of his career. iI get that. We simply don’t know how much better Kap would be playing behind a better OL. But, is it not a true statement to say that, in the past, when the offensive line was playing better, that Colin looked like a capable quarterback, and ascending player in the NFL? And if you go back and watch any number of games during his first full 2 seasons as an NFL starter…….big games………playoff games…….championship games, were all of the fans, all of the experts, and all of the big performances merely an illusion? Or is it more likely that Colin was indeed playing at a much higher level during that stretch, than he has been over the last 20+ games, (which, by definition, makes him capable), and that the primary reason for his actual regression, is that he has been playing behind one of the worst offensive lines any general manager has EVER assembled, over the last 30 some-odd years?

    1. Look, Kaap is sucking right now. He’ll string together a few decent quarters of football, but he cannot maintain any type of consistency against a quality opponent.

      But it really bother s me when people choose to completely ignore a QB’s past success, in order to fit there narrative.

      I challenge you to go back and watch the mid-2012-mid 2013 version of Colin Kaepernick and tell me he can’t make the types of throws Wilson made Thursday Night. Don’t waist you time though, you have already lost this argument!!

  3. So now we have two No. 2 receivers and a No. 3. And a rookie SS. Oh, and a pair of turnstiles at RT/RG. And a coach that has chilli cheese fry residue in his mustache. And QB that would rather look bad not making a mistake than going for broke. And a GM that would draft an amputee if he could get a draft pick in the deal. And the Napoleon of Nepotism himself, Jed York. Weeeeee, football!

    1. Aubrey,
      Don’t forget a partridge and a pair tree!
      Yup, changes to fill void by injured players – what about making some changes with starting players that aren’t cutting it right now?
      Also time to give Kap a break for a couple of games.
      I don’t necessarily want to sit him indefinitely, just like to see him watch the game from a different perspective.
      Maybe Tomsula brings in Tiller full-time and starts giving Brown some reps and let him develop for next year.

  4. All this discussion about coaches, wide reivers, RB, QB, is all BS because based on last year and again this year the offensive line is the big let down. They can change everywhere on the club and it will make no difference in the outcome of the games this or next year. Last year offensive line of Martin at center, and Martin at tackle was only a little better than Martin, Tiller,,Devey, and Pears. The niners need to draft OL and pay there OL more money to get quality. Then everyone can judge the rest of the squad and coaching staff.

    1. Fair enough; the OL sucks. But when your QB consistently misses the easy stuff (like check-downs) that is there, the problem is more than the line. If you have to surround your QB will an All Pro OL and league-leading defense every year to even sniff contention…you might have a QB problem…particularly in a league that is doing everything it can rules-wise to promote passing.

      1. No team has ever had an all pro OL. The 49ers have had two individuals who were all pro in two consecutive years.

        Forrest Blue 1971,1972
        Bruno Banducci 1947,1954
        Harris Barton 1992,1993
        Howard Mudd 1968
        Mike Iupati 2012

        A QB needs consistency in the OL in order to learn to play in the pocket. When Kaepernick had some consistency in the OL he played better (2012, and 2013) than he’s playing now. To build QB consistency there has to be OL consistency first.

        If someone slaps your face enough, you’re going to flinch when the hand just moves. Try it and see if I’m right. :-}

        1. Lol, I took for granted that the average person wouldn’t take the term “All-Pro OL” in the literal sense. We did have multiple Pro Bowlers on that line though. Who am I supposed to slap to test your theory? =P

          I don’t disagree that a better line would settle Kaep down, but I think that bad line play can be mitigated by good QB play (decisive decisions/accurate passes) and bad QB play can be mitigated through good line play (running game). It’s a symbiotic relationship. Some of those horrible over/under throws were from a clean pocket. And no matter how good your line is, when you face a talented defense that can bring pressure you’re going to have to find a way to make plays. It’s part of the job. Wilson got sacked five times last night (and almost sacked one or two more times) and still made plays.

          After four years, Kaep still isn’t even doing the most basic things that help an offense chip away at a tough defense. Things like putting the ball on the receiver (on short passes) where they can easily catch, turn upfield and get YAC. Things like remembering to always check it down when primary options aren’t available (I saw multiple throwaways with checkdown receiver running free).

          I have been one of the most patient and supportive Kaep guys out there, but there are things you can’t fix. Do you really want to wait 2 years to find and indoctrinate replacement OL pieces to find out Kaep isn’t the long-term answer? I think, even with the adverse conditions, that the sample size is large enough. If I turn out to be wrong and Kaep turns into a world-beater, I’ll be first in line for a fried crow sandwich.

          1. Forget Kaepernick.

            Do you want to bring in a “hope for the future” QB that gets slapped in the face until he develops twitches while you do not have an average pass protecting and run blocking OL?

            With all his faults we won a good number of games with Colin pre 2014 when we had a solid line and a solid running game. After all that’s Baalke’s MO, run into eight and nine man boxes with a very strong defense. Our very strong defense is spotty and our OL can’t run against a strong defense.

            1. Things have changed considerably in #7’s game since then. It’s not just a poor oline. It’s the fact he plays scared, frightened under pressure and now too cautious to let it just rip.
              You guys wanna pin his regression to the offensive line that’s fair. But in reality, the regression is more on the guy behind that line. Specifically in between his ears.
              The early 90’s Cowboys oline can’t help him now!

              1. The point, again, isn’t Kaepernick. The point is what will happen to the “new hope” if the OL status quo isn’t corrected. You seem to think getting rid of Kaepernick will fix the OL. Maybe putting Rogers or Brady behind them would help, but a “new hope” QB will just get killed.

              2. Htwaits any new coach or GM with have a brain knows the first priority will be the offensive line.
                Next will be a QB who can sit and watch a year. The Niners are best served to let Gabbert and another veteran battle it out for the #1 position next year. Meanwhile the heir apparent chosen first overall gets to learn while his new oline gels for him and is ready in 2017.
                Keeping #7 beyond next year at his cap hit is a bad business and football decision. Can’t happen!

  5. Well, given where this team is at, forcing the young guys into the starting line up probably isn’t a bad thing. Getting them some experience. Just have to hope the exposure on a bad team doesn’t ruin them, because some of these young guys have some talent to work with.

    1. To follow Nolan’s pattern with Alex Smith you have to change coaches every year and call fractures bruises.

      1. Actually I take that back. With Baalke’s coaching staff and his backup selections, it should just be next man up at an accelerated rate. No big deal.

  6. I used to think Dontae Johnson was just a victim of a change in scheme by Mangini, but it is looking more and more like he must be in the dog house. Did anyone see that Acker went out at the end of the game and it was Reaser that replaced him at RCB, not Johnson?

    I’m really not sure what Johnson did (or didn’t) do to deserve the demotion. I thought he had been playing ok the first 3 weeks.

    1. I’m not sure I would give Mangini that much credit, meaning I wouldn’t assume that the player is really the one in the wrong.

  7. How bad must Brandon Thomas be if he can’t beat out Jordan Devey ??they used a 3 rd round pick on Thomas, I really need an explanation here ?

  8. Man, everyone has an opinion of the 49ers…

    Former OL Mark Schlereth says…

    “‘Oh Colin Kaepernick, it’s time to move on, he can’t play.’ Stretch Armstrong couldn’t play behind that line of scrimmage right there. I don’t care if you’re a super hero, you’re not doing anything behind the way they played last night. They should be embarrassed … C’mon, clown. Block somebody.”

  9. I called for a boring draft last year in getting o-linemen and no cigar, I’m calling at least two top pick d-linemen and ILB. Get a vet or two in free agency for the o-line. A LG and RG… I’m guessing A Davis will be back.
    Stack the damn defense and get it back to lights out. Give bowman another Willis type, let Lynch grow, start Purcell next season and draft the best D linemen coming out with the first. And for gods sake get Lee back!!!
    I’ll let the rest of you argue the obvious in GM and coaches.
    Because I personally want holmgren back in SF!

    1. Oh and qb??? I really don’t think any of them are worth a first. We are screwed unless Rodgers somehow becomes available due to a Redheaded chubby Stalker camping out in front of his house. Screaming RODGERS!!!
      Or Brady is tired of winning in NE and wants to finish his career in SF, or Alex smith… Oh wait never mind that one. :-)

    1. This article says all you need to know about the current Kaep situation. If he wants the rest of the 100 million, he will have to claw and fight for it. Or he can just say the hell with this, I got 25 million. I’m going back to Turlock a rich man!

  10. What a horror show of a team York and Baalke have placed on the field. There will be no good news coming out of SF for awhile I’m afraid as we have become a laughing stock. Our owner has made Jerry Jones look competent and relevant.

    1. The equipment manager was wide open, maybe we should activate him. I agree with Hayne should of been playing. Trade for Sean Mannion, not impressed with this years college QBs. In the interim bring up Dylan from the practice squad. Find a center. I also agree Baalke has to go. My question what quality GM’s and HC’s and good FA’s really would like to join a dysfunctional organization such as the Niners are right now.

      1. On D, the 49ers should be building around Lynch, Armstead, Dial, Williams, Reid, Ward, Acker, Tartt, Johnson and Reaser:

        – Lynch is the pick of the bunch and looks a future star.
        – Armstead has shown some flashes to think he can be a good, penetrating DL.
        – Dial and Williams are solid starting/ rotational DL.
        – Reid, Ward and Acker are all solid starting DBs.
        – Tartt, Johnson and Reaser have shown promise as guys that can develop into solid starting/ key backup roles.

        I’m keen to see what Gerald Hodges can do too, as he may be a solid starting ILB too.

        What they need is a couple of high impact players on D to go with Lynch and possibly Armstead in the future, and solid ILBs. An impact pass rusher opposite Lynch, another DL that can be in the mix and provide genuine pass rush skills, and an ILB that is good against the run and pass would make this D a whole lot better.

        I think people are too willing to give up on some of these guys too early on offense too. The young OL have struggled to transition to the pros, but this is a common thread in the NFL. They need more time. And its too soon to say guys like Ellington, Smelter, Bell, Mike Davis, and even Hayne are not building blocks for the future.

        There are some glaring holes. The 49ers aren’t going to turn things around in one off-season. But there is some young talent on this team to build upon.

        1. I agree Scooter, and Gabbert is still young enough that we can see what he can provide….. I do believe we need speed at ILB, and I too want to see more of Hodges.
          My primary complaint this season, aside from the incompetent offense, is with the soft cover 2 zone. I would prefer to gamble on the young DB’s more in man coverage and blitz more because without pressure they are being hung out to dry regardless…
          – and I am one of the SBL holders stuck with this mess, so if can create a movement to pressure Jed that there either be price reductions or no increases until a Super Bowl berth, that would be wonderful- as he wants to be held accountable.

    2. Thanks Grant. A few thoughts…

      -“Strong Young Core of Players”. My brother and I were speculating on the state of the team and came to the conclusion the 49ers were “2010 all over again.”

      We were wrong. The teams talent lays somewhere between the the Erickson era 2004 and 2010. I would have scoffed at that idea last summer, but the young O-linemen I had hopes for are not panning out, the depth behind Hyde looks awful and the linebacker group also needs a rebuild. And then there’s quarterback…

      – “The 49ers Probably Will Have a Top-Five Pick in the 2016 Draft.”

      Due to (likely) strength of schedule, the 49ers would probably lose most draft order tie breaker scenarios. They would have to totally collapse to have a top five. Maybe only one more win all year.

      1. Niners should not be worrying about how high a draft pick they will get. They should be scouting 2 positions. Pass rusher and Offensive Lineman. No matter what, they will probably be in the top 10 and could draft at least 1 blue chipper.

    3. Grounding the Hayne Plane was a BFI, and trading Bush to the Dolphins for a can of Bumble Bee Tuna would be a GFI. The ONLY way Mr. Hyde can heal his foot is rest, and even though he’s my main back on my Fantasy Team, I agree with Grant….

        1. He’s fumbled twice I believe, but that’s the least of this teams woes. The more experience he gets, the better. Timidity is no longer an option….

        2. Prime he is still learning stuff that most learn playing high school ball. I agree with razor the more experience he gets the better he will get. If we were a top notch team I would agree with your point, but we are not, let him get the experience, I think he will just be fine if he gets it.

          1. The coaches don’t trust him because he has looked shaky back there as well as he has fumbled. Experience is not gonna make that better because if there is no trust, there is no experience.
            When he does get back in, he has to make the most of his situation. Fair catches won’t cut it and 1-3 yard gains won’t either. He needs to step up.
            BTW, anyone else watching Connor Cook right now? This kid has precise touch and stands In the pocket like a soldier.
            The only thing I don’t like is he is never under centre.

            1. That’s the main problem with these Qbs coming out of college (and OL, really). They don’t get used to playing in offenses similar to what they will play in in the pros. Its why I would prefer any rookie QB they draft to be given some time to sit and learn.

              It is also why I am not willing to write off the young OL on the 49ers just yet.

              1. So, looking ahead to next year, it sounds like you would propose picking up offensive lineman, who can start next season, in free agency. In addition, they might draft an OL or two as well for development.

                Which positions do you think are the easiest to draft with the intent of starting them when the season begins?

              2. Cubus, I would definitely be looking at FA for one OL to replace the likely departure of Boone. If they get Davis and Kilgore back then they could maybe leave it at that, but I’d probably still want to take an OL earlyish.

                Atm if the 49ers have a shot at Cook I think they need to take it. Otherwise a pass rusher first pick for mine. Could potentially look to move back for more picks, then move up to back end of round 1 to get a second 1st rounder.

              3. Scooter: If for some unfathomable reason the HC and OC are not replaced, then I think Paxton Lynch might be the best choice (and even if they are changed he may turn out to be the best choice by season’s end). He is a dual threat QB who draws comparison to CK for this dual threat ability. But he has better accuracy, touch and vision. Might be an easier transition to the current offense for Lynch than Cook.

              4. I’ve not watched Lynch but I know he’s getting good raps. But Cook is the only QB I think is worthy of a top 10 pick right now. Excellent ball placement, can make all the throws, good pocket instincts and above all else is smart with the football/ makes good decisions.

              5. If the organization manages to get Kaepernick to take a pay-cut to stay with the team and compete for the job and unless one player clearly rises to the top as a clear no brainer type pick then I have a hard time seeing Baalke using a top 15 pick on a QB.

                If Kaepernick isn’t on the team then that’s different but I don’t think that’s how it will play out. I see Kaepernick on the team next year with a reduced salary competing against a late first to early second round pick. If Kaepernick finished the year strong that pick could be a 3rd or 4th round QB.

              6. I know it is silly to be thinking draft this far out, but lets face it, this season is over.

                The 49ers have spent 3 straight 1st rounders on D, and 4 of the past 5. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the 49ers went that way again this coming year, and much like this past draft went pretty heavy on D in the first 4 rounds. OLB, DL and ILB should all be strong considerations in the first 4 rounds, and maybe CB too.

  11. Anybody watching the Memphis – Tulsa game. I haven’t seen Paxton Lynch play before. He’s tall at 6’6″ to 6’7″, 245 lbs, seems to be quite accurate with good vision and he’s deceptively fast. The color commentator compared his speed to CK. Might be somebody to keep an eye on. Doesn’t seem to have an ultra quick release but faster than CK.

    Memphis is ranked 18th, but the level of competition may be a question although they did play a good Ole Miss defense last week.

  12. With Bethea out, I want to see more McCray. He has thump.
    The biggest way the Niners could improve is to sit Devey and Pears. Both the Pats and Bills fans intensely disliked those players and rejoiced when they were gone.
    The Niners should move Boone to RT and pay him before the season and team disintegrates. They should shake up the lineup and keep Staley at LT. They should put Thomas at LG, Killgore at center if healthy, Tiller at RG and Boone at RT. I guarantee that this lineup would improve the team, because the present offense could not be worse.

      1. My quick assessment after one game is that Paxton Lynch is CK 5.0; i.e. he has all the promise and ability we initially expected from CK and delivers on that promise. He makes plays with his arm and his legs. He’s not as fast as CK but deceptively fast for a 6’7″ guy. Very good passing accuracy, very nice touch and a strong arm. The commentators say he has good vision. Saw some beautiful throws with touch when he was flushed out of the pocket. I think he would be better suited to play against the tough defenses in our division as opposed to Goff. Need to see some more games, but right now it’s looking like he’s going to replace Goff as my favorite college QB. After the Ole Miss game last week and this game he’s now a serious contender for the Heisman.

        Quality of Memphis’ competition though is an issue.

        1. After watching him the last couple weeks, I’m Bullish on Lynch. Not sure he’ll be coming out next year, but there’s a lot to like about him….

      2. If they keep forcing him into a collapsing pocket to be eaten like a pinata, no QB will do well.

  13. 逆向直销,震撼来袭:



          1. Thanks, Razor. I’m good. I just find that the various Troll infestations often make it hard to enjoy the room. The banter is what we come for cuz Grant’s blog is like Playboy magazine; hardly anybody comes for the articles!
            ; >)
            I check back now and then, but the affliction persists. This year is hard enough with the team deserving most of the criticism; who needs the value-added angst?

            1. Fully understood with empathy included free of charge, just check in every so often so we don’t get worried. Thanks!; > )

            1. Thx, Ex-
              Watching Saints/Colts, and um, even though the Saints are taking it to them, Gore still seems to have legs; I guess they aren’t gone after all.
              Watching Luck struggle a bit this season is interesting. Is anyone using the “R” word in regard to Andrew yet? (Regression)

  14. Florio is speculating that Kap could get benched to prevent an injury that would force the 49ers to pay out $31M guaranteed for injury (less the $20 million Kap’s insurance policy would pay the 49ers). He also speculates that Tomsula would be one of the last to find out that Kap is to be benched (i.e . it’s not a Tomsula decision, as if that’s a surprise).

    1. By requiring Kaepernick to protect them to the tune of $20M the financial risk clearly took first place in Yorks mind. That isn’t ever going to change.

  15. I wanna see everyone’s ability to throw with touch and anticipation while running for their life….I’m sure the oline protection at McDonald’s is top notch

    1. There’s no question this current O-Line is one of the worst in the league. A couple of other QBs have really bad lines too. Russell Wilson, and oh-yeah Alex Smith.
      Somehow those two guys still resemble NFLS QBs when they do get they get a pocket.

      This horrible O-Line we have just exposes how flawed Kaep really is.

      The first year was the outlier year, the one year he played above his head. He caught everyone by surprised and had a strong team around him. Lighting in a bottle. Props to him.

      But back to reality — He’s always had a slow read, he can’t anticipate throws, he moves in the pocket for no reason, he doesn’t know how to go through progressions so you can’t really run an offense.

      Is is Chryst’s fault? Does it matter? They hid his limitations last year too. Harbaugh and Roman were better at it. Chryst was here last year so he definitely knows what’s going to work with Kaep and what won’t.

      Now that we all know he sucks so bad — I’m going to jump in and help Kaep rise from the ashes.

      Kaep should go out in a blaze of glory. Just go rogue and say I’m not running that play, or that play. I’m running the stuff we did during the SB years and you can all kiss my ass.
      I’ll show you my one read, How do you like them apples?

      And then, if Kaep is really smart, he should get hurt. Get a “concussion,” and then sit out, Gabbert comes in, suddenly is the hot hand, and then Kaep never gets back in, then retires because he has concussion syndrome, collect on dummy Jed York and Ted Baalke’s ” injury insurance” policy in his contract and stick his tongue out at those losers.

      Who’s in???

      1. Alex Smith is already loathed by fans in Kansas City. They’re talking about Goff being a perfect fit for Reid’s offense. Wilson is a good player that benefits from a stout defense. He definitely has a gift for avoiding pressure. Both of them take way too many sacks. Wilson holds onto the ball too long at times while scrambling and Smith seems content to take sacks. Smith would likely be cut after this year if not for his cap hit.

        If the team hires a good GM and HC, I’ll be happy with whatever they decide to do at the QB position. Railing on CK is lame at this point when there are so many issues with the entire franchise. They just aren’t a good team. I don’t think CK is the guy to lead us through a rebuild, but he isn’t the only problem.

        “This horrible O-Line we have just exposes how flawed Kaep really is.”

        *clap *clap *clap

        You’re first few lines were anti-CK proproganda at it’s finest.
        – Acknowledges 49er O-line is horrible.
        – Mentions other QB’s with bad lines.
        – Mentions other QB’s being productive when given a CLEAN pocket.
        – Doesn’t mention other QB’s struggles. Smith takes sacks with a clean pocket and Wilson holds onto the ball too long. Wilson threw two boneheaded picks on Thursday. KC is 1-5 and Seattle is 3-4. The Niners are 2-5. They’re a horrible team, yet they’re are within one game of 65% of the NFL at close to the halfway point of the season.

          1. Cubus,

            Do you think there’s any chance that it was a way of saying, “Hey, nothing we’ve tried up to know has worked and we’re grasping at straws, at this point”?

      2. Really? Alex Smith resembles an NFL QB?

        Colin Kaepernick: 53.0 Total QBR
        Alex Smith: 34.4 Total QBR

        How about the Rams QB, who is also playing behind a bad OL? (not nearly as bad, but bad) Nick Foles: 35.0 Total QBR

        How about Andrew Luck? He’s got a bad OL right? Andrew Luck: 42.3 Total QBR

        Come on Fan! I am done with the double standards. Kaepernick has already accomplished more than Alex Smith, Andrew Luck, Nick Foles, etc, and I am going to defend him when you, or anyone else on the forum, talk out of your arse, and make blatantly false comparisons and statements!

        1. I don’t know if kaepernick is the answer, but I sure as h_ll know he isn’t the main problem. And until management puts an NFL quality offensive line on the field to protect this young QB, I am going to defend him from any and every nimrod on this forum.

          1. I don’t know if kaepernick is the answer..
            It should be pretty clear by this point that he isn’t.

        2. What did Kaep accomplish? Let’s break it down. I’m not saying Alex Smith is a great QB but he doesn’t get any credit for the things he does. He is Captain Checkdown, but so is Brady. The difference is Brady has Gronk and some quick WRs.

          Alex at times this year got in a rhythm just like Kaep, he also has consistency issues but at least he looks like a QB with his shakedown. He doesn’t flee the pocket when chased by a dragon fly.

          But let’s get back to Kaep. He ran for a ton of yards in the GB game, and he has his road wins. But did he ever make the pass to win the game?
          As I recall both playoff runs ended on plays he couldn’t make. The awful fade to Crabtree in the SB, and same darn play in the NFCCG.

          But how quick we forget that Alex has Vernon Post and that draw run for 30 yards in the Saints game.

          He was two Kyle Williams fumbles from going to the SB in the first year under Harbaugh. He was 18-19 the game before he concussion.

          Kaep has been all over the place, has regressed every year since he’s been the starter.

          Kaep is the most under-developed 5th year QB. Put him next to Tebow. Did you see that delay of game that took the team out of field goal range? He had 10 seconds on the play clock when the team lined up. What was he thinking? It’s his home turf so he should know where the play clock is You can’t defend that kind if brain farting. But I’m sure you are going to try!

          1. Alex Smith is terrible. He makes great players good, good players average and average players bad. His cap number is the only thing saving him next offseason. K.C. fans want him gone. It doesn’t matter who Smith has at receiver, he simply doesn’t want to throw the ball downfield. He didn’t lead the team to the Super Bowl. He didn’t lead the team to two NFCCG’s. He hasn’t lead the Chiefs anywhere. The Saints playoff game should have been a blowout. Your yapping about Alex Smith’s two NFL moments that came in a game that should have been a blowout. The Chiefs have regressed every year with him.

            Colin may be a truly terrible QB. I don’t think he is. I think he’s like Smith; a QB that can be effective when he’s surrounded by a strong team and coaching. Neither are great. If we have already seen Kaepernicks’s finest moments, there is no doubt that they surpass Smith’s. Harbaugh was smart to go with the hot hand. He was always on a four year plan.

  16. 49er New Coaching/Mangagement Roundtable Suggestions:

    1. Stop the quasi-psuedo coaching/GM searches before settling on the Erickson’s, Singletary’s, Tomsula’s, Nolan’s, Chryst’s, Mangini’s, Hostler’s, Baalke’s, Etc.
    2. Ignore The Anti-M. Shannahan, Holmgren Ageist crowd, (as they were) in lockstep with the above hires listed in #1…Shannahan and Holmgren have been involved in 8-9 Superbowls between them so know what a Championship teams looks like. With 45 years in the professional ranks or 75 between them they have more connections than Gase, or other coaches. Fire Baalke and the Coaching staff now, and hire Shannahan and Holmgren as consultants/GM to the owner. York, just write checks and move out of the way. Let them use their NFL connections to hire young coaches and Uppermangagement now, and stop wasting the fan’s time with the Tomsula’s and Hoster’s….A move now would allow the new staff to analyze 49er needs before the upcoming draft.

    1. 49er’s upper-management starting their leaks again:

      Kaepernick will be blamed and he’s playing terribly…Re Kap’s benching:

      when national reporters all say the same thing, it’s a big tip-off that 49ers management is funneling that feeling to them.

    2. Using words like Quasi and Psuedo don’t make you sound smart Troll. As a matter of fact, if you had half a brain, you would know that they don’t belong in the same sentence let alone joined by a hyphen.

  17. York Must Hit the Reset Button, by Al Sacco,
    49ers Webzone

    York’s first mistake, and the one he has to immediately rectify, was putting too much faith in general manager Trent Baalke. You see, Baalke is another example of fool’s gold, largely living off of a roster that was built by his predecessor, not him. Sure, he hit on players like Aldon Smith, Chris Cullive

    1. Good point. He subbed a game for Iupati and held his own. He might be a casualty of the switch to zone. Some speculate Thomas is too.

    2. That’s probably a question that our grand children will be asking in the picket line around Levy’s in that dim future of the “York Legacy”.

      1. “Chilo” is the lowest value, though some in the physics community think theoretically there’s one even lower.

    3. Makes you wonder why they let him go, doesn’t it? Man, signing Pears and trading for Devey… that is some bad talent evaluation right there.

  18. “Until York reassigns Marathe (maybe he could give him some made-up c-level title, like Chief Cap Officer or something) and hires an actual football president, who then chooses a better GM than Baalke, who then hires a coach who’s better than Tomsula (preferably one who knows something about quarterbacks), the 49ers will never give themselves a chance to approach the perennial contender status they enjoyed in previous decades.” … Steve Berman

    There is no where else to go to avoid continuing the “York Legacy”.

    1. The 49ers have never won a super bowl with a team that didn’t have any Bill Walsh coached players.

      Not one.

      Lets remember this when Jed talks about “winning with class”, “the 49er way”… as if the Debartolo/York company culture alone was the reason they have five Lombadri trophies

      1. Brodie,
        Jed tries so hard to convince himself that he was part of that Super Bowl legacy, yet he does everything to undermine the standards set by the people responsible for that legacy. I’m curious to see how he behaves during the Super Bowl buildup. It should have been his shining moment in his new stadium, but I can’t see the NFL wanting him involved. I also can’t see him exposing himself to that level of criticism from all of the media and fans.

  19. I think we need to start considering how to game plan for next year with the young guys and account for the losses:

    PLAYER (11)
    2015 CAP HIT
    Vernon Davis TE 31 SF TBD $6,967,920 UFA
    Anquan Boldin WR 35 SF TBD $6,909,000 UFA
    Phil Dawson K 40 SF TBD $4,134,000 UFA
    Alex Boone G 28 SF TBD $3,723,000 UFA
    Reggie Bush RB 30 SF TBD $2,406,250 UFA
    Ian Williams DT 26 SF TBD $1,495,834 UFA
    Garrett Celek TE 27 SF TBD $710,000 UFA
    Michael Wilhoite ILB 28 SF TBD $660,000 RFA
    Tony Jerod-Eddie DE 25 SF TBD $585,000 RFA
    Jordan Devey G 27 SF TBD $510,000 ERFA
    Andrew Tiller G 25 SF TBD $504,705 UFA

    I would immediately look to trade what pieces could return a value (Davis, Jerod Eddie maybe, Bush) and extend Boone and Williams.
    I would start blitzing more and playing dime more often to see if the corners can hold up and insert Gabbert, and get the young guys on the field so we can look to turn it around in a years versus 3-5. I still believe we have the personnel to be competitive, absent a couple of holes.

    I always liked Kyle Shanahan and perhaps bringing in his dad and Holmgren as consultants to hire a GM…….. I have supported Baalke, aside from not solidifying the right side of the line and wasting the picks on Jenkins and Lattimore, but the results speak for themselves.

    1. Do they realize preseason games (and vice presidents) aren’t worth a bucket of warm spit?

      1. Just an opportunity for everyone to make some money. For York/NFL it’s about merchandising in this case.
        Pa York is on the committee that decides these international games…..not an accident as to how the Hayne Plane landed in Santa Clara.

    1. Oh go have the surgery already so Grant doesn’t have to keep making excuses for him.

      1. Why would Grant have to make excuses for one of Pro Football Focus’s TOP RATED RUNNING BACKS?

        Very confusing!

  20. 2-5 records lead to criticism, questioning and finger pointing with good reason. Trent has been one target, and I’ve tried to make sense of his part in it all. I’ve not been a particular detractor of him, but the team is in an untenable position with the OL, and it’s worth thinking about how they got here.
    -AD’s opt-out was an unpleasant, unexpected event with major disruption; yeah, we know.
    -Iupati’s departure was expected.
    -Drafting: Iupati & AD were good, expensive choices who were good in the run game but had a few holes in their protections. Martin was widely well regarded. Thomas and Looney recovery/ developmental upper round ‘value’ picks. Boone, Silberman, Kilgore and Brown were late round developmental picks.
    -Development: Wins= Boone and Kilgore. Kilgore is solid. Boone was always talented, just an under achieving head case in college, so he’s a serious NFL Guard.
    Fails= Looney, Thomas (so far)
    Underachiever= Martin
    TBD= Brown
    Changing coaching staffs didn’t suddenly allow guys to blossom. Utilizing ZBS is just changing how to block; you still HAVE TO block.
    Maybe it’s the guys you bring in…….
    The OL problems have been festering for a while, most notably at OC. This didn’t really sneak up on TB and his FO, but it REALLY got away from them, and the ripple effects have certainly been Humpty-Dumptyish.

    1. Back from the islands or did you finally figure out the neighbors wifi password?

    2. Brother Tuna
      Let’s say we give Baalke a pass on two issues: Kilgore’s second surgery and AD’s sabbatical.

      How about the RB situation?
      Baalke and Jed told anyone who would listen that the Niners will run the ball.
      So, they went into the season with:
      -Hyde who had never carried the full load before
      -Bush, coming off an injury filled prior season
      -Hayne, untested/unknown
      -Davis, a rookie
      Does this make sense?

      Perhaps, the gang of three: Jed + Trent + Paraag really bought into that their theory that all it would take is a bunch of teachers, and this team would be competitive. Which would explain Devey and Pears…..just coach ’em up, will ya?

      1. Yes, remember they want our coaches to be teachers. But you know the old adage: Those that can do, those that can’t teach.

      2. I do give Trent a pass on Kilgore; injuries happen. AD too, out of Trent’s control or reasonable expectation.
        I believe Pears was brought in as a back- up to replace J.Martin, which I thought was a push at the time. I believe they were counting on MM, Looney and Thomas to be NFL-ready for the G and C spots. Devey was what it looked like; a desperation move when they realized they were FUBAR.
        The RB stuff I thought was less a prob. Hyde was healthy, Bush brought speed to stretch, Hunter was trying a come-back, the rook and the Rugger were competing.

      3. Yes, in regards to Hyde. They had a full season to evaluate him. And it looks like they were right about him. He is a prototypical bell-cow RB capable of handling a large load. He has been playing through a foot injury, which is also impressive.

        Reggie Bush was the big mistake. However, I don’t know for certain what their evaluation of Hunter was at the time they brought in Bush. Perhaps they felt confident Hunter would be able to play this season?

        Davis is a capable rookie. However, he is a rookie.

        And then there is Jarryd Hayne. An intriguing talent whom Tomfoola and Chryst have no clue how to use. Give that kid a head of steam, and he is a dynamic runner, who has natural receiving skills.

        That’s my take. Another botched decision by Trent Baalke. The 49ers should have brought in a RB with Reggie’s skill set, but someone who wanted the football, and didn’t appear to be finding ways to limit his exposure to getting hit.

        1. In hindsight, that’s Chris Johnson. BUT, I personally never would have trusted CJ at that point in history. Clearly I’m wrong, he’s thriving in Az, but I can’t fairly fault anyone who shared my fault.
          Trent has craved a speed guy. Look at the LMJ choice. We know what he wanted from Reggie. In retrospect it seems like a reasonable FA gamble by TB.

  21. Ben Fennell @BenFennell_NFL
    Fewest 1st downs in a game this year 1.) Bears 7 vs SEA… 2.) 49ers 8 v. GB, 49ers 8 vs SEA… 3.) 49ers 10 vs ARI… Yikes, Kaepernick

    1. Clausen and the Bears only hold that record temporarily.
      @ STL, @ SEA, vs CIN……Rack em up, Pinion.

    2. Yes, in terms of 1st downs, the 49ers own 3 of the top 5 worst games this season. To call that abysmal would be understating things.

      Clearly the worst offensive line in the NFL, and probably the worst group of starters, the league has seen in years. And the scariest part of all is that they are healthy. Sure, Davis was slated to start at RT, but in large, this was the group Trent Baalke envisioned going into the season.

      And here’s my bottom line: Trent Baalke is simply not capable of recognizing offensive talent. It’s really that simple. His track record when it comes to drafting offensive players, and signing offensive free agents, with the exception of Anquan Boldin (who is now officially in the twilight of his career), is beyond pathetic. It’s simply mind boggling to me. I cannot understand how someone with the type of background Trent has, having been a REGIONAL SCOUT and DIRECTOR OF PLAYER PERSONNEL, could have such an inability to identify talent on an entire offensive side of the field.

      What’s the solution? Well, we know Jed York is not going to walk away and let a grown up take over as CEO and run the 49ers. Aint gona happen. His team is making record amounts of revenue and his ego outweighs his common sense. Let’s hope Jed comes to his senses, and takes advantage of his relationship with his Uncle, Eddie D, and other knowledgeable people he grew up around, who understand the 49ers legacy, and would like to see the NFL’s greatest franchise return to the greatness that defined the glory days, 80’s “team of the decade” and a tradition of greatness which lasted well beyond those championship years.

      Jed MUST bite the bullet and send General Manager Trent Baalke packing, and a replace him with someone who’s dream it would be to restore this storied franchise to greatness. Someone who understands who the 49ers were during the glory days, and has the ability to recognize talent on both sides of the football, and the vision to put together a coaching staff who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries, and become the type of leader the 49ers once were, and RESTORE THEIR LEGACY!.

  22. I think this sums up the coaching staff:

    “The 49ers’ coaching staff had the entire offseason and training camp to get to know their players. Yet, with a long week before the game against the Rams, Tomsula said the focus is on the coaches really honing in on studying what can make their players successful. “We’re right now looking at it player by player.” He said they’re looking at the skillset of each individual “to accentuate the strengths and stay away from the weaknesses.” Seven games into the season, this should not be an issue. The coaching staff should have figured out long ago how to best utilize the talents of the players on their roster.”

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