Brian Hoyer has a perfect practice at 49ers training camp



Here’s what stood out to me during practice Saturday morning.


1. QB Brian Hoyer. As far as what Hoyer could control, he was perfect. Of his six incompletions, one was a drop by Pierre Garcon, two were throw-aways and three were pass breakups by cornerbacks. Hoyer threw zero bad passes. Overall, he completed 13 of 19 (68 percent), and he wasn’t just dinking and dunking. He threw five deep balls. “I didn’t know he could throw the ball that far,” Garcon said after practice. “He loves throwing the deep ball. I didn’t know his arm was that strong.”

2. RB Carlos Hyde. Hyde didn’t make any catches yesterday, but today he made a difficult spinning catch over the middle as he adjusted to a pass that was thrown slightly behind him.

3. WR Trent Taylor. Taylor led the offense with six catches, although he made five of these catches against zone coverage. His best catch came against man-to-man coverage when he beat second-string nickelback Will Redmond with a quick cut to the outside. “The man-to-man one is the one that I really judge him off of,” Kyle Shanahan said after practice. “But you do want him to catch it in zone. You want him to get up the field and see what he can do after the catch. But, the number of catches…is not something I’ve ever really looked at.”

4. TE George Kittle. Kittle made only one catch, but it was impressive. He powered through Rueben Foster’s bump-and-run coverage at the line of scrimmage, then beat Foster with a head fake and a cut toward the sideline, then dove to catch the pass. Kittle also made a nice block in pass protection against outside linebacker Eli Harold.

5. DE Solomon Thomas. Defensive line coach Jeff Zgonina yelled at Thomas for not playing hard enough during positional drills. But during team drills, Thomas played extremely hard – hetackled running back Joe Williams for a three-yard loss, he held his ground against a double-team block and he batted down a pass at the line of scrimmage. After these plays, Zgonina walked on the field to congratulate Thomas.

6. ILB NaVorro Bowman. The first team drill of practice always consists of run plays and play-action passes. The defense has to practice correctly diagnosing the difference between the two. During this period, NaVorro Bowman instantly diagnosed a run play, exploded through the offensive line and tackled Hyde for a two-yard loss.

7. CB Rashard Robinson. The Niners No. 1 cornerback broke up two deep passes – one intended for Jeremy Kerley and one intended for Marquise Goodwin. Both times, Robinson ran stride for stride with the receiver and pinned him to the sideline. The only catch Robinson gave up was a short catch to Garcon, who had to fight to catch the ball. Robinson was all over him. Robinson is by far the best cornerback on the team. It seems he follow the opponent’s best receiver and cover him wherever he lines up as opposed to playing just one side of the field.


1. SS Eric Reid. Reid blew an assignment and allowed Marquise Goodwin to make a wide-open deep catch down the middle of the field. Reid was supposed to exchange responsibilities with an inside linebacker after the offense motioned before the snap. But Reid forgot, and Goodwin ran right past him.

2. DE Tank Carradine. Carradine kept making basic mistakes during warmups. Every day, the defensive linemen start practice by lining up in three-point stances and hitting a pad attached to a sled. If the D-linemen line up with their right hand on the ground, then they take their first step forward with their right foot. This is elementary, like starting a sentence with a capital letter. When Carradine did this drill Saturday morning, he continuously made his first step with the wrong foot. As he made these false steps, defensive line coach Jeff Zgonina stared at him with his head cocked to the side and his mouth open. He kept staring as Carradine finished the drill and walked to the end of the line. Zgonina couldn’t freaking believe what he saw. So he walked over to Carradine and corrected him in front of the rest of the defensive linemen and the media. You do it like this, Tank. Seemingly every 10 minutes afterward, Zgonina pulled Carradine to the side and corrected him about something else.

3. RB Joe Williams. The rookie fourth-round pick fumbled during 11-on-11 drills. He ran toward the left tackle, cut between the defensive tackle and the defensive end and got stripped by D-end Dekoda Watson. Will Redmond landed on the ball.

4. QB Matt Barkley. Barkley was extremely accurate, completing 7-of-9 passes, but he made one junior varsity decision. The play was a run-action bootleg to his left. After Barkley faked the hand off and started rolling out to his left, Aaron Lynch chased him down, and instead of throwing the ball away, Barkley heaved it downfield as far he could. I don’t know whom he thought he was throwing to, but the ball flew right into the arms of free safety Lorenzo Jerome.

5. ILB Malcolm Smith. Players didn’t wear pads today, so they weren’t supposed to hit each other. But during one running play, linebacker Malcolm Smith met running back Tim Hightower in the hole and hit him as hard as he could and knocked him on his back. Hightower wasn’t expecting this hit. Seemed like a dirty play.

6. CB Ahkello Witherspoon. The rookie third-round pick got beaten twice in man-to-man coverage – first, by undrafted free agent Kendrick Bourne, who ran a quick out route. Then, by Aaron Burbridge, who isn’t even fast. These two receivers probably won’t make the team. If Witherspoon can’t cover them, he’s got major problems.

7. WR Bruce Ellington. The fourth-year veteran played mainly with the fourth-string offense and still couldn’t beat man-to-man coverage. Quarterbacks targeted Ellington twice and both times the pass got broken up. Ellington seemed lethargic and unmotivated – he looked like he didn’t want to be on the field. I wonder how much longer he’ll be in the league.

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  1. >>You want him to get up the field and see what he can do after the catch.

    Fall down! Fall down!

      1. Haha! Hoyer’s having a good camp and Sebby’s having a real pisser right about now……………’s early, tho-still, Sebs having a pisser.

          1. Think of the biggest Narcissistic personality you know with a Quixote complex and a Trumpian self righteous self assurance! Also someone with literary Tourette’s and you begin to get a sense of Seb.

          2. I am unique, and verbose. I also am a die hard faithful Niner fan who hungers for a sixth ring.

          3. Take the time to read through Seb’s posts from last night through today. Would suggest looking at his material over the last two years but that would require a herculean effort.

            Seb is a fan. He shows flashes of having good football knowledge but he often ends up spinning in a corner of his own making, then hurling hate at others–which attracts hate in return. He asserts that 9er execs and coaches read his posts and act on his ideas–implying that said execs and coaches are the equivalent of preschoolers, and it’s Seb’s brilliance which shows them the way. Seriously, Seb is very proud of his direct role in 9er success-when there is success…just ask Seb about his brilliant 2017 draft plan. Use of cliches are not uncommon, especially on sports blogs, but Seb uses cliches like babies use binkies. And there’s much more.

            Judge Seb for yourself.

        1. Saw, I expect the maturity level of this site to be above the 5th grade level.
          Please grow up.

              1. Sebs………

                Life is a very serious business. On our easiest day, very serious questions come up where correct judgments have to be made. And despite our best efforts, we don’t always know the right answer.

                Comedy, found on this blog, helps the world go ’round.

    1. After all, who needs big plays, and large gains on offense? It’s all about dinking and dunking with short gains just past the 1st down sticks, and avoiding injuries and fumbles at all costs, because big yardage, explosive, game-breaking plays are for suckers.

    2. That tactic was employed by the Giants in the 2011 NFCC Game. The receivers immediately fell to the ground after converting a third down play so Goldson or Whitner could not hit them and knock them out of the game. Goldson eventually was so frustrated, he knocked his own player out of the game. The Giants retained possession of the ball, preserved their bodies and moved the sticks. They also won the game.
      Personally, I do not like tactics that lead to a Niner loss, but I guess you do not care.
      Even in this last Super Bowl, I saw that tactic used. Taylor Gabriel caught the ball and fell to the ground. He converted a third down play, moved the sticks, and was uninjured. Also, the possibility of getting stripped of the ball is a lot less when a player is on the ground.

      1. This tactic should be used for passes over the middle. Many WRs do not like to catch the ball in the middle of the field because they tend to get bludgeoned by the safety.

        1. Seb, you do like it when 9ers safeties clobber WRs coming across the middle, no?

          The ‘thump’ thing…

          1. Sure, I want the Niner safeties to intimidate the WRs. I also know that the other team’s defense does the exact same thing. That is why I want the Niner receivers to play smart and avoid the thumping hits.
            You, on the other hand, with your mach bravado, do not care if the receiver is injured, and want them to take a hit for the team.
            I, on the other hand, want to lessen injuries, and if the receivers are past the first down marker, converting a third down play, they should protect themselves and protect the ball.

    1. Yeah, kinda disappointed in that Tank writeup. Always been a fan of his and was hopeful the slow start to his career was more about the coaching staff not figuring out a scheme to use his talent. Very surprised he can’t even figure out simple footwork in drills. Not sure about d-lineman but kids at a very early age who play QB, RB, or WR learn the proper footwork for their position. 8 year olds learn proper stance and correct foot to start and how to reverse pivot for QBs. O-lineman are taught stance and first step depending on if they are blocking down or double teaming. I’m actually shocked an NFL player wouldn’t get those things right.

  2. King Solomon has an explosive weapon, and it’s called his piss off bomb. Push it as your own risk. Once the pads go on they’ll begin to separate the wheat from the chaff….

    1. Seb: “Grant threw me a cookie.”

      “Hoyer’s not perfect Grant. How can you write this after Kap was stabbed in the back by wormtongue, who still hasn’t cleaned out his office, no matter how many times I’ve called the 49er switchboard.”

      Ojays: Seb’s Backstabbers

      1. Always find it ironic that that song is on the same album ( of the same name) as Love Train…lol

  3. I am really happy to hear about all the guys in the “good” – that’s a really good sign and they are players I was hoping to see in that category. As for the “bad” – M. Smith’s only knock was a dirty play and I don’t like seeing Joe Williams in there, but he is a rookie. No one else in the “bad” really surprised me. I have not been a fan of Ellington or Tank – it’s time for them to go.

      1. If you relying on Reid…we’ve got trouble ,dude has been on a steady nosedive since his rookie year..He should be hitting the peak of his career right now

    1. The gift that keeps on giving—Baalke’s players.

      Maybe his DB’s will work out and DeAndre Smelter. Would be nice if the 49ers had a pro sized WR like Owens or Dez Bryant.

      1. Yes, in fact it might be the teams most glaring need outside of a franchise QB. I was really hoping the 49ers would trade down and draft COREY DAVIS. Size, speed, and YAC, he’s the real deal and one of the best WR prospects I’ve seen in quite some time! He reminds me of a young Jerry Rice after that catch. So much so that it’s almost eerie! The Titans got themselves a rare talent. He’s my early, top OROY candidate.

    2. Good stuff as always Grant!

      Honest to god, if Tank doesn’t know which foot to lead with coming out of a 3 point stance by now, there is zero hope for this kid. If I were Kyle, I’d honestly consider cutting him tomorrow! What a shame. I’ve always wondered exactly what it is that could hold back such a physically gifted player as Tank …….. I guess we now know the answer. “His body can compete, but his brain simply cannot compute!”

      1. I could fix his problem in no time. Just tie down his off foot and run reps until it becomes natural. lol.

      2. I don’t want to take anything away from ShanaLynch’s first draft, but boy do I feel like they let one slip through their fingers. I like Solomon Thomas, but boy, how do you let a talent like Corey Davis get away, when it was such a glaring need? Despite the fact that his QB, Zach Terrell was absolutely terrible, so much so that he was borderline unwatchable, Davis became all time FBS (Division 1) leader in receiving yards. Moreover, Davis literally ran every route in the book during his time in Kalamazoo, so it’s no wonder that the Titans fell in love with him enough to take him at 5. He was also the best blocking wideout in the draft ….. by far. Most receivers just go about their business nonchalantly, but Davis is completely the opposite. He actually works his arse off on every play, and relishes his opportunities to block downfield, which is a big deal for Kyle’s system.

        I don’t want to spend too much time playing the what-if game in hindsight right now, with all of the buzz and excitement that this new and improved roster is generating in Santa Clara, so I’ll leave it alike this ……… just watch the kind of impact Corey Davis has as a rookie. He’s going to make believers out of Titans’ fans reel fast!

        1. Hmm, sounds like another Conner Cook crush.
          Corey Davis ran a 4.48 forty, and did well against lower level competition.
          I do not think the Niners should draft a WR high. They should sign battle hardened and battle tested FAs, like they did with Garcon, Goodwin and Aldridge.
          Rookie WRs tend to get injured. Hmmm, CD just had ankle surgery this offseason, so he already was injured.
          Mariota has just returned after breaking his leg, and while they are ecstatic that he has returned, he is not 100% by any means, so CD may not have Mariota to throw him the ball if Mariota relapses.

          1. Hey, I thought he was worth taking in round 2, and the jury is still out. At least Cook isn’t 4th string on the Cleveland Browns …. cough ….. Kevin Hogan. Or worse yet, out of the league entirely …. cough …. Vernon Adams.

  4. Will be very interesting to see if Kittle and Taylor can keep it up once the pads go on..Very excited to hear about the offence actually competing in practice again..Been a long time since we’ve seen that,it’s early but Im really liking the Lynch /Shanny era so far..

  5. One of the other reporters said Hyde had a long run to start practise – did you see that?

    Great to hear Robinson is looking very good. They’re going to need him to be.

      1. Come back to Stockton where it’s 102!
        Aaron Lynch will lose 10 lbs in a couple of days. The sweat loss will be enough to fill a large aquarium.

      1. East, I guess you want me to engage you. However, I just want to discuss the TC practices, and will refrain from the ad hominem attacks.
        Why dont you try to discuss the players, and how the practices seem to be running smoothly. Attacking a fellow Niner fan is uncool, and says a lot more about you than it does me.

        1. Seb says… “Attacking a fellow Niner fan is uncool, and says a lot more about you than it does me.” Read your thousand plus posts over the last many, many months Seb. I’d estimate at least 60% are of the attack nature–many attacks very bitter and cynical. By your criteria, you’re unclool. I sense you don’t give a flip about maintaining an aura of coolness at all. So what’s the point?

          Do I attack? Occasionally yes–and you’re the target 95% of the time. You paint such huge bullseyes on your person. I’m okay with not being cool in that regard.

          1. Cassie, how deliciously ironic. You haunt my posts and attack constantly, then complain when I respond.
            I certainly do not go attack mode all the time, and am content to just post in peace. You and the others are the ones who constantly attack, so maybe you need to give a hard look in the mirror.

          2. The stench of Baalke lingers. I know why you attack me, and I am cool with it, too, because I get to point out how classless and clueless Baalke was.
            Cassie, Baalke is not coming back. You really need to change your name, or at least drop this one and stick with one of your duplicate ones.

            1. Sebbs–

              To paraphrase John Riggins to Sandra Day O’connor………………

              “Loosen up, sebs baby-your too uptight!”

  6. Grant,
    Thanks for taking us to practice!
    Apologies for my minor rip on your reports from yesterday. Its obvious that you are elated about Joe Williams, and I hope he turns out to be as good as advertised. It just rubs me the wrong way when I hear other beat writers say that Hyde (with the exception of his fumble) had a good first day practice yet you focused solely on the fumble.
    In any case glad to see the players coming around and look forward to the real hitting starting tomorrow.

  7. 1. 2, 3, and 4. Hoyer has three solid targets, not to mention Garcon and Juice. Goodwin adds the deep threat. Hoyer will be solid. I can see him hitting 4,000 YDs (250 YPG) this season.
    5. His lack of effort showed up at times in college.
    7. Robinson is good and getting better. He’s keeping up with speed and fighting with Garcon. Robinson will shut down Kelvin Benjamin in Week 1.

    Not so good.
    2. I guess they quit teaching at FSU after Bowden retired.
    5. Smith knows he won’t be starting and that Ray Ray and Foster will be used in coverage.
    6. I’m interested to see how physical he plays with pads.

    1. Why on Gods green earth would we want him around?

      I’m enjoying reading the posts from real people with real football intellect.

      Please Seb, stay away!

      1. Sorry. I thought you swore you were going to leave and never come back. Welchers that break their word are the kind of posters we do not need on this site.

  8. I flat out laughed after reading about Barkley’s mistake. He thought he was Aaron Rodgers when he was chased down and heaved it up like that. I know it was going to get intercepted.

  9. Hey Grant- is there any reason why Will Redmond isn’t considered for the #2 corner? – I have a feeling Robinson, Redmond, and Williams would be our best 3 corners on the field week 1. No?

    1. I get the height thing, but he’s taller than Reaser who’s getting run at #2.

    2. Redmond has playing nickel only and Williams has been a better nickel so far.

  10. There wasn’t much that Baalke could get right in the draft but he was just downright woeful when it came to picking receivers.

        1. 2011 Ronald Johnson 6th round
          2012 AJ Jenkins 1st round – ONE YEAR on the team before being traded. Never caught a TD and spent less time in the NFL then Ronald Johnson.
          2013 Quinton Patton 4th round
          2014 Bruce Ellington 4th round
          2015 DeAndre Smelter 4th round
          2016 Aaron Burbridge 6th round

          6 drafts 6 receivers taken. Combined receiving stats of all 6 receivers drafted by Trent Baalke…this is just mind blowing:
          117 receptions
          1429 yards
          3 TD’s

          Despite our anemic and withering offense each year Baalke, totally ruined by his inept Jenkins pick, refused to invest anything higher then a 4th round pick on the position.

          1. Baalke for all of his ineptitude was good at cover up his own rear end. He knew he was no judge of receivers ( He also drafted VM who was a receiver in college ) so he stuck with drafting positions he was more comfortable with. That even though he drafted the same positions back to back every year. To him BPA also factored the positions he felt more comfortable drafting irregardless of team need.

    1. When you look at the magnitude of wasted picks Baalke had it’s truly incredible. His record in the draft since 2012 was so poor it is truly amazing he was allowed to stay on as long as he did. His picks on offense were almost universally bad not just at WR. One of the worst talent evaluators in the history of the league.

  11. Good for Brian Hoyer. Hope he has a great season. Funny how some (Seb) continue to criticize him endlessly for one poor playoff game, of which many great QB’s have had, including Joe, while they (Seb) shrug off 3 years of horrific QB play by the their beloved Kaep like it’s no big deal!! Oh that’s right, it was everybody’s else’s fault. Laughable!

    1. Horrific play? Kaep stormed back in the SB, and was 5 yards from winning it. Next season, he was one pass from returning. That does not sound horrific at all. The next season, he became so injured, he needed 3 surgeries, but dissing an injured player is just your style. Last season, he had a 16-4 TD to pick ratio and a 90.7 QBR, so that doesnt sound horrific to me. What was horrific was Baalke dismantling a SB team, and sitting on his hands and doing absolutely nothing to try and improve.
      Horrific play was Hoyer in his only playoff game. He threw the ball like the DBs were the intended receivers. He clearly looked befuddled and single handedly lost that game, even though the Texans had a superior defense.
      Dissing Joe for having a bad playoff game? What kind of fan are you?
      What is laughable is your shrill screed that is not based in fact, which just amply demonstrates your intolerance. I suppose you can try to say that an Arena League player is better than Kaep, but I bet you cannot keep a straight face. Kaep is being blackballed, and the league will get a black eye for persecuting a player who practiced his First Amendment rights. The fact that he is calling for social justice, should be a commendable act. Instead, they are condemning him for that.
      Sure, I thought his protest was misguided and could have been better planned with more positive directions. Not respecting the flag was counter productive, and has led to this blackballing. I think Kaep is getting bad advice and he needs to tone down the rhetoric. He needs to do an interview, outline and explain his positions.
      Teams who pass on Kaep risk looking foolish if he returns and takes the league by storm. They are afraid of him, and afraid to get a mean tweet. I expect Kaep to play, because due to attrition and poor QB play, there will be opportunities. Still think he gives the Niners their best chance to win. If you think Hoyer, who is playing for his 7th different team, will lead the Niners to the playoffs, I will just question your football knowledge. Hoyer is the very definition of a journeyman QB.

      1. Hey Seb, I am someone who thought Kaep got a bad deal, especially from the fans, which might even have helped push him into the radical political stance she now holds. But Juanhungo was not dissing Joe. He even prefaced his remark with ” Many great QB also have had bad games”. This is true. Actually Joe had a lot of bad games which many of his fans have totally forgotten due to the effects time and his legend have had on reality. If you are going to go against this web sites grain you should be more careful in respect to the points you make. A lot of the Kaep haters were thus because of the belief that Alex got a bad deal from both many fans and the front office/coaching staff. So they directed their anger at Kaep and their perceptions were distorted via a vested interest in seeing him fail. We should not do the same thing to any QB that replaces him. Running his replacement down does not make Kaep any better.

        1. Will, personally, I think Joe Montana as a QB, is the GOAT, and comparing him with Hoyer is an insult to Joe. Dwelling on his bad games to equate him with Hoyer is not something I agree with or think is fair to Joe.
          I am just countering the delusional expectations that Hoyer will be the next Joe, like some are doing, and I sure wish Hoyer had better stats, because it is really easy to run him down.
          Comparing Hoyer with Kaep is running him down, because Hoyer is a journeyman QB on his 7th team and has never won a playoff game. Hoyer was benched for Manziel. Hoyer is an immobile pocket passer, who will be crushed by the NFC West pass rushers, because he is not elusive at all.
          Declaring Hoyer will become the next Joe Montana because he is ‘Perfect’ , makes all my posting seem mild and uncontroversial.
          I honestly think that Hoyer will pull a Gabbert, and bench himself with his play. This is just my opinion, and if Hoyer can win every game and dominate the Super Bowl, I will admit I was wrong and cheer for him. However, I will not be holding my breath, and still think that Barkley will out compete him.
          Hoyer declared that the Niners were his team. Wrong. Nothing will be handed to him, and he has to EARN the starting role. He sounds super confident, but is afraid of competition. He does not want Kaep to compete for the starting job because he is slower, has a weaker arm and has not accomplished much.
          Nice Freudian slip. ‘…Helped push him into the radical political stance SHE now holds. ‘
          Delilah strikes again, and her advice has only succeeded to make him into a pariah who is now being blackballed, and he currently has no job while losing millions in endorsements. Kaep could have worked within the system to achieve more positive change, but it sure sounds like her agenda is more important than her love for Kaep.

          1. Hoyer is better than Kap according to Lynch and Shanny.
            How you like them apples?

            1. Maybe they should not let emotions cloud their judgement.
              That is the core of the problem.

              1. Does not sound like they are too conflicted with the direction they are headed and what they are building.
                Too bad you were wrong thinking Kap would return under their leadership.
                That stings doesn’t it?

              2. No, I am hopeful. Lynch himself declared that he is working hard to improve the QB situation to find that franchise QB.
                KS will just keep getting more film on Hoyer, and eventually he will have to admit that Hoyer is not the answer.
                KS was persuasive, and changed Lynch’s mind during the draft. Hopefully, Lynch can be a leader, and help change KS’s mind. KS does not want to be bothered trying to coach a dual threat QB, but maybe he will realize that his play action plays will be more effective with a mobile QB.
                No, Prime, that does not sting at all. I am patient, and fully expect Kaep to get an opportunity to play. I just want to spare JL and KS the humiliation of passing on a QB who will take the league by storm, again. By passing on Kaep, and having him do well elsewhere, they will realize that they let emotions and politics to cloud their judgement.

              3. Sounds good to me Seb. Just let me know when that storm arrives.

                And based on all that snivelling you just regurgitated, I know it stings to see Kap not at 49ers training camp.

              4. Haha! that implies that you know better than they do! Really incredible stuff. Freud would have loved you-as I do!

          2. Holy Cow, Seb-kap is no longer. What is the psychological term for someone who keeps droning on about things of the past?

      2. Sebbie — Dilfer, yes Dilfer–won his Super Bowl.

        Oh, and Kaep ain’t comin’ back to the 9ers.

  12. Hoyer was perfect? Nice narrative, but facts do not lie. He was 13 for 19, which is not 100%, it is 68%. Barkley was more accurate at 78%. I am kinda glad Barkley threw that ball. I consider that like my third down bomb play. I like QBs who are aggressive. With Goodwin, That play may actually work.
    ‘ I did not know he could throw it that far’. Big deal. Kaep could throw the ball the length of the field. I am not impressed. Sounds like Hoyer threw behind players so they had to make adjustments to their catches.
    I would not anoint Hoyer the second coming of Joe Montana after the second practice. I expect this to be a spirited competition, and if Barkley is 7 for 9, it sounds like he is pretty accurate.
    Glad Grant included Williams fumble, because it is silly to bury Hyde for his fumble, and excuse Williams for his. Sounds like both need to work on ball security.
    Sorry to hear about Tank, but Grant”s description of the scene is one reason why I like this site so much. One gets the real Niners, warts and all.
    Hmm, sounds like Lorenzo Jerome has a nose for the ball.
    Sorry to hear about Ellington. I guess he cannot get fully healthy. He does have 4.3 speed, but it sounds like he is not up to full speed.

    1. “Big deal. Kaep could throw the ball the length of the field. I am not impressed. Sounds like Hoyer threw behind players so they had to make adjustments to their catches.”

      Pure hate. I’ve seen Hoyer make jaw dropping throws.

      “Hmm, sounds like Lorenzo Jerome has a nose for the ball.”

      Yes, and he has thump.

        1. Yup. I want to see how he, Witherspoon, Reid, both lines, and the backup HBs play going forward.

        2. Seb… Given your concerns over CTE, how would you address your thinking on thump as a good quality to have?

    2. Gee Seb, arguing with Grant? Can’t bring yourself to mention his name in your “Hoyer was perfect?” deconstruction?

      1. Cassie, I mentioned Grant, and we all know he was the one who touted Hoyer as PERFECT. 13 for 19 is not perfect.
        Reading is fundamental.

        1. And Kap was also perfect on his couch going 10 for 10 from the fridge to the couch to texting on his phone.
          All the while in his pajama’s.

          1. John Harbaugh is courageous to ignore the screeds, and threats of blackmail by haters who threaten to not go to games if Kaep is signed.
            Pete Carroll declared that Kaep is a fantastic player and should be a starter. Arians declared Kaep as ‘Scarey’, and he knows because he has had to coach against Kaep for years.
            Brandon Marshall stated that Kaep is the hardest working player he knows, and thinks that Kaep is better and more accomplished than all the backups and half the starters in the league.
            KS had conceded that Kaep has been a successful QB in the league.
            I just think Kaep gives them the best chance to be successful.
            John Lynch said that Kaep has done some amazing things in the league, and has left the door open for him to return. Sure am glad he apologized for the continuing leaks and smears, so he is repairing bridges.
            Now, if only Jed could show some courage and leadership…..

              1. Before you got here Seb, Maiocco days, we had a guy on here,just like you, talk nothing and repeat it like someone was listening.
                We loved it cause it was nonsense but funny. You must be related.

            1. Seb,
              Jeb does not owe CK anything. And this has nothing to do with courage and leadership. I believe that Jeb showed leadership and restraint last season by not fining CK7 for protesting while on the job.
              But that was last year.
              This year, Shanahan and Lynch have made it clear that Kaep’ style is not suited for this offense. Even if Hoyer, Barkley and Beathard went down due to injury, I don’t see the 49ers bringing in CK if he’s still available for the above reason.
              I would love to see CK latch on with another team. Problem for Kaep is that teams aren’t going to scrap their offensive scheme for a limited QB.

          1. Perfection is like Kaep in the first half of the Jets game last season. He missed only one throw, but it hit his receiver in both his hands, so he should have caught it. Otherwise he would have had a perfect QBR, and would have completed every pass.
            13 out of 19 is good, but not perfection.

    3. Sebbie — Learn from Grant…lay off the tired and unimaginative cliches. Please. Your collective tirade on this blog topic is overburdened with them.

      You school Grant, his example can school you.

      1. Cassie, your continued haunting of my posts is what is tiresome.
        Guess what? Football is full of cliches. That is why they play the game. The game will be won in the trenches. Defense wins championships. You, yourself post cliches ad nauseum.
        I do not claim to school Grant. I do see his writing can be influenced by my posts. I expect his comment about Ellington was directed at me. He HAS given me a cookie by blogging about Kaep, when many others want to blackball him and censor comments about him. By constructive criticism, I do not claim to be schooling him, because my interview skills pale in comparison to him.

  13. Grant, did you sense that Witherspoon was just phoning it in during practice?

    I ask because I’ve been concerned about this dude ever since he made his famous “one and done” comment:

    Might indicate the plan for his pro career. And there’s something about his overall attitude. Do you get the sense he’s counting on the likelihood that the Niners will not cut a high third round draft pick any time soon?

  14. To the IT maven:
    Next tech mod for the blog: a turbo boost for scrolling faster past all the crud while trying to find cogent football conversations in the comment section. Slim pickings lately.

    1. I like it. We’re not hearing much about special teams–any issues or is performance strong so far?

      1. Eucktard’s get their panties in a bunch because they believe King Solomon is a holdout.

          1. Eucktard’s clutter up the blog with lies, and don’t realize how foolish they look everyday they post the same, lame, stupid nonsense.

            Prime Time says:
            May 10, 2017 at 11:49 am
            10 sacks right for the King?

            EastCoast9er says:
            May 10, 2017 at 11:55 am
            That’s very optimistic!

            Razoreater says:
            May 10, 2017 at 12:11 pm
            What do you expect from the fool on the pill? Try more like 6 sacks, with tackles for loss in the running game. Pressures and disruption that assist his team mates in making plays. That’s what I’m expecting from King Solomon in his first NFL campaign….

            1. Don’t waffle now Razina. You said 10 sacks and 10 sacks is what I’m holding you too.
              Let’s hope he gets off to a good start.

              1. Eucktard’s live in an alternate reality, indifferent to how foolish they look.

              2. How many times did the eucktard copy and paste pundit’s predictions of the 49ers taking Trubiscuit, to bolster his campaign? I truly think that the eucktard believed them and was convinced he wouldn’t be the fool. Not this time, he’d show us. He even put his $$ where his mouth was, but alas, it was not meant to be. The eucktard looked like a fool when Shanny said no thank you to Son Of A Mitch Trubiscuit. Last I heard, he sits behind the butt fumbler, learning how to fumble the center exchange. ROTFLMAO!

          2. Eucktard’s ask dumb questions about weight, and then are dumbfounded as to why no one answers.

            1. Yeah weight doesn’t matter in football. Only bold predictions for rookies at 10 sacks.
              These eucktards never learn.

              1. Yep, that’s the standard eucktard response. Distort, lie, deflect and attack. Prime Time the eucktard.

              2. Eucktards live behind saying one thing then quickly change course.
                They are double posters who have zero life and post videos and think it’s humorous.
                They also don’t handle heavy machinery very well.

              3. Now that you’ve got your profile for Eucktard dating, maybe you’ll find a boyfriend.

    2. You can thank Sebrazor for all the debris.
      If it weren’t for clicks, we’d have a great blog again. Instead it’s one d bag with no life and You Tube copied and pasted in his history.

          1. No. Eucktard’s are stupid and say stupid things like Trubisky/Shanny franchise next 10 years.

            1. I know you are stupid and say stupid things. Tell me something I don’t know Razina?

    3. This site is badly in need of an ignore function. If they put one of those in, there will be about ten posts that show up on here for me on most days.

  15. Via ESPN… “I think the running back position as much as any position, you can’t, you really can’t develop an opinion until the pads are on,” Shanahan said. “You can’t play in this league if you don’t run through arm tackles and break through arm tackles and you really don’t even know that until you get the pads on. You don’t truly know that until you get into these preseason games also. So, that’s a constant evaluation. We never try to get too high or too low on anybody. We kind of let the process take care of itself and make sure they get the full opportunities in every facet.”

  16. I do not know much about KS other then what I have read. I do believe there is one inherit trait that KS has and most great coaches have is the understanding of one simple concept – for every action there is a reaction. In all sports that concept seems to be diluted except by the greats. Adjustments, adjustments, adjustments is what is derived from that concept. I predict that KS will gone down in football laurels as one of the great coaches along side the likes of Walsh, Belichick, Lombardi and a few others. I have little to base that prediction on other then comments he has made. I know that is a brash prediction especially in Niner land, and hopefully by seasons end I will have some evidence to base that prediction on.

    Mr. Brotha Tuna I hear ya!!!

    1. It takes True Grit to make a prediction like that, and I’m on board with it. Hopefully Shanny doesn’t let it come back to bite us in the fanny.

    2. I think KS will have a solid career…perhaps a better than .650 winning percentage and a couple SB wins. And a crack at the HOF.

      1. Shanny called an excellent game. He made a few boo boo’s. One of which is he failed to adjust to the Patriot’s adjustment. They started rushing 5 guys, and Shanny didn’t account for it.

        1. Passing on 3rd and one was a head scratcher. Calling for passing plays while in field goal range, then getting sacked to get out of FG range was obtuse.
          Sure was impressed with KS’s first half calls.
          The second half, not so much.

    1. 

    1. Man just think about the Niners taking him at 2 what a massive mistake that would of been. Such a reach. That’s why I know Kyle and John know what there doing cause there being patient at the QB position. CJ is 2 years will show growth under Kyle. 2018 is one heck of a QB class.

      1. Only an eucktard would advocate to make that mistake, but it takes an imbecile to pay for the right to be one. Pace/Fox will be terminated at the end of the season….

  17. Perhaps I missed it amongst all the fertilizer, but I haven’t seen mention here of The Hill that the conditioning coach asked for and was erected. They ask guys to do sprints up a very steep incline. Apparently the idea is that they can push themselves hard with reduced risk of muscle pulls, especially hammies. An interesting concept.
    Jerry Rice used to drive to his hill to get his work in. The team brought the hill to the players.

    1. After I saw Jed run up that hill, the intimidation factor immediately was diminished for me.

      1. You saw jed run up that hill? You must have had a few days off to sit and watch that frightening picture……….

    2. BT, in Grant’s “Kyle Shanahan explains the drawbacks of having mobile QBs, plus more” posting KS goes into detail about it. He doesn’t seem totally convinced.

      1. He’s not the strength and conditioning expert, and that’s why he deferred to Ray Wright.

  18. These Grant reports are the best thing about camp. Love the quotes like the one in this article on Whitherspoons bad day by expressing how poor his day was pointing out Burbridge on “who isn’t even fast” or Ellington looking ” lethargic & unmotivated” & “wonder how long he’ll be on the team.” Grant even through his boy Joy Williams on the bad side–way to act non bias early on Grant. Keep the good reports coming. It’s the best thing since the Niners official web site is garbage and NFL Network camp reports are 90% Cowboys.

    1. +1

      Grant’s in depth training camp reports are what brought me to this site. The commenters are what got me to join the conversation. To my surprise, Grant himself was/is part of the discussion. In addition to his TC reports, he answers our questions about how other players looked. Quite the resource. Good job Grant.

  19. Periscope doesn’t work on any of my devices. Anyone observing the practice webcast?

    1. Got it to work. Camera was panning too much. I was able to see nice deep pass to Garçon vs Robinson in one on one drills. Hoyer accurate.

    1. I agree. The ramp is going to be bad for their knees, especially going down. Going down the ramp at a 30 degree angle puts a lot of pressure on the knee.
      Much better if they just use the stadium stairs. Hope they discontinue it before some one gets hurt.

      1. Ray knows what he’s doing, Sebber. You think he’s going to jeopardize a players health for a gimmick? He must believe it’s safe enough, and the benefits are worth implementing….

        1. Razor, this is just from my experiences hiking in the Sierras. It is hard to go up a steep hill, but my knees hurt the most going downhill. Going downhill on a 30 degree slope cannot be beneficial, and the knees must absorb all the stresses. I am sure it is hard on the ankles, too.
          I carried 60 lbs on my back, but those linemen weigh 300 lbs. That is a lot of weight and stress to put on a knee.
          If that ramp is so beneficial, why has other teams not done the same?
          I would suggest that they should just run Roger’s hill, instead.

          1. Now you know more than a NFL strength and conditioning coach? A grass mower who has hiking experience?
            How stupid are you Seb?

          2. Sebber, I climbed Mount Motherfocker in 2nd phase of boot camp at San Bernardino in 90+ degrees with a loaded Alice Pack after marching all day. The ramp is innovative, and as Prime Time the eucktard has demonstated over and over, not everyone can think, let alone do it outside boxes….

            1. Razor, some one surmised that Ward may have pulled his hamstring on that ramp, during a conditioning test. I do not know for sure, but it would not surprise me.

              1. I highly doubt that, because it’s intended to prevent those types of injuries.

              2. Unless the hill was part of the conditioning test thursday, which again I highly doubt, then no, Ward did not suffer the injury on it. The hill is a complimentary tool designed to strengthen the legs while protecting hamstrings.

              3. I’ve got a joke for you. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Prime Time. Prime Time who? Prime Time the eucktard.

              4. Sounds like they are going to make them walk down the ramp, so my fears are alleviated. If it is good for the hamstring, I wonder how it is for the Achilles?

              5. You don’t think they’ve tried this before? If there was more than 15% chance of injury you’d think they use it?

                Like come on man. You have the mindset and intellect of a donkey to come up with that. Man are you dumb!

  20. Ever wonder what Sybil’s, I mean Grant’s next title will be? Let’s say he decides on Hoyer as the focus….

    If it’s a bad day, it could be: Brian Hoyer – – Complete Bust or Spawn of Satan?
    If it was a good day, it could be: Brian Hoyer — Here Comes the Super Bowl Baby!

  21. Armstead had three sacks today? Anyone verify that.

    Eric Reid hurt today ankle.

      1. Just read that Armstead is down to 275 lbs, which is the lowest he’s weighed since junior year of high school. So Thomas weighs in at 276. This has probably been discussed and I’ve just simply forgotten, but why hasn’t Thomas been considered for the LEO spot and Armstead for the big end? My guess would be skill set, but are there any other reasons?

        1. The 49ers first round pick has been viewed primarily as a strong defensive end player in the base, and then an interior lineman in passing downs. However, Thomas recently said the team wants him learning the LEO role. In a recent interview with SiriusXM NFL radio, Thomas said the coaches want him learning LEO, “just in case because anything is possible”.

        2. Thomas’ success came inside in College. He’s not long and doesn’t have a lot of bend. He wins with his hands, strength and ability to slip through tight spots which is perfect for the 3. He’ll be a starting DE in base before too long but will spend most of his time at the 3 spot in nickel.

          1. Arik Armstead 6′-7″ 290 – 5.10 Forty/24 reps/34″ Vert/117″Broad/7.57 Three Cone/4.53 Twenty yard shuttle

            King Solomon 6′-3″ 276 – 4.69 Forty/30 reps/35′ Vert/126″Broad/6.95 Three Cone/4.28 Twenty yard shuttle

              1. He’s plenty athletic enough to play Leo, which is why they had him learn it. His SPARQ score of 140.7 ranked 6th among 2017 edge rushers. Once he learns the nuances of the position, which he’s been doing on his own, he will add that skill to his repertoire….

              2. So says the eucktard! Making predictions like carnac the magnificent with no quality information except a game he played against UNC.

              3. What he did in shorts in Indy compared to Arik Armstead has little bearing on his skills in pads which is why I questioned what it was you were trying to say. We don’t even know if Armstead can play the Leo at a high enough level yet never mind using him as a base line for Thomas. I told you before he was drafted that Thomas was not the edge rusher you were envisioning him as and nothing has changed in that regard. His success at Stanford came inside and his outside rush is really nothing special because he doesn’t have the length and bend needed to excel at that position in the NFL. He is a strong run defender and can push the pocket inside. He’s the Niners version of Michael Bennett. Very valuable commodity for this defense but he’s not the player you want him to be.

              4. Rocket, I don’t doubt Thomas’ work ethic to get there, but I do doubt the 49ers would have him learn the position if they believed as you did.

              5. Razina pumps his tires like he is the next Lawrence Taylor. Solomon Thomas is an inside defensive tackle. Sure he will get some QB pressures, but 10 sacks like Razina predicted?
                Id say that is bit much for a rookie, in a new scheme playing inside.
                Delusional opinion like always.

              6. It’s got nothing to do with work ethic; it’s genetics. Thomas is who he is and that is not an edge rusher in the NFL imo. They are having him learn the position because he may have to play it at some point during a game if there are injuries.

              7. It’s got nothing to do with work ethic; it’s genetics.

                Got everything to do with it. He has the explosion, and the agility. All he needs to do is learn and hone.

                They are having him learn the position because he may have to play it at some point during a game if there are injuries.

                I’m pretty sure you have to be able to play the position if asked to. When he gets his opportunity, and we know he will as injuries are part and parcel of the game, I fully expect him to be ready to seize the day….

              8. Razina says “I fully expect him to be ready to seize the day….

                Well for being the 3rd overall pick he better be more than a run stuffer for FS!

              9. Razor watch some other footage besides the game against NC and see if you feel the same way. I can’t say it any other way: you have misjudged what Thomas is.

              10. I would also point out that you were with the pundits who said Armstead had no value as a pass rusher, and his strength was run stuffing. Oops, that was backwards wasn’t it? I was the one who said Armstead looked quick enough to rush the passer, and was pretty much on my own not fretting over it like most in here….

              11. Rocket, that’s just it. You are too quick to judge, and I am willing to let it play out.

              12. Put it this way, Rocket. I am more confident that King Solomon can be productive from the Leo position when called upon, than I do that Goff will ever be a franchise quarterback for the Rams.


              13. I would also point out that you were with the pundits who said Armstead had no value as a pass rusher, and his strength was run stuffing

                I’ve never said anything of the sort in fact his play against the run at Oregon was one of my biggest concerns. I questioned Armstead’s selection because his tape was average and he hadn’t played a lot of football. He was a size and speed pick.

                As for patting yourself on the back about pumping up Armstead, you should probably hold off on that until he actually does something. So far he’s been a big time disappointment. The guy I wanted them to draft is now one of the best CB’s in the NFL.

              14. So put your money where you mouth is?
                Besides the 10 sacks, what else will the King do that you’ll bet on?

              15. Rocket, that’s just it. You are too quick to judge, and I am willing to let it play out.

                No I’m just pointing out to you what Thomas is and will be on the this team moving forward. He’s big DE in base and moves inside in Nickel. That’s where they are playing him. Learning the Leo is secondary and is something they are likely doing with every position due to lack of depth on the game day roster. If Thomas becomes the Leo and excels I’ll be happy to give you your due, but right now this is a scenario you’ve developed on your own. The Coaching staff is not looking at him as a regular for that spot.

              16. Put it this way, Rocket. I am more confident that King Solomon can be productive from the Leo position when called upon, than I do that Goff will ever be a franchise quarterback for the Rams.

                We’ll see but at least Goff will actually be playing that position unlike Thomas ;)

              17. Rocket, no where did I say King Solomon will be a full time Leo this year. My position has not changed. He’s athletic enough, and once he masters his primary duties, I do not doubt Thomas will master the Leo as well….

              18. New flash, Rocket. King Solomon wasn’t drafted to be their primary Leo. Goff was drafted to be their quarterback. Nice try though.

              19. Yah, projecting Thomas as an NFL edge rusher is pure speculation. That’s why I wasn’t fully on board with the pick. As strong as our DL line looks even without Thomas, I still think they would have been better off drafting Adams. We’ll see.

                However, it’s far too early to judge any of our rookies, and especially one who missed the entire offseason program. Hopefully Thomas will quickly find his niche, and be extremely productive and disruptive.

              20. Rocket, if you remember, I was for Peters early, but I knew Baalke would take Armstead. Armstead has shown flashes of his ability to get skinny and disrupt. I knew he’d need a year in the strength and conditioning program before he could produce. Staley said he was unstoppable prior to his injury. If he can stay healthy, he should continue to ascend….

              21. This is priceless, Rocket and Sebrazor battling to see whose right.
                This might take all of training camp!

          2. I hope they play him all along the line, so the defense will not know where he will line up. Their offense just needs to be a little out of sync, and make a blocking mistake, for possibly an easy sack.

        1. 8 sacks, so the O line did not shine, but it may be the case of massive improvement on the defensive line, and lack of cohesiveness due to new players and/in new positions.

          1. Go ahead, wouldn’t have anything to do with my comment but knock yourself out.

      1. Per 49ers…

        Reuben Foster was Sunday’s defensive MVP. He ended one team period with a pick-six, jumping a quick slant and taking it to the house. It was Foster’s second interception of camp. He also had two emphatic run stops. On one play, Foster came like a missile into the backfield towards Raheem Mostert for a three-yard loss.

  22. Also hearing that the passing offense continued to look decent. Awaiting Grant’s input.

      1. Oh, the riddle of Tank Carradine.

        Such a physically gifted player. Yet, it seems very questionable that he has what it takes between the ears. If this kid could just get the mental aspect of his game on track, he could be a special talent, IMO. He is as strong as an ox and explosive as can be, with a mean streak to boot.

  23. Hmmm, Ellington had a good practice? Good to hear. I think he can be versatile, and help out on ST.

  24. Armstead had 3 sacks? Sounds like they were playing him out of position, before he became injured.

  25. The interior of this line, particularly the Center position, is of grave concern.

    1. From Barrows: “Rookie Solomon Thomas did not stand out in the drill. The first-round draft pick battled ex-Stanford teammate Garnett to a draw on their first encounter. On the next Garnett was the winnner

      1. Look how proudly he posts the news, yet he fancies himself a fan. Just can’t get over Shanny shunning Trubiscuit, who’s learning how to fumble the center exchange under the tutelage of the butt fumbler, Mark Sanchez….

        1. I’m not worried about Trubisky as he is a Bear. What I am worried about is taking another DT third overall who wont play every down and is undersized.

          You seem to be bitter about that whole thing. I love to see you hold onto it. That’s all you got Razina.

    2. It was Kilgore at center. I don’t think he will likely be there long if he was the reason for penetration.

    3. Agree with that Razor. Garnett is still a work in progress and Kilgore is a backup caliber Center. Fusco? Sounds like Trent Brown had a tough afternoon as well. Still a lot of work needed to be done on the Oline.

    4. Agree with the center position. I have been harping on that for the last three or four drafts. I am disappointed with the performance of Mr. Zu. Was wondering if Garnett had the ability to be transformed into a center. He certainly is smart enough for it.

      1. Was wondering if Garnett had the ability to be transformed into a center. He certainly is smart enough for it.

        Now THAT’s thinking outside the box. Very interesting proposition, Undercenter. I like it! He has the body type for it.

  26. I know it’s early, probably too early to draw any conclusions.

    However, I’ve got an interesting observation. For the last couple seasons, the defense, with the exception of a serious pass rush, had been having their way with our offense. This year it seems like the offense is more than holding their own despite the fact that our pass rush has obviously vastly improved.

    This is a great sign I think. I am convinced this defense is more talented than the defense the 49ers have fielded the last couple seasons, and if the offense is looking as sharp as a tack this early, I think there is a good chance this team takes a big step forward this season!

  27. Hmmm, put a man in motion to set up the Goodwin play. Glad they are gleaning tidbits from the wisdom of Walsh. Classic WCO.

    1. Oh I thought they were reading your posts? So surprised you didn’t take full credit for that.

      1. Prime, maybe you should read what Bill Walsh wrote. I am just giving my opinion on what I think is most important from his large and extensive body of work.
        When I stated my 3 plays I would like to see them try, I flat out admitted that those plays were not new, and that all plays have been thought up before. Maybe some one knows who first drew up a fly sweep, but it is so generic, I did not think I had to attribute the source.

        1. Wow, you are now not taking credit. I’m glad you are sorting out that insecurity little guy!

          1. Well, when I post before the draft, and they do 9 out of 10 things, I certainly take credit for that, and give you disdain for welching on a bet that the Niners would draft Trubisky, who has not grasped the elementary QB skill of taking a snap under center.

            1. What welch? Why you keep forgetting that you were too stupid to remember the stipulations in the bet? It was reposted for the entire blog to see. So don t play dumb.

              You also put out 100 plus mock drafts. Of course you were going to get some of that guessing to stick.

              Don’t pretend you are smart, cause you are not and acting like you are only makes you look dumber. I told you to sort through that insecurity. Its gonna make you crazy son.

              1. I still think he accepted your bet, then you added those caveats. Maybe some one could do a thorough research.
                I put up all those mocks because Lynch promised to consider every one of them. He also did what I wanted when he openly declared that he was amenable to trading back.
                When I advocated that Lynch should put on his Trader Bill Hat, be aggressive, and have fun, then see him do exactly that, I kinda feel like he read my post.
                Pretend to be smart? That is you bombastically bloviating , wildly speculating that the Niners would draft Trubisky because the Niners have no QB.

              2. Seb it was reposted for everyone to see in black and white. The entire thread!
                Dont lie now, that’s cowardly.

                Yes I predicted the Niners should draft Trubisky. Just like how you came up with 100 plus drafts predicting the Niners draft various players. What’s your point?

                Your arguements and rebuttals are weak.

              3. No, they posted a snippet of time, but we talked about it many times before, with you badgering me about making a bet.

        2. Of course, Walsh did nothing unless pushed hard by Lowell C…. Correct Seb?

      2. Prime, if you can remember, I advocated the Niners study the Super Bowl XXIV Game. In it, you would see how Bill Walsh masterfully employed a man in motion to allow Joe read the defense’s reaction, create mismatches, Allow Jerry to avoid the chuck at the LOS, and allowed Jerry to be at full speed at the snap of the ball.
        Sure, I am advocating gaining an advantage by putting a man in motion, but Bill Walsh wrote the book on the subject.

        1. Old news Seb. Tried and tested way before you advocated it. Don’t waste space on the blog. These are professional coaches and for you to suggest they try this is simply embarrassing to yourself.
          Grow a brain.

          1. I will propose things, because I do not think the Niners are doing the right things. One year, I wanted them to get a play off in time. Another year I wanted them to be less predictable. Last year, I wanted them to stop running into the teeth of the defense. Throughout the years, i have implored the Niners to stop shooting themselves in the foot. Maybe if they were amenable to new innovative ideas, they may not be at 2-14.
            I am not going to sit still, and think that since they are paid millions, they should override my ideas as irrelevant. I certainly do not think they have all the answers, because they are a 2-14 team. Maybe they need better ideas.

            1. “I will propose things, because I do not think the Niners are doing the right things.

              Oblivious to reality. You are just bitter over the Kap thing and it shows every time you comment.

              Grow up already!

              1. Prime, get real. I have moved on from Kaep ever since he opted out. Now I speculate that through attrition, some team will need a QB, and Keap will play some time this season. I have speculated that he could go to many other teams. Texans have a rookie who they like, but he was not yet tested against NFL defenses. Denver has 2 young QBs, and neither of them have locked up the starting job. Luck is PUP, so they have a need. Both the Browns and Jets have way inferior QBs. Both Tannehill and Mariota have injury questions. Bortles looked horrendous, so Jax may be looking. Of course, both Seattle and Baltimore have expressed interest.
                However, since the Niner QBs are not way superior to Kaep, he should be an option. KS said that Hoyer gives them the best chance to win. Wonder where you heard that phrase before. Sounds like he will need all the help he can get.
                Sure am glad Lynch is a man of his word, and has kept the door open.

              2. Dont talk out both sides of your mouth.

                “However, since the Niner QBs are not way superior to Kaep, he should be an option”
                Dude that ship has sailed.

                “Sure am glad Lynch is a man of his word, and has kept the door open”

                How foolish would Lynch look briging back Kap now?
                Your bitterness stinks!

              3. Seb you say you have moved on but every other post is all Kap. If you have truly moved on, try going 1 week without mentioning Kap’s name in any of your many posts. I dare you to try, bet you can’t do it.

              4. Just, actually, I have been very restrained. Prime brought up Kaep, so I feel perfectly fine responding. I just wait until some one else mentions him, and like a moth to a flame, they cannot resist.
                Guess what? Kaep has been in the news, and Grant threw me several cookies by putting Kaep as the subject of the blog.
                Even your post mentions Kaep, so maybe if you wrote about something else, Kaep would not be less mentioned.
                I have been commenting on this TC, so I am not fixated on Kaep. I am interested in how the O line is doing, and am heartened by the pass rush. I am concerned about the DBs, but it sounds like the injuries to Ward and Reid are not too serious.
                I am happy that KS mentioned putting a man in motion, but disagree on his take about mobile QBs. Sounds like the defense has picked up the 4-3, and wonder how many WRs will they carry.

              5. Let see look at the last 30 post by each of us. Who brings up Kap?

                Seb you are now a liar amongst other things.
                Bitterness is oozing out now through every breath.

              6. No, Just, I really have been restrained, because posters have been begging me to stop. I do act responsibly and with consideration.
                Many times, I have been directly addressed, with the poster needling me about Kaep, so of course, I will wax eloquent so they will bitterly rue bringing up the subject.
                Maybe you should chastise Prime, because all he thinks about is a storm. Once he admitted that Kaep took the league by storm.

              7. Prime, there you go again. You just mentioned Kaep.
                Like a moth to a flame….

              8. Seb you are now a liar amongst other things.

                This is coming from the eucktard that goes around lying about how many sacks I predicted for King Solomon on a daily basis. The audacity. The unmitigated nerve….

              9. And like a moth to a flame I was right and you were wrong about Kap.
                He gone!

              10. Razina you say so many stupid things a day, sometimes multiple times that it looks like you can’t keep track.
                10 sacks buddy boy. Book it you said.

  28. Day 3, first day in pads. Long way to go.

    Let your mind fast forward to early 4th quarter on opening day. What will we be witnessing?

    1. Good question. But unless the quality of the OL and defensive backfield firms up big time (perhaps miraculously), the word may be “frustration.”

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