Brian Hoyer says Kyle Shanahan has a good feeling for what the Panthers do



This is the transcript of Brian Hoyer’s Week 1 Wednesday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers P.R. department.


At what point did you start focusing solely on the Panthers defense?

“Really, once we got done with that Minnesota game. Knowing that I wasn’t going to play for the last preseason game, you start watching some film. Obviously [head coach] Kyle [Shanahan] has a history of playing against these guys the last few years. So, you watch as many of those games as you can and then start to watch their preseason games and a few other games that they played last year too.”


New coordinator for them. Playing the secondary I’m assuming, do you take that into account?

“Yeah, I think anytime a guy gets promoted even if it’s within the same system, in my experience guys put their own twist on things. It’ll probably look a lot the same, but I think coordinators have different personalities. Maybe one likes to pressure more than the other. Maybe one likes to play coverage more than the other. But, I think the one thing that has stayed pretty true is the players that they have over there. Obviously [Carolina Panthers LB] Luke [Kuechly] will be playing, which is a big difference when you add him to their defense. He gets everybody lined up. He’s as close to being a quarterback on the defensive side that anyone can see in the NFL. So, obviously he’s a huge part of what they do. Having him back will definitely affect the way they play.”


ME: Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan had a lot of success against Carolina’s defense last season. Just watching those games, what was the key to Ryan’s success? What’d he do well?

“Part of it is planning. Obviously, Matt had a great year last year and played extremely well. It’s just going out and executing the plan. I think it helped that Kyle had a good feeling of what they do. Like we mentioned before with the new coordinator we’ve got to go out there, we think we’re going to know what they’re going to do to an extent, but you never know. It’s the first game of the year. No matter, same coordinator, new coordinator. Things are always evolving. So you’ve always got to be ready for things that maybe you haven’t studied for.”


ME: How important will the communication and adjustments be? Not at halftime, but between series or in the first half?

“It’s always critical. When you come over to the sideline, you look at the pictures and see. You either confirm what you think it was going to be or now you’ve got to figure out ‘Oh maybe they’re doing this a bit differently.’ So, communication throughout the entire game is always huge.”


How are you feeling about this whole thing? I remember you during training camp and you said the team is yours. Everyone says you have great leadership and things of that nature. Do you feel like there’s a lot of pressure on you entering this season?

“No. I think for me this has been the most fun I’ve ever had playing football. It’s the most comfortable I’ve ever been. Being able to come in day one and kind of be handed the reigns and to having the control and implement the offense and do those things and get all the reps, I think it’s been huge. For me, I feel really good about where we are heading into Week 1 and we’ve just got to keep improving. We’ve improved all offseason. I feel like we got better each day in training camp and we’ve got to keep that same mentality heading into the regular season.”


How cool was that for a preseason game for the offense to actually do this?

“For us, it was about going out and playing the way we practice. For us, we know how we practice every single day. I feel like we were getting better and better. Unfortunately, the first two games, the first game limited reps, the second one, kind of just hurting ourselves. Then the third preseason game to go out and play the way that we knew we’ve been playing the entire training camp was huge for us. Obviously, we didn’t get to play in the last preseason game because of the quick turnaround. So, it was good to have that going into this week. Also, the guys that weren’t playing having time to get caught up on Carolina. I think that helped as well.”


Kyle said he wasn’t going to pick captains until later in the year. How much would that mean to you to maybe be a captain?

“I was a captain at Michigan State. It always means a lot. Especially when it’s voted by your peers. So, we’ll see what happens, but I think for me regardless of that, being a quarterback you have to be a captain whether you’re named one or not. You’re the leader. You’re the guy who’s responsible to get the play call, to get all 11 guys on the same page when you’re out there. It would be great. I think especially when it’s voted by your teammates, it’s always an honor.”


ME: How much of an advantage or an asset to this team is Kyle Shanahan’s ability to game plan, design plays and call plays?

“That was huge. That was a big reason why I came here. I knew, having played for Kyle before how great he was piecing things together. Then, you watch him go to Atlanta and do the same thing, even to a bigger stage really, taking them all the way to the Super Bowl. For me it was probably the deciding factor coming out here was just to play for Kyle and knowing that his scheme and the way he game plans games and defenses, that was what I wanted to be a part of.”


What was the first thing you did when you got a look at the game plan?

“This week?”


Yeah. What’s the first thing that you want to see?

“I guess without giving too much away, you want to get ahead of it as much as you can so when you come in here today you have a pretty good feel for it. I always try to come in on Tuesdays and get as much as I can, have a feel for it, so when it’s starting to get installed to the entire offense I’m already a little bit ahead. Because when it comes down to it the quarterback has a lot more responsibility as far as getting the right play called, getting us into the right play. So, for me, I always want to try to be ahead of the curve. I think that’s the biggest thing. You get done with Wednesdayand you put that to bed and then you move onto Thursday, which is more third down, short-yardage stuff. You can’t be overwhelmed. You’ve got to be one step ahead I think.”


ME: When did you get the game plan?

“Well, it’s always a work in progress. We’ve had the few extra days. Some of the plays that we’ve run have become part of the game plan and some of them have not. It’s always a work in progress. I think even up until Saturday night we’re thinking about what we’re going to put in and what we’re going to run. Like I said, I always try to stay a step ahead whether I come in and they give me what they have and if some gets taken out, of well. Whatever stays in, at least I know that going into Wednesday or Thursday. Whatever it might be.”


ME: How much input do you have on the game plan? Do they ask you what plays you’re comfortable with or what you like?

“Yeah, I think it gets more to the point where you practice and then we always do a meeting with Kyle and kind of rate our plays the way we like them. I think that’s always huge. It’s good to have a guy who’s willing to get your opinion. The worst thing you could do is go out there and have a play you’re not really sure about and it gets called and you don’t feel great about it. I think the good thing we do is we get a lot of reps, whether it’s walk-through or practice. Most of the time you feel pretty good about all the plays going into the game.”

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  1. Your Q’s are starting to border on coaching “How important will the communication and adjustments be? Not at halftime, but between series or in the first half?”
    Did you miss your calling, Grant

  2. Well … Hoyer seems to say all the right things .. but ..
    “…it would be huge..” .. if Brian becomes
    the kryptonite … for the Panthers ..” Superman”

  3. Not bad Grant ,not bad at all. One question for you grant , do you see any PS movements coming,or do you think it is settled . And where do you see it , and why ?

  4. Nice questions, Grant. You asked what I wanted to know. Not just platitudes, but probing questions eliciting insights on strategy and methodology.
    Game planning, communication, adjustments, input, Keys to success.
    Thank you. Keep up the good work.


    “We weren’t allowed to touch Christian. We wanted to keep him healthy back at school. It will be fun to finally get to hit him,” Thomas said Wednesday, via the Sacramento Bee. “If I get that chance I’ve got to take advantage of it.

    “I’m hoping I don’t have to find out,” McCaffrey said. “If it does, I’m sure it won’t feel great.”

  6. Wow. Michael Bennett was almost executed by a cop who put a gun to his head. Wonder if they knew he was Michael Bennett, and was harassing him for kneeling. Wonder why he was singled out, but maybe his biggest alleged crime was being black. Still, there should be no protocol that allows cops to put gun to an unarmed man’s head and threaten to kill him.
    I hope the entire Seahawk team kneels next game, to support Michael Bennett.

        1. Kaep is against police brutality, and if they can put a gun to the head of a football star, they can do it to anyone.
          You are too hate filled to see straight.

        2. I have also, in fact, had a cop pull a gun on me because of something he had been told…………..

          Prime is absolutely right. Seb was not there. Does not know the specifics–other than what the “news” tells him. If its against Sebs boogey-men, we’ll here about this forever and a day. If it’s NOT about Sebs boogey-men……say, a cop gets shot in the line of duty….he would never have brought it up-ever.

          This is more of Seb’s bitterness about Kap-who is in fact his idol.
          Seb should know better than to worship a human being………………….

      1. Kind of a funny story looking back on it over 40 years ago. I too have had police officers point guns at me. I was 17 years old and a friend of mine and I were going to my girlfriends house on a Friday night. He drove a small red truck and I was sitting in the passenger seat. We turn onto my friends street and a police officer comes up behind us with lights blaring and another comes down her street straight at us with lights blaring. They both converge on us and my friend freaks out and veers off the road into my girlfriends front yard. The police get on their loudspeaker and tell us both to exit the vehicle and lay face down on the front yard. Its straight out of a movie where there were 3 officers outside their vehicles with guns pointed at us. Obviously, we comply. I’m laying face down with my arms straight out above my head in my girlfriends front yard with these bright police lights coming down on us. The cops approach us and one officer first puts his knee directly in my back and pulls my arms behind me. Then he switches legs and puts a knee in the back of my neck while I’m being handcuffed. I look up and I’ll never forget my girlfriend and her entire family are looking out the window in shock as I’m being arrested in their front yard.

        Turns out 2 guys in a red truck had robbed a store and we fit the description I guess. My girlfriends dad never let me live that down.

      1. The police were called to the scene because of a shooting. Then Bennett runs.

        “As they moved toward the nightclub, an individual later identified as Bennett was seen crouched down behind a gaming machine as the officers approached,” McMahill said. “Once Bennett was in the officers’ view, he quickly ran out of the south doors, jumped over a wall onto Flamingo Road east of Las Vegas Blvd. into traffic. Due to Bennett’s actions and the information the officers had at the time, they believed Bennett may have been involved in the shooting and they gave chase. Bennett was placed into handcuffs and detained while officers determined whether or not he was involved in the original incident. He was detained for approximately 10 minutes and released.

        1. The good thing is that it was in a casino, so there are cameras everywhere. If Michael Bennett said he was told to run, I believe him.

              1. Even if it turns out to be true that Bennett was told to act like Forrest Gump and run, it will not change that you are showcasing confirmation bias.

              2. Mid,

                You are wasting your time, the only thing that will help is ridicule. He lives in an alternate reality.

              3. Actually, I am waiting until I know exactly what had all occurred instead of jumping to a conclusion one way or the other, which is the exact opposite of confirmation bias Seb.
                I do not think it is necessarily that Seb lives in another reality EC9, but that Seb believes his views are always right and refuses to acknowledge when he isn’t. It’s why Prime and Seb quarrel so often; they are one in the same.

              4. Mid, I have admitted my mistakes many times, and have changed my position when corrected.
                However, when the other side spews out screeds, I feel perfectly comfortable countering their arguments.
                I admitted I was wrong when Kaep opted out, but still think he is the best chance for them to succeed.
                It is interesting to note that Kaep’s detractors say he is not a good QB and should play in the CFL, but then we have real peers like Cam Newton and Aaron Rodgers who declare he is being unfairly blackballed, and should start for at least 6 teams because their QBs are so weak.
                Pete Carroll said Kaep could lead a team to a championship, and Arians flat out said that Kaep was scary. Two former opposing coaches from division rivals who have played against Kaep many times.
                Getting back to Michael Bennett, he made statements, and I believe him. That is not confirmation bias. Once we see all the camera footage, we will all be better informed, and if he was the one instigating the gunshots, I will fully admit I was wrong.
                I just hope you have enough character to admit that you were wrong, if we find out that he was intentionally singled out and profiled.

              5. It is interesting to note that Kaep’s detractors say he is not a good QB and should play in the CFL, but then we have real peers like Cam Newton and Aaron Rodgers who declare he is being unfairly blackballed, and should start for at least 6 teams because their QBs are so weak.

                And I can name some players who believe he is currently out of the NFL because he’s not good enough Seb. Once again, you are showcasing confirmation bias. Admitting you are wrong on something doesn’t change that.

              6. Mid, you accused me of never changing my mind, and admitting when I was wrong. I just pointed out you are wrong with specific examples.
                Hmmm, maybe you are guilty of confirmation bias.

              7. Getting back to Michael Bennett, he made statements, and I believe him.

                You are accepting one side of the argument because it fits your views. That in itself is confirmation bias.

              8. Ah, the old ‘spin the words of the person back to him or her in order to look good’. Don’t you get tired of using that shtick?

              9. You are the one fixated on confirmation bias.
                Glad you noted a common debate tactic. I must have hit too close to home.

              10. Sebbie and raincoats… Maybe Sebbie will come across the creature (evil clown) from ‘It’.

                Sebbie, if a clown offers you a balloon, take it. Please.

          1. Seb-

            How did you come to know about Mr. Bennett’s character, to make these judgements on another human being–before the cops had sorted everything out?

        2. “He was detained for about 10 minutes and released”………………..

          If that had not been pointed out by undercenter, would Seb and his followers spoke of it?

      2. Racism is not just a black white issue. Some of the most vile hate I have ever heard was between Black and Hispanic gang members.

        1. You’re the most bias idiot on this blog. The bias is overwhelming considering when the police make the headlines, you automatically assume they are in the wrong.

          Perception is not always reality, just as the cops assumed Bennett was involved and Bennett assumed the cops targeted him because he was black.

            1. It’s their job to profile. The FBI has caught many of bad guys using profiling tactics.

              Jeez, the stench of nincompoop is heavy.

          1. I certainly do not belong to one, but I am just recalling what I witnessed.
            Believe it or not, there are gangs in Sonoma County. However, what I witnessed occurred in Oakland.

              1. Cassie, just imagine what Baalke would say. I do not want to repeat those words because they are vile epithets.

        2. Seb-

          You just do this crap because a.) if fits your uptight Berzerklyite views, and b.) its sport for you. Some guys play handball–others spend all their time fishing… love to squabble and fuss. It’s sport for you.

    1. Thanks for bringing us back to football George. We should all remember tomorrow is a solemn day of football and unabashed enthusiastic hopes fixated on a single goal. Winning.

  7. How can the Niners win on Sunday? Panthers are 2 years removed from a SB , but they do have weaknesses. Losing Josh Norman was huge. Carolina was 29th in passing defense. They might have 36 year old Mike Adams, a former Niner, at safety.
    Their corners, Bradberry ran a 4.5 forty, and Worley ran a 4.64 forty. Goodwin is expecting a big day. The Niner receivers should employ double moves.
    Hoyer needs to be accurate and deliver the ball quickly. They need to spread them wide with Juszczyk staying in to pass block so Hoyer has time to throw.
    Niner defense needs to stop the run. 8 in the box. Their O line is flawed, so I am hoping for at least 4 sacks. If they can rattle Cam, it will knock him off his game. Benjamin, Olsen and McCaffrey need to be neutralized, so maybe the Niners should assign a defender who shadows those players. Maybe Foster on Olsen, Ray Ray on McCaffrey and Tartt on Benjamin. They will not run Cam at all, so they do not need to worry too much about his running. They should collapse the pocket while getting a hand up in the air.
    The coaching will be critical to success. Hope they can devise a good game plan, and make quick adjustments. The WCO with the short pass to sustain drives may be their best strategy to win.

  8. You solved it! Fire Shanahan! Sebbie’s on the case! Call Jed right away! Oh, do be careful, as Grant tends to ask very insightful questions, so stay professional just as Walsh advised!

  9. Any way we can get Grant to change/update the ‘Popular Tags’ content (right side blog panel)? It’s kinda outa date.

    1. Yeah, out of that list I’m seeing three names still associated with the team.

      On most sites those tag lists are system generated. PD forums seem to be steam powered, so all bets are off there.

      1. Yes, should be dynamically generated, given whatever filter is applied. We certainly wouldn’t want to see ‘delusional’ or ‘toady’ rise to the top…

            1. It’s all day & all night; yap yap yap yap yap
              I wonder if he’s under House Arrest….?
              Or maybe Alzheimer’s lockdown…?

      1. It’s sport for the Sebs……It’s all about who is the most cunning and clever…………with, of course, Sebs seeing himself as Numero Uno!

  10. What ever happened to Greg Hardy? Is he eligible to sign with an NFL team? IMHO Arik Armstead is a major question mark on defense. He needs to prove this year that he is fully recovered from the shoulder injury and that he’s not a total bust. If he plays poorly or reinjures the shoulder, I’m wondering if the 9ers would consider Hardy. If he’s paid his dues to society and the NFL then I’m wondering if the NFL or the 49ers would give him a shot. Not too long ago he was one of the best players in the NFL.

    1. Hardy was a locker room/team cancer in 2015 and ended up not being worth the trouble for the Cowboys. Nobody would sign him in 2016. Nobody is going to sign him in 2017. His career is done.

      1. Cassie,

        Also, I’d like to advise you to avoid using any of Seb’s material….He’s scoured my 10 pt. plans before kickoff throught the years, and accused me of plagiarism, lack of originality and of trolling.

        I’ve seen him rip other 10 pt. plans to shreds, to the point no one feels safe posting them anymore ?

  11. Familiarity breeds respect? Shanahan knows all about Panthers defense

    “I feel like I’ve played them about every year for a while,” Shanahan said Wednesday.
    As an offensive coordinator, Shanahan faced Carolina twice in each of the past two years with Atlanta, once in 2014 when he was with Cleveland and once in 2012 when he was in Washington.

    “Yeah, I mean (Shanahan’s) going to do his thing, he’s going to run his stuff that he likes,” Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly told the Charlotte Observer on Wednesday. “There’s going to be some carryover from Atlanta to San Francisco.

    “But he’s going to put his own fling on, I’m sure. He’s got some different guys and can do some different things with the guys he’s got out there. But I imagine it’ll be pretty similar to what we’ve seen in Atlanta the last few years.”

  12. Boy, I had to laugh. on a podcast, Larry was trying his best to ignore the Kaep drama, but Gary kept bringing him up. Personally, I was thinking that he was needling Larry.

  13. One player I think the Niners should look at is Fahn Cooper. Niners drafted him, but Baalke cut him. Colts waived him in their 53 cuts, so he should be available.

    1. From his draft profile:
      BOTTOM LINE Cooper is one of the tough guys up front for the Rebels, and he has good size and length for the position, but he will be limited to run blocking in tight quarters and his lack of overall athleticism and body control could make him too leaky in pass protection to ever see the field as a starter.

      Emphasis mine.

  14. Shanahan on McCaffrey:
    In our Wednesday presser, Shanahan gave us some insight on the Panthers shining new running back.

    “He can do everything. So it’s just how do you treat him? He’s a good running back. He can run outside. He can run inside. He’s good at screens. He’s good at routes out of the backfield. You can motion him out wide and use him as a wide receiver. He’s developed in those routes too.

    1. * He causes a lot of issues in some man-to-man situations. You just don’t know what you’re going to get. When a guy can be everywhere and he’s versatile it limits what a defense can do, some of the situations that he can put you in,” Shanahan said.

  15. And the truth comes out:

    Sources connected to the investigation tell TMZ Sports … when cops responded to the club for a possible shooting, they ordered everyone to get down and not move so they could properly search and investigate.

    We’re told Bennett did not stay put — instead, he ran — and a cop outside the club stopped him and ordered him down to the ground at gunpoint.

    When the cops tell you to get your *** down in a potential active shooter situation and you get up and run, you’ve ****ed up. Bennett needs to apologize for running and playing the race card because the cops stopped someone who could have been an armed suspect fleeing the scene of the crime.

    1. MosesZD

      Perhaps there are some ‘heroes’ on the blog, but if a large athletic man is seen fleeing the scene of a possible shooting, The policeman is correct in drawing his weapon and controlling the suspect…be he white, black, brown, yellow, or any other shade. It takes a weak moment, and you have a homicide on your hands. I have a minor in Law Enforcement which does not make me expert, but only aware…Police officers need to have a better selection process (IMHO), and the general public needs to be better educated as to how to react to police or designated authorities…whether you are celebrity or not. Michael Bennett is very lucky just to be alive….

    2. Well if that is true then there should be video evidence of Bennett running while others obey police commands. Should be pretty easy to release the video and put an end to this unfortunate story.

  16. Hoyer the Prophet:

    49ers notes: Trent Taylor’s post-practice work paying dividends

    Because he’s a rookie, Trent Taylor spent offseason practices catching passes from backup quarterbacks C.J. Beathard, Matt Barkley and Nick Mullens.

    After practice, however, he got work with the fourth quarterback on the roster.

    “Brian (Hoyer) would always pull me over and make sure that me and him got some extra work together because you never know what can happen,” Taylor said Wednesday. “… Great leadership on his part. Glad to have a guy like Brian leading the way for us.”

    The post-practice chemistry they built became especially significant after the 49ers cut veteran receiver Jeremy Kerley on Saturday. That made Taylor, a fifth-round draft pick, the top slot receiver on the roster, which means there’s a possibility he could start Sunday’s game against Carolina or at least see snaps early on.

  17. Brotha Tuna says: + 49
    September 6, 2017 at 8:11 pm

    Cassie kicks your butt every which way but Sunday every day, with ease, because you make it so easy.

    You declare victory, you hurl inane insults
    (Usually the ones that have been pointedly used against you.your’er so original bwahahahahahaha), and you come up with zhit like
    ‘Lowell Cohn made Bill Walsh successful’ Pppffft!
    Keeping typing Seb…hahahahahahahaha

  18. Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet 24m24 minutes ago
    Officially, #Browns coach Hue Jackson says S Calvin Pryor is being released for “an “internal matter.” Crazy, days before the opener.

    TomD’s Take: Niners should take a flyer on him

  19. Calvin Pryor NFL Profile:

    STRENGTHS Carries a swagger and plays with confidence. Runs the alley and throws his weight around. Physical, lights-out hitter (see second defensive snap of UCF game). Made a highlight-reel, one-handed INT in the same game. Instinctive and aggressive. Defensive tempo-setter. Good pre-snap recognition — makes adjustments. Can leverage the field off the hash and cover ground. Good zone recognition. Rangy enough to play center field.

  20. Notified 49ers scouting dept., as forme Ute Scout, let them know about Pita Taumoepenu, and now Calvin Pryor…..They said 49er’s are aware of breaking news

  21. With the new season starting tonight here’s my predictions for the season:

    AFC East:

    New England
    New York

    AFC North:


    AFC South:


    AFC West:

    Kansas City
    Los Angeles

    NFC East:

    New York

    NFC North:

    Green Bay

    NFC South:

    Tampa Bay
    New Orleans

    NFC West:

    Los Angeles
    San Francisco

    Playoff teams:

    AFC: NE, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, Kansas City, Oakland, Cincinnati
    NFC: New York, Green Bay, Atlanta, Seattle, Minnesota, Tampa Bay

    SB teams:

    Pittsburgh vs. Green Bay

    SB Winner: Pittsburgh


    Jerome has been an offseason standout for the 49ers. He has garnered praise from the media and even general manager John Lynch, a former great safety himself who compared the rookie to Ronde Barber.

    “His vision is expanding so he’s starting to see more,” Saleh said. “The more they see, the more calculated they can be. And so, with that, that’s what he’s starting to get better at.

  23. Fun article on what’s in Lynch’s office below. Wasn’t mentioned, but along with all the photos and memorabilia is a 65″ flatscreen displaying Grant’s blog live, 24/7. This way, Lynch stays abreast of Sebbie’s posts. Despite his years in the league, Lynch is the first to admit he is completely clueless on all things football–from player evaluation, to scouting and drafting, position-by-position technique, and game prep. Without Sebbie”s input, Lynch knows he’d be on the street–instantly.

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