Braylon Edwards: “The ideal goal for me is to just get back healthy for the playoffs.”

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what Braylon Edwards said at his locker this morning.

Q: Are you healthy?

EDWARDS: I’m playing through a football season. No one is ever going to be fully healthy, but just fighting every day.

Q: Do you have a shoulder injury as well?

EDWARDS: Injury means you can’t play, but I do have a shoulder ailment, I’ll say. Little bit of AC joint. Nothing super serious, but at the same time, it’s nagging. It bothers me.

Q: What happened on the interception (against the Ravens)?

EDWARDS: He saw one thing, I saw another. That happens from time to time. That probably stems from us not being able to be out there a lot, with my injury. I saw a defensive back playing inside leverage, so I attacked his inside leverage to give myself more room on the outside as well as the quarterback. Alex saw me going inside so he assumed I was going to stay inside. It was a mistake on both parts. We just didn’t get it done and it led to an interception.

Q: It that something where a quarterback and a receiver would usually know each other’s body language if you had the full season?

EDWARDS: That’s kind of what I just said. I said that stems from us not being able to get that timing together by me being injured. So to your question, yes, when you have more time you’ll get those reads a lot better. Like you said, the body language hasn’t been there.

Q: Do you think you’ll be able to get out on the practice field a little bit more in the next few weeks?

EDWARDS: We’ll see. I hope so. That’s always the plan. You can’t rush things.

Q: When did you hurt your shoulder?

EDWARDS: The Redskins game.

Q: Was it the shot to DeAngelo Hall?

EDWARDS: It was the aftermath of that. I ran into him, that wasn’t a problem. I got slammed on the shoulder by (LaRon) Landry, I think.

Q: How frustrating has this been? I’m sure this isn’t the kind of production you expected from yourself.

EDWARDS: It’s not about production, I’ve been hurt. I had knee surgery, now I have a bad shoulder. So it’s not about production, I’ve been hurt. I haven’t ever had a season where I’ve been hurt, with the exception of my rookie year. This is all new to me, it’s very frustrating, but I ask the team to bear with me. I can’t really control being hurt – it’s part of the game.

Q: With five games left in the regular season and then the playoffs, what’s the goal? To get to that spot where you can be a contributor in January?

EDWARDS: My plan is more the playoffs. We can pretty much wrap those up with a win this week. So I think the big thing for me is to get back healthy. We’ve got five games left like you said, plus the playoffs. So the ideal goal for me is to just get back healthy for the playoffs. That would be key.

Q: Would it be necessary to take more time off, miss a game, just so you could be ready for January?

EDWARDS: We’ll see what the doctors say. We’ll put that plan in the hands of the doctor and the trainers and coach Harbaugh and see what they think. Maybe it’s necessary. Maybe that’s what needs to happen.

Q: Did you come out of Thursday’s game worse physically?

EDWARDS: I came out. I came out.

Q: During games are you on any kind of pitch count or is you shuffling in and out of the game a function of the game plan?

EDWARDS: A little bit of both. You’ve got the game plan. You’ve got Kyle Williams that does some good things for us, as well as Ted (Ginn), as well as (Michael) Crabtree. So we have a pitch count based off that. Everyone has their own plays and there’s so many different packages and personnel (groups). Part of it is just that. The other part of it is how do you feel? How do I feel? What’s going? It’s a little mixture.

Q: Did you stay here over the weekend to get treatment or did you go home to just rest?

EDWARDS: I went home and rested. I hadn’t seen the family in a while. So I took time to see the family and eat good meals. I’m tired of eating on Santana Row. It was good to get some turkey and some family time.

Q: How explosive could this offense be with you healthy?

EDWARDS: With or without me, this offense can be very explosive. We’ve got to maybe pay more attention to game plan and focus, dial in a little bit more. Be disciplined and there’s no limit to this offense. We haven’t reached our potential and obviously you guys can watch that and see that. So whatever needs to happen, needs to happen. But this offense, with or without me, has extreme potential. Extreme potential.

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