At a moment when it would have been easy to quit . . . the 49ers make a stand

It was like this all afternoon. Deebo Samuel bouncing off defenders and gaining chunks of yardage. (AP Photo/Kelvin Kuo)

You’d have to say the 49ers’ season has been a disappointment.

Super Bowl participants are supposed to roar out of the gate the next year, establish themselves as one of the favorites and then expect to do some damage in the playoffs.

Instead, the Niners lost the opener to Arizona and have been on a frustrating quest to get to .500 for most of the year. It has begun to look like the enduring image of this season will be Nick Bosa, rolling off the field in a golf cart. Done for the year.

And that is why, right here in public,  we should salute and praise Sunday’s 23-20 win over the Rams. That was as gritty and impressive an effort as you are likely to see. And, just like when they accurately said the week five loss to Miami was “embarrassing,” the players and staff knew this was a game to put a pin in and remember.

“I’m just very proud to be these guys’ coach,” Kyle Shanahan said.

Granted, the team probably has to win every game from here on in. They still aren’t at .500. The playoffs remain a mathematical possibility and a logical long shot.

But still. For a team that has been fed extra helpings of adversity this year, that was pretty damn impressive.

Of course, the fate of a 5-6 team looks pretty small in the face of a world health crisis. The Coronavirus is spreading across the country, so naturally it is spreading in the NFL too. If any good can come out of it, at least we can say that football teams are reinforcing the point that the virus is real.

Denver played without a quarterback because all of theirs were isolating. The Baltimore Ravens have so many players (12) and staff (8) testing positive that their practice facility was closed and the upcoming game with Pittsburgh was moved to Tuesday. Tuesday?

But as always this year, the 49ers topped them all. The Broncos lost a quarterback. The Niners lost their home.

According to Shanahan, the team was just boarding the plane for Los Angeles when they got the word. Santa Clara Country was putting a three-week ban on “all contact sports.” No games, no practices. The team was essentially kicked out of town.

As word spread, Shanahan described an airport scene where “I have an entire plane coming up to me, wives, girlfriends, kids” all wanted to know what was going to happen. Because as he said, that meant they would not only need a practice field, “we need a stadium to play in.”

(Today it was announced that the 49ers will play two games at Arizona’s State Farm Stadium where the Cardinals play. A practice facility and location of same has to be worked out.)

Which is a roundabout way of saying that was the backdrop for this team flying into Los Angeles. They’d lost three in a row. Their list of players on injured reserve — including stars like Bosa, George Kittle and Jimmy Garoppolo – is the longest in the league.

And now, to throw this in, a possible move out of town and into a “bubble” for the foreseeable future. It would not have been a surprise if the cumulative effect of all the adversity began to affect players’ attitudes.

Instead, they came out and made it exactly the kind of game Shanahan said he was hoping for. It was a shut-down defense, combined with a healthy dose of comin-right-at-you with the running backs and then, when they absolutely had to, a pass.

The game made two points:

First, good players make a difference. Duh.

Raheem Mostert, Richard Sherman and especially, Deebo Samuel all made splash plays that reminded you of what you liked about this team. Defensively, the Robert Saleh head coaching job interview is just about complete. Put this game at the top of the resume, Robert.

Shanahan once said he’d wear Jimmie Ward’s jersey if the NFL would let him, and he was an inspiration. Guys like him and Sherman — an underrated tackler — set a tone.

Also, just saying, there were hints that a couple of the players not only tested positive but had some symptoms. It might have been more serious than we thought. The team was lucky to get them back for the game.

Second, this is Shanahan’s offense. He insists on running the ball. And even when he’s throwing, a lot of times the passes are just long handoffs.

That’s why I think we should change how we think of the 49ers quarterback. We’ve been lamenting the fact that Garoppolo or Mullens isn’t Patrick Mahomes. They aren’t, and they aren’t likely to become him.

A better comparison would be Alex Smith. Under-appreciated throws a tight spiral and works the short and intermediate areas. (He also doesn’t throw interceptions, which the 49ers QBs need to work on.) But Smith is also considered a good guy, down to earth and popular with his teammates.

It’s been a long road for Smith. He’s been booed, doubted, and badly injured. But he’s come through it and is now one of the NFL’s feel-good stories in Washington. People are rooting for him.

I could see that happening with the Niners’ QBs, who are also good guys. It’s all about hanging in there and then making some throws when you absolutely have to. You can win everyone over again.

Because grit, as demonstrated Sunday, has its rewards.


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  1. I noticed many fans and bloggers/podcasters complaining about Mullens’ performance on Sunday. These fans seem to have trouble accepting the fact that he’s a backup QB with limited tools who is playing many more games than a backup should.

    Mullens made mistakes on Sunday like any backup QB would make when playing too many snaps. But he made a few clutch throws, especially in the last two drives that ended in field goals that tied and then won the game. I thought that last slant to Deebo in full stride was perfectly placed and had a pretty high degree of difficulty. He also did not make any boneheaded throws and kept the ball secure when sacked.

    Mullens’ level of performance is that of a typical backup, and Niners cannot afford sinking more money in a backup QB than the money Mullens would make if they re-signed him. Niners’ situation is similar to other franchises whose QB is not on his first contract.

    On a different note, it was reassuring that neither Deebo nor Sherman missed a beat on their return. Sherman led the team with 8 tackles, IIRC. This is what all-star players do.

    1. Mullens was ok. As you say, he’s a backup, and he performed as well as one might expect a backup QB to play. A few errors, but did enough to win with a strong showing from the D and Deebo making plays. That’s a good backup QB performance.

      What you say really highlights why it is important to keep investing draft picks in QBs every couple of years, even if you have a quality starter. Can’t afford to pay big dollars for a backup QB. But you want a backup that is capable of stepping in and winning games if the starter is hurt. Especially if the starter has a history of getting hurt.

      1. Scooter,

        IIRC, Bill Walsh was a proponent of drafting a mid-round or later-round QB every year for multiple reasons, including yours — although he didn’t practice it himself. I agree that teams should be drafting a backup QB every 2-3 drafts since
        (1) a successful backup QB would be unaffordable for second contract,
        (2) current backup may have replaced the starter permanently.

        The draft data on QB has shown that QB success rate drops dramatically for picks beyond the first round and early second round.
        Success rate:
        First: 63%
        Second: 27%
        Third: 17%
        Fourth: 8%
        At this point I do not see Kyle drafting a QB in the first or second rounds. A 3rd or 4th round may be a possibility if there is BPA QB and Niners trade back in the earlier rounds.

        1. That’s why Shanny needs to go get one of the 4 best. When’s he gonna be in this position again? Probably a year when the top quarterbacks are $hit knowing our luck….

          1. Probably a year when the top quarterbacks are $hit knowing our luck….

            Dang, you used to be optimistic. Anything happened last month that changed your outlook?! ;-)

            1. Thing is, there is some truth to what razor is saying. This is a good year for QBs. Five guys that look like legit first round talents. That is pretty rare. Would really suck to give JG one more year to prove it, lose a bunch of FAs in order to keep him, only to realise end of next year he ain’t it and the draft doesn’t have as many good options. Because even if JG ain’t it, he isn’t bad either, and the team would still be pretty good, so they would likely find themselves once again in a bit of no-man’s land for drafting one of the top QBs.

              To me it just makes too much sense to grab a QB early this year unless the team is fully committed to JG moving forward. In which case they need to restructure his deal to provide cap relief this offseason.

              1. Brugler’s mock as the top QB gone by pick 8, and the fifth pick (Mac Jones) going at 31. Niners’ can trade back in the first round and still get a decent QB if they want and the obligatory D lineman (edge rusher).

              2. There are six QBs being considered as potential 1st rounders (Lawrence, Fields, Wilson, Lance, Trask and Jones). Which QB does Brugler have falling out of round 1?

                As you say, the 49ers will likely still be able to take a pretty good looking QB, potentially even after a trade back.

            2. Dang, you used to be optimistic. Anything happened last month that changed your outlook?! ;-)

              You got to give Razor credit for standing in a collapsing pocket 😁. Unlike Houston who went down in a heap after mere brush-by contact.

    2. Mullens hung in there and led them to a win on the final drive. Style points are meaningless. it’s about winning the game. They will draft a QB most likely with both of their backups being FAs but I can’t see Shanahan going without a veteran backup on the roster. They’ll keep one of the two they have or sign a FA in my opinion.

      1. All the veterans available in FA who are better than these two are most likely more expensive, and thus unaffordable for next season. Assuming Jimmy stays the backup is either Mullens/Beathard or a draft pick, IMO.

          1. I think I would rather just keep him on a 2nd round RFA tender for one year tbh. That’ll be cheaper than $4-$5M/year (projected to be about $3.42M in 2021). Though even $3.42M will hurt a bit under a very tight cap, which is what I meant above.

            The problem with having JG on so much money, a lot of other high priced guys and guys coming off contract, and a shrinking cap, is you can’t afford to spend much on the rest of the QB room. Maybe the team won’t be able to afford the 2nd round RFA tender and will have to let Mullens test the waters. Unless they do something with JG’s contract.

            1. You’re right — a second round tender is a good price for the Niners and I doubt any team will go for him at that price + the pick.

              I am not too worried about the total effect of shrinking cap + JG’s franchise QB salary. The cap is shrinking for every franchise — but only for one year. I see a lot of one-year deals and creative back -loaded 2-3 year contracts being signed. Every franchise has issues and are worried about retaining their soon-to-be-FAs with cap maneuvers. Like the Niners, both starting CBs of the Seahawks are FA.

            2. Don’t know about you, but I can see a real changing of the guard happening next year in terms of playoff teams. I think the salary cap shrinking will see some typically good teams fall away a bit, and some of the up and coming teams really move in. Unfortunately I would put the 49ers down as one of the teams likely falling away a bit.

    3. The issue isn’t that he’s a backup, we know he is, the issue is with this very vocal minority (hoepfully) who want Jimmy gone and think that Mullens is good enough to replace him, which he most certainly is not.

  2. Yes, we love our football, but this Covid Crisis makes football seem trivial and inconsequential, when over a quarter million Americans have died, and millions more worldwide. It is just a game, and the league talks tough, but they purposely did not take it seriously enough, by not designing a bubble system.
    No wonder the league is being adversely affected by this pandemic, and 31 out of 32 teams have had positive tests. If this pandemic keeps spiraling out of control, it may threaten the season. Basketball shut down until they got a bubble system in place, and carried out a successful end of season and playoffs. Baseball’s season was truncated, but they managed to finish out the season with a successful playoffs, but their squads are half as big as a football team.
    Hopefully, these new vaccines will counter this crisis, but the front line medical professionals and the most severely affected groups should get the vaccine first. Football players should be way down the list.
    Yes, this game made me proud of the 49ers. They showed grit and determination. JL has built a team the right way, and has created the right culture of competing, with the right mindset to never give up.
    Football is a game of attrition, and how teams handle adversity, will determine if they are successful or not. The Niners have been decimated with injuries, but fought through them and prevailed. They still are in the playoff hunt, especially if some other teams keep struggling. Of course, the odds are against them, but if they win out, they can make it to the playoffs, where anything can happen.
    JG and Mullens have been getting panned, but I agree with CW; lamenting the fact that they are not Mahomes, does not make them better, and they are the only options they have this season. I think they will stick with JG, but Mullens has proven that he is better than many drek QBs, so he may leave to get an opportunity to start elsewhere.
    JG may have a history of getting injured, but the best solution is to shore up the O line so he does not keep getting bludgeoned. With better protection, he may have a better chance to stay healthy.

    1. Speak for yourself.

      A sane adult is capable of disconnecting the two, being both respectful of those who’ve suffered while still being able to find joy in their life enjoyments.

      False sympathy, presenting oneself as this something one isn’t, is a horrible trait. You aren’t getting bonus points for a lame post like this.

    2. Saw, the CDC is putting out lists, determining who should be first get the vaccines.
      Another poster stated that the medical personnel who are fighting this pandemic, should be first in line. I thought that the rest homes and their care givers should be next, because they are the most threatened.
      Immuno compromised people should have priority, then young healthy folks . People who refuse to wear masks should get one last, because they probably think it is a hoax, anyways.
      Maybe instead of fines, the judge should sentence them to community service, helping Covid 19 patients.
      You hate Trump? Good for you.

    1. Definitely, if we can fit him in our limited cap space. If he ends up with 10 sacks or more (he has 7.5 now) I believe he will garner more money than the 9ers can afford. His next contract will probably be his last and his only chance at a big pay day.

        1. Like the article said, he will be very popular in free agency and is going to have his one big payday as a pro. He can’t pass up his one chance to cash in. Although I would love to see him back. Everyone has noticed his pass rush abilities but miss out on the fact that he is a very good 3 down player. He plays the run well. If they sign him I don’t see them adding any other high drafted or FA pass rushers. If Blair is OK I see him as the 3rd DE.

    2. We need a speed rusher to replace Ford, and Myjai Sanders outta Cincinnati fills that weakside position. He’s long, flattens the arc, explosive first step, excellent hand usage and can put different moves together. Hyder is a great rotational piece best suited for the strongside. On 3rd downs, Sanders would take Armstead’s spot, Armstead would slide inside, and Hyder would play Bosa until he’s able to return….

      1. If this season has proven anything it is that they need a platoon of guys. At least 4 true edge guys that can play starter snaps if needed and be effective. Bring Hyder back, bring Blair back if his knee checks out, and draft a guy. And likely need another option in case Bosa isn’t right to go.

    3. Ideally, I see Hyder as Bosa’s backup. Ford’s replacement as a speed rusher is probably not on the roster. But they may not be able to afford one for next season and focus on getting one in the draft. The rookie would compete with Hyder. If they can’t draft an early round pass rusher then Hyder would start and Blair, Willis or Jordan as a backups.

  3. I’ve been a big believer in establishing a winning culture because it keeps the team playing at a high level even through adversity. It’s this same culture and attitude that will make us viable contenders for years to come – especially when healthy.

    1. I agree. The only way Trent Williams stays is if he likes the team so much, he will take a pay cut to stay. The reason why he would want to stay is if the Niners have a chance at winning a ring.
      On the defensive side, Hyder is a pleasant surprise, but Kevin Givens may also allow the Niners to trade away Armstead, to get a second round draft pick. I think Givens is an adequate replacement for Armstead. With Ronald Blair and Julian Taylor possibly returning from injury, the Niners would have decent depth on the D line.
      Yes, Armstead is a popular player, but so was Buckner. With the emergence of Hyder and Givens, and the contributions from Street, Armstead is expendable.

  4. I have been spending some time looking for QB’s the 9ers might draft in the 2nd or 3rd round and there is a dearth of QB’s who are worth a 2nd/3rd round pick. In fact unless Jones really slips I could see no QB’s chosen in rounds 2 or 3. With every win this season taking them further away from a 1st round QB i think they may have to draft a QB in rounds 4-7. Two names I like in those rounds are Ian Book and Brock Purdy. Does anyone think that if Wash drafts a QB that A. Smith might take a minimum veteran contract to come back to the 9ers and back up Jimmy G. while our draft pick
    Completely off the subject, the next HC of the Detroit Lions…….Jim Harbaugh. He would have them in the playoffs within 2 years and be gone by 6. I don’t think the fans in Det. would care if his stay was short lived if they could win for 3 or 4 years.

    1. Day 3 QB’s in Book and Purdy. No need to reach. They’ll be sitting there in rounds 4-6 and that’s where you draft a backup at the position.

    2. Sadly to say, Saleh may got to Detroit. JH has not achieved greatness in the pros, and he is struggling in the college game. Patricia was a hard nosed coach, and JH is the same. Maybe they want to go in a different direction.

      1. The reason Harbaugh didn’t achieve greatness in SF was because of Baalke. It has to be a collaborative effort to really work.

        1. JH called a time out just before Kaep strolled into the end zone. He is not faultless.
          However, Baalke deserves a lot of blame for the roster. He chose AJ Jenkins, and 12 spots later Alshon Jeffrey was selected.

    3. I agree that fans would be elated if they could have Harbaugh for 3or 4 years. However, it is Detroit and they never do the right thing. They would have to allow him to hire the GM or at least approve the hire.

    4. If they don’t get one of the top 6 then yeah, I can see them waiting til at least the end of round 3 to draft one.

      But to me that is part of the reason why they should take one high. I think regardless of where they finish they will have an opportunity to draft a QB round 1. It all really comes down to what they want to do with JG.

    5. I would have to assume the people of MI have tired of him… of interest will be that whoever hires Bienemy, he may want a mobile QB to run the system.

  5. Only 2 burning questions against Buffalo:

    1. Has Saleh figured out how to stop a dual threat QB, because he’ll be facing a good one in Allen.
    2. Can the offense play the entire game without any turnovers?

    If the answers to those 2 questions are yes, we’ll win the football game.

      1. Haven’t heard anything but I doubt it. High ankle for a corner is at least 3 weeks and we’re entering that window this week.

  6. If Saleh is hired as a HC this offseason, I wonder if Shanahan would be interested in bringing Vic Fangio back to the 49ers? Rumours are he’s going to be fired.

    1. IIRC Vic wanted to work with KS but with KS as his OC. Won’t be quite the same relationship but as good as it will get for Vic.

      If Vic is hired, what does that mean for Kocurek? He seems to be very valuable.

      1. Good question, I doubt Fangio would want to implement a wide-9.

        Tbh I don’t think they would go with Fangio – I think Shanahan likes the current system.

        1. I think it’s Dan Quinn or Ryans. The coaching fraternity is very loyal to one another so I don’t see why Kyle Shanahan would not hire Dan Quinn.

    2. I do not understand the basis of speculation about Fangio as DC. Kyle has over the years described in detail why he likes the Seattle scheme. For four years the Niners have tuned their personnel and coaching to this scheme. Why would Niners dump all of that for a significantly different scheme? The Rams’ change from Phillips to Staley (close to Fangio’s) was a comparatively small change.

      Ryans seem to be the logical choice unless Kyle feels he is unprepared for the job.

      Bonus draft revenue stream: If Saleh becomes the HC, Niners get an extra third round pick this year and another third round pick next year. Back in 2017, Saleh identified Ryans as a potential HC. If that were to happen, it would mean yet another set of third round picks for the Niners.

        1. A morning walkabout with the Niners in mind? :)

          I’m pretty comfortable with the Niners D’s players and coaches. Ironically, it’s the offense that has worried me ever since it could put up a measly 20 points in the Super Bowl.

      1. Fangio should not be fired. If anything, John Elway should be fired for not finding a franchise QB. Other than Peyton Manning, he has consistently whiffed on QBs. He wasted the opportunity to win while Von Miller was in his prime. JE let Shaquil Barrett walk, when they should have done more to try to retain him. His RB by committee is a bust. They did draft Jeudy, but have been hampered by having a third string WR play QB.
        Besides, who do they have in mind that would be a big upgrade? Adam Gase?!!!!!!
        Fangio would never want to return here to coach for Jed. Jed burned that bridge when he hired Tomsula. Saleh going to Detroit seems plausible, and Demeco Ryans may be a good candidate to promote from within to keep continuity.

    3. Denver would be stupid to fire him but I would be on board with Fangio coming back. He’s one of the best DC’s in terms of in game adjustments that I can think of.

    1. Jack,
      Nice stats comparison with JG and Mullens. But in football, wins matter. Jimmy has a resounding lead over Mullens when it comes to wins stat.

      Stats and any other comparisons come to an abrupt end when looking at the win/loss records.
      Jimmy had 13 wins last year and a SB game. IIRC, Mullens hardly touched the ball last year.

      You seem to be trying to create a story here that simply has no merit.

      1. I wouldn’t say that Win/Loss Record is truly a qb stat but they majorly contribute to it.

        I think there is a large gap between Mullens and Jimmy regardless of certain stats. That said, I am not arguing that Jimmy is great and Mullens is trash. Only that to my eyes one is clearly a starting caliber qb when healthy and one is not.

        We have often been upset with Jimmy’s tendency to put the ball in harms way and it is, a problem. To that end, Mullens throws an interception about every 28 attempts while Jimmy does so once about every 38 attempts. This also bears out in terms of the TD to INT ratio, Mullens being at 19/17 to Jimmy’s 51/26. I am not positive but my assumption, given this information, along with Jimmy’s higher 3rd down completion percentage that there would be a fairly significant difference in terms of Time of possession when Jimmy is the starter vs when Nick Mullens is.

        Simply put, perhaps they are closer than we would like to admit, even if I don’t see it. However, when healthy I would rank Jimmy somewhere between 13th to the 17th ranked qb in the NFL and Mullens wouldn’t even rank in the top 32 as I think he is a backup.

  7. The Bills have given up a couple 200 yard rushing games, so I hope KS sticks with the run game. The Bills are fundamentally sound throughout the team, so I hope KS can do the unexpected, like double reveres or sprint right options.
    The defense needs to hold up Singletary, so they can strip the ball away. He is prone to fumbling.
    This move to Arizona is just another obstacle to overcome. Guess the Niners need to become road warriors. At least they will feel at home with a red stadium.

    1. Dear Press Democrat,
      I thought that blog sites had rules and regulations, with a civil code of conduct. Maybe the best way to clean up this site is to ban the profane bullies who just hurl insults.

  8. Love Tanier’s way with words.

    Perform Abysmally, Defend Yourself Vehemently: The Adam Gase Way

    Gase’s head coaching career has been a tour de force of blame deflection and expectation tempering. His time with the Jets is no different.

    Adam Gase’s ongoing employment as the Jets head coach adheres to a questionable principle: If you can’t be good at your job, be so thoroughly, defiantly terrible at it that your superiors think that you must be doing something right.

    On the field, Gase’s game plans hew strictly to Zeno’s Paradoxes: The offense always strives to gain half the distance needed for a first down, even if it means calling an 18-inch pass on 3rd-and-1.


    Well, Gase was hired by a huge Trump toady, he must have seen something he liked.

    1. Maybe Gase thinks that the team with the fewest points, wins the game. Like they think getting 6 million fewer votes is a landslide victory. ;p
      Going to a Covid 19 hotspot? What could possibly go wrong?

  9. Hill on Mahomes:

    “I thought he was trash,” Hill said, “I ain’t gonna cap. I ain’t gonna cap. I ain’t even gonna cap, man. When he first got there I was like, this is who y’all drafted right here? This is who y’all drafted? Hey but look, he proved me into a whole complete, I don’t know. That second year, like his quarterback mechanics were different. It was like he was spending more time with his quarterback coach, spending more time with Coach Reid, like learning the offense. Dude was like different.”

  10. Saleh might be catching a break. Keep an eye on the Bills Thursday practice report. Josh Allen injured his ankle against the Chargers….

      1. We have, just need confirmation as I keep getting labelled as one when it was you and I that made the bet and the stipulation. So please for the record, tell me one way or the other?

        Did I welch?

      2. FU Press Democrat for deleting the post.
        Seb can’t hide anymore from his outlandish comments and lies!

        Prime Time says:
        December 2, 2020 at 8:18 am
        We have, just need confirmation as I keep getting labelled as one when it was you and I that made the bet and the stipulation. So please for the record, tell me one way or the other?
        Did I welch?

        Razoreater says: 
December 2, 2020 at 8:27 am

        1. I wonder if it has to do with the PD being P.C. about a slight towards the Welsh people because you know there is a huge anti Welsh movement going on right now

          1. Whatever it was, it was bush league. Yet again Seb gets exposed for making stuff up and then runs and hides.

            The fact the board hasn’t figured out this guy is the biggest troll amazes me!
            I didn’t welch nothing!

            1. Make stuff up and hides? No, you bet 200 bucks that Trubusty would be picked by the Niners. They did not. Any person with a sense of honor would pay his bet off, but you squirreled out with some ‘stipulation’.
              You offered to pay that debt, so now you are trying to buy him off with beer and bacon. Pay up, cheapstake. If I had an obligation, I would pay it off because I would never want to be called a welcher.
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              1. You lying POS. Razor flat out just said I didn’t welch but for some reason, and mind you, you weren’t even involved in the bet, somehow have changed the outcome of it. You really are a loser and a deadbeat.
                Yeah I would pay about just any amount of money to meet you right now.

              2. Pay the 200 dollars that you offered to pay, and I will change my tune.
                Until then, you want to weasel out, like your hero who lost by 6 million votes.
                I was not part of the bet? You badgered and harassed me for weeks, until Razor interjected, and wrote- ‘I will take that bet.’.
                I did not ask Razor to become involved, but he did it because he said it would be the easiest 200 bucks he ever made.

              3. I got my truth and now the board knows you are a lying POS!

                Prime Time says:
                December 2, 2020 at 8:18 am
                We have, just need confirmation as I keep getting labelled as one when it was you and I that made the bet and the stipulation. So please for the record, tell me one way or the other?
                Did I welch?

                Razoreater says: 
December 2, 2020 at 8:27 am 


              1. Seb is a moron. He said he left the blog because he exposed himself on it and threw his wife Christine under the bus and blamed her. He said he wouldn’t return, yet, here he is. How many years do you have left, old fart? I can’t wait to say “good riddance.”

              2. I hope you notice that it had not been done before, and I have not done it since. It happened before Christmas, so I hope you know how hectic it can be. I did let her use my computer, and called out for her to close down any of my things, before shopping, if there was any lag.
                I am not a masochist. I have some buffoon threatening me daily, so I do not need doxxing.
                It really is a character defect to wish another person to die, but you just are following your hero.
                I wish you a Merry Christmas, and hope some of that magic touches your heart. Sounds like you need it.

              3. He is a lying POS and should get what he deserves. I hope he moves on as well. Whatever way that is!

              4. Thanks for proving my point. There should be some standards of decency, but those are not apparent on this site.
                Your foul mouth shows how depraved you seem to be. I do not wish for you to die. I just hope you get the help you seem to really need.

              5. But lying about events and labelling people names is ok?

                You are a little weasel and the type of coward who would never say the things you say unless it’s via the internet.

              6. Yup, clueless as ever.
                Since you are such a brave person, print your name and address, and invite anyone to meet you.
                Oh wait, you are using the cover of the internet to protect yourself, too.
                You bet 200 bucks that the Niners would draft Trubusty. They did not. I am not lying about that.
                I consider you a welcher because you used a ‘Stipulation’ to weasel out of paying, even though he accepted your bet previously, without that ‘stipulation’.

          2. I wonder if it has to do with the PD being P.C. about a slight towards the Welsh people because you know there is a huge anti Welsh movement going on right now

            Nope to mention the burgeoning anti-grape juice backlash.

  11. Watching Mahomes last game, he threw the ball side arm, with a flick of his wrist. He also rolled left and threw right, something most coaches would would not teach. He threw to a closely covered Hill.
    However, he was spot on, and completed those passes. It looked like he was throwing darts, and Hill fought and won those contested catches.
    I think it helped Mahomes, to have to sit for a year. AS, being a class act, taught him all he knew. Looks like Mahomes absorbed things like a sponge. He studied hard, learned from a grizzled veteran, and worked out so he could withstand the sledgehammer blows from the defense.
    They have a potent passing game. With Clyde Edwards-Helaire, they are now even more potent.

  12. According to Matt Miaocco both Kittle and Jimmy G. may be back for the last 2 games this year. If they lose to Buff and then beat both Wash and Dall the last 2 games could be for a playoff spot. We are certainly a better team with Kittle and Jimmy on the field.

    1. That would be great for the team, the fans, and the future—win or lose, playoffs or not.

      Most importantly, it would help solidify the decision around QB of the future.

      1. They already decided that, when they chose JG over Tom Brady.
        Saying they might move on from JG does not make it true. They certainly do not have the right QB waiting in the wings. They will not move on from JG, until a clearly superior QB is available. Betting on a college QB is like shooting craps. It may pay off, but it may also come up snake eyes. Look at Joe Burrow. Look at Kyler Murray. Since they were both number one picks, they should be slam dunk successes, but both have struggled at times.
        Keep JG, ask for some cap relief from him, and select an O lineman. If they cannot afford JG, they certainly cannot afford Trent Williams.

    2. The only way Jimmy G gets another year in SF is if he comes back, gets the team in the playoffs and wins a round or two.

  13. Saleh = Fangio 2.0.

    Neither coach improves the players around them. They just work with the talent that is already there. When the talent dwindles they don’t develop anyone to replace it.

    Saleh will be .400 too when he’s a head coach.

  14. Grant says DJ Jones is expendable, but I wish to differ with him. Yes, Givens had a stellar game, but he played well in this one game. Maybe if he has extended success, he may supplant DJ Jones, but judging a player based on one game, has too narrow of a focus.
    DJ Jones should be retained, and used in a rotating basis along the D line, to keep everyone fresh.
    Before ‘Lowell’ accuses me of dissing Grant, I wish to point out that Grant actually was right. He predicted that the Niners would beat the Rams, with a 19-17 score. Not bad. The final score was 23-20.

  15. Anyone picking the 9ers this week. I think Buff. will win close then the 9ers will turn around and beat Wash. and Dall. After that who knows, with the possibility of JG and GK being back for the last 2 we could see the playoffs again. Every win takes them further away from the team drafting a QB. They would have to package their 1st and 2nd round picks and maybe a 4th to move up enough to get one of the top 5 (maybe Jones slips but I do not like him) If we made that trade we could end up with a first round QB and possibly no picks until the 5th round. That is a lot of pressure to put on the kid and I don’t believe any losing team will trade for 2022 picks, losing teams need to improve now or coaches and GM’s lose their jobs.

    1. Unless they makes the playoffs they’ll be picking in the top 18 picks. While I want to believe they can make it, reality is it will be very tough to do so from here.

      So while every win does make it a bit harder to get one of the top QBs, pick 18 is not what I would call out of striking distance either. They probably aren’t in a position to take one of the top 3 guys, but there are 5 or 6 guys that could easily be first round talents this year. Yeah, to get the 3rd or even 4th QB taken they would need to give up draft capital. But that shouldn’t be a deterrent to get a guy you believe is a franchise QB. I doubt a move up to get the 5th guy would need too much.

        1. Jones is #6 for mine, and likely a late 1st/ early 2nd rounder. Lawrence, Fields, Lance, Wilson and Trask will all go before him.

          1. I think the Cowboys and WSH will be the team that dictates what happens in this draft.
            If those 2 teams decide to take a QB the 49ers will have no chance. If they don’t, the Niners will have to make a bold move and move up and grab one of those top 5 guys.

              1. I didn’t think we would win another game with Mullen’s at the QB spot but if he beats the Bills and Jimmy comes back the week after, who knows.
                I highly doubt anyone wants to play the Niners wild card weekend if we get on a roll.

              2. One of those two teams is likely going to the playoffs, imo. As a playoff team they will pick after the 49ers, assuming the 49ers don’t make it themselves.

              3. I agree. I think the Giants win that division. Then again, lots of football left.
                Alex Smith taking his team to the playoffs would be a great story.

              4. I just can’t get on board with the Giants. I think if Alex Smith stays healthy then WFT wins the division. But yeah, very much an open race atm. 5-6 wins may be all it takes.

        2. OldCoach,
          Why the dislike of Mac Jones? I’ve thought he’s looked pretty good so far but to be honest haven’t seen a whole lot of his film so far. Throwing to great receivers but also has looked pretty accurate with a good deep ball.

          1. Alex,
            I’m not a fan of Bama QB’s in general and in Jones case I have never seen a QB who is throwing to more wide open receivers. The team who drafts him won’t have an idea what they are getting until the first preseason game and that is too much of a risk to spend on a 1st round pick. imho

      1. This year its nearly impossible to get a feel for what will happen.
        In every scenario I have, a vet center is brought in to help the Oline and Ford is cut.

        Scenario 1.
        SF narrowly makes the playoffs and wins a game or 2 before getting booted and Jimmy plays well.
        – If Jimmy looks good, he is likely brought back and his contract is restructured. SF goes db and Oline early in the draft. Trade-backs are likely unless certain players are available.

        Scenario 2.
        SF narrowly misses the playoffs but Jimmy looks good in his 2 games.
        – Jimmy is traded
        – SF likely is looking to move on from Jimmy, and will have a pick in the teens. In this scenario they are probably packaging picks to move up and get someone if they fall. If no deals can be made or your options are Trask and Jones, I would bail on the first and execute my worst case scenario plan (see below) with more ammo.

        Scenario 3.
        SF loses multiple games and misses the playoffs.
        – Jimmy is cut/traded but sf gets little in return.
        With a pick in the 8-13 range, SF Takes Wilson or Lance possibly giving up a future pick to move up slightly and assure they get their preferred guy.

        Worst case Scenario
        SF makes the playoffs and the qb’s play terribly but the defense somehow gets the team to advance for a game or 2.
        – Jimmy is cut
        Picking in the 20’s without a qb going forward will be rough. SF finds itself caught in no mans land… expect them to take a flyer on a qb a little later in the draft. Someone like Newman or Pickett, while trying to shore up the oline and fill out the secondary with their earlier picks. In this scenario I think a trade back is highly likely.

        Best Case Scenario.
        SF makes the playoffs, Jimmy balls out and they win the superbowl.
        Everyone on the board questions who where those people that doubted Jimmy. Certainly not me :D.

        1. Shoup,
          If they trade up to get a QB I doubt they will use future picks. The teams drafting in front of them will all be losing franchises and need to improve now not 2 or 3 years down the line. They will want picks in this years draft. Lets say they end up 8-8 last year that record (with their schedule) would have given them the 19th pick. I believe they will need to move up into the top 8 to get one of the top QB’s. They would need to trade their first, second and fourth round picks giving them one pick in the 1st round and no more picks until the 5th….,…Not gonna happen. Either they keep JG or pick up a place holder until they can either sign or draft a QB in 2022. imho

          1. Old Coach,
            You may well be right. I would be willing to give up this years first and next years to get one of the top qb’s but it may well not be enough given the number of teams that need a qb and thus the price could be very high. I’m guessing if SF is drafting at the bottom end of the teens or later, to get to 8 or 10. 2 firsts is the minimum and likely would be something more like 2 firsts and a 3rd. or second.

    2. I’ve been consistent with my belief that the Niners aren’t even thinking about taking a QB early and you stated a key reason why OldCoach. They don’t have the picks to give up both because of trading some away and the fact they will need what they have to replenish the roster. It still boggles my mind that anyone would think trading a bunch of picks to move up and take a QB when they have one who took them to the SB already on the roster, is somehow a good idea. That wipes out some key picks for their next two drafts so they can gamble on a rookie QB to replace a proven commodity. I’d understand the desire for it a little more if Garoppolo had never shown anything and was truly injury prone but neither is true. He has played at a very high level and started 19 games in one season that ended with a berth in the SB. I don’t see how killing the chance to restock your team with draft picks while simultaneously dumping the only QB you have had sustained success with is a good strategy but I guess that’s just me.

      1. The issue with your comment here is it ignores the impact in terms of freeing up cap space to re-sign/ sign players. The reason they need the draft picks is to replace the guys they can’t re-sign due to the significant % of cap space dedicated to JG. Remove that… don’t need those draft picks as much.

        1. I understand what you are saying but you need draft picks to take over from the depth guys who make more. As I’ve said multiple times, I think the 9ers will be able to sign the key guys they want. It’s the lesser players they will have trouble keeping and you replace them with draft picks. Also, just for interests sake, what players do you see the 49ers being able to resign with the money they save by dumping JG?

          1. Trent Williams, one of K’Wuan Williams/ Sherman, Hyder, Blair or a like replacement, a vet speed rusher (though not a Ford level replacement), Verrett, Moseley, probably another CB that can compete to start (either nickel or outside, depending on which of Williams or Sherman they keep), Tartt or a like replacement, a centre to replace Richburg, DJ Jones or a like replacement.

            And they can also extend Warner.

            Those are the main ones. Could also look to re-sign Jordan Reed. Some they could do with JG, some they couldn’t.

            1. From what I can gather the 49ers have about 23 mill in cap room going into next season without doing anything. If they cut Ford and Richburg, they will gain another 11 mill. So 34 mill to use if the worst possible outcome happens and the cap drops to the threshold of 175 mill. I can’t see them having a real problem getting most of the deals they really want done. The market is going to be depressed due to most teams having cap issues, and they can push money back on the bigger deals like Trent Williams. It all comes down to how much vet players like Sherman and Verrett will command on the open market as to whether they’ll be realistic options. I could be wrong but I don’t see anybody giving big deals to either one of them due to age with Sherman and injury history with Verrett. I think we have a chance to get both re-signed for less than you think.

              1. $10M of that needs to be set aside for draft picks.

                I agree they can push some money into future years for a guy like T Williams. But they can’t do it for too many guys. The impact of COVID will be felt on the salary cap for a number of years. The cap is going to bounce back a fair bit in 2022, but it will still be quite a ways lower than what it would have been expected to be pre-COVID. The floor of $175M was based on spreading the hit from COVID out over a few years.

                Going to be a fascinating off-season.

              2. I don’t see why the NFL and the owners would handicap the teams with a significant decrease in the salary cap.
                Sure some profits were lost but throughout the last 10 years, they have made record profits.
                What they should do is just put a freeze on the cap next year, keep it at what it’s at then see how 2021 goes.
                Don’t punish the players for the pandemic.

              3. First off, NFL revenue has been hitting record highs, but not sure on profits. NFL doesn’t release profit figures. The Packers are the only publicly listed team (and thereby legally obligated to release profit figures) and it may surprise you to learn they made $70.3M in profit last financial year, and less than $1M in profit the year before. No reason to believe a lot of other teams aren’t in similar situations, so the profit probably isn’t as huge as you may think.

                In terms of cap, the salary cap principle is all pretty black and white. The cap is based on a % of revenue (I think 48% currently), less maybe a few things here and there. That then gets divided by 32 teams. The remainder goes to the owners, effectively.

                So… with the salary cap this year at ~$200M per team, that suggests NFL revenue was at least $13.5B last year, though was likely higher as I do believe some items get deducted before the 48% of cap is calculated. I have seen other sources suggest between $15B and $16B. My understanding is around half of that was tv revenue (which should hold relatively stable), the rest other sources (which is what will be impacted by the pandemic). Early projections were the pandemic may reduce revenue by around $4B (between $2B and $6B).

                At a $4B reduction, the reduction in cap per team would be circa $60M… so a cap of $140M. By setting the floor at $175M the owners are doing a real favour to the players already, taking on $1.12B of the revenue hit over what the CBA says they should take on, making their total hit $3.2B (or $100M per owner). Given the Packers haven’t been hitting that sort of profit, can assume most teams don’t, which means most teams will likely be running at a loss this year.

                So that is why it is unlikely the owners will be keen to give more in cap than they have to. They aren’t atm’s. They aren’t billionaires by running charities. They are here to make money, and if they aren’t making money they’ll leave. And as much as the fans and players like to moan about the owners and how much money they make/ have, without them the NFL is nothing.

            2. Givens replaces Jones. Moore replaces Tartt, plus they should draft another safety. Maiocco agrees with me regarding the offensive line:

              I have a feeling there will be another disagreement here: If the 49ers are able to re-sign Williams, I’m of the belief they should keep their offensive line intact for 2021.

              I believe it’s logical to envision Williams at left tackle; Tomlinson at left guard; Brunskill or Ben Garland at center; Brunskill or Colton McKivitz at right guard; and McGlinchey at right tackle.

              Assuming Williams returns, the 49ers should sink their money and draft resources into other positions and leave the offensive line alone.

              1. Regarding Givens, I have seen a lot of people giving him love. Which is fair enough – an UDFA that is giving the 49ers decent snaps.

                But to me, while he is a great story and found money, he is more a guy that can give you some flashy plays, definitely good enough to be part of an NFL DL rotation, but if he is your starter then he can be found out on a down to down basis and your DL has some issues.

                I would not feel comfortable going into 2021 with him as the starting DT next to Kinlaw.

              2. Saleh on Givens:

                “He is explosive off the line of scrimmage,” Saleh said. When he’s attacking and getting vertical and using, and penetrating and on the move. We had him on the move a little bit, he’s hard to deal with. His pass rush ability is improving. His feel for run-pass past diagnosis on first and second down is improving his strain… He’s got chance to be special. It’s just a matter of how much, how much more work he’s willing to put in.

              3. Scooter,

                Givens is really good, but I agree with you. How about a rotation of Givens and Solomon Thomas?

              4. Is he a finished product? I want to see what more snaps looks like, and then see how he comes into camp next year….

              5. Ideally they can improve on Thomas, but I wouldn’t be against such a move. My preference (given cap contraints) would be bringing Jones back if he can be kept at a reasonable price.

                Razor, if he keeps improving and proves next year he is a long term starter then great. But he’s not there yet. What I meant was I don’t feel comfortable going into 2021 assuming he is the starter. Go into the season with him as a rotational guy and have someone he needs to beat out, and that person has to be decent.

              6. Blair and Thomas both shouldn’t garner much interest, and the 49ers would provide them with the best opportunity to reboot their careers….

          2. Out of curiosity, how many draft picks do you think the 49ers would need to trade in order to move up to, say, pick 10, assuming they pick around 17 or 18?

            I know draft trade value charts are just a guide, but they would suggest just a 1 and 2 would do it. That’s the thing – I’m not suggesting they would need to move up to top 5. This is a really good QB class, and I genuinely think a guy like Lance, Wilson or Trask could be guys that fit what Shanahan wants and likely at least one available at pick 10.

            And then you have to consider whether the team could find a trade partner for JG. I know he has a no trade clause, but will he get $25M+ on the open market? It might be in his best interest to accept a trade as well. That could help recoup some of the cost to move up, and may even take one of the potential other bidders for a QB out of the equation.

            1. I think 4 QB’s are likely gone before 10 from what I’m reading but I’m not a draft expert either;)

              It doesn’t seem like much to trade up that far as you put it, but those two picks are starters or at least you expect them to be when you draft them. Instead of two starters at need areas: CB/DE/C/OG, you wind up with a rookie QB like Trask or Lance who likely will need a fair amount of time to learn the system and get to a level where you can compete for a title again. I’d rather keep Garoppolo and the picks personally.

              1. That still means one of the top 5 is available. And those starters you miss out on through the draft I believe you’d be picking up through FA.

                There are pros and cons to either approach. As you know, personally I believe Shanahan isn’t as sold on JG as you think he is/ should be. So I wouldn’t be surprised if he feels going with the rookie, and being able to keep/ sign some FAs, may well be the way they go.

              2. Imagine the pressure on Jimmy G’s shoulders coming back from injury.
                He is either playing to stay in SF or get a contract from some other team.
                The most difficult thing might be that he only has 2 games maybe to show it. But if he wins out and wins a couple of playoff games, he might stay at that 25-27 million range.

              3. Will Carolina be a willing trade partner or will they take a QB?
                They are projected to draft #7 overall.

              4. The Panthers gave Teddy Bridgewater a decent contract last offseason and I doubt they move on from him next year (the cap hit would be too great). But I don’t think they should be ruled out as a potential landing spot for a QB that can then sit for a year. But they do have quite a few needs so my guess right now is they go a different position than QB, and may well be an option as a trade partner for a team looking to trade up.

                One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that some teams that need a QB will likely look to the FA/ trade market instead.

              5. Panthers have an easy out in 2022 with Bridgewater, similar to our situation at the position, and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to see them take advantage of their opportunity to secure a franchise QB….

              6. True razor. There has been plenty of noise out of the Panthers since the offseason that they were looking at the 2021 draft for a QB, after they dumped Newton and signed Bridgewater.

            2. Scooter,
              I think if you are going up for a qb it will be 2 firsts at minimum. The competition to get one of the top guys will drive up the price of the opportunity cost… so I just don’t see a first and 2nd doing it. Additionally when you look at the teams likely to be picking high… Jets, Jags, Wash, Broncos, Bears, Pats will be looking at a qb, and others that might fall into this catagory include the Cowboys, Eagles, Det., Atl, Minn and the Gmen.
              Even with 2 of those being filled early with Fields and Lawrence that is a lot of competition for the remaining 2 qbs.

  16. I am assuming the Niners finish 8-8, with a chance at 9-7. That would put them around pick number 16 as a 500 team. They will probably be out of the QB Sweepstakes, the Jets, Bengals and Jags seem to have wrapped up the first 3 spots.
    Since this draft does have several QB prospects, the 49ers should trade back from 16 to around 20, for an additional second round pick. Then maybe trade back with a team in the early second round, who wants to jump ahead and get the player that fits their system best, but who may be selected before that team could pick him. That may garner a third round pick, something that the Niners lack next draft. Trading back around 18 spots will make the niners lose out on talent, but they will get an additional second round pick, and a third round pick so they could possibly get a center. However, if they see a good center prospect with either of those second round picks, they should pull the trigger. The first will obviously go towards a starting LT, to replace Trent Williams, who will cost too much to retain. Maybe he will take a home team discount, but I surmise that some teams will throw money at him. With 4 picks in the first 3 rounds, the Niners can select an OT, C, DE and CB. If they sit on their hands, they will be content with 2 picks in the first 3 rounds.
    On another note, retaining JG is smart, because starting QBs who go to the SB in his first year starting, should be treasured like rubies. The Niners thought he was a better long term option over Tom Brady, so all the chatter in the media is just chaff. JG gives them the best chance to win. All he needs is the proper support around him. Maybe KS should channel JG when he took over the last 5 games in 2017. He played smart and instinctual, even with a brief association with the playbook. They kept it simple, and let him take what the defense gave him. JG’s accuracy is fine, and his quick delivery saves sacks. When he is finally heathy, I think the Niners can win out to get into the playoffs.
    I am optimistic. The Bills have struggled against some teams, Rosen may have an ankle injury, and Singletary is prone to fumbling. They are a good team, so KS needs to call an unpredictable, innovative game, that sets them back on their heels. If they can minimize their mistakes, they can win.

  17. RIP Rafer Johnson, legendary Olympian, subduer of Sirhan Sirhan and, this I didn’t know, brother of 49er hall of famer Jimmy Johnson.

      1. Yes, Mr. Johnson would stop by at the old Kezar Stadium now and again to see his brother Jimmy. Who by the way, was one of the best CB’ in the NFL.
        RIP Mr. Johnson

  18. The blog seems to have returned to its favorite topic of “101 ways to replace Jimmy G”.

    Let’s a short break from it and looks at factors that may help Niners win:

    1. Allen’s ankle: Allen was able to practice Wednesday on the ankle he twisted in Sunday’s win over the Chargers. He shrugged off any concerns about the ankle impacting him this week against the 49ers. “It shouldn’t affect me going forward too much,” Allen told reporters after Wednesday’s practice. Allen’s ankle got twisted when he was tackled by Joey Bosa late in the second quarter. Allen hobbled off the field and missed one play but didn’t miss another play in the game. A less mobile Allen will be a huge gift to the Niners D.

    2. Niners new look backfield formations on pass D: I see a lot less of Ward in single high position and a lot more cover 4 and cover 6 looks before snap that changes post-snap. Can the veterans DBs disguise looks and bait the relatively inexperienced Allen into throwing a couple of balls to them?

    3. The Raheem Mostert Experience: Most teams that play Mostert for the first time have a rude awakening on his deceptive speed. Getting the running game going early will play a critical part in getting pressure off Mullens from an excellent D Line of the Bills.

    4. The Aiyuk-Deebo tandem: On third downs, have both on the field at the same time and the threat of them running across the middle will reduce attention paid to Dwelley/ Reed.

    5. Mullens’ improved ball security: Will Mullens be able to see the Bills’ LBs/DBs who may be standing between him and the receivers he targets?

    6. Fast grass field: The Glendale grass surface is fast and will help showcase Niners’ speed on offense.

    7. The Phoenix 49ers: Based on the record, playing with no crowd away from home seems to have less negative effect on the Niners’ performance compared to a silent Levis. The Bills are flying cross-country.

    1. 1. Personally, the competitor that I am, I always hoped my opponent was 100 per cent ready to play.

      5. I shudder every time Mullen’s throws a pass

      7. “The Phoenix 49ers”, – I have been waiting all week for a comment like that.

      1. Personally, the competitor that I am, I always hoped my opponent was 100 per cent ready to play.

        It is what it is. I’ll take any advantage considering the injury situation of the Niners.

        Kyle is handling the relocation very well. I expect the Niners to play with a chip on their shoulder for being evicted from Santa Clara, and fight fiercely like the Desert Rats of 1943 and take Tobruk!

  19. JL stated that he was blindsided by the news of a shutdown.
    Does he follow the news? With this huge spike in cases, he should have been preparing contingency plans ahead of time.
    Moving to a Covid 19 hotspot may not work out well. I am hoping for the best, but am expecting the worst. Maybe they should take over a hotel and sequester the families in it, with strict safeguards to prevent infections. Make mini bubbles for the starters, the rest of the team, the coaches, and the families.
    Another strategy that I mentioned before the season, is that they should separate the starters from the rest of the team. Denver learned the hard way, but they were forced to play with no QBs and had to use a PS WR converted to QB. I hope JG and CJB stay as far away from Mullens as possible. This should happen with all position groups.

    1. Seb,
      “Does he follow the news? With this huge spike in cases, he should have been preparing contingency plans ahead of time.”

      How do you know that the 49ers did not have a contingency plan?
      That fact that they were able to secure the State Farm Stadium within days of the Santa Clara announcement speaks to their preparedness.

      They were blindsided by not being alerted from Santa Clara officials who simply made a blanket statement. Except for the 49ers, I don’t believe any other business in the Santa Clara County that had to move.
      The 49ers / Santa Clara relationship has not been a good one for some time now. It doesn’t surprise me that city officials did not contact the 49ers prior to making a public statement.

      1. Jeds Bought and paid for city councilmen won’t take office until Jan. In the mean time I don’t expect any favors from the people his toadies beat in Nov.

      2. Niners’ relationship with the Santa Clara County government (population 1.9 million) has nothing to do with its relationship with the Santa Clara City (population 130,000) government. To the best of my knowledgeable, there is no pre-existing bad blood between the County and the Niners.

        The County’s health policy has been misguided and not data-driven ever since the start of the pandemic. They shut down businesses with an iron fist which of course reduces COVID transmission but has also harmed the vast majority of the small business community and destroyed many of them. The Niners have been affected far less than these small businesses. Luckily, the small company where I work has done fine because we are set up for remote work. I just feel bad for the companies that have no been as lucky as us. The Country could have taken a far more nuanced approach based on zip codes affected.

        1. Mood,
          Thanks for the info.
          I’m going off the comments made by Shanahan and Lynch regarding the transmission of news about shutting down contact sports activities. I would expect that a professional sports team could be made aware of such news immediately, so that they could begin the logistics of finding a new location.
          Fortunately, the 49ers by all accounts were able to make a smooth transition.

          1. Yes, the Niners did act quickly and decisively, and all things considered, they have had a smooth transition.
            However, considering the Covid 19 pandemic is killing 2 people every minute, I had hoped they would have been consulting ahead of time with the decision makers. Sounds like they heard the news on the team bus, according to JL.
            I am hoping that the new vaccines will turn the tide, but this season may be on the brink of closing, since 31 out of 32 teams have had Covid, and some teams have had whole position groups affected. If the Covid rates keep climbing, anything is possible.

            1. Seb-if Covid is the kiiler of all that your always implying, why do Nancy and her nephew do as they please-with impunity? U think they don’t get the scoop on this thing? They still get their haircut and expensive dinners WITHOUT wearing a mask……………..

              Just wear a mask, dont get too close to people and live your life.

              1. Yawn, this Covid 19 pandemic is stressing everyone. She is entitled to get a haircut, since she is representing the United States House of Representatives, but only took off the mask to get her hair washed. It also was one day before the ban was lifted, so it is just a tempest in a teapot.
                So desperate. Hysterically dismissing everything she has done to help stop this plague, is not your finest moment. Meanwhile. the real leadership is absent, making Biden pick up the pieces, to repair incompetence, which has made it worse.
                Believe it or not, it is allowed to take off the masks when eating and drinking. The party was 12, which exceeded the rule by 2. In this pandemic nightmare, people should be allowed to try to live with some normalcy. It was not like many parties with 100 people, not wearing masks at all.
                However, from what I hear, the French Laundsry is a sublime gastronomic experience, so I am sure they had strict Covid 19 protocols in place to reduce the dangers.
                I do not think they should fine people who refuse to wear a mask. The Judge should just sentence them to Community Service, aiding a Covid ward. Repeat offenders should be assigned to the morgue.
                Believe it or not, the daily fatality toll equaled the number killed during 9-11.So we are having a 9-11 every day, and you trivialize this?

              2. I don’t know why you would first want to impersonate the biggest idiot known to mankind, then secondly,want to bring politics and this pandemic onto a football blog?

                I mean what kind of sick, lonely POS are you?
                You really have nothing else going on or have something better to do than those 2 things?

              3. Prime, bug off. The catfish and I have had some pretty good arguments. At least he does not hurl expletives.
                Grow up. You are looking like a mentally impaired, socially maladjusted fool who blusters and bloviates like your hero.
                Believe it or not, this pandemic has hit home. The Niners have had to move away because of it. It is very relevant, and may derail this season.
                The politics are coming from your side,. I am siding with the scientists and medical experts. Your way to fight this pandemic is to deny its existence, and do nothing.
                Maybe they should give the vaccines to the front line personnel, the rest home residents and their care givers, the immuno- compromised, and even the immigrant laborers, who are working hard to feed people, as essential workers.
                Football players, who are just playing a game, should be far down on the list.

              4. SEB=she was not supposed to get a haircut at that time-her nephew shut the state economy down and was in fact giving out fines to people who did not obey his dictates……….
                While doing his best Stalin impersonation, he was also giving out fines to folks on the Southern California beaches…while knowingly going to an expensive restaurant with his political groupies…… a depressed economy that he shut down. BY fiat, he forbade anyone else this pleasure……………except himself and those who feather his nest.

                Sebstrom—If those we entrust to make the laws do not also have to follow them, then the people are NOT being governed-they are being ruled.

                No spinning or pivots, Seb………..are you a Patriot and are fine with the rule of law? Or are you, as Stalin said, a “useful idiot”? His words, not mine………….

              5. Bah, the rule of law has been flaunted by the Republicans.
                Of course, you want to adhere to the letter of the law, but ‘large gatherings’ is subjective, and there is not much difference between 10 and 12. There is a huge difference between 10 and events like Sturgis, a huge super spreader event.
                In Pelosi’s case, she was set up by the owner, who said that all precautions and protocols were followed, but were not. Pelosi jumped the gun by one day, so if she had waited 24 hours, it would have been perfectly fine to get her hair done, singly, with no other customers, so there was little chance of spreading Covid 19 to other people. She did wear a mask, and only took it off to get her hair washed, so she was masking up responsibly.
                Meanwhile, the assistant pastor of a church who defied the Covid 19 mandates, dies of Covid 19. This is a teachable moment, and I hope his wife has some regrets over totally disregarding the protocols.
                I will say this again. I do not want them to impose fines. They should be sentenced to Community Service, aiding in a Covid 19 ward.
                Herd immunity? That just would have condemned 3 million people to die. The Governors who did shut down their states, did see a drop in cases. Too bad others insisted on being Typhoid Mary’s, and this huge spike is the result. In the end, half a million people may die before they can immunize enough people with the vaccine.
                This is a catastrophic pandemic, killing millions, and some people are selfish, and only care about themselves. Hopefully, Darwinian theories play out, and those people who help spread this deadly scourge, will suffer the consequences. Thanksgiving was held because they wanted to visit Grandma. Too bad it may be her last Thanksgiving.
                Maybe they should only give the vaccine to people who do not believe that this pandemic is a hoax, and people who do not wear masks. Covid 19 doubters probably do not believe in vaccines, so the gene pool may be culled, and only the people who are smart, survive.
                I am a Patriot. I love my country. Rule of law? Like impeaching a president over lying about a consensual act, or an impeached president that tore up the rule book and has told 20,000 lies? You keep forgetting the Mueller Report. He saw wrong doing, but was constrained by the fact that they had an unwritten rule that a sitting president could not be indicted.
                Guess what? After January 20th, there is no immunity from lawsuits. He cannot pardon himself over something that has not been done. Remember, everyone is innocent, until proven guilty in a court of law, so there can be no pre-emptive pardons. There certainly will be no retroactive pardons by the incoming administration.
                I am expecting a blizzard of lawsuits and indictments after January 20th, so grab your popcorn, it will be a spectacle.
                Soon, he will be taunted by chants of- LOCK HIM UP, unless he flees the country.
                How deliciously ironic. A craven Putin lover, the biggest Commie in the world, is questioning my patriotism. All this rejection of the results of this election, is giving aid and comfort to Putin, and other enemies of the United States.
                ‘His words, not mine’. Quoting Stalin? Another one of your heroes? He is another Commie, so you must love him, like you do with Putin.

              6. Prime, you are the real cancer on this site.
                A profane bully who thinks hurling insults makes him look smart. It does the exact opposite.
                You bet 200 bucks that the Niners would draft Trubusty. The 49ers did not draft Trubusty. Then you never paid off because you slimed out of it with a stipulation, made after he accepted your bet. Wotta welcher.
                You want the Niners to have twice as hard a time to win. You did not think they would win another game this season, and gloated about a possibility of getting a top 10 draft position. I want the Niners to draft last every year.
                You think the Cowboys will defeat the 49ers. I know the Cowgirls have Mike Nolan as DC.
                You burbled about the Rams putting a 40 burger on the Niners, and wondered if Saleh’s job was safe. You are a stable genius.
                You wanted to bet 200 bucks that the Niners would draft CJ Henderson, who is on IR. My last mock had the Niners selecting Javon Kinlaw. Trying to debate me from a position of weakness, just shows how clueless you are.

              7. Seb even when the truth slaps you upside your head, plain as day by the horses mouth, you cling on.
                That tells me what a coward you are because all you do is hide and throw stones and beak behind the safety of the internet.
                Your family must be so proud of the human you are.

              8. My family is proud of me and loves me. Your family is wondering why you have devolved into a foul mouthed infant who acts like a brat.
                Welchers should not be afraid of paying off their debts.

              9. How you like these apples?

                Prime Time says:
                December 2, 2020 at 8:18 am
                We have, just need confirmation as I keep getting labelled as one when it was you and I that made the bet and the stipulation. So please for the record, tell me one way or the other?
                Did I welch?

                Razoreater says: 
December 2, 2020 at 8:27 am

          2. AES,

            You are welcome.
            Bay Area governments treats all businesses like crap except the most powerful ones like Google and Facebook. The Niners are small potatoes for the County.
            I believe the Niners had already settled on Arizona as an emergency home before the season began, with an unnamed stadium in Texas as a backup plan.

            The more I think about, Jeff Smith’s idiotic move may have been a blessing in disguise. Listening to Hyder Jr.’s KNBR interview from Glendale, he players’ living arrangements and proximity of hotel to practice seem to have made life relatively orderly. The AZ weather now is pretty pleasant according to my friend who lives in Phoenix. The team is in a position to use this opportunity to bond together and focus on winning the next few games.

            1. Mood,
              Good to hear (read) this. Sounds like the 49ers were well prepared to make such a move.
              Hopefully, as you’ve stated, the team can focus on the business at hand.

            2. Mood,
              Those are good points and I think you are correct. It is interesting that AZ and SF have no overlapping home games this season and I have to believe this was done intentionally by the NFL.

      1. This is my first time playing fantasy, because I did not want to closely follow the rest of the league. At least I refrained from selecting any Rayduhs, Cowgirls or Seasquawks, so I do not have to root for them to do well.
        This game, I have benched both Stephon Diggs and Devin Singletary, because I do not want those Bills to do well against the Niners. In fact, I hope the Niners shut them down. I may lose, but I do not care. I mainly want the Niners to win. This is just fun for me.

    1. Deebo’s “receptions” this year have primarily been caught behind the LOS and most of those are effectively run plays. His YAC is quite misleading as a result – he’s been more RB than WR.

      1. The fact that he’s a WR who is obviously a superiors route runner and pass catcher than any RB but also leads all RBs in YAC makes him an unique weapon.

          1. The only issue with that is that it will become easy to defend.
            We need a down field passing attack so that those type of plays keeps defenses honest.
            I always wonder if that’s Shanny’s lack of trust in his QB and oline, or a philosophical thing.

            1. I think it is pretty safe to say Shanahan wants to push the ball downfield. He has every other place he has been. He has stated as much while with the 49ers.

              Personnel is the only reason he isn’t. Whether it’s the QB, OL, receivers or some combo of, there is something that isn’t working as he wants it to. Watching reviews by other people of the 49ers, pretty sure it isn’t the receivers as they are getting open downfield.

              Personally I believe it is the QBs – even last year the deep pass was a bit of a non-factor even though the OL was ok. It limits what Shanahan can do. It is one of the reasons I believe the rumours of Shanahan not having trust in JG started and why they didn’t extend him this past offseason (questionable decision making being another). And why (in conjunction with his cap hit) I think there is a good chance they move on from him this offseason. But the OL is clearly an issue this year too.

              1. I agree Scooter but with Aiyuk back, they have to at least attempt some deep shots.
                As for Jimmy G, his fate will be determined on the last couple games he plays, that’s if he plays and if they can squeek into the playoffs.
                Winning and playing well in the post season will almost certainly bring him back.

            2. Shanahan has already shown that he has shots that come off all the underneath stuff..

              The down field passes or lack thereof is a product of Garoppolo. Mullens pushes the ball at a higher rate. In 2019 and in 2020 Garoppolo has thrown the ball past 15 yards on ~ 12.5% of his attempts. Mullens is at 15.5% with a slightly higher completion percentage.

              1. Yeah, that’s something I meant to add in my reply to Prime – it isn’t that the deep passes aren’t being called, it’s that the QBs, for whatever reason, aren’t taking those shots very often, with JG the biggest culprit. And I think it is largely JG doesn’t feel comfortable making those plays so he looks elsewhere.

              2. Scooter,

                To your point, I think far to often we want to blame the coach for dinking and dunking. While the reality is that for the most part the coach calls plays that have multiple options and the qb must decide where to go with the ball. The qb is not throwing the ball to the underneath receiver because the coach told him to. He is throwing it there because either the read dictates it or he feels more comfortable making that throw.

                Shanahan’s passing game (and indeed, most passing game concepts) often tries to put a defender in conflict and throw to the area that he vacates once he makes a decision. Chris Sims has broken this down multiple times on youtube.

                Also, anyone feel free to correct me, but it seems that Jimmy in the past has been fairly aggressive in terms of throwing the ball to certain routes, especially between the hashes. However, he doesn’t seem to like throwing go routes, even deep he seems to prefer posts. Of course, this is just my eyeball test.

              3. Jack it doesnt matter what stats you use to compare Mullens to Jimmy G. One is a back up, and the other isnt. I dont think 49er fans need a stat to be convinced that Mullens is better. He just isnt!

              4. Shoup, WRT running concepts that put defenders in conflict and attack multiple levels, with Shanahan that certainly is the case. And yeah, same can be said for most offenses.

                And I agree, JG does a good job on certain routes and route combinations, but tends to avoid others. He really likes the middle of the field. But outside the hashes he can struggle a bit and he doesn’t like taking many shots over 15 yards past the LOS.

              5. I’d compare Mullens to the spare donut tire in your trunk. He’ll only get you so far, so fast.

              6. You wrote, “We need a down field passing attack so that those type of plays keeps defenses honest.
                I always wonder if that’s Shanny’s lack of trust in his QB and oline, or a philosophical thing.” My réponse wasn’t to show that Mullens is better than Garoppolo, it was to show that he’s pushing the ball downfield more often. It’s not Shanahan, it’s the QB not taking the shots.

      2. When Walsh first used the pass behind the line of scrimmage consistently and with great success his plays were often labeled as long handoffs. It was because of Walsh that the YAC became a stat. Good to see it again with different plays, different players and with the same success.

        1. Most of these aren’t passes behind the LOS, they are basically handoffs. They travel less than a yard. They are forward pitches, and a pitch is a run.

          I don’t mean this to suggest Deebo isn’t good or anything like that, just that he is getting most of his yards as a RB, not as YAC. His receiving stats are inflated as a result (as are the QBs).

        2. UC,
          Yes, the concept is similar but in the case of Deebo’s receptions/runs, they are different.

          In the Walsh days the long handoffs were typically swing passes or passes, some even called the quick slant a long handoff. As the idea was just to pick up 4-7 yards.

          With Deebo, the qb could quite literally hand him the ball… and the only reason they don’t do it, is because a mishandled exchange is not a fumble but incomplete pass. A no harm no foul play so to speak.

          1. Understood, its a really smart play by KS and others that use that tactic. I understand what you and Scooter are saying, It still is what it is, a forward pass, and the tactic remains the same, get the ball into your playmakers hands and let them make plays. Are the stats skewed because of it, sure it is, but most stats are what most stats are – conversation. By the way I never heard anyone ever call Walsh’s slants a handoff, I suppose they could but I never viewed it that way. Eyes of the beholder I suppose.

            1. I’ve heard it a few times, but it’s typically more your Booger McFarland variety of commentator.

              As to the nature of the run/pass this one is a bit different. I would tend to classify it as a run even knowing statistically it must be classified as a pass… My reason for this is that the qb isn’t reading the defense, the linemen are run blocking and no other receivers are going on routes as they are also run blocking.

              You are correct though in that it is just semantics and the only difference is where the receptions and yardage stats should go. :/

  20. I’m not sure how good Coastal Carolina is but todays game should be interesting. Wilson should eat this non power 5 conference defense alive. I really want to see him Jan. 1 Vs. a top 10 team.

    1. Coach,
      Personally speaking, playing against top ranked competition remains the one mystery for me when it comes to Wilson.

      I know that Wilson is very talented, but high competition level is like a refiners fire that purifys.
      That’s the reason why I like Kyle Trask and also Mac Jones who could be in our draft range.
      Other candidates are Howell and Purdy who could range between 2-3 round.

  21. Another game I am looking foreward to today. N.D. Vs. Syracuse. I finally figured out who Ian Book reminds me of……..Jeff Garcia another QB the scouts said couldn’t play in the NFL. Other than Bill Walsh that is. Everyone should watch this future 9er 4th round draft piock and our starter in 2022. Go Irish.

  22. Razor,
    I assume you will be watching the BYU, CC game.
    Coastal Carolina has an edge rusher for you to keep an eye on by the name of the Tarron Jackson. This could be a great game to watch him, as BYU has a Left Tackle that will likely be drafted as well. In any case I am looking forward to the matchup.

  23. Wilson better have his A game today because Coastal is pushing them all over the field. He may not get many opportunities.

  24. Wilson is looking kind of ordinary. I wonder if this will effect his draft position. If they don’t win there won’t be a new years game for them.

    1. Wilson’s star was tainted a little bit today, but the signs of being a good QB are there.
      I’m just not so sure how his level of would fare against the best defenses in the pros every week.
      I would be hesitant in drafting him with our 1st pick.

    2. The concern I had with Wilson prior to this game was that he has looked good while being able to hold the ball forever. He has excellent arm talent, and he has the athleticism to give defenders fits, but he hasn’t been forced to get the ball out in rhythm very often or make subtle movements in the pocket to avoid pressure, so we don’t really know what he is like under pressure or as a rhythm passer.

      This game has only brought more question marks on that aspect of his game.

      I still think his natural physical abilities sees him taken in the first round, because those talents are excellent. But he has some mental aspects of his game that are a concern, from the point of view of we don’t know/ haven’t seen enough to know.

  25. Ian Book had another great game. Tony Dungy was comparing his work ethic and leadership qualities to Joe Montana today.

    1. I don’t see him having starting potential but he certainly could develop into a better version of Nick Mullens.
      Thanks for the advise on checking him out.

  26. Davis Mills played an excellent game in Stanford’s win over the Huskies. Great footwork in the pocket, superb ball placement where only the receiver could get it. Stanford would probably be unbeaten had a botched COVID test not made him ineligible. A very good mid-to-late round pick.

  27. Grant mentioned that Nick Mullen’s grandfather advocated that the Niners run the No Huddle offense.
    I heartily agree. Run the no huddle, like Peyton Manning used to do. Run up to the line, prevent the defense from substituting, then get into a play that exploits their weakness. If kept in their base defense, the Niners could take shots downfield. The No Huddle will allow the Niners to create mismatches, and allow plenty of time, so they should never incur a delay of game penalty.
    Of course, if up by 2 scores, they should bleed the clock. But if behind, they should do the hurry up offense, with maybe even calling multiple play sequences, devised ahead of time. Time is of the essence.

  28. Trevor Sikkema:

    Can you imagine Fields, Wilson, or Lance with Shanahan? That’s a brighter future than one we can see with Garoppolo, I think.

    1. Imagine what Shanahan can do with Jimmy Garoppolo who has basically played under two full seasons.

      I like the top 3-5 college QB’S that have been touted around here, but I like a healthy proven JG much more and believe that he is still capable of improving under Shanahan.

      1. Can’t stay healthy and can’t throw downfield. Hasn’t improved his mechanics since he’s been here. Time to move on, and I believe Shanny will do just that….

        1. I saw one QB who rolled left and threw right. He also threw side arm while back peddling. Not great form or mechanics. He also threw to a covered player, many times.
          Just looking at his mechanics, he needs work, but he also completed those passes. Maybe you can guess who that QB is.
          JG is superior to most QBs in the league, won 15 games last season and took them to the SB. If he is deadly accurate in the short and medium passes, why force him to do something he is less accurate at? I hope KS plays to his strengths, and disguises his weaknesses.

  29. Nick Mullen’s grandfather is just a dude.
    Joey Bosa’s grandfather……..well, you’d want to pay attention to what he said!
    just sayin’

    Niners preparations were miles ahead of Rams or Chargers who are just now putting ideas together; Las Vegas and Arlington. 🤷‍♂️

    1. Ha! My son in law is a huge rams fan. He can’t stand it when I call his prized QB Soff Goff, but that certainly describes him well.

  30. Razor,
    Do you think yesterdays performance will effect Wilson’s draft spot? He won’t get the chance to play another top 10 team this year. He did look good in that final drive.

    1. Unless there is a combine and individual workouts, it is gonna be hard for Wilson to say he has the capability to play against NFL caliber type defenses.

      However there is no denying he might be the most talented QB in this draft. This kid is wired to compete and the arm to stretch the field.
      He might fall in the draft and that might be good for the Niners.

        1. With Wilson, I’d seriously be concerned every time he runs. His upper body seems a little thin that could make him susceptible to injury. He faced a better degree of competition yesterday and couldn’t get his team over the top. He’ll find that the worse team in the NFL is head and shoulders better than Coastal Carolina.

    2. Coach,

      I actually didn’t think Wilson played bad.

      I certainly wouldn’t let it deter me from using a pick on him in the first.
      He’s mobile, accurate, can throw off platform and his arm strength has really improved. There is a lot to work with there.
      While he wasn’t amazing he wasn’t bad either, he completed 63% of his passes for 240 yards and td, his lone int came on a hail Mary, and he ran for 55 yards.

      The biggest problem he had was his defense struggled to get off the field, Coastal Carolina possessed the ball 15 minutes and 42 seconds longer than BYU, that is more than full quarters worth of TOP.

      If we also keep in mind that this game was put together in under a week, CC has a very good defense and BYU would have lost a day of prep due to a cross country trip and their body clocks would still be adjusting… this was going to be a tough game to look good in.
      I know I am making excuses, but imagine if say the SF went from being scheduled to play say the Rams to say the Buccaneers on a few days notice. Wouldn’t you expect a drop-off in performance from Nick or Jimmy or in the reverse scenario from Tom?
      I guess in the end, all I am trying to say is that I think this game really only could have helped him and he would have had to had a real stinker for it to be used against him.

      1. Quite a bit of those passing yards came in the last drive when CC went prevent. Before that he was Avg. at best. I believe this loss will knock them out of a bowl where they will face a top 10 power 5 team. I wouldn’t mind seeing them play Northwestern or Wisc. neither are all around good teams but they have very good defenses. If he has a 2nd Avg. performance against a quality team would you still draft him top 20?

  31. Here’s the top 3QB’s in the draft by rank.

    1. Lawrence
    2. Trask
    3. Fields

    After these 3 the talent drops off significantly. Zach Wilson is fools gold!! I pity the team that uses a first or second round pick on him.

      1. No, Darnold is too expensive for a Niners’ backup. I have watched him since his college days and he has potential. Needs better coaching and a better supporting cast.

      1. It will be difficult to see Sherm go. This is why we should have drafted a corner last year.
        CJ Henderson would be a starter by now and have had a good year and half in the system ready to be the lockdown guy we need.
        The fact we didn’t draft any corners makes zero sense.

        1. The reason they didn’t draft a CB was in keeping with their whole offseason – they were aiming to replicate 2019 as much as possible. It wasn’t really an offseason about planning for the future, it was pretty much all about 2020. In that lens it made sense as they had the same CBs as 2019 on the roster already. What they needed to do was replace the three key losses they had – Staley, Buckner and Sanders.

          Tbh, I don’t think the team places as much emphasis on the CB position as a lot of fans and people posting on here think they do/ should. The team has made it very clear both in words and actions that the front 7, in particular the front 4, is the emphasis. They see the secondary as being a complementary piece. Can’t be rubbish, but doesn’t need to be littered with stars.

    1. Yep. RW took a beating. Giants defense played great the entire 4 quarters. Cards loss is huge if the 49ers win against the Bills.

      1. Lions beating the Bears tightened up the wildcard race a notch too. Too bad the Jags just missed knocking off the Vikes. Niners have to do their part tomorrow, I have a good feeling about their chances.

        1. It’s December — when the good teams move it up a gear. Niners need to play with confidence and focus tomorrow, and protect the football. I think they will pull off a win.

  32. Both the Cards and Seahawks lost, so the NFC West is up for grabs, or at least a wild card spot.
    Colt McCoy had not played for 6 years, and came back to win, so I guess QBs are salvageable.

  33. I’m looking at some OTC salary cap numbers. If Ford is cut he still counts $14.35 million against the cap. There would be savings of $6.4 million. Does that change if he retires? If it does, I have to believe he would lose money by retiring so why retire?

    Now that I’m looking at the numbers, I can see why the team might look to part ways with Jimmy G. There’s only 34 players under contract and the team only has about $23 mil in cap space (figure somewhere between $8 and $10 million for rookies and that doesn’t leave much to resign current players with expiring contracts). The best way to free up money is by parting ways with Jimmy G.

    Restructuring Alexander and Ford look like big mistakes. They will count over $21 million in dead money next year.

        1. My understanding is the team will have the option of pursuing the return of the portion of signing bonus equal to the unplayed portions of the contract through an arbitrator, and that money would then no longer be counted against the salary cap….

          1. They would never do it. They can go down that road, but it sets a bad precedent. These guys aren’t like Barry Sanders, retiring while young and fully healthy just because they lost the love of the game. They’d be retiring due to injury. Just bad luck. And bad contract management.

            1. My understanding is similar to Scooter’s.
              These were two terrible restructure that I still don’t understand what they were thinking.
              They have made multiple errors in terms of who they have decided restructure or what they are willing to pay them.
              Here’s a list of bad investments in the Shanahan Era.

              Smith, McKinnon, Coleman, Juice, Richburg (renegotiation), Ford (renegotiation), Ward…

              Juice and Coleman were just overpaid in terms of positional value. Richburg and Ford’s original contracts were ok, but it was their restructured deals that were killers. Malcom Smith, Jimmy Ward and McKinnon were just overpaid relative to their talent imo.
              Note* if SF doesn’t find a way to get Armstead back inside on passing downs, we will soon be adding his name to the list.

            2. Scooter:

              Blaming COVID for the reduction in the salary cap might be plausible. Especially if multiple teams take this approach. But I don’t know how many guys would fall into this “retirement” predicament and I suspect it’s not many. So, there might only be a few teams that would consider this.

              1. Cubus,
                I might be misunderstanding this but neither Ford or Richburg would potentially retire due to covid but rather because of complications with their back or knee respectively. That said, I think you might be correct in thinking that they may not retire… or at least one of them wont. In this case I don’t see SF having any recourse to collect that salary back.

                This is the biggest reason why Scooter and I have speculated that Jimmy would be gone, especially if he couldn’t come back this season. His salary just takes up too much cap space. So if SF wanted to keep him on the roster, then I am fairly certain they would have to offer an extension with more guaranteed money to free up cap space. Otherwise they almost have to rid themselves of that salary.

                Keeping in mind that Fred Warner is coming up on his final contract year, and Trent Williams, Sherman, Mosely, K’waun, Verret, Tartt, Bourne, and Juice are also free agents the 49ers will have some very treacherous waters to navigate this off-season.

              2. Maybe JL should target only fully healthy players. Even Richberg had an injury problem before he was signed.

              3. Shoup:

                I meant to use the salary cap decrease, which resulted from Covid, as a possible excuse in general – not that those two guys had Covid.

              4. Cubus, even if they go down that route it will take an arbitration process and is unlikely to be cleared up in time to give them cap relief to help signing players in 2021. It would purely be a money grab by York, and it will set a very bad precedent. Who wants to go to the team that will fight tooth and nail to take back monies that were guaranteed and paid because of injuries suffered while playing for the team? They won’t do it.

                Keep in mind as well with both Ford and Richburg renegotiations – they aren’t getting anything other than what they were owed anyway this year on their original deals. All that happened was salary was coverted to bonus in order to push cap hits back. It was an accounting decision to free up cap space in 2020. Then COVID hit and now those decisions are going to bite them in 2021. Bad luck, but definitely not the players faults.

    1. cubus,
      It makes good business sense to let JG walk, but it may push the team back 2-3 years to make another SB run.
      I don’t (can’t think of one) know of any rookie QB that’s taken their team to the SB. And signing a FA QB whose better than Jimmy Garoppolo won’t come cheap.

      Sure, the 49ers backed themselves against the wall with overblown contacts, but it did get us to the SB last year.

      Even if the 49ers draft a top 4 rookie QB next year the odds of winning a SB are slim. That would be very disappointing for me, especially given the fact that we let a current SB QB walk, if that’s how it plays out.
      Count me as a person who says, keep JG.

        1. There has ‘never’ been a rookie QB to lead his team to the SB so I would have to say the odds are better with JG then a rookie QB. I would venture to say a veteran capable of taking us to the SB would cost as much as JG and I am not sure if there is one that is better then JG that would be available. Also remember it takes a veteran QB two years to learn KS system how long does it take for a rookie who not only has to learn KS system but how to live and play in the NFL. Going to have to be someone special to come aboard to replace JG. (Only Flaco and Sanchez has won multiple playoff games as a rookie)

          1. Yeah, they probably have a better chance next year with JG than a rookie. Probably. But maybe not by as much as you think if the supporting cast is considerably weaker around JG. The COVID induced cap situation is going to make 2021 very challenging for a lot of teams, including the 49ers. Regardless of whether they stick with JG or not, the 49ers are going to be having a bit of a refresh this offseason.

            Correct, no rookie QB has won the SB. But, a lot of QBs have won the SB over the past 15-20 years while on their rookie contracts. The benefit teams get from having a telented QB in years 2-4 on a cheap contract is huge.

        2. Good odds, when we get our key offensive weapons back.
          Getting a healthy Bosa, even if it comes a few games or at the middle of season would help.

          I look at the raiders who just a few years ago, there was talk about D. Carr possibly being traded or cut. Now they are strong playoff contenders.
          That is only one example of not giving up on a proven QB.

          Our defense would need to be stout and good at the second level, but that could come by way of FA and perhaps a couple of draft picks. I would be more comfortable letting our current D player who become FA next year walk than a QB that is familiar with Shanahan’ scheme.

          Would you guys be OK with keeping JG if he took a reasonable pay cut?

          1. I guess that’s the difference between us then. I think 2021 is going to be a real challenge for the 49ers to get themselves in position to win the SB. With the talent drain they will likely suffer if they keep JG they would need pretty much everything to go their way.

            So I look at it more from the perspective of what is best for the team over the next four years. Personally I think JG is a decent but limited starting QB they can improve on. And I firmly believe that a young QB’s development is significantly boosted by being able to develop while supported by a strong roster and good coaching staff. With a very good QB class and a poor cap situation, 2021 would seem an ideal time to make that decision.

            If JG is willing to take a decent pay cut then sure, keep him. But that should not preclude drafting a QB high.

            1. I believe that they just have to field a team strong enough to make the playoffs. Once in the playoffs, I stand by the old adage that “it’s a new season” which means any team has a chance to win the big game.
              The best example of that was a team like the NYG (who barely sneaked into the playoffs) beating the undefeated NEP.

              Unfortunately, there will need to be some cuts on the team before next season. Ford, Richburg, Gould and Sherman will likely not be resigned.
              But that still leaves a nice core group of players that combined with a good draft and viable FA’ a good chance to make the playoffs.

              That said, I don’t see us making a run at the playoffs with a rookie QB. Hence, my reason for keeping JG.
              I feel that drafting a QB is essential for future sustainability, but certainly not with the ideal of taking the reigns on the day one.

              1. They aren’t getting rid of Garoppolo. A HC would rather cut his arm off than lose a QB who he has won a lot of games with. They may restructure him or others but to go with a rookie would not be in line with Shanahan or any HC’s preference if they can help it. The cap is going to be a problem for the league as a whole, but there are ways around it with long term deals and depth guys aren’t going to get much on the open market. There is also a sense that the cap may not decrease as much as initially thought.


              2. If the cap is closer to $195M then yeah, I agree they will keep JG (though still draft a QB high). I’ll only believe the cap remains that high when I see it confirmed though.

      1. I was listening to KNBR the other day and the host brought up a few interesting ideas contingent on Saleh leaving.
        His belief was that if Saleh left he was likely to take a few people with him.
        1. Saleh would likely take Mike McDaniel or Mike LaFleur with him.
        2. Saleh might also try to rebuild a situation similar to the one in SF and thus take Adam Peters with him.

        Part 1. Wouldn’t be terrible, however the 2nd one could be a major problem. SF’s draft success has largely been in the mid to later rounds where the scouting depart likely has more say than Kyle or John. Kittle, Warner, Street, Moore, DJ Jones, and Greenlaw have all been extremely valuable and all were more likely found by Peters than Kyle or John

      2. “Sure, the 49ers backed themselves against the wall with overblown contacts, but it did get us to the SB last year.”

        I don’t think your conclusion here is correct. The contracts became severely overblown after the team went to the SB; i.e. when they were renegotiated during the offseason (Ford’s contract was restructured at the beginning of Sept.).

        1. The contracts became severely overblown after the team went to the SB; i.e. when they were renegotiated during the offseason (Ford’s contract was restructured at the beginning of Sept.).

          Ford’s restructuring increased the cap charge by only $3.18 million in each of the remaining seasons of his contract. However, it created $9.55 million in 2020 cap room that allowed Kittle to be re-signed, along with other players

          1. Thanks for the clarification, Mood. So they split the savings over 2021 through 2024 as additional dead money. So, what was the guaranteed money on that contract? Isn’t that what really counts? The page you linked says the Garanteed Salary is $12.66 million and he has no guaranteed salary in 2021 through 2024. He’s already gotten a bonus of$20.7 million. So, I don’t understand how these numbers (previous sentence) jive with the dead money shown. Shouldn’t there be agreement?

            1. The signing bonus (both original and renegotiation) is fully guaranteed, is not salary, and is pro-rated over the length of the deal. That is how they push cap hits to later years. But once the player is cut (or retires) the remainder of that bonus that hasn’t accrued on the cap is brought forward to that year on the cap.

              1. Exactly, cutting them moves the pro-rated bonus money to dead money. There is no escape from it, but it will be a one-year (2021) problem. The two restructurings only slightly worsened the cap hit for next year and the dead money if they are cut next year.

              2. The restructures significantly worsened the cap hit for releasing them in 2021. Ford in particular, who was effectively on a series of one year deals prior to the restructure.

                It did give them some much needed cap space in 2020… but with 20-20 hindsight they would have been better just releasing (or trading) Ford.

              3. OK. That makes sense. It’s the unpaid portion of the signing bonus that makes the dead money so high. That’s how it would work if Ford is cut. If he retires, they could try to get some of the bonus money back.

              4. The restructures significantly worsened the cap hit for releasing them in 2021.

                I got the impression that the cap hit increase due to restructuring Ford’s contract is $3.2M which is small compared to the $11.1M cap hit without the restructuring. IIRC, the difference is smaller for Richburg. What did I miss?

              5. They converted $12.7M to bonus, spread out over 4 years. Which means next year if they cut him it is an additional almost $10M in dead cap hit than it would have been.

              6. Well, I’m sure the plan was more that they were extending that cap hit out over a few years, but it is looking more and more likely that yeah, it will just be moving it from 2020 to 2021.

        2. The Ford contract restructuring was a huge mistake given the fact that he came in with a injury resume.
          But even with that, the 49ers had no knowledge of the severity of Ford’ back condition back in September.

          Also, almost every team that makes the SB finds that players and their agents seek a bigger paycheck.

          It’s disappointing that the 49ers will need to release some big contracts this off season especially on some players who played a key roll in helping us get to the SB.
          But I don’t feel like this towards Ford who never made a big impact last season in our SB run.

          Now, someone who did play a big roll in our SB run was Garoppolo. Saving money by letting him go might make good sense to some, but hollowing out the entire core, with all due respect, just doesn’t work for me.

          1. The Ford contract restructuring was a huge mistake given the fact that he came in with a injury resume

            Without the restructuring they would not have been able to extend Kittle or sign the FAs to replace the injured players. Why do you think the restructuring was a mistake? One can question signing Ford in the first place, but one needs to remember that they signed Ford when they had no pass rush, and it was before they drafted Bosa.

            1. 20-20 hindsight it was a mistake. At the time… it was a move they believed they needed to make to keep the team together for another year and make another run at a SB.

              Of course… they could have restructured JG’s contract instead.

              1. 20-20 hindsight it was a mistake.

                Assume you are saying it was a mistake in hindsight. So Niners should have not restructured and not extended Kittle (what was the alternative with Kittle?) and replaced the injured players purely with PS players?

                Of course… they could have restructured JG’s contract instead.

                That would have ensured a death of this blog since more than half the content is on cutting/replacing JG.

              2. “Assume you are saying it was a mistake in hindsight.”

                Yes, I am saying it is easy to see now it was a mistake. As to the rest of your response, no, I am not saying that. Read the rest of my comment. They couldn’t know at the time it was a mistake. Complaining about the decision is easy to do now, but at the time it made sense. I think you and I are actually on the same wavelength on this one.

                “That would have ensured a death of this blog since more than half the content is on cutting/replacing JG.”

                Yes, by restructuring JG last year there wouldn’t be the same question marks on his future. It was VERY strange they didn’t do so given how much they needed to create cap space. Almost like it was a decision to ensure they retained flexibility with his contract after 2020…

              3. Yeah, we agree on the Ford restructuring.
                I have hunch that for Shanalynch this season was going to be Jimmy G’s franchise QB make-or-break season but the injuries and COVID ruined it. They had surrounded Jimmy with talent and this was going to be a good year to see his growth. If Jimmy G comes back and plays well, then the Niners may restructure in the off-season and bring some of the vets back would would otherwise leave.

              4. We are on the same wavelength re JG as well then.

                Only potential difference is that I think while they can’t really use this season to gauge whether he is the guy, the COVID situation may force their hand to make that decision.

              5. If they can’t assess fully this season, then Jimmy G will, in my estimation, almost certainly get another chance next season unless some amazing deal falls into Shanalynch’s lap.
                Fans casually compare JG’s situation with Ryan’s under Kyle. The latter had an excellent O line and Julio Jones. JG’s threw his first TD pass to Louis Murphy and it didn’t get a whole lot better until the second half of last season when Sanders arrive. Kittle aside, he has not had the offensive weapons to allow his passing game to develop — until this season with Aiyuk, Deebo, Bourne, Kittle, and Reed.

            2. It’s Monday morning quarterbacking, but off-loading Ford after the SB could have saved us more money.
              Letting Buckner go also freed up monies to help retain players as well. There’s no way the 49ers would have let Kittle slip from them.

              But it seems like many posters are ready to rid the team of injured players with heavy contacts. I don’t adhere to that notion except for Ford who may never play again. Why allow him to take up free space if he can’t play. Back injuries can persist indefinitely.

              Unlike Ford, Garoppolo, Kittle and Bosa will be back (from injuries) and that’s a very good core group to make a playoff run next year.

  34. Well now a victory tomorrow night sheds a whole new light on the playoff picture. I see the Seahawks winning the division at 11 – 5 the Niners and Rams tying at 10 – 6 and the Cards at 9-7. The Niners still control their own destiny into the playoffs, if they win their in. Just win baby and life gets good. The Niners start their playoff run tomorrow night.

    Rams have to play:

    Cardinals have to play:

    Hawks have to play

  35. The Niners will not draft a QB with their first pick. The may lose Trent Williams, even if JG restructures his contract, because they need to re-sign the defensive backfield. Kerry Hyder has just earned a big raise, so he will have other teams throwing money at him, like TW will have, too. It is just business. Money talks.
    Maybe the best scenario would be for the Pats to trade for JG, who will offer 2021 first and third round picks, along with 2022 first and second round picks for him. They obviously love JG, after he demolished them earlier. Cam is just too inaccurate for BB. This last game, the Chargers shot themselves in the foot too many times, so Cam did not win the game by himself. I still like JG so much, that I do not want Kaep returning, but if they are moving on from JG, Kaep is far superior over any raw rookie. Getting 4 picks for JG may help the Niners rebuild, but I hope they try to retain as many present players as possible. The unit cohesion and team camaraderie is exactly what they want in a SB team.
    JG should realize that all this talk about moving on from him, is just talk. KS and JL are the only ones he should be listening to. They chose him over Tom Brady, so they are looking at him as a long term franchise QB.
    Getting JG and Kittle back for the last games, may be enough of a boost to get them into the playoffs. If Mullens can avoid making mistakes, the Niners have a good chance to win this next game. I hope KS lines up Wilson deep in the I, so he can build up a head of steam before exploiting the weakness in the line. Hopefully, Tom Compton will be back, because McKivitz was also a turnstile. Maybe they should be desperate enough to move Tomlinson to RG to help McGlinchey. The right side of the line is definitely their weak point.

    1. the Pats to trade for JG, who will offer 2021 first and third round picks, along with 2022 first and second round picks for him.

      No, just no. Would Seb make that trade? Why do you think any front office professional would?

      1. BB may make that trade. He knows that Cam is just not accurate enough to win a SB.
        Of course, it would be only the Pats. No other team would be willing to give up that much. However, if Jamal Adams is worth 2 firsts and a third. JG is worth at least that much. When JG came back to Foxborough, he received much love from the fans and players. Perusing the Pat’s Pulpit, many regretted having traded away JG.
        Goff went for 2 firsts, 2 seconds and a third, and I think JG is better than Goff.

        1. No one makes that trade.

          Look Seb, we will let you know when it is kids day on the blog so you can post your elementary ideas.

          Until then, STFU you lying weasel!

          1. Post my elementary ideas? Like your bloviating about the Niners not winning another game?
            Prime, you cluelessly wondered if the Rams would put a 40 burger on the Niners, and delusionally hallucinated that Saleh would be fired.
            Maybe you need to become way better at your predictions, Mr Trubusty, before panning any of my ideas.
            Lately, pundits have intoned that the Niner QB needs to get the ball into his playmaker’s hands. I have consistently been advocating that since 2013.

            1. What does any of that have to do with giving up “ 2021 first and third round picks, along with 2022 first and second round picks for Garoppolo?

              Are you high again?

    2. “JG, who will offer 2021 first and third round picks, along with 2022 first and second round picks for him”

      Not only are you a lying POS, but a delusional lying POS!

      And still with this Kaepernick dream? Im guessing you still wear acid wash jeans and watch Three’s Company?

          1. Hows NYC these days Rib? Things better or worse?

            Thanks PT. For sure much better than this spring, but like everywhere, case counts are on the rise. While there are pockets of idiots, most of us are following the protocols. If you overlay a map of NYC covid hotspots ( with that of voting patterns ( they perfectly align with the Trump supporting areas. The conservative borough of Staten Island, per capita case counts are multiples of the city average (this isn’t political bashing, it’s just facts). Then you have you insular religious communities, who, by G – -, nothing’s going to stop them from holding indoor weddings attended by 1000s. Sometimes all you can do is SYDH.

        1. No, Bill Belichick, the guy who traded away JG. He tried to replace him with Stidham, who is a stiff. Cam may be playing OK, but BB does not like inaccurate QBs.

        1. Prime Time says August 22, 2020 at 7:59 am
          He did take the league by storm. But when will he return?

          Seb says August 22, 2020 at 9:16 am
          November 4th.

          1. Speaking of Kaep, did you see his jersey was sold on the auction line for $128,000 ? Guess people like bona fide heroes. Sounds like Kaep is extremely popular, and it only a matter of time until he gets to play again.
            I would not pay with a bag of spit for your hero’s golf shirt.
            Colt McCoy, who had not played for 6 years, won a game, so that blows your-‘He is too old’ theory out of the water.
            Yes I fully admit I was wrong about the date. I am not concerned at all, because he will be given another chance, once your hero flees the country so he does not get jailed for all his crimes.
            Yes, I was wrong, but I also was wrong about some one not conceding, when he lost by 7 million votes.
            However, I was right about the most important thing. Joe Biden is going to be the next President of the United States, and that must burn you up to no end.
            Keep hurling expletives and insults, because it is saying a lot more about you, than it does about me.

            1. 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

  36. Matt Barrows
    #49ers cornerback to be elevated from the practice squad for tonight’s game. It will be Harris’ first game since 12/29/2018 when he was at UVA. Could be one of the gunners today.
    Quote Tweet

  37. Josh Allen’s year-to-year improvement in QB play in general and his passing in particular is pretty impressive. The kid has assiduously worked in the off season to improve his throwing mechanics. His QB coach, Ken Dorsey from Orinda and Niners backup QB for 3 seasons, should also get some credit, too.

  38. If the Lions (or any other team) sign Saleh the 49ers will receive 2 3rd round picks one in each of the next 2 drafts. They will probably get a 5th for E. Sanders giving them 1 first rd pick, 1 second rd pick, 1 third rd pick, 1 fourth rd pick, 3 fifth rd picks, 1 sixth rd pick and 2 seventh rd picks. If they trade back they could end up with as many as 15 picks. With as many as 7 of them in the first 4 rd’s. Those picks along with the incredible job they do with UFDA’s could put our salary cap problems in the rear view mirror while still being competitive for the SB.

    1. No excuses for Mullen’s tonight. He’s got the 3 best playmakers in the lineup tonight. Plus a surplus of other RB’s just in case.

        1. Moseley’s hamstring injury loss is a blow. I suppose Vereett or Ward will take slot. That means Spoon may be on the outside for some snaps.

  39. I think I used inappropriate language so my response to aes got deleted from 2 chains above. Fresno/firebaugh is an armpit. It is like WV with slightly less inbreeding. We call it JabroniVille. Oh, and it one of the only parts of CA which supported a certain traitor for pres who will be going to prison soon. So sad but so true.

  40. I went from “WTH Kyle” to “great play calling” in the shortest sequence ever.

    I hate shotgun formations near the goal line but the situational hurryup was a great wrinkle.

  41. It’s time for Sherm to move on. Those type of mistakes can be tolerated by a rookie but not a 13 year vet.

    Lots of trash talking this game. My kind of game!

  42. Niners will have to throw the ball more with Bills loading up the box to stop the run.

    Meanwhile, McGlinchey can’t block a LB on third down blitz :(

  43. The offense needs to get their butt in gear. Is there something wrong with rolling Mullins out? Not running outside this game?

  44. The two biggest areas of concern that I saw coming in to tonight’s game are getting exposed, and they are the secondary and OL. No surprise there.

      1. The primary problem is not the secondary, despite Moore’s mistakes. It’s the lack of pressure on the QB. No secondary will look good with this much time.

          1. Yeah, but blitzing is two-edged sword. The backfield with its injury problems and personnel shuttling around is best supported with the 4-man pressure.

      2. Can’t hang it all on the front seven; a better coached secondary would negate issues with the front seven. The 49ers need an upgrade at potentially both safety positions and more speed at CB.

  45. The offense needs a good long drive here, preferrably finishing with a td.

    To be honest though this game always looked like a bad matchup to me; a good recieving group with a patient, mobile qb that is a just tough for this defense.

  46. I don’t think I’ve ever heard announcers say “easy pitch and catch” so many times. Bills have absolutely no respect for the 49ers defense and why should they. After this performance I don’t know who would want Saleh, but I hope he gets his chance somewhere else :)

    1. Saleh is a one scheme coach and when things go sideways in a game, he cannot make the necessary adjustments.
      And what’s the one quality you have to have as a head coach? Yeah adjustments.

      1. See Prime’s post immediately above yours. He summed it up perfectly.

        Saleh is rah-rah and has his plan going into the game. If it works, great. If not, he can’t even begin to think of adjustments. He’ll be a HC like Dan Quinn.

        1. He did nothing to contain Digg and Beasley. He hasn’t done anything remotely close to stopping a QB who can run and throw all year. And when he does make changes, they back fire.
          He is free to go to the Lions or where ever else he wants.

        2. That is incorrect. He has modified his scheme substantially away from the old single high safety. He has shown a lot of different looks.
          Also, HC and DC roles are quite different.

            1. What exactly do you expect him to do? Diggs is not beating the Niners deep. He’s winning running excellent short and intermediate routes gaining small chunks. The big run he had was a blown coverage by Moore, IIRC. The solution is to put pressure on the QB so that he has throw before the receiver finds the soft spot in the zone.

              1. “ What exactly do you expect him to do?
                How about changing up your coverages. Maybe blitz more. Maybe don’t rely on a zone when you have no rush?
                I’m not gonna pretend I know more than Saleh but when you are getting beat by the same 2 players at the same exact plays, that’s on the coaches.

              2. I think they did blitz but they could not get to him — Allen moved well in the pocket. The problem is that probably best blitzer Williams was not available — and so was his backup

              3. If there are no offensive coordinators available who have similar leadership skills, football IQ, and organizational skills, I’d definitely would take a chance with Saleh. I favor OCs over DCs of similar capabilities for a HC position in today’s NFL but Saleh would be upgrade over the Nagy’s, Lynn’s and maybe even the Pederson’s.

    1. And then everyone uses those stats to say how good he is and how good he played. What a joke!

      Mullen’s is stat whore. Pretty on the outside, dirty on the inside.

  47. No Bosa, no Ford, no Thomas, no K. Williams, no Mosley and the way Sherman is playing he might as well be on the IR. Anyone who blames Saleh should maybe take a closer look at his motivation.

    1. What adjustments have you seen from Saleh? Count the number of times the announcers said “easy pitch and catch”. No adjustments on Diggs. It’s Brian Allen and the Dolphins game all over again. Maybe you should take off the rose-colored glasses.

      1. Niners are getting beat in both zone and man coverage. There is not much coaches can do with Johnson and Moore and a mobile QB and a line not getting to the QB.

      2. I don’t get all the love for Saleh. His success came when Kocurek came aboard with the wide 9, and the drafting of Bosa. I hope he does get the job in Detroit….

      1. The only comfort I can take from this game is that it isn’t as bad of a @$$ whooping that I anticipated, which in itself is not a comfort.

          1. I think he comes back in 2021. There are way too many areas that need to be addressed before the QB position, which is an indictment on how poorly Shanahan and Lynch have set the team up for the foreseeable future.

            1. I’m starting to sour on Lynch, esp. after looking at OTC today. There are a lot of bad contracts, which is going to kill this team next year. 34 players under contract and about $23 million in cap space with about $8 to $10 million for rooks.

              1. Lynch brings in the players Shanahan wants, so both are to blame IMO. The team foolishly went completely all in on 2020, and it is coming back to bite them. HARD.

              2. I could see that on offense, but I’m not so sure about defense – but there’s no way to know for sure.

              3. You can’t argue with Shanahan and Lynch’s ability to acquire talent as they built a SB worthy roster. If it wasn’t for COVID the team would be in a pretty good place next year. A lot of guys coming off contract, but they would have had plenty of cap room to work with. Aside from Ford, the issue wasn’t really the contract restructures, it was an unforeseen pandemic (Ford happened after the pandemic, so can’t blame the pandemic for that one). By and large it is just bad luck. It happens, and it sucks.

                As Notanexpert posted, there is apparently some hope that the impact on the salary cap next year won’t be as bad as feared. That would be a huge boost for pretty much every team, but definitely for the 49ers.

              4. There were going to be issues with the cap even without the pandemic, so I feel like using it as a reason for the team’s financial situation is more of an excuse rather than a strong rebuttal.
                And while it is true that Shanahan and Lynch have found some elite talent, they have also had some big whiffs as well. Trading Buckner and reupping with Armstead was one of those whiffs, while setting it up to where their secondary will most likely be gutted with no valid replacements after this season is another.

              5. They would have been able to maneuver just fine cap wise if it wasn’t for the pandemic. It’s not an excuse It’s a fact.

          2. Staggering stat that Shanahan is now 0-25 when the team falls two scores behind.
            I was thinking that the 49ers were done in the 3rd Qtr before the TV announcers even provided that stinging information.

            Also, not sure why Shanahan kept Mostert on the sidelines for most of the game and waited till the 2nd half to use Deebo more.

            This game was another reminder that the defense is in dire straights. They had no answer for J. Allen, who enjoyed another Thanksgiving Dinner by carving us up!
            Hate to see our team completely dominated like this.

        1. Mid, what were you expecting? 500 passing yards and 5 TDs rather than the 375 and 4? Considering the stakes last night was a pitiful embarrassment.

      1. Yup. I had this penciled in as a loss, even before the draft. They had a very solid defense last season, and it looks like Josh Allen has improved greatly.

  48. If this doesn’t convince you we need a difference maker at the QB position to compete year in and year out for championships, you haven’t been paying attention….

      1. Jimmy wasn’t going to win this game. The defense wouldn’t have allowed it today.
        As to next year, he will likely have a worse defense helping him out next year.

        1. Jimmy would have won it today, IMO, just like the Saints game last year. Bills D was good but not great. This was a shootout and Mullens was the knife in the gunfight, unfortunately.

          1. The game got away from SF when they couldn’t convert two 3rd downs. One was a pass intended for Bourne that Reed knocked down and a drop by Aiyuk that would have been short anyway due to good pressure and no one else being open.

            The defense got off the field once on its own accord before there was 3:44 left in the game. If Garoppolo was out there the result would have been just like KC in 2018, not New Orleans.

              1. Josh Allen against the NFC West:t

                Including that Stellar Seattle pass D, giving up 300 a game, right? By rankings SF has a better pass D than AZ, yet AZ gave up 100 fewer passing yards that SF did.

                The usual Hammer selective stat picking.

              2. Yes he is an elite QB but the point is the defense could not come up with a stop at all in the 2nd half. Again, Saleh cannot make the necessary adjustments.
                If he has a full roster he is a good coach. But since the injuries and when the games start to tilt, he wilts.
                Id be very reluctant to hire him as a head coach. Talent has been the reason the 49ers have had a good defense the last 3 years. Not him.

                Now with that being said, Shanny was worse last night. Always playing it safe at the end of halfs caused Buffalo to get the ball back and get a FG. You think he would have learnt from the SB. Then not using Deebo until the 2nd half and keeping Mostert on the bench for most of the game. Its almost like he has given up.

              3. Rib,

                Arizona gave up the least amount of points to Buffalo among the NFC West teams and that was still 30. Allen dominated the NFC West this season. That’s not an excuse for Saleh, just a fact. For me there was far too much zone defense and Allen just carved them up.


                The 49ers offense didn’t play if safe at the end of the half.

              4. “The 49ers offense didn’t play if safe at the end of the half”

                I disagree. A run, short throw, short throw, check down, punt. Too safe. Now look at Buffalo’s attack. Trying to win, trying to attack by throwing deep.

                1st & 10 at 50
                (1:58 – 2nd) (Shotgun) R.Mostert up the middle to BUF 47 for 3 yards (T.White).

                2nd & 7 at BUF 47
                (1:23 – 2nd) (Shotgun) N.Mullens pass short right to R.Mostert ran ob at BUF 46 for 1 yard (M.Hyde).

                3rd & 6 at BUF 46
                (1:18 – 2nd) (Shotgun) N.Mullens pass incomplete short middle to B.Aiyuk [M.Milano].

                4th & 6 at BUF 46
                (1:12 – 2nd) M.Wishnowsky punts 36 yards to BUF 10, Center-T.Pepper, fair catch by A.Roberts.

                Buffalo: end of half.
                1st & 10 at BUF 25
                (0:32 – 2nd) (Shotgun) J.Allen pass incomplete short right to S.Diggs [D.Johnson].

                2nd & 10 at BUF 25
                (0:26 – 2nd) (Shotgun) J.Allen pass deep left to S.Diggs pushed ob at BUF 43 for 18 yards (J.Ward).

                (0:19 – 2nd) Timeout #2 by BUF at 00:19.

                1st & 10 at BUF 43
                (0:19 – 2nd) (Shotgun) J.Allen pass deep right to C.Beasley ran ob at SF 37 for 20 yards.

                1st & 10 at SF 37
                (0:11 – 2nd) (Shotgun) J.Allen pass short middle to G.Davis ran ob at SF 19 for 18 yards (R.Sherman).

                1st & 10 at SF 19
                (0:00 – 2nd) Tyler Bass 37 Yd Field Goal

              5. Jimmy G makes that completion. Mullens you say pushes the ball down field? He looked timid in crunch time. At least Jimmy lets it loose when his coach has the stones to call those kind of plays and takes the handcuffs off.

                My point is playing safe is like playing to lose. Way too cautious, no trust, no sense of urgency, too methodical. That is Shanny. A perfect recipe to lose.

              6. Garoppolo may have.

                Mullens does push the ball down the field more often. Last night he took two shots down the sideline that resulted in a gains of 25 and 49 yards, and completed his other two passes of over 15 yards. On the opening drive of the second half he hit a nice corner route to Dwelley and had the team driving. Unfortunately Aiyuk missed a block resulting in an 9 yard loss on a run by Coleman and they got behind the sticks which got them off schedule. On third and 12 there was no one open and it was an incompletion, and they kicked the FG.

                The defense then gave up another touchdown and the lead was up to 14 for Buffalo.

              7. Hammer, Buffalo and Allen are the real deal but let’s be real. Why limit to the NFC west? They’ve played a few other games. SF’s D allowed nearly 100 more yards than his 2020 per game average. 35 QB rating points higher than his 2020 average. Niners D had no clue. It was pitch and catch all night long.

        2. Shoup,
          Jimmy, Kittle and Bosa would have made a big impact tonight.
          Key players make a difference.

          I don’t believe we touched Allen more than a couple of times tonight. That doesn’t happen with Bosa on the field.

          1. Jimmy and Kittle weren’t going to change that. SF likely scores more points but that wasn’t the problem.

            Bosa is the one that made a difference. But without him, if the Bills wanted to they could have put up 40+ Tonight.

            1. Not sure that happens with Bosa in Allen’ face all night.
              Bosa makes the entire defense better when he’s on the field.

              Many opportunities open up for other players when OCords have to double team Bosa.

              No way the Bills put a 40 spot on us, with all our key players.

              1. AES,
                You will get no argument from me regarding Bosa… even if I feel the Bills would have put pts on the board regardless.
                My statement was simply to Say that Jimmy and Kittle being on the field wouldn’t have won this game for SF.

      2. Jimmy’s had his 3 years. In my opinion, that is enough. Would you really place an “up” arrow next to his name? You need to be able to do that after 3 years.

        1. Right and during those three years he started every game in a season that led to a run to the SB. He had an up arrow next to his name entering this season before it was negatively impacted by injury like half the roster seemingly was.

          1. This would have been the first year where Jimmy G would have had a full supporting cast of NFL-quality receivers to complement Kyle’s running game. He only had half a season of Sanders and Deebo, and the rookie Deebo last year was not the receiving threat that Aiyuk is this year. Just bad luck.

            1. Mood, as much as I think Jimmy is the QB for the 49ers, he has to stay healthy. It does not bode well for him when he can t stay on the field.
              I know injuries are a freak thing and you cannot do much to prevent them, but in his 4 years as a starter, he has to show some durability to earn that 25-27 million moving forward.

              1. Injuries should probably be considered as a statistical event for football player viewpoint, unless they lead to chronic problems like back issues, or neural damage from multiple concussions.

                I’d say that every NFL franchise takes a risk when they pay a large amount of money to a single player. They just have to live with it.

                Jimmy G’s two injuries are very different from each other. The ACL tear was a freak accident and is an unlikely event, especially to a QB who prefers to operate mostly from the pocket.

                Note that the two players who have long injury histories (Ward and Verrett) have been two of the most available players this season.

          2. He’s in his 4th year with the team. How much leeway do you want to give a guy who gets hurt frequently? More importantly, there hasn’t been growth in KS’ offense. Frankly, I wish we had the Jimmy G from the 2017 season, when he didn’t know the offense that well. He was loose and improvised very well. Now he’s been caged by KS and I don’t see synergy between the two.

            1. Again we are less than a year removed from Garoppolo starting 19 games and going to a SB. He was top ten in most passing categories and top 5 in some. I give a lot of leeway to a QB who does that. You remember him being better in 2017 because the team was dealing with terrible QB play and he was a breath of fresh air. Statistically he was better last year across the board with the exception of YPA which was .4 lower. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, don’t let the disappointment of this season cloud your view on him. He has played at a high level for this team and while injuries are frustrating, he doesn’t have chronic issues with anything. His knee held up last year and wasn’t a problem this year. A high ankle sprain is a pretty common injury in this league and on this team. It’s just misfortune.

              1. He was top 10 in most categories… but a lot of his yards came from YAC. It includes a lot of plays that are basically running plays that boost his stats. He was pretty good, certainly good enough to helm an excellent team to a lot of wins and to the SB, but he didn’t play as well as the stats indicate. He had moments and games where he was very good, but also had plenty of moments and games where he was not that good and a great running game and D carried the team to victory.

                Using his stats from 2019 to indicate how good he is falls into the same trap that some people use for why Mullens is as good or nearly as good as JG.

      1. Maybe, but the problem is that they have no money to address them. Saving around $24 million by jettisoning Jimmy G, would help provide a good group around the new QB. Since KS doesn’t put any priority on a mobile QB, I think the team should consider Fitzpatrick as a bridge. He’s smart and if you keep him reasonably clean he can torch a defense. Of course, he’s not a long term answer, which is why the team would also need to draft a QB, preferably in the first round.

          1. I don’t like the idea of going cheap on the most important position in sports.
            Reminds me of Brian Hoyer.

            Maybe this championship window is closed. Rebuild and reload for 2022.

            1. It closed the moment they traded Buckner. Everyone involved with that decision needs to be stripped down, have meat tied to their bodies, and made to go on a “light” run with some lions.

        1. True, but the OL is a bigger priority because no QB is going to be successful behind a line that needs a center and right guard while having their starting RT continue to get worse with his pass protection start after start.

            1. He better be able to move like cheetah then. He’ll need that ability to avoid getting plowed under when the center, right guard, and right tackle fold like a piece of tissue paper.

          1. OL is most easily fixed by re-signing Williams and signing a vet centre. Both of which will be a lot easier if they have an extra $25M in cap space.

            1. Bringing back Williams and signing a veteran center (the latter which I want but do not expect to happen) does not fix the issues of the team having no valid choice at RG or the astounding regression at RT.

              1. They get Shon Coleman back next year and McGlinchey’s issues I think stem from his weight loss which can be corrected this offseason. At RG they would then have Brunskill again, and they can sign a vet to compete with him.

                Shanahan is not going to draft or sign an elite RG. He doesn’t value the position that highly. So they need to get an elite centre and find a good enough RG.

              2. Getting Coleman will not help the OL other than give the team a backup swing tackle. McGlinchey is dealing with technique issues along with his weight loss, and it will be interesting to see if he can address that before next season.

                Shanahan is not going to draft or sign an elite RG. He doesn’t value the position that highly. So they need to get an elite centre and find a good enough RG.

                The problem is none of the current options on the team are good enough.

              3. “The problem is none of the current options on the team are good enough.”

                I think a lot of the problem at RG stems from not having a quality centre. The OL was pretty good in 2019, and they had Mike Person at RG. Add a quality centre and Brunskill at RG is fine.

              4. Person was a journeyman veteran who had more starts under his belt and had just come off a season where he had outperformed expectations of him. Brunskill meanwhile has only a few starts under his starts under his belt and been below average at best in those starts. Not a good comparison.

              5. My bad, I must have missed when Person became better than a below average starter to make him a bad comparison for Brunskill.

          2. Mid,
            There lies the problem. SF really has 2 choices.
            Keep Jimmy and try to patch up the oline, secondary and edge via Basement bargain free agents and the draft.
            Draft a QB, and try to shore up the oline, secondary and edge with some solid vets and some later round picks. In either case next year the championship is likely out of reach.

            1. Shoup.
              If the 49ers draft a QB with their first pick, it tells me two things.
              Garoppolo is gone. And the 49ers revenge tour takes a back seat to a rebuild tour instead.

              Our defense has been blown out a few times this season and could use a lot of help.
              After tonight’s game I’m beginning to think that the 49ers are going to make a few moves on draft day. This may very well include dealing their 1st pick for more picks and possibly a FA QB.
              The Jets are in position to draft Lawrence next year.
              Sam Darnold is only 24 yrs old. Could he be in Shanahan’ sights?

              1. I agree and don’t see any way SF drafts a qb early and keeps Jimmy.
                They have 2 many holes to fill and either need to run with Jimmy and pick up more draft picks as you suggest. In fact I have run through multiple mocks on TDN where SF trades out of the first for multiple seconds. Then picks up a center and Cb or multiple cb’s early.

              2. If they do keep JG then yeah, there is going to be a lot of holes that need to be filled with draft picks and low cost vets.

                I love that the “no to getting rid of JG” crowd don’t like the idea of going with a rookie QB as it gives them no chance of winning the SB next year, but are fine with idea of trading back to get a swathe of day 2 guys to man other key positions and thinking the team will be fine in 2021.

              3. For me personally it has nothing to do with the overall roster. It’s about results. The only QB who has consistently won games for this team is Garoppolo with a great group around him and without. If you dump a winning QB you are destroying the competitive advantage that not a lot of teams have.

              4. It isn’t that with me Scooter because I believe the window closed before the season even began. If the team did not as many areas needing to be addressed after this season, then I would say that the 49ers should cut ties with Garoppolo. However, the team is needing to essentially upgrade their OL, rebuild almost all of their secondary, acquire a DE who can split time on the field with Ford and hopefully replace him, add receiving depth behind Aiyuk and Samuel, and find a better option or two at PR and KR. Getting rid of Garoppolo would just add unnecessary area for the team to address.

        2. cubus 8:26.
          Which new QB would you replace JG with?
          The only college QB’S that could possibly be better are Lawrence, Fields, Lance and Trask. But even with either of them, there’s no guarantee that they lead us to the playoffs in their rookie season.

          If the 49ers want to wait two to three years to make a SB run, then it might make better sense to take a QB in the 1st rd. But that ideal would resemble another rebuild situation.

    1. I don’t think you are getting much for him right now… you are better off hiring a nutrition coach and hoping that with some solide weight added he won’t be as succeptable to bull rushes.

      The funny thing is, if every bull rush didn’t put him on skates he’d probably be ok in pass protection.

      1. Too bad. I know he isn’t going anywhere, but people keep throwing out worthless names that would maybe get us a 7th or 6th round pick at best. McGlinchey could probably fetch at least a higher pick.

        1. He’s one of the best run blockers in the league. He could still get better at pass pro with improved technique and more weight. I wonder if he got sick in the off season and lost weight.

  49. It is a game of inches. They very easily could have had 14 more points. Those turnovers doomed them.
    Still, they got beat by a very solid team who is 9-3. Saleh was out coached this game.
    I still liked how they fought hard even while behind, and Mullen’s grandfather got his wish because they ran the No Huddle.
    I hope they win out, because they still have a glimmer of hope, but any team with so many injuries should not automatically expect playoff ambitions.

  50. Woeful.

    1. Our O line gets dominated on 3rd and 4th and short.
    2. I wont miss Sherman.
    3. Is there a reason Shanahan ignored Deebo most of the game ?
    4. Aiyuk has all the tools to be a #1.
    5. Jimmy and Kittle win this game. They sustain long drives . They would have kept Allen off the field.

    1. Agree that last year’s Niners would win this game.
      I think Niners will miss Sherman.
      The short yardage problem with the O line is on the right side although I saw Brunskill getting manhandled at least once.
      I cannot explain the lack of Deebo’s involvement early.

  51. Dang, this week’s high ankle sprain victim is D. J. Jones. IIRC, he has the same injury during the play offs last year.

  52. I hope KS, when the Niners are confronted with second and short, will take a long shot down field. The defense is geared up to stop the run, so they might not expect a pass. Even if it fails, they still would have third and short.
    Deebo seemed invisible out there. KS inexplicably used him as a decoy all game.
    All this chatter about a QB is futile behind this O line. Trent Williams will not return to a rebuilding team, so he is most likely gone, because a playoff team will throw money at him. The Niners need to draft an OT, maybe 2. In hindsight, maybe they should have kept Trent Brown.
    Mullens did well in the beginning, but after he was bludgeoned a few times, he reverted to becoming inaccurate. They really need to protect him better. Josh Allen had all day to throw, and he threw dimes. JG would also have struggled behind this turnstile O line.
    All game, Josh Allen was able to roll right to escape the pass rush. Saleh should have sent a blitzer from his left, so Allen would have some one in his face if he rolled right.
    Sigh, the Niners may have played themselves out of a playoff spot, but I still want them to win out. However, beating Washington may be harder now, with AS playing so well.

  53. If the 49ers lose to either Wash. or Dall. or both they should not activate either Kittle or J.G. for the last 2 games. Bring them back next year completely healthy. If they lose to either Wash. or Dall and don’t activate JG or GK they will lose 3 or 4 of their last 4 giving them a record of either 6-10 or 5-11. which would have us drafting between #5 and #8. Picking that low will either give them their QB of the future (not my first choice) or give them the ability to trade back multiple times . Giving them as many as 15 picks with 7 or 8 of those picks going in rounds 1-4. They could draft 2 interior linemen as well as an OT, 2 CB and a pass rusher. In later rounds 2 QB’s 2 DL, QB and CB. If JG or the QB draft pick don’t workout 2022 will be the year they bring in a FA QB.

  54. While watching the two QBs last evening, it struck me that Shanahan’s QBs need to practice regularly with the CBs on backpedaling. Kyle’s O line is always going to be light and have difficulty keeping the pocket clean for the requisite 2.5 seconds. If his QBs can backpedal as fast as Mahomes or Allen as they go thru their reads, then they may be able to buy as much as an extra 0.5 second or more to throw. Now that the season is effectively over, it’s time for us fans to think strategically :)

    1. Mood,
      The QB’S you mentioned have natural physical abilities that our current QB’S do not have.

      I remember the old Seahawks QB Jim Zorn who would literally run back 10-15 yrds to give himself time to pass. But after more time in the league he had to change his style because he lost a step and was taking big losses in sacks when running backwards to pass.

      Asking our QB’S to learn a new skill set (backpadaling) may be a daunting task. Rebuilding our Oline for better pass-pro would be more profitable imo.

      Shanahan’ scheme calls for his Oline to quickly get to a block (area) to provide running lanes. The huge stout Olinemen who is better at holding his block than sliding out doesn’t seem to be the ideal fit.

      The key is drafting or signing FAs Oline personnel that are good at both. Those types don’t grow on trees. There’s only a select few every year.

      1. Agree with you, AES. However, I’d think that most NFL QBs are sufficiently athletic to develop a more coordinated backpedaling while scanning the field. The primary problem is that the few college QBs are taking snaps under the center (including Jimmy G and Mullens when in college). Makes the role of the QB coach so much more important. Steve Young was stressing on KNBR last week on the need for continuous, high-quality coaching of the QBs.

        That issue of OL trade-offs in Kyle’s system that you raised deserves a detailed off-season discussion.

    2. “Kyle’s O line is always going to be light and have difficulty keeping the pocket clean for the requisite 2.5 seconds. ”

      While I still prefer pocket QBs, the reasons you cite are precisely why the team needs to draft a more mobile QB.

  55. When I watch Mullens throw the ball it’s so unnatural. It looks as like it’s a constant tug of war between what his body is capable of doing, and what he wants to do. It looks very awkward to me, and dysfunctional….

    1. Qb’s like Allen and Herbert are why I prefer going after qb’s that have a certain level of physical attributes. He can threaten every level of the field with his arm, has the legs to make a defense play for playing man or sagging off, and is big bodied enough to stand in there and take a hit.
      I didn’t used to think this way but I’m becoming more of a physical traits guy than I was in the past. Their very presence stretches the field and good coaches should be able to take advantage of these traits.

  56. You helped me so much as a writer’s conference newbie with the same advice you just wrote. And when I was a college journalism major, our prof told us the same for newspaper writing. Thanks!

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