Braylon Edwards: “This offense will be explosive. I do believe that.”

SANTA CLARA – Braylon Edwards went into detail today about the extra work he’s doing with Alex Smith after practices and his high expectations of the offense in the regular season.

At the end, he addressed his possible suspension for week 1. NFL Spokesman Greg Aiello says his case is “still under review.”

Here’s everything Edwards said.

Q: How do you feel like you’re doing so far with the grasp of everything?

EDWARDS: I feel like I’m doing well. I had part of this offense before, so a lot of the terminology and the plays and route concepts are familiar to me. Coach is doing an excellent job of working me in there with Alex, a little bit with Kaep, so I’m getting work with both of them. Just doing extra work, that’s the key. I feel like I’m grasping well. I feel like I’ll be ready on game day.

Q: What extra work are you doing?

EDWARDS: Just extra route running. You only get so many reps during practice, especially with those guys, they’re trying to rotate with their quarterbacks and you’re not getting reps with Alex or Kaep, so you just have to practice, just going over routes. Just trying to run those routes after practice and get those down, the timing. He knows how I like to run mine. I know where he’s trying to throw the ball. Just doing a little bit of that is great for us.

Q: How different is this offense going to be once the regular season starts?

EDWARDS: You’ve got to ask that again. What do you mean by that? What are you seeing so far?

Q: That’s what I’m asking. You haven’t had a very productive offense so far. Would you expect it to improve and do you expect your role to grow?

EDWARDS: Ok, now it makes sense. Vernon and Frank haven’t played a lot in this preseason. They played a series here, a series there, as well as trying to get some of the younger guys in there, work out everybody. This has been a condensed training camp, so you’re trying to get the most out of your twos, your threes, your rookies, your free agents. I think when the season starts we’ll pretty much know who we’re going with, so we’ll be able to put our offense out there in complete unison. Vernon, Frank, myself, Ted, get Crab back out there, and once we get everyone out on this field this offense will be explosive. I do believe that.

Q: How did Crabtree look today?

EDWARDS: He looked well. I talked to Crab last week and he said he feels good. He said he’ll back out there and his word is good enough for me. Everybody knows what he can do when he’s ready. When he get that guy back on the field it adds a whole different dimension to what we have that we’re hiding.

Q: Gore seems in good spirits.

EDWARDS: He is. Frank’s one of those guys, he’s ready. Frank’s been here long enough. He’s ready to go to the playoffs. He’s ready to go to the next level. He’s ready to sacrifice all of his personal and individual success for the team’s success, and that’s why it’s great to be around guys like that. With attitude and the things that he can do, the sky’s the limit for him as well as this offense.

Q: Do you know how much the first stringers will play on Thursday?

EDWARDS: I haven’t heard a lot. Coach Harbaugh is very hush hush. I plan on playing. I want to play. I feel as though we should definitely get a series in there or two or three, just to get comfortable and feel good about ourselves going into next week against the Seahawks.

Q: I talked to a spokesman of the league who said there’s nothing to report. Is that good news?

EDWARDS: Yeah, that’s great news, that’s a little better than good news.



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