Back from Buffalo

OK, you can go on about your day. I’m back home from the weekend excursion to blustery Buffalo.

Yes, I’m a wimp. The 150-foot walk from the front of the hotel to my rental car at 6 a.m. was absolutely miserable. There was a sideways rain blowing in my face. That’s quite a wake-up call when it’s 38 degrees. I fumbled around and dropped my car keys in a puddle of water just to add to the experience. By the way, I never perform well in those 3 a.m. (Pacific time) functions.

Mike Singletary went on with his press conference without me, so I don’t have any details from that. However, I do know . . .

–Linebacker Ahmad Brooks cleared waivers, so I’d expect the 49ers to officially re-sign him officially. Receiver Chris Hannon, who was active for the game as an insurance policy, would be moved back down to the practice squad.

–Patrick Willis’ ribs are fine. That poor guys has been banged up in recent weeks, missing practice time with injuries to his hip and ankles, as well as a sickness that kept him out for a day. He is expected to be back on the field, as usual, on Sunday against the Jets.

–Nate Clements is also expected to play, perhaps with a splint on his thumb. Not sure whether it’s broken or sprained. But it could hinder his ability to catch punts.

–Arnaz Battle (mid-foot sprain) and Josh Morgan (groin strain) are still questionable with their injuries. Battle probably has a better chance to returning than Morgan.

–Safety Dashon Goldson is still iffy with his MCL knee sprain. Goldson has missed five games.

* * *

Tight end Vernon Davis has been called to the principal’s office again.


No, it has nothing to do with Mike Singletary coming up with some new form of discipline. It has everything to do with the personable Davis taking part in the NFL’s program, “Take a player to school.” The program is part of the NFL’s PLAY 60 campaign, encouraging youth to get 60 minute of exercise a day.


Davis will pick up second-grade student Omar Navarro in a limo from his house, take him to Fairwood Elementary in Sunnyvale, visit the principal’s office, and speak to students about the importance of good health. During the visit, Davis will lead kids in fitness activities.

* * *

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