Bob Padecky, the name may be familiar

For the time being I will not be writing as much as I have been about Sonoma County sports but instead will be tracking the 49ers through this blog. It will not be an easy chore since the lock-out has locked things down, in which the most mundane of activities becomes newsworthy.

To wit: The magistrate in the labor dispute is enjoying himself these days by sliding a 40-pound rock down a 150-foot sheet of ice to painted targets. Arthur J. Boylan, is curling. Nothing says “Let’s get the season going!” more than that.

We also have  learned Bengal wide receiver Chad Ochocino took a 160-mile an hour spin in a car driven by NASCAR’s Jeff Burton last Thursday in Hampton, Ga.

In something remotely resembling news, it was announced Tuesday the Aug. 7th Hall of Fame Game between the Bears and the Rams is still on. That comes under the heading: Why not? The NFL still has a month to cancel it. Then again, I would love to see them play the game if the lock-out ended a week earlier.

 There could be replacement players for an exhibition game, which won’t bother the veterans one bit.

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