Chris Borland on Carlos Hyde: “You can never be on your heels when he’s making a move because he can run through you.”

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what Chris Borland said about Carlos Hyde Friday morning

Q: Does he look like the same running back he was in college? What do you see from him?

BORLAND: As far as what he does well, I think he has carried that over. Like any rookie, there are things to learn and there is a learning curve. I think he has handled that well, too.

Q: Does he move like a guy who weighs 235 pounds?

BORLAND: No, he’s got very quick feet. He’s very smooth. There is no hesitation in breaks. He looks like he’s 205.

Q: Is he difficult to defend?

BORLAND: Yeah. You can never be on your heels while he’s making a move because he can run through you, too. You need to stay balanced. That’s what makes him a good running back – a great combination of size and speed. Not many guys have that, especially with his cutting ability.

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  1. Still rubbing my eyes that they were able to draft both of these guys, both of whom I thought could be real assets to the team beforehand….

    1. Hyde was on my pre-daft radar. I have to admit Borland (and Ward) were a total surprise. I was hoping the 49errs would go to a tall, fast wideout.

    2. When you couple these two with Carradine, Patton, McDonald, Lemmonier, Lattimore, Dial, Ward, Ellington, Martin, etc, it’s hard not to be giddy about what they might bring to the team.

  2. A lot of muscle strains on this team. Yoga should be mandatory for everyone. GEEZ. Someone should tell these guys the more flexible they are the chances of injury slims down a lot

  3. I still think that Hyde runs better once he gets past the line of scrimmage. He is more effective there because he has more momentum once he gets moving and is really hard to bring down. He has better moves once he gets in motion. If you can get him beneath his pads before he gets his feet going he can be stood up. Thats why they needed to work with him about getting lower. Even though he is a big guy I think he is a better finis runner than a pure power runner. Guys with lower centers of gravity and shorter legs are better at that.

    1. Isnt every running back better after the line of scrimmage. I dont to many that have made a living back there.

    2. This is why I think he compares to Brandon Jacobs. In college I seldom saw him get take on a defender at the LOS… that’s why his scares me a bit. Its not to say he cant be effective but based off his film I dont see someone that can be used as a battering ram against the defense.

      1. When you figure that out Claude, let me know, and then we’ll both locate where they live and engage in a tag team slap-a-thon on their heads in order to show how idiotic they are being. I’m sure that after an hour or four hours we’ll get through to them.

  4. Was watching a little of the USA Basketball practice play this evening and Paul George sustained one of the worse leg injuries I’ve seen since the Marcus Lattimore injury.
    Wow, hope he makes it back.

  5. Dorsey went down with an injury tonight. Practice sounded like a slobber-knocker.

    1. Hope Dorsey’s OK. They were looking at his bicep. Dorsey is the one true NT with Williams out. Surviving training camp seems like a huge challenge.

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