Can 49ers contain Patrick Mahomes?

SANTA CLARA — Patrick Mahomes is just different.

Aaron Rodgers and Kirk Cousins are good quarterbacks, but not good enough to compete with the 49ers’ phenomenal defense. Not nearly good enough.

Mahomes can compete. His record as a starter is 27-8 including playoff games, and he is by far the most naturally gifted quarterback in the NFL. Plus he beat the 49ers 38-27 in 2018. His quarterback rating was 115.5. Granted, the 49ers’ defense has improved since then, but so has Mahomes.

“His mobility is unique,” 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh said. “His arm strength is ridiculous. He’s very, very accurate. But what I don’t think people give him enough credit for is that he actually plays quarterback. There are a lot of quarterbacks in this league that will say no to the No. 1 option (in their progression), and then it just becomes streetball.

“Mahomes gets rid of the ball on time. He puts it where it needs to be. He hits a lot of throws in rhythm. And when he needs to take his shot (down the field), he knows how to buy time in the pocket. He’s a superstar in every way you can possibly imagine and he’s going to be tough to deal with.”

Never has Saleh praised a quarterback so highly.

Mahomes does everything for the Chiefs’ offense. He has accounted for 86% of their total offense in the playoffs, and was their leading rusher in both of their postseason games. He’s like a younger, bigger Russell Wilson.

But the 49ers have a dominant defense, and they feel it’s equipped to defend Mahomes now that they have Nick Bosa and Dee Ford, who weren’t on the 49ers last season.

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  1. How do you stop Mahomes? Layers of defense. First the d-line has to get his jersey dirty. It begins there. Knock him down early and often. That’s the first layer.

    Second layer, the linebackers. They have to impede the routes of the WR. You have to redirect their route from a straight line to a turn or stutter step so that the rush has that extra millisecond to get to the QB.

    The secondary. The third layer. Watch the ball, don’t lose your man.

    It really isn’t that hard.

    1. “Watch the ball, don’t lose your man.”

      I don’t think this is easy at all. Those WRs have tremendous speed. Are you suggesting they play man or zone defense in the secondary?

        1. Not sure if disguises and mixing it up is the hallmark of a “Seattle” style defense – I know Saleh has made some changes but I believe he still likes to keep it relatively simple. I expect him to blitz more than usual.

          1. I think this is a great matchup. Wether it’s zone or man or any disguising going on, it all comes down to can the Niners get Mahomes to the ground.
            5 sacks and we win this game.

            1. One difference between Mahomes and RW is that Mahomes can’t take the beating of taking sacks as well as Wilson. One of RW’s greatest traits is that he rarely gets injured (I don’t think he has ever missed a game as a starter). Mahomes on the other hand looks more susceptible to getting beat up. I’m not suggesting we take him out, just that if he chooses to be a runner then the defense needs to treat him as such and not as a protected QB. I actually agree with Florio for once.

              1. Great point Cubus. Mahomes is a good athlete but he’s not an elite athlete like Jackson or Murray or Wilson.
                You look at the run against Tennessee where he tip toed down the sideline and scored. I mean 2 guys missed sure as heck tackles and the guy at the 5 yard line goes for strip when he really could have lit him up.
                I think that’s the difference no one is talking about with the Niners. They have no mercy when it comes to being physical and they very rarely miss open field tackles.

                I like Mahomes, think he is one of the best QB’s in the NFL. But he is no different from any other QB in the history of football. Knock them down, get physical and it changes the game.

              2. The Niners defense has the right attitude in that they know Mahomes will make a few plays but they also have game changing playmakers on their end.
                They lost 38-27 last year and Jimmy G was out. Everyone talks about about KC can put up 35, but so can the Niners. Those running place that Shanny has designed can go the distance. Trever Coleman has done it. Breida has done it, and Mostert definitely can do it. So the smart move is to just have long drives on Offense. and Make KC work for it. Limit their possessions.

    2. I think it was a Chris Simms break down, but Tennessee beat Mahomes by rushing three dropping 1 back as a spy and maintaining contain on the edge.
      He also went into how Tennessee tried to get too cute In The second game. Running stunts they’d probably never practiced.
      Mahomes needs time for routes to develop. With an effective pass rush, I think Mahomes can be rattled. I would switch Sherman like they did to start in Greenbay to the other side of the field and play their cover three. It will be up to ward to do his job. He can’t float on the crossing route and needs to maintain his coverage with Mosely.
      Again Chris Simms breaks down the plays that K.C. runs and how SF has covered them. New Orleans ran them. Green Bay ran then with a small variance. It is all hinges on the safety.
      The speedy linebackers need to press on the line and should be able to keep up with the slot receivers.
      It will be a good game that will come down to who executed better.

    3. Exactly.

      I cant even count how many times I see their WRs running wide open through zones (easy pass) or running over the top beating the safety (easy TD).

      It boggles my mind how a Safety lets Hill run past him, like the amount of time those balls are in the air on passes that deep should allow any safety to break on it and break it up or INT, but when Hill has passed them and runs under the ball its game over. Just don’t let him get behind you.

      Stephen A. made a good argument the other day (and I loath him) but the point was made that PM is really good, but his dudes make him that much better. You put a lot of QBs in that system, throwing to guys wide open, and they will have amazing numbers and look MVPish. I never seen PM throwing into tight coverages or making brilliant reads, dudes literally just back there playing streetball like we all did as a kid throwing that Nerf ball 40 yards to a guy wide open.

      Niners DBs need to not worry about supporting the run, the LBs and Dline will handle that. DB’s need to stick to their guys, Safetys need to not let guys get past them and the dline need to hit PM hard and often, hell take a late hit now and then just to get that into his head and hopefully have him rattled just a bit.

      1. This is why at times,they should play tight man and jam the receivers at the line of scrimmage.
        I also hope they confuse Mahomes by disguising their coverages.
        I will respectfully disagree with you about Mahomes throwing. Many times, he drops dimes and fit the ball into a tight window. It is impressive to see him be so accurate on the run, with his unorthodox arm angles. I want Mahomes to have a bad day, but I also am trying to keep it real. Mahomes is an elite passer.

  2. I think Dee Ford has given the Niners good tips on how to defend against Mahomes, because he practiced against him last season.
    Ford and Bosa have the talent to pressure Mahomes, and hopefully contain him, but I hope Ford does not get blocked past the pocket, and Bosa can keep on his feet, and not fall down.
    Hopefully, the Niner defense can get to Mahomes with only 4 pass rushers, but I hope Saleh dials up some exotic blitzes to surprise Mahomes. They should not let Mahomes climb in the pocket by sending Greenlaw or Warner on a delayed blitz up the middle. Maybe K’Waun Williams can slap the ball out of Mahomes’ hands.
    One way they can disrupt the timing of Mahomes with his receivers is to play tight man to man, with a jam at the line of scrimmage.
    I hope the interior pass rushers can rush in the passing lanes, and get a hand in the air for a possible tipped pass.
    GO NINERS !!!!!! SIX !!!!!!

  3. So he’s lost 8 times and won 27? Are those 8 losses against teams that are much better in any way, or a much better matchup against Mahomes, than the 49ers? Of course not.

  4. It’s fascinating to hear the press talk about Mahomes. I was watching Getup! Where Bart Scott was criticizing JG for being a system QB. In the same breath he says “Reid changed his system to the spread to accommodate Mahomes” then says “Mahomes is a true QB that can play in any system.” Mahomes is great but he’s become a media darling. No one is talking about how KC started out both of the last two games giving a huge lead to the opponent in the first half. It’s a real thing that they start slow. What if they cannot recover against the 49ers defense and the 49ers run game is unstoppable? To me it shows an angle they don’t want to cover.

  5. Mahomes scares the living crap out of me. Not only Mahomes but the speed of his receivers. To beat the Chiefs they need to:
    #1 stop the run as well as they did in their first 2 playoff wins.
    #2 Confuse Mahomes with multiple coverage schemes. They cannot play man Vs. the Chiefs it has to be zone all day long.
    #3 Pressure, pressure, pressure. At least 10 pressures, 5 hits and 6 sacks.
    If anyone is in the mood for a little nostalgia KNBR is replaying the radio broadcast of the first 9er SB right now.

    1. KC’s defense has improved over the last six or so games (part of that is due to Suggs). So it might turn out that this game may be highlighted more by the SF offense and the KC defense than the expected other way around.

    2. IF the 49ers D, like Bosa and Ford don’t almost literally contain Mahomes in the pocket so he doesn’t run or run and throw and presure him….then Mahomes and KC probably win by 3 or something. He’ll run but they have to coral him best they can. The strongest D will win SB’s but Mahomes is a different cat. 49ers need to run a lot too, 30+..but JG better have like a 16/20 comp, 2td’s, no int day.

    3. OC, I beg to differ about sticking only to the Zone Coverage.
      Mahomes showed how he will pass with anticipation, and throw to a spot. I firmly believe that he will stitch the seams in a zone. Disrupting the WR for even a second, by that jam at the line of scrimmage, will mess up Mahomes’ rhythm and timing. It might also allow the pass rush to get to him.
      If not straight man to man, at least they should mix things up with a combination of zone and man. They should disguise their coverages, and jump routes.

  6. “Despite the additions of Bosa and Ford, the 49ers have struggled defending dual-threat quarterbacks who can run and pass well”.

    Well, they’re 3-2 against mobile QBs and only lost because they couldn’t hit fairly standard field goals (you could also indict poor time management). That and most (or all??) of these games were played *without* Dee Ford. I mean can you really make an argument that with Ford in the lineup they’ve “struggled” when he wasn’t in the lineup during their “struggles”?

    The 49ers still have to make plays, but I like their chances.

  7. I’m not positive but the key in this game is for the defense not to play gassed.

    If this defense gets gassed in the 4th it’s over. It’s been their Achilles heel and it’s the easiest way to beat the 49ers.

  8. Mahomes is going to get his, just don’t make it easy. The entire Niner team is going to get theirs and it will be easier then most think. KC is about Mahomes and speed, the Niners are about everything else with some speed to boot.

    Back in the day there was this QB named Marino, teaming up with the Mark’s brothers, Clayton and Duper. Big arms and speed – eh the Dolphins won Super Bowls with 10 passes or so, big arm and speed not so much.

      1. About a 6.

        I think we’re the better team. We don’t have much in the way of weaknesses across the board.

        Just make sure the D-like isn’t gassed come Q4 and we can take this.

        If we look like we’ve done against other mobile QBs in the fourth (no energy), we’re hosed.

          1. This team is different for some reason. I don’t know what it is but it’s built with a bunch of guys on a mission to win.
            I’ll go with a 9er.

  9. 49ers can’t give KC a short field.

    Special Teams have to play lights out.

    Jimmy G and RB’s CAN’T TURN THE BALL OVER. No fumbles or sloppy pass interceptions.

    RB’s hang onto the ball when struggling for tough extra yards when play over…

    If KC is to win, make them earn it, don’t hand it to them.

  10. The Titans were expected to run over the KC defense, but that didn’t happen. I’ve been really busy with other things so don’t have time to research it. Anyone have a reason why that happened (predominantly 8 in the box, etc.) – or is it just that the KC defense stepped up to the challenge.

    1. I don’t think Tennessee had enough fire power on offense outside of Henry.
      They became one dimensional then didn’t have anything else to go to.

      The biggest take away from that game that I found was that Tennessee only rushed three or four at times against Mahomes and they couldn’t get to him.

      The Niners have to make next Sunday the worst day of Mahomes life as a pro football player.

      1. This brings up a question I have. I often hear that when a guy blitzes, the QB should throw it to a receiver in the area that the blitzing guy vacated, particularly if the blitzer is a DB (I suppose this assumes that at least one of the receivers will change his route so that he is in that area if the play didn’t originally call for someone to be there).. So, when a DC calls for a blitz, why not have another defender move over into the area that the blizter vacated? Maybe they already do that; I don’t know as I can’t recall ever hearing anyone say that or read it. Maybe it’s impractical for some reason.

        1. The zone blitz accounts for that, but can still lead to mis-matches for the D, like a DE covering an RB, and can still be exploited.
          Blitzes in Man isolate DBs on fast receivers so there’s danger there too, plus their backs are turned to the mobile QB.
          Blitzes are gambles; disguise, timing, and unpredictability are key.
          Combo coverages, like Zone with Man underneath can be a change-up.

        2. Someone should post the video of the K’wan Wiliams strip sack. I believe Dee Ford vacated the right side of the line and shot over to cover the freed up zone from Williams.

          Just one example of a pretty good disguised blitz.

    2. There are probably multiple reasons why Titans did not succeed in running against the Chiefs. My guesses are:
      1. Henry had run 3 weeks in a row, pounding his body against post-season defenses for a large volume of runs which takes its toll. I suspect he was a bit worn down by the time the Championship game arrived. No team can win depending on a bell-cow back to run 150+ yards every game.
      2. Arthur Smith abandoned the run too early in the second half after they fell behind. So it was as much the Titans not running the ball as it was KC’s run D.
      3. Smith’s run calls are pretty predictable and has depended on overpowering the line at the point of attack and then running bulldozing the D at the second and third level. Not enough variety in the run game.

      I find very little reason to believe that the diverse and fast Niners run game can be stopped by the Chiefs when the Vikings could not do so. Alex Rollins has put together a nice video on the run game.

    3. I don’t think they “stopped” Henry, so much as the Chiefs offense got going and the Titans had to start throwing the ball to try to keep up. Throwing the ball is not what they do well, so the results were kind of predictable in my estimation.

  11. The Chiefs defense has given up an average of 4.9 yards per rush when having 8+ defenders in the box. (incl. playoffs, highest in the NFL)

    The 49ers have seen 8+ defenders in the box 35% of the time when rushing.(incl. playoffs)

      1. Henry was a little gassed from the first two playoff games. He was doing okay in the first half. The KC defense is nothing special where as the Niners Defense is, and their offense is so multi-dimensional. The league will always put a marquee QB like Mahomes because they need that narrative since all the old dudes are pass their prime. Don’t be surprised to see a couple of questionable calls go against the Niners because the leaves wants a high scoring game where they can anoint a new great QB,
        What the Niners have going for them is that while Jimmy G may not be as good as Mahomes, he sure is handsome- which is also a way to win over the casual female fans!

      2. They had a good game plan that sold out to stop Henry, but Tannyhill was able to exploit the holes via play action in the first half. Once they fell behind though, the running game and play action was no longer a viable option. That forced Tannyhill into dropping back and throwing, which was the ultimate goal of Spagnuolo….

      3. Titans had played 8 straight games since their November 17th bye week.
        That first round playoff bye week is a distinct advantage.

        1. cubus, these guys all make good, valid points. I think its a combination of everything they said… one more fact. Like kap, Henry is a big tall guy…..and like kap….he takes 3,4,5 strides to get going full speed! A lot of the talking heads mentioned this all week. KC did a good job of swarming DH b4 he got his momentum up!
          The 49er rb’s, especially RM, hit the hole like they are shot out of canon !! This wont be a problem for us.

  12. I am worried about Honey Badger in KC secondary. He is very smart and Jimmy G has to be very careful when throwing. If Jimmy G doesn’t turn the ball over we have a really good chance of winning this game.

  13. Can’t still believe that the Niners are headed to the Super Bowl. The first team in NFL history to lose 10+ games in 4 years in a row and make it to the Super Bowl in the 5th year.

    What has really struck me in the playoffs is how the players and the coaches have tightened their game — very few penalties or wasted time outs. The O and the D are executing plays like well-oiled machines.

    Brent Jones mentioned in his KNBR show that he had attended a practice last week and struck how flawlessly the practice went. He said that it reminded him of the playoff practices of 1994.

    Feels great, baby!

      1. Rib,
        I’m nominating you for this blog’s Fan of the Year award! You have been one of the few oases of optimism and positive thinking in this dreary desert of pessimism inhabited by some prominent “nattering nabobs of negativity”. I believe you will be at the game, right. If that’s the case, enjoy your trip to Miami and soak in the atmosphere. Niners will win, and hope you find a great victory party.

        1. Hey mood, thank you I appreciate that. One question – does Fan of The Year come with any monetary consideration? ;)

          There’s been a bunch of of us though, off the top of my head – yourself, md, razor, undercenter, the drunken robot, others… I mean why be a fan of a team if you are not expecting the very best, year in year out? This year especially exposes the pessimists lie that “last year (x years, decade, whatever) they were crap, this year they will be too”.

          Yes, wife and I are going to the game wooo hooo! I fully expect a rocking South Beach party going into the wee hours! Who’s feeling greater than us? Noooooobody!

          1. Sounds like you are set to have a great South Florida vacation, Rib. I lived for two years in Miami in the mid 80s. Winters consisted of a few cold snaps! Have a great trip.
            Alas, FoTY comes only with a T-shirt with an image of Grant doing his podcast, a copy of Sun Tzu’s masterpiece, and a monograph of compilation of comments on this blog on how to make the right moves as a GM, with a foreword by Lynch, the executive of the year.

    1. And they play a similar defense if I’m not mistaken. Any game in particular? I’ll try to find time to watch a condensed version.

    2. Nick Bosa said that he will be huddling down with his bro in Florida next week to study what worked for the Chargers and what didn’t.

    3. They played a lot of zone coverage and gave up 7 yards per play against the Chiefs during Week 17. The Chiefs had the ball for fewer than 24 minutes despite converting 7 of 10 third downs.

      1. “They played a lot of zone coverage and gave up 7 yards per play against the Chiefs during Week 17.”

        They held the KC offense to 24 points in both games and Mahomes to 5.5 and 7 yards per pass.

        If the 49ers hold KC to 24 points they win.

        1. That’s a good call Jack.
          SF also throws in a lot more different looks than a standard 3 deep zone, Mixing in a lot of cover 2 but there is a lot of overlap.
          I’m going to say now, if SF holds KC to 30 or fewer they win.

        2. The best way to limit the Chiefs to 24 points is to let Mecole Hardman return a kickoff for a touchdown so they have one fewer offensive possession.

              1. Mahomes was held under 7 yards per attempt 4 times all year, 2 were from the Chargers.

                Unlike the Chargers, the 49ers have the ability to slow down the run as well.

    4. The Chargers actually outgained the Chiefs in both of their matchups but lost mainly because of turnovers and a kickoff return for a TD in the second game. The 49ers do a lot of the same things defensively due to the link between Saleh and Bradley so it bodes well for them, especially considering the 9er defense has a more talented group than the Chargers. If the 49ers play a clean game they have a very good chance to win.

  14. Best ways to defend against Mahomes:
    1. Keep him on the bench by having long drives on Offense.
    2. Pressure him as much as possible.
    3. Shut down the Chiefs run game.
    4. Throw in different coverages to confuse him.
    5. Bring a large incredibly gorgeous desert table on to the sidelines to destract Andy Reid.
    6. Don’ t give the Chiefs good field position by avoiding turnovers and mistakes on kicks.
    7. A tropical storm would be nice also; lots of wind and rain.
    8. Ignore the media who has crowned him the best QB ever after 3 seasons.

    1. 7. A tropical storm would be nice also; lots of wind and rain.

      Accuweather is predicting wind gusts up to 26 MPH Sunday night. Could help, can’t hurt.

  15. Andy Reid said he has tunnel vision, concentrating only on this game. Guess he is trying to avoid the distractions.
    Interesting, I thought tunnel vision was when one was unaware of what is around him, and is focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel. That might not be good if the light is from a train coming from the other direction. ;p
    Both Reid and KS are very good Head Coaches, but I think KS has an advantage. He can lean on MS, to have him impart the wisdom from winning 2 rings. Sounds like KS has his players loose, and prepared.

    1. Absolutely agree. While he was a nimrod at the beginning (and maybe part of that was because he trusted Baalke too much), he’s wised up and stayed the hell out of the way. Kudos, for now. But there’s always a danger that these owners will want to take a more active role. The key is that he has good guys he can trust (ShanaLynch) AND that he (Jed York) has something else (apart from the 49ers) of importance to keep him occupied.

  16. I’m so excited to finally see my beloved team back where they belong. The SuperBowl!
    KS will have a perfect gameplan with a lot of misdirection and some improv from Bosa. If they fall behind though, the running game and play action will no longer be a viable option. We’ll go back to different disguises and mixing it up to throw them off. As long as we score more than KC, we will win the game.
    Kittle will set a SB record.
    I can’t wait for tomorrow for the game to start.
    Should be a good one!
    GO NINERS!!!
    Bring home the SB!!!

      1. Just my catfish. I also do not think Kittle will be catching many footballs. He is not greedy, and would rather win a SB by pancaking defenders.

          1. We need to stop Mahomes by getting his jersey dirty. If we knock him down early and often enough, it will stop him from throwing and running.
            As long as our linebackers impede the routes of their WR. It will change their route from a straight line to a turn or stutter step so that the rush has that extra millisecond to get to the QB.
            As long as the D watches the ball, don’t lose sight of their man we’ll be victorious today!
            It shouldn’t be that hard.
            GO NINERS!!!!!
            Get us that Trophy today!

  17. I hear that Spagnuolo has given the Honey Badger the license to freelance. Kyle is perhaps busy drawing up plans to bait him into a couple of big, explosive plays. Keep in mind that Jimmy G has a higher explosive play rate (12%, ranked #1 in the league) than Mahomie (10%, #6).

    1. Run at the Honey Badger. That’s how Shanahan will capitalize.
      Chiefs do not do a good job getting off blocks. Expect another run game plan where the Niners rush 39xs for 180 yards two scores.

      1. Misplaced, intended for Niners All Day Girl.
        Well, Ronnie Lott, hardly a sissy, volunteered that he was always intimidated facing Stabler because (paraphrasing here) Stabler didn’t let you get away with the smallest mistake. He’d notice if you were 2 or 3 feet out of position and exploit it. Lott said when he did so purposely ready to readjust at the snap to lure in Snake, that he’d never take the bait.
        Ronnie wasn’t scared, but he thought some QBs were ‘scary good.’

        BTW, in my opinion you are one of the good commenters on this site.

  18. I refuse to say an opposing team’s QB “scares” or “terrifies” me no matter how good they are. When did this kind of rhetoric become so commonplace?

  19. I haven’t watched enough tape to confirm but Johnnydel was showing tape to indicate Mahomes prefers to drop back out of the pocket rather than step up into it. I think this particularly bodes well for Ford if his hamstring isn’t balking at him.

    Let’s hope we can continue to get him turning his back to the defense.

  20. Truth

    “Once again, it’s people telling you how to win,” Sherman said. “Like, ‘Hey, we don’t care that you’re winning by double digits every game. You’re not winning the way we want you to. So let’s criticize him.’”

  21. No way, absolutely no way, 49ers defense can keep up with speed of
    Mahomes and his receivers. Sherman in man??? Inconceivable! This blog is
    delusional, outright delusional. Repeating my respected, well-founded
    prediction: Chiefs 42-Niners 28. Take it to the bank.

    1. The Chiefs have speed at the WR position, the Niners have speed at the LB and DL. They also have speed on Offense with Mostert, Breida, Kittle and Samuel. No one is really talking about the playmakers on the Chiefs defense.

      Reid has also been a choker and their defense doesn’t play smart. They had two offsides in a row for the Titans!

      Mahomes is good, but don’t get caught in the hype. The league needs it because this is the first time in the AFC that a QB not named Rothlesburger, Brady or Manning is in the Superbowl. I still think they will do whatever it takes to make him look good. Like 50/50 PI calls will go against the Niners. But you know? They are so good they’re still going to win!

      1. Who are the playmakers on the Chiefs defense besides Clark and Matthieu?
        Matthieu to me is the guy you target in the run and pass game until he demonstrates he can stop anyone.

    2. Rob…. our DE ran faster 40’s than your QB.
      He’s not very fast, just shifty and can make any kind of Shortstop throw there is.
      So your fast QB notion is a joke.
      I highly doubt you’re a chiefs fan, or you’d know that.

      And apparently you haven’t seen the speed on this defense.

      Question is, how on earth is the chiefs defense going to stop this fast 49ers offense?
      Second in the league by a tenth of a second to the chiefs offense!
      You’re buying the hype and missing the truth on how good and fast this 49ers team is.
      But hey like all of MSM “news” and Sports “news” they only feed you want they want you to hear.
      Good luck with that prediction, hopefully you had enough balls to place a good amount of money on it.

    3. Respected? No. Well founded? No.
      Remember, defense wins championships.
      The Niners have the number one rated pass defense. Mahomes will not be able to complete passes while flat on his back.
      Conversely, the Niners ran for 285 yards last game, while the Chiefs have the number 27 ranked run defense. Expect a juggernaut, and the Niners to impose their will on the Chief defense.
      Thanks for trolling, but you seem to be an expert on delusional thinking.
      The Niners are on their Quest For Six, and the Chiefs are in their way.

    4. Rob Priline
      * “No way, absolutely no way, 49ers defense can keep up with speed of Mahomes and his receivers.”

      * The opinion of a Chief’s fan watching the game thru his belly button…..

      1. Rob Priline
        EDGE: Nick Bosa NFL combine 40 time = 4.79s
        EDGE: Dee Ford combine 40 time = 4.55s
        LB: Kwon Alexander combine 40 time = 4.55s
        * Mahomes can run, but he can’t hide from the 9ers D?

    5. Rob Priline:
      Here’s what your KC Squaws have to worry about TRYING to stop……
      * RB Matt Breida: 40 time = 4.37s
      * RB Tevin Coleman: 40 time = 4.39s
      * RB Raheem Mostert: 40 time = 4.36s
      * TE George Kittle: 40 time = 4. 52s
      * WR Deebo Samuel: 40 time = 4.48s
      * WR Emmanuel Sanders: 40 time = 4.41s
      *Other than WR Hill’s 4.29s 40, the KC Squaws are slower than the SF 49ers!
      * KC Squaws = Wile Coyote………….SF 49ers = Road Runner….Beep beep!

  22. Mahomes (Mr. Clean) seems to never get touched, his uniform rarely is dirty. He’s gonna try to do the same thing in Super Bowl (dance around and then throw deep). He expects to do exactly what he’s been doing the last couple years.
    Well it’s all going to change on Super Sunday! He WILL get sacked and he WILL get attacked from all angles. I think he’ll get a little rattled by the constant waves of pressure the Niners will put on him. Mahomeboy is not used to being uncomfortable for 4 quarters in a row. This will be the difference IMO and Niners will complete quest for six 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆!!
    Shan has a plan!! 😉👌

  23. The Niners are poised for greatness. Thankfully, the team is relatively healthy, and their run game is operating like a Swiss watch.
    I visited the AP site, and they are whining that the Niners seem to be over confident, and not quaking in their boots over an unstoppable Chief offense.
    We seem to pick up a few Chiefs trolls on the Niner sites, but their bombast is like some one wheezily whistling while walking past the graveyard at midnight. Believe me, if the Niners build up a 27 point lead, the Niner defense will not let the Chiefs back in the game.
    I hope the Niners run right at Clark and Mathieu. They are good in pursuit, but Clark weighs 260 lbs, so the Niner offensive linemen can wear him down. Kittle should be assigned to Mathieu, and his goal should be to pancake him at least 5 times.
    I am glad that many pundits are picking the Chiefs. It just makes good locker room fodder.

  24. RIP Kobe Bryant. Reportedly killed in a helo crash today. I’m sure others perished with him, and condolences to all the families

  25. Mahomes isn’t really a dual threat QB, he’s mobile and can extend plays but not really a running threat. The most important part of the 49ers D in the SB will be the pass rush – if they can consistently get to Mahomes and not allow him to extend plays they will make their stops defensively and give the offense a chance to win the game even if they aren’t perfect. If Mahomes is allowed to get in rhythm or extend plays consistently then they will pile on points quickly and the 49ers offense will struggle to keep pace unless they play some top quality football.

    1. Gotta get to him by the count of 4. Although he’s improved on stepping up in the pocket, Mahomes still doesn’t look all that comfortable doing it. Both Bosa and Ford have the speed to run him down, and while he’s compared to Wilson, Mahomes is not nearly as agile or coordinated a runner.

      I think our offense is fully capable of putting up 30+ points against Spagnuolo’s defense, and I’m confident Saleh can hold the Chiefs to under 30 points….

    2. Mahomes really is a dual threat QB. He averaged 5.1 yards per carry in the regular season is the Chiefs’ most dangerous rushing threat.

      1. Mahomes really is a dual threat QB. He averaged 5.1 yards per carry in the regular season…

        Mahomes was 16th in rush attempts in the regular season with 43 attempts lagging even Aaron Rodgers and Jimmy G (46 attempts).

        Mahomes yards per run (5.07 ypr) trailed such eminent dual-threat luminaries as Dak Prescott (52 for 277 at 5.3 ypr), Gardner Minshew (67 for 344 at 5.13 ypr), Tom Brady (24 for 139 at 5.4 ypr) and Daniel Jones (45 for 279 at 6.2). Mahomes just managed to edge out Dwayne Haskins (20 for 101 at 5.05 ypr)

        Dual-threat QB indeed!

        1. Exactly, Mood. He averages 15 yards rushing per game. He isn’t immobile by any means and if there is nothing else available he can pick up some yards with his feet here and there, but that doesn’t make him a dual threat QB.

          1. He’s definitely very mobile, and is also very quick. His decisiveness in choosing his running path and fluid style of running makes him look faster than he is. But in the NFL of Jackson, Wilson, Watson and Murray, I wouldn’t call him a dual-threat QB unless Reid starts scripting a few designed run plays for him every game.

          2. Mahomes averages 53 rushing yards per game this year in the playoffs — exactly what Steve Young averaged in the 1992 playoffs. But Young wasn’t a dual threat, either.

            1. Mahomes and Rodgers are very similar types of QBs. Both have incredible arms and are able to move well to extend plays and pick up yards with their feet when nothing is open. I don’t consider Rodgers a dual threat QB though. If you and others do, fine. But to me a dual threat QB is a guy that can take over games running or passing, and opponents are genuinely in a quandary regarding how to stop them running.

        2. This is silly. Mahomes had a high-ankle sprain and a dislocated knee cap. Now he’s healthy and has run for 53 yards in the past two playoff games. You know this.

          In 2018, Mahomes rushed 60 times and Russell Wilson rushed 67 times. By your silly definition, Wilson isn’t a dual threat because he doesn’t run enough during the regular season.

          1. Grant,

            You’ve always misused numbers and stats. I’m afraid that in this context, your misuse of numbers has, to quote Kwon, reached legendary proportions.

            You cannot make any generalizations on two games, especially play-off games. Even pocket QBs scramble for significant yards in the playoffs where it’s win or go home. Frankly, even 16 games are not enough to draw major conclusion, let alone two games.

            The term “dual-threat” QB had till recently been exclusively used for college QBs. Young, Cunningham, Elway and McNabb were referred to as mobile QBs. The first time I heard this term used with any frequency in the NFL was with the arrival of read option QBs However, even with Vick who ran read option in college, I don’t recall even Vick being referred to by that term although I could be wrong.

            To settle on the definition of the term, let’s use an conventional standard in the form of Wikipedia.

            “In gridiron football, a dual-threat quarterback, also known as a running quarterback, is a quarterback who possesses the skills and physique to run with the ball if necessary.”

            “Current NFL starting quarterbacks considered to be dual threats include Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson, Mitchell Trubisky, Lamar Jackson,Josh Allen, Kyler Murray, and, to a lesser extent Aaron Rodgers, Dak Prescott, Carson Wentz, Patrick Mahomes, and Daniel Jones.

            This statement is fully consistent with my numbers where I commented that Mahomes is about the same level of “dual-threat” as Prescott and Jones.

            By your silly definition, Wilson isn’t a dual threat because he doesn’t run enough during the regular season.

            I never said anything about Wilson. Wilson is a dual-threat because he has the physique to run the ball and hit second level defenders the D which he did until he got into his late 20s.
            It is ironic because you are the one who used regular season numbers to prop up your argument — until you couldn’t! Pretty disingenuous, I must say.

            Mahomes really is a dual threat QB. He averaged 5.1 yards per carry in the regular season

      2. I agree with Grant, as does the Wikipedia article cited by Mood_Indigo below (“to a lesser extent” is a qualifier that still places Mahomes in the set of dual threat quarterbacks). Further, a cursory search for Mahomes and dual threat returns a number of articles from a variety of sources that place him in the dual threat category.

  26. NFL: (Mahomes)
    Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes runs an unofficial 4.80 40-yard dash at the 2017 NFL Scouting Combine.

    (Lamar Jackson):
    To the surprise of no one, Lamar Jackson was near the top of the fastest times. But just how fast did he run? According to Petrino’s tweet, the quarterback raced to a 4.34. time.
    According to ESPN, the last time Jackson ran the 40 he came in at 4.34 seconds.

    (Russell Wilson):
    Russell Wilson – NFL Combine Participants – Mobile
    Photo of Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson (QB18) … 40 YARD DASH: 4.55

    Reply: 49ers were a tipped JG pass away from def. Ravens in their home w/o Ford or Alexander.
    49ers were a rookie Pk mistake away from def. Seahawks w/o Ford or Alexander in OT

    Draw your own conclusion as to what the defense knows here

      Rk Team G Pts/G TotPts Att Att/G Yds Avg Yds/G TD Lng 1st 1st% 20+ 40+ FUM
      1 San Francisco 49ers 2 32 64 89 44.5 471 5.3 235.5 6 36T 25 28.1 4 0 1
      2 Baltimore Ravens 1 12 12 29 29.0 185 6.4 185.0 0 30 10 34.5 3 0 0
      3 Buffalo Bills 1 19 19 30 30.0 172 5.7 172.0 0 42 10 33.3 1 1 1
      4 Tennessee Titans 3 24 72 100 33.3 503 5.0 167.7 3 66 26 26.0 4 1 1
      5 Philadelphia Eagles 1 9 9 26 26.0 120 4.6 120.0 0 18 7 26.9 0 0 1
      6 Houston Texans 2 26.5 53 54 27.0 235 4.4 117.5 2 20T 9 16.7 1 0 1
      7 Kansas City Chiefs 2 43 86 48 24.0 230 4.8 115.0


  27. Rest in peace black mamba…hands down my favorite athlete ever growing up in and near LA. Prayers to his family and those affected.

        1. Condolences to the 9 victims and their families. Sounds like there were coaches, players and their families involved. Guess there were foggy conditions, that may have caused this tragic accident.
          I may not be a Laker fan, but I have mucho respect for Kobe, and how he played the game. This is painful, and a loss to the world. He will be sorely missed.

    1. Leo,
      Yes sir.
      We lost a great one today.
      Prayers going to family and others who also lost their lives in this tragedy.
      (paraph.) “thank God for the talent, but you work hard as if you don’t have any.” Kobe Bryant

  28. MJ, Tiger, Brady & Kobe.

    There are plenty of HOFers in each sport, but I’m not sure there are any others you can put in that group in terms of sheer competitiveness and guys who just flat out can’t stand to lose. They have a special drive within them and their passion and competitiveness has been amazing to watch.

    I think we were just starting to see the amazing creative other side of Kobe.

    Never thought I’d feel this way about a celebrity death but man it has hit me today. What a loss. RIP

  29. How can the Niners contain Mahomes? With their team speed. Maybe do not send LBs, but send safeties and K’Waun Williams on blitzes, because they are fast and quick enough to catch Mahomes. He has deceptive speed. He likes having that 4.6 forty time, so players will expect him to be slow. Mahomes has game speed, like he showed in his 27 yard TD run.
    Mahomes is a dual threat QB, and his skillsets are the reason why I like them. He can use his mobility to avoid the pass rush, and buy time for his receivers to get open. He can break containment and convert third downs, or complete passes while on the run. He may not have been asked to run much this season, but he also dislocated his kneecap, so they were protecting him.
    Containing Mahomes in the pocket requires proper tactics and discipline. Maybe let Buckner line up at DE so he will have a single blocker. He got a sack in the playoffs coming from the left side.
    The best way to neutralize Mahomes is for the Niner offense to sustain long drives, that keep Mahomes on the side line. It will also allow the Niner defense to rest, so they will stay fresh all game.

  30. A couple things…
    1. having a fast 40 helps, but it doesn’t make someone Mobile. Mohames is mobile, he’s shifty and hard to coral in the pocket. Honestly, at this stage I think Wilson runs about the same speed as Mahomes. He has slowed down quite a bit but he’s still mobile because of how shifty he is.
    And like Wilson, you are not scared of him running, you’re scared of him extending the play and hitting someone deep down the field or converting a 3rd and 15.
    2. The Andy Reid choke angle. I hate this one because the same can be said about Kyle. Are fans really going to hang their hopes of winning on the belief that the other team won’t play up to their potential? Also Reid has been historically great when given an extra week, something has to give. My belief is if Saleh holds the Chiefs to less than 30, Shanahan should win this game (excluding turnovers or huge special teams plays). The question is what strategy or wrinkles will he add to do so?

  31. 1. Mahomes is a mobile QB. Non Mobile QBs do not have 27 yard runs, breaking tackles and tightroping the side line.
    2. The pressure will be enormous. John Lynch is right. Nobody remembers the loser. I am confident that the Niners have prepared themselves adequately, because they have been in many pressure packed games in the last half of the season. They have prepared and schemed so well, these past 2 playoff games have proved easy to win. I hope KS and his coaches continue that trend.
    The trick will be for the Niners to apply so much pressure, the Chiefs start making mistakes.It is interesting to note that the Chiefs started off slowly, and let the opposition build leads.It seems as though they do not handle the initial pressure very well.
    McGlinchey seemed to feel the pressure, but he settled down and played well.Luckily, the Niners have JG as their QB. He is as cool as Joe, and knows how to win a ring. Staley, Sanders and Sherman are great resources, who should get the young players to focus on the job at hand.

  32. The recipe will be the same as the last 3 games me thinks…keep Mahomes on the sidelines by running the ball, moving the chains and burning up the clock…..

    Biggest fear has to be when the play breaks down and its backyard football, Mahomes and his recievers thrive at this….this will be the test, can the DB,s stay with their guy when the play breaks down…

    Don’t really think any team has kept him in the pocket or contained= otherwise KC would not be in this position the Super Bowl. The Pass Defene needs to step up big time for this showdown…

    Thanks Grant

  33. Jack mentioned looking to the Chargers for ways to slow down Mahomes. Over on NN, there is a really good post about what the Chargers did to slow down Mahomes. First was the recognition that Mahomes is most effective with passes over the middle, so the Chargers took away the middle by playing variations of Cover 3, some with 4 layers of defense instead of the usual 3.

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