Assessing K.J. Hamler’s potential fit on the 49ers

Check out my YouTube film breakdown of Penn State wide receiver K.J. Hamler.

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  1. He’s tiny. We already have our z in Samuel. We need an x to create outside. A fugitive like Cee Dee Lamb. He’s on the run again….

        CeeDee Lamb — Richmond, Texas — junior
        Theo Wease — Allen, Texas — freshman
        Jadon Haselwood — Ellenwood, Georgia — freshman
        A.D. Miller — Dallas, Texas — redshirt senior

        *From the Oky depth chart(2019).

        Hamler is a slot receiver only at the NFL level.

        1. Sanders almost exclusively lined up between the numbers for the 49ers. He was their primary slot receiver in 11 personnel sets. His replacement must be a good slot receiver who also has the quickness to beat press coverage and the speed to win deep on a post route.

          1. Cee Dee defeats press coverage and tracks the over the shoulder ball with aplomb. His hand to hand combat skills are legendary. He has enough speed to go with his 6th sense of where to run to daylight….

            1. He’s a slow gadget player. He’s a flanker. Not a deep threat or a route technician. He’s a guy you move around before the snap. A screen specialist. An extension of the run game.

              1. Grant if you don’t think Lamb can stretch the field and beat defenders deep. You haven’t watched him play.

                Your other takes on him I agree with.
                He was an X in college, with the potential to be one in the NFL.
                It will depend on where he goes and who sees him as either.
                But this kid can beat coverage deep. And he doesn’t drop balls.
                That I will give him.

              2. Trying not to sound redundant.
                But I’m a huge Sooners fan.
                I’ve seen this kid beat defenses deep,
                And I’ve seen him beat defenders with some space.
                His hands are excellent, body control is on point when he sets up for an under throw.
                My problem with him coming into the NFL is he hasn’t been tested with real NFL hits, and speed.

                Gets nicked up on hard hits a little to often for my liking.
                But if he can put it all together in one offseason and put on a little bulk without losing speed.
                He is the best receiver in this draft.
                Just not the closest NFL ready yet.
                And IMO if you’re going to spend a 13 on a receiver he should be ready to go right off the bat.
                Maybe Shanny can help him out.

              3. NinerMD I have heard comparisons of Lamb to Dez Bryant and DeAndre Hopkins. Do you agree?

              4. James…..
                Coming out of college I can see that.
                Whether it transfers over to the NFL like they did??
                That’s where my question is.
                His best attribute is his hands.
                He’s probably got the best coming out in this class.
                And he plays the ball very well.

                His upside is better than the others IMO.
                But like I said above, I think at 13 you would want to take the nfl ready now player at that pick.
                Who knows he may prove me wrong, but I did want Hollywood brown from OU
                I thought in the Shannys offense he could have performed very well.

            2. I don’t think Grant is making a straight across comparison but rather comparing value for where they are likely to be selected.

              Additionally, how do we know Ceedee can beat press man? Defense is a 4 letter word in his conference in his conference and on the rare occasion a team decides to place people in front of the offense they almost exclusively do so in a zone.
              I don’t dislike Ceedee at all and think he could be very good but their are questions to his game as there all with all of these prospects. Can Ceedee shake a real Defense? Will Hamler and Jeudy improve their drop rates? Can Ruggs produce when he’s not the 3rd option?

        2. I know this is off topic but damn that list of TX high school football players is impressive. My sons played with and against some of the best football talent in the country. Best d-lineman they ever played against was Ed Oliver. Kid was absolutely amazing. He played against several great receivers but the best was probably Tyrie Cleveland who was a high school teammate of Olivers. Best DB was probably Antoine Winfield Jr. He’s a good player but very small even for high school so I’m not on his bandwagon for the NFL. Best RB I’ve seen in High School is Zach Evans from North Shore high school – graduating this year. You will probably never hear about him because his bad attitude almost matches his unbelievable athletic ability. Kid got suspended and sent home from the Tx High School Championship Game last year because he refused to put his phone away in a team meeting then cussed out a coach. After that I heard Georgia pulled their scholarship offer. Anywho, Tx High School football is something else man.

  2. Ruggs is the Guy,All Day any Day every Day. dropped the Mic………………………………………………………………….

  3. I wouldn’t spend a 1st round pick on him. Drops way too many passes to be a reliable target. And yes, it is because he lets the ball into his chest – that isn’t as correctable as you make out. Lots of guys use that technique in part because they don’t trust their hands.

    I can’t see him as a like for like replacement for Sanders. Sanders is way more reliable a target over the middle.

      1. At times he does. Most WRs do at times. He also uses his hands other times. And regardless of the techniques he uses, he is reliable catching the ball. Very few drops. Hamler… not so much.

        1. Hamler also uses his hands at times, as I showed in the video. Sanders is 33. He has more practice/experience. And he usually catches the ball against his chest. Deebo dropped a lot of passes last season. He and Hamler have the same exact draft grade.

              1. What do you think of his out n up route? Julio down by the schoolyard like. This kid is a golden receiver the way he sheds tackles!

            1. No need in drafting a receiver if he can’t catch the ball! And believe me, every rookie receiver is going to get tested when they step on the field. So, weight gain and weight room is very important. Separation is key in the Niners offense and the NFL period. So speed definitely comes into play here along with some decent route running and understanding route trees

          1. Sanders never dropped 16.9% of the catchable balls thrown his way. Hamler did in 2019. That’s abysmal.

            1. It’s correctable. Show me Sanders’ drop rates since his freshman year of college. And which wide receiver do you think the 49ers should draft?

              1. They should draft Jeudy if the opportunity presents itself. After Jeudy, I’d take Ruggs.

                If they miss out on those two, I think they should start looking at different types of WRs. Higgins at 31 would be good. I like Bryan Edwards, Michael Pittman or Brandon Aiyuk in the 2nd round (the first two guys may even last to the 3rd). Mims also has a lot of nice skills, but I think he will be over drafted. The offense would need to adapt a bit, but I think those guys offer better value than Hamler.

                Not a massive fan of Jefferson. He’s good, but for mine is limited to the slot and is more of a zone beater. Basically, Bourne but a better athlete.

                Reagor is a bit of a wild card for me. If the 49ers don’t get Jeudy or Ruggs at 13, I actually think he might be the guy they draft at 31 (or after a trade back into the 2nd). For mine Reagor is a 2nd rounder that isn’t quite the dynamic athlete he was made out to be (which testing confirmed), but he is still very explosive with decent hands and good after the catch. Strikes me as a guy the team might like more than I do.

              2. Higgins, Edwards, Pittman, Aiyuk, Jefferson and Reagor all are slower and less quick than Sanders. Mims is fast but too stiff to play inside the numbers.

              3. “Higgins, Edwards, Pittman, Aiyuk, Jefferson and Reagor all are slower and less quick than Sanders.”

                Yes. Probably why I said the offense would need to change a bit.

                Incidentally, the 49ers at the start of last season seemed to be fine with the idea of Deebo and Pettis supporting a speedster like Goodwin. Pettis was supposed to be what Sanders was. Pettis has decent speed… but he is not a speedster. Why do you think they need a like for like replacement for Sanders?

              4. Sanders complemented Deebo and Kittle. He made the offense much more potent. His combination of speed and agility was unique on the 49ers. His post route was a major weapon and so was his proficiency from the slot.

              5. Is what Sanders brought not what they hoped they were getting from Pettis?

                If that was what Shanahan wanted all along, why did it take until midway through the year for Shanahan to go get that player? Or, is it perhaps more likely that Shanahan thought the combination of Deebo, Pettis, Goodwin and Taylor gave him what he wanted as a compliment to Kittle? And due to injury/ performance he realised he needed to go and get someone that could fill the missing gap at short notice? If Goodwin and Taylor had been healthy last year, and Pettis had been the player they hoped, I wonder how potent the offfense may have been?

                I think Shanahan really likes Taylor as the slot. He is not a speedster. But all of his guys need to be able to play there at times to create favourable matchups.

                Hamler provides a nice speed element. Better than Sanders in that regard. But he is not the reliable WR Sanders was. He is more a replacement for Goodwin. I am not using 31 for that.

              6. Pittman is 5 inches taller and 43 lbs heavier than Sanders, but he can stretch the field and high point the ball even while being double covered.

              7. Mike Renner at PFF said- ‘ No player has shot up the PFF Draft Board at the Senior Bowl than Mims. In a loaded WR group, Mims was clearly the most explosive. Showing he could maintain that explosiveness and separation on the full route tree was massive for him.’
                Eric Edholm of Yahoo Sports said- ‘ Mims also seems to get into his breaks nicely, and he had DBs grabbing at his jersey most of the practice.’
                Mims looks smooth and fast, not stiff. I have seen mocks that have him selected by the Packers at 30.

    1. Well I will say this Sanders does have a lot of years where he was in the 50% catch radius so he also dropped a lot of ball. The guy looks like a burner, played against some good competition and had quarterback that probably wouldn’t make an pop warner team. If we can get him in the 3rd I’m happy with that, Also I think sanders was a 3rd rounder.

  4. This kid is explosive and could possibly fill the Goodwin/Sanders role very well. He is also probably going to be a day two pick. I’d rather see them trade down and take this kid on day two than take Ruggs at #13.

    1. Ruggs (like Kittle’ pro production) will blow away his college numbers. We already know about his flash HR speed and very good hands. What hasn’t been mentioned much is his competitive spirit and toughness.

      If we’re going to replace what Sanders did, I would go with the player that has a very good chance of possibly out playing Sanders – that player is HR3.
      As I mentioned hypothetically, Ruggs makes the catch on that Garoppolo overthrown pass in the Superbowl.

      1. I see some Antonio Brown (without the drama) in Ruggs. AB, was 5’10 and played at 185 lbs. And Brown was a fierce competitor who always considered himself as the best player on the field.
        Ruggs is slightly bigger. If AB (who was better than Sanders) was on the 49ers, then had to be replaced, Ruggs would be his replacement.
        I can only imagine what Shanahan could do with a talent like HR3.

        1. That’s kind of what I was thinking for Ruggs comp wise. I think Brown only ran like a 4.47. He took a few years to develop just like Sanders.

          1. Some here have mentioned our SB window is right now and that has merit. But with core players like Kittle, Garoppolo, Deebo, Bosa, Ford and Mostert, the team is still fairly young. I don’t see our SB window closing rapidly.

            We could conceivably be in the SB running for the next 3-5 yrs and beyond. Even if it takes Ruggs a year or two (I believe he delivers from day one) to reach Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders levels, I feel that Ruggs is up to the challenge.

        2. AB’s game was predicated on his ability to get separation with his route running… not speed.
          They don’t seem at all similar to me.

          1. Ruggs is not a slouch when it comes to running routes. AB was very good but he did a lot of his damage by running cross routes over the middle. Ruggs has the ability to take short crossing routes to the house.

            My Ruggs, AB comparison had more to do with their similarities in physical measurements and mental strength.
            When it comes to playing, I believe that Ruggs will surpass what AB and Sanders brought to the game.
            Wishful thinking? Yeah, perhaps. But in Shanahan’ offense, it’s a strong possibility.

  5. I like it!… there’s plenty of good WR’s in 2nd 3rd rounds. Another sleeper is Ragor from TCU. Hope Niners don’t fall for one of those top 3 WR’s at 13th pick, unless they fall to 31st pick

  6. Lamb looks like he’d be slow, more of a possession receiver in the NFL. He can’t count on making the whole team miss tackles like in college. I like KJ Hamler but he’s not Jerry Jeude, who I see as a young Jerry Rice who runs great routes and has quick moves to juke CBs. We already have Deebo who looks like the reincarnation of John Taylor. They would be great together. KJ would be an upgrade as a returner cause James doesn’t have enough speed. He can never get past the 20 yard line. Pair Jeude and Deebo and Kittle who is better than Brent Jones and we are back to the 1989 Super Bowl receiving core.

  7. Would anyone be shocked of SF kept 31 and drafted two WR’s?
    At this point it wouldn’t bother me to see them bolster this offense on the outside this year.
    This defense won’t be any better than last year, so why not roll out the speedsters and take this offense to the next level.
    The defense will still be good enough to win it all, especially if the 0 is putting up 30 a game.

    All offensive onslaught. Why not? ??‍♂️

    1. I would for sure. 13 is wr (Lamb) and 31 cb (Diggs) without any offers for a trade. If however, Staley plans to retire or Richburg’s career is over; that would completely change the calculus….

      1. True that. I think Staley goes one more. He’s a team guy and knows they could have used that money earlier, besides this is his last shot at a title win.

    2. I would be shocked. I was considering them taking two WR’s in the first but they simply cannot do that. Remember up until the Buckner trade for pick #13, WR was not a majority pick for us. A lot of us were content with our group of WR’s and were thinking Pettis, Taylor, Hurd, and potentially Taylor Gabriel would make up the ground behind Deebo and Bourne.

      Additionally we have spent a decent amount of draft capital on Taylor, Pettis, Deebo, and Hurd. Two more picks especially in the top 100 picks is investing too much. Then consider our leading TD receiver the past two years was undrafted, so why invest more.

      1. Here’s the thing. 2 of those guys haven’t seen the field, and 1 hasn’t because he just sucks.
        Not a fan of whole group they have.
        Honesty they could cut or trade all except Deebo, Hurd and Bourne for all I care. They did ok with two of them last year.

  8. Can you name a top 20 draft pick at WR in the last 15years that actually worked out? Not named Julio Jones

  9. Mike Evans. OBJ (even if you don’t like the person, can’t argue he is very good). Brandin Cooks. AJ Green. There are also quite a few guys that have been good/ solid without being great.

    People use the argument that first round WRs fail too much to be worth the risk of taking high. But you are still far more likely to find a good one early than late. Even the success rate of WRs taken 21 to 32 is lower than 1 to 20. LOTS of WRs get drafted every year. When people talk about how you can find good ones on day 2 and day 3, yes, you can. But the chances of the guy succeeding are MUCH lower. Same as any position.

    1. Don’t disagree with your underlying statement (rnd 1 receivers have a higher likelihood of succeeding), and as an aside, I generally find your comments to be interesting and very well thought out. Just for fun though, a couple quick counter thoughts: 1) I’m not convinced Shannahan needs a textbook #1 to make his offense dangerous. Sure, Julio 2.0 would be great, but I’m not sure a WR at 13 would give this team the biggest bang for their buck. 2) I can’t put Cooks anywhere near the category of Jones, Green, or OBJ

      1. “I can’t put Cooks anywhere near the category of Jones, Green, or OBJ.”

        Neither do I. While my comment ended up in the wrong spot it was in reply to Rudo49 who asked which top 20 WRs worked out. Cooks may not be in the same class as Jones, Green, Evans, OBJ, Johnson, etc, but he has been very good and is a guy that “worked out” as the 20th pick.

        As for your first comment, I also agree that Shanahan doesn’t need a traditional #1. But at the same time Shanahan has been trying to find the right combo of guys for three years now, and is still looking. I think Jeudy would provide the WR he has been looking for.

  10. I’ve read larger receivers have longer careers. Naturally there are exceptions. The big receiver we drafted in 2019 was out all year injured.

    I’m fine taking smaller receivers. Just not sure I want to spend a first round pick on one unless they’re truly special.

  11. Emmanuel Sanders- 5′ 11″ 180 lbs, 4.41 forty
    Marquise Goodwin- 5′ 9″ 185 lbs, 4.27 forty
    Richie James- 5′ 9″ 185 lbs, 4.48 forty
    Trent Taylor- 5′ 9″ 180 lbs, 4.63 forty
    Chris Thompson- 6′ 0″ 175 lbs, 4.37 forty
    Deebo Samuel- 6′ 0″ 215 lbs, 4.48 forty
    Kendrick Bourne- 6′ 1″ 195 lbs, 4.68 forty
    Dante Pettis- 6′ 1″ 195 lbs, 4.53 forty
    Shawn Poindexter – 6′ 5″ 213 lbs, 4.68 forty
    Jalen Hurd- 6′ 4″ 230 lbs, 4.64 forty
    KJ Hamler- 5’9″ 176 lbs, 4.27 (?) forty
    Henry Ruggs- 5′ 11″ 188 lbs 4.27 forty
    Denzel Mims – 6′ 3″ 207 lbs, 4.38 forty
    Michael Pittman- 6′ 4″ 223 lbs, 4.52 forty
    Chase Claypool- 6′ 4″ 238 lbs, 4.42 forty
    Joe Reed- 6′ 0″ 224 lbs, 4.47 forty
    Quez Watkins- 6′ 0″ 185 lbs, 4.35 forty
    Jalen Reagor- 5′ 11″ 206 lbs, 4.47 forty
    Lynn Bowden- 5′ 11″ 204 lbs, 4.38 forty
    Samuel, Bourne , James, Pettis , Thompson and Goodwin are on the depth chart.
    Taylor, Hurd and Poindexter are injured, but may come back.
    Goodwin Bourne and Pettis should be trade candidates with the best chance to garner a draft pick for.
    I think they should trade back, and target Mims, Pittman or Claypool.
    Later round picks that could be good candidates to be Kickoff returners are Joe Reed and Lynn Bowden.
    Maybe one of them could free up Richie James so he could get more targets as WR.

    1. Oops, I forgot Travis Benjamin- 5′ 10″ 170 lbs, 4.36 forty.
      There are 7 players on the roster, and 3 slated to return from injury. If they draft a couple WRs, 6 players may need to be cut or traded away.

        1. I am fine admitting when I make a mistake, and the ESPN roster I consulted did not list him.
          Glad you admitted you were wrong about Trubisky, because I know now that you are admitting you are pretty clueless.

            1. Yup, he took the league by storm. Too bad he is being blackballed, but that is an ugly American tradition, that may be here to stay.
              Burn me up? No. Kaep knew the drill. Social Justice warriors know that there will be repercussions to their actions, and need to accept the consequences. Peaceful protesters accept the fact that they will be persecuted, abused and sometimes imprisoned, but it takes courage to not be afraid of the pushback. It takes a strong person to stand up for his principles. It is only weak cowards who welch on bets.
              I am not burned up at all. I have moved on, and am wildly cheering for JG to lead the Niners back to the SB, and hopefully, they will achieve their Quest For SIX.
              I will simply wish Kaep well, and hopes he will agree to stand, since kneeling is being outlawed by an intolerant NFL. He still can play, and looking at the QB situation, maybe his best spot to land might be at New England. Belichick wants to win so much, he will accept Kaep, and he would be able to utilize Kaep properly, and maximize his potential. Kaep is light years better than Stidham.
              Kaep has passed for 12, 271 yards and 72 TDs. He also has run for 2300 yards and 13 TDs. He got to the SB after only 10 games, and was 5 yards from winning it all. He has set the QB playoff rushing record by galloping for 181 yards.
              Stidham has passed for 18 yards in his career. He has completed 3 passes, but one was to the other team. Hoyer, who passes like the DBs were the intended receiver, may be better than Stidham.

              1. If an explanation takes more than 1 paragraph to explain, and I know you know I don’t read your crap, it burns you!

                I win again!

              2. You do not read what I wrote?
                Yet you disparage what I write?
                You epitomize the saying- Ignorance is bliss. You even think you are winning.

              3. You know what I discovered about you Seb, you are ironically like your President.
                You deflect everything and you are a prolix talker!

              4. No.
                Prime, you are exactly like him. Loud mouth, Spewing lies. Macho bluster. Welcher, Cheater. Con man. Spews expletives and invective. Bully and abuser. Threatens violence. Mental lightweight.

              5. Whatever you say Donald. You are a spitting image verbally. I swear you two must be brothers or something.

  12. This was a nice breakdown Grant.
    I don’t agree with everything you said here but you explained your thought process very well. I like Hamler a lot and would love for SF to get him as I think he offers a lot of the same things Ruggs does at less than half the price. That said, his drop rate is definitely concerning as this is not the most sure handed group. If SF does draft KJ then I absolutely believe they should double dip in the position group… KJ and Pittman for example.

    If that is the plan then a trade back from 13 would be ideal. SF could then have a deep threat, a sure handed receiver, an interior Olineman or Dlineman and a CB all within the first 4 rounds. It is a different route to go but has a fair amount of merit as it would allow SF the possibility to improve their roster in 4 different areas vs 2.

  13. Couple interesting notes and why I think 49ers are looking at Ruggs ahead of everyone else. Shanahan covets OBJ. I think he views him as the perfect fit for his scheme. Here’s a comp between Ruggs and him (using combine data). The Defo trade may have had two purposes, contract relief and drafting Ruggs (not Jeudy or Lamb). I think we may even trade down to 11 to ensure it (not saying that’s wise, but that’s how much they covet Ruggs). We’ll have to watch and see.

    H: 5’11
    W: 198
    Arms: 32 3/4″
    Hands: 10″
    40x: 4.43
    Vertical: 38.5
    Broad Jump: 122
    Grade: 6.4

    H: 5’11
    W: 188
    Arms: 30 1/2”
    Hands: 10 1/8”
    40x: 4.27
    Vertical: 42
    Broad Jump: 131
    Grade: 6.7

    1. OBJr.’s final year of collegiate production: 59/1,152/8 and had Landry as his partner in crime.
      HR3’s final year of collegiate production: 40/746/7 and had Jeudy as his partner in crime.

      CeeDee “The Fugitive” Lamb’s final year of collegiate production: 62/1327/14 and had Rambo as his partner in crime.

      I have Shanny traveling to the CeeDee part of town to get his wr….

  14. Aaron Wilson
    Houston LT Josh Jones @JoshJones_23 @UHCougarFB a rising first-round prospect from George Bush HS, has video conferences with Patriots, Texans, 49ers, Colts, Eagles, Rams, Chargers, Cardinals, Bucs, Bears, Ravens, Vikings, Jets, Packers #NFLDraft2020 @seniorbowl @JimNagy_SB

    11:41 AM – Apr 1, 2020

    Baby steps as far as technique but the raw tools are there.

    1. 49ers have also talked to Ezra Cleveland. I think there is a real chance they draft OL at 31 or day 2 after a trade back.

      1. They’re certainly doing a good job of convincing me of that, Scooter. That suggests to me that they aren’t sold on Coleman or Brunskill.

  15. The last 25 years of Niners first round WR’s

    1995 JJ Stokes
    2004 Rashan Woods
    2009 Michael Crabtree
    2012 AJ Jenkins.

    1. I’d give that a boo, but I imagine you already know that, uc. Two obvious busts, including the one whose name was in Baalke’s envelope. What a joke that. Frankly, Stokes didn’t “move the needle,” as I recall. Crabtree was ok but worthy of a first round pick? Debatable imo.

      As a fan, I’m concerned about drafting a WR in the first round. Many of these highly rated players, not just the WRs, will be out of the League by the end of their contracts. The month before the Draft makes some people go wild in the mind.

      1. Glad you honorably fulfilled the terms of your bet. Your new avatar makes you look more handsome. ;p
        Thinking back, maybe your bet was about the Falcons-Saints game. I may be way off base, but you may have bet that the 1-7 Falcons would not beat the 7-1 Saints.
        Ugh. That 2012 draft was a nightmare in hindsight. At pick number 30, Baalke pulled an envelope out of his rear end, to select AJ Jenkins, who did not catch a pass for the Niners. Then, TB selected Doug Martin with the 31st pick. The Niners could have selected Alshon Jeffrey, who was picked 15 slots later, who became another Pro Bowler.
        Then, Baalke picked Lamichael James, who under performed. Too bad the Packers selected Casey Hayward with the next pick, who was another Pro Bowler.
        To top it off, Baalke blundered, and traded away their third round pick in order to move back 7 slots and get a 5th round pick. The Colts picked TY Hilton, another Pro Bowler.
        Baalke whiffed on an entire draft class, and set the Niners up for their free fall. Imagine if the Niners had Alshon Jeffrey, instead of AJ Jenkins, in the SB, and they had given the ball to FRANK GORE, instead of Lamichael James, 7 yards from winning the SB.

    2. UC

      EUWWW…! I only wish that we could write your post off as April fools day, but those of us who’re still here remember, NOT lovingly….

    3. The last 25 years of Niners first round WR’s

      1995 JJ Stokes
      2004 Rashan Woods
      2009 Michael Crabtree
      2012 AJ Jenkins.

      The Niners first round WR’s picked by the current regime:

    4. Under,
      As I mentioned to Raz a couple days ago, there are no guarantees on how these players in college will translate their college production in the pros.
      The players you listed had great stats in college. Crabtree won nearly every WR receiving award in college, but was barely above average in the pros.

      Ruggs’ college stats were under the radar, but his rare speed and receiving prowess is built for unlimited success in a Shanahan offense.
      I would be surprised if Shanahan passed on this guy.

      Rib, brings up a good point. This is a different regime who I believe has done a much better job in zeroing in the type of players they want.

  16. No trades. First wr goes on the Lamb in NYC to the Jets. Gruden grabs HR3. That leaves me some dude named Jerry:

    SF 13.
    Jerry Jeudy
    WR Alabama
    SF 31.
    Josh Jones
    OT Houston
    SF 156.
    Stephen Sullivan
    TE LSU
    SF 176.
    L’Jarius Sneed
    CB Louisiana Tech
    SF 210.
    Robert Landers
    DT Ohio State
    SF 217.
    Malcolm Perry
    RB Navy
    SF 245.
    Daniel Thomas
    S Auburn

  17. Grant
    Your argument over the WR the 9ers should draft at #13, reminds me of your argument over drafting Ohio St. DE Nick Bosa, or Kentucky DE Josh Allen with draft pick #2.
    * For whatever reason anyone wants to argue, the 9er FO realized they needed a WR that could help them get to the SB, so they traded for Sanders. With Sanders gone, they still need a WR to help them get back to the SB.

    * # 13, 9ers take one of the three, Lamb, Jeudy, or Ruggs, (the WR still on the board). Personally, I see the Raiders drafting WR Jeaudy and Shana/Lynch drafting WR Ruggs III,

    * 9er Center Weston Richburg tore his patellar tendon and may not recover, at least not until late in the season, if at all. Ben Garland is capable as a short term center, but the 9ers need to draft a starting Center.
    #31: Trade down with Mia for # 56, # 70 (580 PTS.) and their 2021 4th round draft pick.
    #56: Cesar Ruiz: Center, Michigan.
    #70: Trade down with Denver for #83 and # 118
    #83: Jeremy Chinn: SS S. Illinois. A big nickel or a cover linebacker who can cover TE’s
    #118 Antonio Gibson WR/RB, Memphis. (Scooters favorite sleeper).
    #156: Darrynton Evans: RB, App. St.
    #176: James Lynch: DT Baylor.
    #210: Reggie Robinson II: CB, Tulsa
    #245: Trevis Gipson: EDGE , Tulsa. (Practice squad)
    * Undrafted F/A: WR Darnell Mooney: Tulane, TULANE: P/K Returner

    1. J. Chinn looks like a Kam Chancellor type player that can give a team many options on defense. Heck, the guy looks like he can even play WR in a pinch. He’d be a good get on day two.
      Your list looks pretty darn good with many possible sleepers.

  18. Donte Hitner’s take on Travis Benjamin: He’s the slot receive Shanahan has been looking for.

    “Travis Benjamin fits this offense perfectly,” Whitner said. “With those guys crossing the middle and being able to break back and have down-the-football-field speed, he fits in automatically with his offense.”

    “If you can get Marquise Goodwin to wake up on the outside, you’ll have two of the fastest wide receivers in the National Football League.”

    “I guarantee you if you talked to any defensive back that played with him and had to cover him on a day-to-day basis, they will say that he runs a lot faster than 4.36,” Whitner said.

      1. George
        WR Travis Benjamin was a bust with the Chargers (2019: Played 5 games, 30 and had 6 receptions for 30 Yds)….. IMO: If he’s recovered from a quad injury, he’s a Punt returner……

    1. George
      Correct me if I’m wrong, but Donte Whitner never played for Kyle Shanahan. His last year in the NFL (2016) was with the Washington Redskins. He finished the season on IR and never played in the NFL again. Not too sure how relevant his opinion is, on what Shanahan wants in a WR

      1. Shanahan was Cleveland OC is 2014, when Whitner was there. Whitner also played with Benjamin in Cleveland for two years. But whether he did or not, I think Whitner’s a good analyst.

      2. I believe that Whitner can provide good football insight. Plus, he’s been working as a 49er news reporter with NBC Sports BayArea for a couple of years. That’s not to say that Whitner has a complete corner on 49ers news, but I feel he has a fairly good pulse on Shanahan’ offensive vision.

        I would only hope that Benjamin’ signing doesn’t deter the FO from grabbing one of the top 3 WR’s.

  19. Oh Hell Yes he has blood on his hands . He has blood on his hands both figuratively and literally.

  20. Mock drafts are a somewhat enjoyable endeavor but “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”

  21. Barrows just dropped his mock based on conversations he’s had with those in the know, to include Dane Brugler. Who does he have them taking at #13? Yep, you guessed it. Cee Dee Lamb!

      1. Correct. Isn’t Gruden’s offense timing based? If that’s the case, I can see them taking Jeudy over HR3 and Lamb.

  22. Iggy
    The 49ers haven’t had a legit, quality man-to-man cover corner since Deion Sanders, unless you count Marquez Pope.

    Probably cuz they play mostly zone.

      1. I agree. I’ve been a defender of Aldon (his football skills, not the off field stuff) for years. Hope he turns it around and plays great (except when he plays the 49ers).

  23. Aldon Smith goes to Dallas? Do not worry, Mike Nolan is the DC. ;p
    I wish Aldon well, but am glad JL passed on him.

    1. I saw that…
      You can definately tell he is not prone to group think.
      *Jeudy didn’t make his top 5*

      He also said that his “friends” in the league gave him some positive feedback on his rankings. I would be curious to see Kyle’s wideout rankings after the draft.

      1. Shanny and Simms are in cahoots to depreciate the Juedy stock. Not gonna work. If the Jets don’t take him then Vegas will.

        1. Razor
          * Who would guess it’s lying season?
          * Benjamin Franklin: believe nothing that you hear, and half of what you see……

  24. At 5′ 9″ 178 lbs, Hammler may take the same path as John Ross and Kevin White They could not withstand the sledgehammer blows from NFL DBs, and LBs will lay the wood on Hamler.
    Hamler may be better than Laviska Shenault, Brandin Aiyuk or Jalen Reagor, but Tee Higgins, Justin Jefferson and Denzel Mims will all possibly have a better career than Hamler. Hamler is ranked 10th on the CBS Big Board but the Niners should pick Pittman or Claypool before Hamler, so I would rank him as the 12th best WR..
    Maybe Simms is blowing smoke for his buddy KS by dissing Jeudy, so he might fall to the Niners. Lamb was productive as the number one WR, but he ran a 4.5 forty compared to Jeudy who ran a 4.45 forty. Jeudy runs great routes, and has ankle breaking moves after he catches the ball.
    I am thinking that TB or the Broncos may want to leapfrog over the Raiders and Niners to poach a WR before the Raiders or Niners may pick a WR. CeeDee Lamb may have Kyler Murray lobbying hard to rejoin him in Arizona. At 13, all 3 WRs may be gone before the Niners pick. If so, they should trade back.

    1. The more I think about drafting a WR at 13, the more I think it depends on what they anticipate from Hurd, McKinnon, and Taylor this year, especially Hurd. If they think those guys are going to be healthy, I think they’ll likely trade back with that pick. They need to get better and/or build depth at OL, DL, S, and CB.

  25. Here is a worst case scenario for the board.
    If the top 3 receivers along with Brown, Young, Simmons, Wills, Wirfs, Thomas, and Okudah were all off the board, and no trade up deals were offered for Herbert… who would you take and why?

    1. Shoup
      * “Who would you take and why.”
      Draft pick #13: EDGE: K’Lavon Chaisson, LSU. Young, (R-S Soph), just beginning to fulfill potential to become a game-altering pass rusher….Fills 9er DL need.
      Draft pick #31: WR Justin Jefferson LSU. Fills 9er WR need. Best WR left after Lamb, Jeudy and Riggs III

      QUESTION; Who would your #13 and #31 draft picks be, if the same players were all off the board?

      1. Interesting Geep,
        K’Lavon Is an intriguing prospect and could step in if Ford couldn’t go. Nice idea. I would probably lean towards Kinlaw slightly over Henderson due to the dropoff between him and the next DT. At 31 if no trade backs are allowed either Ruiz or perhaps a here you reach a bit at wideout… Higgins.

          1. In this case, with no trade backs, I am relying more on Kyle scheme up something for the offense, with the hope that Jimmy will have more time and some receivers will come back.

    2. In that scenario I would take Henderson, but would be equally happy with Kinlaw. My rationale would be the team has all four of its top CBs off contract at the end of the season, and I think the team doesn’t need to replace Buck with another stud DT.

      1. They’ve yet to demonstrate in the draft that they put that kind of premium on a man cover cb, especially when they predominantly play zone. It’s for that reason I think Diggs would be a better fit, but I think they target one in the 3rd round again. Perhaps, Bryce Hall slides due to his injury history. He’s their prototype, plus he’d represent good value in round 3. Although, I’m not fond of drafting injured players but in this instance he’d have an opportunity to ease into his role under Sherman’s tutelage….

      2. I completely get this and seriously considered Henderson over Kinlaw… in the end I just went with Kinlaw’s upside and the fact that I think the dropoff from him to the next DL is greater.

        As for Razor’s man vs Zone argument, I slightly disagree. SF ran a lot more cover 2 man than most reported. They were not solely a cover 3 team and having the flexibility to do so or potentially roll coverage allows the front to be more varied and blitz more.

        1. Got any stats to back that up? Not that I don’t take your word for it, but it’s been my understanding that Saleh’s cover 3 was his best defense. By design it becomes an opposing offenses biggest headache when trailing or attempting a comeback, because it plays right into the 49ers defensive strength.

          As a matter of fact, didn’t that 88 yard td by Allen against the Panthers come against one of the rare instances that found the 49ers in man coverage?

  26. We need to come to accept some realities. Numero uno: OTAs and Mini camps will be cancelled. Numero Dos: There is a real possibility the season will get canceled. Best case scenario is games with empty stadiums. Numero Tres: Trump has blood on his hands.
    A president unfit for a pandemic: Much of the suffering and death coming was preventable. The president has blood on his hands.

    1. You’re a real Idiot blaming a president for a virus. A virus that isn’t even killing people at an alarming rate.
      Try blaming China who covered it up knowing what it was about.

      1. “Try blaming China who covered it up knowing what it was about.”

        I can’t believe you just said. For your sake, and others, I truly hope you don’t believe that because that is some next level stupidity right there.

        1. Right….. and they’re telling the truth about their cases too.
          Get real. They unleashed this garbage, covered it up, and are still lying about the numbers.
          Shutting down their internet to the outside world, and arresting Doctors who are whistleblowing.
          But go ahead and blame the president and let China walk

          1. Why didn’t China report their first 100 cases of COVID 19 to the WHO immediately? No instead they waited till it reached over 200. Then still allowed people to travel outside the country so yeah, China has a big hand in this!

        2. A virus that isn’t even killing people at an alarming rate.

          CFC, that statement of md’s was even worse. Much worse. I can abide stupidity. But stupidity that’s proud of itself, I draw the line.

          Hey you POS (md), come to NYC where we have refrigerated trailers positioned outside hospitals as makeshift morgues and talk about your no alarming rate. We’ll gladly set you straight.

      2. He is blaming a President for his tardiness in even addressing the situation, denying the threat, then saying he has it all under control, everything is perfect. Yet he claims no responsibility, when as President, he is responsible for the whole Nation.
        The incompetence is staggering. While Rome burns, he is fiddling. The promised ventilators are non existent, and he has abdicated control, forcing each state to wing it on their own. Now we find the PPEs are being sent overseas, while doctors, nurses, care givers and first responders are crying for more protective gear. His lack of leadership is just making it worse.
        His press conferences are supposed to instill confidence and calm, but did the exact opposite. He still cannot stop lying and making wild proclamations like opening for Easter. The projected death toll is 100,000. If it goes to 200,000, I will certainly blame him for gross incompetence and being devoid of leadership.
        The best way to fight this pandemic is to increase testing. Then they can find the carriers who express no symptoms. Has the president coordinated a nationwide system of testing? No, he gives the Republican Governors precedence over test kits and basically ignores New York, the epicenter of this pandemic.
        A true leader would fight this menace in a bipartisan manner, but he is incapable of doing that.
        Just thinking outside the box, I think they should commandeer all of the empty cruise ships, and move all the Covid patients on board, with as many ventilators as possible. Then, the personnel who takes care of the sickest should be the ones who had not suffered greatly from the disease, so the medical personnel in the cities do not catch the disease and spread it. I think those people who caught the disease, but only suffered mild symptoms, should be immune from catching it again. Those people can help the sickest for a few weeks or more, but to avoid burnout, they should be rotated. After a few weeks, and after doing duty caring for the sickest, those people can taken to a quarantine ship that can go on a 3 week cruise. Then, they can be let off the ship if they show no signs of the disease through testing.
        I certainly hope we can weather this storm. We are finding out that this nation is resilient, and can bounce back. This changes everything. I hope there will be a season, but who knows?
        OK, back to football.

        1. Thanks for that Mr.President! You are Donald Trump!

          (Of course I could not and would not read a word of that crap)

        2. Remember when he banned flights from coming in and he was a racist?
          Way earlier when this started taking hold?
          You people who hate trump so much do nothing but divide this country more.
          In no real world of thinking would anyone blame a president for a virus from another country who ignored and let it spread.
          So it was Obama’s fault over 1000 died from his pandemic before doing anything about it?
          Get real. I couldn’t stand him after his first two years in office and would never blame him for a freaking virus.
          Please stick to football.
          Some of you are a real joke.

          1. You people who hate trump so much do nothing but divide this country more.

            md, we’re not the ones threatening to deny disaster aid to blue state governors, so gtfo with your “division” sh*t.

            In no real world of thinking would anyone blame a president for a virus from another country who ignored and let it spread.

            I’m blaming a president who diddled and called it a big hoax until mother nature slapped him silly. I’m blaming a president who called for a premature return to social normalcy until mother nature slapped him silly. As a NYer, i’m blaming a president who has called our heroic health workers common thieves in an attempt to cover up his administrations gross and murderous incompetence.

              1. Nice f-ing cover-up try George.

                Gov. Jay Inslee isn’t being “appreciative,” President Donald Trump said Friday, adding he’s told Vice President Mike Pence not to call Washington’s chief executive.

                Pence, who is the designated head of the federal fight against COVID-19, apparently hasn’t stopped calling.

                During a news conference Friday, Trump criticized some governors for their reaction to the federal response to the outbreak.

                “I think they should be appreciative. Because when they’re not appreciative to me, they’re not appreciative to the army corps, not appreciative to FEMA,” Trump said. “Mike Pence, I don’t think he sleeps anymore. These are people that should be appreciated. He calls all the governors. I tell him, I’m a different type of person. I say Mike, don’t call the governor of Washington. You’re wasting your time with him.”


                Michigan Governor (and Democrat) Gretchen Whitmer waited for an answer to her request for a declaration of disaster. This declaration would allow Michigan to receive federal aid. For each hospital in Michigan, the federal allotment of personal protective equipment is 747 face masks, 204 gowns, 4, 467 gloves, and 64 face shields. Governor Whitmer stated that except for the gloves, the amount allotted to her state “is barely enough to cover one shift at that hospital. It’s not even a full day’s worth of shifts.”

                On March 26th, Trump said that he was still considering Whitmer’s request. He said to Sean Hannity, “We’ve had a big problem with the young, a woman governor…from Michigan.”


              2. Did you listen to what Gavin Newsom said? There’s something else going on, and it’s not Trump being non-responsive. It seems you hate this guy so much that you’re not willing to see another side. I say “it seems” because I don’t know you. So I’ll leave it at that and try to stick to football. What do you think the Niners are going to do with the 13th pick?

              3. George, all that shows is Newsom knows how to the play the feed the narcissist game with Trump. For Californian’s sakes, I’m glad.

                And I’m quoting trump’s DIRECT words DIRECTLY at you. It seems you are so far up this guy’s behind so much that you’re not willing to see what he’s actually said and threatened toward blue state governors who he didn’t find with their kneepads on in front of him. Don’t want to divide the country? Need your federal aid? Fellate the little boy in the man’s suit.

                Who are they picking 13? I have no idea, but I sure hope it doesn’t blow up in their face due the extremely limited impressions, physically, emotionally, maturity-wise, etc they’ve been denied due to the league barreling ahead with the draft.

              4. rib, I’m trying to have a civil conversation with you and you say, “It seems you are so far up this guy’s behind . . . ” I don’t appreciate such language when directed at me or anyone else. Also, I find your corrosiveness disrespectful to the other people on this blog who either don’t share your views or are polite enough to keep them to themselves in order not to offend the sensibilities of others. You appear to be a socially incompatible individual with a compulsion to offend. Good bye to you, sir.

              5. How else do I explain you blowing right past what Trump himself has said, is saying??? Maybe you aren’t in extreme life and death scenario like we are in NYC. I’m not taking lightly to anyone excusing, minimizing, or worse, lying about what the federal government has been saying, doing or not doing the direction of my community. On any forum or platform. Not when the words are right out there. I’m sick of the f-ing gaslighting attempts on the part of the Trump cultists. If that offends your delicate sensibilities, then so f-ing be it.

              6. rib, I didn’t know you’re in NYC. Are you born-and-bred? If so, I can understand you a bit better. I mean that in a positive way. I’m from Brooklyn originally.

              7. George, I’m from south bay originally (Cupertino). That’s how I got my Niners affiliation. But been in NYC since 1985, so pretty much a native by now.

            1. Bloods on who’s hands?
              Y’all just stop it! Nothing but CNN and Madcow bots. You just can’t fix stupid.
              Enjoy my progressive friends.
              Doubt you’ll watch but I knew the truth.
              Dueces on this ridiculous topic.


              1. Oh and let’s not forget the closed door meetings on this virus stimulation plan, where dirt bag republicans and democrats were selling off shares.
                New to the list???
                Onelames hero Pelosi and her son.
                A cool 5 million made off of this, and got some of her wishes that had nothing to do with this virus in the non partisan deal they had, before she blew it up.
                But like the video above and this breaking news. Most of you sad individuals won’t get the real facts from your “news sources”
                It’s literally to easy.
                And it’s funny how some of you use talking points from these “resources”
                Y’all are just some puppets, misinformed, and uninformed.
                But I’ll let you guys tell it. Smh
                I’m seriously done.
                Again you can’t fix stupid.

              2. Again you can’t fix stupid.

                ^^^^ Living proof right there.

                Most of you sad individuals won’t get the real facts from your “news sources”

                And you get your news from some internet guy named The Officer Tatum? JFC.

                Again I ask. Trump said he shut it down coming in from China way back in early Feb. Why are you still beating that horse?

              3. MD,
                Some people are simply blinded by their hatred. They’ve hated Trump from day one, no need to stop now.

                What would Obama had done? Under his administration our borders would have likely remained open for a longer period of time thereby putting more Americans at risk. Maybe, maybe not. What we do know is that no one (no leader in the world) knew the extent of the effects of the Covid-19.
                So, Obama likely would have used much better verbiage, but that would have not stopped the virus.
                Blame Trump or not, nothing was going to stop this crises. What we should be doing is praying for a vaccine, not just for Americans but for the entire world.

      3. Try blaming China who covered it up knowing what it was about.

        Blaming China? Then explain this:

        We pretty much shut it down coming in from China.

        –DJT, Feb 2

        According to the crap you cultists eat up from President Jim Jones, China was out of the picture a long long time ago.

        So, smart guy explain the mess we are in now? How about Trump was too distracted by the impeachment? That seems to be the excuse du jour from McChinless and the RWNJ media.

      4. The reality is that this president is both ignorant and incompetent. He was warned by the National Security apparatus in Jan . He called it a hoax , said it would disappear , said it was contained … all of which was BS.
        Just in the last week he bragged about his TV ratings, got into fights with governors, accused nurses of stealing protective equipment, tweeted about the Royal family … He is unfit , unqualified and should step down.

        If he really wants to boost his ratings I guarantee his resignation press conference would be viewed by 1 billion + (with great delight)

        1. Trump did not call the Coronavirus a hoax, that is an outright lie. He was referring to the media. In the middle of the phony impeachment hearings on January 31st Trump declares a national health emergency and puts a travel ban on China, the dems call him Racist and Xenophobic for doing so. During President Trumps SOTU speech he alerts America about the dangers of the Coronavirus and the need to take action. Pelosi responds by tearing up her copy of the speech and calling it a pack of lies.

          1. Trump did not call the Coronavirus a hoax, that is an outright lie.

            Bull f-ing sh*t.

            They tried anything, they tried it over and over, they’ve been doing it since he got in. It’s all turning, they lost. It’s all turning, think of it, think of it. And this is their new hoax.

            1. The best you hate-spewing knee-jerk liberals have to offer is the most corrupt politician in Washington, and he doesn’t even know what planet he’s on. Brace yourselves for another four-year term for Trump. Don’t get so worked up–you’ll end up like Biden.

    2. Bruce,
      There’s a raging fire going on right now. There will be a time to place blame when this is over, right now it’s time to help put out the fire.
      A firefighter who was taking a short break from fighting the horrible fire in Paradise CA, made this comment to a news reporter.
      Dude, blame who you want, but whether you like it or not, you’re in this like everyone else. Hopefully your doing your part to help.

  27. All 32 no trade. I fix the Simmons gaff and Jeudy slides. It’s really hard not to put Ruiz in at #31. Hopefully no glaring omissions this time.

    1. Bengals – Joe Burrow QB
    2. Redskins – Chase Young DE
    3. Lions – Isaiah Simmons OLB
    4. Giants – Jedrick Wills OT
    5. Dolphins – Tua Tagovailoa QB
    6. Chargers Justin Herbert QB
    7. Panthers – Derrick Brown DT
    8. Cardinals – Tristan Wirfs OL
    9. Jaguars – Jeff Okudah CB
    10. Browns – Mekhi Becton OT
    11. Jets – Andrew Thomas OT
    12. Raiders – CeeDee Lamb WR
    13. 49ers CJ Henderson CB
    14. Buccaneers – Isaiah Wilson OT
    15. Broncos – Henry Ruggs WR
    16. Falcons – Trevon Diggs CB
    17. Cowboys – Xavier Mckinney S
    18. Dolphins – Josh Jones OT
    19. Raiders – Cameron Dantzler CB
    20. Jaguars – Austin Jackson OT
    21. Eagles – Jerry Jeudy WR
    22. Vikings – Kristian Fulton CB
    23. Patriots – K’Lavon Chaisson OLB
    24. Saints – Justin Jefferson WR
    25. Vikings – Jalen Reagor WR
    26. Dolphins – D’Andre Swift
    27. Seachikens – Yetur Gross-Matos OLB
    28. Ravens – Kenneth Murray LB
    29. Titans – Patrick Queen LB
    30. Packers – Tee Higgins WR
    31. 49ers – Bryan Edwards WR
    32. Chiefs – Damon Arnette CB

    1. Nice. Looks like the best choices for each team.
      My only quibble would be to draft Denzel Mims instead of Edwards, who has a knee injury.

  28. Do you think Hamler has the potential to play outside? I’m of the options that receivers should have to potential to move around and line up in multiple positions. I know he lined up outside at Penn and had some decent separation but against bigger and better corners can he still move around in the NFL?

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