Armstead: “I don’t think I am raw. If you watch film of me, you’ll see a technically sound player.”

SANTA CLARA — This is the transcript of Arik Armstead’s first press conference as a 49er, courtesy of the 49ers public relations department.


It seems like most of the major draft analysts had the 49ers taking you. Did you have a real sense that they were quite interested in you?

“Yeah, I had a good visit when I went there. I felt comfortable with everybody. I really loved it there. Everybody was getting to know me as a person. I kind of felt like they already knew me as a player and I built some good relationships with people there just in a short time period and I am looking forward to continue building that relationship with them.”


You’re not very far away, were the 49ers your favorite team growing up?

“I necessarily didn’t have a favorite team growing up. Of course, with the 49ers being in the area, I always kept a good eye on them. I would watch the games with them always being on TV. I didn’t have a favorite team growing up but I am excited to be close to home. With my family all lives in Northern California, being able to play for the 49ers and represent Northern California being a Northern California guy, it’s going to be huge for me. I want to represent this part of the state in the right way.”


Have the 49ers given you an indication of what they expect from you and where you’ll be playing?

“No. I don’t know exactly where right now, but I am looking forward to working with them and seeing what they have for me. I am going in there looking to work hard at wherever they put me at.”


Of course, head coach Jim Tomsula knows defensive linemen very well. What did he say to you during your visit and what he would like to see you do?

“We didn’t really talk about football. When I visited with coach Tomsula, we sat down there and got to know each other. We talked about pretty much nothing. We talked about music, all those kinds of things. Like I said, they know what my abilities are as a football player, and my meeting with them was just about them getting to know me as a person. I felt like we built a good relationship.”


A lot of people, in the run up to the draft, termed you as a very raw but very gifted and talented prospect. Do you agree with that assessment?

“No, I don’t think I am raw. If you watch film of me, you’ll see a technically sound player. I think I have a lot of room to grow and a lot of things to improve on. I am looking forward to do that with the coaching staff there.”


Why do you think you are the best pick for the 49ers and their defense?

“Just learning a little bit about their defense, we ran a similar scheme up at Oregon. A 3-4 scheme. I think my skill set to be in the 3-4 is perfect. I picked up the defense very easily when I learned it and I feel like I have the skill set and athleticism to play that end position in their defense.’”


You’ve played a lot of basketball. Is it accurate to say that last year was the first year in which you only focused on football?

“Yes, I put down basketball after my sophomore year to focus on football. I feel like it helped me a lot my junior season, a lot more time in the film room, a lot more time in the weight room to get stronger. Just a lot more calm on my mind with just football which helped me a lot.”


A lot of people look at your sack total and wonder why a defensive end didn’t have more sacks last year. Can you talk about what your role on the defense was and whether getting after the quarterback was paramount or whether you did other things along the line? 

“My role was to be disruptive. Take on blockers and free up guys at times. My role was to do whatever my coaches asked me and I played my position well. I feel like at Oregon, I did what my coaches asked of me. I put my health on the line playing for them injured. I did whatever they asked me to do out there on the football field.”


Did you get a chance to meet DT Justin Smith during your visit? Was he around? 

“No. Justin Smith was not around during my visit.”


What was your injury?

“I had an ankle injury in college my junior season that limited me. I started off the season pretty well, got hurt and kept battling for my team. Playing hurt, trying to do the best I could and I got healthy towards the end of the season.”


What do you have to do to get more pressure on the quarterback and put up more sack numbers?

“Get in there with [defensive line coach] coach [Scott] Brown. Get around some talented coaching minds who are going to push me to the next level and teach me those key technique things to make me successful. I am going in there open minded, looking to work hard and be coached.”


Do you think you can be a nickel pass rusher or are you only a two-down lineman?

“I think I am definitely a nickel pass rusher. Rushing inside over guards and centers is something I did at Oregon in the nickel packages. I think I have the athleticism and the length to do that. I am looking forward to doing that more and having the opportunity to get after the quarterback more.”


You played here at Levi’s® Stadium twice last season with Oregon. What are your thoughts on the stadium and playing here?

“The stadium is great. Being there a couple times, I have some good memories in there, winning the Pac-12 championship in there. That stadium has treated me well. I am looking forward to playing my next game in there and spending however long my career is in there. The stadium is great. I love the architecture of it. I love how hi-tech it is and I am looking forward to playing there for many games to come.”


Have you gotten a sense from the 49ers if they think Justin Smith will be back?

“Oh no. I have no idea what’s going on with that. I had my team visit with them and just now got drafted. That’s the decision he’s going to have to make that’s best for his liking. I really don’t know anything about that.”


Who called you? Who from the 49ers did you talk to?

“I talked to coach Tomsula. He was the first person to call me and various people called me.”


Did you see their black uniforms unveiled today?

“Yes, my friend actually just showed me a couple of minutes ago that [S] Eric Reid posted the black uniforms. Those look sick. I’m looking forward to having an opportunity to wear those, too.

I had a lot of different uniforms at Oregon and so when they mix it up that’s going to be pretty fun.”


Just real quick, are you at home in the Sacramento area and could you tell us who you’re with, like who was there for the announcement with you?

“I’m with my family in Sacramento, close family and friends. We’re heading to a bigger party with more people here in a second. We’re going to all get together and celebrate and enjoy a good time.”


What was it like playing for Pleasant Grove High School coach Joe Cattolico back at Pleasant Grove and what did you learn from him that you can apply transitioning to the NFL?

“Coach Cattolico, he was an awesome coach and I learned a lot from him. I went to a different school my freshman year and I transferred to play for him. He put me in a position to be successful. The biggest thing I probably learned from him is integrity. He didn’t put certain people before others. He treated everybody the same. He taught me hard work and discipline. He was always on me and pushed me to get to the next level. I think that’s something he learned from his dad, Dave Cattolico, who coached at Los Gatos. I learned a lot from him.”


With your connection with Golden State Warriors C Festus Ezeli, how many Warriors games have you seen?

“I’ve been to a couple of Warriors games when I was younger. I was trying to make it to one of the playoff games. Me and Fest have known each other for a while. So, I’m sure with us being around the same area we’ll be able to hang out a lot more. But, I’m going to try to make it to one of the games, hopefully pretty soon. I didn’t get to make it to the last series, but I don’t want to, Fest has a lot of family and I wouldn’t want to bother him and ask for tickets or anything like that.”


Do you have a relationship with any players currently on the 49ers or did you meet any on your visit?

“Yeah. I met some of them on my visit and I had previous relationships. Of course my brother going to USC, he played with [CB] Shareece Wright, who’s a new 49er. So, I’ve known Shareece since I was a little kid. Of course [C] Marcus Martin, [TE] Xavier Grimble and then also [LB Aaron] Lynch. I met him on my Notre Dame visit. I know a couple of guys on the team and look forward to being around some familiar faces.”

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  1. Baalke knows defense, and this kid has his best football ahead of him. Tomsula will make sure the 49ers are in good hands with Armstead….

    1. I’m still getting over the shock of this Pick,

      I didn’t like it but what do I know?

      What does anybody here know?

      I just have to have faith that the 49er Brass knows what they’re doing. Today is a new day with 2 selections to make so it can change how I feel about what happened yesterday. The 49ers can easily move up in the 2nd Round by using that additional 4th Round pick they got from the Chargers to land a WR or CB.

      We’ll see

    2. Razor,
      I know you like this guy, and I trust your instincts. But my only concern is that it appears we drafted a player based more on potential vs production.

      Armstead made a spate of good plays and many here point to his play in the BCS game but overall his college stats don’t warrant a top 20 pick.
      Now, I hope that I end up eating crow on my less than stellar impression of AA, but I only base my opinion on his college production.

      Also, I great value pick in the 2nd might buffer my angst a little (lol).
      Any predictions?
      I will go Denzel Perryman

      1. He’s like a pitcher who can throw a 100 mph fastball, a great starting point but he’ll need to work on expanding his repertoire….

      2. Perryman would be a solid pick in the second. Nice to see strong and DGB on the board. Also nice to see some solid CBs in Darby, Williams, and Collins still there as well.

        I like the fact that we picked up that 4th which gives us the ability to move up if needed. Should be an interesting day.

    3. Good pick…. Acquiring an additional 4th rounder allows 49ers to attain that inside linebacker or trade up and acquire a game altering outside pass rusher LB/DE, because many are still on the board. However, I look for them to draft an impact wide reciever, or cornerback, and a middle linebacker.

    4. Razoreater, I agree with Folsom and AES. While Armstead is an amazing athlete: big, strong and played basketball at the collegiate level. But, all month I have been hoping that we don’t pick Armstead, certainly not anywhere in the middle of the first round. My problem with Erik is that he is painfully, obviously slow off the snap. It seems he doesn’t after the snap until nearly a second after everyone else moves. Can ou imagine the field days NFL OLs will have when they are given so much extra time to get set and then thrust forward to knock Armstead off-balance on every play? That is where Tomsula will need to work on him the most.

      Usually, I am mostly awe-struck by Trent Baalke’s shrewd moves and uncanny sense of an athlete’s potential. But, with Armstead being drafted, I can’t help but be reminded of Trent’s disastrous 2012 waste of a draft. That was the draft where he put his man-crush pick of A.J. Jenkins in a sealed white envelope. His picks in that draft all came from small schools, who rarely if ever saw action against the elite Big 10 schools. Armstead is big, strong, and graceful enough to play basketball at the collegel level. But, he also takes nearly a second to move after the snap. Can you imagine how happy NFL linemen will be when they match up against Erik? They will know from film that they will always get the first punch with which to knock Arnstead off-balance.

      1. Time will tell, but Baalke has a pretty good track record when it comes to defense….

  2. Strong, smith, dbg all still available. Getting the extra 4th do we move up to get anyone

  3. “What Jenkins [Armstead] may lack in breakaway speed [lack of sack production or QB pressures], he makes up for in hard work and a humble demeanor. ESPN has reported his willing praise of teammates and coaches and his acceptance of criticism. His career numbers suggest yearly improvement.”—-

    1. His career numbers suggest yearly improvement.”—-

      Not sure how they figure that. His number went down in 2013 and then up in 2014. I know that he was focused solely on football in 2014 and not the year prior, but he had a dip in stats after 2012 when he was probably still playing basketball. His numbers suggest inconsistency.

      1. MWD: I am in agreement with you. The quote I shared above was from an article about AJ Jenkins written after he was drafted by the Niners. I replaced Jenkins with Armstead and there you have it: a reach.

        A late second round “talent” taken in the middle of the first round. They should have taken the top CB. If Tomsula is so good at developing linemen then a 3-4 rounder would have been enough, but they reached.

        1. Chess,
          They reached big time. I’ve been saying this for a long time. Baalke is “arse saving” mode. He went for the safe pick.

        2. Chess GM. Interesting that you found a parallel between what was said about Jenkins and Armstead. I also found a parallel as well in some of the other things stated by the staff. Armstead might well turn out to be a good or even great player. What I didn’t like about the pick was less the pick but the pattern this pick was a refection of. It just seems like Trent is following the same mind set the did in drafting Jenkins and Ward. I wouldn’t have cared if he drafted a bust if he just would break his pattern. He said that he recognized that Jenkins was a mistake, but then followed the same mindset in drafting Armstead. He might actually get a good player this time but that does not change the fact that his over all process is wrong. All success with Armstead will do is justify in his mind that he knows what he is doing. It won’t matter all the whiffs he had. As he said ‘ If you throw enough stuff against the wall something is bound to stick. It seems now that he will just continue with his mindset irregardless of consequence just to prove himself right. He reminds me more and more of Don Nelson. Capitalize the Obsessive in the OCD.

  4. I think this was a terrible pick.d line at 17 just seems like a waste of a impact pick. Personally I don’t think he will even see the field this season.maybe down the road he’s great but right now seems like a reach to me.

  5. I love the draft.
    I don’t like the pick so … The pick must be a reach.

    1. Lloyd,
      What I meant was what Baalke considers a safe pick. Most ‘experts’ had Armstead going to the 49ers at 15. If this pick fails, Baalke can save face and say “look, I wasn’t the only high on this kid, blah blah blah”.

      1. That makes sense.
        But I always thought a reach pick was taking a player that was not projected in that draft range.

  6. I thought that in the 1st round you pick a solid player, a project you can afford in the next rounds.
    But then again Baalke was excited about Jenkins too………

  7. AJJ is not an apt comparison. AJJ was a complete bust and is no longer in the NFL. This pick reminds me more of last years Ward cb/s pick. Both were a huge reach and both require development to succeed at their respective positions.

    We are not out of the woods. Baallke’s 2nd round picks have not been spectacular wither – LMJ, vance mac.

    baalke needs to go.

    1. rollotomasi- I agree that Ward is a better comparison. I think where Jenkins fits in by comparison is was the staffs/front office statements about the pick afterwards. I found a lot of similarity myself. The same pattern and criteria for all three picks was similar. A developmental player who the front office says will not need to step in right away. Thats the similarity with Jenkins. Along with projecting his now being able to beef up in the weight room. In respect to Armstead not being a reach, perhaps for a team looking for developmental player not. But this team does not still have the luxury of drafting IR’s and developmental players for the future. They need players that can contribute today. Reminds me of someone who buys storage unites and gets a lot of junk just because every now and then there might be something of value inside. Baalke has just made too many high risk picks during his tenure at the expense of wasting capital that is sorely needed now and will be in the future.

  8. Matt Miller @nfldraftscout · 48m
    49ers drafted my No. 16 overall player at No. 17 and got two extra picks. Not a bad pick at all.

    Grant Cohn @grantcohn · 13h
    Worst pick so far in Round 1? #49ers

    Looks like there may be a rumble at the Bleacher Report HQ.

    1. Wow. Somebody had AA as their #16 overall player.
      Reading this blog one would think nobody in the football universe projected the guy as a 1st round pick.

    2. If the guy is a bust, we got 2 other prospects to make up for it?
      From all the reports it sounds like he needs work. He didn’t play ball much, is too tall for the position, and is coming off an ankle injury, his planting foot.
      NewJim says Eric knows how to bend over though!!!

    3. Too often analysts fall in love with measurables and potential and ignore the stats, even when they don’t mesh.

  9. Bryan Fischer:

    Grade: A
    The skinny: GM Trent Balkke likes to move around in the draft, and Thursday he managed to move back just a few spots and land a number of quality selections on Day 3. On top of that, the 49ers landed one of the most versatile defensive linemen available in Armstead, who can develop into a dominant player.

  10. Mark Eckel:

    17. San Francisco 49ers (from San Diego Chargers)
    Arik Armstead, DT, Oregon
    Grade: A-.49ers got an extra fourth this year and an extra fifth next year to move just two spots and still got the player they wanted.

  11. Pete Prisco: Absolutely a B+ selection for the #49ers. Armstead has a ton of ability and a high ceiling….

  12. Pete Prisco: Absolutely a B+ selection for the #49ers. Armstead has a ton of ability and a high ceiling….

  13. Does AA have any positive football attributes or is he the first projected top 20 player in history without any?

      1. I’m hoping you mean on the field and not off the field in a police line up or something.

  14. I’m good with the pick. I was initially against it, more so because of the fact that everyone and their mom’s had us picking him. The kid is raw but is a physical specimen that you don’t see very often. He’ll be coached up and worked out. He won’t start but he’ll likely get some action on 3rd downs. The kid definitely looks every bit of the part and when he gets those pad levels down can be dominant.

    I also get the mentality. Trent didn’t want to reach, he believed Arik was the BPA with the most potential at that point. He did good picking up a 4th and still getting his guy. Now we need to nail the rest of the draft with guys that can contribute this year.

  15. Baalke expects his first round picks to play significant roles in their first year….

    1. True, but DL tend to be slow to develop. However, I was listening to Baalke earlier and he made a good point, that Oregon does a lot of what we do on the front. Arik was often used a 2-gapper in Oregon, so the learning curve may not be so bad when compared to a guy like Tank. Its like a QB that’s coming out of college having played in a pro-style system taking snaps from under center.

      1. Mid west dynasty, your better then that man. Instead of comparing this guy to Jenkins, why not compare his potential to aldon who a lot of people said was a reach 7th overall.. This kid has lots of potential.. Let’s give this a couple years before killing this pick.

        1. Taking up a fund for a lifetime supply of Snickers for MWD if you wish to contribute….

          1. While I will have my popcorn ready when you flip your love/hate switch for Baalke yet again and over dramatize someone’s sarcastic comment because you missed the sarcasm. Both still are making me laugh Razor.

              1. True. I do need to feed some to you when your vocabulary starts slipping. It worked last night after all. You take the Snickers and I’ll keep the popcorn for your next Flipper moment.

              2. See? Have a Snickers quick before you’re reduced to just saying a letter of the alphabet!

        2. Nice try Prime but I wasn’t comparing Jenkins to Armstead. I was showing an inaccuracy in what Razor said because Baalke said that Jenkins didn’t need to start yet because we were set at WR and he could develop while waiting his turn.

              1. Keep your sarcasm card ready for the next round. You are still looking for a receiver right?

              2. That is one position yes, but another CB or pass rusher would be fine as well. Although it wouldn’t surprise me if Baalke drafted at another position we’re stacked at.

  16. I was hoping for a different pick, but I see what Baalke was going for. He’s not asking AA to be a pass rusher, he’s asking him to occupy blockers for Aldon Smith. Essentially replace Justin Smith. J. Smith provided the bonus of grinding his way to the QB, he was a guy that got to the QB as a primary blitzer. I think it may pan out as long as AA hits the weight room.

    Now tonight they MUST get Dorial Green-Beckham!

  17. The point of the draft is to find guys with massive potential and to develop these players. Very few guys every year step in and are stars. It takes time to judge a draft class. If tomsula and company can develop this kid he is a huge piece moving forward. Teams are built in the trenches… Let’s not forget our GM does not miss on too many defensive players.. 20 years old with a world of potential, that’s all you can ask for.

  18. One thing that I don’t see on Armstead’s tape is a mean streak. He acts timid too much so I’m hoping that Tomsula helps develop a nasty demeanor on the field.

  19. Aside from the ‘potential’ of Armstead, why draft a guy for a position that’s already stacked? Are the 49ers expecting him to get any playing time this year? If so, that means he will have to bypass Tank and Dial on the depth chart.

    1. Exactly Nick. We have more pressing needs and Baalke went in another direction completely despite being already staked at the position he drafted for.

      1. Nick/Midwest– That’s exactly my point as well. It is less about if Armstead is worth a 17 pick, rather do the 49’ers have the luxury of making this type of developmental pick. It’s not just if he will pan out in the future, but at what cost to the teams present. That was the problem with Baalke, he was always shooting for the future and in the process forgot that the team had immediate needs in the present. I suspect that was a main bone of contention between Harbaugh and Trent. Razor– You like Armstead so much and you very well might be right, subsequently it has made you lose sight of the bigger picture.

        One pattern I noticed about the Niner organization in the last few years was that a lot of decisions were made to cover up previously made bad decisions. Not correct errors but cover them up. I didn’t know if it was Harbaugh or Trent. Is the Armstead move a cover for the second round pick of Tank? Tank should not still be a developmental player anymore. Does a really effective Gm just throw numbers against the wall and hope a few stick? This will be his third year. I suspect that Trent is more about his own ego and looking good than he is about actually making decisions for the good of the team.

    2. The only thing we’re “Stacked” at regarding the DL is potential. JS is gone, RayMac gone. The only proven players at DE is Dockett, and he’s 34. Is it really that unthinkable that Arik beats out Dial, a 5th round pick. Yes the guy showed a lot of promise last year, but is he a game changer like they believe Armstead can be?

      Armstead could develop into that lock-down DE we need in order to continue our success at stopping the run. Like Grant said, our defense has been built around our talented DL, and we just lost 2 of our long-time starters there. Just because it wasn’t who Grant wanted specifically is irrelevant.

      1. The only thing we’re “Stacked” at regarding the DL is potential.

        Uh no. Jerod-Eddie, Dial, and Carradine showed up when their number was called last season.

        Yes the guy showed a lot of promise last year, but is he a game changer like they believe Armstead can be?

        Exactly what about Armstead’s stats says game-changer? He’s not a pass rusher and though one of the better run stuffers has allowed RBs to fly by him and gain big yards because he was too focused on the one assigned to block him.

        1. Exactly what about Armstead’s stats says game-changer?

          Don’t ask me, I’m just an average joe. But you can try asking Mayock and every other sports analyst out there. You could also shoot Baalke a text, I’m sure he’d tell you.

          1. Analysts fall in love with measurables and potential to much, so I take everything they say with a grain of salt.
            And I texted Baalke. He said that now wasn’t a good time because he was scouring his war board for the next developmental project.

        2. “Uh no. Jerod-Eddie, Dial, and Carradine showed up when their number was called last season.”

          Jerod-Eddie had a -9.5 run grade last year, Dial had a 1.2, and Carradine had a -.9.

            1. Just like Armstead against the Buckeyes. Only thing is it mostly happened because he was the last one out of his stance.

            1. Then why mention him, especially considering that Grant was never set on who he wanted?

              1. There you go over dramatizing sarcasm again. Meanwhile your chant of ‘Baalke must be thinking of Williams’ was a classic…but as much as your flipping of your love/hate Baalke switch.

              2. Yea, I won’t lie. I would have taken Williams over Armstead if the Price Was Right….

              3. And I wouldn’t have minded moving up for Beasley if the price had been right.

              4. I never said he was, but putting Beasley next to Bowman would have been awesome.

              5. The vocabulary is disappearing from Razor again. Quick, give him a Snickers!

              6. English composition is a more effective managing tool, appreciate your concern though MWD….

  20. I’m good with the pick too. I was disappointed but take Baalke at his word when he basically said that from where they could pick, there weren’t any “plug ‘n’ play” guys on their board. He also intimated they discussed trading up with some teams, but, I assume, either there was no interest and/or the price was too high. It’s seems clear they have other holes to fill and want to keep as many picks as possible. As far as the hole they did fill, they strengthened the most important part of the defense. Also, I assume they plan to rotate on the DL more than in the past. With work in the weight room and coaching at the position, he might start to be a factor in the rotation in the second half of the season. And they could try him as a situational pass rusher. I’m not buying on yet to the view that he can’t pass-rush.

    1. If you go look at his Ohio State Championship game tape, you will notice that when he is in his stance and plays with his feet parallel with one another, he is slow off the line. When he plays with one leg back, in a aggressive rushing stance, he is ridiculously quick and effective off the ball. I went and looked at other tape and noticed it right away. Quinton Dial has that same issue. His feet are parallel and he appears a bit slow off the ball. That will hopefully get cleaned up.

      1. Thanks for your insight. Hope it’s that easy to fix, but not doubting you.

    2. George— I would never take Baalke at his word. He will always rationalize to make himself look good or to justify his actions not only to others but himself as well.

  21. My ideal but realistic 2-7 round mock:

    2 – 46. Tre McBride, WR, William & Mary
    3 – 79. Steven Nelson, CB, Oregon State
    4 – 117. Davis Tull, OLB, Chattanooga
    4- 126. Jamil Douglas, OG, Arizona State
    4 – 132.. Jacorey Shepherd, CB, Kansas
    5 – 151. Deandre Smelter, WR, Georgia Tech
    6 – 189. Malcolm Brown, RB, Texas
    7 – 246. James O’Shaughnessy, TE, Illinois State
    7 – 254. Chris Bonner, QB, CSU – Pueblo

    1. If they take mcbride in the second and over DGB, strong I’m going to turn off my TV immediately..I will lose it..

        1. Yea, Strong didn’t do well against Peters. He’ll see a lot of those physical style corners in the NFL…..

          1. Strong is a big slot receiver, and that’s okay, but you can find those later in the draft.

        2. Completely agree on McBride. He’s way underrated as a WR prospect.

      1. CK-E, if they have an opportunity to draft DGB but take another WR with that pick, it would mean their board has him further down or maybe he’s not on their board at all. I’m not going to second guess their evaluations. The journalists we read are just amateurs when it comes to evaluating talent and scheme.

      1. That’s the nice thing about Baalke! He might kill our dreams in the first but he’ll make up for it in 2-7.

        1. tkamB- I think your statement might make more sense if you state 3-7. His second rounders haven’t been that stellar as well.

  22. Here are potential candidates for 2nd round. There’s still lots of good talent left. Perhaps Baalke can redeem himself and get one of these guys.

    D’Joun Smith, CB, Florida Atlantic: 5-10, 187 pounds, 4.37 40
    Eric Rowe, DB, Utah: 6-0 3/4, 205 pounds, 4.37 40
    Jalen Collins, CB, LSU: 6-1 1/2, 203 pounds, 4.44 40

    Devin Smith, WR, Ohio State: 6-0 3/8, 196 pounds, 4.37 40
    Dorial Green-Beckham, WR, Missouri: 6-5 1/8, 237 pounds, 4.43 40
    Chris Conley, WR, Georgia: 6-1 7/8, 213 pounds, 4.33 40

    Eric Kendricks, LB, UCLA: 6-0 1/4, 232 pounds, 4.59 40
    Denzel Perryman, LB, Miami: 5-10 3/4, 236 pounds, 4.68 40

    1. DGB, Collins, Rowe, Kendricks, Perriman. Don’t forget Randy Gregory as Aldon Smith insurance. Funchess is intriguing.

      Some team is going to take a huge PR risk on La’el Collins and will end up with either a sad awful wasted pick or the best value in the draft.

      On Day 3, anyone a fan of RB David Johnson? Haven’t watched film, but he blew up the combine. 6’1, 224, 4.50/1.58, 41.5 & 127 jumps and 6.82 3-cone (second fastest).

  23. I mentioned last week that Trent likes to build in the trenches and he’d gotten away from that in the 1st round and might go there again. I understand that it’s a foundational pick like an OL would’ve been in the 1st but I don’t happen to have a good feeling about this kid’s floor or ceiling. We won’t really know for a couple of years from now. Remember too that Tomsula isn’t going to be coaching this guy up; he’s somewhat busy being the Head Coach. I just worry the team will put three years into him and he’ll just be a guy. Now I’m done with the criticism, it has to play out.
    #15 is a high enough pick that I was hoping for better floor and ceiling. If drafting Amari Cooper is like dating Kate Upton, then this choice is like kissing your sister.

    1. LOL! That’s some funny stuff there, BroTuna!

      And I couldn’t agree more with your sentiment regarding this pick. Another wasted 1st round pick…

  24. AA is an OK pick,and one predicted by an overwhelming majority of mock sites so wasn’t surprised(I confess the rebel in me resists anything that smacks of predictable but I get over it quickly enough-as the song goes “I used to be disgusted and now I’m mostly just amused”).So we move on and just a plethora of good players available -Tyler Lockett;DBG;Eddie Goldman;Carl Davis;Duke Johnson;Tevin Coleman;J Langford;Ali Marpet Donovan Smith;J Fischer;Perryman; Dawson;E Rowe;R Darby :P J Williams to name a few. Enjoy the next few friends this is the juicy part of the draft friends!

  25. Baalkes’ Targeted Players in Round 2

    Eli Harold

    1. All those uni’s need is to trim those numbers in gold and it’s golden….

      1. Razor,

        I do not normally get involved with the draft picks, in all the years of my fan- hood I have been awful in picking the players in the draft. So when some one nails it on the first pick…Good Job!!!

      1. On second thought, it’s just a scheme to sell new jerseys, isn’t it? Typical J-hole.

      2. Maybe switching the color scheme of the helmet would make it flow better.

  26. I was afraid the “elite” 12-14 would be gone at 15 and trade-up deals were absurdly expensive. That was the case last night. Extremely frustrating. Not surprising.

    What remained were players that could go anywhere from 15-32 like Malcom Brown and Byron Jones… or gamble players that will star or totally flop.

    Most of the gamble players have behavior issues, like Peters, Ray, DGB, La’el Collins.

    Armstead is a developmental gamble player. He will either star, or totally flop.

    There are good players left for round two, but DGB is the only (possibly) transformative offensive player left. The 49ers have three 4th round picks in 2015, and likely three 4th round picks in 2016.46 + two 4th rounders can secure DGB. Since the 49ers are in a gambling mood this year, its time to pick DGB.

    1. Typing wasn’t clear…

      The 49ers have three 4th round picks in 2015, and three 4th round picks in 2016.

      46 + two 4th rounders can secure DGB. Since the 49ers are in a gambling mood, its time to pick DGB.

      1. Really? You think it would take both our 4th rounders to move up. What spot are you thinking we would move too?

        1. 46+ two 4th rounders could get a pick low-mid 30s.

          46+117 could fetch a pick in the 38-41 range.

    2. Which team other than the Niners would have drafted Armstead in Round 1?

      1. No one cares, but Brown obviously wasn’t in high demand. Who you got in the 2nd Round Grant?

          1. Yea, they knew their guy would be passed over by 31 teams, now who do you have Baalke targeting in round 2?

            1. They didn’t have a guy. They took the best player available as the Niners should have.

              Everyone knows Baalke should target DGB in Round 2.

              1. I don’t think he’ll do that. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me to see him move down near the bottom of round 2 and take The Mauldin Falcon. Regardless, I think he takes a pass rushing OLB….

        1. Razor- It does in respect to where he was drafted. If they wanted him they could have traded down much farther. That is unless he was the guy they were targeting all along. But that doesn’t correspond to what Baalke said about him being best player available.

          1. Yea, but it’s an impossible question to answer because no one will ever know for sure….

      2. Maybe the Cardinals would have because he could fill a future need, but I don’t see another team expect the Eagles (because Chip Kelly is a moron) that would have taken him in the first round.

      3. There he is, right no cue….

        You said the same thing about Ward. Everyone had him pegged as a 2nd-3rd rounder. But not the case with Armstead, it was pretty much unanimous that he was 1st round worthy by everyone, except you. So its not too farfetched to think he would have been drafted in the 1st by someone.

        1. I think the Niners could have gotten Armstead in Round 2. I don’t think the Pats would have taken him.

          1. Grant, please get real. If you value a player so highly, you don’t leave it to dumb luck to be able to take him with your next pick.

              1. “Better to take BPA than to reach for a need.”

                Didn’t Baalke think Armstead was the BPA?

        2. Ward was picked at #31 so yeah he was pretty close to being a second round pick.

          But not the case with Armstead, it was pretty much unanimous that he was 1st round worthy by everyone, except you.

          By analysts that tend to fall in love with measurables and potential instead of production. Weak argument Leo.

          1. My argument is that everybody liked him.

            Your argument is that you didn’t like him.

            Who has the weak argument???

            1. My argument is that everybody liked him.

              Well since that isn’t accurate I guess yours is. I read too many articles that that either touted Armstead as worth drafting or a busy looking to happen. The interesting thing is that a good number of the bust articles were from writers in Oregon.

            2. Texting on an Android is never a good thing when it comes to grammar. I think it would flunk kindergarten spelling.
              I have plenty of popcorn so I don’t need a Snickers. Keep it in case the ‘not really’ vocabulary limitation comes back.

              1. Straight up dark chocolate without any frills is mine followed by Skittles and then Crispy M&Ms. Snickers isn’t even worth my time.

        3. Leo- Why do you think they had him being taken by the 49er’s. Thats because they are known to take developmental players. They already had a rep and Justin was leaving. It was for a future need fit. Not every other team fits that criteria. Players are not just taken for value alone. They have to fill a need of a team that takes them. Not only that few teams will draft IR and developmental players who will not contribute for awhile like the 49’ers. The Patriots are the only other team who generally deal in futures. The Niner’s probably still could have gotten him in the second, or not there at least by trading down more. He was pegged as a first rounder to the Niner’s not another team.

          1. “Why do you think they had him being taken by the 49er’s. Thats because they are known to take developmental players.”

            I agree with that statement. However, I’m not just talking about mock drafts but player rankings as well. Most had him in the top 20. Those ranking are not team specific.

      4. Decent question. Due to system fit maybe Pitt, but not this year. Az, GB, perhaps NE. But I note their relative draft positions.

      5. We will never know. But we do know how many teams drafted DGB in the first round.

      6. I can easily see Armstead falling to round two. If Baalke chose DGB at 15, he might have been able to get Armstead at 46. (it would be funny of he eventually did get DGB at 46)

        On the other hand, Barrows “no mans land” label for pick 15 wound up being the case. Weak trade-up bait for top 14 teams. Weak trade-down bait too.

        Malcom Brown is a smart, young, quick footed player with BY traits. He will play this year. He will thrive with the Pats. The Pats will get a full 4-5 years productivity before its contract extension time.

        Unless Armstead can have a role as a situational interior pass rusher while he develops, he will give the 49ers only 2-3 years productivity before its contract extension time… if he becomes the player Baalke hopes he will.

        1. I can easily see Armistead falling to round two.

          Yeah, no kidding, so could his Dad before the draft! Didn’t want his son to go to Chicago w/o a guarantee he’d get picked in the 1st.

        2. “Unless Armstead can have a role as a situational interior pass rusher…”

          Too bad pass rushing isn’t his forte.

            1. The talk though is about how much potential he has as an interior pass rusher more than him freeing up other pass rushers.

              1. To free up other pass rushers? Yes. To be a pass rusher himself? Not so much, even if that is his job.

      7. “Which team other than the Niners would have drafted Armstead in Round 1?”

        Why even speculate on something that’s impossible to know.

    3. Agree we should make the move and go after DGB. I wonder if he’s even on their board. Armstead is a good guy, right. So in terms of behaviour he should cancel out DGB :)

  27. Not sure if someone mentioned this or not but so much for Baalke’s super secret draft strategy. Apparently word got out which explains why pretty much every media outlet was mocking him to us.

  28. Niners should go grab the Titans QB — Mettenberger. There’s no way that Mariotta doesn’t start soon. We need a young QB to push Colin. I think he’s going to have a better year this year, have some good game and he will always make a few plays, but he’s 28.

    1. You mean the poor man’s Brady? If a team passes over him for Mariota, then how exactly would he push Kaep?

      1. I’m not sure whey they picked Mariota. They have other needs and as good as Mariota is, he’s not a once in a generation player. Mettenberger is only a rookie and he played well. Give him a few years and if he tanks, then there will be another QB in a couple of years as good as Mariota. Winston was also an iffy pick. There’s only two QBs in the past 10 years that I would have selected first overall. Rodgers and Luck. And Rodgers fell to 22!

        1. You’re not sure? Ha, Mettenberger could get the HC fired, that’s why….

          1. If Mariota is a bust — he could get the GM fired. Here’s Mettenberger’s stats from his Wiki — Didn’t know he was a 6th rounder.

            On September 28, 2014, Mettenberger made his professional debut in relief of the injured Jake Locker in a 41-17 loss to the Indianapolis Colts. He went 2 of 5 for 17 yards with 1 interception.

            On October 22, 2014, the Titans decided that Mettenberger would start over Locker and Charlie Whitehurst against the Houston Texans.[12] Mettenberger and the Titans lost 30-16 to the Texans. Mettenberger was 27 of 41 for 299 yards with 2 touchdowns and 1 interception.

            Mettenberger started against Pittsburgh on his Monday Night Football debut, going 15/24 for 2 touchdowns and 1 interception and hitting former Steeler Nate Washington for an 80 yard touchdown.

            Mettenberger failed to win a game as the starter for the Titans, going 0-6. During a 36-7 blowout loss to the New York Giants, Mettenberger sustained a shoulder injury missed the last 3 games. He finished the season with 8 touchdown passes, 7 interceptions and 1,412 passing yards.

    2. Fansince77- Good call! I actually agree with you on this. They need a decent back up for Kaep as insurance. Doubt it will happen though. TB seems to be locked into Gabbart.

    1. I would be a happy, happy man if we land DGB, especially if don’t have to give up any more picks to move up

  29. The best part about last night was that it means every pick in my mock will still happen. Just slide everyone back one pick ; )

    1. HAHAHA At least that brightened my doom and gloom attitude about Baalke and another draft. Harbaugh is somewhere slapping his leg laughing about this one.

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        Reference #24.af3819b8.1430504393.8edf891a

    1. My only problem with those comparisons is that Canty was a 4th rounder and Campbell was a 2nd rounder. Did we get proper value at #17?

        1. I will personally send Baalke a hand written apology letter for doubting him and a bottle of Pine Ridge Howell Mountain Cab every year that Armstead plays like Richard Seymour.

            1. Why? I don’t suffer from NRVLS (Not Really Vocabulary Limitation Syndrome).

              1. Because you’re the poster boy’s wet dream for trolls all across this great country of ours….

              2. Nah, but I do know your mascot is Flipper since you do it so well.

              3. Well enough to call Armstead as the pick when he was quite unpopular within this clubhouse. When yourself and others were convinced it had to be cornerback or wide out….

              4. Because the other positions needed addressed while the DL was stacked.

              5. Excuses are like @ssholes, everyone has one and they all stink.

                Round 1

                MWD 0
                Razoreater 1


      1. No Grimey, I don’t believe we did. That is exactly why I am not in favour of Armstead in round 1. You look at teams like the Steelers and Ravens, two teams I respect as excellent drafters, and the only time they take DEs in round 1 is when they are not just good run defenders but also excellent pass rushers.

        Developmental pass rush guys like Armstead can be found later on.

        Armstead may well turn into a good pass rusher over time and turn into a Chris Canty or Calais Campbell type player, but as you rightly point out, those guys were not first rounders.

          1. Dupree, Perriman, Peters or Erving all would have been fine picks at #17.

          2. Interestingly, the two teams I just mentioned as greatly respecting as excellent drafting teams took Dupree and Perriman, while Peters and Erving were the next two picks after Armstead…

            1. I think Aldon Smith assists in A-Squared’s pass rushing development….

    2. Again with Calias Campbell. That is a poor comparison because Campbell was coming off a year where the team had switched defenses which factored into his disappointing stats and he had posted stellar numbers the year prior. Armstead has been in the same system and posted his highest numbers last year, which are still pedestrian.

      1. Armstead made just 10 tackles for loss in three seasons. Richard Seymour made at least 10 tackles for loss each of his last two seasons at Georgia.

        1. Correct. I don’t see either the Seymour or Campbell production comparsion as accurate.

  30. From CollegeFootballFocus (PFF)

    Arik Armstead, Oregon

    You often hear Broncos’ quarterback Brock Osweiler referred to as “6’8 Brock Osweiler” and, to some extent, Armstead could be described in the same way because his height and his frame right now is the thing to get most excited about him as a player. His height gives him great length and he can extend to control blockers well, but he does not shed blocks well and has a very limited impact as a pass rusher at this stage of his development.

    Armstead is, of course, very raw and coming out a year early teams will have essentially a blank canvas to mold into the player they want, but they have a lot of work to do. There are flashes of the player he could be and to his credit he showed his potential with a strong performance in the National Championship game against Ohio State, leading the Ducks’ defense with four stops. At this point, Armstead is far more about the theory of what he could be than the player he is likely to be in the short-term, making him a risky proposition too high in the draft.

    Signature Stat: His Pass Rushing Productivity of 5.3 against Power 5 opposition placed 15th among draft eligible 3-4 defensive ends.

    1. I’m seriously trying to figure out how he received a good pass rushing grade when his pass rush was practicality nonexistent. I could understand if they were saying he opened lanes for pass rushers.

        1. Then so do a lot of others. He’s last out of his stance and has only the bull rush in his limited arsenal, both of which spell trouble against an NFL OL. What about that says a good pass rusher?

    2. I would love to see that stat for just his last two games. I think that is basically why they were willing to draft him at 17. To clarify: He has the measurables and was starting to put it together in the second half of the season.

  31. My draft prediction posted in March

    Day One

    Baalke will try to trade up, but teams will demand way over chart. A 2nd rounder to move up just a few spaces. The NFL has gone receiver crazy, making it extremely expensive to trade up as long as Parker’s on the board… even if the 49ers are targeting another position.

    Baalke will then try to trade down, but teams understand talent between picks 15-30 is pretty even. They will low ball Baalke, offering way under chart. A measly 3rd rounder to drop all the way to 28-32. Maybe not even that.

    So Baalke will stand pat. The 49ers day one choice will leave fans and media blah. Ho hum . There will be a smattering of boos in the crowd. Pundits with bad haircuts will scream “they could have gotten him at pick 29.” Men with bad haircuts will give Baalke a C- grade. Everyone will criticize the 49ers for not trading up/back, even though he tried to.

    It won’t be a bad player. Just one we won’t do back flips over. (The player will eventually turn out to be pretty solid)

    Day Two

    Baalke will do his usual trade kung-fu. He’ll pick up some gem BPAs, and somehow wrangle a 2016 4th rounder in the process. The fan base will cheer up a little. The men with bad haircuts will give Baalke an A-.

    Day Three

    Everyone’s hoping Baalke will do even more trade kung-fu. But no one will trade with Baalke. He’ll stand pat and pick some gamble players and a ST ace. Only one ACL redshirt. (he’s trying to cut back on his red shirt habit)

    Fans will be a little sour over missing out on a dream receiver, but will be too distracted by the other shiny new toys to complain too much.

  32. It’s ok the sky is not falling. Corey lemonier will speed up his development.

      1. It’s a joke because Lemonier (one of Baalke’s sterling defensive picks) hasn’t produced. Keep up.

          1. No thanks. You wouldn’t get the joke even if I broke it down to elementary level.

              1. Just ate but thanks for the concern though. However you do need that Snickers when you’re reduced to just saying not really.

              2. And it’s okay if you missed the meaning of the joke. Unlike you, I won’t over dramatize it.

              3. Nothing in life is free, gratitude is the one of the most attractive qualities a human can exude….

  33. Arik Armstead made 87 tackles (10 for loss) in 3 seasons at Oregon.

    Chris Canty made 104 tackles (11 for loss) his junior year at Virginia.

    1. Ages and did Canty split time with B-Ball? How long had Canty been playing football? Please provide context, thanks….

  34. ESPN Insiders opining that talented but “troubled” players sometimes don’t get picked until round three when the risk/reward curves cross. Some thought Greggory and DGB could wait that long.

  35. If we subtract Aldon smith, who has baalke drafted on dl or olb that have been that great.

    This pick reminds me of a lemonier. He has some physical attributes and potential.

    Typical baalke pick. He likes to get better value than the draft spot. But only in his mind. He says I can train this kid into a top five pick. I refuse to get a player who would actually be worth a number 17 pick. I will get someone who I will eventually change into a top 5 pick. Loves position changes, small schools, injured players,etc. Always trying to outdo the system and his peers. I love the mentality but sometimes you just have to take a good player and not make it so complicated.

    1. Shish,

      You hit the nail on the head with Baalke’s mentality.

      “Always trying to outdo the system and his peers.”

      That’s Baalke exactly. Unlike you though, I HATE the mentality!
      These last two draft years have been loaded with the best wide receiver talent the NFL has seen in years, maybe ever, and Baalke steadfastly ignores the position because he’s still smarting from his epic failure of a 2012 draft.

      Baalke’s digging his own grave with this draft already. Armstead = Major Bust!

  36. Those that say Armstead hasn’t done squat are wrong. He’s done slightly more than squat.

    I won’t bother examining his college production stats. Who cares if “ankle sprain” and “dual sport distractions” are reasonable explanations or flimsy excuses.

    Arik’s purely a “traits” pick. The 49ers acknowledged that as diplomatically as they could without hurting their new players feelings. If he put his helmet on backwards they probably would have taken him.

    They spelled out those traits yesterday.
    – Size combined with the rare ability to bend at the hips. This gives both leverage and length. A gigantic coiled spring that if (a big if) he can get under the lineman’s shoulder pads will violently fling his opponent backwards.
    – Heavy hands. Bludgeon, Bludgeon, Bludgeon hands. And he’s young. he only did a year of wight training. He will get even bigger and stronger.
    – Nimble feet, “bend” and good movement. Again, rare for a big guy.

    Arik has the tools to be a dominant player. He’s not one yet.

    1. “He only did a year [football program] of weight training.”

      Wait till Mark Uyeyama gets his hands on him. Arik spent quite a bit of time with Uyeyama during his pre-draft visit.

    2. Nice comment Brodie. But I don’t get the “young” part that some people have been bringing up. Draftees are almost always fairly young, so what do I care if he is 20 or 24. What I care about is how long do we have him under the rookie contract. If it takes two years for him to consistently be on the field, then we only have two additional years on the relatively cheap rookie contract (option years for 1st rounders are not relatively cheap). To me that doesn’t seem to be as good a value as if he were on the field from day 1. If he turns out to be a star, we probably can’t keep him after the rookie contract because Baalke, etc. assigns a value which they do not exceed.

      1. Well said Cubus. If this was a second round pick we were talking about, then I’d be fine waiting for him to develop, but it isn’t. We’ve already had two wasted first round picks in Crabtree and Jenkins (the latter moreso) because we were waiting for them to develop in some shape or form.

      2. My comment was not for or against, but an examination of why he was chosen.

        I agree with the concerns about using a high pick on a developmental player. He could blossom in the last year of his contract, then split for free agency. Using the 15 pick on a two year rental would be a big waste.

        Age is the most overlooked stat for rookies. Cooper doing what he does at only 20 is amazing. He won’t grown another full inch, but he will thicken a little, become a little bit more explosive. Subtle but important physical maturation. Every little bit counts.

    3. I haven’t heard anyone say that he’s done squat so much as his production has been pedestrian.
      He has good traits but there are some concerning ones that will get him into trouble in the NFL.
      I don’t see nimble feet except once in a while. He’s more heavy-footed which shows up when he give chase.
      No one is arguing about his tools, but the limitations are being ignored by some.

        1. What?! You flipped on Baalke again and I missed it? @$!# All that popcorn gone to waste.

              1. I’m talking about the sarcasm which was clearly misinterpreted by you. You’re dreaming if you’d think I’d realistically beg for a prospect.

  37. It’s the same type of pick every year.

    People shook their heads every year wth his first round picks:
    Aldon smith
    Eric Reid

    You can say he ended up with superstar in aldon

    Above average with Reid.

    Average for now with ward.

    Bust with Jenkins.

    To be determined with Arik.

    Problem is with Aldon he got a criminal. Reid concussion risk (undersized was a concern). Ward (possible chronic foot problems).

    His percentage for success is not horrible but all have been damaged goods because of his penchant to try to outsmart everyone.

      1. If ward went to pro bowl I missed it.

        For Reid (above average) I don’t think you can say he is elite.

        1. I didn’t know Ward went to the pro bowl, but yea, Reid made it so how is that average. Nice try though….

      2. He said above average which is an accurate assessment what with Reid regressing and suffering too many concussions last season.

          1. That’s all you can come up with after purposely leaving the ‘above’ part out? What a cope out.

  38. The previous first rounders have been

    Iupati and Davis
    Staley and Willis
    Vernon Davis
    Alex smith
    Rashaun woods.

  39. OK, moving on, I’m guessing in no order one of
    OL, OLB, CB, WR in the second round.
    Add ILB, TE, QB to that shopping list after the second.
    Trent can add some more sand to my undies if he picks Sammy Coates in the 2nd. ; >)

    1. I agree Brotha. Time to move on. I’m still waiting for Razor to answer whether he’d want Baalke to pass on Beckham if he falls to us at 46.

      1. So sorry for keeping you waiting, here have a snickers for the inconvenience…..

        1. So you’re not willing to move on and answer my question? Pathetic.

          1. You mean like, Please don’t let Miami take Parker….PS I already answered, pay attention….

            1. And there you go with your over dramatizing of sacasm yet again. Come up with something new, or do you still need that humidor?

              1. Because I like dark chocolate? Well then I guess I am. The 72% is my absolute favorite. Bitter yet sweet enough to tantalize the taste buds.

        2. I like snickers bars-filling. Snickers brothers are pretty cool too. I actually prefer coffee crisps from Canada. Either way though- id say snickers are average and coffee crisps are above average.

      2. For me:
        -I could live with DGB’s off-field baggage as I don’t see him continuing it; but that’s a guess with risks.
        -He hasn’t shown enough 2nd round quality production, so like Armstead, you’d be drafting on projected development not on the eyeball test. Baalke has hit on some of those and missed on others.
        -It always depends on who else is available at the time.

  40. Grant,

    Any chance we can get MidWest and Razor their own chat room? Yikes

  41. The one thing that irritates me about
    the Armstead pick, is the fact that it
    only made the talking heads appear intelligent !

    On another note .. something better than
    a MidWest / Razor snickers bar to put a smile
    on your face …

    A Tim Tebow Eagles jersey ? => ..(Yep ..Over Here)

    1. So if Armstead doesn’t pan out will the talking heads that mocked him here give the 49ers a bad draft grade?

    2. That thar’s just embarrassing. If he showed up at my house like that to watch a game I don’t think I’d let him in.

  42. Jst saw the alternate uniforms. Looks weird and cheap. But not bad.

    All black alwys looks good

    1. Think how nice they’d look if those numbers were trimmed in gold….

      1. The numbers themselves should be gold. And the helmet needs to be all gold with a black face mask. And why didn’t they fix that silly partial shoulder stripe?

        1. LOL, I like the all gold helmet idea, but the red numbers trimmed in gold would be impressive. Too bad no one knows how to photo shop it that way so we could check it out….

          1. They can’t change any part of the helemt since it is a violation of safety regulations.

              1. Before. Wait, I’m not sure which is what…Whatever. More idiotic than the supplemental rule. Because it’s so trivial.

          2. Razor,

            I like simple yet flashy. Shiny gold numbers and helmets would really stand out. It’s the 49ers. They should be all about the gold.

  43. Razor, let’s just move on already. Armstead will either prove himself or turn out to be a bust. There’s zero reason to get into a flame over a guy that will no effect on how either of us live. Truce?

      1. No, I just don’t see a reason for either or both of us to risk getting kicked out of a blog over a draft pick. You like the pick and I think we could have grabbed Armstead in the second round. Let’s just leave it at that and focus on the rest of the draft. Deal?

        1. “You like the pick and I think we could have grabbed Armstead in the second round.”

          A wise man once said, the only time it matters where a player was selected is on draft day.

          1. And I’d like to move on and focus on the rest of the draft. I’m still waiting on Razor to answer my 11:22 A.M. post asking about Beckham.

            1. “And I’d like to move on and focus on the rest of the draft.”


              1. Still waiting on Razor’s answer. He’s been high on both Beckham and Mauldin.

              2. Geez MWD, first you complain about my vocabulary, deny me any of your snickers, and then when I do take the time to please you, you’re still unhappy. Are you sure it’s not Mrs. MWD? More snickers….

              3. And now you’re resorting to feminizing me? You’re pathetic Razor if that’s your line of defense. Sorry dude but I have a life and listening to you talk about Snickers and making me a female because you have nothing to excuse your flipping on Baalke except that he picked up your guy is pretty damn pathetic. I’ll chat with others that can back up what they say without resorting to these low points.

              4. You’re so sensitive when you don’t have your snickers bro, and learn how to take a joke. Certainly it’s not any more pathetic than the elementary jab. Put your big boy pants on….

          2. That’s exactly right Jack. Once the pads come on who cares what round he was selected. All about how they perform on the field.

            However, the question I think most people are struggling with is whether the 49ers could have gotten better value with pick #17?

            1. Careful Scooter. You’ll be accused of being a troll, be told to have a Snickers, or have your gender changed without getting any solid answers to your logical question.

              1. Well, you have been particularly adamant regarding how bad a pick it is and how bad the player is.

                All I’m trying to say is while I think he can be a good player, I don’t think he was worth pick #17 and he probably should have been a second round pick.

              2. I agree with you. It’s the main reason why I have a problem with the pick, because it just felt like he’d still be there in the second round and drafting him there would have made more sense given his lack of production and being raw in terms of technique.

              3. “…because it just felt like he’d still be there in the second round…”

                I wonder how many fans of teams that picked in the 2nd half of round 1 are saying the same thing.

              4. Good question and one I can’t answer. I had Dorsett labeled as a second round pick, but as the draft came closer signs were pointing everywhere that he would instead goes somewhere in the second half of the first round.

        2. Trust me, Grant’s not complaining about the numbers, and it’s not the first time there’s been a lengthy disagreement. 4-3 under anyone? I will make the peace on one condition, if BrothaTuna agrees to become consigliere….

          1. On on condition from me: answer my 11:22 A.M. post about Beckham.

              1. That was to Grant and not me. If Mauldin and Beckham are both there, who would you want Baalke to take? Not who you think, who who want.

              2. I’ve told you over and over I want DGB, but the more valuable position is OLB. Baalke will go OLB next, but if he has to choose between the two, I don’t see how he can pass on DGB unless he trades down and justifies the move with more draft picks. The Mauldin Falcon is being projected late 2nd, early 3rd. You’ve got guys like Harold, Gregory, ODiggy, Orchard, Preston Smith sitting there if DGB is gone, I guarantee one of them is a 49er….

              3. Thank you. And you didn’t have to resort to slime ball tactics.

              4. Balls get slimy around here due in part to my English Mastiff, Fang….

              5. He’s a gentle giant, but he’s cool with my 20 lb orange cat Weasley….

    1. Why wouldn’t they be with ODiggy and DGB and Gregory sitting there?

  44. Question to you Armstead doubters: The Niners think they may have drafted a monster player who started to realize what havoc he could wreak in the second half of his junior year. Let’s say Armstead stayed in college and had a dominating senior next year. Where would he go in next year’s draft?

    1. I know all draft picks are a gamble but Armstead just seems like a whole lot of “if” to me.

        1. But both were out of reach unfortunately. I’m kind of surprised McCloughan passed on Williams.

          1. I wasn’t really. I thought he’d go defense but that OL desperately needed some help.

            1. That begs the question: did he take need over BPA(even though BPA is subjective)?

              1. That team has needs all over the place so I don’t the BPA approach was really taken into consideration.

    2. If he head a dominant senior season he’d be a top 15 pick. But he never had a dominant year in college, and we’ll never know if he would have had a dominant year next season.

      1. Scooter, you’re right of course, and from what I’ve read I’m not sold on him. Baalke said that at 17 they had, what, 5-6 players they’d roll with. I assume they picked him because they emphasize defense and everything keys off the DL. Maybe also because they will rotate them a lot, so they need a very deep DL. Like Cosell says, “They’re all prospects.” We’ll just have to see.

          1. He needs to break the habit of coming last out of his stance and not allow the blocker to get into his pads plus develop something besides the bull rush in his arsenal before he’s ready to do that or it will be a disaster. I also think he needs more of a mean streak in him.

        1. Did you see the stats I posted on here of Armstead in his final year at Oregon George? It included the games against Florida State and Ohio State.

  45. I’m going to make a big change to my mock ideas for round 2 and say the 49ers will go hard to draft Benardrick McKinney, and may even trade up to do so. He would be a perfect fit for Baalke’s big, physical and athletic ideal, and further solidify the middle of the field.

        1. Don’t see why he wouldn’t be, unless of course he’s another one of those Armstead picks; > )

          1. It would then be known as the 49ers ‘All Big, Athletic But Raw’ draft of 2015…

            1. Oooh, they could then get Darren Waller and Lynden Trail in round 4! :-)

            2. I’d throw Clemmings into that mix. He has a lot of upside at OT as Armstead does at LDT but is very raw in terms of technique and pass protectection.

              1. Also Maxx Williams. Definitely not a fan, but he fits in the athletic and raw category.

    1. I thought you didn’t care for McKinney. But I think you’re right that the 49ers will have to go after him in that round if they want him. I’m still going with Rowe because I also think he is the type of DB Baalke likes: Former safety with decent size and speed. I think he is nice insurance pick since he can play both positions.

      1. I really don’t like McKinney as a prospect. But I think he may fit what Baalke wants.

        1. Unlike the previous pick of Borland, complete opposite of what he usually looks for. He just couldn’t ignore the instincts which he realized compensated for his measurables….

        2. I think Baalke would go more for Paul Davis if he does draft an ILB.

            1. Dang it, I meant Dawson. For some reason I keep attaching Davis to his name. Maybe I do need a Snickers after all.

  46. My bold call for today: Dorel Green-Beckham in the second round and La’el Collins in the third round

        1. Yea I said he wouldn’t be drafted after verifying the story days ago. OLB

          1. Is that your bold call or what you think Baalke will make? As you said to Scooter, go big or go home!

            1. Already made my bold call, and it was pretty big for a hack like myself. Anyways I’d go with DGB if he’s there and think Baalke should too. If ODiggy is available, and DGB is gone, he’d be my bold pick. Wait and see how the board starts to fall and like a millionaire, I’ll give you my final answer….

        1. My mock is completely intact if you just slide each player down a round, but since you think they will take Beckham I know it won’t happen.

          1. That’s my bold guess. My true guess is like Razor, an OLB. And that guy will be Lorenzo Mauldin. So rest assured, your mock is still intact.

              1. I also like Jaelen Collins, Marcus Hardison, Jeremiah Poutasi, Sean Mannion, Taiwan Jones, Terrence Magee, Quandre Diggs, and Junior Sylvestre as options in this draft.

  47. This thread has 411 posts and half of them are from Razoreater and MidWestDynasty. Whattaya say girls, let’s call a truce, huh?

    1. Spoken by the guy whose probably wearing ladies panties underneath his Carhartt jeans….

  48. Okay SF is 3 picks away from their first pick of day 3.
    Deandre Smelter is still available.

  49. Is it possible no one has posted here since 5:24 last night? Is the blog broken, or did the annoying MWD/Razor spat just kill off all interest?

    1. Apologies for the object of your annoyance, but on the other hand, life is good huh?

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