Bowman describes Takeaway Thursdays, and more

SANTA CLARA – NaVorro Bowman spoke in the media tent Wednesday afternoon. He discussed his fourth quarter interception against the Packers, and he described what Takeaway Thursdays are. Here’s a transcript.

Q: What was the key to your interception?

BOWMAN: It was just me being a football player. I think all of those things
came into effect and I was able to do what I did in the scheme of the defense.

Q: Have your hands improved?

BOWMAN: I don’t know. I’m a defensive player so not too many balls get thrown
my way, but whenever they do I try to catch them and we work at that every single day.

Q: Have you ever played offense?

BOWMAN: I played running back growing up in high school and decided defense was better.

Q: How much have you improved since last year?

BOWMAN: One of the things of being successful in this game, you have to know what everyone else around you is doing and I just try to ask question to figure out what it is Just learn everything so I can play the best I can.

Q: Patrick Willis the Godfather to your twins?

BOWMAN:Patrick is a great guy, on and off the field. As far as on the field, there are things we have to do to do our job. Off the field, he’s a great guy and gives me advice with things other than football and he’s a great friend, so why wouldn’t I want a great example like Patrick to be the godfather of my children.

ME: Are you a better player than Patrick?

BOWMAN: Am I a better player? I’m going to leave that to you guys. Me and Patrick put in a lot of work to go out there and play together. Pretty much what it comes down to is me and Patrick doing the job our coaches need us to do.

Q: How do you guys stress turnovers?

BOWMAN: They stress it extremely. We work on it every single day. We have this thing called Takeaway Thursday where we try to get as many turnovers as we can and see where we end up and go into the game with that type of mindset.

Q: Tell me more.

BOWMAN: It’s just being ball hawking. Trying to get the balls out. Those are the things that go into the game and if we practice it, it’ll show up in the game.

Q: How many TOs have you forced on your best Takeaway Thursday?

BOWMAN: We’ve came up with probably or 9 in a three-hour practice. Just everyone running to the ball. The coaches do a great job setting up the drills that get our mindset focused on that.

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