Bye week gives 49ers chance to study what’s working, what’s not

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo delivers a pass during a NFL football game against the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday, Sept. 22, 2019, in Santa Clara, CA. The Niners won 24-20. (Daniel Gluskoter/AP Images for Panini)

SANTA CLARA — Players take the bye week off. Coaches sure as heck don’t.

Coaches spend the week “self-scouting,” meaning they honestly and brutally evaluate their own team independent of its win-loss record. The 49ers are 3-0 entering their bye week. When Kyle Shanahan and his coaching staff reevaluate the first three games, they won’t focus solely on positives. They’ll identify the real reasons they’ve had success, and search for issues that could hurt them down the line.

Here’s where the 49ers coaches probably will focus:

1. Defensive takeaways

The defense has performed well in every conceivable way. It has allowed the second-fewest yards and the ninth-fewest points in the NFL.

But its most impressive statistic, and the biggest reason the 49ers enter the bye week undefeated, is this: Through three games, the defense already has forced seven turnovers. That’s how many turnovers the 49ers’ defense forced all of last season.

What has changed?

First, the pass rush. The 49ers recorded a sack 6.4% of the time the opposing quarterback dropped back to pass last season. That was the 10th-worst sack percentage in the NFL. This season, the 49ers’ sack percentage is 7.9, which ranks eighth best in the NFL.

They’ve added Dee Ford and Nick Bosa, who have played well. And they still have veterans DeForest Buckner and Arik Armstead, who have improved significantly. Now, the 49ers have one of the best four-man rushes in the league, and the pass rush has transformed the entire defense.

“It doesn’t get seen by the naked eye,” defensive coordinator Robert Saleh said. “But the faster the rush goes, the stickier the coverage gets.”

Five members of the defense currently have an interception: Kwon Alexander, Mark Nzeocha, K’Waun Williams, Richard Sherman and Ahkello Witherspoon. Through the first three games, there was nowhere safe to throw the ball against this defense.

That could change after the bye week, because Witherspoon will miss at least a month with a foot sprain. That could be a major blow to the 49ers, even with their impressive pass rush.

2. Replacing Ahkello Witherspoon

Witherspoon was the weakest link in the secondary last season. He intercepted zero passes, broke up just four and allowed a quarterback rating of 107.6. He may as well have worn a giant bullseye on his back.

This season, he has one interception, a team-high five pass breakups and has allowed a passer rating of just 75.3. Before he injured his foot, he was the 49ers’ best cornerback, even better than Sherman, who has played well.

“When you have corners like Sherm who can go get the ball and Ahkello who can get the ball, now the offense has to throw inside to the teeth of our defense,” Saleh explained.

Teams rarely had to throw into the teeth of the 49ers’ defense last season, because they simply could throw at Witherspoon with impunity. Now, teams can throw at Witherspoon’s replacement, former undrafted free agent Emmanuel Moseley, and avoid the middle of the field.

“He’s not the biggest guy, but he plays very physical,” Shanahan said of Moseley. “He’s extremely detailed in everything he does. Everything you give him, even stuff that’s new for him, in a few days he always figures it out. He’s very football savvy and has the ability to cover.”

“We always look at the trade market and we’ll continue to,” Shanahan said. “But it’s got to make sense for us. How much does it help the team right now and how much does it help the organization going forward? You always think of now, but you also think of years in advance too and how it affects the salary cap, draft picks, things like that. The risk-reward.”

It seems the 49ers would prefer not to trade for Ramsey, who would cost at least one first-round pick. But depending on how Moseley performs, they might have no choice.

3. One-wide-receiver formations

The 49ers have a run-first offense. They lead the league in rushing attempts and rank fifth in yards per carry. And the running game might improve after the bye week.

When Shanahan self-scouts, he’ll learn his offense is averaging a whopping six yards per carry when there’s only one wide receiver and multiple tight ends on the field. This is the 49ers’ best personnel grouping.

They need to use it more frequently.

“When you’re running the ball, the edges are a lot wider when you have (multiple) tight ends in there,” Shanahan said. “(Defensive linemen) are further apart, and you make people commit to the run. Sometimes, that opens up some good passes, too.”

Through the first three games, the 49ers have used one-wide-receiver formations 28 times, and run out of them 23 times. Meaning defenses knew the 49ers would run, and still couldn’t stop them. That’s how effective these formations have been. To make them even more effective, Shanahan can call a few more passes out of them, just to keep the opposing defense guessing.

4. Offensive giveaways

After the 49ers beat the Steelers on Sunday, a reporter asked Kyle Shanahan during his postgame press conference how it feels to be 3-0.

“I’ve been 5-0 and not made the playoffs before,” Shanahan said. “So, that doesn’t mean much.”

Shanahan was referring to 2015, his first season as the Atlanta Falcons’ offensive coordinator. That season, the Falcons lost eight of their final 11 games and missed the playoffs, partially because Shanahan’s high-powered, seventh-ranked offense committed 30 turnovers that season — a very large number.

Since 2011, 44 teams have committed 30 or more turnovers in a season, and only four of those teams (9.1%) made the playoffs. The 49ers offense already has committed eight turnovers. It’s on pace to commit 43. An awfully large number.

“It’s hard to win when you turn the ball over,” Shanahan said. “You can get by when you’re doing that, but we know that’s not built to last. We’ve got to be smarter with the ball. We always work on that and talk about it, but we’ve definitely got to fix that stuff.”

First, the 49ers can punish people who fumble. Running back Raheem Mostert fumbled twice against the Steelers. After the bye week, the 49ers can give some of his carries to Tevin Coleman, who missed the past two games with a high-ankle sprain, but should be ready after the bye.

Next, Shanahan can call safer, less intricate plays. He gets too cute at times. Last Sunday in the red zone, Shanahan called a highly intricate play which resulted in a fumble. Center Weston Richburg’s shotgun snap hit wide receiver Richie James Jr. as James sprinted across the backfield. The ball fell to the grass and the Steelers recovered it.

Next time, just line up in a one-wide-receiver formation, hand the ball off to a running back and let him run between the tackles. That works.

5. Interceptions

Jimmy Garoppolo has had outstanding moments this season, but he’s on pace to throw 22 interceptions. A 49ers quarterback hasn’t thrown that many since Steve DeBerg in 1978, the season before Bill Walsh became the head coach. It’s hard to make the playoffs throwing all those picks. The last QB who threw at least 20 interceptions and made the postseason was Andy Dalton in 2013.

The 49ers have to find a way to minimize the picks.

They might try lining up Garoppolo in the shotgun more frequently. He seems to read defenses better and make smarter decisions from the gun.

According to, which charts every NFL quarterback’s throws, only 2% of Garoppolo’s pass attempts from the gun this season have been classified as “interceptable,” a pass the defense drops or picks off. When he’s under center, 10% of his pass attempts have been “interceptable.”

Shanahan tends to call quick, short passes when his quarterback is in the shotgun, and longer-developing deep passes when the quarterback is under center. Shanahan loves calling deep passes, but they might not suit Garoppolo.

“Can’t be greedy,” Garoppolo said when explaining his recent interceptions. “Just take the completion and move on. I got excited, got too greedy, whatever you want to call it, and made a bad decision.”

Garoppolo is far less greedy from the gun. Take note, 49ers.

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      1. Yea, you may be better qualified to make that determination, however I have no idea how refined his technique may be. It’s a wait and see for me, but I’m excited for his opportunity….

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    2. We need both Trent and Ramsay. Go get them. No way Mosely holds up or replaces Witherspoon and no way Schule holds his ground as a pass defender. He barely made the team.

  1. Grant, they are not trading for Ramsey. If they trade for someone, it would be someone who is similar to K’uan Williams. Someone who can play adequately but won’t be a disruption if they have to bench him. In other words a role player. And they won’t spend much for him either.

    The only way they would even consider a trade for Ramsey is if Witherspoon goes to IR and Sherman gets exposed.

  2. “I’ve been 5-0 and not made the playoffs before, so, that doesn’t mean much.”

    If there was one quote which I really liked this year, it was this. It put his team on notice not to rest on their laurels. Stay focused on the prize.

    This is an important coaching moment too. It lets everyone know that even though they are winning, things can still slide if they aren’t vigilant.

    I’d be jumping for joy, but I don’t get that excitable (I don’t hang out with many drunken sailors), but I will tip my glass of Rioja and say, ¡Olè!

    1. Yep, it’s a grueling marathon, not a sprint, am right Yeast? The Niners need to keep working hard to steadily improve with each passing week. The great teacher known as adversity, never rests throughout the course of a 16 game NFL schedule. And as the old adage goes – If you aren’t working hard to get better, each and every week, then your actually getting worse, because nothing remains a constant throughout the course of a full NFL season.

      Go NINERS!

    2. I love the section about the shotgun formations and how it should be utilized more

      The amount of turnovers during the Steelers game was an aberration in regards to the win

      Adjustments need to be made if they are going to have a successful season

    3. He has mentioned that particular point of going 5-0 and not making the playoffs even when he was losing in his first season with the Niners.

  3. Impressive article. However, I’m having some issues with the layout, and am having trouble reading this in it’s entirety. I wonder if anyone else is having the same problem, or if it’s a problem on my end with my browser.

    Anyways, this is some good stuff Grant, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the parts I have been able to read, so cheers for that!

  4. “They might try lining up Garoppolo in the shotgun more frequently.”

    Interesting. My understanding is that the 49ers and JG have had a lot of success when using play action, and of course play action is most effective from under centre. He may read things better from shotgun, but is the offense better playing this way? Is it a case that they should just limit the number of times he does a straight drop back, replacing those with some more shotgun? Would that run the risk of making play action less effective when they run it?

    1. His interceptable pass rate from under center is really high this season, and his stats from the gun are fantastic: 76 completion percentage and a 104.9 rating. He’s a natural from the gun. Shanahan wants his QB under center so he can call his play-action shot plays. Someone has to adjust.

          1. Thanks Jack. My concern with increasing shotgun snaps is the potential impact on the success of play-action and the running game. But tbh it probably wouldn’t have much if any impact.

            JG’s rating on pure drop back passes must be pretty awful.

              1. Sounds to me then like Shanahan has nothing to change. He’s already doing what Grant suggests for non play action passes. And play action is too important to this offense both for run and pass success to change it.

            1. Scooter,
              There is zero chance that Kyle is going to substantially reduce his calling plays with QB under center which forms the starting point of his offensive philosophy.

              1. Nor should he.

                Garoppolo rarely drops back for a pass from undercenter.

                When he is undercenter it’s either a run or play action, and he’s doing quite well on those throws.

        1. I’m more concerned with his interceptable pass rate on play action under center. Garoppolo’s is 9.5%, sixth-highest in the league. He throws about one in 10 passes to the other team when he’s under center, regardless of whether he carries out a play fake.

          1. Someone needs to pass this on to Shanahan so he can make the adjustment.

            Only thing myself but I’m worried about is the running game suffering

            However this might be fixable if they run more 2 tight end sets

          2. This sort of number/statistics-abuse has become rampant now that such data is easily available. Two basic errors I see all the time: (1) Correlation confused with causation. (2) Ridiculously small sample sizes resulting in large error bounds.
            IMO, JG’s passes are being intercepted because receivers are not doing a good job catching the passes. I believe it is PFF that pointed even though JG has had only 2 pick-worthy passes in three games, he has 4 INTs. Tipped balls being intercepted isn’t “throwing to the other team”.

            1. So, you don’t expect Garappolo to have an 18.2% INT rate (two INTS out of eleven drop backs) in passes from a straight drop back, is that what you’re saying?

            2. Mood

              It’s one of my biggest complaints also…we have some amazing WRs, but they should work in a fish market to learn not to be dropping so many…WE NEED HANDS !

      1. Many times, JG would turn around, and have a player in his face. The Steelers blitzed like crazy.
        Fortunately, JG took advantage of the area the blitzer left. The pass to Breida along the right side of the field, attacked where the blitzer left.
        Maybe they could devise more run plays that start with a shotgun snap.

      2. What people not taking into account is that when a receiver bobbles or can’t hold onto the ball, it is not the QB’s fault. Like the two against Pitt. Perspective needs to be taken into account. Not just the stats.

  5. I think the most logical choice to replace Witherspoon, is with Ward. Or, put Ward at FS and move Moore to CB.
    One thing the O line needs to work on is sustaining blocks. Maybe they should study how the Packers O linemen sustain blocks. Way too many times, a pass rusher got to JG.

          1. I know. Prime is using one of his burner accounts, to try to fool us. He is transparent as glass.
            Calling people morons implies he thinks he is smart. How woefully clueless can he be, to be judgmental, but actually defining himself.
            Chuckie, I think the bus to Vegas just left.

            1. Not me moron. But you are a moron and I don’t need another name to tell you otherwise moron!

              You act like I’m the only one calling you a moron.
              You do realize why your nickname is piñata boy right moron?

              1. Why? Because I was right about the Steeler game?
                I said it would be a dogfight, because the Steelers were desperate. You and others claimed it would be a cake walk.
                I said that the Niners should spread them out, and gash them up the middle. Mission accomplished.
                I said they should run Wilson up the gut. 2 TDs.
                I said the Steelers would blitz like crazy, hence the 5 man rushes.
                I said JG should invite the blitz, then attack the area the blitzer left. That pass to Breida was exactly that.
                I called the score, but missed by only 3 points of getting the exact score. You, on the other hand, do not make predictions, because you are afraid to look silly.
                If you want to call me a moron for making those observations, imagine what I think about your screeds.

              2. Take a look at all your posts since you came on here.
                The body of work that you’ve posted indicates why you are a moron aka piñata boy.
                And it’s not just me telling you this as much as you’d like to believe that.

              3. You bring nothing to this site.
                Your screeds define you.
                I will continue posting about this team I love, because I want them to achieve greatness.
                Wasting time outs like a drunken sailor is one area where they can improve. The should consider time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half.
                It is abundantly clear that the wasting of time outs is counter productive, especially when the ensuing play is an interception or fumbled snap. Breaking up their rhythm is only good if they can install a perfect play, not a perfectly dreadful play.
                I know, I know, now you will call me a moron, and say the Niners are perfectly right to call a time out whenever they like. Who cares what the outcome could be?

              4. Heed my advice. Volunteer at your local high school. Learn the game at the grass roots level.
                Comment less, read more. There is still hope for someone even at your age and level.

              5. So, which high school do you volunteer at? What position did you play for what team in the NFL?
                When you run around calling people morons, you are just projecting. Think about that.

    1. I disagree with this idea.
      IMO, SF has royally screwed up multiple players by constantly changing their positions. Ward has been a NB, FS, CB, FS again.
      He is not they only one that they have done this to, and by doing so their player development has not been held back.
      Let Ward stay at one position and master it to the best of his ability.

      1. I just think Ward will be able to take better angles to the ball carrier. Moore is fast enough to play CB.
        Ward’s greatest attribute is his flexibility, his ability to play multiple positions. With Witherspoon out, he may need to play more than one role.

        1. I just think Ward will be able to take better angles to the ball carrier.

          That issue is Moore’s issue, so in that case Ward should replace him at safety.

          1. I don’t think Ward replaces Moore, but we’ll see. I think he’s right where he should be. On the bench in a reserve role….

            1. That was a bad angle… he flatened it to much. If he was further upfield he could have at least forced a cut back and bought time for other defenders to catch him.

              Additionally I’m not sure if he was supposed to provide help over the top on the TD against Verrett or not… but it looked like Pittsburgh’s formation moved the Safety away from Jason’s side.

  6. And, a peek into Baker Mayfield’s world….

    A tease… “What’s he doing right?” Ryan wondered about Mayfield. “Here’s a guy right now that is a one-read guy, and then he’s going to improvise. He’s got to realize, you are one of the slowest guys on that field when you take off with it. The ball’s not coming out in rhythm, he’s staring down guys, and you’re not that accurate down the field.”

    1. Cleveland has cornered the market on drafting overhyped QB’s.
      Tim Couch, Johnnie “football” Manziel and now the crotch grabber Baker Mayfield. Btw, I can’t remember who was their last great QB.

      But when it comes to Cleveland’ futility in QB’s, one of their worst Johnnie Manziel did beat us a few years ago.

        1. SY, CFF,
          Franchise QB’s don’t come around very often. Cleveland has had a lot of misses since those players. I believe Bernie Kosar may have been last QB to help the Browns make the playoffs as well.

          1. AES, as a niner fan I’m well aware of the challenges facing the QB position and the false hope of clinging to the next big thing!

            1. SY,
              Every team has rolled out their version of the “next big thing” only to run into the proverbial wall. There are always going to be overhyped players that turn out to be duds.

              1. “Sure enough AES, but I was not addressing the reality as much as the fan expectations.”

                I hear you my friend, but as in every sport, fans have different levels of fanship.
                There are the ultra fanatic and the casual type fans. As fans we carry our own personal perceptions regarding player.
                It’s always been like that.

  7. ‘We always work on it and talk about it..’
    After 5 turnovers, not enough.
    JG needs to throw a more catchable ball. Breida’s was low, and Pettis’s was high.
    Richberg needs to work on his snaps. However, considering he did not play in the OTAs and TC, he just needs more game time reps.

    1. For JG’s shovel pass, instead of pushing the ball, he should throw it underhand with spin. When he pushed the ball, it kinda wobbled, and the receiver did not catch the ball. He does not need to wind up. It is such a short distance, he just needs to flick his wrist.

        1. He played futbol… which is “very physical”. So physical in fact that normally the toughest people in the stadium are in the stands.

        2. I have stated many times I played soccer.
          Is this site reserved for only people who have played and coached in the NFL? Guess Grant will be asked to leave, because he never played the game in the NFL.
          Since you question my bona fides, describe your own NFL experience.

  8. IMO the best way for Garoppolo to cut down on interceptions is to tell his receivers to catch the ball instead of allowing the ball to bounce off their hands directly to a defender.

    1. I agree. Jimmy was putting dimes on his receivers VS Pitt. He played a hell of a game in my opinion. The one he uncorked that deebo had to knock down notwithstanding… . . He sometimes just doesn’t seem to see the safety coming over the top but his decision making is improving. Guys HAVE GOT TO hang on to it when he puts it on them. It’s unfortunate sometimes that a tipped pick goes on the QBs Stat sheet. It’s clear to us that some of those picks are most definitely not on Jimmy.
      Jimmy definitely had rust and a lot of pressure coming into the season from the media, fan base etc. Plus the injury. He’s showed a lot of grit and poise to keep fighting through it when other QBs would start to crack by now. I’m super optimistic about him going forward
      Edit: give us a couple of the TDs taken back this season by penalty, and a couple catches his skill guys should have made, and his stats would be off the charts

      1. While I’m 100% in Jimmy’s corner I have to say he does sometimes throw receivers just slightly behind. Probably something that will improve the more game experience he has. In the pros being off a bit can lead to these types of interceptions. Accuracy is important.

  9. Good analysis Grant. I would like to see JG operate more out of the shotgun too. He seems more comfortable. Your provided stats seem to back that observation. The only thing I would be concerned about is its effect on the run game and effectiveness of play action, but if the pros out weight the cons, I say play to the strengths of your QB. The best teams do. Weighing in on the possibility of the Ramsey trade, I seriously hope they don’t. Seems a little short sighted because Jacksonville wants a ransom for this guy. Word is 2 first round picks, and they don’t want to seem to budge on that. I heard that the Ravens offered a great deal, and they refused. He will also want a new contract, and we have to think about signing guys on our own roster first. I thought they should have traded for Fitzpatrick, even before the Witherspoon injury because of the concern at depth in the secondary. He is versatile, has a few years left on his rookie contract, and was only 1 first round pick, which he is worthy of. It pained me to see him having a day against us last Sunday. Woulda, coulda, shoulda….

    1. I realize Verrett had a tough outing, but I’m not ready to write the guy off. He hadn’t played in what?…. 2 years? He comes in, wants to make some plays and gets caught peeking. That’s definitely on him trying to do too much, but I don’t think the coaches are just going to bury the guy in the depth chart. This regime has showed it will stick by guys they believe in. We haven’t seen the end of Jason Verrett, he’ll get a shot at redemption, it’s a long season

      1. I agree – he’s the logical choice to replace Witherspoon. The 49ers got him for a reason. He had a good camp and good history (when healthy) and had two bad snaps on Sunday, his first in 2 years. It looks like they asked him to play man and of course the Steelers are going to test the new guy coming off the bench.

            1. I get that. But you don’t bring a guy in that hasn’t played in 2 years and put him on an island. That’s my point. Bad play call by Saleh on that one

  10. On the matter of Garoppolo taking snaps under center or in the shotgun. My opinion…..allow Shanahan to scheme as he sees fit against whatever the opponent’s defense is presenting. If that means Garoppolo under center a bit more than us fans want, too bad. If it means having him operate out of the shotgun more frequently, fine. It’s simply a matter of Shanahan preparing a game plan going in vs a particular foe, and adapting during the game as needed. It’s Shanahan’s call.

    The last two years the many of us–and some in the media–concluded that Shanahan was lower than mole p**p. Today, many feel he’s one of the top 2 or 3 offensive minds in football. So, which is it?

    1. He has one of the more creative offensive minds in football, but up until very recently as a coach he was thinking more from the micro vs. macro view (in my opinion).

      He has shown this year a movement towards thinking as a coach vs. a coordinator and that is a good thing. I think that is where you see the disparity.

      1. I think that’s a dead on evaluation. He was able to scheme things and install his Offense, but was running the team more as an OC. He is hopefully learning to teach the the whole team when it comes to execution, focus, fundamentals and the bigger picture. I’m sure that he is getting the gist that it doesn’t matter if you have the most clever play designs in the NFL, If you’re holding/offsides/dropping the ball/illegal shifting/false starting/botching exchanges/mismanaging the clock you’re going nowhere, fast.

    2. ” So, which is it?”

      To the practitioners of result-based reasoning, everything depends on the current record. Last year, Saleh needed to be fired ASAP. Now that Niners have gotten a closer in Dee Ford, a 3-down pas rusher in Bosa, the young players are getting better, and the D is top-10 in the league, Saleh will soon be seen as a genius playing masterful chess both on and off the field.

      Kyle who was just a smart play-caller and an awful coach losing all the close games, has magically transformed over a period of 3 games into a mature HC. But wait till the Niners hit the tough part of the schedule. Kyle and Saleh will instantly lose all the aura and turn into (Halloween?) pumpkins… Grant, of course, will be leading the fans with pitchforks!

      1. People who were panting for an immediate turn around with the new regime had a field day the last two years. Some are now having a rough time embracing that the team is finally winning.
        Fickle fans being fickle, paralysis by analysis 🧐

  11. Truth is, Garropolo has been playing better each week, now this team reminds me of the end of the 2017 season where we won 5 games in a row. I feel like that same energy is already here by week 4 currently, I am excited I think Grant and many other fans and haters are underestimating the 49ers, we could easily be 1-2 if it wasnt for our defense, remember defense wins championships, the 2012 49ers who went to the superbowl were lead by Patrick Willis & Bowman, Justin Smith, not by Kaepernick who was good as a mobile qb but horrible as a pocket passer, Now we have Kwon Alexander or should I say (Ruben Foster 2.0) and Fred Warner who is another ball hawker, dont count out GreenLaw, he has been doing his job.

    If we can win on Monday Night against the Browns, and beat the Rams we got 2 very winnable games after those (Panthers, Redskins) So heck with it, we will be 7-0.

    Remember this post or ss it
    49ers for life.

    1. Jimmy has been improving, and you’re right, this D is gonna keep us in ball games. There’s one little other thing going on with the offense that I think some of you guys might agree with.
      We have a LOT of guys that can make things happen on Offense. That’s apparent to everyone on the team, they’re confident…
      Jimmy and Kyle have a lot of mouths to feed. IMO some of those skill guys know they’re touches are limited and maybe a little too quick to try to make something happen on each touch, and they lose a little focus, maybe try to run without the ball and things of that nature. We’ve got a super young team. If we continue to find success I think some of these guys will gear down just a notch and let the game come to them. Once these guys are confident that they’re gonna get their touches, and with a little maturity, we’ll see a downturn in unforced errors.

  12. The 49ers over the first 3 games of the season reminds me of Urban Meyer’s quote on Alex Smith coming out of college. “Alex is an extremely quick learner. However, he’s a guy that, until he understands it, he is nonfunctional.” At certain times in 2 of the first 3 games, the 49ers offense has looked nonfunctional. I’ve seen Kyle Shanahan look frustrated quite a few times on the sideline prior to the snap. It’s like he’s pissed guys are lined up incorrectly or perhaps Garoppolo isn’t sliding protection correctly. Whatever it is, I think the rhythm and flow an offense develops over the first quarter of the season and then the offense will have it down. Then once they have it all down, this offense will take off (as long as they stay healthy). Now over the bye week the question is how does an offense improve their rhythm and flow. Every practice should include ball security drills to cut down on turnovers. But how do you improve the rhythm and flow of an offense? I know nothing of how an NFL coach might do that but I can tell you what I would have done. I would spend a 10 minute session in several practices where the offense is simply going on air. I would call the play into the QB from the sideline just like in a real game. Run the play and then get back to the huddle on a good pace. I’d have a coach spotting the ball immediately and calling the next play. A play clock would be running and I’d be concentrating on getting the team in and out of the huddle on an escalated pace. Perhaps snapping with 20 second remaining on the play clock. I would march the offense up and down the field for a full 10 minute period. IMO opinion that type of drill drives home the rhythm needed in an offense where each play is not a unique event but part of an overall flow of an offensive attack. If you don’t like going on Air then you put a shell defense on the field who’s sole purpose is to be a warm body to simulate a defense.

      1. Undercenter

        Sorry it’s taken so long for that promised beer, but I am presently moving about 20 miles south of you and am looking forward to finding a ‘favorite. pub….

  13. I offer the following in the spirit of kicking the ant hill–nothing more, nothing less…

    Austin Gayle

    First-round edge defenders pass-rush win rates on passes thrown 2.6+ seconds after the snap (Min. 20 snaps) through Week 3, per @PFF.

    – Nick Bosa (36.1%)
    – Josh Allen (26.1%)
    – Brian Burns (23.7%)
    – Clelin Ferrell (11.8%)
    – Montez Sweat (11.4%)

        1. Fans get so focused on boxes scores and individual stats that they forget to appreciate the importance of the O and D linemen working together.

          The D line is succeeding beyond my expectation in the early part of the season because they have been so effective in squeezing and collapsing from all directions. QBs are getting 0.5-1 second less to make the throws which makes life much better for the DBs. Also, the coaching staff has clearly focused on takeaways and ball-punching techniques in the off-season.

          1. It will be interesting to see how the Wide 9 fares against a good running QB, which the team has not yet faced. I worry that Wilson will just continually run up the middle.

          2. And this is a good observation, Mood.

            It isn’t just the addition of Bosa (though that has had a huge impact), but all the players playing in tandem and the discipline each exhibits.

            All of the sudden the DL looks fantastic, but that was never a given. It isn’t about just having the pieces but also of having the people who can leverage that talent and focus it in ways that will maximize everyone’s contribution.

            1. Yep, Mood is spot on. You need to have multiple guys consistently beating their guy to get sacks. The whole DL is playing well which is why they are having success.

      1. When you have some time, check out the Bosa piece on 49erswebzone. Bosa is the highest rated among all pass rushers.
        Grant is little popular over there as well 😉

  14. Great write-up Grant. However, it makes no sense to trade for Ramsey because he would cost too much in draft capitol and against the salary cap. I also believe determining who should be the FS is as important as cutting down on the interceptions thrown by Garoppolo.

  15. It’s interesting to listen to Shanahan discuss his play-calling philosophy, e.g., on “49ers Game Plan” program that airs on Saturday night. Maiocco used to do the one-one-one and ask mostly fluff but it’s now Papa who occasionally asks a good question. Shanny starts probing the defense with his individual sequences of scripted plays (based on his scouting of the D’s weaknesses) to see which ones show some promise. Then he anticipates the adjustments the D is going to make to his plays that show success, and moves on from there. He seems to look a little frustrated when execution is poor or when none of his schemes works that day. Unlike Walsh or Reid, he’s more emotional and animated.

    One number I’d be interested to know is what fraction of his first 12-15 plays are with the QB under center. I’d guess it would be over 60%.

  16. More and more information continues to come out surrounding San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Dante Pettis, who made a statement Week 3 after finding the end zone for the first time this season.

    A calf injury limited him Week 1. A couple of weeks before that Pettis was nursing a groin injury.

    “He had an injury in training camp where he hurt his pec. That made it tough to lift his upper body and stuff, which he’s still coming back from but my biggest thing with him is his legs and everything (said Shanahan).”

    Talk about a rough month. Pettis battled through three injuries, so it’s no surprise he is just now getting back to full strength. The bye week being early has turned into a blessing in disguise for the 49ers.

  17. PFF ranks Jimmy Garoppolo as a top-10 QB after three weeks
    How how times have changed

    I challenged Seb to admit he’s a 49er fan a few weeks ago by posting that JG was 10X the QB that Kaep was, and for Seb to admit this also….No response to date.

    Guess Seb is still awaiting the Kaep storm.

    Until you admit this SebRaider, you are not a 49er fan, just another Raider traitor trying to destroy the 49ers.

    1. I guess you were rooting against Kaep when he played in the SB.
      I said that JG is an accurate QB, which makes him better than the Gabberts and Hoyers of this world. I am not calling on the Niners to re-sign Kaep, because JG, and Mullens as his backup, can lead this team to victory.
      I will wish Kaep well, wherever he goes. I see the blackballing is in full effect. This leagues has a fourth of its QBs fall to attrition, and some replacements are doing well, but Kaep is still superior to them.
      Kaep is a SB QB, who led a furious comeback, that fell 5 yards short. He has a 4-2 road playoff record, and has set the playoff QB rushing record.
      Faulk, Rosen, Fitzpatrick, Keenum? Those team are tanking for Tua.

  18. I also pointed out to Seb and others that Dante Pettis would maintain his starter status over Deebo Samuel because he is the only WR who gets ‘so’ wide open that JG can throw a punt to him and he’d still catch it.

    The video below demonstrates just how wide open this ‘special’ WR gets, when the defense is compacted in the red zone and yards are precious:

    1. You are talking about Marquise Goodwin, who was so wide open, JG could have thrown a lollipop.
      I have not been as harsh as some on Pettis. Deebo still may win the starter position, but Pettis has shown that he can catch the ball in traffic. He also has learned from his mistakes, and he attacked the ball, to score that TD.
      However, Deebo has shown toughness, and a willingness to go over the middle. He should be the Z receiver.
      Pettis should be used at the X position. He can do best if he goes one on one, and needs to master the back should catch. Still, Goodwin is probably the starter in the X position, because he can really stretch the field.
      The major problem for the receivers is that KS is dialing up many 22 formations, with a single WR.

  19. Areas to address in offseason (in no particular order):

    True #1 WR
    Eventual replacement for Sherman at CB

    1. I totally agree with your needs list, with the exception that I don’t know that we need a. No. 1 receiver (or back for that matter) KS seems quite content to do it by committee and having 3,4 even 5 guys that can get it done is greater than having a guy that gets a target qouta. Let Kittle be that guy and it will also keep down on the “diva receiva” equation.

      We need O-line and Def backs in this next draft. Bunches of em

  20. Add this to the areas to work on over the bye.

    “#49ers have been to the redzone a whopping 14 times this season, second to only the Ravens (16).

    SF has scored a TD just 6 times though (42.9%), which is actually in line with 2017 (47.1%) & 2018 (41.2 %). Overall, SF has scored 51 TDs in 116 RZ chances under Shanahan (43.9%)”

    From the great Al Sacco via Twitter

    1. MidWestDynasty,

      Not sure how much Sherman has left in the tank. Looks like the 49er M/O is to use the high draft picks on defense and the O-Line (OT) while letting Shanny find UFA’s at RB and WR (except for Samuel).

      I feel comfortable with this formula; using next year’s #1 on a left offensive tackle and our #2 on a shut down DB.

      Once this is completed I look for the 49ers in year 5 to draft a WR at #1 (unless another JR is available next year).

      1. Shanahan has always moved the ball up and down the field. Punching it in has been an issue. One way to address this, I suppose, is to increase the frequency. That leads to more scores even if the percentage remains largely the same.

        The defense has done a really good job of putting the team in great position.

        1. Yep. Especially when you consider that even if all those drives that ended in TOs were just FGs, that’s a fair few points they’ve taken off the board already this season.

          1. Recall last year how many missed opportunities were lost in the opposing team’s field. How much pressure it put on the D. This year the role is reversed.

            Good teams win, poor ones make excuses.

  21. They’re not going to draft a LT in round 1 if Skule shows he can play. Sets up a great competition with Coleman next year. I’d expect them to draft another developmental prospect late once again….

    1. A look at possible replacements for Witherspoon during the bye:

      Emmanuel Moseley:
      Although originally projected to be a late-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, Moseley went unselected and signed with the San Francisco 49ers as an undrafted free agent on April 28, 2018.

      Moseley has the borderline size to play outside, but the speed and explosion numbers at his pro day could create an opportunity to hear his name called on Day 3.

      Strong pro day numbers with a 4.42 forty yard dash, 38.5-inch vertical and 10-foot-6 broad jump. Play is consistent and steady throughout his stay at Tennessee. Worked hard at adding almost 45 pounds of mass and muscle since he arrived. Smart player with good awareness

    1. I was surprised at how vulnerable the Packers D looked against the pass, esp. compared to how they looked in Week 1. Just goes to show what a great pass rush does, and the Packers pass rush, for all its media hype, isn’t in the same class as the new Niners rush.

      And responding to an earlier comment about Russell Wilson (or any other running QB) running through our wide 9–is anyone else as pleasantly surprised as me at how the linebackers are clogging those escape routes? Between Alexander and the interior D-line, the gap in the wide 9 does not seem to be as bad as some predicted, so far.

  22. I really liked how KS let JG become the field general, when they ran the hurry up offense. I thought it was smart to hurry things up, and not waste time, while behind. It seemed as though JG got into a rhythm, and looked comfortable commanding his squad.
    I especially liked how JG called for a quick snap on the Pettis TD. No time to have a pre snap penalty.
    Now, if only they start having better ball security. In the Bengals game, that was not a problem. Guess the Steeler game was pressure packed, and players were not focusing on their jobs.
    The Niner coaches should just tell their players to play like they did in the Bengals game. Of course, most teams will not lie down in the second half. However, 4 of the turnovers were in the first half, in the Steelers game.

  23. Packers lost, but to a good team. Eagles has Wentz, who is accurate, and Howard, who was the work horse.
    I am amazed at how effortless Rodgers passes seem to be. They were so close. That pick in the end, saved it for the Eagles.
    The Eagles deserved to win, with their stellar goal line stand. The Packer defense does look vulnerable.

    1. The Packers got to cute inside the 5 yard line twice and it cost them. Btw, what’s up with their run defense? The Eagles seemed to get big yards up the middle at will.
      Blake Martinez was a liability tonight.

      1. Bears probably would have won that game against the Packers, if they had kept Howard.
        Rodgers and Wentz were good, but Howard gashed the Pack.

        1. Yup, but the Eagles Oline gets big kudos for opening lanes like a road grader.
          Sanders also had some nice runs because of his Olinemen. The middle of the Packers defense is extremely soft. Blake Martinez got owned.

      2. “Blake Martinez was a liability tonight.”
        “Blake Martinez got owned.”
        Huh?! Did we watch the same game? I thought that the Packers’ D line didn’t play that well allowing Eagles O linemen to get into the second level and overworking the linebackers. Just to be certain, I looked up PFF’s Game Refocused, and sure enough:
        “Blake Martinez followed up an impressive game against the Broncos in Week 3 with another strong outing in Week 4. He made several defensive stops against the run and always seemed to be around the ball.”

  24. Did anyone else buy that garbage that GB’s defense was that good? I didn’t and it gave me a one game pick up on my pick em pool.
    Overrated!! ! ! !

    1. Nope, for the simple reason that we’ve seen it before in recent years. The media always seems to forget but I remember them starting hot a few years ago, and then eventually got exposed once NFL offences started catching up. This was a big game for them as if they had won this one I’d likely have to reconsider my thoughts on them. Suffice to say, they didn’t impress. Rodgers hasn’t lost anything, though. If the Packers are to make the playoffs, it’ll be thanks to him.

      1. Yup without Rodgers they’re a 7-9 club. I can’t believe how little awareness and urgency Graham played with. Rodgers was clearly not happy with him all game

      2. That NFC North division may be the best in the league.
        I think the Packer defense has improved greatly since the last couple years.
        The biggest factor in whether they win the division is the loss of McCarthy and the coaching of LaFleur.

        1. That NFC North division may be the best in the league.

          Maybe the last few seasons, but not this season. The Bears, good defense…have you seen that Trubisky led offense? Lions? You mean one of the teams a 4-12 Niners team beat last season? Vikings? I have one word – Cousins. And last night’s Pack performance looks like a two man team. And now one of those men is injured?

          With the defending NFC champs, the perennial playoff bound Seahawks, and the Niners rise back to relevance, the NFC West is easily toughest division in the NFL.

              1. .289 for the West
                .339 for the North

                The West has the AFC North this year which is a combined .250 and the North has the AFC West which is a combined .417.

                Both have only 1 team with a winning record.

            1. The North racked up that winning percentage against teams that are a combined 9-18-1. The West 5-13-1. Not great bragging rights for either. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out for these teams through the season.

        2. That NFC North division may be the best in the league.

          Woah now. I like Rodgers as much as the next guy, but I’m not sold on the Green Bay defence. The Lions look to be a decent team, but they managed to let Arizona peg them back to a tie, so I’m not particularly high on them either. Vikings defensively look strong, but Kirk looks woeful. Worse than I thought he could be. And the Bears, again good defence… but Trubisky? Yikes. Compared to the West, with a team we hope to be playoff-calibre (Niners), along with a team that was in the Superbowl last year, and a perennial playoff team in the Seahawks, looks pretty stacked. NFC East, too, except Giants and Redskins put them below the West for me.

          I think the Packer defense has improved greatly since the last couple years.

          I don’t know why. I remember this exact narrative just a few years ago. Pretty sure by the end
          of that season it was all Rodgers or bust yet again. It’s not really fair to lay the blame of the last couple years on the defence as Rodgers has been injured during both of those years.

          The biggest factor in whether they win the division is the loss of McCarthy and the coaching of LaFleur.

          I strongly disagree. McCarthy was stale, and everyone knew it. But the bottom line will be Aaron. In other words, can Aaron Rodgers be insane God-mode level like he’s had to be just about every year they’ve made significant playoff strides. That’s what the Packers live and die by. LaFleur will be a bit player, like McCarthy was the last 5 years.

          1. I think of all of the divisions, the NFC North has the best record. Bears may be at the bottom, but with Mack and that defense, they can tolerate the Biscuit.
            The Pack defense has improved. The first 2 games were good performances. The Eagles were desperate for a win, and they are only 2 years from being a SB winner.
            Exactly. You may strongly disagree, but how Aaron Rodgers interacts with LaFleur will be the deciding factor in whether they win or lose. McCarthy was too conservative, and held Rodgers back. If LaFleur can let Rodgers be the field general, they may get to the playoffs.

            1. I think of all of the divisions, the NFC North has the best record. Bears may be at the bottom, but with Mack and that defense, they can tolerate the Biscuit.

              We are three games in. Too early to draw conclusions from that. I think the Bears are a good team, but I think their QB and kicking game limits their ceiling considerably.

              The Pack defense has improved. The first 2 games were good performances. The Eagles were desperate for a win, and they are only 2 years from being a SB winner.

              My point, Sebbie, is that we’ve seen this before. Analysts have proclaimed Green Bay finally has a defence…. and by the end of the season it’s same old, same old. The Falcons are three years removed from all but winning the SB, and they are barely in the top half of the league nowadays. I take your point with the Eagles, and my intention isn’t to discredit them. But, when GB needed their defence to step up, it didn’t. Not for real, imo.

              Exactly. You may strongly disagree, but how Aaron Rodgers interacts with LaFleur will be the deciding factor in whether they win or lose. McCarthy was too conservative, and held Rodgers back. If LaFleur can let Rodgers be the field general, they may get to the playoffs.

              I disagree, because Rodgers isn’t going to let his relationship with a coach make or break the season. Like with McCarthy, when he didn’t like what was given he would overrule it. He will do exactly the same with LaFleur. The deciding factor, I believe, is the same it has been for years. Can Rodgers go God-mode? If so, they’ll have a good to great year.

            2. Renas, I would have said the NFC West, but Arizona is way weaker than the Bears. Yes, it is the beginning of the season, but you are also deeming that the Packers defense is weak, after only 3 games.
              The Packer defense has improved. Compared to the last couple seasons, they are much improved.
              They very easily could be 3-0, if their receivers had held onto the ball. They just got beat by a desperate Eagles team, who did not want to go 1-3.
              Yes Aaron Rodgers is critical for success, but LaFleur is also responsible for the defense. Rodgers may play lights out, but if the Packer defense lets RBs like Howard to gash them, they will not win the division. The interaction between Rodgers and LaFleur will remain positive and upbeat, because LaFleur knows that his job is to keep Rodgers happy.
              ‘Rodgers is not going to make his relationship with his coach make or break the season.’ Tell that to McCarthy.

  25. Yeah I know, Grant eventually backpedaled on his assessment; but the following is a classic ‘in the moment’ Grant take…see bad, make judgement, publish judgement–all in a few moments time.

    Grant Cohn

    The Eagles are a mess. Hard to believe this team won the Super Bowl two years ago.
    7:56 PM – 26 Sep 2019

  26. 1. Jeff Deeney made the point that we have a mini bye at the end of October. On October 31st (Halloween) we have a Thursday night game against the Cardinals. Our next game is Monday Nov 11 at home versus Seahawks. That is an eleven day hiatus between games or a mini bye.
    2. Will we be getting Coleman and Jalen Hurd back after the current full length Bye? I hope we can find room on the roster for Wilson.
    3. With injuries to Staley, Witherspoon, Hurd and Coleman our roster is stretched a bit thin.
    4. Why is CJ still on the roster. He is taking up valuable roster space.
    5. I’ll be watching the Seahawks Cards game and Bengals Ravens games this weekend – all upcoming opponents.

    1. “Why is CJ still on the roster. He is taking up valuable roster space.”

      Did you see how many times Garoppolo got hit last Sunday? JG still isn’t 100% and with the loss of Staley it makes sense to keep CJB on.

      1. AES,
        I believe they are keeping him around because they have no confidence in the O line keeping J.G. upright and uninjured especially without Staley. If JG goes down they will need a BU QB with experience in KS’s O.

        1. While the O line is not the greatest I’d think that that Kyle may fear any injury or flare up to Jimmy’s repaired ACL from football wear-and-tear, at least for this season. At the same time, they may believe that another season in this system will elevate CJ’s trade value, e.g., to a 3rd or 4th round pick. A third string QB has potentially more value than, say, a third string DB, who can be stashed in PS with high-probability of remaining there for the season.

          1. AES/Mood/OC, isn’t better to address the ailment (Oline) rather than keep around an unusable old spare tire. In other words, if we get to the point that CJ is actually starting a game, the season is already lost.

            1. Rollo,
              Addressing the O line is much easier said than done. Good O linemen are very hard to find in free agency and the draft little own 3 games into the season. If we did need CJ hopefully he could keep it together for a half or 1 game while one of the other QB’s got healthy.

              1. I think our offensive line has played extremely well, and I attribute that to what I was saying all off season. Continuity and a healthy Richburg….

              2. That is why the Niners should poach an O lineman from a playoff team. I mentioned a team like the Eagles, Cowboys, Rams or the Pats.
                Yes, it is frowned upon, but the Niners lost Staley, their best O lineman, so they can claim to be desperate.

              3. I think our offensive line has played extremely well,

                I don’t completely agree with this. While I will not say they have been bad. I think they have done well at run blocking but not so well in pass pro. Jimmy has been getting rid of the football very quickly, which has kind of skewed the stats.

            2. Rollo,
              If for some unforseen reason both JG and Mullens goes down what other QB could you trust to run Shanahan’ offensive scheme?

              CJB may not be the sharpest knife in the kitchen but he is very familiar with the offensive scheme and that may be why Shanahan keeps him around.

              1. Until this week I think both KS and JL didn’t trust that Jimmy G was 100% back is the main reason they kept 3qb’s

            3. Aside from OC’s comment about the shortage of quality linemen in the league, it’s also probably not advisable to get a backup linemen who is unfamiliar with other linemen, and perhaps worse, new to the scheme. Hence, it’s better to go in a pinch with a career journeyman like Young who’s spent TC with the team.

  27. The league is finally dropping their 18 game proposal. Good.
    The league should start with a 17 game schedule, by dropping 2 preseason games, and using one of those weeks to give teams 2 byes during the season. The players should be paid one sixteenth more. Players will not be asked to risk injury, playing in meaningless preseason games, and they should be happy to have that extra week of rest to recuperate and heal.
    The players should never be asked to play on 3 days rest. The league should be smart enough to figure out a schedule where the Thursday Night Football game is played in conjunction with a bye, so the team will play with 10 days rest before and after the TNF game. Dallas and Detroit should always get a bye before Thanksgiving.
    The league is making a mockery of their concern for CTE, when they schedule games with only 3 days rest.

  28. I think the 49ers should sign AB. You may want to wait until after the league makes a decision on suspension. Honestly, at this point, he has every incentive in the world to be a model citizen. You pay him league minimum with incentives. If he gets suspended, what have you lost? You cut a guy like Bourne to make room. I think this locker room is strong enough to handle a prima donna. Take the flyer.

    1. That surprises me Houston. You have been so adamant on Hurd quitting on his team. AB quit the Steelers, the Raiders, and said he quit playing for the NFL also…

      1. AB is radioactive. The sexual allegations, then menacing threats, just means AB should not play again.
        JL should remember Foster.

      2. Ya know, every now and then you have to throw some $hit against the wall and see if it sticks. I’m not really in favor of signing AB. Just gauging the temperature of the room. Interesting to see most people see the headache that AB brings with him outweighs the benefit of having one of the top 5 talented WRs in the NFL on your team. Kinda like how the headache CK brings with his BS act far outweighs his talent. I wouldn’t say AB quit on his teams, though. One of my kids is extremely head strong. His presence is all consuming when he walks in a room and he is very commanding with high expectations of everyone. When he was very young I read a book called “The Strong Willed Child” just so I could be a better parent to him. One of the things that book says is that some kids need you to prove every single day that you deserve their respect. You establish that respect by having very few but very firm ground rules. When the ground rules are broken there is an expected punishment that is always administered. Never give in and bypass the punishment because that is a sign of weakness that shows the child that the parent should not be respected. Over time, once the child trusts that you deserve their respect, the challenging behavior stops. I’m not in the know on AB but from what I’ve heard he has gotten away with murder at his previous stops. Perhaps Mayock tried to command AB’s respect in Oakland but I don’t get the sense it was executed very well. Not with the 49ers but for any NFL Team I think AB will be most successful if he gets into a situation where the coach and GM are good at consistently demanding respect. AB had that in Boston but the charges against him ruined probably the best chance he had at finishing his career on a high note. He’s an incredibly talented football player so I hope he gets his act together.

        1. Houston –
          “Ya know, every now and then you have to throw some $hit against the wall and see if it sticks.”

          Lol yes indeed.

          I understand and pretty much agree with your philosophy that’s why I was somewhat surprised at your statement, but your first sentence pretty much covered it.

    2. Honestly, at this point, he has every incentive in the world to be a model citizen.

      I thought that point was with the Pats. I’m in agreement with UC and Seb, a big no on that.

    3. AB may have every incentive to keep quite, and let his play speak for itself, but who would trust that he can make a rational decision to do so? I sure don’t!

  29. Martinez failed to key on the RB on pass routes and he got caught up on blocks in the second level up the middle.
    Your right regarding the Packers bad front line, but Martinez looked over matched.

  30. #49ers rookie DE Nick Bosa: “The finishing part is tough because you never practice it. Sometimes it’s like, ‘Wait a minute, I beat the lineman, so what do I do now?’ It’s just getting used to finishing plays, and that will come.”

    From Maiocco ~ Twitter

    Funny. I said the same thing as Lil Nicky and was called anti-Bosa. Maybe he hates himself?

    1. Watched some of the Bosa plays in slomo and he has a combination of quickness, strength and technique that I have not seen in a rookie. Does he have the finishing speed to haul in double-digit sacks every season? Not sure, but I have no reason to believe he does not. At this point, he looks pretty inexorable in his closing the gap to the QB, somewhat like Justin Smith, as fans have pointed out.

      1. Mood,
        I said last week that as long as Bosa is disrupting the offensive play he is doing his job. Sacks aren’t necessarily the most important play for a defense, just ask Ahkelo Witherspoon.

        Scoring is the bottom line and the denominator for winning. The reason Witherspoon got a pick six was because the Dline collapsed the pocket (yes, Bosa was in Winston’ face along with others). A sack in that area of the field may have led to the Buc’s punting the ball. But disrupting Winston’ timing causing a hurried pass led to a TD, which is more important.

        This board gets flooded with stats and numbers, and sure that’s cool. But there are stats that can satisfy every apatite if you go looking for them. That’s why I say, paralysis by analysis.
        Instead of mentioning that Bosa falls before reaching the QB (as some have said), how about adding that Bosa helped pressure the QB into an errant pass that led to a TD. Last I looked, TD’s lead to wins.
        Btw, wonder if there is a stat for that?

        1. AES,
          Agree that numbers and grades are easily abused by using them out of context for a team game like football. But proper designed and implemented analyses of the raw numbers are extremely useful, IMO. That’s why almost every NFL team incorporate insights from so-called “analytics” .

          1. Mood,
            I’m totally “in” with the teams internal analytics process.
            It’s the ones that are used to magnify a players fault. That some here try to use as gospel.

            As I mentioned, there are stats to satisfy every appetite. After all the comparison charts and stats depicting Bosa, the 49erswebzone recently wrote a piece that Bosa is actually the top rated pass rusher in the league. Go figure.

            Again, there are stats to satisfy every appetite – depending on what a person is looking for.

  31. Article I just read suggest there is a strong likely hood that the Niner Ram game could be flexed to Sunday night. Last year they were removing the team. Should know by Oct 1.

  32. Where are these questions coming from regarding Nicks closing speed coming from?

    His issues so far this season have been with either holding onto the qb or not breaking down and running past the player, not with getting to the qb.

    1. Yeah, not sure where the concerns about closing speed are coming from.

      Three areas re Bosa that Grant and others are right about though:
      – He falls down too much
      – He is struggling to finish plays
      – He hasn’t been great winning around the edge of the OT (which is partly tied to falling down a lot).

      The thing is, while those are legitimate areas he isn’t excelling at, he does plenty of things very well. He’s not been perfect and has areas to clean up in his game, but overall he has been very good to start his career.

      1. I don’t think anyone has said that it was a bad pick. With any player there are positives and negatives. Simply pointing out some of the shortcomings does not mean that the player is a poor one.

        So far the biggest negatives going into the season (availability – due to health and quitting on team) has not borne out. I think that’s a big positive!

          1. Scooter, I was in now way criticizing your comments. I agreed with them and wanted to add that just because someone points out a player’s shortcomings does not mean they are haters (I hate the term).

            Every player has limitations (age, experience, physical, mobility, etc. ). Doesn’t mean they aren’t capable under the right circumstances. And then you have players like Joe Williams who lost the will to play. It happens.

          1. Ok, regular posters. The chattering masses show up about 16 -19 times a year to either claim a bust for someone in Canton or to having them eviscerated by small gnomes with very sharp knives. I’m talking regular posters.

  33. The 49ers CB Emmanuel Moseley will not be able to keep up with OBJ. Pretty much no CB can. If the game is out of hand and the 49ers are winning by a lot, then its not going to matter that much but if the game is close they will expose Emmanuel Moseley more and OBJ will be the difference and thats what you will hear about after the game and the reason why the Browns traded for him. The can try to shadow him with Safety help but Moore has been sloppy in coverage. The Browns have been playing poorly of late and if they lose this weekend that could help our chances of winning. Then you will have Myles rushing with a rookie LT and that could also be a problem as well

    1. Emmanuel Moseley 4.42 forty yard dash, 38.5-inch vertical and 10-foot-6 broad jump
      OBJ 4.43, 38.5″, 10′ 2″

      Both players same height, weight. Moseley excels in zone and playing forward. His transition out of his backpedal, and change of direction stall was his weakness coming out….

      1. I know we’re are only talking about 4/100ths of a second, but- Moseley(5-foot-11, 184-pounder) ran a 4.38-second 40-yard dash and performed well in position drills at Pro Day last month to grab the attention of NFL personnel.

        Source; Per Greesboro Sports, “Your Source For Sports News In Greensboro”, apparently E. Moseley is a Greensboro, N.C., native

    2. Okay but on the other hand a suspect Browns secondary has to stop Jimmy and the Niners ofensively, and the front seven needs to be honest to the run game. The Browns have a horrible O-line, and the Niners D-Line is the team’s biggest strength. I think Jimmy is going to put on a show in his Prime Time debut, and after the game, people will start taking the Niners for real.

    1. I think you are right on this Rib. The team will have to beat a strong opponent on the road before they are taken seriously. However, their defense is getting some attention out there.

    2. “Ribico says:
      September 27, 2019 at 6:15 pm
      and after the game, people will start taking the Niners for real.
      Renas, I refer you to:

      The Browns are not good”

      This is just stupid.

      Jack Hammer says:
      September 24, 2019 at 12:30 pm
      Who gives a rip? Seriously? This isn’t like they’re out of it and getting wins at the end of a lost season.

      They are winning the games they should win, and when the schedule toughens up later in the year they’ll have a cushion to fall back on.

            1. Try reading it again, maybe a little more slowly this time, and let’s see if you get the difference between the last 5 games of 2017 and now.

              Jack Hammer says:
              September 24, 2019 at 12:30 pm
              Who gives a rip? Seriously? This isn’t like they’re out of it and getting wins at the end of a lost season.

              They are winning the games they should win, and when the schedule toughens up later in the year they’ll have a cushion to fall back on.

              1. No, he is saying that reading is fundamental. You should try it sometime.
                Of course, comprehension eludes you.

            2. let’s see if you get the difference between the last 5 games of 2017 and now.

              Whereas you were apparently just looking at a meaningless string at the end of a losing season, I was looking to see if the Niners had themselves a franchise QB or not.

              Further, why not celebrate, rather than crap on, every Niners win no matter the circumstance?

              1. Go back during that win streak and you’ll notice that I did celebrate those wins.

                The comments you’re stuck on came following the season.

  34. Grant Cohn Retweeted

    Ryan Sakamoto

    Those who watched me & @grantcohn call last night’s #Eagles-#Packers game on @HotMicInc suggested we have a show together. What’s a good name for that show or casting crew? Let us know, twitter fam! Be sure to download FREE iphone app & use redeem code: BEAST23 #BEASTwriter</em

  35. “It was one little guy on defense, however, who woke me up to its importance. Leo “The Lion” Nomellini, the 10X pro bowler and Hall of Fame defensive tackle led the defense, but it was 6′ 180 lb linebacker Hardy Brown who was easily the hardest hitter EVER to play for the 49ers, including my favorite, Ronnie Lott — and by a long-shot.

    Hardy was unfortunate enough to have seen his father murdered in front of him and his sister at age four. He grew up an angry young man in an orphanage and focused on football to release his rage. In one season, it was documented by the NFL that Hardy had scored 22 “knockouts,” as in out cold. He did it with a vicious shoulder block under the chin, and the opponent was out (Legal in those days). The Rams placed a $500 bounty on his head, and the 49ers banned him from practice to protect his teammates. They just rolled him out on Sundays. Hardy recalled that he had knocked out 75-80 players over his career with a smile.”

    …By Gary Mialocq

    1. There’s a price to pay:
      Brown died in 1991 at the age of 67 in Stockton in a mental institution after suffering from dementia, emphysema, and arthritis in his right (knockout) shoulder so bad he couldn’t lift his arm to scratch his head. (from Wikipedia).

    2. When Y.A. Tittle got traded to the Giants he made some quip about no longer being protected from Brown in practices and having to face him on Sundays. He noted he wouldn’t be running any QB sneaks against SF.

    3. Hardy Brown had the perfect timing when exploding his shoulder on the ball carrier.
      It was amazing how he could inflict that much power.
      He played before my time but there is some nice video (black and white) on him.

  36. Grant… Earth to Grant… Hello…?

    Your blog is slowly being consumed by information technology-related spam–,, etc., etc. It’s challenging enough with all the football related fun we have insulting one another, scheduling rumbles, and so on. If possible, please get after the IT spam. Pressures don’t count.

    Thanks in advance.

  37. In no way have I given up on Verrett, eh rough start, no problem. Hopefully he gets lots of reps and rids himself of cobwebs and rust.

          1. And, if flopping player has an ‘old’ ACL injury, the player must keep the ACL leg up in the air–per Sebbie’s direction (really, that’s what he said).

            1. Yup, much better than catching a cleat in the turf, and re-injuring the ACL.
              I wonder how many ACL surgeons would tell their patients to slide on their injured leg, like you are advocating.

              1. Yeah, and the fast charging D lineman, LB, or DB dives just above the dropping player–not wanting to draw a penalty–and clips the ACL leg held ‘up in the air’. Ha ha!

                You’re a sweetie Sebbie!

              2. “Paging Dr. Seb, paging Dr. Seb! ACL tear post operative seminar in hall 3”

                Glad we have an orthopedic specialist on the board to help lessen the impact on post operative ligament injuries.

                It’s a real treat to have such a renaissance fellow whose sole love of the topiaric arts has been the driving force in his professional life. That and Herculean feats of strength and Martial capabilities in absorbing physical punishment!



              3. Better not let him play, there is a bigger chance of re-injuring that ACL, if you want to be paranoid about it.

              4. Easy, you are too easy. First you say that I am diagnosed with some psyche mumbo jumbo.
                Now, you are deriding me for talking about injuries.
                First, you act like a doctor, then think it is fine to slide on an ACL injured knee.
                Physician, heal thyself.

          2. Yup, just as long as he is past the first down marker, it does not matter if he falls down or runs out of bounds, the team still gets a new set of downs.
            Staying upright, fighting for every inch sounds macho, but not if he is held up, and stripped of the ball. Mostert had that happen to him, but he was not gang tackled, it just took one defender to strip the ball away.
            Guess you do not care about ball security, and like that the Niners had 5 turnovers.

            1. All the turnovers were fighting for extra yards? What keen powers of observation you have. Here on the East coast they seemed like INTs and botched snaps, but what do we know…

              1. Quit trying so hard. In general, things may happen, but it does not mean they will happen every time, by naming a scenario. They were not staying upright, struggling for every inch.
                Juice also fought for every inch, and he face planted Minkah. Fortunately, he did not fumble, although that backside tackler was aiming for the ball. Juice does not have to worry about injury, he is pretty stout. However, Mostert is small, and should act like Frank Gore. Frank stays low to the ground, so he does not fumble more than 4 times a season.
                A WR going over the middle should expect a safety coming from another direction. It may be a wise move to catch the ball past the sticks, then fall down, so the safety cannot make a huge hit and knock the ball away. The NYG receivers did that in the 2011 NFCC Game, and won, because Rogers and Whitner had to only touch them, and could not hit them.

  38. Hey Sebbie…

    Roger Craig belongs in the HOF–I agree with you. But I’m troubled. You do know Roger used eye-black, right? You being against the use of eye-black…and all…

    1. Quit trollin’.
      I did not say that a player cannot use eye black. I just said that when they paint their face like a warrior, it just looks like clown paint when he loses. Maybe he should spend more time on preparing for every contingency, instead of wasting time putting on makeup.
      The Indian warriors painted their faces to look fierce, but with the advent of the Spencer carbine and Winchester rifle, they were slaughtered. Painting their face did hot lead to victory.
      Fortunately, the Niners have not lost.

      1. It’s too bad they can’t foresee into the future to know when to wear eye black and when to foresee every game contingencies. Perhaps you could post your number for the team to call you for consultation.

        1. No, I just need to write here. Joan in accounting has passed on posts that I have written, that she thinks might help the Niners.
          Bob Lange also monitors these blog sites, because it is part of his job description.
          I have noticed that JG does not wear eye black. Maybe he reads what i write, although I hope he says he does not pay attention to the team blogs.

          1. See if this nugget from Wikipedia reminds you of a certain frequent poster here….

            From Wikipedia: The Dunning-Kruger Effect:

            “In the field of Psychology, the Dunning-Kruger Effect is a “Cognitive Bias” in which people of low ability have an “Illusory Superiority” and mistakenly assess their cognitive ability as greater than it is.
            The “Cognitive Bias” of Illusory Superiority comes from the inability of “Low Ability” people to recognize their lack of ability.
            Without the self awareness of “Meta-cognition” , low ability people cannot objectively evaluate
            their actual competence or incompetence”

            BTW, if you want an interesting down “Meta Cognition” on Wikioedia, it’s pretty interesting…


              1. I said it was going to be tough, because the Steelers were desperate

                It was Niners taking their eyes off the ball that made things tough. It had nothing to do with any Steelers desperation. In fact, overall, they were patsies.

              2. Donald, stick to politics, and stay away from football.
                The Steelers were desperate, and now are even more desperate.
                I put you in the low cognitive ability blowout blowhards.

              3. The Steelers were desperate,

                Maybe this desperation will figure into future games for them, but it had nothing to do with this game’s outcome.

              4. Interesting, you think a proud 6 ring winning team who starts out 0-2, is not desperate.
                If you want to get out of a hole, I suggest the first thing you do, is stop digging.

              5. You are implying the Steelers desperation is what made that game close. I disagree. But in the spirit of generosity (and anything to shut you the f up) I’ll give that to you. Maybe you are right, Seb. Without that desperation perhaps they would have scored bupkis instead of 6 from those 5 gifts.

            1. I whole heartedly agree. Those low intellect individuals who were braying that it would be a blowout, had little cognitive ability. I said it was going to be tough, because the Steelers were desperate.
              I wonder if you think I had little cognitive ability, when I advocated for the Niners to spread them out wide, then gash them up the middle, because the Steelers were going to take away the OZ runs?
              Would a low cognitive ability individual predict that the Steelers were going to blitz like crazy? That is why they got so many QB hits.
              In the red zone, I wanted them to run Wilson up the gut. A low cognitive ability individual called for a strategy that resulted in 2 TDs? Actually, that sounds like what a high cognitive ability individual might advocate.
              A low cognitive ability individual would declare that ball security is not important, so the ball carrier should struggle upright for every inch, risking being stripped of the ball. He would think that the Niners are above reproach, and the Niners do not deserve any criticism for giving up the ball in the red zone. I think ball security should be a high priority.
              Prime, a low cognitive ability lower life form, knew that I not only predicted the winner, but also only missed predicting the exact score by 3 total points. He responds by spewing screeds, and calling me a moron. He could have shown class and applauded my acumen, but that is not his style. He just proves that he is projecting, but like this report says, does not have a clue. He is totally unaware of what a blithering, bombastic, bellicose belligerent buffoon he appears to be, to all of us.

              1. “ I wonder if you think I had low cognitive ability…….”
                Yes, indubitably. The evidence is overwhelming. Any time you wonder that, count me as a Yes.

              2. Bah, I invite scorn from you. Your football knowledge is sparse, so you try to make up with it by attacking me.
                I will say without a doubt, you have low cognitive ability. You prove it every time you post.

              3. Haha! that last line, Sebs….your supposed to finish it with, “You NINNY”!!!!!!!!”

                Dr. Smith, straight from the Jupiter 2…………..let me be your agent! (I’ll make a few phone calls…)

              1. I have to say I have been reading this blog long enough to say you are one of the most idiotic posters on here, Seb.

              2. Yup, another burner account that does nothing but attack. I will predict you keep attacking, but say nothing of value about football.

              1. “Blowout blowhard”……………..I love it!

                Sebs, start something with “Cantakerous, Collamitous constipated bucket of bolts!!!!” Jonathan Harris on Lost in Space! You talk just like him! Takes me Waaaayyy back………………….

    1. The Niners should trade him, and get something for him, instead of cutting him, and getting nothing.
      I do believe they should keep Wilson. He has scored 4 TDs in the last 2 games.

    2. Don’t think so, because Shanny sees Wilson as their down hill runner and he believes Coleman, Breida and Mostert can do that too. So I do not see that happening. More like Wilson is still on the team, but inactive on game days….

      1. Razor I agree that’s what will happen, Coleman has been unproductive so far as a 49er. I would rather have Wilson. If they keep Wilson who gets cut from the 53?

  39. Folks continuing to address Seb when they say they can’t stand him is really interesting to watch.

    Constantly taking shots, etc. The last 48 hours on here has pretty much been a pi$$ on Seb fest.

    He draws you guys in like fly’s to poop.

    1. Maybe he should just leave and stop being such a big mouth and maybe you should stop playing blog police.
      You are just of an idiot as him talking out both sides of your mouth!

    2. These low cognitive ability posters think that by attacking me, it makes them look smart. It does the exact opposite.
      Of course. like that article says, they are not aware of what they are doing.

        1. I have to laugh my a$$$ off at Jack telling someone else not to be a jack@$$$.

          You pretty much defined the term, Jack. Your name is even in the word, like right there.

          Arrogant fool.

    3. I think the reason some of these people keep responding to Seb has more to do with what they consider entertainment than anything else. One poster in particular. If they weren’t insulting Seb they’d be insulting someone else instead. Its what seems to get them through their day.

      Seb’s just an easy mark – he hasn’t met a response he felt he could ignore and he posts regularly with a lot of drivel.

  40. It is interesting. I nailed the Steeler game prediction by predicting the exact score by within 3 points, my analysis of the strategies was spot on, and things unfolded just like I said they would. The Steelers were desperate, they would blitz like crazy, this would not be a blowout, the Niners would spread them wide then gash them up the middle, and the Niners should hand the ball to Wilson up the gut.
    Still, they think the are so intellectually superior, they can deride my posts.
    They really should get a clue. They should only attack me when I am totally wrong, not when I was right.
    I am glad tjf brought up the low cognitive ability syndrome, because he exposed what these low cognitive ability posters do. They think they can judge what others say, but do not realize that others are judging them.

        1. Shut up Paul. We’re having trouble reading meaningful content with your drivel plastered all over the site.

          By the way Paul, I was as tired of being your neighbor in Davis back in the day as I am reading your nonsense on this site.

    1. Seb, I hate to bring your family back into this, but can you have each and every one of them give you unconditional mad props so you don’t have to pathetically root around here for your validation needs.

      And if that is something unknown or unusual for them, I’ll be happy to post examples here.

      1. Donald, please stop digging.
        I have never, ever, had a relative post here. I am so fed up with all the catfish burner accounts, I would never ever, create one of those.
        I am just glad that some other readers see what is happening here, and have defended me.
        The Niners are having an undefeated season so far, and all the peanut gallery can do is attack me. Maybe they should just stick to football, and scroll past my posts.

        1. Or you should just not be a narcissistic d bag. I told you long time ago, your approach coming onto this new blog has created the reputation and back lash you receive.
          You are what your posts say you are!

          1. Maybe ol’ Prime needs another time out.Screeds, invective , insults and expletives seem to all you are good for.
            Weak minded, low cognitive ability posters get upset about what another poster writes.
            I am just a die hard faithful 49er fan, who posts about a team I love. I yearn for a return to relevance, and am hoping for multiple more rings.
            I know. I know, posters will rip me for that, too.

              1. The same “others” that are saying the same thing I am?
                Problem is there is a plethora of posters calling out your pathetic posts. Not just me.

              2. Plethora are a small vocal minority.
                None of them are calling me out as being a cry baby.
                Prime, you are the one whimpering and crying, then erupting into tantrums and screeds.

        2. Perhaps I wasn’t clear Seb, and if not I apologize. I’m not asking anyone to blow smoke up your backside here, but rather in your offline world. So as to minimize your annoying compulsion to seek it out amongst the strangers here.

          1. My family loves me, and I do not need their adulation. I also do not come here for validation.
            Maybe you should look at this from another perspective. Why does it make you feel superior, trying to tear somebody down? Maybe you should concentrate on your own family, and leave mine alone.

              1. Now, Sebs–i may tease you sometimes, but I never have said anything really mean-spirited…. I think I would leave the blog for a day before I would allow myself to get really nasty. Your just going to have to come to terms with the fact that your a funny guy. I’ve seen comedians who aren’t as good as you!
                And your not expensive, either-no two-drink minimum………………

                Other than National Geographic and the History Channel, your better than anything on TV!

  41. Just a sneaky suspicion, but I have a feeling some of the more highly rated teams are going to be less highly rated after today’s games.

    1. The pass rush and secondary needs to be dialed in. Can’t give Mayfield confidence early. Have to put him on his back early and often.

    1. But then those articles are usually some slight to the team. So what’s the difference.
      He’s created a forum that results in what we are seeing.
      I’ve been on here since the Maiaicco days. Never was it like this even when the Niners were awful then good, then awful and now good again.
      Only thing that has changed is the view of the team by the host.

  42. I’m having a good week in bets; I kept my mouth shut and my $ in my pocket. I would have lost on Titans, Panthers, Browns, Packers and Raiders.
    Lions kept it surprisingly close. Bills D must be for real.

  43. I just get tired of seeing haranguing polemics every couple of posts. It interrupts the flow that has been building up to draw attention towards someone who isn’t bringing much to the table save narcissism and self Indulgent self worship.

    It would be great if we all could ignore these postings, and I know I am as guilty as anyone at responding. But it is an annoyance to see great material that breaks the flow of discourse to draw attention to itself.

    1. Goff is Soff!
      Can’t wait for our defense to meet up with him.
      Btw, haven’t heard much from the Sean McVay secret fan club around here lately.
      Maybe we’ll see another comparison chart soon. McVay received a lot of love from his secret fan club last year – at the expense of Shanahan. I guess the old adadge is true – “there’s a thin line between love and hate.”

    1. “Niners win over Tampa is looking even better today.”

      Sure is. That Bucs offense is no joke either, but the 49ers D gave them fits.

    1. Wade Phillips is an oustanding defensive coordinator with a relatively short shelf life on his coaching stints. He walks into a job and the defense immediately improves and functions at a very high level for around 2 years. Beginning in year 3, you start seeing a fairly significant drop off in production. Happens at every one of his stops. Looks like the Rams defense is on the downturn.

      1. Houston
        Correct me if my memory isn’t accurate, but isn’t this exactly what you said about Fangio when he came to SF with Harbaugh?

        1. No, Red. I said Vic Fangio was a horrible choice as a DC when the 49ers hired him. Fangio just spent 3 years coaching the worst NFL defense I had ever seen in my life. Fangio lobbied hard for the Texans to draft Jason Babin in the first round and he was an unmitigated disaster in Houston. The Texans traded away picks to get quite a few defensive players. Texans had 9 picks in that draft and the first 7 picks they made were on defense. Nearly every single one of those players were terrible. Dunta Robinson was halfway decent but Fangio was a total bust. I was horrified when the 49ers hired him but he turned out to be a great fit for the talent on that 49er defense. I was wrong about Fangio and I’ve said that on here many times.

          I’m actually a big Wade Phillips fan. If you live in Houston most likely you know a friend or family member of the Phillips family. But Wade has a definite pattern. He is absolutely great at turning around struggling defenses. After the 2nd or 3rd year his defense plateaus. Not sure if that’s because he makes bad player acquisition decisions or if the defense just becomes stale to him. I thought pairing McVay with Wade Phillips as his DC was a brilliant move by the Rams. The 49ers went with Rookie HC, rookie DC, and rookie GM. So far it appears things are coming together this year but that strategy was inevitably going to come with growing pains. The Rams bypassed those growing pains by adding Wade Phillips.

          1. OK. I thought I recalled a similar “diminished results over time” pitch wrt Fangio, but not quibbling.
            I too thought Wade was a good partner for McVay, and noted that Wade was the reason Talib wanted to go to Rams.

      2. Ever since McVay took over, it’s been my contention that his entire offense ran through Gurley. Once he ran him into the dirt, I knew it was over. He’s got nothing else, and Goff has shown he’s the same guy he was in college. Can’t deliver the goods in the eye of the storm….

        1. I agree, Gurley made them formidable. he did not run very well yesterday. Bucs shut down the run game, and made the Rams one dimensional.
          Goff did pass for 517 yards, so the passing game is potent, but rushing for only 28 yards is not good at all.
          2 of those picks were tipped passes, so I will cut him some slack like I did with JG. I did not rip JG for being a terrible passer, the receivers need to catch the ball, and one of Goff’s was tipped at the line of scrimmage.
          What I liked about that game was- the Ram defense is suspect. They lost a lot of defenders, and players like Mathews may not be good enough replacements.

          1. McVay only knows what he learned from Shanny and friends. He has not demonstrated any innovation from my laymen’s perspective since the Super Bowl….

            1. Yes, I agree, the SB exposed McVay, and he has not learned from his mistakes. He cannot seem to make the proper assessments, or formulate any effective adjustments.
              The Patriots gave the league the blueprints to counter McVay. The Niners have the wide-9 , so they are ready.
              This Bosa guy is growing on me. Considering that he has played, and played well, he is winning over the doubters. I wondered if he would be healthy enough to play, so his presence on the field is good news.
              If only he can keep his feet, and stop over running his sack opportunities, he will play even better. The Niners finally have a pass rush, so they will be competitive.

              1. After all, Sebs–he IS a rookie………he’ll grow into his job. Glad to see your comin ’round……………….

        2. That’s so not true. Goff has won a number of games without Gurley being a factor including the NFCCG last season. I realize you Niner fans want to bury my Rams but at least get your criticism right. The boy genius is the problem right now, not the players.

          1. You guys were hammering him on @LindseyThirey’s Twitter last night. Short week trip to Seattle who has already shown the 6-1 this year. Could get interesting.

            1. I’m not in that group. Goff has his flaws as far as holding the ball too long at times, but he was put in a really bad position by his HC yesterday. No team can be that one dimensional and succeed. McVay either needs to change his run philosophy against those fronts, or go to an all out spread and force the defense to do the same creating holes to throw into. Seattle always play us tough so it will be interesting for sure.

          2. Goff sucked under pressure at Cal, and he sucks under pressure for LA. The 49ers will pressure Goff, and he will fold like a suit from your local Goodwill store….

            1. I will respectfully disagree with you. Goff is accurate, but he is hamstrung with no running game. He did pass for 517 yards, so he can throw the ball, and he has good receivers. If a couple toes had stayed in bounds, this might have had a different outcome.
              TB made them one dimensional, so their defense could ignore the run, and concentrate on the pass. One great thing about KS’s Niners is that they are balanced. Passing for over 300, running for 259, TB pass rushers could tee off and rush to a spot.
              I think they are having a SB hangover. I am glad the Rams are vulnerable, so this division is the Niners, if they can seize the opportunity. The Seahawks barely beat the Bengals, and the Niners thumped the Bengals, so Seattle is also vulnerable, due to injuries. Russell Wilson is running around like crazy, avoiding the pass rush, but that just means their O line is not great.

            2. Most QB’s suck when under constant pressure. Goff is actually pretty calm and cool in the pocket. He stands in there almost too a fault sometimes. He’s beat up on the Niners though so I can see why you are bent out of shape about it.

              1. In 2018, Goff earned a 83.8 Total QBR when he’s not under duress, ranking him 5th in the league. When Goff is under duress, his QBR drops to a mere 11.3. That put him between, Mariota and Rosen for 25th in the league. That 73 points is the most precipitous fall by any quarterback in the league, bar none….

                Your team’s window is closing, and you just gave a $100 million to a guy that’s gun shy. I’m just the messenger, so don’t take it so personal….

              2. You aren’t the first guy I’ve seen copy and paste that passage from Bill Barnwell’s article from last Dec. The problem is that stat has some major flaws to it in that it just measures the success or failure of the play, not how the success was achieved. That is why the QB’s in the top half of that measurement are among the worst overall QB’s in the league. For the most part they are having success by leaving the pocket or taking a check down that has no chance of much success. If you check out the link you will see that while Goff is rated in the bottom half of this metric, so are many of the top QB’s in the league. The reason they are low on the list is likely their lack of escape ability when the pocket collapses, but also because they have the discipline to stay in the pocket and go through progressions. Sometimes that results in sacks and fumbles but the majority of the time it results in success in the passing game. Goff isn’t going to outrun anybody, but he will hang in there which will have mixed results. What is most important is that when able to operate without pressure which is a much higher percentage of the time for most QB’s, he’s top 5 and ahead of some pretty great QB’s.


                You aren’t the first one to throw out this narrative that Goff crumbles under pressure and can’t play under duress. A lot of people watched his rookie season and formed an opinion based on his deer in the headlights performance behind a bad Oline in a bad offensive system. That isn’t the guy who is on the field now though. He’s become one of the better pocket passers in the NFL and has shown he can put the team on his shoulders and perform at a high level without great protection or a running game. Again just watch last years NFCCG against the Saints for a perfect example.

  44. It is a good day in Niner World.
    I do enjoy watching the Rams lose.
    Who to root against next week; Seahawks or Rams? A tie would be good.

  45. Will be interesting to see how the Browns show up for the Monday Night game. Will need to listen to what comes out of Cleveland this coming week.

  46. Carroll and the Seahawks celebrating on the sidelines like they won the division.
    And the game was already over with 3 minutes to play.

    This browns win just boosted the hype for next Monday night.

    SF better bring their A game. Because if they lose you haven’t seen overhyping yet with Cleveland.

  47. Browns may be without Beckham against the 49ers if the league suspends him for that cheap shot on Humphrey today.

    1. If the Browns suspend Beckham then they must suspend that Tampa Bay O-lineman for the helmet to helmet hit on Marcus Peters when he crossed the goal line on his pick 6. IMO that was a deliberate helmet to helmet hit that knocked Peters out of the game. If the NFL is going to actually enforce rules evenly then that O-lineman has to be punished.

      1. Agreed. That Donovan Smith hit on Peters was brutal and he should have been kicked out of the game. He is going to get fined for sure.

    1. I like your optimism, but the Niners need to have better ball security.
      This will be a tough game, but if the Niner run defense can hold Chubb down to below 100 yards, they may win.

  48. Goff is Soff!
    Can’t wait for our defense to meet up with him.
    Btw, haven’t heard much from the Sean McVay secret fan club around here lately.
    Maybe we’ll see another comparison chart soon.

      1. McVay is a good coach. After all, he’s an apple off of the Shanahan coaching tree. But a great coach? Last season ended with McVay being embarrassed, and thoroughly outcoached by Bill Belichick. He’s not the first Head Coach / OC Belichick has embarrassed, but to have it happen on the biggest stage in professional sports? That will be looked back on as a permanent blight on McVay’s coaching record. During Sunday’s loss to the Buccaneers, McVay’s Rams engineered the most imbalanced offensive attack in NFL history. Calling only 5 runs for his All-Pro RB is bad enough, but 68 pass attempts / 11 rushing attempts for the game? That’s inexcusably poor play calling considering the Rams were back in the football game before the end of the first half.

        Sean McVay < Kyle Shanahan

        1. And with all of the talk about what’s wrong with Todd Gurley’s infamous knee, people shouldn’t be overlooking Goff’s propensity or turning the ball over far too often, when he doesn’t have one of the league’s best rushing attacks to fall back on. Goff has a fantastic arm, but it seems pretty obvious that he’s more of a “system QB”, and the moment that “system” starts to struggle, Goff inevitably follows suit. $110,000,000 guaranteed, is a lot of money for a system QB. And to add to potential trouble for the Ram’s moving forward, while RB Malcom Brown is a capable but fairly avergae NFL RB, 3rd round draft pick-RB Darrell Henderson out of Memphis, has looked nothing like the guy they were hoping could take pressure off of Gurley over the long haul. And that’s no surprise to me, as I laughed at that pick during the draft. The Rams are still a formidable opponent, and potential contender, but unlike the 49ERS, the Rams long term outlook appears to be on shaky ground.

              1. It will be interesting to see how McVay handles Gurley moving forward, now that the Rams are looking more vulnerable. On one hand, Gurley is still clearly their best RB, and he still looks good with the ball in his hands. More carries for Gurley would certainly benefit the team in the short term. On the other hand, more carries for Gurley would likely mean he will be less effective with the ball in his hands, as the season wears on. Tough situation for the HC, who claims that he isn’t protecting his star RB, while everyone knows that’s not the case.

    1. Goff threw for over 500 yards with no running game. Two of his int’s were tipped passes and he was under duress for most of the afternoon. He’s not the problem for the Rams. The problem is McVay which no one wants to admit considering they dubbed him the next genius. Starting with Detroit last season, he hasn’t been able to come up with a consistent counter to the 6 -1 front they’ve seen from a number of defenses. That front has shut down his outside zone and in turn reduced the effectiveness of the play action his offense relies on. They’ve been able to win in spite of that until yesterday when the defense was torched by the Bucs. Boy genius better figure it out soon or the Rams are going to be in big time trouble.

      1. Of course Goff passed for over 500 yards yesterday, he threw the football SIXTY EIGHT TIMES. His 7.6 AVG/Per Attempt yesterday is a full 1.2 yards lower than Garoppolo’s season average. Goff isn’t necessarily the problem for the Rams right now, I agree with that. I like the kid, and I think he’s got a fantastic arm. But, the Patriots put out a blueprint for the rest of the league, and as a result, teams are using it with much more success this season. I think this, along with Gurley’s touches being severely reduced to his knee condition, are clearly the two biggest factors slowing down their offense. But the bigger question for me is whether Goff is good enough to elevate his team, who without Gurley being the main focus of the offense, is now struggling with consistancy. They are ranked outside of the top 10 in rushing, while Goff is averaging only 7.2 Yards per attempt, and has a 1-to-1 TD/INT ratio. Having a dynamic lead RB like Gurley, obviously took pressure off of Goff. And without being able to lean on Gurley, Goff has shown a tendency to get rattled under pressure. Maybe it’s his small hands, but he also has a really hard time holding onto the football after contact. Unfortunately for Rams, their offensive imbalance is hardly their only problem, as their rush defense ranks in the bottom half of the league through their first 4 games, and Donald’s isn’t doing as much damage as we are accustomed to seeing, as his season is off to an uncharacteristically slow start.

        1. Only 4 games in, and the Rams are still 3-1, so plenty of time to get things straightened out. But with a gimpy Gurley, and a defense that no longer looks like a top 10 unit, it’s looking more and more like it’s going to take Jared Goff’s ability to raise his game, and carry this team, if the Rams plan on getting back to the big dance. And I’m not so sure h’s looking up to that task at the moment. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

          1. Jared Goff’s 2019 season through 4 games:

            173 passing attempts – a 64.2 Completion % (Garoppolo 69%) , 7.2 Yards Per Attempt (Garoppolo 8.8 YPA), 1,254 Passing Yards, a 1:1 TD to INT ratio (Garoppolo 6:5) an 89.2 Passer Rating (garoppolo 96.3), and a below average 38.7 Total QBR (Garoppolo has an above average Total QBR of 50.5)

            Note: Goff has been healthy, but Garoppolo is coming off of a major knee injury which caused him to miss nearly the entire 2018 season, and severely limited him throughout the off-season.

        2. The fact he threw 68 times was the whole point. He isn’t getting a lot of help from the Playcaller with a running game and protection in the pocket. McVay can’t figure out how to beat the 6-1 when the guys on the other side are as athletic as his WR’s. The defense was terrible yesterday but were good the 3 games previous so we’ll see if this is a case of creating a blue print or a bad day. This is a talented team but their HC is getting exposed right now and can’t seem to pull them out of it.

          1. T. Martins, I’m not completely disagreeing with you. I like Goff, and I think the Rams’ have larger issues than Goff, by far. I agree with your basic point, that teams are catching up with McVay’s scheme, and it’s that, along with a drop off on defense, which is really the Rams biggest problem, at least compared to the last couple season. My point is that you mentioned Goff’s 500 plus yards as some kind of sign of success for Goff, when Goff’s total yards passing yesterday were a direct result of a ridiculous number of attempts, and an embarrassing lack of a balanced offensive attack. And we know this by looking at his YPA. And it’s not like the Rams couldn’t run the football at all against Tampa when they did try to run it. The Buccaneers only averaged .4 yards more per carry than the Rams. It was Winston’s ability to handle the pressure, as compared to Goff’s, along with the Buccaneers defense, that made the difference. Both QB’s were sacked twice, but Winston actually suffered 5 more QB hits than Goff, in the process.

            1. I didn’t mean it was a good thing Goff threw for over 500 yards. It was meant as an example of how one sided the play calling was. Winston doesn’t handle pressure well, it’s why he is usually near the top of the list in int’s thrown every year. What happened yesterday was a defense that couldn’t cover anybody and gave him clear targets to throw to. Goff was fine under pressure for the most part. He faced it regularly and got rid of the ball which is why he was only sacked twice. Bottom line is to have success consistently the Rams have to figure out how to run against the 6-1 fronts because that’s all their going to see until they do.

          2. No doubt the league is catching up with McVay. You make an excellent point and are 100% correct about that.

            Just curious T. Martins, from 1-32, where would you rank Goff as an NFL QB?

  49. I am jumping for joy. The Niners are leading the division.
    One thing I learned from this week, is that there is parity in the league. Even the Pats look vulnerable.

      1. Moi? All I do is post. You must be off your meds.
        I know I may seem like I can control your moods and behavior, but you just do that to yourselves.
        Stick to football, and scroll past. Others have learned their lesson.

        1. Damn Seb, your fantasy team is killing us all. Likely 4-0 after this week unless Pittsburgh’s D pulls off a miracle!

          At first I thought you were just in it to troll all of us but you’re doing a fine job of winning. Let’s see how the rest of the year shakes out, I think you have a tough schedule ahead against Wolf and Chub.

          1. Sorry, I am not involved in the fantasy league, so I will not even take credit for inspiration for him to do well.
            Good luck with the rest of the year, and may the best person win.

  50. What a great weekend. Cowboys lost, the Rams lost. Believe it or not, the Niners have home field advantage if the season ended now.
    Still, the Niners have a tough schedule, so like Jack said, the Niners need to win these early games, to provide a cushion before the tough second half rolls around.
    The key matchup this next game will be Skule versus Garrett

  51. Grant- i think i saw you under the bleachers the other day smoking your face off
    get off dope soon please. Journalism is a professional occupation, marijuana smoking while on the job is not professional at all. get some dignity and respect
    thank you

  52. Grant…

    I know it’s early in the NCAA season; however, Jeff Brohm’s Boilermakers are 1 and 3. Still feel Jeff could replace Shanahan and return the 9ers to greatness?

    1. Dont forget Jim Mora before him.

      To be fair… we have all missed pretty big from time to time. Once upon a time I thought Leaf was going to be better than Manning.

    2. Here’s my bold prediction. Bill O’Brien has worn out his welcome in Houston. He is going to get fired during the season or as soon as this season ends for the Texans. Even if they make the playoffs, O’Brien is gone. The Texans will hire Nick Caserio as the GM and they will break the bank to bring Lincoln Riley to Houston. Lincoln Riley with Watson, Hopkins, and Fuller could be a very dangerous combination. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the groundwork is already being laid for that transition.

      1. Even if he makes the playoffs? Hmmm, very bold prediction.
        My prediction is that Jay Gruden gets the ax, soon. He cannot get his players to play even halfway decently.

        1. My prediction is that Jay Gruden gets the ax, soon. He cannot get his players to play even halfway decently.

          And I will predict the Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow.

      2. Riley makes too much sense. Baylor locked down Matt Ruhle in anticipation of something lie this.

        Texans looked really bad yesterday.

    3. Cassie will not even make up a mock draft, because then, posters can rip her for her predictions.
      Typical troll tactic. She just sticks to the snark, belittling what others predict or say.

      1. Cassie is just joking around. You can think it’s funny, or not.
        You take yourself seriously. Nobody else does; seriously.

        1. I am not seriously researching the archives, trying to find dirt.
          Of course, nobody should take this blog site as seriously as the library of Congress.
          If I were serious, would I ask posters to scroll past my posts?
          If I were truly serious, I would flood the Niners with emails.

          1. If I were truly serious, I would flood the Niners with emails.

            Really? That’s your idea of serious? Spamming/crank calling the team? That’s seriously F-ed up there, dude. One site has banned you, and now you are asking the team to do the same?

            1. Exactly. That is why I am not doing that. They have better things to do, than responding to my suggestions. I certainly would not be trolling them with crank calls.
              I love the Niners and want them to win multiple rings. Why would you think I would want to troll them?

              1. Why would you think I would want to troll them?

                Why would I think that? Because you said if you were “serious” that’s exactly what you would be doing.

              2. I am disavowing any seriousness.
                Some one accused me of taking these postings too serious. He is the one being too serious.
                Reading is fundamental. I also said that flood of posts were to be suggestions on how to improve the team. You automatically assume my missives would be crank calls.
                In any case, you are decrying something I would not do.

              3. Reading is fundamental. I also said that flood of posts were to be suggestions on how to improve the team. You automatically assume my missives would be crank calls

                Yes , the team would totally think a deluge of “suggestions” from some random fan/ nut job is something to take seriously. I can see that. Definitely.

              4. Hence, my disavowing any intention of doing that.
                Attack me for doing something wrong, not doing something right.

  53. Niners are the only team in the league who has not given up a rushing TD. Our run D will face a tough test versus Browns/ Chubb.

    1. I hope it’s not Johnson or Sensabaugh. Amerson would be my choice if forced to choose between the three. Hopefully, whoever it is never sees the field….

    2. More info via The Athletic (just above the pay page cutoff)…

      A 49ers team that is suddenly shaky at cornerback will hold a workout on Monday. The team is looking at long-time veterans as well as younger players who could be added to the practice squad, which currently has no cornerbacks.

      The multiyear veterans the team is considering include former 49ers starter Dontae Johnson, one-time Raider David Amerson and eight-year veteran Coty Sensabaugh.

      Younger players include former Alabama defensive back Saivion Smith and former Florida cornerback Teez Tabor, who visited the 49ers in advance of the 2017 draft and who ended up being a second-round pick by the Lions that year.

  54. I am wondering if they may want to elevate Marcell Harris from the PS, and move Moore back to CB.
    Marcell Harris is good against the run, so he would be a good counter to Chubb.

  55. To those who screamed at the FO for not signing Earl Thomas. How’s that working for the Ravens’ D that gave up 40 points to the Browns — at home?!

    1. Then he tries to start a fight with Williams for not playing through his injury. I would have given him the bird if I was Williams.

  56. Bradley Chubb is done for the year with a torn ACL, and the Broncos aren’t going anywhere this year. If I’m Lynch, I’m getting on the hotline to my old buddy, Johnny Elway. “John, what would it take to get Chris Harris in a 49ers uniform?”

    1. interesting. are you thinking Blair? Armstead?

      As important as CB is, our depth is a big plus right now, especially with the two main rushers being a bit banged-up.

      They could also use a new QB in the mile high city. …

        1. Both have played well but they are (much needed) depth at this point. A solid starting qb is just as valuable, if not more valuable, to this defense.

          Armstead is gone next year anyway (and his contract is likely prohibitive in moving him this year).

    2. I’ll bet they have had conversations. I doubt Elway will undermine Fangio by further weakening the D. Broncos will not stop this steady decline of the franchise until they fire Elway, or Elway changes the way he operates (hiring a promising offensive-minded coach and letting him have a voice in choosing personnel, IMO). With Manning, Elway is 55-17, without him he’s 29-41. he’s on the fourth coach in his 9 seasons as GM.
      While I feel sorry for Fangio, it’s inexcusable how poorly his defense has played so far. Clearly life in the skybox focusing on just the D is different from the sidelines making decisions constantly under pressure.

  57. Prior to the season it was mentioned many times how difficult the Niner schedule is. The schedule hasn’t changed but it seems that the degree of difficulty has. The Niners are better then some expected and the opposition isn’t as imposing as it first seemed.

    At games end on Monday the 8th the Niners will own the AFC North.

    1. It’s a little early in the season — teams are only now getting out of pre-season mode. The bad teams (sans the Fins) are not as bad as we thought and the good teams are perhaps not has great as advertised. Halfway through the season (which is 40% of the season for teams anticipated to make a deep run in the playoffs) may be a good point to re-assess the SoS.

    2. Tampa Bay has shown to be pretty decent after all.

      Cincinnati has so far lost to a decent Seahawks team on the road by 1 and a decent Bills team on the road by 4. 49ers blew them out in their only home game. That’s a rough schedule to start with.

      Pittsburg has lost to NE, Seattle and SF. Another team with a rough schedule to open.

      Look at Baltimore and they have won against a really bad Miami team, a bad Arizona team by only 6 at home, and looked like the 2018 49ers these last two weeks.

      The 49ers should be able to handle Cleveland if the defensive front keeps playing like they did the first 3 weeks and the turnovers are limited. The DLine should be having a party at the QB. Cleveland has one of the worst pass blocking lines in the NFL.

  58. Nice to see Saleh getting attention, even Grant admitted being wrong. Same thing is going to be said of Shanny and Lynch…Lots can say what they want, drafting a punter in the fourth round, doing this and doing that, all that wrong way of thinking has brought most Niner fans to the edge of their seats thinking hey this has the potential to be special, real special… Oh, hey by the way we have a punter. Only seven punts so far. There are games when they have punted seven times in recent past. (That’s not a known fact probably BS but you get the idea).

    1. But UC, shouldn’t the team have taken, with that 4th round pick, someone that actually improves the offense, requiring fewer punts???? 🙄🙄🙄


      (I love throwing back the junior GM comments we’ve heard so much here)

      1. See I don’t mind those takes. I mind it when, despite evidence pointing to the contrary, some people try to qualify it further and subtlety change their original intent just to save some face. I almost want to give Grant kudos for admitting he was way off, but he does the same thing, as seen with his recent comments regarding Jimmy G etc.

    2. At some point Shanny and Lynch may even be deserving of credit for not only hiring Saleh in the first place, but also for sticking with him this offseason (would have been easy to cave to fan sentiment) and for surrounding him with capable assistant coaches.

        1. I remember the thing that I liked most about Saleh he was a very good chess player. Remember Razor even you and I played that game of chess because of his hire.

        1. Cave to the fans/ use Saleh as a scapegoat for the poor season to deflect attention and blame. Call it what you will. Would have been easy to do that after the season the D had.

          You could argue that Hafley and Zgonina were used as the scapegoats instead, but its usually (at least) one of the guys at the top that gets thrown to the wolves when things don’t go to plan.

            1. And how much better the D in general looks when you add talented players. But scheme also matters. The way the DL is playing is partly due to the change towards being more aggressive and looking to fire into the backfield rather than reading the play and reacting.

    1. More on Tabor…

      Before his junior year, Tabor asked to be addressed by his nickname “Teez.” But he certainly doesn’t tease scouts with his talent; he puts it on the field every game. The Washington, D.C. Mr. Football award winner in 2013 started five games the following season, garnering Freshman All-American honors (eight pass break-ups). Tabor was a first-team All-SEC pick the next season after intercepting four passes (breaking up 14 others) and scoring on two of them. He repeated the SEC honors as a junior this fall, as well as receiving third-team All-American accolades from the Associated Press (four interceptions, six pass break-ups) while teaming up with Quincy Wilson as one of the top corner duos in the country.

      STRENGTHS Prototypical size and athleticism. Plays with bouncy feet in coverage. Good initial patience and foot quickness to mirror receiver’s release from press. Has the quick twitch to accelerate and pattern match receivers throughout their routes. Has recovery speed to bird-dog crossers. From zone, can split high/low routes and is quick enough to challenge the catch on either. Has agility and change of direction to come off of one route and pick up the next. Shines when the ball is in the air. Pro-ready closing burst. Has excellent hand-eye coordination. Hands and timing help turn opportunities into interceptions. Posted 28 passes defensed over the last two years. Finished career with nine interceptions at Florida. Willing to unload into receiver’s ribs in order jar a ball free.
      WEAKNESSES Whispers in scouting circles that Tabor fears deep speed. Often played excessively deep off-coverage. Shows balance issues in space. Occasionally loses footing in coverage during his transition. Shows willingness to sit on routes and grab receivers trying to go vertical rather than flipping hips to chase. Can be undisciplined from zone losing track of his responsibilities. Appears to be hit or miss with instinctive playmaking. Doesn’t play to his listed size. Finesse cornerback. Avoids mixing it up with physical receivers away from the ball. Too many weak tackle attempts. Charted with 13 missed tackles in 2015. Scouts consider him to be a high-maintenance prospect. Has been suspended due to drug tests and a run-in with a teammate in practice.
      SOURCES TELL US “With Vernon (Hargreaves) there last year he played with a lot more confidence. I don’t think he’s a lockdown cornerback. He’s a good football player and can cover in our league, but he’s also going to be a pain in the ass for whoever takes him.” — AFC Southest area scout
      NFL COMPARISON Darius Slay
      BOTTOM LINE Tabor has terrific size and quickness, but it will be interesting to see how he times in the forty. While he has some lapses in judgement and awareness in coverage, his nine career interceptions didn’t happen by accident. He is a pure cover corner with the ability to pattern match around the field, but don’t expect him to be a plus tackler in run support. He has the traits of a first-round cornerback, but some teams may be put off by some of his annoyances.
      (Lance Zierlein)

    2. What someone thought back in ’17…

      (so and so) says:
      April 28, 2017 at 5:37 pm

      I think the 9ers will take Teez Tabor, Jourdan Lewis or Cordrea Tankersley with there next pick. It looks like Kizer might be there maybe Grant will finally be right about a pic. I bet he would give that pick an A+

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