Bart Scott and Amy Trask: Aldon Smith should have used “Player Protect” service

Roddy White posted this on twitter Sunday morning: “Aldon smith isn’t right in any way form or fashion but come on guys don’t act like you never did it you just got away with it.”

Bart Scott and Amy Trask responded to White’s tweet this morning on CBS. I thought you’d be interested so I’m passing it along to you. Here’s a transcript courtesy of CBS:

Bart Scott: (Roddy White) says don’t act like you never did it? Nada kid. Not me. Especially when you have so much on the line. You’re making millions of dollars, you can afford to have a personal driver. Shame on you Roddy White for even going there. You can’t put everybody in a box and say that everyone has done it. I’ve never done it. Player protect is a service you can call. The team pays for it. I used player protect so much that I knew everybody on a first name basis. Let me tell you something, I went to the grocery store, I called them. I called them for everything. Hey, if I’m not paying…

Amy Trask: From a front-office perspective we want players using those services. It’s just excruciatingly frustrating (when these services aren’t used) when you litter the locker room and the player lounge, and the entire organization with information about these services… And by the way, there is not a person on staff when I was with a team, that if I was called or they were called at 3:00 in the morning, or 8:00 in the morning, or 7:00 in the morning… I would have picked anyone up. No questions asked. But the frustration in providing these services – I get it, maybe a player may not want to call someone on staff, but the services are confidential. The player services are confidential.

Bart: Woody Johnson laid it out (for us). You get picked up in a limo (with) TVs. Why would you ever want to drive anyway? And they are off duty police officers, so if anything happens, they’re police officers. They can handle the situation.

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