Catching up with the 49ers

I got back from Mexico last night, and I was going to put this blog up as soon as I stepped inside the Cohn Zohn, but I was tired from all the travel, so my dad and my mom and my girlfriend and I drank a couple of bottles of wine instead – a 2007 Matanzas Creek Cabernet from Knights Valley in Sonoma, and a 2008 blend of Petite Sirah, Zinandel and Malbec by Tudal, which they call their Napa Valley Cuvée. They were hecka good.

Now, I want to get back in the 49er loop. Could you fill me in? Usually I fill you in, but I didn’t keep up with the news while I was down Mexico-way. My dad bought a USA Today one day but it was two days old and it didn’t report anything Niner-related.

I know the combine starts tomorrow, and I will cover that closely for you from the Cohn Zohn. But could you catch me up on the last week? Tell me what happened, major or minor, and your interpretation of what it means.

Thanks, I owe you one.


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