Assessing the value of Dee Ford

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Dee Ford (55) gestures during the first half of an NFL divisional football playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts in Kansas City, Mo., Saturday, Jan. 12, 2019. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

SANTA CLARA — Is Dee Ford the stud the 49ers think he is?

This offseason, they traded a second-round draft pick in 2020 to the Kansas City Chiefs for Ford, a 28-year-old defensive end, then gave him a five-year, $85.5 million contract extension, because they think he can transform their defense.

Last season, the 49ers’ defense ranked 13th in yards allowed, a respectable ranking. But it also ranked 21st in third-down defense, 26th in red-zone defense, 28th in points allowed and dead last in takeaways.

It was a bad defense in general.

“We have a functional, sound scheme,” defensive coordinator Robert Saleh explained during minicamp. “The way it’s built can keep yards at bay. When you start inserting playmakers like Dee Ford, now you get to your efficiency downs, like third down and red zone, where there’s more pressure being put on the offense to make quicker decisions, to fit balls in tighter windows, to do things out of their character. That’s where (Ford is) going to make the biggest difference. We should hopefully see a much more efficient defense.”

Ford recorded a career-high 13 sacks last season and earned his first trip to the Pro Bowl. And yet, the Chiefs didn’t offer him a long-term extension — they gave him the franchise tag and placed him on the trade block. Apparently, they had questions about how good he really is.

These are the questions Ford must answer next season:

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  1. The offense needs to help out their defense by cutting down on the turnovers.

    Ford will be surrounded by better talent, and it stands to reason that will translate to better production. That should cancel out the noise factor.

    Buckner will certainly benefit not only from the addition of Ford/Bosa, but also by reducing his snaps to keep him fresh. They have the depth to facilitate such a pragmatic strategy.

    Ford’s ability in the running game may not be on par with his pass rushing skill, but they didn’t sign him to stop the run. His primary job will be to go get the quarterback, and strip the football. That skill set alone more than compensates for his perceived weaker production against the running game.

    All in all, I expect Bosa to have a bigger impact than Ford and the defense as a whole to come into their own this year….

    1. What are you talking about Razor? Dee Ford had outstanding production last year. I highly doubt he will top that. Sacks, FF, and most importantly 3rd down sacks and pressures. I have watched the majority of Chiefs games the past 4 or 5 years, and now that hes finally stayed healthy Hes as talented an edge rusher as there is in the league.

      Anybody knows hes not a great fit for what KC will be trying to defensively. Hes not good in coverage, nor vs the run. Thats why hes a great fit for the 49ers. We have that we need guys that can straight get after the QB. The contracts do not matter until the day its keeping us from upgrading our roster. That day, financially, hasnt come yet. Thats the beauty of having outs after 2 years on alot of these things.

      1. Bosa is technically superior to Ford when he came out, and probably why one was drafted #2 and one was drafted 23rd.

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  2. The Dee Ford sign-n-trade cost the 49ers…
    – Big New Contract
    – 2nd round 2020 draft pick
    – Cap savings of a 2nd round pick. Mid 2nd round picks make about $1.5 million per season. After the 2012 rookie slotting system began, 2nd round picks are cap management gold mines.

    The above costs are well worth it if Dee Ford remains relatively healthy throughout his contract. He’s lightning off the edge. I’m looking forward to seeing him this year.

  3. Um, I think you meant- Ford had 10 sacks in 2016, but in 2014, 2015 and 2017, he had a combined total of 7.5 sacks.

    1. In his first two seasons he was buried behind Tamba Hali on the depth chart. He didn’t have a single start in year one. He had 5 in year two.
      His first season as a starter (2016) he had 10 sacks. In 2017 he had 4 sacks in 6 games before getting injured and missing the rest of the season. Then 13 sacks in 2018.
      That paints a much more accurate picture than simply stating in 3 years he had a combined 7.5 sacks.

      1. To clarify,
        I know you (Seb) were correcting Grant’s mistake and not taking a shot a Dee Ford’s production.
        My response is to Grant’s cherry picked stats and this seemed an appropriate spot to mention it.

      2. Weren’t the Chiefs playing Ford as a Will LB in his early years? I have a somewhat vague memory of that, but wasn’t following AFC closely.
        Teams liked to run at Dwight Freeney, Fred Dean, Jack Youngblood due to their lighter weight vs OTs, so Ford will likely see that too. I’m hopeful for the season, but I’m not equating Ford with those HoF guys.

      3. Everybody keeps talking sack numbers, its clear you havent watched him much. Anybody can read boxscores and give an opinion on a player, its ridiculous. Dont forget there are ‘garbage sacks’ too, (Vic Beasley)which you wouldnt know about not watching him. My blood pressure skyrockets reading this comments section. Dee Ford is a beast who will be asked to play to his strenghth this year. Let them run at him on 3rd down genius

      4. Good points Bebsie… the narrative that he wasn’t productive until last season is hogwash. When looking at the numbers in more context you will see he was productive for the past 3 seasons, whenever he was on the field.

  4. Remains to be seen if Ford is in on base downs although you think that would be the case with his pay. It does seem at this point that the Niners are willing to be pushed around a bit on the D-line in order to get splash plays that result in big losses and/or turnovers.

    1. Base down really. Teams only are in their base defense on first down these days. So he looks to be on the field for 2/3rds of the plays regardless of base downs or not…

    2. If Saleh only used the Wide 9 scheme against 1 back sets, what defensive alignment is Ford going to play vs. the Seahawks? If he plays the loose 5 technique on the open side of the formation, look for the Seahawks and other two-back sets to run at him. If you watched last year’s Seahawk-KC game, in Seattle I believe, Ford was on skates the majority of time when the run was at him. At the POA vs. the run also takes some sting out of his pass rush abilities. I would run at him on base down and make him be physical vs. some of these behemoth offensive tackles.

      1. Mike,
        This really isn’t a big deal given the niners personnel. Seattle is really the only run heavy team SF will face… Ford won’t play as much in these games due to the matchup.
        Thomas can replace him or possibly Bosa can slide over and Thomas will replace Bosa on the strong side.
        Ford could still make his presence found on obvious passing downs.
        If Seattle chooses to run at him on second or third and long who cares? He will still occupy a blocker and the additional Db’s should be able minimize the damage enough to prevent a first down.

        1. If the mere presence of Ford entices the Seahawks to run when they’d normally pass, then we’re already in their heads and dictating the action. He’s not as big of a liability against the run as some would have us believe anyway….

        2. The Rams ranked 8th in rushing attempts last season. They’re a run-heavy team. The Rams and Seahawks make up a quarter of the 49ers’ schedule. The 49ers also will play the Ravens and Saints, who ranked 1st and 5th respectively in rushing attempts last season. So, 3/8ths of the schedule will be against run-heavy teams.

          1. Grant:
            * “The Rams ranked 8th in rushing attempts last season. They’re a run-heavy team.”
            * No one knows how well Todd Gurley’s arthritic knee will hold up even if they cut back on his touches, CJ Anderson is gone to free agency and RB Malcolm Brown is no Todd Gurley…..
            * Gurley’s backup, Former Texas Longhorns RB Malcolm Brown, needed an impressive 40-yard dash time at the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine to combat the perception that he lacks explosiveness and didn’t get it, running a 4.62 on his second attempt.
            * For most of the season, the Rams O-Line was one of the best units in the league, but the 2019 O-line has lost Guard Rodger Saffold, Center John Sullivan and OT Andrew Whitworth has slowed down a step.

              1. The wide nine matches up well against the outside zone, and the Rams offense is predicated on it. They ran it a brobdingnagian 280 times in 2018, most in the NFL….

              2. Grant
                * “The Rams also have Darrell Henderson, their third-round pick.”
                * Darrell Henderson, 3rd Rd pick! College: AAC Memphis Tigers: Competition level’s not the SEC
                * Analysis by By Lance Zierlein: “He checks in slightly undersized, doesn’t have great vision and runs with a narrow base that makes him easier to tackle,”
                * Upright running style with narrow base.
                Needs to get better at slipping solid contact.
                Displays some hip tightness and is a one-track runner
                Plays too fast to effectively stack moves
                High center of gravity forces turn rather than cuts
                Faced light numbers in the box
                Touchdown runs happened in wide-open spaces
                Sees what is there rather than what is developing
                May not offer pass protection value on third down
                * Rams 2019 O-line replacements; Allen Brian, Center and Joseph Noteboom Guard

              3. Grant, they only attempted 120 inside zone runs, and averaged 4.6 yards per carry. They had the most success with their outside zone averaging 5.6 yards per carry with 33 explosive runs (gains of 15 or more yards), eight more than any other team. They also had the least amount of broken tackles in the league….

              4. Those numbers are skewed because teams use inside zone much more than outside zone in the red zone and short yardage situations. Still, 4.6 yards per carry is good.

          2. Grant,
            To clarify when I said Seattle is the only run heavy team they will face, I meant it in terms of their run/pass play call percentage. They are the only team in the NFL that runs more often than they pass.

      2. Good point, Mike. The Seahawks signed fullback Nick Bellore, and their offensive line coach is Mike Solari, so you already know they’ll try to run the ball down the 49ers’ throats. Ford will be a liability against the run no matter what technique he plays.

        1. Grant
          * “Ford will be a liability against the run no matter what technique he plays.”
          * Not when it’s 3rd and 15. Then Ford’s so call “liability” is an opportunity for a sack,,,,or an INT!

  5. I agree. Buckner should benefit from Ford.
    I also think that Ford should not be used on first downs. They should save him for second and long, and third down plays. Hopefully, the Niners can build a lead, and force the other team to throw, then Ford may be a factor, focusing on getting sacks and pressure.
    What I like best is that the Niners went bold, and acquired him, realizing they needed to improve the pass rush. That is something they did not do in the 2017 season. Claiming Marsh was not enough. They traded for Ford, and drafted Bosa, so the pass rush potential is there, and that should help the DBs, too.
    The price was high, but I am also glad they spent some of their salary cap, instead of sitting on their hands and padding the profit line.

  6. Nine of Ford’s 13 sacks came at Arrowhead Stadium, where the Chiefs play their home games. Arrowhead Stadium is one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL. Levi’s Stadium is one of the quietest.

    Easy peasy. Since Silicon Valley is at the epicenter of virtual reality, just fill the stands with fan holograms incessantly screaming at 150 decibels whenever the opponents’ offenses are on the field. If the NFL objects, accuse the league office of discrimination against a disadvantaged incorporeal group (the holograms are a bunch of nobodies).

  7. If Bosa holds out, Dee Ford May have to take more snaps until Nick is signed and ready.
    Once Bosa is plugged in then Ford can get more breaks and hopefully be effective in crunch times. Recently Ian Williams said he thinks the Niners’ big guys on DL need more rotational breaks in Q2&3 so they still have enough in the tank in Q4. On paper that seems feasible with DL depth.

  8. Grant,
    Are you saying if the Ninners play Ford on the left side, then we can expect to see more running plays on the left side which will average 6+ yards when Ford is on the field? So who would you play DT on the left side to counter this Buckner or Thomas?
    So if this is the case the Ninners Brain trust wasted $58 million.

    1. Can’t wait for late January to learn what really happens–with Ford, and all other 9er moves.

  9. Catfish says:
    July 3, 2019 at 9:12 pm

    You conveniently forgot to point out that Carroll teams are generally clueless as to stopping a KS offense.

    Why??? Cuz your a RAAYYDUUHHH fan, clearly!

    Blasting some of their rookies…………..lamenting about past imperfections…………….holding grudges like an elephant………….can’t see any difference in players or coach’s from 2 yrs ago………………….did I mention holding on to and nursing past grudges? Yes, I already mentioned that………………
    U better hope they are bad, or you are gonna get it.

    sebnynah says:
    July 3, 2019 at 9:40 pm
    Saw, calling me a Raider fan is ALMOST as insulting as calling me a Nazi.

    sebnynah says:
    July 4, 2019 at 9:46 am
    Blame me for your own faults. I thought Niner fans had class. Obviously, I was mistaken.

    REPLY: You still here, Seb’s
    Most would think your identity as a Raider fan discovered (above) would send you packing…Have you no shame?

    I noticed you identified Niner fans in the past tense in your last screed, saying you “thought 49er fans had class.”

    Another Freudian slip about your fanship, possibly?

    Wiley E. Coyote also thought the Road Runner had class?

  10. What Gagnon left out, however, was the fact Samuel played under Shanahan already during the 2019 Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama.

    During practices, Samuel’s footwork was all but putting him in the end zone at will. Interestingly enough, Shanahan’s 49ers finished dead last in red-zone efficiency last season. Samuel’s presence, despite the fact he’s only 5-foot-11.

    Yet he didn’t earn the nickname, “Deebo,” without reason.

    Samuel’s physicality at the line of scrimmage is something Shanahan and Co. will look to feature throughout the season.

    1. Does anyone have a good yeast infection remedy?
      The wife caught too much of the beer bottle we were stupidly playing with last night.

  11. “Ford’s five-season career has been up and down.” This is true, but not in the way you represent.

    In 14, 16, 18 Ford had almost identical snap:count sack rates with dips in 15 and 17.

    Hopefully he can break the pattern.

  12. Love Grant’s incisive tweet…

    Grant Cohn

    Replying to @MikeShumann

    That’s right. So careless. His {Ford’s] whole game is based on jumping the snap.

    8:01 AM – 5 Jul 2019

    I totally agree Grant. Lynch and Shanahan failed…AGAIN. If Jed had brass he’d fire the two of them by COB today. There’s gotta be better GM and HC talent available. Do it Jed! Oh, and release at least 10-15 dud and miscast players ASAP. Clean house. I’ve had it. Long term–get new ownership.

  13. Remember this, anyone (old article)?

    Too Deep Zone: Jerry Rice, Rookie Bust (Mike Tanier). An extract follows. Suggest reading the full article….

    Twenty-one years ago this week, Bill Walsh stood before the skeptical Bay Area media and defended a controversial decision. He told them that the 49ers’ troubled rookie wide receiver would remain a starter despite several bad performances.

    The rookie’s name was Jerry Rice.

    The 49ers, fresh off a victory in Super Bowl XIX, were 6-5 and fighting for their playoff lives. Joe Montana’s passing numbers were off. Rice, the team’s top draft pick, had 26 receptions in 11 games, but he also dropped 10 balls, some of them at the worst possible times. He was coming off a game in which he dropped two passes, fumbled once, and caught just one pass. Niners fans booed the rookie; local columnists made him the butt of jokes. Freddie Solomon, a respected veteran who caught touchdown passes in 10 straight games in 1984, had become the invisible man in the Niners offense while Montana and Rice played pitch ‘n’ drop.

    But Walsh held his ground, supported Rice, and kept him in the weekly gameplan. “At some point, the boos will turn to cheers,” predicted Walsh during a press conference on November 18th, 1985.

    1. I think the Niners will do as good as they look on paper. But one thing more irritating than maybe even penalties is freakin’ injuries. You can have the greatest talent in the world, at every position, but if they can’t stay healthy you can’t win games. But I have Niner faith in my boys.

      1. I will agree that the Niners have talent. The problem is, other teams have talent, too
        One major deciding factor, is the coaching. Superior coaching will take on an equal opponent, and win. Inferior coaching may have a more talented team, and lose. Thankfully, the Niners have moved on from Zgonina and Hafley. Both Kocurek and Woods seem to be upgrades. Woods, being a former DC, will also help Saleh.
        Concerning the injuries, I believe Ben Peterson will help reduce the amount, and severity of injuries the Niners may suffer this season. Being a multi sport specialist, he will provide a new perspective.
        With better Coaching, better Trainers, and better Strength and Conditioning Coaches, I have faith the Niners will improve, and stay healthier.

  14. Do your pay checks come from Seattle? The only thing I question, is if Sf 49ers organization actually reads your garbage. Jed needs to find a way to send you back to the Hawks.

  15. I submit to you, just look at my 10:50 post, then look at the 11:11 post, and decide which brings better content to this site. I mentioned how to improve the Red Zone Offense, and identify a possible key player. The other is another screed that actually defines himself, not me.

    1. Hey, catfisher, what 11:11 post? And got tired of being Chuck to the point you had to borrow someone else’s identity?

      1. Found this on the prior OL topic. Interesting…

        montyderhak says:
        July 6, 2019 at 5:34 am

        I submit to you, just look at my 10:50 post, then look at the 11:11 post, and decide which brings better content to this site. I mentioned how to improve the Red Zone Offense, and identify a possible key player. The other is another screed that actually defines himself, not me.

        I chose not to include the cash link–it was there too.

        1. just another burner catfish account, trolling to cause division. Hope the moderators clean up this site.

          1. Moderators? Plural? Wonder if we even have one. If more than one, they’re really good at keeping a low profile.

            1. I have seen some posters commenting on waiting for a moderator’s decision, so they do exist.
              Maybe Lowell is the moderator. ;p

              1. Seb:
                * “I have seen some posters commenting on waiting for a moderator’s decision, so they do exist. Maybe Lowell is the moderator. ;p

                * Better submit your Resume Seb, then you can shut down any and everyone that doesn’t believe how smart you are? Do NOT Respond Seb…..You know you can.

                * San Francisco Psychologist | The Psychology Today Directory:

        2. Hey Cassie…..HUH now your using my name for crap I did not write..thanks guys please keep my name out of it bozo

          1. Nope. Just sharing a post I found in the archives. Didn’t say is was the real you. Someone is trying to get into our heads.

      2. LOL Bb, leave me out of your grade school catfight, that wasn’t me. Curb your antagonism and ID your targets. Kick the dog or something. smh

          1. OK, we’re past that now. Didn’t mean to make too big a deal, but it was kind of a pie in the face. 🥴

  16. If Ford only gets 7-10 sacks, but helps make Buck, Bosa, Thomas, Arik, Kwon and Warner more productive, than the defense will be very solid.

    If we become a playoff caliber team this season it will have to come from the defense.
    I see our offense averaging anywhere between 21-24 points per game this year. The D’s job will be to keep teams from scoring under 20 points per game.
    TWT (time will tell).

    1. I also think Sheldon Day may contribute, and wonder if Street is fully healthy.
      i think the DBs are the big question mark. A possible healthy Verrett, and whoever becomes the FS, will decide how effective the defense can become.

        1. He is playing FS, but that is due to the injuries of others.
          Personally, I think Moore would be strongest playing CB. Wonder if he can out compete Witherspoon.

  17. It seems everything about the 49ers is zero sum. Get a guy who rushes the passer, their run defense suffers. Play a guy who’s stout against the run (Solomon), opposing QBs have all day. Can win for losing.

  18. Exceptional article by Doug Farrar:

    Based on my own film study, I think Garoppolo is smart enough and talented enough to take advantage of every schematic edge given to him, but he struggles in situations where his reads become complicated by late-breaking coverage, or situations where closed (safety) coverage in the middle of the field limits his options. It’s a fairly common issue among good quarterbacks, but the best in the business know how to transcend it.

    I’m excited to find out if Garoppolo is a transcend setter or a fad….

    1. Sobleski builds a case, but offers little-if-any insider information.

      I have More Than A Feeling that Boston will not be signed by the 49ers unless Ward, Moore and Colbert meltdown.

  19. As usual at this time of year, I am really looking forward to the new season. Lots of questions remain such as, is JG the future, which RB steps it up, how will Deebo and Hurd work out, can Kittle continue his onslaught, what about Taylor and Pettis, will the O line gel, will the new punter wow us. On the defense its much the same, is Ford going to be Found On the Road Dead or maybe he is going to be Fix Or Repair Daily, will Buck continue his upward surge, will Bosa sign and be productive, is Sherman really healed, can Kwon regain his form, all eyes on AW and for goodness sake what about the safeties.

    New year, new team, new expectations – 19-0 baby.

    1. UC,
      I can’t even answer one of your questions 🤔
      But we’ll all know by September.

      TC should provide the best competition in the Lynch/Shanahan era and may the best man win.

    1. So proud of the women and especially Megan golden booter Rapinoe. Those who want to f with her had better think twice.

      1. Sucks they have to make it political and whine about the fake narrative there is a pay gap.
        Can’t have anything anymore without it being political. Smh

        1. the fake narrative there is a pay gap.

          Fake this:

          Female soccer players’ base salary is roughly $30,000 less than their male counterparts at U.S. Soccer. They also earn a much smaller bonus in the World Cup ($15,000) than male players do ($55,000). And here’s a stark comparison: U.S. Soccer awarded the men’s team a $5.4 million bonus after it lost in the round of 16 at the 2014 World Cup. It awarded the women’s team $1.7 million when it won the entire 2015 tournament.

          How about putting both teams on a pay for performance basis?

          md will likely respond with such a linked argument

          which contains gems like:

          Lastly, men’s sports, especially men’s team sports, are inherently more entertaining to watch than women’s. Whether it happens to be men’s soccer or basketball, when compared with the female equivalent, the skill levels on show are incomparable.

          1. The US Women’s World Cup team was awesome to watch. If they want to get paid the same as the men, they need to start generating the same revenue as the men.

              1. Cassie I don’t know how far in the archives or alga rhythms you had to go to find this BS article.
                But it is not true.
                And like I stated to rib.
                Men are paid 17 percent of the revenues while women are paid 20.
                Maybe it’s a political stunt to make more money or to increase their percentage which I wouldn’t have a problem with since they actually win.
                Or it could be a ploy for endorsement money.
                But the fact remains. Men’s sports are the best in the world.
                That’s why folks watch. Not because of a gender war on women or in sports.

            1. Perfectly logical, Jack–which, today, makes you a hatemonger………..and, what the h-ll, some kind of “……phobe”.

          2. Half truth Rib…
            the men get paid more because it generates way more money.
            In fact by percentages the women get paid more than the men.
            That’s not my point.
            My point is can we just start leaving social issues out of our sports?
            Thank you from almost every fan in the world.

      2. Sorry I’m a little late on this. That was a very nice kick of hers. Totally faked out the Dutch goalie. The penalty that put Rap in that position, though, and it’s nothing on her, was questionable. Watched the replays closely. Just couldn’t see it.

        1. I agree, Pinoe made it look easy, and deserved all the accolades she received in the end.
          On your other assertion, I respectfully disagree. The defender totally missed the ball, and it was a definite high kick, with her cleats near Morgan’s face. Morgan was trying to avoid contact, and contact was made by the defender.
          That said, I am glad the US Women got that second goal, to make sure the Dutch could not complain they were victims of the VAR. That second goal was totally legit.
          The Dutch gave them a tough finals match, and the US deserved to win, with victories over Sweden, Spain, France, England and the Netherlands.

          1. The kick was aimed at the ball and contact was unintentional. There were several replays in slomo and I watched each one. It was a BBC telecast.

            1. It was aimed, but did not contact the ball. If she had touched the ball, it still was a high kick. The fact that the ball was not contacted by the Dutch defender, made it a textbook high kick penalty. From another angle, her cleats contacted Morgan, high on her arm, 4 feet high.
              The ball hit Morgan in the stomach, but she was bracing for the foul, so Morgan could not make a play on the ball. Morgan did not duck down, and if not fouled, could have trapped the ball with a clear shot on goal.
              I also looked at it from different angles in slow motion, and imho, it was a textbook high kick dangerous cleating, and she was fortunate not to receive a yellow card.
              Guess we will just have to agree to disagree.

  20. I think people are overvaluing our pass rush as of this moment. Bosa wasn’t even really that good only having 77 tackles and 17 sacks against weak offensive lineman. We don’t know what to expect from him so it’s rediculous to say he will have anymore than maybe 5 sacks. Dee Ford is a good player but last year was his best year. He’s not that good against the run and he’s being asked to play full time in the trenches against bigger lineman which is something he has never done before. We don’t know if dee ford will hold up a full season going every play against 300+ lineman. Also the chiefs had Chris jones and Justin Houston on their line which made it easier for Ford. We don’t have anyone remotely as good as those two on our d line.

    Just sayin…

    1. Well, Buckner isn’t chopped liver…

      Can’t wait ’til the end of the season to see how all this turns out.

      1. Buckner was rated 24th for D lineman. He was 4th most among missed tackles. Most of those against RBs. So Buckner might be solid but he’s not a true superstar regardless of the sacks he had. Don’t be surprised if he goes back to having 3-6 sacks. That 12 sack season is an anomaly.

        1. I’m not claiming he’s a taller version of Aaron Donald. Not claiming he’ll have another double digit sack season–there’s a chance he will, and a chance he won’t. A new core scheme and some new faces on defense may set the stage for a productive year for #99.

          Sans injury of course…

    2. There is no absolute that they plan on playing him every snap. It might be wiser to pick their spots for him, putting him in the best position to succeed, that maximizes his potential. It would also keep him fresher for the long season.
      They used Aldon Smith mainly as a third down pass rusher, and he got 33.5 sacks in 2 seasons.

      1. Aldon was an every down player. He was stand up first and 2nd down. Either setting the edge or covering RBs or TEs. He was great as a run defender.

        1. Yes and No,
          His first season he was a situational pass rusher, he then developed into an “every down” player.
          However, considering teams need to rotate every down players to keep them fresh, and teams are in their pass rush sub-packages around 66% of the time… How many reps less do you expect a situational pass rusher to play, than a supposed every down player?

          1. You are correct. Maybe I should have said he was a third down pass rusher his first season. The second season, he developed into a full time player. My bad, to give the impression that he was only a situational pass rusher for those 2 seasons.

            1. We were also in a 3-4 too and that’s the scheme Ford thrives in. Going to a full time 4-3 where he is on the edge maybe 90% of the time is something he hasn’t done. That’s all I was saying. This year is still full of questions on defense.

              1. I will agree that there are a lot of questions that need to be answered on defense.
                However, I think they will not be in the 4-3 full time.
                I think they will try to emulate the Pete Carroll defense, which takes elements from the 4-3 and 3-4, so it can seamlessly morph into a hybrid system. The Wide 9 is part of that.
                Pete Carroll once said he took 3-4 players, and played them in a 4-3 system. Sounds like Ford will fit right in such a system. Saleh is a Pete Carroll acolyte.

    1. Agree. Good material.

      Alas, a few experts on this blog have judged Peter King as a has-been shill, a tired cheerleader for the NFL. Hope they read it.

        1. I agree, Lynch seems like a nice guy but I recall what Leo the Lip said. Was Ballard available when York hired Lynch?

  21. Replacing Garoppolo with Cousins is the same as swapping a Camaro for a Firebird. It’s the same car, it just has a different body. Why would we wan’t to replace one over-hyped unaccomplished QB for another?

  22. Cousins has been a starting qb since the beginning of the 2015 season for a whopping 64 games.

    Garoppolo has been a starting qb since week 13, 2017 for a grand total of 9 games.

    We know what Cousins has accomplished, but we have no idea what Garoppolo will have accomplished after 55 more games….

  23. Injury’s are part of the evaluation problem though. This is a big year for a lot of people. JG has a lot of talent. Has the “it” factor there is no question. But he needs to play a full 16… If he does there making the playoffs. John Lynch needs Pettis, Bosa, in particular to be home run picks. Third, Salah needs to show that he is worthy to be the D Coordinator. He has a ton of talent to work with. I’m thrilled to watch this season play out.

    1. “Third, Salah needs to show that he is worthy to be the D Coordinator. He has a ton of talent to work with. I’m thrilled to watch this season play out.”

      He does have a lot of talent to work with on DL across the board. I just hope he doesn’t continue the trend of trying to fit square pegs into round holes (ie. playing DL in positions that don’t suit them). He has enough pieces, that barring injury, he shouldn’t have to do that. Barring injury, a poor defensive showing this season will fall squarely on Saleh.

  24. Hoping we can stay focused on training camp, where real fun begins. Gives most everyone here yet another opportunity to rip players, coaches, schemes, execs, and homers. Well deserved since the 9er organization is a Santa Clara Chernobyl, and several posters are on the 9er payroll–shills and toadies. Hope Grant gets lots of video. How soon will Shanahan lose the locker room–week two, six, fourteen?

    For me, I hope the 9ers make it through camp and preseason without serious injury to likely starters and key backups. May have an opportunity to improve the roster still through the acquisition of a remaining free agent, and talent discarded by other teams as the season rolls up.

    Wonder what Solomon Thomas weighs….

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