Breakfast of champions

SANTA CLARA — A reporter asked Joe Staley about Greg Hardy, the defensive end Staley will face on Sunday. Here is the exchange:

Q: “Hardy seems like a very quotable guy. Does he talk much on the field?”

STALEY: “The last game was the only time I’ve really gone against him. He’s a competitor, a fiery guy. He’s a little wild, which is fun. It’s fun going against a guy like that who brings out your competitive side. He’s just a very talented football player, a big guy with tremendous athleticism which you don’t see a whole lot.”

Q: “After a game, do you ever tell a defender, ‘It was fun to go against you?'”


Q: “What is his pass rushing style like?”

STALEY: “He’s pretty unique. He’s 6-4, 295 pounds. He’s really, really athletic. He’s got long arms. Pretty unique.”

Q: “Recently, Hardy was asked if he dominated the Falcons, and he said he dominated breakfast when he woke up this morning, that he dominates everything. What is that?”

STALEY: “He must have had a heck of a breakfast.”

What do you think Hardy had for breakfast?

Staley seems up for Hardy, not intimidated at all. And why should Staley feel intimidated? Staley is one of the best left tackles in the NFL.

Staley probably thinks he’s going to eat Hardy’s lunch.

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