Blaine Gabbert on his third-down struggles against the Cardinals: “I think we were executing.”


This is the transcript of Blaine Gabbert’s Wednesday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


When you just start studying for the Bears, what kind of leaps out at you about their style of defense?

“They’re a sound defense. Schematically, they’re on it. They don’t make a lot of errors. Their guys are in the right spots. So, it puts it on the quarterback and the guys on offense to execute and be consistent in sustaining drives.”


They’re not a team that has a lot of sacks or a lot of interceptions. What do they do particularly well in pass defense?

“I think just playing sound defense. They make you execute 10, 11, 12 play drives and that’s tough because as a quarterback sometimes you get greedy, but you just have to be content taking what they give you, utilizing the stuff underneath and just being consistent for 10, 11, 12, 13 plays at a time.”


Do you recognize some of that play from what you practiced against last year with Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio as the coordinator?

“Yeah. I mean, he runs the same scheme. He’s a 3-4 guy but he’s doing what their personnel allows him to. They’re not too exotic. They do have some exotic blitzes but they just play what they’re going to play and make you execute against it.”


Do you talk to defenders to get hints on certain looks, coverages, disguises, things like that?

“The tape never lies. That’s why we spend so much time throughout the week watching the games, watching their tendencies, watching their plays versus certain formations, shifts, motions. So, you can get a beat when you go into the game you kind of have an idea of where you’re going to go with the football.”


Some of the taking what the defense gives you has led you to TE Vance McDonald the last couple of games. Can you talk about him and the type of receiver he’s been and it seems like you guys have a nice rapport going?

“Yeah. He’s doing a tremendous job and he’s winning. He’s beating guys in man coverage. He’s finding the zones when they’re in a zone coverage. He’s playing great right now. Run blocking, pass blocking, catching the ball and making big plays as well.”


How happy are you for a guy like RB Shaun Draughn who’s spent so many moves and all kind of changes to finally find a spot where he can—?

“Yeah, we’re fortunate to have him. For him to step in and start pretty much from day one going into a game, having only been here for four weeks and starting the last three weeks. From being on a protection standpoint, knowing the run game, the pass game, catching the ball out of the backfield, it’s been a tremendous asset to this offense and this team.”


This team is a team in some ways in transition and everything and they’ll be making some decisions and all that stuff. Do you see the rest of the season for you as an opportunity to kind of show what you can do?

“Like I’ve always said, it is just one week at a time. Not getting ahead of myself by any means. I’m focused on we’ve got practice this afternoon. So, it’s one week at a time and that’s kind of how I’m approaching the end of this season.”


ME: The offense didn’t convert any third downs on Sunday. It seemed you were getting the ball out of your hands real fast. Were you executing the plays that were called or, looking back, do you feel you could have been aggressive?

“I think we were executing. On our scoring drives, we were efficient on first and second down, so we weren’t in a lot of third downs in those drives. And then of course when we weren’t scoring, we weren’t efficient on first and second downs. So, we were in third and longs. Being in third and seven to 10, 10-plus versus that kind of defense is tough. They force you to get the ball out of your hands quickly because of the pressures that they do bring. But, at the same time, there were some positives on our scoring drives, staying out of the third down. But, yeah, we do have to convert more third downs and be better, more efficient on them.”


I think though when it comes to third downs in the past three games, the team has only converted one third down on a run play, and that was when you ran for five yards against Atlanta. How do you get that run game more involved against the Bears?

“I think just executing. Staying efficient. Getting positive gains, run or pass, on first and second down. So, you’re in the third-and-medium, third-and-short category because when you’re in third and, like I said, long in the National Football League, it’s tough to convert. Defenses are good and fast and don’t give you the deeper throws you need to convert. They make you pass it underneath, run it underneath and they’ll come up and rally and make a tackle.”


When you guys have a December game in Chicago, as a quarterback do you look at the weather reports?

“Supposed to be 49 (degrees) and sunny.”


Is that right? So you’ve looked?

“Yeah. So, we’ve looked and we’re on top of it.”


What’s it going to be in Cleveland?

“I couldn’t tell you. I’m worried about Chicago this week.”

Is that kind of, do you, early in the week, do you check that out?

“You have to be cognizant of it because when you get into the cold weather cities, snow storms, rainy weather, high winds can pop up. That’s something you have to be aware of but at the same time, you can’t worry about it.”


Have you ever been to Soldier Field?

“I’ve not.”


You’ve been up to Chicago though before–?



Checked out Wrigley and all that.

“They call it the Windy City, I guess.”


Quarterbacks coach Steve Logan said in the offseason that he asked you to take some velocity off of your passes and see whether that would have an effect on accuracy and what not. Have you done that and are you continuing to do that in games and do you see an effect?

“Yeah, I think so. You’re more accurate with the football staying smooth, having a smooth delivery because when you try and overthrow a football, you’re not really gaining that much more velocity on a football. But, you tend to be more erratic with it. So, the thing that we’ve kind of focused on throughout the summer and throughout camp is just staying smooth with your delivery, trusting your eyes and delivering the ball on time. That way, you don’t have to rush throws.”


Is that hard for you to do? I mean, somebody with a big arm, probably was taught to throw it as hard as you can. Is it hard to make that adjustment?

“No, not at all. And like I said, staying smooth, you’re not losing velocity on the football. The ball’s coming out at the same pace, but you’re not overgripping it, overthrowing it and losing the accuracy.”

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  1. The Chicago Bears currently own the league’s second-best pass defense. The Bears are the better team because they are forward/futuristic thinkers. Baalke’s stuck in the NFL Dark Ages, by comparison.

    Alas, however, asking Baalke for advanced thinkers on defense and to draft Goff is like asking him to stop driving his AMC Gremlin and switch to a Corvette that can get downfield faster.
    Baalke will go down swinging with his T-Rex formations on the run side…Look for Jerry Jones to draft Goff. Jones know it’s a passing league, Baalke won’t Jeopardize his career on a 15 mil/yr. offensive player. He does not know that side of the ball, and is not good at it. Assured of his defensive drafting prowess to keep the 49er’s in low scoring games that they can kick FG’s, winning 16-13, instead of pass for touchdowns, (which helps explain redzone inefficiencies, he’ll draft a road grading lineman or defensie player, while drafting his North Dakota State QB (where Baalke began his coaching career)

    1. That song is hypnotic – can imagine Tomsula singing it to himself while pacing up and down the sidelines…

  2. As I pointed out in the two plays I mentioned yesterday he was under zero pressure when he passed the ball. In the first play he snapped the ball and immediately passed it to the RB and on the second one he didn’t wait for the longer route to develop and simply dumped it to the safe option. The question isn’t whether or not he executed the play because snapping the ball and passing it to a receiver is technically executing the play and yes that’s what he did. The question is; when you wen’re under pressure why did you pass it to your RB without looking at the other routes first and why did you not wait for the longer routes to develop before looking for your dump off option?

    Yes you executed the play but do you think you could have made different choices that would have resulted in a better execution of the play?

    1. Interesting observation Coffee. My only question is did he appear to pass up the receiver or had he progressed to it yet?
      From my understanding the normal protocol is to go through your reads 1, 2, 3, 4, then back down the tree depending on time.

  3. Grant would you mind throwing up a poll asking if the 49ers should draft a QB in the first round?

        1. I wasn’t one of them Scooter. We needed a pass rusher a lot more than a QB at that time.

          1. The 49ers desperately needed a QB in 2011. Alex Smith had been re-signed but just about everyone believed he wasn’t long for the 49ers, and that the 49ers would be heading into the draft looking to draft his replacement. Smith was in a worse position then Gabbert now finds himself, as unlike Gabbert he had played poorly the year before.

            Despite the obvious need for a QB, Baalke (and Harbaugh) went a different direction because they thought a better player was available at another position, at another position of need, in the first round. Don’t be shocked if the same thing happens again in the coming draft.

            1. The 49ers desperately needed a QB in 2011. Alex Smith had been re-signed but just about everyone believed he wasn’t long for the 49ers, and that the 49ers would be heading into the draft looking to draft his replacement. 

              Again Scooter, not me. We were needing a pass rusher more than a QB because it had been one of the bigger problem areas for the team. I also wasn’t high on any of the QBs other than Dalton that year.

              1. You didn’t think the 49ers would look for Smith’s replacement in the draft? I find that hard to believe. In any case they did, they just waited until the second round.

                I think the same thing could happen again, as like in 2011, the quality is unlikely to be there in the first round for a QB. And like in 2011, they have plenty of other needs.

              2. You didn’t think the 49ers would look for Smith’s replacement in the draft? I find that hard to believe.

                You must have missed where I said Dalton.

              3. No, I didn’t. I just find it hard to believe anybody would have thought the 49ers were not going to look to draft a long term successor to Alex Smith in 2011. I think you assumed I meant the first round because I had said the first round in my previous comment, but that is not what I said or meant. And of course they did look for his replacement – Harbaugh’s hand chosen QB in Kaep.

                You said in the beginning they will likely take a QB in the first this year (even though you don’t think they should). Every comment I have made has been to outline that common perception was the 49ers needed to draft a QB to replace Alex Smith in 2011 (even if you didn’t – once again, kudos to you for being ahead of the curve), but they didn’t. They went another direction.

                Maybe this time they do go for a QB, but I think there is a good chance they do the same again this coming draft.

              4. I still think you’re missing what I’m saying Scooter. No, I wasn’t looking for the team to draft Smith’s long-term replacement, but I was expecting the team to draft a QB that could bring competition to the position and be able to start if need be. And if he was to eventually replace Smith, then that was fine too.
                I did not say that they will likely take a QB in the first round. I said that I think they will- in a negative tone at that. The reason I think they will is because York and Baalke will be desperately trying to find a new face of the franchise (cough* scapegoat), and that usually is a QB. But I would rather see them go for some help on the OL or DL with their first pick because defenses win championships and it won’t matter who the QB is if you can’t protect him.

    1. The answer is no they shouldn’t.
      Not because of need but because their isn’t a qb worthy of such a high choice and the niners desperately need to draft contributing players. The reality is the team has a severe lack of talent.

      1. Cook and Lynch are worthy top ten in my opinion. If you look at Lynchs’ mechanics from last year and compare them to this year, you’ll see he’s made significant improvement in his hips and feet or stance. The result has been a tighter spiral that’s more accurate, even when he’s about to be jolted. That’s the difference between a top ten quarterback and a second or third rounder….

              1. It’s not about highlights. It’s about what can any of these guys potentially do at the next level.
                You guys are all talking like none of them can do this and some can do this. All I’ve said is Cook looks to be the most NFL capable based on watching a lot of his games. Not sure how a film clip proves any prospect can do it against an NFL defense. I can definitely post some highlight reel throws but will it matter? I can also post his numbers but will it matter? No because it’s not against NFL defenses.
                Cook will need a year or 2 to sit and learn the NFL game. SF is the best spot for him cause he will get that luxury with Gabbert.

              2. I like Cook — he’s solid. But, he’s not special. He’s like Alex Smith or Teddy Bridgewater, only less athletic.

              3. Sure that’s fair to say just like any draft prospect. Im just high on him cause I like his competitiveness and ability to throw it with accuracy. We’ll see in April where he goes.

              4. I think the Browns take Cook number one, but I’d compare him to Eli Manning. Not getting the Alex Smith comparison. Cook won’t outrun many in the NFL, but he’s plenty athletic enough to run for yards. When he rolls out, he’ll sometimes forget his footwork and it gets him in trouble. He’s a winner and he does it in big games against top programs. He’s a franchise quarterback day one….

              5. The money down or Third down, Cooks’ QBR is 91.2 and he converts whether it’s short or long, on 47.1 percent of his throws….

              6. “The money down or Third down, Cooks’ QBR is 91.2 and he converts whether it’s short or long, on 47.1 percent of his throws….”

                Above all else, that is the thing I like about Cook when I’ve watched him. He can be inaccurate, but he often does a good job keeping drives alive. Seems to play well in the more stressful situations.

              7. Actually, his team this year isn’t as talented as last years. If you look at his third down completions, it really didn’t matter if it was third and short, or third and long. It stays 47.1 percent….

              8. Chad Henne won 33 games in college. Where did that get him?
                Why is Aaron Rodgers so good? He sat and learnt while the team developed around him with talent.
                None of these guys coming out will be ready day one.
                As we seen in SF in the past, there is only one way to develop a QB.

  4. They’re a sound defense. Schematically, they’re on it. They don’t make a lot of errors. Their guys are in the right spots. So, it puts it on the quarterback and the guys on offense to execute and be consistent in sustaining drives.”

    Translation: don’t expect us to win against the Bears.

    1. LOL. He is spot on. That’s why Fangio is good. He doesn’t try to do anything exotic. Just line up, play fast and attack what you see.

  5. Question for those of you who think the Niners should NOT take a quarterback in the first round: Who are these supposed franchise quarterbacks that will be available in the middle rounds? Kevin Hogan??

        1. I’d highly recommend Goff remaining at Cal, and it would be a big mistake taking him. Not a fan. If I have to take a quarterback it’s gonna be Cook. Two red flags; not voted Team Captain, and career completion percentage….

            1. There’s a lot to like about Goff, but he’s no where near ready for the NFL this year. Maybe if he stays in school and comes out next year he’ll have a higher ceiling than Cook. But right now, I think Cook has the highest ceiling and the lowest floor of the top three….

              1. You can say that about most rookie QB’s razor. Most aren’t ready to play right away which is why you sit them for the first year or at least a portion of it. Goff has started for 3 years at Cal. He’s not going to learn much more playing another year in a spread offense than he has, and risks getting injured in the process. He needs to get into a pro system and start learning the NFL game.

              2. Possibly but Goff would be a better player by year two imo and I wouldn’t want any QB’s from this draft starting year one.

              3. If they want Goff, they better bring in Shanahan because Kubiak isn’t going anywhere….

              4. Paxton Lynch has the highest ceiling, IMO. He’s got all the intangibles to go along with rare physical talent. Rarely do you see a guy that tall, who has his mobility and foot quickness. He’s highly competitive, and a team leader.

                Check the film Grant. Lynch makes that throw once a game. And he’s an ascending talent who seems to be getting better by the game. Of course, he’s coming out of a spread system, and operates out of the shotgun or pistol 95% of the time, and 23% of his passes are behind the line of scrimmage. However, Memphis’ passing game feature a much more layered, intermediate attack that asks Lynch work through more progressions than most college spread systems require.

                Drafting Lynch and letting him develop behind Gabbert would be an ideal situation, but with many more pressing needs, it’s a luxury I don’t think the Niners can afford at this time.

                I’d rather the 49ers target JAYLON SMITH in round one. He’s got a higher ceiling than Willis, IMO, and I thought #52, Patrick Willis was a a rare talent with All-Pro potential coming out of Ole Miss. Smith is the type of ILB that can single handedly transform a 3-4 defense.

              5. 49, Baalke may do what he did this season. Sign a FA lineman and trade for one, think he has all bases covered, and neglects to draft a quality O lineman, and become timid and refuse to gamble on Lael Colllins

            2. Grant. Here’s a question. Say they take the qb with the “higher ceiling” who on earth on this staff will tap that potential?
              Gotta go DE or LB with the first pick. My guess is Baalke will go O-line.

              1. Cook was just named the Big Ten Griese/Brees Quarterback of the Year. He’s MSU’s all-time leader in touchdown passes after throwing four in the Nebraska game; he has 71 overall (Kirk Cousins threw 66 from 2008-11), which is tied for seventh in Big Ten history. The winningest quarterback in school history, he owns a 33-4 record (.891) as the starter, including a 22-2 (.917) mark against Big Ten opponents. Impressive. The 33 wins are the second most among active starting quarterbacks in the NCAA FBS (Stanford’s Kevin Hogan with 34), and Cook’s .891 winning percentage is No. 1 (minimum 24 starts). He’s 4-1 against AP Top 10 teams in his career and 7-3 against AP Top 25 opponents. That’s big. His 37 career starts are tied for second (with Jeff Smoker, 2000-03) in MSU history, trailing only Cousins, who made 39 career starts from 2009-11. He’s also a finalist for the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award, and he also earned semifinalist honors for the second year in a row from the Davey O’Brien Award (nation’s best quarterback) and the Maxwell Award (college player of the year)….

              2. Cook was just named the Big Ten Griese/Brees Quarterback of the Year. 

                Bad defense there Razor because most of the Big 10 QBs weren’t that great.

              3. I’ll be disappointed if Baalke goes OL in round one if Anthony Davis is indeed coming back. I think they need to target JAYLON SMITH in round 1, and draft the best remaining OG in round 2.

      1. Their are no qb’s in this draft that have a good chance of being a franchise qb. I would say their is a better than 2/3 chance that both Goff and Lynch are flops and so I would steer clear of drafting a qb in the first rd.

    1. I like Carson Wentz, but if you are looking for a true franchise QB in this draft you are hitting and hoping in my opinion. None of the QBs look that great to me, but there are a few that look like they have starter potential. Goff is the best of an ok bunch.

          1. Yea he’s able to run block on the move, and his pass blocking skills are top notch. Doubt he lasts until the third round, but I’d target him nonetheless….

            Willie Beavers, OT , Western Michigan held up well against Calhoun. He’s not the quickest, but his hands are heavy. Late round prospect…..

        1. I think he’s the best OG in this years draft class. I like the kid from Arkansas almost as well.

      1. With all that salary cap space, and Andrew Luck becoming FA in 2017 (if he’s not extended…)

    2. Any sure thing “franchise” quarterback would never drop to the middle rounds.

      To borrow from Greg Cosell… few if any quarterbacks are slam dunks because the college game is so different. There just aren’t Andrew Lucks in every draft. (heck, sometimes even Andrew Luck fails to play like Andrew Luck.)

      Its all about traits. I like Goff’s pocket footwork. He doesn’t run a pro drop back system, but he does go through progressions and re-sets his feet properly.

      I like how Lynch has a quick release (for a guy that tall). He’s fast and strong too. He can make a variety of throws. His reliance on short passing could be scheme or limitations of his receivers.

      Hogan is steady Eddie. Pro ready. Sneaky athleticism. Can be had later in the draft. I can see the 49ers drafting Hogan as the #2, and rolling the dice on small school (but athletic) prospects every year until one sticks.

      More than ever, teams need to develop quarterbacks internally. If Tomsula gets the boot I hope Gase is hired. He’s created effective offenses with vastly differing kinds of quarterbacks… Manning and Tebow. (if you call Tebow a quarterback).

        1. B2W,

          Cosell preferred RGIII to Luck? Really? I would’ve bet the house that Cosell would’ve preferred the more traditional QB, from a much more traditional offense.

          1. Cosell questioned Luck’s arm. He also said RG3 was better at throwing from a collapsing pocket.

            Cosell was not alone. Much of the eastern press preferred RG3 over Luck.

      1. Hogan has sublimated his desires to put up big stats in order to win games. Sounds like the QB the Niners need.

      2. Brodie,

        I agree. There is no pro ready, plug and play QB available most years and you have to take a player knowing his physical and mental intangibles fit your system. I like Goff because he is excellent in the pocket both with creating time and keeping his eyes downfield. He also is extremely accurate at all levels of the field. The interceptions keep getting brought up, but half of them came in one game. He will need some time learning and developing in the pro game but he’s got everything needed to become a franchise QB.

        1. I’d be happy with Goff. The 49ers will lose most tie breaker scenarios due to strength of schedule in draft order. I think they will draft 7th-10th, but maybe the Paxton Lynch mania will push Goff into reasonable trade-up range.

          1. How about Vernon Adams from Oregon…? Russell Wilson abilities, and he has beaten both Hogan and Goff led teams….?

        2. It seems reasonable that the better defined a teams “system” is, the better chance a QB selected to fit it will succeed. Then there’s the 49er “system”.

  6. I live in Utah and watched goff throw 5 picks against Utah. He can’t read a coverage. He was asking Utah players post game what kind of d they were running. Bust written all over him. Don’t get why so many people are so high on him. Is it because he went to the same school as arog?

      1. Watch the tape in the Utah game. He has bust written all over him. It’s a cute story from the Bay Area from the school Rogers played at.

        1. Dykes did Goff no favors in that game. Utah had Dykes’ system scouted, and he still ran the same stuff he runs every week. He didn’t adjust.

          1. He was forcing throws in that game knowing they needed a big game from him to have a chance. Even then all the picks weren’t his fault.

      1. Stanford played bend but don’t break against Cal and Notre Dame because their secondary was so young due to injury. Stanford was very good in the red zone against both teams.

  7. The problem is the o line. This team in the previous few years is predicated on stopping the run and running the ball. Peers is horrible. TB should be fired for signing hin

  8. Stanford was a loss correct? He played Washington before the hype train rolled in and they barely won. Washington is a powerhouse too

  9. Yes, Grant, there are some posters who want to fill huge holes or the second coming of Joe Montana would not help the team win. Devey and Pears only succeeded to destroy Kaep’s confidence and finally succeeded in letting Kaep get injured by watching pass rushers run by them. The lack of a pass rush will doom any secondary if the QB has all day to throw.
    the Niners are forced to blitz in order to get pressure on the QB, but that usually leaves single coverage, and several teams have picked apart the secondary.
    I would first assume the Niners will not draft first overall, so Bosa is out. If Tunsil or Stanley are available, they should be the first pick for the Niners. If they are gone, Jaylon Smith looks good. If JS is gone, they should trade back and get 3 picks in the first 2 rounds. then they should possibly draft Leonard Floyd OLB , Shaq LawsonDE, or Jack ConklinOT with their first. Germaine Ifedi OT, Dan Voltz C, or Shilique CalhounDE with their first 2nd, and Kevin HoganQB with their second 2nd. I predict Hogan will shoot up in the draft and be gone before the third round.

      1. Haven’t seen much of Floyd, but I like his speed. He sounds versatile and a good fit for the 3-4 defense.

    1. Seb

      To hear you tell it, Devey and Pears did everything but kill cock Robin….it wasn’t they who couldn’t get out of their own way, it was Kaep’s. I think that Gabbert has brought that to light. We’re not going to draft first, but so what ? As Brent Jones has noted…”they’ll still screw up the draft….” (paraphrase) . Just like every other year, 2016 will have plenty of quality draftees….it’s who can find out which from which. Had we (niners) began our experiment with Gabbert at the beginning of the season, instead of being all but eliminated, I believe that we would be in much better shape to make the playoffs now. By the time draft time comes ’round, the Kipers and ESPNrs, etc…will have found at least half a dozen ‘diamonds in the rough’ to drool over….break the string; get some coaches who are teachers, and begin working with who we have.

    1. You say the 49ers did everything to help Kaepernick succeed, but I wonder if they aren’t culpable from the years of developmental neglect with the gimmick offense enabling….

    2. If Jed will postpone changing the GM because his team wins a couple more games this year then he will probably find some other excuse if they go 0 for 5 from here. There’s a lot of comfort in $100M a year in new income. It may take him years to get over the euphoria.

    3. My idea of a great tight end is one who makes tough gritty catches under the worst conditions. I don’t see that in Vance McDonald yet.

      1. He’s the new hybrid NFL tight end. Like Barnridge in Cleveland. More pass catching and finesse than hand in the dirt blocking type.

    4. They did everything except give him a decent O line so he was beaten like a pinata.
      Now that Devey has sat down, Gabbert actually has time to throw.

      1. And what did #7 do to help himself? He needs a top 5 defense, play caller, RB, and WR to have a chance. When any of those elements are average or lacking he got worse. A quality QB makes others around him better. He can shade some of the inefficiencies Seb. #7 made all those other parts look worse.
        Case in point: His oline could not block for him cause he aborted plays and free lanced. There was no structure with. His teammates looked mystified playing in front of him.
        Another: why is VMac all the sudden playing better?
        I mean if you can’t see any of this and continue on with how the Niners failed #7 instead of the him failing them, then you are just being plain ignorant!

        1. I guess you watch different games than I do. Too many times, Devey just stood still and let a pass rusher run right by him. He had a -16 grade, so Kaep had no time to even get set to throw before a pass rusher was in his face. That would limit any QB.
          Willful ignorance is just bias, and your bias is all too apparent. We all know you hate Kaep, and you delight in kicking him while he is down. I guess i cannot expect better from you.

        2. Why is Vance playing better? because Vernon Davis is gone, so Vance is not assigned mainly blocking assignments. Vance also dropped a pass from Gabbert, so how can you blame Kaep for that? SMH

  10. The discussion of which quarterback to draft in the first round is pointless. Does anyone on this board really believe that Baalke would draft a qb in the first round.

    He won’t.

    Book it.

    1. They will because they need a new scapegoat for the next 3-4 years.

  11. Lynch vs Goff continued…

    Grant, I think you said of Lynch and Gabbert “Traits. Big, athletic quarterbacks with strong arms but poor downfield accuracy, so they mostly dink and dunk.”

    I just watched 90 or so snaps of Lynch on draft breakdown. I think Lynch’s accuracy long is a property of the offense they run. His long ball has plenty of zip and is very accurate. Perhaps more accurate then Goff (when Lynch isn’t pressured).

    I watched 100+ snaps of Goff too.

    Goff – Great feet in the pocket. Seamlessly senses and evades pressure to deliver the ball. Quick release. When initial play breaks down, he’s a cool as a cucumber moving and finding his alternate receivers. Throws off proper foot almost all the time despite the pressure. Sees the field.

    The only minor knocks: Under throws sometimes on the deep ball. Skinny. Benefits from more athletic receivers than Lynch.

    Lynch – Much better long ball then I expected. Great velocity. If he had Cal’s receivers, running backs and scheme he’d be a mad bomber deep. Throws screens and touch passes well. Big man. Quick release (for a tall guy). Fast runner. Tough. May have the best “upside.” Productive without elite receivers.

    Minor knocks: Seems mechanical in his motions. Needs to develop pocket footwork. Throws “paint by numbers” to receivers short of the first down marker. (this could be a function of his offense or lack of receiver depth).

    Neither quarterback runs a pro set.

    Summary: Lynch has great physical tools and could wind up the better pro… but Goff’s feet make him a safer bet to become a good pro. Quick pocket feet + quick release + progression passing make Goff my choice.

    This has been the 3rd time I changed my mind. I like both QBs.

    1. – The defenses Goff face are far better than what Lynch faces. That really jumps off the screen.

      – I like Hogan. The man throws an accurate long ball. Like a said before, he’s sneaky athletic. A bull. Hogan’s also played well in high pressure national games vs the best at their best. Situations neither Lynch (or to a lesser degree Goff) have never played. His scheme and terminology should be a closer match to most pro systems.

      1. BTW, while I think that drafting a QB and expecting him to be an instant starter is delusional, Hogan is more prepared to do that of all the college QBs that I have watched. Pro offenses and college offenses are so different.
        Like your namesakes, maybe the Niners should channel the Stanford connection, and draft Hogan after drafting the O lineman and pass rusher they really need.

  12. The Goff vs Lynch is eerily reminiscent of Rogers vs Smith. Lets hope we make the right choice this time.

    The right choice btw is to skip a QB in the first round and draft Wentz in the second.

    1. I would have to see him perform well in the Senior Bowl before I anoint him as the savior for the Niners. Sounds like he did well against lower division talent, but the pro level is so much faster, and some have questioned his reading of the defense and ability to go through progressions.

      1. The only reason he ended up in the FCS is because he switched from receiver to quarterback his senior year of high school so he was not widely recruited. Had he played quarterback all through high school he would have ended up in a much higher division. Very similar to Ben Roethlisberger.

    2. I don’t get all the love for Wentz. He plays for a team that is better than most opponents they play in a second tier conference, is extremely raw and had surgery to the wrist of his throwing arm. He is truly a developmental player who needs to be built from the ground up and yet he’s being talked about in the second round or even bottom of the first. He’s got good size and decent athleticism, but he’s a project.

      If they have a shot to draft Goff and don’t I think they’ll regret it. The QB’s coming out in the next couple of years are not a great group looking at it right now. This may be their only chance to get one the caliber of Goff for awhile.

      1. Sure, he’s from a small school and therefore has the small school question marks. And he is definitely a project (which of the QBs in this draft isn’t?). But he shows a lot of positive traits for a QB.

        Jimmy Garoppolo went in the second round, and if Wentz has a good showing at the Senior Bowl I think there’s a good chance he does too.

        1. I’m not denying that he’ll likely go that high; I’m questioning why? He’s a much bigger project than somebody like Goff who just needs to get used to taking some snaps under center and getting the footwork and timing for that down. Wentz is raw in all aspects of his game from learning the position to his mechanics. He is another level of project. Garoppolo is a great example of why they shouldn’t draft Wentz that high imo. He hasn’t played a lot but has struggled when he has because he had so much to learn. If we could get Wentz on day 3 it would be a different story but I want a QB who will be ready to go within a year if I’m taking one in the first round.

          1. Its all traits based. I think he’s further along than you suggest, he’s got a good arm, makes good decisions, and can make NFL throws.

            Small school will scare people, I get that.

  13. How can Gabbert succeed against the Bears?
    He should take advantage of the Bear rushing defense which is 29th in the league. Niners should spread them wide, and gash them up the middle. If the Bears stack the box, they should attack the edges. Fangio will pull out all the stops to defeat the Niners, so they should let them over run the play and do counters and reverses. Gabbert should face one direction while looking in another direction to look off the safeties. He should do pump fakes, and roll out as much as possible to use his legs to convert third downs.
    Above all, Gabbert must reduce the unforced errors and be more efficient.

  14. We’re going on a Bear hunt, gonna get a big one. Their D is good, can’t go over it, can’t go under it. We’ve GOTTA GO THROUGH IT!

  15. Many a man is praised for his reserve and so-called shyness when he is simply too proud to risk making a fool of himself. – J. B. Priestley

    There can be no vulnerability without risk. There can be no community without vulnerability. There can be no peace, and ultimately no life, without community. – M. Scott Peck

    To win without risk is to triumph without glory. – Pierre Corneille
    Bill Walsh trading up to 19 for Rice, and out of higher into lower rounds in famous 1986 draft

    1. Go For it 49ers! Get a GM who risks, takes first downs by the throat–passing and running, not run and pass only when you fear loss in the 4th qtr, down bt 14.

  16. Blaine, Blaine Gabbert, the king of the wild frontier
    Born in lil’ Greenwin Missouri
    The show me state, in the land of the free,
    Raised in the woods, so he knew evry’ tree,
    Killed him a BEAR when he was only three,
    Blaine, Blaine Gabbert, King of the wild frontier.

  17. att Barrows Verified account 
    ‏@mattbarrows #49ers on pace for 220.8 points, lowest since 1978 when team quarterbacked by Steve DeBerg, coached by Pete McCulley scored 219.

    1. Yeah, Jed, Trent, Paraage,

      Keep driving that Gremlin offense. You’re being linked with some great 49er legends, Deberg, McCulley–

      1. And, we get to see you win, but mostly lose in boring fashion until Trent interrupts the next coach’s press conference by telling him “we’re going to run the ball.”

    2. Pete McCulley is a name from the past. I always thought of him as the worst Head Coach of the niners. Hired because he brown-nosed Joe Thomas.

      He may now have some competition.

      1. Leo,

        Didn’t realize he was hired that way–apparent similarities to the way coach T was hired…Have we really fallen this far again?

  18. SF has been outscored 176-71, while going 0-5 on the road for the 1st time since 2005

    8 Chicago Bears 11 24 264

    2 Chicago 361 220 60.9 2360 7.0 57 20 6 22 150 93.4 215 (2nd in pass defense)

  19. 49er fans:

    I know most of you want to see York sell the team and think he’s ill equipped to run the franchise- and you may be right – and I know you want to see Baalke fired b/c he is the GM who acquired no one this last off-season and hired Tomsula whom you also want gone. But if you go back a few years and look at who within the organization has gained the most power and pulled the most strings it’s none of the above.

    The man you REALLY want gone from the organization is Paraag Marathe. He is the man who has risen the most from within and while I credit his work on the salary cap and contracts he has superseded both Baalke and York for most influential. Whatever he says is gold to York, and Baalke is just doing what his owner wants which is really what Marathe wants.

    Marathe has grown so powerful he now practically has seat in the coaches box and helps call plays – yeah, bet you didn’t know that – he is using his analytic’s to dictate what the coaching staff calls. Hence, why Tomsula keeps punting and the organization has yet to speak out about it.

    Safe to say Harbaugh’s biggest issue within the organization was Marathe’s meddling with coaches and calls which led to York deciding, not between Baalke and Harbaugh, but Marathe and Harbaugh – that’s why there were so many conflicting reports about the Baalke/Harbaugh relationship towards the end of the season. I believe Marathe was pissed with the calls that cost us the SB and last Conf Championship game and used that to convince York that his analysis could do the the job of Harbaugh and that they just needed a coach who would comply – enter Tomsula – and follow his analysis. Tomsula has made several mentions to this throughout the year.

    So the next time someone wants to fly banner over the field it should read “Fire Marathe A.K.A. Wormtongue” b/c he is basically that guy from LoTR who has full control of the King (York).

    1. Your take on the 49ers is why many people think that the only way the 49ers will ever get anywhere at all is if Jed brings in a top level football brain with full power. That full power would have to be able to relegate Paraag to contracts and cap management.

      Of course that approach would cost Jed/John/Mom money, and those three have avoided outside influence at all “cost”.

    2. More like the Mouth of Sauron. He who is far more cruel than any orc.
      If York took Marathe’s word over Bill Walsh’s wise council, he deserves all that has happened to him

  20. I know this was posted in a previous thread, but worth bringing forward to this one:

    Neumann with another good breakdown of Gabbert’s play, this time over the past two games. Rocket rightly points out that Gabbert has been a beneficiery of better blocking than Kaep received, but even so it has been far from smooth sailing or without OL breakdowns – that is just what we get with the current OL.

    Neumann also does a good job pointing out the issues on 3rd and long, and that some of those issues are play design/ calling.

    1. Scooter, these last 2 losses just demonstrate that ALL of the Niner woes were not just Kaep’s fault. Otherwise , the Niners should have won those games.

      1. Did anyone ever believe Kaep was 100% responsible for losing games? Team game.

        Kaep’s issue was that he was a major contributor to many of the losses.

        1. There have been many fans that have been saying exactly that (Prime Fan).
          It takes a team firing on all cylinders to make it run well. Kaep was set up to fail because they did not give him the proper support. Gabbert may have been functional, but the losses still occur. Imagine if Devey was benched after the Steeler game.

          1. I don’t think anyone, even Prime, has said Kaep was 100% responsible for the losses, or suggested that with a great QB this team would be perfect on the season.

            If Devey had been benched after the Steelers game, Kaep would still have likely played his way to the bench. He may have been marginally better, but his poor play is on him. I know you really, really want to find excuses for him, but you are just going to have to face the fact that he was terrible this year, and blaming other players or the coaches for his downfall is simply finding excuses for sub-par QB play.

      2. Kaepernick was nonfunctional. Gabbert is helping the line out quite a bit simply by getting the ball out of his hand on time.

        1. Which had resulted in players getting the ball short of the first down marker and ZERO third down conversions.
          I am not going to rip Gabbert for that, I am going to rip the coaches for not devising more innovative and effective plays.

          1. Gabbert has zero 3rd down conversions on 3rd and long. I believe he has seven 3rd down conversions on 3rd and short/ 3rd and medium.

  21. If you find yourself worrying about the other team having inside information, this would be the week to be worried.

    1. What inside information? Everyone inside and outside the NFL knows that our offense stinks and how to defend it.

    2. Im really worried that the Niners will still run their same old predictable plays with the same old predictable results.

    1. “The best two in this draft might end up being from Memphis and North Dakota State …It takes some courage to turn that card in.”


      1. Yeah, that comment cracked me up too!

        Again, only one scout’s opinion, and there are plenty of others that seem to love Lynch, Goff and Cook as high first round options, but he sums up perfectly why I’m not that keen on a QB in round 1.

        1. I see the same articles every year. There were scouts that didn’t like the top two last year either. What it comes down to is there is rarely a QB that checks all the boxes. If the Niners don’t take one this year who is coming out in the next couple of years that excites anyone? There will be negative reviews every year. Sometimes you just have to accept that you will have to develop the player especially now that they all play in spread systems for the most part.

          This is also a draft that features no consensus number one pick or blue chip talent that you can rate above every one else. Strange year..

          1. “If the Niners don’t take one this year who is coming out in the next couple of years that excites anyone?”

            Were you excited by Goff or Lynch prior this college season?

            1. Goff has been on the radar for a couple of years now. Lynch came out of nowhere, at least for me.

              1. Goff may have been “on the radar”, but the hype machine as a first round QB didn’t happen until this season. Cook was by far and away the top rated QB coming into the college season.

              2. Scooter,

                Not so. Goff was mocked as a first rounder in most future 2016 mock drafts last year including McShay’s on ESPN who had him going 9th overall.

              3. Five current sophomore QBs to watch for in the future:

                – Deshaun Watson
                – Kyle Allen
                – Anu Solomon
                – JT Barrett
                – Brad Kaaya

          2. “Sometimes you just have to accept that you will have to develop the player especially now that they all play in spread systems for the most part.”

            Completely agree. There just aren’t many plug and play QBs coming out of college. Never really has been, but even less so now.

            It doesn’t make it any less scary to be drafting a guy like Goff or Lynch in the top 10. Lets face it, if Winston and Mariota were in this coming draft, they would still easily be the top two QBs taken.

            1. No argument on Winston or Mariota, but they had detractors last year too. It’s going to be scary drafting anybody as high as the Niners will this year because there just isn’t the blue chip talent you expect to get with that pick in the draft this year it seems.

              1. Every pick from rounds 1-5 for Baalke(if still here) will be critical. He needs to go 4 out of 5 as exceptional to get this team back to respectable.
                No more fliers on injured players, no more Mr. Nice guys, no more busts!
                Flat out ballers and angry football guys that only care about winning!

            2. “Sometimes you just have to accept that you will have to develop the player especially now that they all play in spread systems for the most part.”

              The problem with that is most fan bases and front offices would rather toss the rookie QB into the raging waters and see if they can stay afloat with a small bag of peanuts.

              1. Mid,

                Very true and it shouldn’t happen as much as it does. You are doing a young QB no favors by playing him before he’s ready.

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