Bloggin’ live from 49ers game in Seattle

It’s a gorgeous day in Seattle, where the 49ers and Seahawks are set for an NFC West game. This is unlike the past couple years, when wind and rain has greeted us.

It’s a gorgeous day in Seattle, where the 49ers and Seahawks are set for an NFC West game. This is unlike the past couple years, when wind and rain has greeted us.

In talking to some people this morning . . . the 49ers would have had interest in Tampa Bay QB Jeff Garcia if he’d become available early in training camp. But the club is not in the running to work a trade with the Bucs at this point. Fox reported that the Bucs called the 49ers about a possible trade. They just signed a 38-year-old QB (Jamie Martin), and to acquire Garcia now would be undermining J.T. O’Sullivan, who won the starting job this summer. O.C. Mike Martz is quite fond of O’Sullivan, and to bring in a former Pro Bowl quarterback would not be creating a good situation for the first-time starter. One line of thinking is that the Bucs are using the 49ers to create a little buzz, perhaps hoping to entice the Patriots to make a deal for Garcia.

–CB Donald Strickland was out on the field moments ago, testing his left knee. He was running, cutting and doing things he would be asked to do in the game. It’s looking a little iffy for his participation in today’s game.

–From the pages of today’s Press Democrat, the 49ers ready for the crowd noise of the Seahawks’ 12th man.

* * *

The 49ers’ inactive players are QB Jamie Martin (3rd QB), CB Marcus Hudson, CB Donald Strickland, CB Reggie Smith, LB Ahmad Brooks, C Cody Wallace, T/G Chilo Rachal, and LB Tully Banta-Cain.

CB Tarell Brown will suit up for today’s game in place of Strickland.

The Seahawks inactives are OT Sean Locklear, WR Deion Branch, DE Baraka Atkins, RB Maurice Morris, WR Bobby Engram, K Brandon Coutu and DT Red Bryant.

* * *

Niners call heads . . . it is heads. The 49ers defer, so Seattle will receive the opening kickoff. The 49ers will get the ball to start the second half.


–Joe Nedney gets a nice bounce into the end zone for a touchback. Seattle’s ball at the 20.–Michael Lewis comes on a blitz, forcing Hasselbeck to throw wildly. It’s third and 9.

–Make it third and 14 after a false start on WR Logan Payne.

–Nice stop by Haralson on draw play. Seahawks punt; Niners take over near midfield.

–O’Sullivan tries to get the ball deep for Vernon Davis. The ball was overthrown, but Davis was more worried about the possibility of getting a big hit from Deon Grant.

–It’s third-and-7 and the 49ers burned their first timeout.–JTO’s 25-yard pass to Battle on third down is wiped out by an illegal formation call. Andy Lee punts. Shawntae Spencer should’ve downed it at the 1, but he bobbled it and then it bounced off long-snapper Brian Jennings and into the end zone. Seahawks ball at the 20 with 11:53 left in the quarter.

–Dashon Goldson goes down low to hit Logan Payne on a 14-yard gain. The natives are not real pleased with that hit. Good news. Payne is up and walking off the field with some assistance. WR Billy McMullen is on for the ‘Hawks.–Haralson is offside to set up a third and five . . . Lewis with the coverage on an incomplete pass to rookie TE Carlson.

–Manny Lawson gets through to block Jon Ryan’s punt, but Jordan Babineaux picks it up and advances it for a first down. There’s something you don’t see every day.

–UPDATE: Payne is doubtful to return with a knee injury.

–Green jumped offside and then jumped back to a DT spot. Justin Smith adjusted to move out to DE. That confused Hasselbeck so much that he called timeout prior to the third-and-8. play.

–Hasselbeck hooks up with Carlson for first down.

–Julius Jones beats the Goldson blitz with a 27-yard TD run. Harris and Lewis ran into each other down the field and could not get the handle on Jones. It’s SEAHAWKS 7, 49ERS 0 with 9:12 remaining in the quarter.

–That’s the first false start on the 49ers. It’s too loud for me to hear who it was on . . . but that’s another false start right there. Two in two plays. That one was on Jonas Jennings.

–It’s now third and long . . . Peterson just blew past Staley for the sack. But Peterson gets a taunting penalty and an automatic first down. That wasn’t too brilliant.

–But it really doesn’t matter. Gore fumbles and recovered by Marcus Trufant. He fumbles and the ball is batted around. It winds up in the hands of Craig Terrill, who scored. This could get out of hand in a hurry. It’s SEAHAWKS 14, 49ERS 0 with 7:47 left in the quarter.

–Nice return from Rossum. Niners take over after 44-yard return to the Seahawks’ 49.

–Fumbled snap on second down. Man, the 49ers look bad.

–Gore picks up blitz, JTO slings it out to Battle for 12 yards and a first down.

–Gore nice run to the 11, a 23-yard gain.

–JTO throws incomplete to Bruce in the end zone on third down. Bruce still has yet to catch a pass this season. Nedney hits short field goal. It’s SEAHAWKS 14, 49ERS 3 with 2:36 remaining.

–Manny Lawson makes the tackle on special teams. I don’t think Lawson has played a snap of defense yet, as the 49ers are employing extra defensive backs. Let me repeat that: Lawson is not even getting on the field, as Goldson is playing ever snap at safety and Michael Lewis is being used close to the line of scrimmage.

–Hasselbeck completes 16-yard pass to Carlson for a first down on third and 4.


–Seahawks with the ball at 49ers’ 43. Prior to third and 6, Niners call a timeout. It worked. Spencer stopped McMullen after a 3-yard gain. Seahawks to punt.

–Niners take over at the 20 after touchback.–Bryant Johnson catches 25-yard pass from JTO on first down.

–That’s a big play to No. 88. Let me see who that is . . . Oh, that’s Isaac Bruce. That’s what he looks like. It’s a 27-yard gain.

–Jennings with the holding penalty. But at least he got his money’s worth. That was a big-time hold. So it’s first and 20 at the Seahawks’ 24.

–UPDATE: Goldson is questionable with right knee sprain.

–Niners in short-yardage situation after PI in the end zone vs. Bruce. Gore loses a yard on first down. He gains it back on second down. Now it’s third down from the 3. O’Sullivan scrambles and scrambles but can’t find anyone open. He takes tthe sacks. And on comes Nedney again.

–Nedney makes a 28-yard field goal. It’s SEAHAWKS 14, 49ERS 6 with 7:22 left in the half. The Niners’ scoring drive was 70 yards in 10 plays and chewed up 5:53. Hey, remember, the 49ers will get the kickoff to open the second half.

–Bajema misses a tackle at around the 20. But it ends up being a 54-yard return for Josh Wilson.

–Clements gets beaten by Billy McMullen, but he strips the ball. Lewis recovers, and the 49ers take over at their own 9.

–Not an impressive series. The 49ers will punt it away.

–LB Takeo Spikes has played every series since the Seahawks first possession of the game. With Goldson out, Keith Lewis is now in the secondary to start this drive.

–Olindo Mare nails a 51-yard FG. It’s SEAHAWKS 17, 49ERS 6 with 2:49 left in the half. Niners need some more points before the end of the half. But O’Sullivan has to avoid a turnover.

–Spencer was offside on the kickoff (how ’bout that?) but penalty is declined and 49ers take over at 20 after the touchback.

–Josh Morgan makes his first catch. Niners have four wides and no TEs on the field.

–Hey, it’s that guy, Bruce, again. He catches a 63-yard pass behind the Seahawks’ secondary. Trufant drags him down at the Seahawks’ 9-yard line. It’s the two-minute warning, and the 49ers MUST stick it in the end zone.

–Incomplete to Davis in the end zone. Didn’t matter, another illegal formation penalty. Davis leaves, Morgan enters.

–Morgan had a chance for TD grab, but coldn’t make it. On second down, Grant intercepts JTO, but there’s a flag down. It should be coming back.

–Pass interference on the ‘Hawks. The 49ers have a first down at the 3.–Bryant Johnson beats Kelly Jennings with a quick inside release and it’s a TD. It’s SEAHAWKS 17, 49ERS 13 with 1:42 remaining in the half.

–Nedney kicks it out of bounds. The Seahawks take over at the 40.

–The 49ers have made the decision to go with extra defensive backs and no put pressure on the QB. Hasselbeck is sitting back there and picking them apart. Seahawks have the ball at the 49ers’ 28.

–Clements forces out McMullen on a pass at the sideline. The new rule is that there are no longer any forceouts. A receiver has to get both feet down. Good play. –Mare on to attempt a 38-yard field goal on the final play of the half. He made it. It’s SEAHAWKS 20, 49ERS 13.

–In the second half, the 49ers have make the adjustment to play fewer people in coverage and get more pressure on Hasselbeck.

–The halftime grub is interesting: hot dogs, popcorn, Snickers and Hershey bars. It’s like Halloween.

–O’Sullivan has completed 11 of 16 passes for 175 yards and a TD. His passer rating is 125.8. He’s been sacked four times.


–Barry Sims is starting the second half at right tackle. Jennings apparently has been benched. Take that back . .. Jennings is out with a right shoulder sprain. That’s what they just announced anyway.

–Third down pass through Battle’s hands. Lee on to punt. Manny Lawson with the tackle on special teams. He still hasn’t played any on defense, so the ’06 first-round pick is relegated to special teams today, as the 49ers go with a 4-2-5 alignment. Spikes and Willis are the ‘backers, with Clements, Harris, Roman, Michael Lewis and Keith Lewis in the secondary.

–Niners aren’t slowing down the ‘Hawks. They’ve made a couple first downs and have the ball at the 49ers’ 38. Carlson has four receptions. Wonder if Lawson couldn’t do a better job in coverage against the rookie.

–Patrick Willis. Wow. Patrick Willis. Walt Harris breaks up the pass and Willis catches it on the go. He takes it 86 yards for a game-changing interception return for a TD. Folks, and just like that it’s 49ERS 20, SEAHAWKS 20 with 8:46 remaining in the quarter.

–There was a celebration penalty, so Nedney kicks off from the 15. Seahawks take over at the 38. We have ourselves a game now.

–Niners blitz on first down. Incomplete pass. They’re flying around. Another incomplete pass. It’s third-and-10.

–Pass tipped at line by Ray McDonald and Harris makes the interception. The tide has turned.

–Back-to-back passes to Johnson for 19 and 13 yards to the Seahawks’ 9.

–Gore bounces it outside and takes it in from 2 yards out. Hey, the 49ers are looking like a football team, all of a sudden. It’s 49ERS 27, SEAHAWKS 20 with 6:41 remaining in the third.

–Around the NFC West, the Rams (0-2) got drilled by the Giants 41-13, and the Cardinals (1-0) are beating the Dolphins 31-3 at the end of three quarters.

–Seahawks are chipping away at the 49ers. They’ve picked up three first downs and have the ball in 49ers’ territory.

–Niners defense looks very tired. This drive is now at the 14 and the Seahawks havve run 12 plays.

–Willis is out and Ulbrich is in. Seahawks have the ball and a first down at the 4.


–T.J. Duckett takes it in easily from 1 yard out. It’s SEAHAWKS 27, 49ERS 27 with 14:20 remaining in the game. That was a 15-play, 74-yard drive and took 7:21.

UPDATE: Willis’ return is questionable with a right “leg injury.” He’s still in the locker room.

–The crowd is making some noise on second and 9.

–And O’Sullivan is sacked for the fifth time today.

–He scrambles for 12 yards on third and 15. Niners on to punt. Could’ve been offsides, but the 49ers are called for false start. Niners get backed up 5 yards and will punt.

–Lee with a beautiful punt, but Jason Hill, the first one down, misses rookie return man Michael Bumpus. He returns it 30 yards to the Seattle 46 with 11:53 left. The momentum has swung back to the ‘Hawks.

–Just wonder if the 49ers’ defense can stop the Seahawks if Willis isn’t on the field. It’s third and 2.

–Hasselbeck hits Carlson for 11 yards and a first down. Roman was in coverage.

–Niners are sticking with that nickel defense even when the Seahawks don’t have more than two WRs. The Niners are getting no pass rush. Seahawks have the ball at the 17.

–Willis is back in the game!

–The Niners hold. Mare is on for a 32-yard field goal attempt.It’s good. Now, the score is SEAHAWKS 30, 49ERS 27 with 7:41 remaining in regulation.

–On the kickoff return, Spencer was injured. They’re working on his left leg. He was helped off the field. Let’s see if he’ll be able to return to play defense.

–Niners take over at the 32. And during the commercial break the crowd is getting LOUD.

–Niners go with four wides on second and 9. JTO gets sacked again, but that was on him. He had plenty of time and should’ve gotten rid of the ball. It’s third and 14.

–Big completion to Isaac Bruce. There’s a flag down in the secondary. Illegal contact. Declined. It’s 49ers’ ball at the Seattle 42.

–Niners inside the 30. On second and 5, there’s flag down. Defense had 12 men on the field.

–O’Sullivan trips while backing out from center. That’s another sack. It’s third and 8.

–JTO uses his feet to pick up 16 yards and a first down.

–He’s sacked again. The ball’s on the 15-yard line with 3:05 remaining.

–Pass intended for Vernon Davis. He’s held by Deon Grant. The ball’s on the 10. First and goal.

–Gore does not gain anything on sweep to the right side. The Seahawks used their second timeout with 2:56 left.

–Incomplete to Bruce on second down.

–Incomplete to Battle at the goal line on third down.

–Nedney to attempt a 28-yard FG. He makes it. 49ERS 30, SEAHAWKS 30 with 2:42 remaining. Now the question is whether the 49ers’ defense can hold. Will the 49ers’ try to turn up the heat on Hasselbeck?

–Michael Robinson tripped up the return man at the 11. That’s where the Seahawks take over.

–The Seahawks face a second and 9 after the two-minute warning.

–Hasselbeck scrambles for 12 yards and a first down.

–Willis makes the tackle on a screen pass to Jones for a 6-yard loss. (This just in, Willis’ 86-yard interception return was the longest for a 49ers linebacker in franchise history. John Johnson had a 56-yarder in 1992.)

–Third and 16, strong safety Michael Lewis gets the sack — the 49ers’ first of the game. The Seahawks will punt. The only thing that can go wrong now is if Lawson blocks the punt.

–Niners take over at the Seattle 49 with 69 ticks remaining.

–JTO buys time and dumps it off to Gore, who takes it 17 yards. The 49ers are in field-goal range.

–Gore catches another pass for 9 yards to the 23.

–They’ll call on Nedney to attempt the game-winning field goal.

–Nedney from 41 . . . he hooked it wide right. We’re going to overtime.

–I don’t disagree with that strategy at all. The 49ers could have tried to get closer, but Nedney is solid and you simply don’t want to take any more chances with a sack or turnover. It’s pretty safe to say at this point, this will be either a very, very good victory or a devastating defeat for the 49ers.


–Niners win the toss (and don’t defer). They’ll receive the kickoff.

–They take over at the 20 after the touchback.

–It’s third and 7 from the 23 . . . and the 49ers take a timeout to think about it.

–Gore picks up Leroy Hill on the blitz, giving JTO the time he needs to deliver a beautiful pass to Bruce for 33 yards. That was clutch.

–Now it’s third and 3 from the ‘Hawks’ 37 . . . and the 49ers call another timeout.

–Quick slant to Battle for 5 yards. They’re at the outer edge of field-goal range.

–Now they are in field goal range because of an offsides penalty on Brandon Mebane.

–Gore for 4 yards to the 23.

–Gore stopped for no gain. And JTO throws it away on third down.

–Here comes Nedney. It’ll be a 40-yard attempt. He made it! Redemption. And that’s a final. 49ERS 33, SEAHAWKS 30