Carlos Rogers: “I’m told I’m the the starter.”

SANTA CLARA – Carlos Rogers spoke to Bay Area reporters this afternoon. Here’s what he said.

Q: What’s the mood like on the team right now?

ROGERS: It’s always every team’s goal to win the Super Bowl. This is where it starts. Preparing, getting stronger, learning the offense, defense and special teams.

Q: What kind of role do you think Nnamdi Asomugha will have this year?

ROGERS: I don’t know. He’s going to have a big role. They brought him in for a reason. There’s going to be competition at the corner spot. They didn’t bring him in to sit on the bench.

Q: You’ve been a starter here and a starter throughout your career, but do you go into this offseason like you’re competing for your job?

ROGERS: I don’t know. I’m told I’m the starter, but any day someone could take your job. That’s what people are here for, to compete. People behind me are trying to take my job and move up. I don’t take it lightly and I don’t take anything for granted. I just continue to work.

Q: When you say you’re told you’re the starter, you’re told by whom?

ROGERS: They put out a starting list. There’s a starting 11 out there. I feel I’m the left corner on this team, and I’m going to continue to perform and play like I’m the left corner on this team, a starter on this team. Patrick Willis is out there at the Mike. He’s not told that he’s the starter, but is someone going to take his job? No. He’s a starter on this team and he’s going to go out there and work each and every day as if he is.

Q: You talked about playing left cornerback. Do you think you’ll be covering the slot in the sub packages like you have in the past?

ROGERS: Yeah, in sub packages.

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