C.J. Beathard’s hand hurting ahead of Thursday contest

San Francisco 49ers quarterback C.J. Beathard (3) during an NFL football game against the Arizona Cardinals, Sunday, Oct. 28, 2018, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

SANTA CLARA — C.J. Beathard’s right wrist hurts.

It’s not injured. X-rays revealed no broken bones. And head coach Kyle Shanahan said Beathard could play in the 49ers’ next game if it were Sunday.

But it’s not Sunday. It’s Thursday night, three days earlier than usual, against the Oakland Raiders. And Beathard may not feel ready to play by then. Or, Shanahan may not want him to play.

“He’s struggling today to hold a ball,” Shanahan said Tuesday about Beathard. “It’s going to be a test for (him to play) Thursday. We probably won’t know until then.”

Beathard made his condition sound less severe, although the wrist on his throwing hand was heavily taped. “My wrist and thumb are kind of messed up,” he explained Tuesday. “It’s two days after the game. Hopefully, tomorrow it will feel a lot better.”

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  1. I hate saying this, but I really hope C.J. can’t go.
    He appears to be shell shocked and this team needs a shot in the arm in the worst way. They might rally behind Mullen’s in a way they couldn’t for C.J.

      1. East,
        That is entirely possible my contention has less to do with the abilities of CJ vs Mullens and more to do with the belief the team has. They may not say it but I don’t know that they believe in CJ right now. I also think Kyle might have to create more defined reads with shorter route concepts to help Mullens and this might help the offense as a whole.

        1. Shoup, I actually think Mullens will do well. The Niners should not make him throw the ball 50 times, but just hand off the ball a lot. The Raider run defense sucks.

            1. Niners should spread them out wide, then gash them up the middle with Juice.
              I also think Alfred Morris could have a big game.

          1. Doesn’t matter now anyways, it won’t be a shock to lose some more games. Nobody wants to see them lose, they won’t tank on purpose. CJ is a 3rd string qb, couldn’t watch him anymore. Time for somebody else to watch and see if they can do any better. CJ tried, he needs to rest his hand and mind for a week. It will be good for him. Maybe Mullens or Savage can do something, maybe not. Hopefully they have a better stronger OL next year. I’m sure they want to win the rest of the games but if they don’t it’s a good draft pick.

        2. Shoup, i get you though I think that KS could have done a lot more to help CJB, I can’t help but wonder the same.

          Even so, it will be interesting to see how the team responds and what the coach does with Mullens under center.

          I have to say that Shanahan has not telegraphed tremendous confidence in Mullens and that may percolate down to the team too!

  2. If Mullens starts Thursday it’s an upgrade . CJB has lost 9 out of 10 ,you know what your getting with him. Let’s see what Mullens can do

  3. My theory is that CJ is not hurt in any way whatsoever. Shanny wants the #1 pick in the draft so he’s tanking the only winnable game left on the 49ers schedule.

    1. Since humans are involved, I suppose it IS possible that: 1) Shanahan plans to tank, and 2) CJ is in perfect health.

      If CJ doesn’t start I’ll be interested to see what Mullens can do and how much of the playbook is open to him.

    2. I have a different theory , KS knows he screwed up moving to 3rd round to reach for Beathard . He puts Mullens in and he outplays him which isn’t hard , it’s looks bad for him

  4. Thursday’s game could look a lot like a preseason game–the kind of nasty preseason games we’ve seen between the cross bay rivals for many years. It’ll be messy, there’ll be injuries, and a player or two will look like certain HOF material–only fade in later games.

    Most of us hate on the players and coaches, and certainly the GM. When does York become the primary target–like he was just a short 2-4 years ago? Oh, and before we forget, the conditioning and strength staff need to be excoriated also–it’s their fault for all the injuries the 9ers have suffered (who cares if injuries are commonplace across the league). Niner trainers need to be run out of town.

    Lastly… What ever happened to the Solomon Thomas weight drama foisted on us back in training camp?

  5. Beat-Hard is damaged goods at this point so hard to see how Mullens could be much worse… The season’s over anyway so now is the time to see who’s worth keeping around next year… Would like to see Moore, Taylor and Harris (if healthy enough) get some reps too. Heck, with the Niners giving up second most points in the NFL @ 29.5 points a game, the D can’t get much worse either.

  6. If I recall, Beathard was drafted to develop, not start… first behind Hoyer, then behind Cousins, for as long as needed to become a respectable quarterback, or just a backup with some decent trade value. Hoyer being Hoyer, then Garoppolo’s injury, changed all that. Seems to me he’s simply been shoe-horned into a role never intended at this point in his career. Doubt if it matters much to him who takes the blame.

    Mullens is interesting (as are all largely unknown backups) but I wouldn’t expect an overall improvement in trajectory.
    Might be fun for awhile… just hoping for minimal gut spillage.

          1. Both Peterman and Hoyer have thrown the ball like the DB was the intended receiver. Hoyer did that in a playoff game.
            At least Gabbert just throws the ball into the turf.

      1. Probably right Houston,
        Not sure if Shanny believed that at the time, or just learning with the rest of us…
        Anyway, I hope CJ is as tough mentally as he is physically. I like the kid, and I really want to see him come out of this on top eventually.

        1. Kaepernick hasn’t played a down of football in over a year. No way in the world he is better than Beathard right now. Gabbert is probably better. I also think Gabbert is better than Kaepernick even when Kaepernick was active.

          1. I beg to differ. While I am happy Mullens is getting the nod because he has been in camp the whole time, Kaep, like many other QBs, have stepped in and done well.
            It all depends whether the coaches are competent enough to get the QB up to speed quickly. Maybe they should just let Kaep run the pistol, so there is always a run/pass option.
            Gabbert was not better than Kaep. Even with a putrid defense, Kaep had a 16-4 TD to pick ratio and a 90.7 QBR. Gabbert started because Baalke benched Kaep and would not let him compete.
            Too bad Gabbert pulled a Gabbert, and benched himself.
            Guess you forgot those JH years.

          2. Houston,

            See my 10:30 response below. I don’t disagree with you on where Kaepernick is right now, he hasn’t been able to play.

            The 2016 version of Kaepernick though, as faulty as he was, would still be better than Beathard.

            1. CJ Beathard has a higher comp%, higher Yds per attempt, higher yards per game, higher 1st down %, and he’s on pace to take fewer sacks than Colin Kaepernick did in 2016.

              CJ Beathard > Colin Kaepernick.

              1. Those don’t fit my argument so I didn’t include those stats. Duh! Call it the Grant Cohn writing tactic.

    1. “Beathard was drafted to develop, not start…”

      If this is true shouldn’t they (Shanahan/Lynch) have gone with another QB as the #2 with Beathard as the #3? Like many other positions it would seem that they didn’t prepare depth for injuries.

      1. “Like many other positions it would seem that they didn’t prepare depth for injuries”

        Have you acknowledged what was inherited when Shanahan/Lynch arrived?

        How many drafts did Baalke whiff on?

        1. Shanahan/Lynch inherited a team that had won 7 games the previous 2 seasons with Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick at QB.

          They’ve since turned it into a team that is worse, 1-15 in games not started by Garoppolo.

          So while it’s true that QB is the most important position on the field, the two previous HC’s, working with Baalke’s failed draft picks were more successful than the current HC and GM.

          Keep making excuses for them.

          1. They are not excuses and you fail to see the correlation between injuries and past drafts and more importantly, building a program that is sustainable to winning, then you are being biased.

            You think turnarounds are the same as the days when Carmen Policy and Eddie DeBartolo were running things where you could just sign whoever and win. Well its 2018 now. Its all about drafting and developing.

            Shanahan/Lynch inherited a team that had won 7 games the previous 2 seasons with Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick at QB.

            Those teams were as bad if not worse than this one. The fact was those teams didn’t have the injuries or lack of depth this team does. Wanna know why, poor drafting, no depth, players playing who should not be playing as starters!

            “So while it’s true that QB is the most important position on the field
            You don’t see the contradiction? Yes Beathard was a pick of Shanny, but he was never to counted on to be a starter in 2 years.

            1. “Those teams were as bad if not worse than this one.”

              Yet they won more.

              “Yes Beathard was a pick of Shanny, but he was never to counted on to be a starter in 2 years.”

              Which takes us back to the point of my original comment. If this was the plan, Shanahan and Lynch should have signed another veteran to be the backup QB so Beathard could be #3 and wouldn’t have been force to be counted on.

            2. They were better than this team only because the 6 and 10 2015 team still had several talented veterans remaining from Scott McCloughan’s drafts. The team’s decline began in 2014, when they went 8-8. The veterans were getting too old and Baalke whiffing on drafts provided the 49ers no depth. There wasn’t enough talent to maintain the standards of the 2011-2013 teams. By 2016 it had all collapsed into a 1-15 team. Baalke didn’t help by making the front office a toxic place and turning into a mini-Hitler. Hiring assistant coaches before hiring a head coach only drives away any qualified candidates. Chip Kelly took the job because he was desperate and knew that it would be his last chance in the NFL.

              Arguing about how many wins the team had in the 2 years before Shanahan and Lynch arrived and then comparing to how many wins since they’ve arrived is pointless and not looking at the big picture.

      2. When I pointed this out earlier this year, I was told injuries occur to all teams. Therefore it wasn’t a relevant argument then. Now they claim so many injuries but it was something that could have been addressed more adequately in the preseason.

      3. Jack,
        That seems to be a league wide strategy I disagree with. Many coaches have backups that they don’t believe in as starters or developmental starters. They look at them as safe players…
        I think this is fine if they are older players with a lot of starting experience. However, it makes no sense if they are younger player with little developmental talent. Even if they are very intelligent, they need a base level of ability.

  7. Will Mullens respond as a better QB or will it be more of the same. My bet is more of the same and that depends of the OL who is healthy enough to block and which receivers can catch the ball and more importantly hang on to it.
    Are the running backs healthy enough to play the whole game and will Kyle call any running plays that can gain yardage (first downs) in the 4th qtr or will it be the same 3 downs and punt.
    Defense can we have at lease one sack in the fourth qtr and one timely turnover for a touchdown.

  8. Mullens arm strength is gonna restrict the downfield plays, and if he starts getting abused like Beathard; I don’t expect him to finish the game. Savage, who is Savage? Leave you morals, stake your claim. Savage, you are Savage. Modern man can take the blame….

    1. Except Savage will likely be inactive on Thursday, don’t you think? If Mullens goes down/out, and the team doesn’t want to risk CJ getting injured to the point of IR, maybe we’ll see nothing but wildcat for the rest of the game.

  9. Go Mullens, go. I hope he plays well, and throws for 3 TDS.
    Next man up. At least he has been in camp the entire time, and knows the playbook and can make the calls.
    This is perfect. Both the Raiders and Niners are competing…..for the first pick. ;p

  10. The Niners need to make some honest assessments, and innovative adjustments.
    Mullens is an upgrade over a shell shocked and injured CJB.
    Solomon Thomas should replace Marsh, and then assess who does better.
    Magnuson hikes balls over the QBs head. Person should play center while Richberg recovers, and put Garnett in at RG.
    Dekoda Watson should get the nod over Foster, who has shoulder issues.
    The Niners should take a page out of the BW playbook, and start 3 rookies. DJ Reed, Marcell Harris and Tarvarius Moore.
    They should let Breida and Mostert heal, and hope Morris can rumble for 100 yards.
    They should go with 11 personnel instead of 21 personnel, since Cromartie, one of their veteran DBs, retired.
    KS still needs help, so he should hire MS as the OC.

  11. It’s pretty much a mute point at this time of our season but CJ is not able to fully execute Shanahan’s offense. He’s inaccurate and holding the ball too long. The offense to work as intended is dependent on a run – pass wizardry that requires both facets to work in order to confuse and abuse a defense. The passing game is pretty much a non threat with the exception of Kittle’s few targets. This imbalance has allowed defenses to stop the run and dare us to pass. I for one don’t mind giving Mullins a turn at bat.

  12. Grant…

    Please open a new poll. Let’s determine who’d be the best replacement for Shanahan–a new head coach. Please give us 7-8 candidates to select from, limited to coaches–NFL or college pedigree–who are available today, or would be by the first week in February 2019. You already mentioned Jeff Brohm. Let’s get some names up.

  13. Check out this twitter exchange.


    “I infuriated the everybody-must-be-fired 49ers fanbase segment.”

    Replying to @timkawakami
    “You can’t really appease those kinds of fans, can you? And I think the “everybody must be fired” segment of the fanbase is only a tiny minority of overall fans. Most understand when you lose your star QB and RB, the other weaknesses of the team get exposed.”

    Yup. And KS is safe. But you guys (the tiny minority) keep on crying and talking about replacements. Smh.

    1. “talking about replacements”

      Cassie brought up the conversation about who should be the next head coach.

      Stating that Shanahan/Lynch aren’t doing very good and that it shouldn’t be surprising isn’t the same as saying they should be fired.

      Go through every comment of mine since Shanahan was hired and show me where I’ve once suggested that he, or anyone on his staff should be fired.

      1. With all the ‘Shanahan is sham coach’ whining, I’m just curious who some commenters feel could step in now and bring the 9ers back to 80s greatness inside of 20 months.

        1. “bring the 9ers back to 80s greatness inside of 20 months.”

          Let’s get to 8 wins again before even worrying about replicating the 80’s teams. That’s whole thing is part of why I cringe at 49ers radio ads that co-mingle radio calls from then and now together.

            1. Look I don’t recall any of the commentators (or Grant) calling for Shanahan’s firing. Most of us have questioned his decisions (which are fair game) and wondered if he was up to the task of coaching (being his first gig and all).

              None of us have called for him to be cast off. I didn’t even think that Chip Kelly should have been fired even though I said his hiring was a mistake worse than Erickson’s.

              I certainly haven’t felt that way regarding Shanahan nor Lynch. I expect he will get at least 4 years and while I do not fault him for injuries, I can question his strategy, play calls, player personnel moves (or lack thereof), hiring decisions, and other aspects about his job.

              I also pointed out before the season started that unless the team moved forward, the honeymoon would end. I think it has and he looks more beleaguered every day. Not happy about it. Just observations of what I see.

              I liked CJB and asked for patience when he was drafted. I see that it was/is a mistake. It happens.

              As tough and heroic as the kid is, he cannot process information on the field and react to it quickly enough at the NFL level. A criticism I had of another recent QB who curiously still is in everyone’s consciousness despite not playing football for two years!

      2. You guys haven’t come right out and said Shanahan should be fired, but you have said he is on the hot seat, at least Grant did anyway. That’s a way to intimate he should be fired without coming right out and saying it.

        1. Not sure what Grant meant but I took it to mean he would be under increasing pressure. I don’t think that is wrong, btw. Far cry from saying he should be fired.

          As of late, I have seen an uptick on critical articles sbout the team and its management. I consider this heat as he no longer gets the pass he used to.

          I, for one, don’t think that the genius label was merited or deserved. He’s a first time coach and should have the same expectations as anyone.

          Chip Kelly didn’t get a pass and neither did Tomsula. Both have better track records right now in comparison. And neither were worth the ink on their contracts.

          1. EC,

            The Hot seat has traditionally been a term used for a HC that is on his last legs and will be fired if things don’t change drastically and in a hurry. That is not the case here and won’t be for sometime and hopefully not at all. The labels put on Shanahan were based on his play calling acumen but didn’t take into account his lack of HCing experience. It takes time to learn how to be a HC at this level and everybody should have known that going in.

            As I said in an earlier entry, criticism is fine if it’s warranted. The problem is Shanahan is being blamed for things that are not related to Coaching far too often.

            1. Ok, if hot seat is meant that he is likely to be fired then I don’t agree that he is on the hot seat. I still think it may be possible with a 1 win season for Jed to do the unthinkable.

              But if Shanahan does not show much (or the team, take your pick) there will be pressure next year to perform 5 wins would be my guess, but a strong 4 may be possible. If he survives that, I would think year 4 is make or break (at least 8 wins).

              He may not be on the hot seat but something is definitely warm.

        2. He should be on the hot seat, and would be right now if York hadn’t fired so many coaches the past few seasons, then panicked by giving Shanahan too many years on his deal.

          Gruden should be on the hot seat, too.

          1. Tomsula had to be fired and should never have been given the job in the first place. Same with Kelly. Jed is paying for the fact he and Baalke made bad hires after stupidly firing Harbaugh.

            I kind of understand what Gruden is doing but the optics are really really bad.

            1. I’m not saying Tomsula and Kelly shouldn’t have been fired. I’m saying Shanahan’s perceived job security doesn’t come from anything he has done. It merely comes from Jed’s recent past, and the absurd six-year deal he gave Shanahan. People think Jed can’t fire another coach right now.

            2. There is merit to that for sure. Shanahan also has security because he’s in year two and lost his QB. He showed he can win with Garoppolo. That is why the losing without Garoppolo will not have an effect on his future.

              1. “As far as Shanahan being on the hot seat, just remember the expectations were high coming into this season because of what this team did when Garoppolo took over.”

                The expectations of some shouldn’t factor into it. Shanahan is 1-15 with QB’s not named Garoppolo. That’s the issue.

              2. It’s only an issue if they have to keep playing without Garoppolo in the years to come and don’t find a more competent backup.

              3. “It’s only an issue if they have to keep playing without Garoppolo in the years to come”

                Garoppolo has started 10 games and been seriously injured twice.

                “and don’t find a more competent backup.”

                They better, because Garoppolo has now proven in short time that a backup plan is necessary.

              4. I wholeheartedly agree with it is too early to tell part. Just think it will be a tough uphill climb.

            3. Rocket, do you think that Baalke hired Tomsula? I’ve always believed that was Jed. I thought Baalke hired Chip. None were worth anything.

              1. Hard to say, but Baalke had Jed’s ear at the time so he must have had some say in the hiring of Tomsula. The whole thing was a mess from the time they fired Harbaugh until Jed finally woke up and cut Baalke loose. Hopefully he picked the right guys this time, but it’s still too early to know for sure.

            4. Rocket

              Get off of it…! ‘Chip’ Kelly was twice the coach that Harbaugh was… and he didn’t go on a national search to find a fitting coaching position as Harbaugh did…you love getting your finger in my eye, either because of some disagreement with me or just a dislike of the OREGON Ducks….your slip is showing…. If you want proof…Ask Harbaugh….

          2. How long does Gruden get a free ride, you think? In fact, I think Gruden is doing a tear down simioto the 49ers, yet he doesn’t get the love that Shanahan? Why?

            Remember, I don’t live in CA so not privy to the day to day dynamics.

              1. Yep. Gruden made a big deal out of wanting to win for the fans of Oakland before the team left town and then proceeded to gut the roster.

            1. So Gruden is a big talker and then realized he had a bigger problem on his hands. Got it. Don’t know much about the guy other than he is far lesser than Madden ever was.

    2. Everyone is taking shots at the Raiders right now because they’re an easy target — they’re leaving the market. But most writers are afraid to the criticize the 49ers, or they openly root for the team. So much fanalyst coverage.

      1. But most writers are afraid to the criticize the 49ers

        Is any criticism warranted due to losing their franchise QB? People say 49ers fans are making excuses because of injuries but what team in the NFL besides the fluke run by Foles last year is winning with their back up QB?

        1. One example is the Colts who won 4 games last year with a guy they traded for less than a week before the season started.

          Nobody expected the 49ers to make a run, but going 0 for shouldn’t be accepted either.

          1. Exactly. This team is meant to be making progress. Meant to be getting better each year. So far the improvement has all been driven by one mid-season player acquisition last year.

            If the team was making progress they would be able to win some games despite losing their starting QB.

            1. “So far the improvement has all been driven by one mid-season player acquisition last year.”

              If you don’t count the running game. That one acquisition was a big one and both KS and JL deserve credit for it.

              “GB got plenty of criticism when their star QB went down and everyone realized how understaffed and poorly led the team was. One of the reasons why their current coach is on the hot seat!”

              Was McCarthy in year two of a total rebuild?

              1. Who’s not giving them credit for it?

                The running game has been good this year, no doubt. Except when they needed it to close out games of course. But end of the day this team won one game without JG last year and so far hasn’t won one without him this year (and that is despite playing the Cards twice). If the team is improving, its really only marginally. All well and good to say losing JG sunk them – of course it did – but for that loss of one player to mean you can’t win some games is a pretty damning indicator of what the talent around JG is like.

              2. “Who’s not giving them credit for it?”

                That’s probably a reference to me saying that they were “gifted” Garoppolo by the Patriots.

              3. “Franchise QB’s can mask a lot of poor talent.”

                Sure can. But whose fault is it that after two offseasons in charge the talent around JG is still so bad they can’t even beat bad teams without him? Shouldn’t we be seeing some progress in the young guys they have brought in?

              4. No. The question was who can win when their star QB goes down.

                The expectation is always to win. That’s why coaches take the job (remember Jerry Glanville’s line About the NFL).

                There is usually a bit of patience on teams which are in transition, however there are plenty of examples of new teams that have become competitive very soon after inception in the recent past (Jacksonville and Carolina).

                This notion that the team needs 4 years to show anything at all is specious! The team was paper thin and some of us recognized that heading into the year. The team could and should have done more to address this, period.

              5. “If the team is improving, its really only marginally. All well and good to say losing JG sunk them – of course it did – but for that loss of one player to mean you can’t win some games is a pretty damning indicator of what the talent around JG is like.”

                But we’d have two more wins if CJ hadn’t underthrew two late deep balls to Goodwin. Then you have all of CJ’s turnovers. Sure you can spread the blame, but the QB play has been awful.

                “Shouldn’t we be seeing some progress in the young guys they have brought in?”


                No defensive players on my list. Indictment on Saleh?

              6. The buck stops where CJB, Saleh?

                BTW I would pare your list.
                Mostert wast brought in by them. Goodwin has regressed. Bourne hasn’t shown much.

              7. But he did underthrow those balls, and the 49ers have had the turnovers (with few the other way). The losses aren’t just on those throws though. The team just hasn’t done enough when it matters. They had the same issues last season.

                As for the players that have improved, when the game has been on the line what have they achieved? And yes, the D players are noticeably absent from that list.

              8. The only guy on that list that has really stepped up his game is Mostert. Kittle and Breida showed flashes last season and their improvement is mostly due to increased opportunities. Bourne hadn’t done much until Sunday. McGlinchey is doing what was expected for the #1 pick, so that’s more about a good selection than progress over last year.

                If the offense wasn’t turning the ball over so much I think the thought around the D would be a little different.

                Also need to remember, Shanahan is the chosen one so he’ll get the breaks from fans when Saleh won’t.

            2. If the team was making progress they would be able to win some games despite losing their starting QB.

              Are you kidding me? Good players make weak players look good. Are you forgetting the last five years of the history of the 49ers and all the missed drafts and all the poor free-agent acquisitions and the poor coaching? There was no talent to develop here.

              So now you guys are asking Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch to come in and in two years be competitive when they’ve had to revamp everything?

              Scooter, Jack and all the pessimistic fans, save yourself the aggravation and constant moaning. Come back in 2 maybe 3 years!

              1. If you’re fine with a team going 0’fer when they lose their QB, sure, be fine with it.

                If the team was making progress then they would be winning some games. They aren’t. This team is just as bad as it was last year before getting JG.

              2. And this season has ruined the 49ers chances of signing big-name free agents during the offseason. The “plan” is falling apart.

              3. “And this season has ruined the 49ers chances of signing big-name free agents during the offseason”

                I don’t know. They had to pay big for the guys they brought in this offseason even with the excitement around Garoppolo. Same thing this year I’d think.

              4. Fair enough but even with CJB, 4 wins is asking a lot when you consider he is not very good.
                He would be better with a bonafide WR, healthy running backs and a defense that could hold people.
                My point is when Jimmy G went down the entire team was deflated. Thats because he made others around him better. He could keep the defense off the field.
                The plan moving forward is to build around him. So the expectation of winning any more than five games this year with or without Jimmy G was always going to be unrealistic.
                That’s why the team has regressed because they’re missing their best player and possibly there best running back.

                But I’ve seen certain players develop individually each week.

                Players that have been good and developing each week under Shanahan and his staff that were not suppose to be big contributors.
                These guys are gonna be really good when we keep adding talent.

                Fred Warner
                George Kittle
                Laken Tomlinson
                Ronald Blair III
                Matt Breida(healthy)
                Sheldon Day
                Mike Mclinchey
                Mike Person

              5. Im with prime on this one. This is actually worse than expansion. They didn’t come in fresh. They came in and tore it down. And are trying to build it back up. 13 draft picks and a couple of free agents don’t make a 53 man football team. But you guys are on here spouting like your just God’s of team creators. Boohoo they aren’t winning. Boohoo they should be replaced by Dave toub and Chris Ballard, boohoo he should hire an oc,. Wah I want my mommy, boohoo I respect winning. But the particulars of how this team is going to win again, is being ignored by plenty.

              6. Free agency is not what it used to be. Your not getting a mega star anymore because teams are not letting these guys walk.
                Le’Veon Bell, a premiere RB made a big mistake. He will not get Gurley money.
                Point is you have to draft and develop and that takes time.

              7. Not sure how you get 13 draft picks from the actual 19. 24 free agents and trades last year alone. I would say that is pretty close to a complete roster overhaul but not much to show for it so far….

              8. East…. 13-19 it’s all the dang same. If u have to put that many new players on a team, a team void of talent, so void of talent that the players they are replacing you with are better but not an upgrade in NFL standards, then you have a LONG way to go. A year and a half is not going to cure all ills

              9. Neither drafting or, by some means, acquiring a capable backup is an indictment on shanahan. Also his scheme is nice but his playcalling over the course of a game has proven more than enough to be an area needng improvement. Lynch needs to find a tough minded head coach type prospect in their search for a new D Cord so that there is an enforcing presence who hopefully can rub off on the players. Shanahan is not the answer but supplemented with the staff his tenure still be fruitful.

              10. a roster consists of 53 men. Nearly the entire roster had to be done over.
                You simply cant do that in 2 drafts. They are so thin from the Bulky yrs they simply cannot afford to lose any of the starters. Doing so creates a HUGE drop in talent.

                Its going to take a few yrs. Next yr, if they stay reasonably healthy, then we’ll know what we have-coaches and players.

              11. “Come back in 2 maybe 3 years!“
                I’m fine with giving him 1 more you to show improvement but you are ok giving 6 offseasons and drafts to get a playoff contender?
                If Jimmy stays healthy they had better have 9 or 10 wins next year imo.

            3. Scooter,

              Exactly. This team is meant to be making progress. Meant to be getting better each year. So far the improvement has all been driven by one mid-season player acquisition last year.
              If the team was making progress they would be able to win some games despite losing their starting QB.

              They’ve lost 3 games by 3 points or less with Beathard just this season. That’s why there was such a difference when Garoppolo took over. The rest of the roster is still under construction but was good enough to win games with a competent QB.

              Losing Garoppolo torpedoed any chance this team had. It would be great to see them win a couple of games and maybe they will – we are only half way into the season – but when I see them lose a close game after the backup QB has turned the ball over multiple times, I’m not blaming the roster; I’m blaming the QB. This team has clearly shown they can compete and win with Garoppolo. The fact they can’t without him is disappointing but it’s not like it’s a big mystery why they can’t.

              1. Don’t recall claiming it was a mystery. Its been clear why they can’t win without him. Too many errors, not enough take-aways, and a complete inability to close out games.

                The fact they have had some close games is a good thing in some respects, I agree. But its not like they didn’t have close games without JG last season either. Same issues then as they are having now.

              2. Scooter,

                The point is there is an obvious reason they are losing games right now and it’s being convoluted with other things to make it seem like a bigger problem than it really is. This is not a great roster, but it’s got some talent and enough that they could be winning some of the games they’ve lost if the QB wasn’t playing so poorly.

              3. Shanahan handpicked Beathard, Joe Williams, and Dante Pettis, and demanded the 49ers trade up for all three. The 49ers absolutely didn’t need to trade up for Williams, and probably didn’t need to trade up for the other two, either.

              4. It isn’t just the QB playing poorly though. There are many reasons the team is losing. A lot falls on the QB, not questioning that, but the team around him has also failed at critical moments. That includes some questionable play calls on both sides of the ball.

                I know we discussed a couple weeks back about whether they are losing due to a lack of talent. I am not disagreeing the team lacks talent at critical positions (and depth at most positions). I am not disagreeing the lack of talent is a key contributor to losing, or that lack of talent at QB is a primary reason. But they are losing against bad and mediocre teams in silly ways. Ways that should easily be avoidable, even with the talent they have. Ways that are similar to what I have seen since the beginning of last season. That’s the issue I have with how the team is performing right now. The team without JG aren’t really progressing too much. If that doesn’t concern you then I envy your optimism, but it does concern me.

              5. Hoyer is a competent quarterback. His record was 16-15 before he came to the 49ers. Garoppolo will have to be much better than competent to lead this team to the playoffs.

              6. “Beathard was drafted to be a backup.”

                Then it’s on Shanahan to get him up to speed to be the starter or to have another QB that could step in as the backup so Beathard doesn’t need to start.

              7. It isn’t just the QB playing poorly though. There are many reasons the team is losing. A lot falls on the QB, not questioning that, but the team around him has also failed at critical moments. That includes some questionable play calls on both sides of the ball.

                This is a work in progress and there are going to be mistakes, but I haven’t seen glaring Coaching errors and players going through the motions. They are playing hard which is tough to do when you are continually losing and they’ve been in every game with the exception of the Rams and Chiefs.

                I know we discussed a couple weeks back about whether they are losing due to a lack of talent. I am not disagreeing the team lacks talent at critical positions (and depth at most positions). I am not disagreeing the lack of talent is a key contributor to losing, or that lack of talent at QB is a primary reason. But they are losing against bad and mediocre teams in silly ways. Ways that should easily be avoidable, even with the talent they have. Ways that are similar to what I have seen since the beginning of last season. That’s the issue I have with how the team is performing right now. The team without JG aren’t really progressing too much. If that doesn’t concern you then I envy your optimism, but it does concern me.

                We see it very differently no doubt. I see significant improvement in a few areas – Oline, running game, run defense – while the losses for the most part have been because of TO’s, more specifically TO’s by the QB. I came into this season expecting 8-9 wins and nothing I’ve seen has changed that expectation for next year when we get some key players back and hopefully fix the pass rushing issue.

              8. Beathard has shown he isn’t capable of being a starter and the plan likely was for him to develop without having to play so much but unfortunately he has had to. I’m guessing they will look for a decent vet backup this offseason but they aren’t always easy to find.

              9. “Beathard has shown he isn’t capable of being a starter”

                Yeah we saw that last year.

                “and the plan likely was for him to develop without having to play so much but unfortunately he has had to.”

                He’s had to because they didn’t have any other option due to how they set up the roster.

                “I’m guessing they will look for a decent vet backup this offseason but they aren’t always easy to find.”

                They had two in their building when Shanahan and Lynch took over.

              10. What’s funny is last year Hammer and Grant were anti Kap. Now he is good enough to lead this team?

              11. “Now he is good enough to lead this team?”

                He would have been a better backup than Beathard. Gabbert too.

            1. “if CJB wins 4 games this year you’ll consider that good?”

              Yeah I think so. That would show improvement over last year.

              Let’s start with 1 first though.

            2. Better than current situation, so yeah most us would prefer some happier news on the team front. Last year people were apoplectic about some wins at the end of the season. I don’t recall them pining about draft position loss (not many and less at the cost of Ws).

          2. One example is the Colts who won 4 games last year with a guy they traded for less than a week before the season started.
            Nobody expected the 49ers to make a run, but going 0 for shouldn’t be accepted either.

            The Colts had a nucleus that had been together for multiple years and had won 8 games the previous couple of seasons. That makes a difference and is very different from turning over the majority of the roster in one year and starting from scratch which is the case here in SF.

            1. Come on rocket, let them compare apples and oranges. Not the same, but both are fruits. The Niners weren’t in the same situation as Indy, but both are NFL teams.

              1. What was that about Hammer being in fire?
                All I’m seeing is meat balls over the plate getting served deep!

            2. Uh huh, and Tomsula/Kelly managed 7 wins with what has been described as a terrible roster with 4 of those from a guy who at best is an NFL backup.

              That was just one example. There’s more, but I went with a team that’s been seen as underachieving and who’s coach and GM were fired.

              1. Yet, Tomsula is back where he belongs, DL coach and Kelly is the mistake that keeps on giving at UCLA. Won’t be long, and he’ll be back coaching high school. So if your point is that they we’re so Eucking good, it’s not very sharp….

              2. Yeah that’s my point. They weren’t good head coaches, yet somehow managed to get more than 1 win in 16 tries with a backup QB.

              3. Both Gabbert and Old wind up had more than 5 years of NFL experience under their belts.
                Comparing CJB to them is like apples to oranges.

              4. Tomsula had some vets on the roster left over from Harbaugh’s teams that had won a lot of games. They were a bad team, but in some close games the experience helped them win a few times. That team finished last in pretty much every offensive category and were close to last in a lot of defensive categories too. The difference between that team and this one is there are no players who know how to win taking the field right now. You’ve got a roster that’s been completely turned over being led by a backup QB who loses games by himself most weeks. It’s not hard to figure out the problem.

              5. Yet they managed to win. Yea that’s your dull point. It wasn’t because they were so Eucking good. More like blind squirrel’s that found some nuts….

              6. I never said they were good Razor. Never implied it either.

                “there are no players who know how to win taking the field right now.”

                There are a few that do, and have.

                “Comparing CJB to them is like apples to oranges.”

                Meh. Gabbert was terrible in Jacksonville.

                There’s teams all across the NFL that would could do better and have done better than 1-15 with their backup QB.

              7. Tomsula lost more starters than any team in history to retirement , I believe. It was a slew of players which handicapped him for the entire season (no one cared, nor should they have, the expectation is to win).

              8. I dunno, Hammer. This season is over, and I’d love a win but it don’t mean nothing. Makes you feel warm n fuzzy in the moment, but then reality kicks in the @ss and you realize we’re 4 beers from a 6-pack. To harp on what he or she has or hasn’t done, or he’s a loser who doesn’t know how to win, and golly so and so was able to do it so he must be incompetent. If you don’t believe it you’re self medicating on the process or a fanalyst is just dumb. Generates clicks, and I get that. Plans hardly ever go according to the way they’re drawn up. The sky’s falling because the plan isn’t working. No, the plan is 3.5 years and you should begin to see a significant turn around. If we’re still having this conversation next year, and into the midway point of the following year, then there will no longer be a debate. You and Grant will have been proven to be correct, and Jed will fire the regime. Simple as that….

        2. GB got plenty of criticism when their star QB went down and everyone realized how understaffed and poorly led the team was. One of the reasons why their current coach is on the hot seat!

          1. A lot of teams would go into the tank if they lost their starting QB just like GB and Houston did last year. A few years ago the Colts went from perennial playoff and SB contender to having the #1 pick just by losing Manning to injury. A team undergoing a rebuild and losing multiple players to injury both long and short term are going to struggle when they lose their QB. Criticism can levelled at Shanahan for not having a better backup QB, but it’s not that easy to find a good one which is why some very good teams fall apart when their starter goes down.

            1. That is certainly understandble. But people here act like the criticism of Shanahan is personal, it isn’t. Most of us see things which we find alarming. We want to see them corrected pronto. If Saleh can be criticized, so can his head coach. If CJB can be criticized, so can the person who hand selected him, gave up precious draft capital for him and stuck with him after seeing what he could do last year.

              Additionally, some posters talk about McKinnon like he is already a top running back and while that may be true it isn’t necessarily that way. Remember Joe Williams and his promise? We gave up draft capital for that guy too.

              Not sure if Shanahan is as keen on selecting talent as some believe. Hammer’s observation regarding the team sitting on its hands after McKinnon’s injury is also very valid. If the team knew how critical this position was and knew what it had, why did they not pick someone up?

              To date, the front office’s best acquisitions have been Goodwin and Sherman and both still have lots of question marks.

              1. If the criticism is warranted than have at it. What happens here far too often are complaints about how our HC was outcoached, or his team doesn’t have any discipline and yet there is nothing to suggest that is the case at all and when I’ve questioned people on it there is no viable proof given other than the team is losing which is why I chalk most of the things said on here up to frustration. Criticism is a time honored fan tradition, but everything is being blamed on Coaching now because it’s an easy way to throw all the complaints into one bucket.

              2. Fair enough, but I think you’ll recall that I have criticized the selection of players, the underuse of players or overuse of them, the woeful disregard of certain positions (dating back to Tomsula), as well as some the areas you mentioned. I think that when there are a bunch of things going wrong you have to look at the common denominator.

                Yes, the team has lost players to injuries (but I pointed out how thin they were prior to the year and they got rid of veterans who could have bolstered them). The QB play is way under par (who selected and continues to play him and does little to shield him from himself so that he can learn and gain confidence).

                I don’t think it is all coaching, btw. And I do recognize that Shanahan is a young coach. I would like for him to recognize some the issues and (hopefully) address them.


            2. The Colts went from perennial playoff and SB contender to having the #1 pick just by losing Manning to injury.

              As a result, they fired head coach Jim Caldwell.

          1. Winning is always better but in this case missing your best player in the most important position, and in a rebuild, does it matter?

            In the NFL winning anywhere from 4-8 wins is like a death sentence. Your not making the playoffs and your draft position is not impactful enough to get a bonafode playmaker.
            As we seen last year, those last five wins took us out of a top draft position.

            As stated when Jimmy G was lost for the season. This is a glorified training camp and ID camp for the 49ers the rest of the way.

              1. With a healthy Jimmy G and one of Bradley Chubb or Denzel Ward we are way better.
                But I like McClinchey. Good pick for that spot.
                Thomas the year before was a miss.

              2. The mark of a bad team, “We’ll get them next year!”

                Always dreaming we are on draft or player away. How’d all those draft picks work for the Rams (before a competent staff)? Cleveland? Us (before JH)?

      2. Grant:

        I know you don’t root for the 49ers and that’s fine. But when I watch your periscopes after the games, you certainly seem irritated if not angry. If you are really being a dispassionate, simply making observations, not-a-homer journalist (or opinion writer, if you prefer), then why so much irritation and to some degree emotion in your periscopes. Just curious.

          1. 49ers fans used to have high standards, too.

            Trashing your readers is not a good look for any “journalist” there sonny.

      3. “But most writers are afraid to the criticize the 49ers, or they openly root for the team.”

        I don’t think that applies to Kawikami.

        “So much fanalyst coverage.”

        I must admit, that term sounds better than “homer”. But would a fanalyst be critical of the QB draw call? Would a fanalyst be critical of their #3 draft pick? Of course not. We just don’t have a personal grudge against a man that coaches the team. Or a preconceived notion that Kyle only got a job because of his last name.

        1. I’m not talking about you. You’re a fan. I’m talking about “journalists” who root for the team. They’re all over this market. The Ira Millers no longer exist. I try my best to uphold his tradition.

          1. “I’m talking about “journalists” who root for the team.”

            I still don’t think that applies to Kawikami. Do you?

            I do think a lot of your criticisms are perfectly valid and you usually ask the best questions at the pressers. But suggesting that KS is on the hot seat is unrealistic and continuing to make snide remarks about Kyle’s genius should be beneath you.

              1. Wow. A condition set by Grant. “I will respect Shanahan when he wins” ….and not a moment before. Kinda shallow?

                Not sayin’ you have to like the guy. Do you apply the ‘win’ condition as you relate with other people?

              2. He’s a head coach. His job is to win. So far, he’s less successful than Chip Kelly, whom I don’t respect as a head coach.

              3. Got it. Still an apple to orange comparison IMO. This doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It’s really not so black and white. This whole comparison thing going on here is pointless, IMO.

          2. I don’t see anything wrong with understanding the situation the Niners are in and adjusting expectations. Before Garoppolo arrived the expectation was there would be a period of at least a couple of years before they’d even get the roster to something they felt they could compete with. They added Garoppolo, went on a winning streak and all that changed. Now Garoppolo is out but the expectations remain too high for some. This team was reliant on the QB as are most teams. To expect them to win when we see the replacement QB losing games with his play is either delusional or disingenuous. If they were getting blown out every week that would be a different story, but they are not and clearly would have won a few games with better QB play. That is why Shanahan is not going to be on the hot seat and why the team is not nearly as bad off as some seem to believe.

              1. In season 2. Would you watch a show where the second season was as bad as the first, especially when there was a hint of improvement at the end of season one?

                Don’t you think the show writers would be put on notice and there might be a shakeup in the acting line up, otherwise the producer might begin to feel some heat from the studio head when the Nielsen ratings dropped?

              2. EC,

                I would expect everything you said…if the lead actor left the show. That is what has happened here. It’s like when Steve Carrell left the Office. Show continued but it sucked.

              3. Expecting the 49ers to win more than one of 16 games without Garoppolo is expecting too much?

                No, but we also need to look at why they are losing. Are they getting blown out every week? Are they non competitive? That is what I’m looking at. It would have been nice to win a game by now, and if they were losing badly with no real understanding of why that would be a major problem, but for the most part I know why they haven’t won and it’s not because of bad play calling and lack of discipline.

              4. They haven’t won because they’re bad, from the owner to management to the coaching staff to the players. A good quarterback can mask some things, but the rest of the 49ers still are bad, as we see every week.

              5. Rocket, or that year when David Reese took over for Udo in Accept and they put out that album, Eat The Heat. Just horrible….

          3. If I were a paper publisher, I’d have my sportswriters just report scores, stats, nut ands bolts for, oh about the first ten years. Then let them move on to “opinion” only after they’ve developed some cred.

            I guess the PD doesn’t have that high standard.

              1. I like ya, Grant and enjoy your interaction but I hate to break it to you. I see other blogs making fun of you. Not Barrows, Maiocco or Branch. Just you. Dunno why, but they certainly don’t respect you either. You probably already knew that….

              2. Yea, you can look at it that way but if you ever wanna win them over and establish some real street cred, you might wanna lay off some of the hyperbole wine coolers. I mean, stating that Shanny should bring in Kaepernick right away and if he doesn’t he’s wrong isn’t going to help you in that regard….

              3. I don’t care to win over the fans who pretend to be journalists, and I have more street cred than they ever will.

              4. Grant, fair enough but when I wanna use your reporting, and they ask me where I got it from; as soon as I say Grant Cohn, the laughter begins….

              5. I make fun of the Matts, with their sycophant cloying content.
                They are toadies, who state the obvious and rarely have an original thought. One even mentioned CJB getting the ball into the hands of his playmakers. I wonder where you heard that before. Tim Ryan is talking about rolling out the QB. Rod Brooks even said the Niners snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, although I would not class RB in with the Matts.
                Grant tells it like it is, with relevant analysis. The others are just jealous, because no one is talking about their posts. Grant is honest enough to admit that Kaep is a superior QB to the present Niner QBs, while the others are afraid of bucking the intolerant backlash. Many vets may object, but many other vets have professed fighting for the right of Kaep to protest, and have no objections at all over peaceful, non violent protest.i think Kaep would give the Niners their best chance to win. KS is displaying his alarmingly poor player assessment skills. Scheme fit? Maybe that losing scheme needs adjustments.
                Yes, times are a’ changing, and the printed press is slowly dying. Too bad the Merc fired TK, the Bee jettisoned Barrows, and Maiocco left another job, to all join the Atlantic. I am glad that I am blissfully ignorant of their writings, because they just do not know how to write like Grant. The only thing I heard from that rag was Marcus Thompson talking about Durant leaving after the Warrior season.
                Thanks to Grant, we are talking about how unfocused, undisciplined and unprepared the Niners seem to be. There is finally talk about learning how to finish games. Ball security is finally being stressed, although KS pontificates about it, then has walk throughs and rest days. KS even mentioned gauntlet drills. KS on the hot seat? After a 1-7 record, that is exactly what should be the topic of discussion. Finally there is talk about hiring an OC, because KS needs all the help he can get.
                Grant gets down to the nitty gritty, and to me, is a must read. I will not even look at their free Atlantic trial offer, and feel just as informed perusing the blogs.
                The PD should feel satisfied having such a good writer as Grant, because he fulfills their high standards. Do not know if he will win a Pullitzer, but here is one reader who appreciates good writing, and eagerly reads every word he writes.
                Grant is a chip off the old block.

              6. You’re not a paper publisher

                Then you missed my “if” qualifier.

                and this is my eighth season covering the 49ers.

                And if I were that publisher, two years away from reporting anything in your head besides who won and who lost.

                You know a blog has taken an unfortunate turn when its blogger is spending an inordinate amount of time building himself up at the expanse of others in his field.

                Grant, I think you need a time out.

  14. at this point, you boys should really go for the
    frontal lobotomy, instead of just the
    bottle in front of me !
    turn out the lights, the party’s over.

  15. For all that is bad there is a dim light in the tunnel and getting brighter as the year goes on. The player was disparage continually all training camp. Some believe he already is the best run blocker in football and his pass blocking continues to improve. McGlinchey is looking like the best number one pick we have had in quite sometime. If his pass blocking continues to improve you can throw his name into the ROY pool. He would never get it but that’s not the point, finally having a number one pick dominating his position right off the bat, well at least half of it anyhow, is a good sign of a good draft pick. This young man is going to be all pro for many years. We need another tackle hope we can acquire one of McGlinchey’s skill set next year. You got a name out there yet Razor?

    1. Bravo! And Grant threw a ton of shade his way…pretty much concluding he’d be a bust–or near bust at best.

    2. Yea but McGlinchey got abused in training camp, and he can’t move.

      Dave, Jonah Williams, OT, Alabammy early, but if you wanna wait until round 2 or 3, then I like Max Scharping, OT/G, Northern Illinois….

    3. Some believe he already is the best run blocker in football.

      Who believes that? And if that’s true, why is the 49ers four-minute offense so bad? Why can’t they run out the clock with a lead?

      1. “McGlinchey currently ranks seventh among the 80 offensive tackles who’ve played at least 100 offensive snaps this season in terms of overall grade, and he’s really come into form in the last month, earning grades of 77.0 or better in three of his last four games. McGlinchey has been a force in the run game this season, as his 88.6 run- blocking grade leads all tackles, he’s one of just three tackles to own a run blocking grade greater than 80.0. He’s had some issues in pass protection, but the ninth overall pick has taken some big strides in that department, allowing two or fewer pressures in four of his last five games.”

    4. https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-49ers-mike-mcglinchey-is-a-darkhorse-candidate-for-offensive-rookie-of-the-year

      “When rushing to the right or left of McGlinchey, running back Matt Breida has fared well. He’s accumulated 134 yards on just 16 rush attempts — and both of his rushing touchdowns on the year have come on either side of the 315-pound rookie.”

      “Even more impressive is Breida’s yards before contact with McGlinchey in tow. Among running backs with 10 or more attempts on runs to the left or right of their right tackles in 2018, Breida leads the NFL with 5.4 yards before contact — a staggering number given that Detroit Lions running back Kerryon Johnson is in second with only 4.1 yards before contact, and the league average is a meager 1.5 yards.”

      1. That just means Shanahan is giving the backs good looks and running into light boxes. They can’t run against a loaded front, so how good are any of these offensive linemen really?

        1. “That just means Shanahan is giving the backs good looks”

          Yeah, Kyle is actually good at stuff. But I see McG and Juice delivering nice run blocks every week.

          “They can’t run against a loaded front,”

          What’s the league average against a loaded front?

          1. Do you see McGlinchey delivering nice run blocks in the four-minute offense, or only when the defense has to respect run and pass?

            1. “or only when the defense has to respect run and pass?”

              The opposing defenses haven’t had to respect the pass much since week 3. The book on SF is to focus on the run and make CJ beat you.

              1. The last time a defense respected the pass was when Jimmy was under center. They weren’t loading the box like they do against Beathard….

              2. Loaded boxes or not, Shanahan’s offense has shown an inability to get movement in tight spaces. It’s a big part of his redzone struggles.

      2. I’d like to know how much those numbers were helped by the Lions game.

        Detroit’s alignment made for some very easy angles on big gains.

  16. You don’t get the point. McGlinchey’s performance has nothing to do with it. They already had a serviceable tackle in Trent Brown. There were a lot more urgent needs than offensive tackle. They needlessly created a hole at offensive tackle by trading Trent Brown (who, by the way, is playing lights out with New England). If the had kept Brown, they could have drafted an edge rusher, or a wide receiver instead of McGlinchey and fixed two positions instead of just one.

    They did the same things a few years ago by letting Mike Iuapati walk after his rookie contract. If they had kept Iuapati they would not have later needed to waste a first round pick on Garnett.

    1. Serviceable my bunghole. Not in an offense that’s predicated on running the football. Brown cannot block on the move.

      1. I am not saying Tent Brown was a future hall of famer. There was a reason he was a seventh round pick. But he blocked good enough in 2017 to help them with the win streak at the end of the year. And New England’s running game is doing pretty good with Brown at tackle. He could have been coached to become a serviceable tackle in Shanahan’s offense.

        No sir, the only reason is cheapness. Brown would have played out his rookie contract by 2019 and would have been due more money. McGlinchey’s salary is fixed for the next 5 years.

        1. Razoreater and Rick – Problem with Brown is that he is not suited for the Little Shanny outside zone scheme with a butt and run blocking mentality. With no distinct combo blocks or double teams where mass in a phone booth is required Brown was now in the wrong scheme for his skill set. That does not mean he can’t play in the NFL, just that he was not suited for Little Shanny’s scheme. That’s another problem with new coaches and the introduction of different offensive and defensive schemes in that players drafted or signed as FA under previous staffs could become odd men out with new offensive schemes or a transition from the 3-4 to a 4-3 defensive scheme. Unfortunately, too many owners and GMs don’t analyze the impact of whom they are hiring as to the end result on their current squad. That’s why it often takes the 2 to 3 years to acquire the talent to run the style of play featured by the coordinators. Too many coaches these days coach schemes, not football, so once useful players in one scheme become dinosaurs in another.

              1. Shanahan’s scheme is what lost him the Super Bowl.

                Matt Ryan and Julio Jones were the main reasons Shanahan won offensive assistant of the year.

              2. I’d give Shanny some responsibility in the loss, but I’d put the majority of it on the defense. Wait, didn’t Matt Ryan and Jones only win 6 games the year before Shanny arrived?

              3. I disagree with that Grant. The scheme put a lot of points on the board. The lack of running calls when they were in FG range was the mistake he made.

              4. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones were the main reasons Shanahan won offensive assistant of the year.

                Talent can do special things for coaches.

            1. What’s funny about that is Shanahan gets a lot of credit for mentoring McVay, but McVay actually runs things a lot differently with all the 11 personnel stuff, etc.

              He took it and made it his own really.

              1. His red zone production would tank just like Shanahan’s. But, McVay still is the more innovative coach. Shanahan is much more tied to the past.

              2. “Talent wins in this league.”

                Not without good coaching. How many games did the Rams win in 2016 with “Gurley Goff, Donald” ?

              3. McVay has done a great job but personnel plays a big role. Both men are innovative and great play callers, but McVay has the horses right now.

              4. I think you take away Gurley and the Rams find a big back for short yardage situations and a fleet back to get big chunk yardage!

              5. Harbaugh had talent. He couldn’t win.
                McVay inherited a gold mine. Let’s see if he can pull it off.

              6. The big game! He can’t win the big one.
                If McVay doesn’t win the SB this year or next, they’ll say the same thing.

                Your all over Shanny for not winning with a brutal roster but all 4 years Harbaugh was here he had a championship roster and could not win it all. Go figure how that works.

              7. He won. Yes the Super Bowl is the ultimate, but a lot of very good coaches, some in the Hall of Fame never won that game.

                I’ll take a guy who averages 11 wins per year.

        2. Brown is a twinkie away from 400 lbs., and he’s no longer here. I’m more concerned with finding a DB coach that teaches our secondary how to turn and look for the football!

            1. Good, let them worry about how much he eats and what buttons to push to keep him motivated year after year. Oh that’s right, as young as he is and as talented as some make him out to be, maybe the 49ers got ripped off. Instead of turning that 7th rounder into a 3rd, they could have turned it into a 1st or 2nd if they weren’t so incompetent….

              1. Here it is, building up our cast by disparaging those that were here before. It has happened with CK, Harbaugh, Bowman, Brown and others.

                The fact is Brown is a terrific player and we probably should/could have kept him. Shanahan felt otherwise and he is performing with a really excellent team. Wish him the best, he may have a ring where others might not.

              2. Trent Brown PFF grade is a 65. Hardly “terrific”, and more like above average which is why all we got for him was a 3rd round pick. Call and tell them to stop disparaging him, 1-800-PFFT.

              3. This is one of the times I question razor’s thinking…

                building up our cast by disparaging those that were here before.

                This is a normal razor thing….sometimes he let’s the hate cloud his judgement…

                T.Brown is a solid NFL player …..and to continue use his weight which the Pats have no issue with as a wedge issue is just sad, pathetic and being a hater…

              4. To be fair, Razor’s disparaging comments about Brown are nothing new on here. Other posters have been saying similar things about Brown for years.

              5. Yea, like his weight didn’t play a part in being a 7th round pick. Are you freaking serious dude? His weight will always be an issue. Nobody misses Trent Brown except the few groupies on this blog….

              6. His lack of playing experience and conditioning concerns could hurt his draft stock. Played just 43 percent of the snaps during 2014 season due to injury and conditioning issues. The scouts were haters too. Everybody is a hater. He hate me. 😢

              7. Brown had a holding penalty and the Patriots averaged 3 yards a carry against the Bills. Brady was sacked twice and took 4 hits….

    2. The iupati thing, you have a point on. Trent was being cheap. nd for fake sake, he thought a rookie could maul like Mike. Trent was dead wrong. But in the other case, your dead wrong. O lines are the cornerstones of the offense. And McGlinchey was a hell of a pick. There is no 1st round WR or Edge rusher that is having a better season than him right now. Im not saying he’s ROY but I am saying he was a heck of a pick

      1. I agree he was a heck of a pick if you look at him in a vacuum. However we are 1-7 with him and have no edge rusher or a #1 wide receiver. What I am afraid of is that we will still suck for the next five years with McGlinchey at tackle and then let him walk and draft another rookie tackle claiming we need to rebuild the offensive line.

        Meanwhile Courtland Sutton and Equanimous St Brown will become solid NFL players in a couple of years while we are still depending on over the hill veterans and late round reaches to make up the holes in the roster.

        I am just venting. I am sick and tired of hearing “wait till next year” over and over again.

  17. As much as I would like to say the 49ers will beat the Raiders, I just don’t them beating the Raiders with a third string QB and SS, along with a banged up group of RBs and OL.

    Raiders 36
    49ers 30

      1. I’m thinking 9ers 22, Raiders 19. Could have some botched extra points and a safety mixed in.

        What’s the over/under on total number of penalties for the game?

  18. Mid, I agree, but I think the score will be much lower. 16-12.. Someone has to lose this game, but the better question is will someone TRY to lose this game.

  19. The Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame should have a ‘media’ category. There, the likes of Ira Miller, Glenn Dickey, Lon Simmons, and other luminaries could be recognized and celebrated. Maybe Grant could make the cut one day. Wonder what the criteria would be for nomination?


  20. I think the Niners should just put the slogan.”there’s always next year!” On all of theyre season tickets,above the locker room all over the outside of Levi’s…haha
    Ruben Foster now Tartt..god what a bunch of glass soldiers this team has assembled

  21. Talking of “wait till next year” here a joke someone told me the other day.

    Did you ever hear of a woman who was married three time and still a virgin. First she married a lawyer and all he ever wanted to do was talk. Then she married a doctor and all he ever wanted to do was look. Then she married a 49er and all he ever said was “wait till next year”.

      1. One of my all time favorites – listening to the Giants on my badass transistor radio was a daily thing with me. RIP Willie Mac RIP

  22. Mullens could be Kurt Warner circa 1999 all over again. He just needed the chance and then everything clicked.
    One can dream can’t they. Bethard (Go Hawks!!!) ain’t the answer and I’m not really sure Glassman Garopps is either. Least Mullen looked functional in pre-season mop-up duty. Plus he went to southern miss so maybe he can channel a little Favrenugen.

      1. I did not want to post it after the foghorn comment.
        I hope many others give their respect to Willie Mac. Just because you did it, does not mean others cannot do it, too.
        Are you going to accuse Under of parroting, too?

  23. Niners have a good chance of beating the Raiders. Gruden is intentionally tanking, and his locker room is seething with discontent.
    I hope Mullens can beat the Raiders, and I think he is accurate enough to do that.
    Any time the Raiders lose, I am happy, even if it means losing out on the first pick. Actually, I hope the Niners pick last every year.
    Both teams have only one win, so one team should win. Having said that, they might end in a 16-16 tie.
    Niners 24-23.

  24. Top edge rushers in 2019 draft (from my point of view):

    1. Nick Bosa
    2. Clelin Ferrell
    3. Montez Sweat
    4. Chase Winovich
    5. Brian Burns

    1. Is that the Ann Killion that said a couple weeks ago that the team didn’t have the talent or depth. The one that said, rebuilding from a 2-14 team to a real contender takes time. Depth is crucial in the brutally unforgiving NFL. That’s exactly why Shanahan and Lynch wanted and received such long contracts. But there were expectations, optimism, all of it whipped up by the marketing department and hungry fans?

      1. I don’t know what she’s been writing lately. She blocked me on Twitter during the NBA Finals. Not sure why though. 🤷‍♂️

        This came onto my feed because Eric Branch retweeted it.

  25. ‘I have more street cred..’

    Yeah, you’re a gangsta! LOL!

    OK, for occaisional comic relief………
    (Florio quotes him!)

    1. What’s up, Brotha?
      This blog seems to have gone the way of the 49er season. Almost no discussion of actual football. Some of the posts remind me of that old adage: “Better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.”
      I have a question for you and others who may be watching game film closely: Is Buckner winning one-on-one battles in the trenches with any consistency? He seemed to have started off strong but in the more recent games seems to have lost that dominance that I was expecting from him.

      1. Good question, Mood. I’ve been wondering the same thing. In the first game against Arizona, I saw Lupati stand him up quite easily.

      2. I haven’t watched that much All22, but even if he keeps his pad level down against an initial blocker, a chipper or late help can get underneath his pads. DL has to find a higher but sustainable gear and some skittles for 4Q.

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