Carlos Rogers learns from Randy Moss and teaches Perrish Cox

SANTA CLARA – Wednesday afternoon Carlos Rogers discussed what he’s taught the younger cornerbacks, what Randy Moss has taught him and what he makes of the newest Niners cornerback – Perrish Cox. Here’s a transcript.

Q: What is this group of cornerbacks like?

ROGERS: They’re very talented. These are young guys who are asking me: “What should I do? What should I be thinking on this play?” Perrish Cox (is learning) the nickel position – that’s a tough position for him – and every day he asks me something: “Los, what do you think? Should I be inside or outside?” It’s tough, but we get through it.

Q: It looks like you want to go against Randy Moss a lot in practice. Is that true?

ROGERS: Oh yeah. I want to go against the best. There’s nothing wrong about going against the young guys, I want to go against them too but they look at me like: “I want to go against Los. I want to go against the best.” Some of them are still kind of learning routes. It’s different versus Randy Moss. Going against him the other day I was in great position on a fade ball and he used a little veteran move on me – a bump off – to catch the ball. A younger guy will probably keep running. Coach Johnnie Morton is talking to them all the time about looking back quick. Randy’s always doing that, so I have to look back quick. You learn from the veteran guys in the league.

Q: Vic Fangio said when you guys play four wideouts you’re going to need two inside guys. How is Perrish Cox doing as a nickel back? Is he making strides?

ROGERS: Each and every day. It’s a learning process….for a guy who’s coming in for the first time, playing nickel for the first time, I think he’s doing well.

Q: Do you think he’s going to get a lot of playing time this year?

ROGERS: I don’t know. There’s an equal opportunity for everybody. I don’t know who’s going to be the top-four corners and who’s going to play. Each guy needs to work hard so when their number’s called upon, they’re ready to play.

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