Chiefs present problems in every aspect of game

MIAMI — The 49ers deserve this moment.

They’re not frauds like the Rams, who didn’t belong in the Super Bowl last season. They made it because the officials missed an obvious pass interference call committed by the Rams in the NFC championship game, which allowed them to beat the Saints. Then the Rams scored just three points in the Super Bowl, got exposed and still haven’t recovered.

But the 49ers are the real deal, an outstanding team. They’ve been the best team in the NFC all season, and they’re one of the best 49ers squads in franchise history.

But the Chiefs are the real deal, too. They’ve won eight games in a row, plus they beat the Ravens, who beat the 49ers. Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes never has lost a game by more than seven points during his professional career. The 49ers will have to play their best to beat him.

And their best might not be good enough — the Chiefs are one-point favorites. They’re supposed to win. A 49ers victory would be an upset. This is the first time the 49ers ever have been underdogs in a Super Bowl. Winning this game would be the biggest victory in franchise history.

Here’s why:

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    1. Not buying it, this team just fell behind multiple scores to worse teams while at home! The 49ers defense is leaps and bounds better than the Titans or Texans. We might not sack Mahomes 5 times but we will undoubtedly get there a few times. Even if we do not sack him pressure will get to him. Their offensive line has a low sack rate given up but do do the Rams, Cowboys, and Raiders. This is the game that Solomon Thomas finally makes a play for us.

      Also anybody on the Brieda bandwagon for this game? I think Mostert gets work at gunner to keep Hardman/Hill in check.

    2. Dee here’s some glasses. ? I am out free views too and I don’t know that I missed anything from the comments on the article so far. I think we all know about the Chief’s from the media this week.

  1. Chiefs won’t be able to stop the rushing attack, and shanny will have some shot plays that break their D. Kittle will be the MVP of the game after he gets 150 yards, which Chief will be able to stop him?

    Kyle will have his A-game playbook out for this one and some unused plays that will catch the chiefs by surprise.

    The chiefs are not a hard team to figure out schematically and Saleh will be more the prepared to prevent deep plays and joe woods will have that secondary plenty coached up. Eman is starting over spoon, so no quick scores for them.

    This team is hungry and extremely focused and has a major chip on their shoulder. They are like the football version of Clubber Lang in the first part of that Rocky sequel.

    The Chiefs expected to be here and already act like they should have won a SB last year. I don’t see the same intensity in chiefs players. Plus no niner player has the level of expectations on them as Mahomes does.

    1. Totally agree. Yep, we pretty much suck all across the board. Can’t see much reason for the Niners to even show up.


  2. Gloom and Doom to fit a 49-9 loss for the 49ers followed by three point loss in Grant’s actual prediction.

    Enjoy the game. It has the potential to be one of the best since 1946.

  3. Writer of this blog has produced a truly outstanding review, analysis of the Chief’s strengths, especially the offense under a once-in-a-generation quarterback, and its accompanying speed, and strong line which few pundits this week, here or elsewhere, have even noted. That line will negate the vaunted pass rush of the 49ers, leaving the Niners’ defensive backfield, Sherman in particular, very much exposed. The blog host is right. The Chiefs will win. But by a greater margin than he suggests. My prediction stands. Chiefs 42–Niners 28. Andy Reid finally wins a Super Bowl and Patrick Mahomes is named Super Bowl MVP.

    1. A good offensive line does not mean we will not sack Mahomes. In addition pressures matter as well not just the sacks.

      Sherman exposed? He is an all pro, maybe Mosley. I like Sherman on Kelce on 3×1’s to Sherman’s side.

      Fred Warner MVP – 9 tackles, 2INT’s, 1 sack

      1. Rob Priline says:
        April 27, 2019 at 9:40 am
        Rarely come to this blog anymore. Just during draft time mainly. As long as the Yorks own the 49ers and are in charge, I see the team going nowhere. And this year’s draft is yet another reaffirmation of that. Now following Baker Mayfield and my beloved Browns

    2. Hey Rob , go back to beloving Baker Mayfield and your Browns. Niner fans have a Suoerbowl to watch and some Chief @ss to kick.

    3. HAHAHA……BROWNS SUCK ROBBY..That’s why they’re home watching and you go trolling about. 49ers are way better than the Titans/Texas, KC may score 27, not 42. The 49ers offense is also better than those 2 teams and will beat KC and score 30-34 points. Mahomes will have to be contained and pressured.

  4. The 49ers have saved their best game for last. They are the better team, and they have the better coaching staff. Deion Sanders called them the best team in football, and they’re on the cusp of proving it….

  5. Just 16 hours away. Hopefully half with be used sleeping.
    Been busy the last two days setting everything up, I hope when I’m taking it down it will be with a smile, not guessing whether I want to watch football anymore. ??

  6. Grant was raised by a father who no doubt was a fan of Mel Brooks and the song, “Hope For The Best, Expect The Worst.” He wants to be neutral, a journalist, but I think that in his heart he’d prefer a 9ers win.

    1. Grant is so intent in preserving his bona fides as an “independent” sportswriter (unlike those “homers” that make up the rest of the Niners press pool) who “tells it like is” thus “exposing” the truth about the team. Problem is, this season exposed Grant. While he still has to take the team-contrary position. most fans of the team who haven’t already, basically tune him out leaving it to team haters like Rob for his props. As I posted earlier- Inside the 49ers, the 49ers site for 49er haters.

            1. Poor comeback. I’m an American, a proud one, doesn’t mean I like who’s running the show there either. Get it?

  7. For some of the same reasons that are pointed out that the Niners will have trouble are some of the same reasons that I think the Niners will win.

    Yes , Mahomes is the best player on either team, but it is also pointed out the 49ers have a better roster and a deeper team overall. One writer on a national web site ranked the top 53 players combined from both teams. San Francisco pulled 21 out of the top 30. History has shown us that a dominating defense can usually overcome a team lead by one great QB. Von Millers Denver defense, Sherman’s legion of Boom, last years Patriots, the Giants victory’s over Brady, and the 9ers win over Dan Marino.

    Mahomes will put points up, but I think that the Niners will be able to outscore them. I don’t think that Mahomes can ‘do it by himself’ and I think that the 9ers offense, with Shanahan having 2 weeks to prepare a game plan, can put up at least 38 points on the Chief defense. I do not believe that Kansas City can put that much up on San Francisco. As far as our run game, Shanahan schemes at least 7 blockers plus the wide receivers on almost every play. We will be able to run it. As far as our passing game, Shanahan will scheme around the Honey Badger and attack the linebackers between the numbers. Defensively, containing Mahomes with the front four so we can cover with seven will be important. A very disciplined pass rush will be the key. If they can touch him, they better take him down. And how we cover their 3 wr-1 te package, which is their bread and butter passing formation, will be one of the determining factors. I think that DJ Reed as the next DB off of the bench might be the play over Witherspoon. His speed and quickness matches up better in certain situations against the speed of KC

    The bottom line is that the Forty Niners are a better team. And the better team wins

  8. Too much for these Niners… their T will erase Bosa and Ford, Mahomes will tear us apart, WR with too much speed for our patched corners, Kelce will be a dagger in the middle… it won’t be close… 41-21 Chiefs

    1. That’s cool Armstead lead our team in sacks anyway.

      Patched corners? Sherman an all pro bro! Kelce over the middle I like Ward/Warner in those matchups.

    2. Not against this’s not a Titans or Texas avg D. KC let those teams score good on them, 49ers will score more and win.

  9. Their left tackle struggles with the power rush. Enter Nick Bosa. Their right tackle struggles with speed. Enter Dee Ford. And their interior hasn’t faced a 6’7″ tandem the likes of Buckner and Armstead.

    41-27 SF

    1. Correct! Von Miller said Fisher’s biggest weakness is handling a strong bull rusher and said Bosa is stronger than him, so Fisher will have problems with #97. If KC has to help out Fisher, the interior line will really be able to collapse the pocket. Advantage 49ers.

  10. I wish to disagree with Grant. The Chiefs will specifically focus on running the ball. If the Niners go nickle, I would like to see Tartt as a Hybrid LB, and they bring in Marcell Harris, because he is good against the run.
    I disagree about Mathieu. I hope KS has targeted Mathieu, and runs right at him. KS can make Mathieu be out of position, by baiting him. They should have Kittle assigned to block Mathieu, with some pancake blocks on the menu.
    I will agree with Grant about the LBs. KS should run to the edges, and pass down the middle.
    The Niners should do something totally unexpected. Everyone will think that the Niners will run on their first play. JG should do a play action pass with Kittle going long. If the Niners succeed on that play, it might rattle the Chiefs.

  11. Good article Grant.

    And for the most part I agree. I’m not worried about the chiefs running game. In fact, I think SF’s primary defense should be the nickel package and occasionally mix in some big dime (use of a 3rd safety).
    KC’s line is pretty good but it is much better in Pass Pro than it is in Run Blocking and I think our Dline alone could pretty much shut down their running game, or at least do it well enough that it won’t be a deciding factor.

    I also agree with going after the linebackers. Raglan will likely have to play to help in the run game but he is not very good in coverage, so SF could likely get him lined up on Juice or Kittle and in either case, it will be a mismatch. Additionally, Breeland and Fuller are not very fast corners so if they have to drop a safety down Sanders and Deebo should have a chance to get overtop of them.

    It will be a late night for me.

  12. Yawn. Mahomes better than Garoppolo. Gee where haven’t we heard that the last 14 days. Chiefs have speedy wideouts. Gee, where haven’t we heard that the last 14 days. Come on Grant, don’t be a f-ing parrot.

    1. And Grant, pretty hilarious that you call last seasons Rams frauds. Remember that Rams Chiefs Monday night game last year? All season, they were the complete offensive package, much more balanced than this year’s Chiefs. The problem for the Rams in the SB is that they ran into a defense that knew how to handle them and completely shut them down. If anything, it sounds like a prelude to what we are about to witness. I can’t wait for this time next year, when Grant calls this year’s Chiefs “frauds”.

  13. Don’t worry guys. I am absolutely an objective football fan. Chiefs are a good team and they deserve to be in this game. 49ers are a better team and I’m confident they are going to win. 49ers Super Bowl wins have all been with QBs wearing an even number jersey. Joe Montana wore #16. Steve YOUNG wore #8. The only time we lost a Super Bowl was when we had a POS QB with an odd number Jersey. CK wore #7. Jimmy G wears #10 so we got this game. Place your wager now. Super Bowl LIV MVP is Jimmy Garoppolo. Let’s go boys.

    1. I see you’re a fan of analytics Houston. I might add that the Chiefs have only won with an even number QB (Len Dawson) and Mahomes has an odd one (15). We can’t lose!

  14. Saw this on Rotoworld:

    “Speaking on NFL Network’s “GameDay Morning,” Mike Garafolo reported George Kittle is expected to “blow the lid off” the tight end market in contract negotiations.

    Kittle has just one year left on his contract, and negotiations are expected to take place almost as soon as the Super Bowl is over. Jimmy Graham is currently the highest-paid tight end at $10 million per year. But Kittle is expected to set the “floor” at $13 million annually. He and Travis Kelce should truly be pushing for wide receiver money. It wouldn’t be surprising if Kittle flirts with $15 million per year.”

    1. Considering how important Kittle is to the team, he is worth every penny.
      Considering the physical and mental toll on the players, I hope NFL Football players get paid more, with lifetime health benefits.

  15. No shock here. Coach Iggy picks the Chiefs. He needs them to lose. He’s drooling for them to lose. He’s dying for them to lose. Without a loss, he has nothing. No off season negative schtick. Nothing for months. Thank God he’s picking them to come up short. Being that he has been wrong about everything involving this organization for years, from the Ownership, to Lynch, to Shanahan, to the Draft. You name it. Iggy is always wrong. His game predictions. Usually wrong. Calling players afterthoughts, busts, and the like. I’m sure he had this article written weeks ago. Another lazy effort. Just go with the favorite. Throw in the pregame-blame Jimmy if they lose reference. What a lousy article on the home team on the cusp of a Super Bowl. Anybody not knowing “The Igg” and reading that garbage would automatically assume he is writing for a KC paper, not because of the prediction, but of the total lack of depth concerning the Forty Niners. They are an afterthought in the POS piece. Can you get any lazier Iggy? Jeesh. Question to the bloggers. Is there anyone on this site that is surprised by Coach Iggy’s article? I’m not. Reading it was a waste of time because I already knew what was coming. What a disappointment. I’m embarrassed for Iggy.

    1. Naw, Grant is taking one for the team. Over the course of the year, he has been consistently wrong on the scores. He started the year predicting a 6-10 season.
      I am glad he is predicting the Chiefs, because that means the Niners will prove him wrong, and we will reach the promised land, fulfill the Quest For SIX, and renew the Glory Years.
      I have been wrong, too. I have missed the exact score every time.However, I have predicted the Niners win every time, so I have been right 15 times, and wrong only 3 times.;p

      1. Remember in championship weekend when Grant and his dad called Andy Reid a high performing loser or something like that. This week Grant has the high performing loser winning it all after mocking his failure to win in big moments just two weeks before. Another flip flop.

              1. You blame stupid penalties on coaches often. Shanahan’s first two seasons you had a lot to say about how many penalties and how it reflected on the coach. Let’s hope Dee doesn’t cost us the game.

                I am interested to see if Reid can close the deal. 49ers are playing with house money since people are infatuated with Mahomes.

  16. The Niners have no chance because the “experts” have been clear; Mahomes is not only the best current QB, he is the best of all time. The Chiefs have the fastest wide receivers ever and the best tight end. They have the best offensive line. They will score a gazillion points and no defense can stop them.

    So Mahomes is unstoppable, but of course he has been stopped. While I think he is very good, I don’t think he is the best QB in the league. You put Russell Wilson on that team with those receivers and he would be more dangerous than he already is. All QB’s are beatable. In my view the 85 bears, the Steel Curtain of the 70’s and the 84 Niners would blow up the Chiefs. They were too big, too strong and too fast. The real question is how good is this Niners defense? I think they can stop the Chiefs offense, not shut them down, but limit them to scoring less than 28 points.

    I also think the Niner’s offense can control the ball. The Chiefs are better against the run than early in the season, but they haven’t faced a running attack like the Niners.
    I do think the Niner’s will have to throw the ball more than 20 times, but we will see if they have to throw it more than 30, I doubt it.

    Like most games I think it will come down to turnovers, QB sacks and pressures and drive killing penalties.

    49ers: 34 Chiefs: 24

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