Carlos Rogers on Shanahan’s offense: “Its the same offense you saw in Denver with new faces.”

SANTA CLARA — Here is transcript of Carlos Rogers’ Wednesday Q&A. Remember, Rogers played for the Redskins from 2005 to 2010.

Q: How satisfying is it to you to have three picks right now?

ROGERS: Real satisfying. No matter if I did good or bad times in Washington, like I told everybody, I’m past them. I just want to be successful at whatever organization I’m in.

Q: You don’t seem as disgruntled as you are appreciative of a new start…

ROGERS:Yeah, man. Exactly. I’m so happy with these surroundings, Washington is not even on my mind. I’m not bitter toward their coaching staff. That was a new coaching staff. I was ready to leave Washington before they even got there. I can take a lot of good stuff from Washington, a lot of coaches I still have relationships with, a lot of friends I still have relationships with, the fans are wonderful. It’s nothing bitter toward them. I just want to beat them for bragging rights when I play them. It’s a waste of time to be mad at those guys.

Q: Was the pressure on you in Washington greater than in other cities?

ROGERS:It wasn’t more pressure. I have had solid years in Washington. I think it was more, when you don’t have a strong offense and you don’t get those picks that I didn’t get, there’s more pressure on you then, like ‘Why isn’t he getting these picks or why this?’ It’s more about your offense really not doing enough. To counteract that, they put it on me or more defenders. You had coaches that appreciated I was a solid corner. I didn’t give up touchdowns and didn’t hardly give up any completions. At the same time, people understand you’ve got to be in that position to make that break up versus we have a team marching down the field on you.

Q: What’s the difference between being First Round Pick Carlos Rogers and being Cornerback Carlos Rogers?

ROGERS: I can’t really tell. Like I said, my first three years it was fun. Playing under (defensive coordinator) Gregg (Williams) we had a lot of fun. A lot of top defenses. Once coach Gibbs decided he was going to retire, and the change of coaches. And the coaches couldn’t really control the team, things just got all hectic. Then it was all about first-round, what he’s not doing. He’s dropping picks. People started to look at all the negative stuff instead of the positive things that you did bring to the team. But once you’re losing, that’s how it is. You can always point out the negative things about any situation. And once you’re winning, it’s vice versa.

Q: You’ve played in a lot of top defenses. What makes this one so special?

ROGERS: The 3-4 gives you a lot of opportunities to make plays. It gives the offense different looks so it doesn’t know who’s coming. That’s the thing about it – that pressure, especially when you have a play caller who knows how to call it. He mixes up them things and sends so many different pressure at you, so many looks that look the same. It’s difficult to play, it’s difficult to call, but if you’ve got a guy like Coach Vic who’s been in it so long, it makes things so easy.

Q: Is the Washington offense doing anything differently?

ROGERS: A lot of the stuff I’m seeing is kind of the same. They’re using a lot of different guys – a lot of faces at receiver I didn’t see. Got some fast guys in there. But most of it’s the same. Coach Shanahan’s offense – it don’t change over the years. You can go back to Denver – they’re going to run that stretch play, try and get outside. Run that same motion with boots. Take their shots when they can. It’s the same offense you saw in Denver with new faces.

Q: What’s it like playing your old team?

ROGERS: It’s different. I think if I was one of the guys that they released, they cut, something like that, if I had the mindset that I wanted to be back in Washington and they didn’t offer me or something like that it would have been different, but I was ready to leave two years ago. It’s a relief for me. I’m happy. I just want to play against them guys and hopefully we come out with the win and bragging rights against my friends. As far as the owners, the coaches, I don’t really pay attention to them.

Q: Do you still have some friends over there?

ROGERS: Yeah. Me and DeAngelo talk pretty much every week after games. Some of the players, especially after their Sunday game they call me Sunday night. I talked to some of the guys yesterday. They’re really excited. They’ve got an opportunity to go against me, try to catch balls, all that stuff you couldn’t do in practice.

Q: You’re going to be a free agent this summer. Have you thought about where you want to play?

ROGERS: Right now, I want to be here. People always ask me about that and I love this place here. I wouldn’t want to be no other place. I really haven’t thought about it, but I don’t want to be in a situation where I can be a (free agent) — where I have to choose against this or that with another team. I hope that if things work out I can get everything done before we even get to free agency, before I even leave this city. I like this city, I was just talking to … I forgot her name, but you can’t sit out there in Washington and eat outside right now. It’s cold. You have to have a jogging suit on. It may be snowing. I think it gives you more years on your career playing out here. Hopefully, we don’t even get to that point.

Q: Harbaugh talked about you already being a veteran leader on this team already. When is the last time you had a voice like that. He talked specifically about having a scout-team player of the week, something you implemented.

ROGERS: I think that’s something you can always appreciate, knowledge of people who have been through things and have the experience. I still ask guys stuff now about what they think. That’s what coach Donatell – he’s always telling ‘What did you think on this route?’ How should we play this?’ You know, you don’t always have that with certain organizations. It’s like their way or no way. With the scout team, I brought that up. I was thinking about that and he always gives the defensive player, offensive player, special-teams guy – if it wasn’t for out scout team, giving us the looks they give us every week. And showing us the different routes and the run fits and things like that, we wouldn’t e the same team. Coach doesn’t have to get on the scout team about running routes, play hard or do this. You know those guys are working because they’re trying to make the roster so you should appreciate those guys.

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