Chip Kelly says to take him “at face value.”

This is the transcript of Chip Kelly’s Week-13 Thursday press conference from Orlando, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


Where is WR Quinton Patton as far as the protocol goes?

“I couldn’t tell you exactly where he is. I know he started to resume, I think, cardiovascular work. So, that’s kind of where he is right now. But, I don’t know what stage that is.”


Can you talk about being here and kind of reuniting with University of Central Florida head coach Scott Frost and kind of how this all came about?

“Well, yeah obviously Scott’s a dear friend. We’ve known each other for a long time. Coached together for four years at Oregon and then we were trying to locate a place that could take us for the week. It was nothing more than we looked at a map and drew a line from Miami to Chicago and looked across the line. When I saw Orlando, that was our first phone call and we didn’t talk to anybody else.”


Any special outings planned away from practice?

“No. I think they practice today. Scott was here at practice on Tuesday. I just talked to him for a couple minutes. He was heading out on a recruiting visit and we’re on lockdown, we’ve got a game to get ready for. But, they’ve been out to practice and we had a chance to catch up then.”


He was a first year head coach, took an 0-12 to bowl eligible. Can you just give us your thumbnail of how you think he did?

“I thought he did a great job. There’s a lot of friends I have on the staff. [University of Central Florida defensive coordinator] Erik Chinander, the defensive coordinator, I worked with at Oregon and Philly. [University of Central Florida offensive line coach] Greg Austin, their offensive line coach, [University of Central Florida defensive line coach] Mike Dawson, their defensive line coach and then a couple of their GAs were players when I was at Oregon and [University of Central Florida offensive graduate assistant] Kenny Bassett, one of their GAs, was with us in Philly last year. So, a lot of familiarity with the staff. Really good people, really good coaches and their success wasn’t a surprise to us because I knew Scotty would be successful wherever he took a head coaching job.”


He said today he’s not a candidate for the Oregon job as well. Does that surprise you? He said he wanted to see this through.

“No. I’ve known Scott for a long time. Scott, like myself, take us both at face value. So, if he says he’s not a candidate, then he’s not a candidate.”


He’ll get other opportunities down the road, I assume you think?

“I don’t think about opportunities for other people down the road. So, I hope he stays at UCF for a long time. He says he likes it here.”


What have you seen from CB Rashard Robinson in this rookie season for him?

“I think Rashard’s done a really nice job. He’s a highly competitive player, loves playing football, whether it’s practice, whether it’s studying film. He’s kind of got a contagious energy about himself. I think he’s got a real bright future. He’s got a great skillset to be a corner. He’s tall, he’s long, he’s got speed. But, the biggest thing that jumps out with him is just his competitive nature and you love being around guys like that.”


Have you started to see TE Vance McDonald really create dilemmas for opposing defenses because of his speed?

“Obviously, he’s one of our weapons on the offensive side of the ball and he runs better than most tight ends in this league. So, really depends on week to week what people have available at the safety spot to kind of match up with him. But, he’s certainly someone that I think people defensively have to game plan for.”


Has he developed kind of a rapport as kind of a go-to guy for QB Colin Kaepernick these last few weeks?

“I don’t know. That’s a question for Colin. He’s the one that makes that decision. But, I think when the ball’s thrown his way, he’s made some really big plays for us.”


You mentioned that Colin needed to get in and just get more reps as the season went on, just getting familiarity with these guys. How much has he gotten into the offense that you would like to see right now compared to–?

“He’s done a really nice job. I think the Miami game was his sixth start. So, just getting comfortable with getting the game reps, that’s one thing with the quarterback position you can’t simulate in practice because they don’t get hit in practice. So, it’s really a different type of game when you get into games. But, I think as we’ve seen, there’s progression each game with him and the more he progresses, the more comfortable he is with the offense, the more you can expand what we’re doing.”


What kind of conversations did you have with him just like even when he restructured his contract in terms of what his future holds with this team in terms of next year?

“I’ve had zero conversations with him. I don’t deal with contracts. So, that wasn’t an issue. As I’ve said with everything, even the stuff when we first got there is when he’s with us it’s all football. If there’s a business thing, that’s between him and his agent and the front office. But, that’s not something that we’ve ever had a discussion about.”


Do you get the sense that he’s more comfortable here the more he’s played?

“I think he’s always been comfortable here. So I don’t, the relationship we have is great. We talk football and I really enjoy coaching him. He works extremely hard, he really wants to be great and works at it from that standpoint. So, all that other stuff, I think he does a really good job of leaving that outside the door and we never really discuss it because that’s really not what our relationship is about.”


Has the playbook been entirely open to him from day one when he stepped in for the Bills game or have you been adding stuff as you go on?

“No, I mean we change each week. I don’t think anybody runs the same things each week. But, it really depends on the opponent. It’s not what he’s capable of doing or not doing. It really just depends on, obviously how Buffalo defends you is different than how Miami defends you. So, there’s things that you did in the Buffalo game that you wouldn’t do in the Miami game. But, that’s not because of any limitations that Colin has.”


Can you tell when one of your assistants is head coaching material? Like when you first met Scott Frost, did you see something in him that said, ‘Hey, this guy’s got it?’

“Yeah, I thought Scott would be a head coach at some point in time. He’s an extremely intelligent guy. Started off at Stanford, was a three-something student in finance at Nebraska. When you just sit down and have a conversation with him you can tell that he’s got a lot of substance to him. I think people kind of gravitate to him. He’s got great leadership qualities. I think he’s what you want in a head coach and that’s why I said earlier it doesn’t surprise me the success he’s had here because Scotty will be successful no matter what profession he chose to do and he just happened to get into coaching.”


What did you think of DT Chris Jones’ game on Sunday and where do you see him fitting in on this defense for the rest of the season?

“I thought he did a really nice job. He played 27 snaps, was positive on 24 of the 27. Got in on a tackle. I thought he did a nice job understanding our scheme and how to play and what we’re doing. I think his background playing with the Patriots, being in Miami, he’s obviously well coached. So, to get a player of that caliber when we lost [DL Arik] Armstead it was kind of a surprise to us but we were really pleasantly surprised with what he had done and he’s earned playing time. He’ll continue to get playing time.”

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  1. “Scott, like myself, take us both at face value”

    He keeps quelling the noise about his departure to the Ducks. Sorry to disappoint some of you but Kelly isn’t going to Oregon.

  2. Bet you goodidn’t old Jed goes by protocol and Keeps his buddy Baalke..We’re gonna end up with the 3rd pick in the draft..And just like previous drafts what do you think the over under is on draft analysts scrambling to find film on any of Baalke draft picks..Baalke will completely blow it again watch

  3. Those reports out there that you didn’t want to go back to Oregon? I’m sure they’re true. But that’s your Ego talking and he’s already led you to a bad place, already turned you from visionary and football mastermind to another hack who couldn’t make it.

    You’re 1-10 now with the 49ers, and while no one’s said they’re the most loaded team on earth, it’s still 1-10. I mean, c’mon man. Bill Parcells was right. You are what your record says you are…

  4. We all know about the fractures that eventually broke the team apart and ended Harbaugh’s tenure. If anything, things are even worse now. Instead of the team, the team, the team, it appears to be Team Baalke vs. Team Kelly. No one is safe,

    Openly blaming the coaching staff for problems in a pregame fluff interview showed, yet again, how toxic things are in Santa Clara.

    But a team employee … openly questioning the coaching staff … in an interview with a front office executive … is the professional sports equivalent of a high school couple getting into a heated argument in a mall food court. So much for “class.”

    1. Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · Nov 29

      Best way to look at the Harbaugh era is that he realized as much as anybody that this was not set up for him to stay more than 4 years.

    1. Mike Ditka:
      “I’m old-fashioned. I believe if you don’t respect the flag and you don’t respect the country, then you’ve got an option. You’re not going to change it, so leave. You have a chance to leave. It’s not too complicated. If you think it’s better somewhere else, you’re really nuts” Ditka said to the Sun-Times.

      I’ll add, that if you throw a wad of gum the size of a golf ball at fans in the stands, you should be sued by the fan that may have taken a direct hit; but than again, maybe I’m just old fashion.

    1. Watson is a bust IMO. He is like Gabbert and Kap combined. He eyeballs his first read to long. His accuracy is a concern and he makes poor decisions, especially in the red zone.

          1. That’s what I’ve been saying about him for a while. And because of that, I think he is a guy that would interest Kelly. Kelly’s offense would be a pretty good fit for either RGIII or Watson, imo. Kelly’s offense keeps the reads pretty simple, both guys provide a running threat, and both guys can be pretty accurate passers of the ball at all levels of the field when they don’t overthink things. Don’t be surprised if the 49ers have strong interest in Watson.

              1. My biggest fear is they take a guy like Watson but then fire Kelly at the end of next season, leaving the team with a choice of either looking for another HC with a spread type offense or putting a QB suited to a spread offense at the helm of a more complex offense.

                If Kelly is here long term, Watson may well be a fine choice.

              2. Mitch Trubisky, QB, North Carolina solves the problem. Even if old wind comes back, you develop this kid till he is ready. Pro style QB and mobile.

              3. If Kelly remains Watson is the best choice for the Niners. He fits great in his offense. The guy is mentally strong too… He is much better then Trubusky.. 1 year wonder no thanks.

      1. I have to agree with this assessment. I’m a huge Watson fan as a college QB but he’s a run first/pass second QB which does not translate well to the NFL. You can have some success but not much sustained success. I haven’t really seen any college QB’s who look like they will be really good NFL qbs. Some people on here seem to like the Kizer kid from ND but there’s something missing with him. He may be the most pro ready but I still think he has a long way to go. There’s definitely not a Luck, Newton, or Winston in this draft. I certainly wouldn’t spend a high pick on a QB in this draft. If you get a top 3 pick you have to go Myles Garrett if hes on the board. If you’re in the top 10 you have to John Ross if he’s on the board.

        1. The more I look at this draft the more certain I am that Garret will be gone. With Cleveland’s draft picks they should go Garrett then QB… and this leaves the niners to choose Allen a qb or trade back. The plus ideal scenario in this would be for the niners to trade back to the 8-12 range and pick up another pick or two but with the lack of playmakers I don’t see anything like this happening.
          The niners have to get some base level talent and may be better off making a trade that nets them a first next year. It’s not ideal but there is more qb talent in that draft and the niners could package some picks to get the player they covet most.

    2. All I know is that, if Watson had thrown that pass to Crabtree in the SB instead of Kap, we would be hoisting another trophy!

      1. Probably so AES. One guy that excels at that kind of pass is Kaaya. He did it twice against FSU this year. They were both a bit longer than the SB pass but the placement was perfection.

        I interested to see Watson take on VT. He might rack up 500 yards on offense and have 5 TOs.

        I think Trubisky will be the first QB taken. Kizer second, and a crapshoot after that.

        1. I agree on Trubisky, his accuracy should make him the safest pick of the qb’s. Kaya has a ton of skill but is maddeningly inconsistent. Watson is an undersized run first qb who is streaky in his accuracy.
          And Kizer has every tool but desperately needs seasoning and he may not even start on his own team next year due to his questionable decision making.

      2. Kap. is a choke artist. He choke in the super bowl and he choked last week on the last play of the game. That is his mantra and I don’t believe that anyone can change that.

  5. ‘I think Rashard’s a highly competitive player’.

    Does that mean he plays with a Chip on his shoulder?

    1. He has the most important trait in a corner, in my opinion. The ability to run with the receiver, turn and locate the ball and attack it at its highest point….

        1. Some of those thinly built guys are rubbery and tough. If he earns it, we can call him Mr. Fantastic!

  6. Travis Fredrick, first round center by the Cowboys was an astute selection. Good to see someone puts a premium on the position instead of just giving it lip service….

    1. Niners traded up to get Reid, and gave up a third rounder. With that pick, Dallas got Terrence Williams WR. He has 27 catches for 381 yards, a 14 yd average and 2 TDs.

  7. Glad to see Chip field a question about Chris Jones. Glad to see Jones clogging up the middle.

      1. He’s a FO plant on this blog. No matter how asinine the coaches, and GM and owner look for their decisions, they seem comparatively cogent compared to his proposals and assnalysis.

        1. Since BT seems to want to engage me, I will return the favor.

          Yes, I am like the point man, leading the way. You and your ilk are content to twitter amongst yourselves, saying little because you find it so hard to conceive of an original thought.

          Like my uncle, who was sent out to re establish communications, I am the expendable one.

          BT, you were the guy who sent out the point man and did not give a damn if he was executed because you were just thankful that it was not you. What a profile in courage.

          I may not be a hero, but when my son started a fire mowing weeds because my neighbor asked that they be cut down, I was the one who charged into the inferno armed with only a hose, and kept the blaze down enough until the 3 fire engines came to put it out.Thankfully, we only lost a wood shed, but for a while, it was touch and go.

          I am proud to be the one on this blog to have the guts to say controversial things. Sometimes the truth hurts.

          Grant could kick me off this site any time he wants, but I am the only one who counters the haters. When was the last time some one brought up nepotism.? Before I came on, it seemed like that was an obligatory screed directed at Grant. He also probably likes all the numbers of posts, since this is a blog.

          Take over a blog? How about take on a whole blog. Whining and crying about me posting? That says more about you than it does about me.

          1. Seb-

            Again, as thin-skinned as tissue paper…………….

            Who cares if you jumped into the towering inferno and put it out! What the hell has that got to do with ‘ol windup?
            Holy Cow! What a sermon!

            1. Seb=
              Would you give your definition of the word “hate”-as apposed to Webster’s–so we can get that straight?
              Thats a fair request…………….

              1. Sawbrodie-
                He doesn’t have the first fing clue. It’s cool. Doesn’t matter.
                Gonna tell me ’bout courage? Sure; ‘Kay.
                Still the same guy. Fantasy Boy.

              2. Saw, they like to dish it out, but cant take it. Pshaw, I was being nice.

                I could be mean, and insult him in a thousand ways without repeating an adjective, but frankly, I would just rather talk football.

                Hate? it is all relative. You may claim not to hate, but it is oozing out of your pores.You cannot start with a- Freakin Seb, then claim to not hate.

                As for BT, he hates me so much, he wants me dead, because I am THAT guy to him. That sure does not make him better than me, because I do not have that kind of hate in my heart.

          2. Seb—I don’t know when you came on this site but I do remember that Nepotism was constantly being brought up in respect to Grant. I was one poster who used to call out the illogical negative comments in respect to Kaep. I was also criticized about my long posts that focused on multiple variables. Now I was not like you in that I never thought that Kaep would become a great QB, rather that he had potential that was being hindered due to circumstances.

            I also posted, using certain posters as examples, that sports is a venue for people to personal frustrations and other repressed emotions and project them on a safer external object. This is what a hater does.They will not see things objectively because they have a personal investment in maintaining the their chosen external object as a direction for their anger. They have an emotional investment agenda to maintain. They do not call fans ( short for fanatics ) that for nothing.

            Then there is the issue of people having made a prediction of some sort and then being ego invested in wanting it to be true. All of us fall into that catagory but to various degree’s. This is especially true when our detractors made their criticism personal and did not just focus on our perspective. That would tend to make us confuse an criticism of our perspective with criticism of us personally. We then become emotionally invested in our idea’s and lose the ability to discard them when they prove to be false.

            I quite posting after the Arizona game last season because I felt that Kaep was done in respect to this team. Another poster had the same fear about him prior to the seasons beginning that I did. It was that he should not try to incorporate the skills he had been working on in the off season too quickly. Two of those interceptions were because he took velocity off passes towards smaller windows which he was used to throwing into with heat. I just got tired of the negativity in respect to Kaep and decided to just quit posting until he was gone. Well that didn’t happen so here I am again.

            I also got quite a bit of flack in respect to my assessment of Baalke. I recognized right after the final 53 cut-down before the 2013 season started that Baalke and Harbaugh could not function together. Also that Baalke’s OCD issues would eventually bring about the decline of this franchise.This was a very predictable outcome based on predictable patterns of Baalke’s behavior.Needless to say I caught a bit of flack for my presumptive perspective. This was also not surprising since “Football” is a sport based on more on structure than many other sports so the fans would be less inclined to think outside the box. This sort of explains the resistance to less conventional QB’s. People like Walsh are very rare so change takes a long time.

            I always enjoyed reading the posts on this site. There are some very knowledgable posters who write very informative posts. We can learn something from every one if we would only hold off a bit on coming to premature conclusions. When we look only through one eye we are incapable of depth perception. We only see things in two dimensions. When we exclude ourselves from others with different perspectives we are just like that one eye and lack depth.

  8. Treadwell a surprising (to me) disappointment.
    Makes one pause about high draft picks at WR, although Williams looks great.

  9. How can Chip win on Sunday?

    Start by preparing the team thoroughly. Devise strategies that will make the team function smoothly and efficiently. Instill discipline to avoid the unforced errors.

    Game management is so important,and has been sorely lacking. It is way too late to be yelling at Kaep on the side line to speed things up. All that should be sorted out before he steps onto the field.

    I will say it once, I will say it a thousand times. The Niners should treat time outs as if they are precious, and not to be wasted. They should save time outs for legitimate challenges, and for the last 2 minutes of each half. Since the Niners ran out of time, proper game management could have won the game. Wasting precious seconds cost them the game. Miami gifted them the tie by their improper use of time. They never should have attempted to throw the ball on their last series, because it was way more important to keep the clock moving. The Niners squandered a golden opportunity.

    They did do some things right last game. They actually did not fail completely by jumping off sides at the most inopportune times. They let Kaep run. Not enough roll outs, but Kaep kept several drives alive with his legs.The receivers did not drop crucial passes, and did some sweet toe taps along the side lines. The running game was good, Kaep made some touch passes, and the O line was proficient.

    Chip did call some plays that had receivers wide open, and they did not run into the teeth of the defense. The offense did not run only on first and second downs, and they did not exclusively pass on third downs. Chip’s play calling was not predictable, and they did have some innovation.

    The defense has made good strides in tightening up the run defense. The coaches aligned the gaps tighter, so there were no huge holes to run through. The players displayed good gap integrity and maintained good gap control. Next game, I hope they get to the QB early, and maybe they can rattle him so he will throw more picks.

    The Niners will win if Kaep can get the ball into his playmaker’s hands. Kaep should not be distracted by worrying about winning or losing. He should just focus on making third downs and scoring TDs. He should set the goal of scoring at leas 7 times.

    Chip needs to get his team fired up. They must not be hungry for a win, they must be starving for a win. Both teams are desperate for a win, the Niners must want it more.

    1. “How can Chip win on Sunday?”

      Not sure about Chip, but the 49ers can win if they score 20.

      This is a matchup between two of the worst teams in the NFC over the last two years. Combined they are 14-40.

      1. Chip, being the HC of the 49ers can affect the outcome in so many ways. He is the leader, calls the plays, and manages the game. He may not step onto the field, but the outcome of the game will be predicated on his decisions and strategies.

        If Chip wants to win, he should go bold. If confronted with 4th down in the red zone, I hope he goes for it and does not settle for a field goal.

        1. “If Chip wants to win” he should ask himself, “What would Chip do?”, and then do the exact opposite.

              1. Jock Itch would be an appropriate name for him since some guys despite knowing better just can’t ignore it.

              2. Prime, it sounds like you have intimate knowledge about that affliction. You need to keep it clean……

              3. How appropriate. The image of Prime drooling and scratching his balls is indelibly imprinted in my mind….

  10. Chip Kelly isn’t going anywhere he’ll be here next year. I notice Grant ain’t saying much about it anymore.

        1. Kelly would be risking litigation were he to admit that he is discussing employment with someone other than the 49ers while still under contract. Of course he is going to say that he has no intention of working elsewhere because even admitting it is a violation of the contract which would subject him to potential damages. Jack is correct and that’s the Truth. There will be no announcement or even the admission of a possibility until Jed signs on. Football is business too.

          1. WC, I think that only pertains to NFL jobs,

            JH talked with Michigan and had a contract offer before Dec 4th.

              1. No, like you said, JH never discussed it in public. JH was incensed by all the leaks, and would never stoop to that level. If he had something to say, he would say it to your face.

                Just ask Jed….

    1. Considering that Mariucci was fired for going 10-6, and JH was fired after going 8-8, Chip with his 1-10 record should not be feeling too secure.

      1. Just goes with what I’ve been saying about him. He’s not as bad as some make him out to be. He’s too inconsistent is his problem.

    1. Yes. He’s the best TE on the team. Even though he still has too many drops his drop rate has actually gone down quite a bit this year.

    2. From what I’ve seen he’s definitely improved. Macdonald is a big TE who blocks well, is fast and can create matchup nightmares. Drop rate has improved, so I think he deserves another year.

    3. Drop Celek and spend a mid round pick on one. Gerald Everett would be a good choice with our 4th if he’s still there.

    4. 22 catches for 382 yards, 17.4 yards per catch and 4 TDs.

      Vance has reduced the drops, creates mismatches and blocks well.

      Baalke will probably cut him on the team bus…..

    5. The 49ers should resign him, but it would not surprise me if McDonald chooses to test the free agent market because he would be one of the top three options available to teams.

      1. Every time he catches the ball, when he catches it mind you, I cringe thinking he is going to fumble! Most times he does.

        1. He’s too soft. We need TE’s that are not afraid to go over the middle, take the hit and hold onto the ball!

          1. I agree Razor he is soft. They should almost using him as a slot/WR. Have not really watched him as a blocker.

          2. You also need TE’s/players that are talented and right now, while all the negative points are valid, he’s the best you’ve got. Instead of letting that guy go you re-sign him and try to pick up someone who may be better, and release a guy like Bell who you’d never want to have as a starter anyway. By doing that you have talented depth.

            1. I definitely wouldn’t get into a bidding war for his services just because the GM has been inept….

              1. Have we not yet learned that part of why this team is so devoid of talent is that they’ve chosen to let their talented players walk?

                This team has the cap room to start holding onto a few.

            2. McDonald is finally starting to show some of the promise that got him drafted in the second round and some of you want to let him go? It takes players different periods of time to find their stride in the NFL. McDonald has cut down the drops and is making some plays. He’s always been a pretty good blocker so add it all up and you have a pretty good starter at TE. Letting him walk just dilutes the position and forces you to start over. There should be no concerns from anybody over the cap. They have a ridiculous amount of money to spend and few of their own players worth spending it on. McDonald is one of the few they should keep for sure.

              1. The position is deep. I repeat, I would not overpay for his services. He’s already had back surgery….

              2. I agree I wouldn’t overpay either, but they shouldn’t have to with the resume he has. What I’m saying is he should be kept and paid market value for his services because he has shown when healthy, he is a pretty good player at a position that is lacking. The draft is a crap shoot at the best of times Razor and unless they are going to draft a TE early it’s even more risky. If you have a player on the roster that can do what McDonald does, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to let him walk, especially when you have no other appealing options behind him.

                As Jack mentioned, that is one of the ways you wind up in the situation the Niners now find themselves.

              3. As Jack mentioned, that is one of the ways you wind up in the situation the Niners now find themselves.

                Not true. They’re in the position they find themselves because they mutually parted ways with Harbaugh, and drafted poorly….

              4. Razor,

                I said it was one of the ways and clearly they’ve let some of their better players go – Crabtree and Iupati for example – which has hurt them. There is always a case to be made about whether those moves are right or wrong, but at the end of the day, they are both better than what we currently have. Baalke has missed on a lot of picks. Not keeping the ones who have contributed just compounds the problem.

              5. Crabtree ran away from Sherman. Iupati is a road grater, not a complete guard. Plus, both their body parts critical to their position suffered significant injuries. This mess is on York/Baalke. You want to talk about signing one of your own, how about Delanie Walker? Big mistake by Baalke. Not shrewd. He doesn’t know how to win. We need winners….

              6. Walker was the one player worth overpaying for, and they let him go. That’s my point. These people running the show have no idea what they’re doing. They’re totally incompetent. That’s why they’ll overpay for McDonald, so have no fear. Next year, he’ll be here….

              7. You are confusing me here Razor. On the one hand you lament the loss of Walker and on the other say it will be a mistake to keep McDonald. I don’t see them having to over pay for him and the cap isn’t even a consideration at this point with all the space they will have going into next season, so I’m not sure what the difference is here in terms of keeping McDonald?

                We all agree they should have kept Walker, but it wasn’t like he was putting up big numbers at the time. McDonald is putting up similar numbers and scoring a higher rate of TD’s. Like Walker when he left, McDonalds best football appears to be in front of him. Your point about Walker was 100% correct and letting McDonald walk would be doing the exact same thing.

              8. McDonald is no Walker. The numbers are similar because McDonald is the number one TE. Walker was the number two TE. I have no objection to keeping him. I object to overpaying for him out of desperation and cap space. In my opinion, McDonald is as good as he’s going to get. He’s already had a back surgery, and he hears footsteps just like VD….

              9. McDonald is getting a similar number of targets as the #1 TE as Walker received as the #2 TE. McDonald is the #1 TE on a team that doesn’t target him like a #1 TE.

                You may be right and this is as good as he’s going to get. I don’t necessarily agree with that, but even if that is the case, then he’s worth keeping because he’s the best we have. Again I’m not saying they should over pay him and not sure why that keeps coming up. McDonald is not likely to be a hot commodity on the open market, at least not as a high end FA anyway. They will likely be able to keep him at a reasonable contract level.

              10. Completely agree with rocket and Jack here. They should try and keep McDonald. He shouldn’t cost a lot to keep. And this team isn’t in a position where they should be letting starters go. Replace the backups. Ideally the marginal starters end up as backups next year or in a year or two. McDonald as TE #2 is good. Patton as a WR #4 is ideal. Ray Ray Armstrong and Gerald Hodges as the #3 and #4 ILBs is fine. These are guys they should try and hold onto, and none should break the bank to do so.

                Dorsey should also be retained, and he can either start or be part of the DL rotation the next couple of years.

              11. He shouldn’t cost a lot to keep.

                I disagree Scooter. His stats actually place him as one the better options in free agency. All it takes is one GM to believe that McDonald is scratching the surface of his potential, and he will be gone.

              12. If a team offers him big money then sure, let him go. But I don’t think he’ll get any big offers. Team’s that need a TE will look at the draft and see a good TE crop available.

              13. Bulky should never have let Cajuste go,who would have been an excellent receiving tight end.

        2. I agree Prime. He is an inconsistent receiver. However, I think McDonald is a candidate to be overpaid if he does hit free agency.

        3. “I cringe thinking he is going to fumble! Most times he does.”

          He doesn’t have any fumbles this year and has a total of 3 for his career, losing only 1.

          1. Prime tends to have a selective memory when making points. That one lost fumble came during a game in St. Louis where he fumbled after a catch and run and it seemed to lead to a belief that McDonald not only couldn’t catch but also couldn’t hold onto the ball period. Pretty much the same way urban myths get started.

            1. He doesn’t get the fresh rememberberries up North like we do. I just canned 8 cases full in my basement…;>)

            2. Rocket says “Prime tends to have a selective memory when making points”

              Yes I was mistaken, was thinking more drops than anything. See Rocket, its ok to admit to being wrong occasionally or owning up to things that I have said. Some great advice for you and maybe you should adhere!

              1. I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong Prime. I just don’t accept somebody accusing me of something that isn’t true. Your selective memory tends to lead you in that direction sometimes as well.

              2. Rocket says” I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong Prime”

                Yeah you’ve just never done it on this blog!

              3. Very possible Rocket, not sure. But I’m sure glad its not an ego problem like yourself. I think that’s what they call small man syndrome. Id get that sorted out.

              4. I can admit when I’m wrong, can you? Kap a franchise QB? The 49ers next great hope? Both myself and Fan77 called you out on saying it and you still denied it. Last weeks Nick Saban hissy fit with Grant? Get serious!

              5. I can admit when I’m wrong, can you? Kap a franchise QB? The 49ers next great hope? Both myself and Fan77 called you out on saying it and you still denied it.

                Lol, because as I’ve pointed out multiple times, that was never said by me. I supported Kap, said he was very talented and had great ability. When you and fan were dumping on him I posted stats that clearly showed he was doing pretty well, along with the fact he was… you know…winning games. No question about any of that, but I never ever said he was a Franchise QB. I always hoped he could develop into one, but always put out the caveat that it would only happen if he could develop and improve his play from the pocket. He couldn’t do it and here we are. It’s unfortunate and I’m disappointed as everyone else should be. That doesn’t mean I thought of him as a finished product and a Franchise QB. Big difference.

                Last weeks Nick Saban hissy fit with Grant? Get serious!

                Get serious about what? Grant and I often have discussions like that with neither one of us giving an inch. I stand by what I said in that discussion as does Grant I would guess.

              6. I’ve been wrong on players in the draft, FA’s, predictions on games and overall records. I was wrong on what Tom Gambles job description was a few years back. I’ve never claimed to be right about everything I say. I just try to backup my opinions with facts and that seems to rub some the wrong way around here.

              7. Just messin with you Rocket. Have been wanting to throw that gif out there for a couple days. Guess you could say my pocket presence is as rushed as The Kaeptain.

              8. No problem I can take it. Football is definitely not the topic to talk about if you can’t handle being wrong.

  11. I wanted to refresh my memory on how Kap’s revised contract works; thought I’d post this in case anyone else is interested.

    “Kaepernick is scheduled to make $14.9 million in salary and bonuses next season. He can opt out of the deal to become an unrestricted free agent, and the 49ers also can release him before April 1 to avoid being on the hook for his scheduled salary.”

      1. It sounds like a high number, Prime. But the truth is that QBs make a lot. If he is the starter, it might be a number close to that. Sure, I’d probably try to beat him down, but it really depends on where I see Kap on the team in the near future. I agree with you that he is not a franchise player, but he might possibly be a bridge for next year. What are the odds that any QB we draft will be ready to play as a rookie? I certainly wouldn’t give Kap more than a one year deal at that number.

        But the truth is Kap is playing better and, who knows, maybe by some miracle Kelly and Kap might turn out to be a great tandem. One things for sure, I wouldn’t make any decisions until the end of the year. I want to see if Kap can keep playing reasonably well and how he does against the Seahawks.

  12. How important is it to have a defense?

    Standings NFC West

    1. Seattle points scored 224 7-3-1
    2. Arizona points scored 245 4-6-1
    3. Rams points scored 170 4-7
    4. Niners points scored 228 1-10

    1. That’s a bit misleading because the Arizona D gives up the fewest yards on average per game, and LA is 9th, yet they are both below .500

      1. I understand that Jack, my point being if we had a defense with our current offense its quite possible the Niners could have a winning record. I am just trying to show that the defense is the major problem with the team. All the high draft picks and the defense is as bad as it comes.

        1. With our current offense? The offense that’s season high is 28 points and failed to reach 20 points in 5 of their games?

  13. I don’t see Chip quitting. He would lose I believe respect from the guys he values opinion, like Bellichek. On top of that, then would be like the failed son returning home if he bolted for Oregon. I think his pride would not allow that, at least mid-season. I believe he would prefer to be fired so he can say ” I didn’t quit”. Given this, Baalke is gone, Gamble gets “interim” title, Chip back next year. Jed won’t want to pay 2 coaches who are sitting and he will need to show he made an FO move but not with anyone a threat to Jed. Seems like writing is on the wall….Comments welcome!

  14. Last point, I am not convinced $$$ moves the needle for Chip. He will get paid well no matter what he dies or where he goes. I believe pride has extreme high value in his value system. So Phil Knight could hire me out if what I’m doing right now ? but I don’t think so for Chip….

  15. During an interview with ESPN Mark Helfrich says he asked Chip Kelly to maybe return to UO and take his job in order to save the staff.

    1. “On Tuesday, Oregon athletic director Rob Mullens said the team’s new coach wouldn’t come from the current staff, signaling for the first time in 40 years that Oregon is looking for a head coach outside of its own staff.”

      “Sources have told ESPN’s Brett McMurphy that Oregon has reached out to representatives of Ohio State defensive coordinator Greg Schiano and South Florida’s Willie Taggart for the Ducks’ vacancy. Western Michigan’s P.J. Fleck also is expected to be contacted as well, a source told McMurphy.”

  16. Helfrich spoke with Kelly about returning to Oregon weeks ago. He said there would be no hard feelings if Chip took the job. So Helfrich and or Kelly entertained the idea. I think Kelly will leave. If he does stay he will get Helfrich to be his OC.

  17. SEB,


    In short, the translucent nature of your schitzophrenia is plain for us to see. Typing from that 1960’s Underwood from the asylum must be impossible for you, however, it’s painful for us.
    In your haste to accuse (BT) of engaging you I took the liberty to add to your engagement list, noting Cassie, Prime and BT. Others are available upon request.

    So, please, Seb, in the future don’t forget to include all who wish you a pleasant trip to the CFL Blogs.

    Please, don’t thank me now for your detractors list, thank me later, and Merry Christmas.

    Cassie Baalke

    December 2, 2016 at 2:34 am

    Glad to see Seb clogging up the blog (nearly anyway

    Brotha Tuna

    December 2, 2016 at 7:10 am

    He’s a FO plant on this blog. No matter how asinine the coaches, and GM and owner look for their decisions, they seem comparatively cogent compared to his proposals and assnalysis.

    Prime Time
    December 2, 2016 at 8:51 am
    Seb you make us all suffer from itchy ballitis!

    December 2, 2016 at 7:58 am

    December 2, 2016 at 9:05 am
    Since BT seems to want to engage me, I will return the favor.

      1. Oh, and Seb–

        Please thank your neighbor for asking your weed control project kept in the neighborhood.

        What a nice person.

        I would have called the County “Nuisance Abatement Dept. and reported you before your son had a chance to create a city wide inferno.

  18. *Addendum to Seb post, just above.

    December 2, 2016 at 9:05 am

    I may not be a hero, but when my son started a fire mowing weeds because my neighbor asked that they be cut down, I was the one who charged into the inferno

    1. The only reason you charged into the inferno, Seb, is because you invisioned your housing investment “going up in smoke,” (no pun intended).

      So don’t act like a life was at stake when your profit (materialism) motve was in overdrive.

  19. Official Alex Smith/Kansas City Thread, do NOT bring 9er players into this discussion

    Originally posted by Jakemall:
    This thread is to discuss all things related to the Alex Smith. Feel free to talk about past performances, future performances or any AS related news.

    This is a Kidash98 sanctioned thread. I’m sure some mod is going to follow this up with some sort of “stay on topic and post at your own risk” type of warning.

    ADDITION: Feel free to talk about the guy in here and here alone (PLEASE!!!!!) Feel free to debate the guy, but PLEASE JUST DO IT IN THIS THREAD! Anyone who comes in here to incite nor add to the topic, please be forewarned that warnings will be handed out! With that being said, ANYONE WHO BRINGS UP ALEX SMITH IN ANY 49ERS RELATED THREAD WILL BE WARNED AS WELL.

    It’s a two way street, yo!

  20. I’d be ecstatic with Kizer/Davis and let them develop a chemistry like Dalton/Green….

    1. If he is anything like Cam Chancellor I’d take him. That’s the kinda guy the 49ers need on that side of the ball. They have not had a leader with the kinda passion and talent since Willis and Justin Smith.

    1. In most circumstances I’d agree it’s worth seeing what ponder has to offer. However, if Colin plays as well as he did last week… he will have earned the right to remain the starter in spite of my wishes to see what we have in Ponder. If he falls off though the niners should see if Ponder is a guy they can keep to help
      Develop their successor.

  21. You should want to see Ponder. It might just get us closer to the 1st overall pick. Need to lose Sunday big time!

      1. I don’t like it either but what else is there to look forward to? 1st or 2nd overall or 7th overall? Big difference.

        1. Ponder can’t get past Gabbert. C’mon man! I want a nice good effort in another loss. Don’t screw this up like last year!

            1. Check the weather for Chicago–storm is inbound, but I’m not convinced it’s associated with #7…

              1. Sure hope the coaches are preparing for any contingency. They should be hosing down Kaep while he throws, so he is used to handling a wet ball.

                They do have things called gloves, too. Wonder if Kaep has worn them before. I know he wore one on his left hand.

              2. The storm comes from the 1st quarter to right before half. Then it dissipates once forced to throw from the pocket.
                Watch Fangio exploit Kap, it’s gonna be text book.

              3. Text book? Have you ever opened up a book in your life? ;p

                In The Art of War, Sun Tzu wrote that one of the best ways to win is to attack the weakest part of the defense.

                With all the injuries on the Bears, the Niners should target those replacement players.

                He also wrote that one should attack the leaders and generals, so Barkley should have a big target on his back. Hope the Niners can get some sacks and rattle him early, so they can get some turnovers.

              4. 6 starts, 0 wins so far and an epic failure last week trying to run instead of throw for the win. I see Vic schooling Kelly and Kap.

              5. Fangio will game plan to keep Kaep contained in the pocket.

                Hope the Niners are not stupid enough to oblige him.

              6. THats what everyone does Seb. That’s Kap weakness. Its called maybe he should learn to play from the pocket! Limited running QB’s don’t win in this league! Bout time you figured that out!

              7. Prime, maybe you should get smart and realize that the Niners should strategize to their player’s strengths instead of exposing their weaknesses.

              8. Yeah we should change our entire personnel and what has worked for centuries in the NFL for a guy who has never won anything playing the way he does.
                You have no clue! Stick to pruning trees and whatever else you do!

              9. Prime, when I prune, I think of how the tree will look 10 years in the future. You, like the dinosaurs, are stuck in the past.

              10. It’s like asking a point guard in basketball not to be able to pass or see the entire floor. It won’t work. Just like asking a QB in football not to be able to play 90% from the pocket. It just won’t work. You cannot reinvent the game, it hasn’t changed since its inception.
                Prune away big guy, prune away!

          1. Unfortunately the Niners will win tommorow. We need a loss so bad..Nothing to take out of a win at this point. A loss to the Bears just might get Chip and Balke fired at years end…

            1. Especially practicing all week in hot weather then moving up to frigid temps in Chicago. Terrible plan!

  22. The Niners should trade back. I am assuming the Niners win a couple games. They should pick 5th, because Browns Bears, Jax and Jets may have worse records.

    Niners should offer the 5th overall and their 5th round pick to a team picking around 10th, and their second round pick. This scenario depends on who the 10th pick team needs.. This will be feasible if the 10th team wants to leapfrog ahead of another team to grab a player both teams covet.

    Then they should move back again to a team picking around 15th, and trade their 10th overall pick and their 6th round pick for the other team’s first and second round picks. This way, the Niners will give up the 5th overall and their 5th and 6th round picks for the 15th overall, with 2 additional second round picks.

    The Niners need bodies, and this draft will have good quality all through round 2. Moving back twice to get 2 more second round picks is a wise strategy. They should target an ILB, DT, OLB, then a QB or WR.

    1. Using that strategy, the Niners could pick Reuben Foster ILB, Taco Charlton DE, Vita Vea, DT and Brad Kayaa QB. This is based upon picking within 5 slots of the CBS top draft rankings.

    2. I agree as the only player that is head and shoulders above the others is Garret and I don’t see him falling.
      They also have to be more active in free agency. While I don’t think they should break the bank on top level guys, their is no reason they shouldn’t pick up guys that can be solid contributors. MLB’s and pluggers don’t break the bank and they are in need of these. This also should allow them to better focus their accord to needs…. and they will still have plenty.

      1. I agree. That is why Baalke must not stay as the GM. Word has gotten around, and now decent FAs have avoided the Niners like the plague. Sean Smith was available, and with the Raiders already depleting their salary cap with big FA acquisitions like Osmele and Irvin, and the Niners sitting on a 50 mil cap, Baalke could easily have outbid the Raiders, if he wanted. Then he would not have needed to draft another ACL player who is on IR.

  23. Courtesy of TK:

    49ers’ offensive production in five games with Gabbert starting: 4.5 yards per play (last in the NFL).

    49ers’ offensive production in six games with Colin Kaepernick starting: 5.6 yards per play.

    If the 5.6-yard average under Kaepernick–if it was the 49ers’ full-season average–would tie with Seattle for 12th in the NFL.

    1. Not to defend Gabbert as Kaep has been better, but 3 of Gabberts games were against The Rams, Cardinals (when healthy), and Seahawks. 3 top 10 defenses.

      1. Shoup, CK played against the Cardinals and Bills who are in the top 10 and tomorrow vs. the #11 Bears. He played against the #14 Patriots. It also depends on how you rank defenses. If you rank by points per game or yards per game the list changes.

        How was CK’s game against the Cardinals vs. BG’s game vs. the Cardinals? I think that’s the only real apples to apples comparison you can make so far. How can you say they weren’t healthy when they’re still ranked #1 in the NFL? He’ll also play the Jets in this next stretch.

        There’s no question CK is better than BG. But none of that has changed we’re still 1-10.

        1. “How was CK’s game against the Cardinals vs. BG’s game vs. the Cardinals?”

          Kaepernick 20 points
          Gabbert 21 points

              1. You know what would be nice to get rid of both guys and start fresh. Gabbert is not a good QB. Kaep is slightly better but is a massive distraction. This teams needs a fresh face for this organization at the QB position.. That’s the truth! Until that happens we are stuck in sh*t…

              2. Raw, I am reminded of the adage- One does not know how precious or valuable a gem could be until the moment after it leaves the hand as it is being thrown away

            1. Gabbert 162 yards 1 TD and 2 Ints at home.. Kaep 210 and 2 total 2TDs 50 yards rushing no Ints… Not much to see here.

              1. Gabbert 5 TDs 6 Ints 890 yards. 69 rating.. Kaep 10 TDs 3 Ints 1440 yards 87 rating. Keep the faith Jack.

            2. True, and the game Gabbert played against the Cardinals was on a short week. Kinda cancels out the road argument.

              1. Right the short week would affect the Cards more cause they traveled while the Niners played at home.

              2. This isn’t about whose better between Kap and Gabbert. Both guys are not the future. But if we are looking for one thing to compare and the only thing that really matters,is wins.

              3. It effects both teams, the only real difference was the loss of Mathieu in the 2nd meeting.

                I won’t argue that Kaeptain Flash has put up better stats. That’s cool. The only problem is that the offense has also put up roughly 3 points per game since he took over.

              4. Jack “The only problem is that the offense has also put up roughly 3 points per game since he took over.”

                I am guessing you’re saying 3 less points per game right?

        2. “How can you say they weren’t healthy when they’re still ranked #1”

          Mathieu did not play in the game at Arizona.

          1. So the loss of one player makes them not healthy? Its a stretch. Any NFL defense has one starter out during any given game.

            I think the biggest difference in the game was the defenses performance.

        3. I can say they were not healthy because they were missing 3 starters. Two of them being potential pro bowlers. Imagine the 49ers D a few years ago missing Whitner, Willis, and Smith… would you argue that Defense would be at the same level without them?

          1. Correction*
            The players lost were not the ones I thought. I thought they missed chandler jones but it was okafor which is not nearly as big of a loss

  24. I agree with Kelly’s approach to Kaep. Very similar to Harbaugh’s grooming of Kaep the first couple years, after he deposed Smith as the starter, build a fortress around Kaep enabling his narrow skill set. If Kaep plays well more teams will be attracted to him giving Kaep a potential path out of Santa Clara while clearing the decks for the organization to pursue a QB who has the skills Baalke is looking for. Forget want ChK wants this is the 49ers after all.

  25. Chip needs to prepare better. In their last drive, Kaep was tackled in bounds, letting the clock keep running. Chip should have told Kaep to lateral the ball out of bounds to stop the clock.

    I hope Chip can devise a 2 yard play. That is, he should feel confident enough for the Niners to make 2 yards. He should not just run into the teeth of the defense, but maybe roll out Kaep so he can use his speed to get to the edge, or have a player available for a short pass past the sticks.

    On second and short, the Niners should realize that the defense will be geared up to stop the run, so that is the perfect time to do play action, with a long strike down field. Even if it does not work, they still will have third and short.

    Niners need to win so the losing legacy will be over. They will be able to get a good player in the first round because they are guaranteed a pick in the top 10. Barkley may not scare the Niners, but Chip should tout him as the next coming of Joe Montana.

    1. “Chip should have told Kaep to lateral the ball out of bounds to stop the clock.”

      Like this, Kaepy we are calling a pass here. If you decide to take off running get what you can, and when they come to tackle you lateral the ball of bounds. I don’t care if you’re in the middle of the field and its 20 yards to the sideline. Lateral it!

  26. The 9ers win a meaningless game 31 to 10.
    Some in the room will need towels to dry off after their Kaepernick orgasms stop.
    The campaign to keep Kaepernick/Kelly reaches fever pitch.
    And we all get to repeat this next year and the year after…Our own special Ground Hog Day!

  27. Chicago Weather:

    . Dec 4.

    36° 32°  100% SSE 7 mph 84% 0 of 10  7:02 am  4:19 pm

    Vic Fangio and pray for snow.

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