Chip Kelly: “Thad (Lewis) has torn his ACL, so he will be out for the season.”

SANTA CLARA — This is the transcript of Chip Kelly’s Monday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


How is QB Thad Lewis doing?

“Thad has torn his ACL, so he will be out for the season.”


Did that come as a surprise today or did you sense that might be a possibility last night?

“They said they were sending him for an MRI, but they didn’t know one way or another. They didn’t know if it was going to be something with his lower leg or the ligament. Obviously we erred on the side of caution, get him an MRI and make sure we know exactly what it is. That’s what just came back a couple minutes ago.”


How did it happen?

“I think it was on the last play he got tackled on. He was kind of scrambling out of there and got hit. He actually didn’t think he was hurt that bad. But, we took him out and put [QB] Jeff [Driskel] in.”


What does that do to you guys as far as what’s the timetable, are you bringing guys in or will you have somebody meet you in Denver?

“We haven’t had any discussions on that. We literally just got done meeting with [vice president of football operations Jeff Ferguson] Ferg, so I haven’t talked to [general manager] Trent [Baalke] about any situation at the quarterback spot.”


Any further optimism today that QB Colin Kaepernick would be able to take part in these upcoming practices?

“Again, didn’t discuss that. I literally just got done talking about Thad, so we haven’t had any discussions about anybody else besides Thad.”


With Thad, would you like him to stay around to kind of be there for the other quarterbacks, just because he knows your system?

“Yeah, we would like that with all of our players that are on Injured Reserve. We want to keep them around, keep them learning, keep them part of the team. Obviously they can’t participate in practice, but they can still sit in our meetings. They can do their rehab working with Ferg and [director of human performance Mark Uyeyama] Uye, getting ready to go next year. So, I don’t think this is a retirement thing for Thad by any stretch of the imagination. I’m just really disappointed for him because I thought he played well yesterday and was really starting to come on. But, we would like him to stick around.”


He broke a few tackles just trying to escape pressure in there. Is that kind of the trademark of his game is his mobility?

“No, I think he throws the ball really well and he’s a very smart and decisive quarterback. So, I thought once he settled down out there and got into a rhythm, he took us on two real good scoring drives. One of them ended up with a field goal down in the redzone and then obviously the other one ended with a fumble in the redzone. But, I thought he did a really good job at managing the team.”


You’ve had another, WR Eric Rogers who’s been out, but you haven’t filled that roster spot. Is there really no need at this point–?

“No, it’s because if you waive him right now, you waive him injured and you expose him to the rest of the league, so someone could claim him injured. So, we’re not going to do that with Eric right now.”


On the fumble by RB Carlos Hyde, I’ve watched the play a few times, what should be happening there? Is it a missed block by one of those two guys?

“Yeah, we didn’t get off on the snap count on the backside, so there was a little bit of penetration there that got to Carlos. We’ve got to do a better job of getting off the snap count on the back side.”


So the right tackle needs to come off the ball more sharply?

“Yeah, they just all have to come off at the same time. If you slow it down we just weren’t all coming off at the same time. So, we’ve got to get everybody in unison getting off on the snap count.”


Any other guys stand out on film, maybe one of the cornerbacks especially? There’s so many guys fighting for jobs there.

“Well it’s interesting, you look at some guys, we thought [DB] Jimmie Ward had a good game, didn’t have a ball thrown his way so there wasn’t an opportunity for him, but did a really good job in coverage. [CB] Chris Davis did a really good job at the nickel spot for us. [CB] Tramaine Brock did another really good job out there. Going back to Chris, I think he had a couple of third down stops that were big in that situation. [CB Keith] Reaser gave up one where he kind of slipped on an underthrown ball, but besides that we thought he played well. There was a group of corners out there that I think we were pleased with after watching film.”


You had CB Dontae Johnson back at safety for a little bit. Is that–?

“Just some versatility with those guys. I think [CB Kenneth] Acker played some safety also. When you’re looking at a lot of different guys and who’s going to make the eventual, what we always talk about, the 46-man roster, is the more versatile the players are the more they can bring to the table. So, if they are really good special teams players and have the ability to be both corners and safeties, that benefits them. Just taking a look at guys in various spots out there.”


LB Ray-Ray Armstrong made a couple plays at inside linebacker. Any movement in that group? Anybody standing out among that trio?

“I think we thought all the inside linebackers played well, which is a positive. Again, we’re not playing for a little bit here, so we’ll continue to grow all those guys and fit it in next to LB [Navarro Bowman] Bo. There may be different packages for different guys depending on as we try to figure out what their strengths are as we move forward. But, Ray-Ray played well. I thought [LB Gerald] Hodges played well. [LB Michael] Wilhoite was solid, and I think the other two guys, [LB Nick] Bellore and [LB Shayne] Skov both had really good games, really productive games, so we feel good about our inside linebacker position.”


Has there been any discussion about potentially moving T Anthony Davis to guard?

“We haven’t had any discussions about that right now. AD’s just getting solid at the tackle spot. And again, we just played our first preseason game, so we’ve got a lot of ways to go. As we kind of look at the different combinations that are out there, but still looking at AD at tackle.”


Just to pursue that further, does his build, his skillset lend himself to potentially playing inside?

“I think Anthony can play anywhere on an offensive line. Whether it be right tackle, left tackle, center, left guard, right guard, I think when you’ve got someone 6-5, 330 pounds that moves like he moves, I think you could play any position along the offensive line.”


One more right tackle question. What were your impressions of OL Trent Brown?

“I thought Trent, in an extended period of play, did a nice job. He didn’t give up any pressures. He’s just such a tall, long guy. Once he gets his hands on you in a pass-protection situation, it makes it very difficult for guys and I thought he was solid in the run game. It was good to see him. I think he got 28 snaps. It was good to see him have some success out there.”


How much of a reflection on G Andrew Tiller is it that you’ve decided to give G Joshua Garnett snaps on the other side now?

“It’s got no reflection on anybody. It’s just trying to get, the same thing I talked about with CB Donte Johnson, just moving guys around. [OL] Ian Silberman was on the left side and then moved over to the right side, so [offensive line coach Pat Flaherty] Flats is just moving guys around just like [defensive backs coach Jeff Hafley] Haff is moving guys around in the secondary, trying to get a feel for where they will fit in and how this thing will shake itself out.”


What about Joshua Garnett in his first NFL game? How’d he do?

“I thought he was solid. I think he had one or two plays he probably wants back. I think maybe the excitement of the game or as we got started, but I think by and large for the first time out there he’s a physical player and can create movement at the point of attack. The things we’ve seen all along you continued to see from him and you continue to see him get better and better as he moves forward. So, I know he’ll build upon that experience. He’ll be better this week than he was last week. And that’s what I love about Josh. He’s always growing.”


With some of Blaine’s incompletions early on, were any of those due to maybe he and the target weren’t on the same page?

“Yeah, the second throw to Carlos was that situation. He thought Carlos was breaking to the flat. Carlos was sitting, so they weren’t on the same page in that situation.”


CB Rashard Robinson, how did he look?

“He only played about six to eight snaps total. I think he was good in those six to eight snaps. It wasn’t a lot of exposure, and then he just got tight, so they erred on the side of precaution, but he should be able to go this week. This will be a big week for him.”


Do you anticipate DL Arik Armstead will return to team drills this week?

“Again, I haven’t talked to Ferg exactly about Armstead in particular, so I don’t know have the exact answer on that one.”


Is WR DeAndre Smelter’s condition kind of a similar–?

“Smelter is more of a week-to-week than a day-to-day. Those other guys are day-to-day. With Smelt, I don’t think we’ll see him this week. Hopefully we’ll get him back.”


Is that similar to what he was experiencing in the offseason program?

“I’m not sure what he was experiencing in the offseason program.”



“I don’t have an answer on that one.”


RB Shaun Draughn took a big hit and then didn’t come back into the game. Was that because he was going to come out anyway?

“He was probably going to come out anyway, but they said he was good after the game. There were no concerns with Shaun, so he should be good to go tomorrow.”

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    1. Broth,

      He may well have been, but I have heard from a few commentators that the OG spot might be more important than the Tackle spot in Chips offense. Mostly because the Zone Read is used to freeze the DE and inside pressure will wreck havoc against his system.

        1. It showed when Kelly told his All Pro guard, Evan Mathis, not to let the door hit him in the ass on the way out….

  1. I was surprised that he kept Thad playing for so long. He wasn’t very good.
    But then I realized that Chip wants to see his system play out and the only to see how the players respond is to have a QB who knows what he wants.
    I still would have liked to see more of Drisk. I liked he waited in the pocket in his first drive. Hopefully he’s more accurate next game.
    Just Gab and Drisk?

  2. “He thought Carlos was breaking to the flat. Carlos was sitting, so they weren’t on the same page in that situation.”

    This is exactly what I spoke about a week or so ago.

    The silver lining for everyone except a certain zealot who’s name must not be mentioned is that with Kaepernick out of the picture the QB ‘competition’ is over and Gabbert can now get all of the reps to build rapport and timing with these backs and receivers.

    1. I wish we had insight into the play call/ responsibilities. Would be really useful to know who was in the right on that play.

      To your point, it is also possible this had nothing to do with option routes per se, and one player just messed up their assignment. That can also happen.

      1. These option routes seem like mathematical calculus when you’re still trying to teach algebra to the QB and receivers. How many of the 49er receivers and QBs have experience with option routes?

        1. Yeah, I imagine the guys that have only ever played for the 49ers haven’t been exposed to this stuff.

          I take your point that it can add an extra level of complication when you are installing a new offense. But as I posted last time CfC mentioned it, my understanding (which could be faulty) is the options should be quite simple and clearly defined, so as to minimise the chances of miscommunication or confusion.

      2. I wonder if “so they weren’t on the same page in that situation” is a tip off that it was an option route? If he had only said, “He thought Carlos was breaking to the flat.” That might make me think it was more of situation where one person forgot the assignment.

        Tough to really say for sure.

    2. Chip, Chip, Hooray, we have Captain Chipdown who may have developed some chemistry with Hot Hands Hanon(VMac). If this running game isn’t stellar, and the defense doesn’t get off the field, we’re probably looking at 4 or 5 wins maximum….

  3. Okay, so one of those throws to Hyde was a miscommunication rather than a poor throw. Still, Gabbert needs to be able to start more quickly. Hopefully it was just overexcitement and we’ll see a more settled QB from here on out; because it’s pretty much a done deal that he will be the starting QB.

    1. I agree Cubus, regardless if it was his first game in awhile, he has to be sharper from the start.

      I do like the fact he battled back after that first series. Still lots of work to be done but after next week, the 49ers need to settle on a starter.

  4. No matter what, those first 2 throws were ugly. They were easy throws with no pressure and he was way off. Please do not sugar coat putrid play.

    I hope Kaep heals quickly, because Gabbert is reverting to the Jax-Gab. Gabbert cannot count on the defender to fall down before he throws a TD pass. Before that pass, he was 3-9.

    1. At least he played and battled his tail off. Unlike doo rag on the sidelines looking all gangster with arm fatigue!
      Yeah there’s a SB QB, oh wait, SB participant from 4 years ago. Storms coming Seb, better get that lawn mowed before it hits!

          1. Just because you’re not aware of it doesn’t mean it’s not there. You didn’t say immature, you said gangster.

              1. I was just making an observation, not calling you a racist. Language is powerful. Black kids get killed all the time because some white person thought they looked “gangster”. You’re just feeding into common stereotypes.

                Just a little education.

              2. Spare me the observations and your BS. You were trying to pigeon hole my comment. It was weak!

              3. PT, which white person do you recall is called a gangster as a putdown? Grimey has a point, blacks and hispanics are called that if they dress a certain way. White people are called that if they wanna be wanna-be’s.

              4. I’m Hispanic and I didn’t take it as racist. Stereotypical yes!
                But stereotypes are there for a reason and a good reason.
                But coming from a bad neighborhood we (as in back then) wanted that persona. I think the PC button was pushed at the wrong time here. These kids like ck look up to paper writer thugs and their music, which enhances their look. It’s a fact and I lived it as a youth wanting to be and look like NWA. It’s more influential than you may think. I saw ck and thought the same thing. Am I a racist? Nope!

              5. But it is a stereotype. And what it says is, if you look a certain way you can’t be a QB. Because QBs have to be as white as possible.

              6. ninermnd, you don’t have to be a racist to say racist things…..
                That’s kind of the problem that Grimey is pointing out.

          2. Grimey, since we are talking about physical appearence, let’s consider the physics involved. I’ve talked to my sources, and they concur, Blaine Gabbert has a certain physical appearance.

        1. Forgive my ignorance, but since when is the word “gangster”, or anything related to gangs, racial?

          1. Your ignorance is forgiven and so is Prime’s. Maybe it’s an american thing. Black kids who dress or talk or act a certain way are labeled as gangsters or thugs.

            1. I see. Wasn’t aware of that. We have the same thing here based on a certain ‘look’, but not with the racial undertone. Could be any race dressed/ looking a certain way.

              1. Any brown skin person yes. Generally with white kids it’s assumed they’re posers or wannabes. I guess tattoos were a stigma for any race, but that’s becoming more accepted it seems.

          2. This exchange is restrained; not surprized, good participants.
            I think we’re talking cultural nuance here.
            What if it was ‘gangsta’
            That might have a ‘ghetto’ or certainly ‘street’ aspect that’s less presumptively criminal than ‘gangster.”
            See how fine a distinction that is?
            #Work in progress-Keep On Truckin’!

            1. Yeah, I kinda put Prime in a tough spot there, so I wanted to clean that up, while still expressing what I felt about a pretty common but overlooked use of language.

              1. Grimey, you didn’t seem to have a problem with using the word “rapist” in a joke earlier on which Prime called you out. You said earlier in this exchange:

                “Black kids get killed all the time because some white person thought they looked “gangster”.

                I would also say that women get raped all the time because many men have an attitude that it is okay to use the word “rape” or “rapist” in a joke.

              2. I see your point but I don’t think it’s the same. I think a more apt comparison would be if I said something about a woman “looking like she wants to be raped”.

                The main difference being: It’s okay to make fun of the perpetrator who happens to be the person in power, rather than the powerless victim.

              3. Cubus-
                Just opinion for what it’s worth:
                I didn’t take offense to Grimey’s post in the context it was offered, it was relaying an impression of a celebrity by a member of the public. It wasn’t an accusation or some character assault. She thought, in a way I don’t see, that he seems creepy.
                My wife was the first person I remember to refer to John Elway as “Horsemouth”. Is she an anthropomorphobe? Or maybe just relaying a gut impression? Inquiring minds want to know!

              4. She looked up from her phone and saw him at the podium at the post game presser and just blurted it out. Just a gut impression from her, which I found amusing, given his clean cut, prototypical, good-guy QB look.

              5. Grimey: First off, let me be clear that I have a lot of respect for you, which is why I feel I can have this exchange with you. I’ve always been a believer that we are all shaped by our experiences. Our experiences make us more sensitive to some issues than others and I don’t blame anyone for the experiences they’ve had or didn’t have. Ultimately, intent is what I find important.

                However, I know a woman who was raped and as a result of discussions I’ve had with her it’s made me take a look at some of the language that I use (in the past I’ve made jokes that included rape or rapist, but don’t do that anymore now).

              6. Also women get raped because throughout history men have thought it okay to subjugate them. Much the way blacks have been historically subjugated in america.

          3. It’s an uneasy time in America. What Grimey said may seem sensitive, but that’s what African American people are dealing with right now. Something as simple as looking a certain way could get you in a lot of trouble right now; possibly worse.

            Prime is Canadian though. They are too polite to be racist.

  5. While no one knows what will happen this year, but gotta say that a Chip presser gives you real information. He’s clearly in charge and it looks like he misses nothing. It is so obvious how fear-based Jimmy T was, thinking back to those Jimmy pressers then hearing a guy like Kelly. Again, the 9ers may be rotten, who knows, but it’s a refreshing change in leadership from what I can see.

  6. The fans booing Gabbert already in Pre Season. This guy and team is in a world of trouble. They can’t develop Driskel fast enough. The best case for the Niners is to go 2-14 or 3-13 to have a shot at Watson or Kaaya. Plus getting Balke fired! That’s reality right now…

        1. Ryan Leaf had upside too. It’s always a gamble.Also, do you expect the players to tank thier careers? Tell Carlos Hyde to tank. Tell Joe Stayley to tank.

            1. They don’t need to tank. They don’t have enough overall talent on the team to win 5 games. There 2-3 years away from competing.

              1. The Browns always seem to have a top 5 pick and they still suck. The team needs to win now to get rid of the Browns like losing culture.

              2. Would love to be surprised. I also understand that without a direction we are not going anywhere.

    1. Have you seen Gabbert play QB? Just wait until the real games kick off.. It’s hard not to assume when we have the QBs we have..

      1. If you are gonna cry all season about it, please do us a favor, at least wipe the snaut from your nose!

          1. I didn’t realize there was more than one spelling for “snot.” Snaut makes me picture some english professor talking out of the side his mouth.

        1. I didn’t see anything from Driskel yesterday that gave me a reason to be optimistic. If the only thing you can say is that he ran well, that doesn’t inspire confidence in me that he’ll be a good NFL QB. At the same time it was only the first preseason game. I’ll give all the QBs at this point the benefit of the doubt.

        2. If given time to develop I think he has a shot. He has all the physical tools. We will see if he has it up top.

  7. I think other than BG starting slow I was happy with 300 yards of offense in the 1st half. I like the fast system especially with our constant delay problems the last 5 years. The D looked good and I think this system will fit our secondary good. The running backs were good and Davis looked fast & fit. What the hell is with this 5th round punter that was supposed to be a stud –damn a 25 yard punt!

  8. Apparently Kaep’s dead arm is more serious than first thought. Kaep should take the year off, study and rebuild his throwing motion. Everything happens for a reason. In retrospect, a fourth round draft pick and a half salary pay off would have been a steal.

  9. Sitting here in my office with a bowl of gorilla, it feels like we’re living in the After the Texans game, I was anxious to see Kaepernick start against that Bronco defense, and still am if his arm is ok. Like I pointed out yesterday, Raise Your Bortles was able to play with “dead arm” during his rookie season. Grant’s practice reports this week should provide some clarity to much of our speculation….

    1. Tsk, tsk, tsk, Razor. Just wait until the folks at PETA hear about you eating gorillas for breakfast; gonna be hell to pay!
      ( I will admit that those Unicorn tacos were good while they lasted.)

    2. Don’t you just love it though! The speculation on actual football! Whether Kap will play not if he is better or not just is he ready to take the field. Exciting! We are in the early phases of preseason euphoria and I believe the Denver game may bring us back to earth or bring our spirits higher.

      Will Ray Ray separate himself from the other two or prove to be wishful thinking? Will the DBs continue to shine. Which OLB will be bringing the heat and will Eli become what we all wish him to become? Will the RBs continue to impress and will the OL dominate the line of scrimmage with run blocking? Will they settle down and provide good pass blocking as well?

      Which WR is hungry to be the man? Will the TEs contribute to the attack beyond blocking? Who is the Red-Zone threat – not Phil Dawson hopefully?

      Will Treggs and Driskel shake off the rookie jitters and become contributors?

      Will B&A become a force to be reckoned wit along the DL?

      Is Kap ready to become a hero or is he headed for more disappointment?

      Can’t wait to see?

        1. I’m just so glad to see actual action on the field with my beloved scarlet and gold.

          There was a nice write up on Hayne and the team from Cam Inman. Anyone get a chance to read?

      1. You raise a valid point, given the trade request by Kaepernick’s agent. But that Chip has sailed long ago, and you are led to believe by the head coach/gm that all players are starting with a clean slate. Latest evidence of which was the rebuilt bridge that Mr. Davis burned down. I realize I’m in the minority, but I firmly believe that Kaepernick should get a legitimate chance to earn the job, starting in Denver. That is, if his heart is truly in San Francisco….

        1. Kap and the 49ers don’t like each other, but they need each other, so they’re stuck right now. It’s a weird dysfunctional, codependent relationship.

        2. I think BG performance raised the same question to Chip. After taking all the reps all off season long. Butchering scripted plays like he did must be concerning. Probably doesn’t help that the fans were booing him immediately. This front office and Chip will be under some serious pressure.

            1. Pretty much how I see it. The only chance this team had of being a surprise and putting together a truly great offense, was if Kap was a good fit for the system and regained his confidence. With Gabbert I see a limit on what the offense can do.

              1. I’m intrigued to see what Kap can do with a legitimate line, a run game, and a zone read offense… hopefully we find out

                but if its Blaine then so be it, I think he can have success also, but he may have already hit his ceiling.

              2. I noticed Gabbert didn’t look as smooth at the mesh point of the limited zone read plays, but that just confirmed what I already thought I knew….

            2. Yep, die on your feet with Kaepernick or live on your knees with Gabbert. Let’s delve into the psychology behind each choice; > )

    1. It’s possible that DGB had worn out his welcome in just a year, there are rumors to the effect but still it doesn’t look good for the Titans to trade a 2nd round pick after just one season for a swing tackle.

      1. It’s worth pointing out that DGB in his one season caught 32 passes for 549 yards with 4 TD’s. In 3 seasons Patton has 36 receptions for 472 yards and 1 TD.

        Maybe the question why didn’t we trade for him?

        1. According to the Titans GM, the Eagles called them and asked about DGB. Good player and would have been a good acquisition for the Niners if they had actually looked into improving the position.

          1. Why pick up someone that was drafted before the 4th…..its all out those undrafted gems…. one of those guys is going to stick, a some point in time, somewhere…. maybe

    1. Yeah, it was unfortunate for Baalke when all of McCloughan’s acquisitions got old, or got gone. It’s all Baalke’s team now, and his draft picks have to perform. With Chip on board there’s no blaming poor performance on a sweaty, confused HC who’s in over his head.

  10. Chip Kelly is known for his up-tempo offense that consistently keeps the defense on its heels. While the style is often effective, the potential downside of the approach is the toll it takes on Kelly’s own players.

    Some of Kelly’s past players have been less than happy with the way the former college coach takes care of his guys throughout the course of what is a grueling NFL season.

    In 2014, Cary Williams complained that Kelly was overworking the Eagles players. “It’s hard to go out there and fight for 60 minutes when you’re fighting throughout the week to make it through one practice

    Eagles OL Lane Johnson agreed with Williams, calling Kelly a ‘dictator’ and saying that the coach ‘ignored complaints of overwork.’

    Now in San Francisco, it appears that Kelly may still be working his players too hard for their own good.

    Quarterback Colin Kaepernick is suffering from ‘dead arm’, and one independent orthopedic surgeon thinks that the issue may be the direct result of a too-high workload for Kaepernick upon his return to practice, rather than a build-up
    “Think of it like this: you have a guy who works out all the time every day in the gym. He then takes three months off. The muscles he worked for so long start deconditioning,” explained orthopedic surgeon and Duke professor Dr. Selene Perekh. “When he gets back into the gym, he can’t do the same amount of reps or weights or endurance.”

    1. Can it get any worse? What a Fu—-g Joke! Bill Walsh, Where are U?

      Why Your Team Sucks 2016: San Francisco 49ers
      Drew Magary
      8/02/16 2:10pm

      Your team: San Francisco 49ers. Oh, did I say San Francisco 49ers? Because I meant Anodyne Exurban Strip Mall 9,000 Miles Away From San Francisco 49ers. San Francisco no longer has an NFL team. The Niners may as well have moved to f-ing Alaska. Unless you’re a sh-tbag tech billionaire with a Learjet sharing app account, you’ll never see this team again.

      Your 2015 record: 5-11. I have to say, that’s a good three or four more wins than I expected after this team cut Jim Harbaugh loose, dropped their roster into a garbage compactor, and hired a burlap inspector to coach for a full season.

      Your team: San Francisco 49ers. Oh, did I say San Francisco 49ers? Because I meant Anodyne Exurban Strip Mall 9,000 Miles Away From San Francisco

        1. Sorry Prime,

          -Just setting the Baalke vs. McCloughan debate above straight with a post
          -Then this Kap injury keeps getting worse, so I had to post the orthopedic surgeons opinion.
          -Adding the 2 above, I just had to post the other.

          Finally, it’s the down time of the season. Once it gets rolling I’m dialing it back.

  11. Chip Kelly Red Zone Tracker:

    0 for 2

    What we learned from Chip Kelly’s debut with 49ers
    Same Chip, just different colors.

    Where the 49ers struggled, however, was the red zone, where the 49ers went 0-of-2 on the night — again, just like his Eagles teams did the last three seasons.

    1. Above Source:

      Fans, throughout the 2016 season I’ll be keeping you abreast of 49er scoring in the redzone with my newly invented, Chip Kelly RedZone Tracker

      1. I didn’t like the Chip hire either, but i’m giving him a shot. 300 yards in first half Sunday. However if he keeps wearing down or breaking down players I will be calling for him to be fired.

  12. Scot McCloughan and the NFL’s Best and Worst Drafting GMs

    ew Redskins General Manager Scot McCloughan is widely regarded as one of the NFL’s best evaluators of college talent.

    he’s played an instrumental role in the drafting of over a dozen pro bowlers in the last 14 years, a list of players that includes the likes of Richard Sherman, Frank Gore, Russell Wilson, Vernon Davis, Steve Hutchinson and Patrick Willis.

    But how does Scot McCloughan compare to his peers? Is he really one of the best drafters out there?

    Measurement Method

    My primary means of measurement was Pro Football Reference’s Approximate Value metric.

    It shouldn’t surprise anybody to see Scot McCloughan at the top of these rankings and Snyder, Cerrato and Allen

    McCloughan vs. NFL GM’s: Among the top in each category…Baalke doesn’t make the rankings, can’t be found…?

    1. McCloughan Source:
      SB Nation, Hogs Haven

      Title: Scott McClouhan and the NFL’s Best and Worst Drafting GM’s

      By James Dorsett  @JamesDDorsett on Mar 1, 2015, 4:05p

  13. ‏@Eric_Branch
    Colin Kaepernick hasn’t thrown a pass since Wednesday, a day before his “scheduled rest day.”

    Lol. When the 49ers try to spin things it always seems to blow up in their faces.

  14. Right Grimey, and this from TK:

    Tim Kawakami Verified account 
    Tim Kawakami Retweeted Eric Branch

    But Trent Baalke = Muhammad Ali, that’s the important part.

    ‏@dshanek · 17m17 minutes ago

    @timkawakami @Eric_Branch which is run more poorly, 49ers front office or Trump campaign???

    Vijai Shankar ‏@vshankar05 · 20m20 minutes ago

    @timkawakami LOL. This is too funny

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     Reply

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  15. A free agent QB that would fit nicely with Chip’s offense is Dennis Dickson. He was Kelly’s first QB at Oregon when Kelly was an OC. Local boy, he played high school ball at San Leandro. I remember Dixon from Oregon he would be a better fit then Adams.

  16. Chris Biderman via Damon Bruce:
    The #49ers third QB making throws in warmups is Ryan Day, the QB coach. Blaine Gabbert and Jeff Driskel are only healthy QBs.

    @ChrisBiderman How does Day look? Pretty accurate? A Chip Kelly type guy? Can he be ready for Sat? lol

  17. Bay Area Sports Guy
    Trent Baalke plays victim, preaches patience, doesn’t have a QB

    Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 4m4 minutes ago

    Tim Kawakami Retweeted Bay Area Sports Guy

    Come on BASG, it’s obvious the local media doesn’t understand Trent’s genius and suffering.

    1. I see you’re getting the hang of switching back and forth between screen names….just takes a little practice….

      you have issues man….seek help

  18. I’m generally positive about the team. But I give extra scrutiny to the qbs, coaches and front office as they are critical to the teams success. I have agreed and disagreed with several different posters, does that mean that this forum only has 4 or 5 posters with multiple screen names.

    1. I think it has more to do with Thad Lewis being out. But Kap’s setback gives them only 2 live arms in camp, they needed somebody immediately.

      1. It seems Baalke not only has an ACL fetish, but a penchant for former top 15 quarterback busts as well….

  19. Season 3 confirmed for Mr. Robot. Wasn’t much of a surprise but still good news.

    Can’t wait for the final season of The Leftovers. Although as I read that out loud it doesn’t sound quite right.

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