Assessing the depth chart with 49ers’ OTA only two weeks away

NFC fullback Kyle Juszczyk (44), of the San Francisco 49ers, looks up from the sidelines, during the second half of the NFL Pro Bowl football game against the AFC, Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018, in Orlando, Fla. (AP Photo/Phelan M Ebenhack)

Fewer than two weeks until the 49ers begin Offseason Training Activities ‑ OTAs. That’s when they’ll start to sort out their depth chart.

Here’s how I predict they’ll sort it out for offense and defense.



1. Jerick McKinnon

2. Matt Breida

3. Joe Williams

McKinnon replaced Carlos Hyde, the 49ers’ starter the past three seasons. Hyde averaged 18.7 touches per game in 2017. McKinnon never averaged more than 13.5 touches per game and never was a starter before signing with the 49ers. And he’s small. He’ll need Breida and Williams to share the workload with him.

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  1. I don’t agree with everything, but good read.

    I hope you’re right about Williams, but if I had to bet, I’d go with Mostert.

    “He won’t play much on offense next season unless one of the top three receivers is injured.”

    He could overtake Taylor in TC. If not, Shanny will get him reps. He can play with any WR or any combination of WRs we have.

    I think Cooper will be better than Tomlinson once he becomes acclimated to our O.


    Would you have rather gave Tank a one year deal, then traded Armstead? That’s what I would have done.

    Don’t sleep on Taumoepenu.

    1. I don’t think he will over take Taylor. Taylor is the prototype slot possession receiver. He hasn’t done anything bad to be replaced. Unlike kittle, who had way to many drops to be the best receiver on the niners as grant says. I personally don’t think he’s better than celek yet. Pettis will get some reps in my opinion but it won’t be at the expense of Taylor. Maybe a fatigue replacement.

      1. “He hasn’t done anything bad to be replaced.”

        Agreed, but you could have said the same thing about Kerley last year. If Pettis outplays Taylor, he’ll be higher on the depth chart.

        “Unlike kittle, who had way to many drops to be the best receiver on the niners as grant says.”

        Ha! Nice dig at Grant. Yes, Kittle needs to reduce the drops.

    2. #80

      I’m not sure just what it is that has you so down-in-the-mouth about
      Arik Armstead, but whatever it is I sure hope that you get over it…. I’m looking forward to seeing AA and Buckner ripping into some Olines together on into the playoffs and beyond….Incidentley, I have been in agreement with your posts for over a month now…Yeah, I’m a homer…

  2. Not bad. The absence of over-the-top snarking is much appreciated…

    Agree with #80…keep a weather eye on Taumoepenu

        1. You know one of the things I like about the 90-man roster, Bro? Shanalynch has set up the roster with a bunch solid backups fighting all off-season and pre-season for roster spots. This competition will result in much improved depth which will prove to be very helpful in December when getting ready for the playoffs…

  3. I agree with 90%. I think K. Williams is traded, and Reed replaces him with Ward’s versatility behind him.

    I think Toomer could be the one left standing when the music stops due to Warner’s versatility.

    If Taylor avoids the practice squad, I think it will be at the expense of the Blair Blitz Project.

    1. Razor, Shanny loves K’Waun. I don’t think they will trade him.
      He played really well down the stretch while the secondary struggled. He’s a Monday guy!

      1. Prime Time

        I agree…K’waun stays and the market for Ward is as good as it is going to get, and with his injury history…Reed will sub behind Williams, and Ward hits the bricks….

    2. I too don’t see the rookie replacing Williams as starter….
      I won’t be surprised if Shanalynch bring Sherman along slowly with Ward and Spoon starting in September at corner.

    1. They should also know soon what Fosters status will be. If he does go into an extended trial, then the NFL probably will give a roster exemption. Either he will be on the roster or they will carry someone else until he is. They won’t have three at the same time. The NFL won’t suspend him until his legal issues are solved and if he is suspended then he shouldn’t count on the roster either.

  4. “1. Eli Harold
    2. Pita Taumoepenu
    These two will compete with Marsh and Attaochu to be third-down edge-rushers, but won’t win the competition. Harold has five sacks in his career. Taumoepenu has none.”

    “Regarded as a four-star recruit by both and ESPN, Harold was ranked as the No. 1 overall player in the state of Virginia, the No. 5 defensive end nationally and the No. 50 overall prospect by Rivals,[5] and the No. 15 defensive end in the nation by ESPN. He also earned a scouts grade of 80 from ESPN. He was regarded as a five-star recruit by, and was ranked the No. 1 outside linebacker prospect in the nation.[6] In August 2011, Harold committed to the University of Virginia to play college football.[7]”

    Pita was a rookie last year who played in two games. Harold has been a stud wherever he has played. He was playing in his second year and had five sacks. So your assessment of them is pretty foolish. Both of them will be starters for a long time.

    1. You just dropped all that high school and college knowledge about harold, but it doesn’t mean squat because since he’s been in the NFL, he hasn’t done anything. 5 sacks in 4 years is not, I repeat not good.

      1. Four years? He was drafted in 2015. Point is he has been a great player at ever level. So to write him off is a bit premature.

          1. I see… -L- You’re okay Steel.

            But give the guy a chance. He’s been tough everywhere he had a shot. And last year’s D sucked. It’s hard to get stats plying with those guys.

      2. Ive got to agree with Steelematic here. Eli Harold isn’t necessarily a bust but he hasn’t exactly set the NFL on fire either. The guy, at his best, is average to below average as an NFL player. And being the best high school player in Virginia is great for a kid from Virginia but you put him in Florida or Texas and there are 25 kids just like him or better in every city.

    2. I would hope he was good in high school and college since he was drafted.
      It’s not like the NFL has a lot of guys running around that were not good in high school or college. :D

  5. “The 49ers have to carry three middle linebackers instead of two next season, just in case the NFL suspends Foster for possession of marijuana, or possession of an illegal assault rifle, or domestic violence, or some combination of the three.”

    Neither the rifle nor the 30-round magazine are currently illegal.

    1. # 80 – unless I know the qualifications/credentials of the person or people who are doing the evaluations I cannot take seriously and with any validity these assessments. they assigned point values, but that, too, is an arbitrary determination of the weight for each of those elements.

      1. Sure. You can rearrange the top 10 or replace some of them based on your own evaluations. But I think we can agree that the people in this top 10 are all pretty good or at least better than average.

        1. Don’t confuse people with facts 80#. Smiles…

          Besides, it ruins Cohn’s negative outlook. We wouldn’t want that…

  6. I like the team makeup and its potential. Still got some of the same concerns carried over from last year, pass rush and o-line.

  7. They will only need to keep 4 ILBs on the roster at any one point in time. Foster will likely be suspended to start the year, and either Coyle or Toomer will drop off once (if) he is available, unless there is an injury.

    I think they keep a 4th RB in Raheem Mostert. Too good on STs to let him go. Even if they only carry 3 RBs I think he makes it at the expense of either Williams or Breida.

  8. I think this team will be descent this year.

    Maybe wildcard and contend next year.

    Tough schedule though.

    First 4 games we will be 2-2

  9. A Grant quote (and stone cold lock prediction) from 15 April 2018…

    “I predict the 49ers will release Foster or a week or two after the draft, probably on a Friday, just to bury the news. And I predict Foster will go to prison.”

    Grant… We have another 30+hrs to go on your first aspect.

  10. Grant, I largely agree with the assessments though I think there will be interesting competition in some key areas.

    Also agree with 80 regarding Williams. He may be beat out by Mostert.

    I hope that Taumoepenu becomes something but won’t hold my breath. I can also see Reed making some waves.

    1. What do you agree with? It sounds like Grant is writing about a 2-14 team. One unit, the tackles he reveals a positive spin. Not one mention of Jimmy Garrapolo who in reality, was the teams second round draft choice and who is a franchise quarter back. Nothing but shade thrown on this team daily.

      1. I should have been more clear – the ROSTER assessments.

        And Grant, while he gets lots of flak is putting himself out there and i certainly can respect that even when I don’t agree.

        Don’t see anything in the writing that said that this is a 2 win team. You assumed that.

        1. Based on the free agent acquisitions, the draft, the every move of the organization, Grants takes resemble a team that won 2 games and cannot get one decision right. Am I assuming every article written doesn’t slam the team any chance he gets?

  11. Just got back from taking the fam to see Trump. The line was enormous. Northside Gym holds 7500 people, and there was at least twice that many vying for entry. We were fortunate, and gained entrance. It was a unique experience, and one I won’t soon forget….

      1. Naw, he marched Clinton out to tell the tale of how she and the democratic machine rigged the primary.

      2. Pelosi and The Crumbs played Tax Cut Blues followed by Hillary and the Deplorables with her hit, Irredeemable.

        1. Razoreater

          Is it true that Trump, Cohen, Flynn, and the other 20 indictees are planning on re-releasing “Jailhouse Rock”…?

              1. Didn’t she just get her ass kicked in the last election? Hasn’t she been on the sore loser tour?

              2. Leave it to Razor to brag about a Russian cyber propaganda victory and act of war over USA. America first right Razor? What a shame.

                Let me just remind you that, until Trump brought in the Russian brigade of double agents to run his campaign, hack and release DNC emails, and systematically run a campaign of propaganda and fake news on Facebook targeted at fools like you, Hillary was putting the hurt on Trump, and was so far ahead that she was even looking to flip some red states.

                But what can I say Razor. I’m glad you look up to, and respect a guy who’s been accused of sexual assault by at least a dozen women, and says white supremacists are “fine people”, undocumented Mexicans are rapists, though “some” he assumes, are good people. And most of all Razor, I’m glad you endorse a person who believes it’s OK to grab women by the pu_sy without their consent because, hey, when you’re famous, you can do whatever you want.

                Hopefully the Dems get an opportunity to practice real oversight after November, that is, if Mueller doesn’t get him first. And then we’ll see how much bragging you’re doing then Razor. SMH.

    1. What a great experience, I have had the privilege of meeting Ronald Reagan over at my Dad’s house when he was the (last good) governor of California (also the last decent President) . My Dad was a local politician at the time.

      1. Ronald was my first and only vote for a president when I turned 18. You’re a lucky man to have met him, Under.

      2. Wow, that’s amazing. There are 2 speeches that give me goosebumps when I hear them. MLK’s Street Sweeper speech is my all time favorite speech. My father printed it and gave it to me while I was in High School and I still keep it. The 2nd is Reagan’s “A Time for Choosing speech”. It’s just an amazing speech that makes me proud to be American.

        “You and I know and do not believe that life is so dear and peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery. If nothing in life is worth dying for, when did this begin — just in the face of this enemy? Or should Moses have told the children of Israel to live in slavery under the pharaohs? Should Christ have refused the cross? Should the patriots at Concord Bridge have thrown down their guns and refused to fire the shot heard ’round the world? The martyrs of history were not fools, and our honored dead who gave their lives to stop the advance of the Nazis didn’t die in vain. Where, then, is the road to peace? Well it’s a simple answer after all. You and I have the courage to say to our enemies, “There is a price we will not pay.” “There is a point beyond which they must not advance.”

        Ronald Reagan

        1. The martyrs of history were not fools, and our honored dead who gave their lives to stop the advance of the Nazis didn’t die in vain.

          Were those the words of Reagan as he laid wreaths at the graves of the waffen SS at Bitburg?

          1. “On this 40th anniversary of World War II, we mark the day when the hate, the evil, and the obscenities ended, and we commemorate the rekindling of the democratic spirit in Germany.”

            1. The Waffen SS, Razor? These weren’t Wehrmacht regulars. These were death camp guards. These were the murderers of Europe civilian populations. Murderers of Allied POWs. The Nuremberg trials deemed them a criminal organization due to their unspeakable crimes against humanity. Reagan had to know that. If 40 years hence an American President lays a memorial wreath on ISIS or Taliban fanatic graves, I hope there is as much outcry as there was against Reagan.

        2. My favorite Reagan speech was after he illegally sold missiles to Iran, he said something like – ” my mind does not always function properly but my heart is in the right place. ” Ha Ha.

          My favorite Reagan action was the invasion of our arch enemy Grenada literally 3 days after the Beirut Marine bombing.

          1. Weird how you guys don’t recall the “Mr. Gorbachav – tear down this wall” speech. Perhaps the most impactful sentence uttered in Europe in the past 50 years.

            I realize any comment deemed political stirs bile and hatred in today’s environment but one thing all the revisionists can’t escape is the fact that Ronald Reagan was beloved and adored during his presidency. He was truly a national treasure and Californians should take pride in the fact that our home state produced one of the greatest presidents in our country’s history. How do I know this to be true? 525-13 and 49-1. Reagan won the most electoral votes in our countries history and he carried 49 of 50 states. Reagan’s level of popularity may never be matched again. Now onto more divisive subjects…

            Catholics are better people than Baptists. Go…


              “The Soviet Union didn’t collapse because of external pressures. Nor did the Cold War end with the collapse of the Soviet Union. It ended because of a negotiated settlement that was potentially to the benefit of both sides.”

              “Reagan, for example, never claimed that we won the Cold War. He wrote about it in his memoirs as a negotiated settlement between partners. In 1992, when George H. W. Bush was losing the [presidential] election, he began saying that “we won the Cold War” on the campaign trail.”

              “The neocons simply misrepresented what happened and claimed that Reagan had followed their approach in dealing with the Soviet Union. The only shreds of evidence to support it are snippets of political rhetoric taken out of context.”

              1. 525-13
                The Berlin Wall did come down.

                I win. You lose. Now about those Baptists.

              2. The people tore down that wall. I guess you, like Hillary Clinton, give LBJ credit for civil rights advancements instead of the people.

              3. I should elaborate on Hillary. One sentence isn’t enough.


                “Clinton recently was found to have minimized the great and monumental strides taken by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by stating that it was Lyndon B. Johnson, then president, who should receive the credit for civil rights progress including the Civil Rights Act of 1964. ”

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              “Ronald Reagan’s biggest crimes were the bloody military actions to suppress social and political change in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Afghanistan”

              “The former US ambassador to the Soviet Union, and father of the theory of “containment” of the same country, asserts that “the suggestion that any United States administration had the power to influence decisively the course of a tremendous domestic political upheaval in another great country on another side of the globe is simply childish.”

              “He contends that the extreme militarization of American policy strengthened hard-liners in the Soviet Union.”

            3. one thing all the revisionists can’t escape is the fact that Ronald Reagan was beloved and adored during his presidency.

              Ask those AIDS sufferers how beloved and adored they were of the man who couldn’t even bring himself to mention the term AIDS, much less push for a cure? Ask the less fortunate among the population, how beloved and adored they were of the man derided them as Cadillac driving welfare queens and “strapping bucks” ripping off the system.

              Now who’s the revisionist?

              1. 525 – 13
                49 – 1

                Say it with me

                B E L O V E D

                All I know is that during the Reagan years, minority business ownership grew at the highest rate in our countries history. The rate of minorities lifted out of poverty during Reagan’s presidency was the highest in our history. And Reagan signed a Dream Act of his own legalizing 3M immigrants who had been in the country at least 4 years. I know some people always look for a reason to be outraged but with Reagan you really hv to look hard for reasons to be mad.

              2. “I know some people always look for a reason to be outraged but with Reagan you really hv to look hard for reasons to be mad.”

                I don’t think the people on this blog have to look hard for reasons to be mad. I assume some of our fellow Niner fans lived in the Bay Area during the Reagan administration.


                From 1986.

                “According to the report, Mr. Reagan at one point referred to Colonel Qaddafi’s reported proclivity for flamboyant attire, saying, ”Why not invite Qaddafi to San Francisco, he likes to dress up so much?” and Mr. Shultz rejoined: ”Why don’t we give him AIDS!”

              3. Houston, I needn’t remind you a candidate can take the entire electoral vote by 50 total popular votes. 10s upon 10s of millions of Americans voted against Reagan. He was reviled by a good proportion of the country and still is. I will say one thing for Reagan and his gang though. Unlike what we are seeing today, it’s highly unlikely if you shook any of them a Russian fell out.

              4. @ribs

                By that standard every president in Our history has been reviled by a good portion of the population and therefore unworthy of praise. Reagan had a higher margin of victory than Lincoln, Kennedy, and Clinton. IMO Reagan was one of the best presidents in our history and his re-election in 1984 proves most people at that time agree with me. He carried 49 states. Name 1 other campaign that came close to those results. Reagan was absolutely beloved during his presidency. Many millions of Democrats crosses over to vote for Reagan. We could use that type of Country over Party attitude rt now.

              1. That gave me a chuckle. I’m a devout Christian so don’t go off on me about anti-religious crap. That there was funny.

    2. Bet he told you he’s starting to build the wall, fact is it’s an improvement of existing wall planned under Obama. Raz, you are a sucker being scammed by a con man. Worst president of all time.

        1. Noed, can you name a single one of Obama’s criminal defense attorneys? Want me to list some of the more than nearly a dozen that make up or have made up Trumps crack team?

          He may draw crowds of Razors in Indiana, paying 20 bucks for his made in Bangladesh maga hats, but he doesn’t dare set foot back in NYC. We New Yorkers have been well aware of this two bit joke of a con for decades.

          1. Yea, not only are we Hoosiers deplorable and irredeemable, apparently we’re gullible too compared to those hip New Yorkers, right Ribico?

            1. No Razor, you just haven’t been exposed to him for as long as we have. You’ll see.

              How do you feel about those in his administration’s latest comments towards John McCain? Captive “songbird”? He’s dying anyway? Where’s President Bonespur to disown those vile comments? How did you feel about Trumps comments towards McCain during the campaign? And you still stooped to vote for him? Shame on you. And you took your family to see this great role model in person? Double shame on you.

              1. I’m guessing I’ve been “exposed” to Donald Trump longer than you, given I’m 56 and grew up with him as a persona through the ’70’s.

                I did not vote for Donald Trump, so shame on you. The only shame I felt regarding the presidency was when I had to answer questions about Clinton having sex in the oval office with an intern to my children.

                I’m neither a republican, nor a democrat. I’m fiscally conservative and socially liberal. I liked the JFK democratic party, not the modern day one. I have no use for rhino republicans like McCain, Bush, McConnell and their ilk.

              2. Guess again Razor. I got about 10 years on you. And the last 35 of them directly in the belly of Donald Trumps play land. It sounds like you got over that Clinton shame by bringing the wife and kids to honor a different self confessed sexual criminal.

              3. Trump: Grab ’em by the p****y. You can do anything.

                That’s a confirmed potential rapist…

    3. Ah yes, memorable political events…

      Why, it seems like just yesterday Mario Savio opined… “There’s a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part! You can’t even passively take part! And you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels…upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop! And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!”

      I’m thinking the 9ers go somewhere between 7-9 and 9-7 this coming season.

  12. Grant has the Niners moving on from Aldrick Robinson, and has Bourne instead. If that is true, hope they trade away AR, and get something for him, instead of cutting him, and getting nothing.
    With Person on board, they may be thinking that Magnuson is expendable.
    I agree with Pita, but think Coyle will be a tough decision, with better competition.
    Grant is not writing about a 2-14 team. He is writing about a 6-10 team. Most importantly, he is also writing about a team that had a 5 game winning streak to end the season.
    Sure am glad that there seems to be depth throughout the roster. There will be some painful cuts.

      1. Seb, I agree with your takes and actually read this as a disagreement with Grant’s overall analysis. The past is whatever it is. Ignore haters like this and keep up the good posts.

        I don’t think Magnuson is let go. Too versatile.

        1. Thank you very much. I will try very hard to stick to football.
          I guess the reason they signed Person was to get a backup center. I surmise that Person or Magnuson will win the backup center job.
          Maybe they will put Darrel Williams back on the PS, and keep Magnuson, since DW is still PS eligible. I agree, I like Magnuson’s versatility.
          I think the O line and WRs will have the stiffest competition in the TC and preseason.

          1. Cant forget the past when little sebbie thought he was all that….a loser can’t change his reputation…

  13. While I agree with much of what Grant says, I think he is underselling the wide receivers or perhaps overselling the need for a true 1.
    Garcon was on pace to break a 1000 yards with Hoyer throwing him the ball and the injury he had shouldn’t affect him moving forward. How much better could he be with Jimmy throwing him the ball?
    Goodwin was also on pace to break a 1000 yards prior to getting injured in his final game and while previously he was seen only as a speed guy, he had several plays last year where he out fought defenders for the ball. That would put both of them in the top 20 yardage wise.
    The reality is there aren’t that many True number 1 recievers out there… Brown, Julio Jones, Allen, Hopkins, Green, and OBJ are the only receivers that I could say a clearly better than Garcon. Garcon is in the conversation with just about everyone else, while there are others I would take over him the separation between them is minimal.

    1. +1

      I like our group of receivers. I think they will compliment each other well and they are all willing and able to block. When discussing needs we often compare our players to the very best in the league, which is a normal thing to do. However, there are only only so many great players at each position. I like the way Lynch and Shanahan are putting this team together. Perhaps not a huge number of elite players, but every one of them seems to be a gamer and able to do their job. I am cautiously optimistic for the upcoming season and very optimistic for future seasons.

    2. There’s something to said about having to prepare for a team that has multiple 1000 plus yard capable receivers than just having to worry about locking down one #1. How many rings did megatron acquire? Where’s Julio Jones’s? AJ Green’s?

    3. Agree. Teams can win without a true #1. Those teams need a top flight QB and/or a solid running game/D. We have the former and if KS can use McKinnon like he plans to, we have the running/screen pass game as well.

        1. Yes, I think we’re best a year or two away from that level of D. Like someone said before, we keep our defense rested and score points for now. With these receivers and this QB, and a decent D, we can win plenty of games scoring in the mid-20s.

          1. Yep. The way the corners play this year, will determine if we are 2 years away or much further.

            Playoffs will be a bit of a stretch though.

            With the way the NFC is shaping up, we have to win at least 10 games which is tough. Vikings, Packers, Eagles, Rams, Falcons, Panthers, New Orleans and Cowboys all look good on paper. We cannot write off Bucs, Giants and Cardinals as well.

    4. Shoup:
      I agree with your assessment of Garcon and Goodwin with Jimmy G throwing them the ball, it’s the… “prior to getting injured” … part that worries me, and why I like the Wr’s the 9ers drafted.

      1. I would be more worried about the injuries they suffered if they were the kind that lingered.
        Goodwin’s was as concussion that he had on the last game of the season so he should be fully recovered. Or be as recovered as one can be.
        Garcon’s neck injury while sounding serious, really wasn’t too bad. It was only a non displaced fracture with no known nerve damage. This means it was just a simple fractured bone and should have no residual effects.

      2. GEEP

        I agree with you …to a point…I like some of the receivers we picked up in the draft, (especially the TE’s) and second year WRs who have size, speed, and all the other qualities Shannahan wants…and don’t forget TUFFNESS…

  14. Can’t say I disagree with anything on the depth chart you posted. It all looks about right. My thoughts:

    WR group is a good solid group even if they lack a superstar #1. This group can effectively execute Shanny’s offense. I am a little surprised you have James ahead of Aldrick Robinson. Isn’t Robinson kind of Shanny’s guy from previous coaching stops?

    Interior o-line is a huge concern to me. Aaron Donald must be looking at this group like a lion looks at a sheep.

    I think the 49ers have to add a RB. I just don’t see McKinnon as a feature back. He can be Alvin Kamara but he needs a Mark Ingram and that guy isn’t on this roster.

    I think the defense will be better than people expect even without Foster if he is unavailable. Saleh seems to be a very good coordinator and he’s going to need to be next season. I predict Solomon Thomas will have a much better year next year as Saleh figures out better ways to use him. The big issue with this defense is I just don’t see where the QB pressures will come from. Good o-lines are going to give their QBs all day to throw against this group. The lack of pass rush alone prevents teams from making a superbowl. Lynch has quite a bit of work to do to build this defense. Right now it is undermanned. Having said that, I still expect the defense to be at least in the top 20 just because the offense will have sustained drives to give the defense some rest.

    1. Agree with the Saleh take. The 9er defense will be entering it’s second year under Saleh’s scheme. Returning players are increasingly familiar with it, as are the position coaches. A few of the new players will contribute effectively. As Houston points out, improved play on offense will keep the defense a bit more rested. I’m thinking the defense ends the season ranked somewhere between 14th and 19th.

    1. My guess: Nope; not entirely.
      The group that opines here, like much of ‘Merica, is divided in our views. No one has to renounce their views to agree to disagree.
      IMO, no one should expect to convince anyone else to change their social/political views either, Trying to do so here is futile and distracts from the presumptive reason for tuning in. Flare ups are to be expected, I guess, but are best avoided.
      We don’t agree on football, that’s enough to wrassle with. Keep it simple.
      Need more excitement? Go hiking in Volcano National Park next week.

    1. Ha! Thanks, George. The weather was perfect. 68 degrees with just a hint of winters breath in that spring breeze.

    2. George

      Which only goes to show you how exciting life in Indiana is when it’s not Labor Day…I’ll bet that Danica Patrick draws bigger crowds at the 500…Mike Rubio was right…Where’s Dan Quayle…?

      1. Life is what you make it, whether it’s in boring, backwards Indiana or that exiting Hollywood paradise where homelessness runs rampant, leading to a hepatitis outbreak spreading throughout the state’s homeless communities, infecting 694 people, while at the same time removing 250 tons of trash, 1,100 pounds of human waste and 5,000 hypodermic needles from just one camp alone….

        1. I hope we’re not cherry-picking locations across the US. If we are, how about that Gary Indiana crime map?


          Select some of the filtering options. What fun!

          And this?

          Just one extract:

          Violent crime rate in 2016
          Gary: 411.5
          U.S. Average: 216.0

          How do you think our special teams will do in 2018?

          1. How do you think our special teams will do in 2018?

            I think the hurt they are going to lay on the opposition will be Gary level criminal!

          2. Gary Indiana is 25 miles from downtown Chicago. In 2016 under Rahm Emmanuel’s watch, 800 homicides were the most in 20 years. Illinois is a fiscal disaster, and Indiana is financially stable. Similar to California, residents of Illinois are fleeing in droves….

            1. Gee, I wonder when those fleeing droves are going to effect California’s housing prices? Someone wants to be here. I guess if you don’t have skills or perseverance to make it in California, in the 6th largest economy in the world, its best to hightail it and leave it for those who do.

              1. I lived in California in the ’80’s. The weather is fantastic, which is why you want to be there. I came back because I missed the 4 seasons and my family. I’m glad you’re insanely skillful, and part of what goes into being the 6th richest state in America. On behalf of Hoosiers everywhere, I want to thank you for allowing us to ride y’all’s coat-tails….

              2. Rib,

                It’s interesting that, in general, the red states take more money from the federal government than they pay in, and yet those states lead the call for less government. Meanwhile, in general, blue states foot the bill for all of this, and the red states say we have it all wrong and we’re destroying America. I find that ironic.

          3. Cassie Baalke

            The Republicans love to claim Chicago as the Democratic crime center…just because of the proximity to Gary, Indiana…which is heavily conservative and even heavier Republican….

      1. The Seals set up a romper room style course for the press. Grant is still bouncing around in the ball pit, while Lowell looks on lovingly.

    1. Thanks for the link, Under. Having spent 5 months in Iraq, I’ve got a massive respect for our military (along with a lot of gratitude for literally saving/protecting my ass on a daily basis), and the SEALS are among the cream of a very good crop. To think that our guys on the team trained with them is awe-inspiring. And that the coaches and some front office people joined in is WAY over the top. Loving this team more and more!

      1. You are welcome Rusty, good to see you back here. I too have a massive respect for our military. Thanks for serving my man.

    1. Ah, Josh Johnson. Brings back memories of Jordo predictions on how this Harbaugh reunion was going to send Alex Smith to an early retirement. Book it! That lasted until the final cut down.


    “He doesn’t have perfect mechanics on some of these throws and on others he prioritizes mechanics over the physical abuse he takes from pass rushing defenders, but evaluating quarterbacks solely on their mechanics when other traits are enough to overcome flaws here and there can cause an evaluator to miss the special traits that make a quarterback great. His quick release, mental processing speed, and short to intermediate range accuracy, especially under pressure, are among some of the best in the league.”

    “If he can make even simple adjustments this offseason, the deep passing game will be an added element that teams will have a hard time defending with the speed at the receiver position.”

    1. I think the concern about the deep passing game is overblown. With a whole offseason to process the playbook, and the luxury of throwing many times to his receivers, JG will do just fine.
      Looks like KS finally has the receivers to run the 11 concept- 1 RB, 1 TE and 3 WRs.
      The improved O line will give JG enough time to let the deep ball routes to develop. That quick release will make the O line even better. I wonder if the RBs can block well enough to stymie the pass rushers. I expect Jerrick McKinnon to be more involved in the passing game, too. He will be a mismatch nightmare to the defense.
      The running game needs to be a threat, so the Play Action will work, and those PA passes will strike deep down field.
      Sure am glad that KS was smart enough to take plays out of the Patriot playbook. He was fitting the scheme to the player, not forcing the player to execute the scheme. Strategizing to a player’s strengths is a shrewd move. Now that he has JG working with his receivers, and both on the same page in the playbook, they will sync up even more.
      I am ecstatic that the Niners will go more towards the WCO, and less of the Bo Schembechler, 3 yards and a cloud of dust scheme. Now that they moved on from Hyde, and traded away Brown, the OZ running game will flourish.

      1. Yep, that staple stretch run of the Shanny offense will finally look familiar and that should strike fear into opposing defenses….

          1. Fair enough. There probably aren’t any plays that Shanny hasn’t heard of or has possibly used.

            There is some crossover.


            “The transition should be seamless; Garoppolo will work from a similar playbook to the one he already knows, featuring lots of short-to-intermediate throws to “joker”-type offensive playmakers, primarily WR Pierre Garcon, RB Carlos Hyde, TE George Kittle and WR Marquise Goodwin for the remainder of the 2017 season.”

            They both like multiple TE sets too. I could be wrong, but I think Shanny called more plays over the middle like NE to the TE (Kittle) and SWR (Taylor) with JG, and more outside passes when Hoyer played.


            “Much has been made of Jimmy Garoppolo learning Kyle Shanahan’s playbook and verbiage, but it seemed like Shanahan met him halfway Sunday by heavily featuring a New England Patriots staple play.”

            “In New England’s system, the play is called “Empty Hoss Y-Juke.” “Empty” is the formation and it’s called that because there is no back in the backfield, but the play can be run out of several formations. “Hoss” refers to the route combination run by the Nos. 1 and 2 receivers on both sides — hitches on the outside and seams on the inside. “Y-Juke” is an option route run by the tight end in…”

            1. This can easily be explained as play overlap. Every team has 100’s of plays to choose from and many have similar plays or the same plays in their playbook. Using a play concept that is similar to one another team runs is hardly the same as changing your offense.
              If it was, then by that logic when they run a screen that is identical to one that New Orleans or KC runs are they then copying their offense. This simply isnt true… Every team plays that overlap with plays from other teams but conceptually they are very different. Even west coast offenses while similar can be vastly different…. Harbaugh claimed to run a WCO and had many identical plays to Andy Reid’s, but no one would you claim they ran the same offense.

              1. “This can easily be explained as play overlap.”

                I mentioned above that there probably isn’t a play that Shanny hasn’t heard of. But it’s not a coincidence that Shanny would run what may be his version of play that NE likes to run. Shanny has said that his playbook changes every year.

                I don’t see why you’re so averse to the notion of Shanny mimicking a small number of plays (occasionally) that NE runs, whether he got it from their playbook or used similar plays from his playbook.

          3. Once Shanny gets that outside running game going, and then mixes in those crossing routes, defenses will have no answers….

      2. I too am glad New England gave him their playbook so he could copy them. I was thrilled to see all those 4 and 5 wr sets that new england runs.
        Now if only he would see the light, and hire an OC like you said.

            1. Geeze.
              Yes. I know the 49ers have 4 and 5 wide receiver sets. The difference is these sets are base sets in the New England offense while Shanahan’ s system uses more balanced sets. He likes to threaten with the run.
              For example, he also uses power runs and inside zone runs but everyone knows this is predominantly an outside zone running game.
              Additionally the example you provided was from a 2 minute drive scenario, where the niners couldn’t really threaten with the run even if they wanted to. This is precisely the time when you would expect those plays to be utilized.

              1. “The difference is these sets are base sets in the New England offense while Shanahan’ s system uses more balanced sets.”

                And I know that. This is like our double slot conversations. Nobody ever said Shanny would switch out his playbook for the Pats playbook. I said they would sprinkle in NE style plays that accentuates JG’s strengths.

              2. 80,
                I was replying to Seb who has often said they should change the offense to fit one player. I guarantee you they did not do that midseason because you would be asking every other offensive player to learn a new system, mid season essentially.
                They could however, and Im sure they did, go over the playbook to run find familiar concepts within it, and yes his offense will continue to evolve. As to your slots idea, yes, they probably will but conceptionally, I would almost guarantee you it would remain a minor portion of the offense as that would go against Kyles core philosophies. As he likes the threat of the run to help stretch defenses in all directions.

              3. “Additionally the example you provided was from a 2 minute drive scenario”

                But what about this?

                “but it seemed like Shanahan met him halfway Sunday by heavily featuring a New England Patriots staple play.”

                Heavily featured. And what about the one against Chicago on the opening drive?

                “The 49ers have 4 receivers on the left but have Goodwin isolated against off coverage in the boundary side of the field. Bears are in Cover 3 again, and Fuller gains a lot of depth against the speedy Goodwin expecting Prosinski, the curl flat defender, to take away the deep comeback.”

                I gave more than one example.

              4. To avoid posting to many times ill answer both of your responses in the below post.

                “I don’t see why you’re so averse to the notion of Shanny mimicking a small number of plays (occasionally) that NE runs, whether he got it from their playbook or used similar plays from his playbook.”

                I’m not, and I would expect him to change his offense to utilize play concepts that overlap with concepts that Jimmy is familiar with and more importantly comfortable with. Almost all teams run variations of the same play so its not that hard to do that. However, philosophically don’t expect to see Shanahan’s offense change so much.
                This can be seen formationally in how Shanahan attacks defenses. From the time Jimmy took over SF was in 21 personnel packages 46% and 11 personnel 37% of the time to NE’s 26 % in 21 and 34% in 11 packages.

                As to these comments

                “Additionally the example you provided was from a 2 minute drive scenario”

                But what about this?

                “but it seemed like Shanahan met him halfway Sunday by heavily featuring a New England Patriots staple play.”
                I think this was meant for a different comment than the above as that was regarding a 4 Wide Out play. I’ve already addressed this in my comments above but curiously I would like to know what heavily featured means? 3 times in one game? 6 times in one game? I’m curious to know the how often this play was used in 1 game. Even if I would expect he would have found other familiar play concepts for Jimmy within his own playbook.

                And what about the one against Chicago on the opening drive?
                “The 49ers have 4 receivers on the left but have Goodwin isolated against off coverage in the boundary side of the field. Bears are in Cover 3 again, and Fuller gains a lot of depth against the speedy Goodwin expecting Prosinski, the curl flat defender, to take away the deep comeback.”
                I can address these both. SF ran a total of 1045 plays with Jimmy at the helm. Of those 19 featured 4 wr sets and you found 2 of them. That’s less than 2% of the plays.

                However as I don’t want to be disingenuous.
                I was expecting NE to have a high total of 4 wr sets due to their use of slot receivers and our conversation earlier. The reality is they didn’t run 4 wr sets very often, so I would assume that when they used 2 slot receivers one of them was playing as a regular wr, be it as an x or a flanker.

              5. “I would expect him to change his offense to utilize play concepts that overlap with concepts that Jimmy is familiar with”

                That’s all I’ve been saying.

                “However, philosophically don’t expect to see Shanahan’s offense change so much.”

                Never said it would.

              6. “( 448 with jimmy at the helm – of those 3 were 4 wr sets)”

                Is it just actual wide receivers? For example, if Gronk or a HB motions to the slot, are they considered WRs?

                I didn’t use every example I found with 4 receiver sets because sometimes Kittle was one of the 4 possible targets. So is your link talking about sets with four eligible receivers that are not in the backfield or just formations with four players that are listed as wide receivers on the depth chart?

              7. “I would expect him to change his offense to utilize play concepts that overlap with concepts that Jimmy is familiar with”

                That’s all I’ve been saying.

                I never had a problem with your argument. (I disagreed more in terms of how it should be done to stay within Shanahans philosophy)

                I had a problem with Seb’s argument. As he has talked multiple times about changing the offense for a player. To me you can cater to a player within the offense and tweek it slightly but shouldnt change the offense.
                If you wanted to do that you might as well hire an OC out of New England. The problem with this is that Kyle has proven to more successful than every patriots OC when they were away from foxborough.
                Your’s and seb’s arguments were very different in my view.

                As to your second question. I’m not sure, I didn’t see it specified. But it didn’t seem to match up with what I saw on film… NE for example often lined up Gronk as wideout from my memory. I seem to recall a lot of of trips sets with a single wide out on the far side.

              8. “Your’s and seb’s arguments were very different in my view.”

                OK, that makes sense.

                “But it didn’t seem to match up with what I saw on film”

                Same here. For us this season, a typical I formation (2 WRs, 1 TE, and 2 RBs) can turn into a four receiver set with Juice and Jet moving pre-snap. So while we would have four players lined up as a WR, technically, two of the four would be RBs.

                WRT to Gronk. I remember Jimmy Graham wanting to be classified as a WR. So I looked it up.


                “Ultimately, Burbank ruled that Graham was officially lining up at the position of tight end either when he was against the line or when he was flexed out into the slot “at least if such alignment brought him within four yards of (the nearest offensive) lineman.”

                I assume TEs and RBs would be counted as WRs if they lined up wide, more than 4 Yds away from the OL. Not sure if all stat keeping sites rule it the same way.

              9. Shoup, I say that they should play to a player’s strengths, not his weaknesses. That is just common sense.
                I also mentioned that they took a page out of the Patriot’s playbook, because JG was more familiarized with those plays, and more comfortable running them. I commend KS for being adaptable, and making quick adjustments.
                I did not infer that the Niners should have scrapped their playbook, and only used the Patriot playbook, because the rest of the team would have had to learn a whole new system.
                However, if you can objectively watch those last games when JG was the QB, you would see many plays that were very different than the old Niner plays. Those quick strikes past the first down marker were incredibly heartening, and non existent when Hoyer was throwing the ball. JG made those previously struggling WRs, look like pro bowlers. JG did not only take 49er plays, and execute them better. I saw elements of the Patriot offense, but maybe it was more of just seeing the WCO. I also saw less running into the teeth of the defense. JG threw into triple coverage, which the previous coaches would never had allowed. KS mentioned that he was glad when JG overcame the coaching, because they had good results.
                Sure, there are many copying and duplication’s of the playbook from team to team. I recognize that BB took many Bill Walsh WCO concepts, but added his own wrinkles. The Patriots uses the short pass to extend drives, which is classic WCO.
                Glad it only took a few games before JG was familiarized with the terminology, but I surmise that he could have started immediately, because QBs have been doing that for years. KS took it slow, and I cannot fault him doing it his way, since they ended up with a 5 game winning streak to end the season.
                When running the 2 minute drill, it makes it harder if they abandon the run and only pass, because then the defense will ignore the run, and key on stopping the pass. Sometimes it is good to mix things up, and do the unexpected. Hopefully, they would have considered time outs to be precious, and saved for the last 2 minutes of each half. Then they could stop the clock after a running play.
                I agree with 80. ‘They would sprinkle in NE style plays that accentuates JG’s strengths’.

      3. “The improved O line …”

        Hmmm…outside of the addition of Richburg, it remains to be seen to what extent the line as a whole will be improved — or not. Staley, albeit with a better attitude, is a year older. Even if McGlinchey turns out to be the second coming of Lane Johnson some day, he’s a rookie with much to learn (usually the hard way). The guard spots are anyone’s guess; the track record is concerning at best. And for the first half of the season at least, this line will be a collection of players who can’t be expected to play with the cohesion of an above average veteran group that has played together over two or more seasons. And while the depth across the team has improved, a single serious injury within at least five position groups will be devastating.

        The other thing is that even if you believe the O line will be better on paper (a reasonable view given how awful they often were last year, and there have been additions by subtraction), other teams in the league have not exactly been standing still on defense. The Rams are, of course, Exhibit A, and those two games will be utterly brutal — but the rest of the Niners schedule isn’t exactly replete with gimmes. They should be able to handle the Colts and Bears pretty well, but beyond that, it’s either doom or doubt.

        1. I agree, addition through subtraction. They obtained Richberg, allowing them to trade away Kilgore. MM allowed them to trade away Brown. They let Fusco walk, and they cut Beadles.
          My prediction of the new O line lineup- Staley, Garnett, Richberg, Cooper, McGlinchey.
          Staley may be the only returning O lineman from last season.

            1. George, I totally agree, especially since Devey and now Fusco and Beadles are gone. That new line may be a little smaller, but they may be a lot quicker.

    2. I agree it’s overblown. And that it will improve because of the reasons you mentioned. But he does need to clean up his footwork. Perhaps he had happy feet because he didn’t trust his interior OL, hence not stepping up in the pocket and passing before he sets his feet right. Imagine JG with good footwork throwing 30 to 40 yard darts.

      I completely agree with the rest of your post too. Good one.

      1. 80, TY, I am so glad they obtained Jimmie Garoppolo.
        He makes the whole team better, especially the O line.
        With JG ensconced as the franchise QB, the Niners did not have to bundle picks to select a QB in this year’s draft. They were able to attract decent free agents, so they had the luxury of selecting the BPA, and not reach to fill glaring needs. Sure am glad they let KS have lots of input in the draft. My only regret was that they let Paraag and his analytics dictate the ACL strategy. At least they waited until the 4th round.
        JG, with a whole preseason to assimilate the new playbook, will only get better. I fully expect to see the deep ball game to open up, and be effective. With better receiving threats, and more familiarity with the 2017 receivers, I hope the red zone efficiency will improve.
        Personally, I think JG’s footwork will be fine. Yes, he could clean up his footwork, but like you said, he was not too comfortable with his new O line, considering he was traded to the Niners mid season.
        I am also pleased to have seen KS make adjustments quickly, unlike the past coaches. Borrowing a page from the BB playbook was not only shrewd, it was very effective.

  16. Grant…

    Any news on Foster? Wondering about your prediction from 15 April:

    “I predict the 49ers will release Foster or a week or two after the draft, probably on a Friday, just to bury the news.”

    We’re passed through the 2nd Friday (post draft). Oh my…….

    1. Cassie…
      I read ..(somewhere) … he has a court appearance
      coming up (soon) … but it’s been fairly quiet on that front… since …

      Maybe Grant could post a “Foster’s Future w/ the Niners”
      prediction poll … to test the current pulse of the regulars here

  17. “And Ward and Moore may not be corners — they’re switching positions from safety.”

    Hasn’t Ward already played corner for almost his entire career in the NFL? Slot for the first 2, and outside in year 3.

    1. Thanks for the link, Razor. Think we’d ever see a backgrounder article like that from Grant? Nah, too complimentary.

  18. 49ers O-Line will not be as bad as years past. Coupling JG’s quick release + Shanny’s stretch run leaves D’s lots to account for:

    Big guy, strong roots: Why the 49ers zeroed in on Mike McGlinchey

    One draft publication said he acts “like a CEO of a Fortune 500 company.” Before the draft, analyst Mike Mayock rated McGlinchey as his top tackle because his work ethic and passion for the game were “unparalleled.” “So I know what I’m getting with that kid,” Mayock said. “And that’s why I bang the table for him.”

    Fans worried about 49er 2018 guard play know that Laken Tomlinson will have a full training camp under Shanny’s professional coaches instead of a cursory glance at his playbook:
    G Laken Tomlinson, San Francisco 49ers, 87.6 overall grade
    In the 49ers final game of the season, they saw a big performance from guard Laken Tomlinson, who impressed both as a pass and run-blocker. Producing a PFF run-blocking grade of 86.5, he also didn’t allow a single sack, hit or hurry from 33 pass-blocking snaps, good for a pass-blocking efficiency rating of 100.0.

    TomD’s Take: 49ers won’t give up on Tomlinson. Just the facts—He was a ‘Consensus All American’ at Duke and a former 1st Rd pick of the Lions, and simpley a better player than Jonathan Cooper.

  19. 49ers LEO competition: Jeremiah Attaochu

    Going back and looking at Attaochu’s draft-profile report, one thing that stands out is his ability to generate a quick inside move. Many mid-level pass-rushers either rely solely on a bull rush or outside speed. Those techniques can work well in college. But going against top-level offensive tackles, the best pass-rushers need a variety of moves Both inside and outside.

    Attaochu is still young. And his 6-foot-3, 252-pound frame is the ideal build for a true LEO-type edge rusher in coordinator Robert Saleh’s 4-3 Under defense.

    Attaochu displayed these abilities early, so it’s not as if they’re absent in his arsenal.

    Combine that with playing next to 49ers defensive tackle DeForest Buckner, the team’s best up-front defender, Attaochu won’t have to “do it all,” so to speak.

  20. The 49ers are posting pictures from each day of phase 2 (May 7, May 8, May 9). Most of them are individual players or some basic workouts. However, Jed08 spotted this picture showing four of the five members of the offensive line working through a unit drill. From left to right, we have tackle Darrell Williams (maybe Gilliam, see below), guard Joshua Garnett, center Weston Richburg, and guard Laken Tomlinson.

  21. 49ers: Offensive Undrafted Free Agent Assessment and Grade Report

    Darrell Williams Jr., Western Kentucky

    Closing Grade: (B+)

    Important to Note:

    During his college career, Williams found himself as the other bookend to Forrest Lamp. But holding his own, Williams (like Lamp) took control of his position on his way to multiple conference honors through his career.
    In college, Williams showed the ability to take over the right tackle job and hold on to it. Trent Brown better be ready, and hope that the lessons he learned last season provide him with enough of an edge to hold off Williams or one of the other challengers, although Williams is the most ready to come in and compete of all the undrafted tackles coming to camp.

    Head Coach Kyle Shanahan and General Manager John Lynch are not going to make it easy. They are bringing in multiple bodies to compete for a job on the right side.

  22. Jennifer Lee Chan

    Verified account

    Follow Follow @jenniferleechan

    Shanahan says G Joshua Garnett is in the best shape of his life. He did see the quickness from Garnett that he likes to see before he got injured and coming out of college. A lot of potential. Now he has to put it together on the field.

    5:53 AM – 27 Mar 2018

    Jonny Vox

    Mar 27

    Replying to @jenniferleechan
    Do we have photos? This one is surely fairly easy to confirm visually given Garnett was a laaaarrrrge man!

    1. Yea, if we’ve learned anything about Lynch; he’s not afraid to go get a player he covets a little earlier than the prognostications. All that really matters is they got their man, while the other interested parties missed out….

      1. Yup he is not at all shy about taking someone a little earlier then projected. It really makes no difference in the overall picture. If the players perform the draft slot fades into oblivion, if he fails then “I told you so” becomes the voice of discontent.

        1. UC,
          Every GM faces that prospect with their draft class. Sometimes their draft is a masterpiece like Walsh back in the early 80’s which was able to boaster the team for more than a decade. And than sometimes you get a Baalke 2012 draft class that leaves the cupboard bare for years.

          The Street pick bares a striking resemblance to Baalke’ MO, but on the other hand, McGlinchey, Pettis, Warner, Moore and Richie can make the Street pick a bonus pick when he’s ready next year. Now, if Joe Williams can make a contribution this year and McKinnon flourishes in Shanny’ offense we could have something special for years to come.
          And a big feather in Lynch’ hat.

          1. The Street pick bares a striking resemblance to Baalke’ MO…

            It’s an easy joke to make, however the reality is that Baalke would take that ACL player way too early, whereas Lynch waited until after round 3 where it’s completely appropriate….

            1. Razor,
              Actually my comment was a footnote rather than a joke. But you’re right about Baalke not choosing an injured player no higher than 4th.

              Marcus Lattimore was a huge gamble even though he went in the 4th rd.
              While a player like Street has a good opportunity to come back next season and make his draft position look good, Marcus had a much higher hurdle to overcome to ever play again.
              We were still a playoff team in 2013 and perhaps Baalke didn’t feel the pressure of hitting a grand slam in the draft, but that may have worked to his demise because his 2012 produced goose eggs and set the Org back to where it’s at today.

              Almost all the players from the previous regime are gone now and Lynch and Shanahan were given 6 years to rectify Baalke’ poor drafts and rebuild a winner.
              Based on last years effort, I think they’re on track.

              1. Baalke’s selection of Tank in the 2nd and Redmond in the 3rd were indicative of philosophical mistakes that a GM shouldn’t engage in….

              2. To be fair to Baalke ( can’t believe I’m saying this) the risk was higher but so was the reward. Lattimore when healthy was amazing.
                Street was good but his abilities aren’t special either. He’s a run stuffing DE who is probably better kicking inside. Not exactly a rare type of player.

              3. “He’s a run stuffing DE who is probably better kicking inside. Not exactly a rare type of player.”

                +1. It’s not even rare on our team. Had we took Sweat there, I doubt many here would be harping on our draft.

              4. Yea, but if a

                run stuffing DE who is probably better kicking inside

                is the best on your board in round 4, you take him….

              5. “is the best on your board in round 4, you take him.”

                I think they felt the same way about Pettis in the 2nd considering what they gave up for him.

              6. I think we can all agree the 49ers drafted the guys they had rated highest at the time they took them. It would be silly if they didn’t.

              7. #80, considering this is the first time Shanny has ever selected a wide receiver prior to the 3rd round, plus the premium expenditure, you couldn’t be further from prevarication….

              8. I think we can all agree the 49ers drafted the guys they had rated highest at the time they took them.

                This is what is weird to me. Last year, it was reported Shanahan was willing to wait for Beatherd to drop. But Lynch moved up to get him because he wanted Shanahan to have his guy.
                If that’s true the question becomes, was this a one off, where Lynch moved up to get a QB for Kyle because he knew the cupboard was bare? Or, is this something that can be expected from Lynch where he is willing to overpay beit draft or salary to get guys they have identified?
                It will bear watching.

    1. Cassie,
      Thanks for a great memory.
      I know that Dwight Clark will always be known as making “the catch” but after watching this game I felt that this was the game that made DC a household name.
      Len Elliott also made some strong runs.

      Archie Manning had one of his best games as a pro, but it also set the table for Joe Montana to take his first step in becoming a legend.

  23. Seeing pics of Shanny out with some of the players at the MMA is pretty cool. Same with seeing Shanny and Lynch take part in the Navy SEAL training with the players. But it does get me to wondering – while I can see some benefit to the players seeing the HC (and GM) as one of the guys, it could also end up backfiring. End of the day they are the bosses. It is important that Shanny and Lynch don’t let the players mistake them for buddies. Come time to work the players need to know they can’t get complacent, and need to treat Shanny and Lynch as what they are – the boss. And it is important Shanny and Lynch don’t let this affect how they make decisions.

    I’m certainly not saying this is going to be an issue or that the concerns I raised are in any way actually happening or going to happen. But I have seen it before in other sports codes where the coach was pretty young and acted like one of the guys, only to lose control of the team.

    1. Carrot and stick, Scooter. They’ve shown they’re not bashful about sending a player packing whom they’ve become disillusioned with….

      1. Agree. I’m sure the players won’t get confused or mixed messages about who runs the team.

        Eddie D used to have Christmas parties for players and their families every year.
        I believe that it’s a good thing to build that type of atmosphere in the Org, while also establishing the business side of it.

        1. How about the entire coaching staff and management performing the Seals training with the team last week?
          I think the culture they are building is phenomenal. A tight group is what you want when adversity hits.

        2. Hosting Xmas parties for the players is very different to hanging out with them. Not that we actually know Shanny was even hanging out with them, per se. It could just be they all happened to be at the event and while there got a photo.

          Anyway, my point is, coaches getting buddy buddy with the players doesn’t usually work out so well from what I have seen. They can do stuff together, but there needs to be that line.

          1. This is different era Scooter. You have to relate to these modern day athletes/millennials in a variety of ways. It’s a juggling act between personal and authoritative all in the same conversation.

          2. I get your point and Walsh would agree.


            “Be personal with your players but not too friendly.  Trying to be liked and socially accepted by the players will lead to problems concerning discipline and team building.”

            So is he being too friendly?

            Has there been problems with discipline? Yes and no. No, the team played hard all season, even after back to back blowout losses against Dal. and Phi.. Yes, they had a lot of penalties. Some of the penalties can be blamed on new players learning new systems. If the high amount of penalties continue in year 2 and 3, I would see discipline as a problem. But at this moment, I’ll give Shanny a pass.

            Team building? No, Shanny got rid of Bow, who was probably one of the most popular players on the team. Bow was certainly one of the most respected players along with Staley. And KS got rid of Kilgore. Kilgore was JG’s friend. KS didn’t even consider JG’s feelings when replacing a bad player with a good one.

          3. Most will want to scroll this comment unread:
            Scooter’s points are a fair take, and he qualified them as not warnings, just worth a mention.
            My military experiences suppprt this view. I spent 19months in The Republic, mostly as a helo door gunner. But I spent 6 weeks with the grunts on the Rue Sans Joie/Colco Strip. I spent a week as one of the company MGs due to fam with M60(M240), but then the CO made me his Radio Op. One time early on he got separated from me and my radio In a fight. On my own I called in a gunship strike, MedEvac, and an Arty strike since I was carrying the COs map case too.
            That skipper was a real prick to all of us. No humor, no humility, no connectivity. A “Gungy” hardass. When I rotated back to my Helo unit, he thanked me for my work and asked me to understand. “You guys aren’t my friends. I can’t order my friends to go out there and die well.”
            Lynch and Shanny don’t have to ask anyone to die. But cutting a guy, shattering his hopes, that’s tough stuff too.

            1. Interesting BT and his attitude is totally understandable. My experience having been an employee in several startups that went belly up is that there has to be a guy in the startup who has charisma and is appealing even friendly. Why? Because the odds of the startup hitting rough times is very high. When that happens, the charismatic leader convinces the rank and file to stick it out at a reduced salary and even no salary, although often stock is handed out (which is generally worthless at that point in time). Interestingly, once the situation gets bad enough that there is no hope, that same person is nowhere to be found. Here we’re not talking about life and death, but survival (i.e. having a paying job) which is still one of the strongest motivators. Your story makes me think that there is a line that most leaders would find too difficult to cross.

              1. Thank you, Cubus, as usual, for your thoughts.
                Business models are more appropriate, but I also get your ‘survival’ points.
                Bill Walsh, in his brilliance, managed to cover both bases. He was the charismatic leader, but he was also a cold poker player on rosters.
                When Amandola said of B.B. : ‘He’s a great coach, and he can be an
                a—h—-‘, I thought of Bill. And I believe that BW would be OK with that characterization.

              2. Human interaction and leadership… Recall the USS Fitzgerald collision event, which resulted in crew deaths and a badly damaged warship. Many lessons in human interaction–weak/flawed assumptions and perceptions, poor communication, hazy responsibilities, etc., Yes, technology played a role too, but humans–especially in a chain of command setting–came up a bit short.


                Interesting to read aircraft crash reports as well, especially those involving aircrew ‘issues’.

                Humans being human.

            2. Brotha, did you know or ever meet, Bernard Fall? I ask because his book, Street Without Joy is one of the best books I’ve ever read on counterinsurgency, and the mistakes an enormous high-tech army can make when fighting a less sophisticated guerrilla force….

              1. I know the book. I wish a few pols and Generals had read it (discussed the French Forwign Legion’s work).i read it after the fact, but we all knew what the RSJ was. When that Company (H/3/4) pulled out, the Colco Strip became a Free Fire Zone:
                If it moved, it got smoked. We once rolled in on a Wterboo.
                I said ‘Cap’n, it’s a waterboo’
                He said, ‘Is it moving?’

            3. I don’t really think that’s an issue for Kyle or Lynch as they have both been in the business for so long.
              This is especially true for Kyle as he seems to have a very direct nature about him.
              Even with Jimmy G they talked about the options he gave them… letting him know from the jump this was essentially a try out.

          4. I believe you are missing the point here. Those Christmas parties were a tool in creating team comraderey and building a culture of family environment.
            But the players never forgot who ran the show.

            Having this type of atmosphere wins out over a tight rigid one ala Tom Coughlin he almost lost the locker room.

            1. No, not missing the point at all. Creating an environment where the players feel valued and looked after, and part of something bigger than just themselves, is vital to long term success imo. And extending that to the families of players makes it all the better, not to mention making things easier for the players to juggle football and family commitments.

              However, there is a big difference between providing this type of culture vs the head coach trying to be buddies with the guys he is coaching.

              Again, not saying this is actually happening. Just the photos of Shanny at the MMA with members of the team got me to thinking about a potential rabbit hole. Without anything of any real substance to talk about right now I thought it might be interesting to discuss.

              1. “Without anything of any real substance to talk about right now I thought it might be interesting to discuss.”

                Ha! Definitely sometime we can both agree on :-)

              2. Thank for your stimulating conversational topic, Scooter. I think it’s worth monitoring throughout the season, particularly if and when they hit an adversity patch this season….

            2. AES: Xmas parties are common in all types of employment situations, so I don’t think this is the type of thing that Scooter is referring to.

              1. Cubus,
                I’ve been on both sides of Christmas parties. I’ve been to Christmas parties by the companies that I worked for and have set up Christmas parties for employees. The resounding spirit behind the said parties was to take some time out to enjoy every one in a completely different environment.

                Btw, as much we all enjoyed these settings we never lost focus of doing our jobs throughout the year.

                The business of football can be a tough reality to players, having their leaders (coaches) share some moments off field with them whether it comes in the form of a Christmas party or an MMA outing can set a good tone going forward.

              2. AES, first of all, I completely agree that time away from work for all staff to bond is essential. Whether it is Xmas parties, going to events/ functions, or even ad-hoc dinners. Whatever. I’m just saying it is also important that while breaking down that potential barrier between boss and employees, or coach and players in this case, it is important to also maintain the distinction between work colleagues and buddies, and that respect required from employees to the boss.

                I am not having a go at Shanny for being at the MMA with some of the players (if he even went with the players). I’m not suggesting he is crossing the line. Just bringing up that it could be an issue if he doesn’t know how to toe that line.

            3. Scooter,
              “I’m not suggesting he is crossing the line. Just bringing up that it could be an issue if he doesn’t know how to toe that line.”

              I hear you. There definitely needs to be a balance and perrameters set up between Supervision and employees.

              Eddie D and Bill Walsh created a great balance between the FO and the players. But this balance wasn’t established in Walsh’ first year as head coach.
              I don’t expect it to happen in Shanahan’ first year either but I like that he is making an effort nonetheless.

    2. They got rid of Rashard Robinson after he threw his tantrum. The replaced Kilgore, Garoppolo’s buddy. I don’t think this is or will be a problem.

      However, if this was Foster (without Shanny) hanging out with a former drug dealer like 50, we’d all be having a fit right now.

      1. I don’t think it is a problem right now either. But it did get me wondering if it could be a potential problem down the road. All conjecture at the moment though, and really only brought it up because there is f all else to talk about.

      1. OR,
        Football is not military, it’s a sport. The only thing that gives football a military comparison is the lingo that is used.
        Here’s some :
        He’s a field general.
        Point of attack.
        A cannon for an arm.
        He’s a great weapon.
        Hold the line.
        Dig in.
        Use their arsenal.
        Runs hard like a tank.
        It’s going to be a war.

        I’m sure there may be more but these come to mind at the moment.
        I would also venture that the vast majority of players in the NFL have never had a military experience.
        The military, football comparison is hugely overblown.

        1. you left out:
          “the blitz”
          “the bomb”
          “running the sweep”
          — and our favorite:
          “battle tested and battle hardened”
          — it’s a sport, a violent one, so war analogies do have a place…
          — not to mention much of the game’s mass appeal started in the 60’s and really peaked in the 70’s, with a lot of the sports writers and announcers being around during ww2, “football war lingo” in that 20 year span was one of many factors helping make the NFL into the commercial and pop culture juggernaut it has remained to date…

        2. AES

          When you look around at who is training with you…and they are Navy Seals….I don’t think that lingo is the only thing militaristic….I can promise you that THEY will be pushing you….

    1. #80 already posted that.
      I think JG will improve his deep passing game with more familiarity and reps with his WRs. They will sync up, with the OTAs, TC and preseason.
      Improved O line pass protection will give him more time to see down field.
      KS probably stuck with the shorter passing game because the play action option was not a big threat due to the running game struggling.If the OZ running game opens up, watch out.
      Personally, I did not see that JG was fundamentally flawed with his mechanics, like Madrid asserted. JG delivered the ball in tight windows, and hit his players in stride.

    2. Apologies to #80 for the repeat posting. I have some trouble seeking out the strictly football from non-football conversational threads that develop.

      1. No problem. JG has a few weaknesses. One being putting the ball up for grabs too much. Another is his footwork. Fixing the latter will help with the former, since most of his bad passes were floaters due to not getting his feet set.

        1. I wonder if how rapidly Jimmy is able to throw the ball contributes to his feet lagging behind the rest of his body. Especially when he is on the move it can be hard to set the feet as he winds up his arm and torso to quickly release the ball.

          Also, mention is made of the feet, but might it not really be a hip issue. If his hips are square to the target, then his legs/feet should naturally follow. Shouldn’t it be the hips that need to be pointed in the direction the ball is to be thrown. One can easily turn one’s leg out so that the foot is pointed towards the target, but the hips might not be (dated a professional ballerina once and in ballet the legs are turned out relative to the hips).


            Good point. Matt Ryan worked on his mechanics and ended up being a MVP.

            “The progress that Matt made this year has been awesome. We knew he was capable of doing it,” Dedeaux said this week. “Going through the evaluation process, we found some things he needed to get better at, strength-wise and mechanics-wise. He put in a ton of work. And I think it’s helped his confidence overall. Through the work he did, he was able to take huge strides, more than we even thought.”

        2. I remember JG rolling out left, then throwing off his back foot, side arm. Poor technique.
          However, he also threw that pass for a TD.

    3. “In deep passing in 2018, an area in which Garoppolo really has struggled since before being traded to the 49ers, Pro Football Focus graded him as tied for 31st in accuracy, sharing that honor with Tom Savage (31.3%).”

      Wasn’t Tom Savage the other QB, besides Jimmy G, that Shanahan really liked in the 2014 draft? If so, coincidence or does KS consider the “deep ball” as something nice to have but not essential.

      1. Cubus,
        It appears you were not posting a whole lot of late, Good to have you back.
        Actually, it was the other Derek Carr that Shanny liked, and IIRC, he was ahead of JimmyG on Shanny’s list at that time.

        1. Thanks, Mood. I was in Italy and Greece during the draft and just got back a few days ago. Of all that we saw, Rome was by far the most amazing city I’ve ever been to. Everywhere you turn there is something to see. It was hard to reach our main tour highlights ontime because we kept getting diverted by less touristy yet tourist-worthy sites.

          We did something a bit unusual in that we decided to stay in Catholic-related accommodations (nunneries, converted rectories, etc). You’ve heard of a room with a view, right? Well these were a room with a pew. LOL.

          1. Yeah, that was the rumor. Here’s what actually transpired — right from the horse’s mouth :

            “The room with a pew” — good one! Interesting lodgings, does one have to be a Catholic to avail themselves of that opportunity? Sounds like you had an wonderful vacation. I’d very much like to visit those places, especially Rome and parts of Greece. Seems like a visit to Rome should be twice as long as one originally plans. Never been to Europe myself. I drove the family to Utah for a week of camping and hiking in the their national and state parks. It was a great trip.

            1. As far as I know you don’t have to be Catholic – no one ever asked when bookings were made. There are no restrictions that I could see except perhaps an unwritten one that guests be respectful. The accommodations were very reasonably priced for Rome. I originally had accommodations booked at a regular hotel, but the room was postage stamp size. When I stumbled upon the “rooms with a pew”, I was able to book larger and better accommodations at a significantly lower price. We spent time in Rome before and after a cruise with Celebrity. The cruise was “Italy & Greek Isles Cruise”.

              Rick Steves has a good one-hour video on Rome that will give you an idea of some things to see (but there is a lot more not on the video).


              I wholeheartedly recommend that you see Europe, but I admit to being biased since I lived there for several years and have relatives there that I still keep in touch with.

              1. Sure. One last thing I’ll mention is that the phone app (and browser version), tripit, was a big help. Helped keep me organized with all of the reservations, purchased tours and self-guided tours that I had planned. Plus you can share the trip details with family and friends.


    “The defensive line and pass-rusher class has the potential to be talked about in legendary terms. Players like Nick Bosa, Dexter Lawrence, Clelin Ferrell, Christian Wilkins, Rashaan Gary, Raekwon Davis, Ed Oliver, Zach Allen, Jeff Simmons, Jaylon Ferguson, Jalen Jelks, Derrick Brown, Brian Burns, Montez Sweat and Terrell Lewis are all guys who could end up with good grades.”

  25. No one listened to TomD after this man was drafted, all wondered about our D-Line
    With Taylor in the lineup, if Foster’s situation was a false accusation, the 49ers suddenly have Smith, Foster and Fred Warner in the LB corps + a respectable D-Line

    49ers DL Jullian Taylor is an ‘Elite Talent’ with Room to Grow

    “I knew he was an elite talent – an NFL talent – because I’d been around some of the best defensive linemen who had made it to the NFL while I was coaching in the SEC,” Collins said last week on the 49ers Studios Podcast.

        1. We may have a shot after upgrading our offensive engine that Jimmy will have fine tuned, considering we were able to go from 31st to 12th(2nd Highest ranking in 14 years) last year on a stock engine….

          1. I think the offense will be fine, I thought that ‘before’ free agency my concern is defense, if they gel then we got a legitimate shot at going deep into the playoffs.

              1. Foster says he’s being falsely accused of being the traumatizer. If his innocence is upheld, then he’ll go back to being the pulverizer….

    1. perhaps the sports-troll paramedics are needed with the blog version of electroshock paddles???
      looks like a sportswriter flatline scenario…
      Bueller? Bueller?

    2. Naw. This place is way better when he is gone. There are enough cool bloggers here, including you, to keep this going for years…

      1. OldCoach says:
        May 15, 2018 at 10:03 am
        Ok how bout who is a worse human being , Colin Kaepernick, Rueben Foster or Donald Trump? Discuss

        Hillary Clinton
        George Bush
        Paul Ryan
        These a list of “humans” that are far better than the people mentioned.

      2. Foster. Short temper, but apparently didn’t beat his GF.

        Trump is by far the worst. He’s been accused of violating the Fair Housing Act by discriminating against minorities. Went backstage at his teen pageant while the contestants were getting dressed. Scroll up to see some more examples of bad behavior.

        Kap shouldn’t even be in the conversation. Nothing wrong with his protest. Unless you’re one of those people that value a piece of cloth more than human life.

        1. “Unless you’re one of those people that value a piece of cloth more than human life.”

          Yea I am one of those people who value a piece of cloth over a whole lot of liberals and conservatives, oh I forgot you said human life.

  26. Since this is the slow time during the off season, I would like to propose a play for KS to consider.
    It should be third down, maybe only 3 or 4 yards to pass the first down marker.
    Niners should line up Arik Armstead as a TE. He should take 2 steps forward, then move to the side line, just past the first down marker, and jump as high as he can. JG should throw the ball high, about 10 feet, so the defender cannot intercept it. Either Armstead catches the ball, or it goes out of bounds.
    When executed correctly, it will almost be an automatic first down, with low risk. I think Armstead could use his basketball skills, and JG could show off his accuracy, to make a play that would be very hard to defend.

  27. OT, but related to football, I wonder how the Supreme Court ruling on gambling will affect Las Vegas.
    Will Las Vegas lose its luster? Wonder if the Raiders are looking forward to possibly playing in an empty stadium.

    1. Foster’s GF’s lawyer is Clark. From the article:

      “Clark said Ennis would be putting herself at risk of prosecution by admitting she fabricated her initial story but that he didn’t think the district attorney’s office would file charges against her.”

      1. IMO ‘if’ the recant is true that makes her worst then the actual charge of DV. I reiterate – IF. Of course she will now be known as a liar that was willing to ruin a person’s life for her personal vendetta, costing tax payers lots of money. She should be prosecuted and sentenced to the same length of time that the accused would of faced if found guilty of DV.

      2. Just ask Grant. He has all the inside details on this case apparently.
        Everyone one else has “no idea” what’s going on.
        Like I said he isn’t facing any jail time.
        He’s not getting cut.
        And may face an 8 game suspension at the most.

        1. Why an eight game suspension?

          If he didn’t do it, then that’s off the table. The gun charge will disappear unless the barrel was cut. I mean what the hell is a short-barreled AR15 clone, a carbine? I’ve got a couple of those as well as a Nam era look alike I built myself. Thirty round mags are still legal.

          Weed is essentially legal in half the USA. In California, a pound of organic, outside-grown clone weed can be had for $400, about the same price I got in 1972 and that was clean Mendocino dope. I have friends who are still sitting on last year’s harvest because no one wants it. The days of $3500 a pound polio weed are over for good.

          Just let the guy play football dammit…

          1. Weed isn’t legal where he was charged though. And Elliot got suspended even when the lady backtracked in his case. That’s why he will get 8 games.


        “Adam Humphries — a solid return specialist at Clemson — had to call fair catches on all four of those kicks. He was smart to do so, because recent signees Brian Poole, C.J. Goodwin were in his face each time.”

        “The punt game with Matt Bosher, he boomed a couple, and I think we had four out of five that were inside the 20,” Quinn said. “You could see the speed outside at gunner and you saw that with C.J. Goodwin.”

    1. Looking forward to seeing Solomon this year.

      Other breakout candidates.

      Joe Williams

      And this year’s draft class, except for Street.

  28. The best part is he can’t be tried for the same crime twice , or anything that partakes with it .

    Now is our legal system broken or what .

    Soon as you walk out of there Rubin , dump the girl , think you should be a Solo act for a bit . Surround yourself with a good supporting cast . And focus on what you love ,,,,,,, football ,,,, and hitting people .( On the field , couldn’t resist)

    And maybe ,just maybe , we need to address the way our law system works , or doesn’t .

    My grandfather told me there is only one thing that comes out of a man’s mouth ( or women ) in this case . That’s not a lie ,,,,, and that’s numbers , everything else can be changed , but not a number .

    If this isn’t a wake up call to him , he’s to stupid to help .

  29. No wonder Joe got a raise, he finished last season as Pro Football Focus’ second-ranked tackle in the league.

  30. On the official 9ers website. A headline…

    “Beyond Sport & 49ers Foundation to Host 2nd ‘Beyond Innovation’ Summit at Iconic Levi’s® Stadium May 22-23”

    Wow, Levi’s stadium has achieved iconic status. Iconic — “widely known and acknowledged especially for distinctive excellence.” Distinctive elegance….that’s Levi’s!!

    1. the stadium is:
      — iconic to the York’s…
      — ironic to the fans…
      — irrelevant to the opposition, until next season, that is….

      1. “irrelevant to the opposition, until next season, that is….”
        Yup, one needs to remember that JimmyG and Sherman are both unbeaten at Levi’s ;-)

  31. Grant, time for a new topic. I am sure you can find one that surly will antagonize half of the posters here.

    1. I agree. I know it’s the “slow” part of the off-season right now, but Grant is serious lagging here.

      Maybe, just maybe he got the big ol boot?! One can wish…

    2. UC,
      Grant may wait until Friday for a new topic.
      Pretty sure it will center around the Foster case.

      But aside from that there’s not much news to report. The Shanahan and some players at a MMA event had a little tread but no big deal.

      1. AES
        Yes I also was figuring the Foster case was going to be the next topic. Grant is spending his time writing about the Warriors which is fine. I just cant recall going this long without new topics.

          1. Maybe Grant make a unexpected splash and pen a piece on Arsene Wenger who retired from managing (coaching) Arsenal for 22 years last weekend. I have never seen such an emotional farewell to a coach from the fans (including planes flying banners overhead — not the kind of message we Niner fans are familiar with) after he won his final Premier League game. He not only revitalized the Gunners winning multiple titles, but changed English soccer in the process introducing Ajax-style Total Football instead of the “long ball” style attack (somewhat boring, IMO) prevalent then . Now, writing on that topic would be a real splash for Grant :)

            1. I’m not a fan of soccer, but I’ve never seen more devoted and emotionally zealous fans in the world.

              I also believe when the sports term “World Championship” is used, it’s more appropriately representive of soccer because of it’s worldwide play.

  32. Matt Barrows’ mailbag today:

    I think the most interesting questions/answers are these:

    Q: Who will start the season at Sam linebacker?
    A: I have yet to watch a practice session — that starts next week — this year, but my sense is that the strong-side linebacker or SAM will be the same as last year, Eli Harold. I think the plan is for Solomon Thomas to play the “Leo” defensive end spot on base downs and then move inside to defensive tackle on passing downs. (My guess is that Thomas, DeForest Buckner and Arik Armstead would rotate at the two inside pass-rushing spots in the nickel defense.) Also on nickel downs, the 49ers presumably would bring their two best pass rushers to rush from the edges. Harold, Cassius Marsh, Jeremiah Attaochu and Pita Taumoepenu would be in the mix for those two roles. One of those is the Leo, the other is the Sam, but they are both, in essence, pass-rushing defensive ends on obvious passing downs.

    Q: If the DA drops the charges against Reuben Foster, how long of a suspension would you expect from the NFL given his prior transgressions?
    A: A lot of readers asked this, but I don’t want to give a prediction. There are too many variables, such as the pot charge in Alabama, the fact that Foster could have some but not all charges dropped in the Los Gatos case, etc. Add to that that the NFL doesn’t need to see a conviction to suspend a player, and there is too much gray area to even hazard a guess.

    And then there is this, non-football-related:

    Q: Who pays beat writers? i.e.: who is your employer?
    A: When I was in high school, a girl in my science class asked the teacher where the sun goes when it is cloudy outside. She wondered whether it went to a different part of the galaxy or something. I used to think that was the worst question I ever heard. Until today.

    1. As one of the first posters to plead the 49ers to trade for Jimmy G, and as good as he has been, lets not forget the 49ers have had to remake the entire roster. My point is, this is still a rebuild. We won 6 games last year and they were all with zero pressure.
      I would not be surprised to see the 49ers not make the playoffs nor would I be surprised if they did. This again, is a brand new team and chemistry will be huge early on where the schedule will be tough.

      People placing high expectations on the 49ers need to remember how many games this team has won over the last 4 years, not many!

      1. Prime,
        Good points.
        Personally, I don’t believe we are a playoff team this year (but hope I’m wrong) because the rebuild is only going into its second year.

        That said, I do expect to see improvement over last year. 8-9 wins gives the team a big impetus going into year 3.
        I’m still leaning towards my original 3-4 year rebuild process to make the team a consistent player in the post season.

        1. I agree. Wins is what its all about but this year will be about competing against the elite teams or teams that have won recently. There are no moral victories but winning in Seattle or beating Seattle would be a good sign. Also beating the Rams, Chiefs, Vikes, Packers, or even just being in a tight game with those teams would indicate the players on the team are able to compete against the better teams in the NFL.

  33. Jimmy is a franchise quarterback, and that alone gives the 49ers a puncher’s chance of making the playoffs. He gets any modicum of a running game and it’ll be a wrap for DC’s….

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