Chip Kelly on using Jaquiski Tartt as a coverage linebacker: “We’ve already done that this year.”


SANTA CLARA — This is the transcript of Chip Kelly’s Week-11 Thursday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

What is the scouting report on New England Patriots RB LeGarrette Blount? You know him as well as anybody but the team. What’s he good at?

“I think first and foremost in coaching him, he has great vision for a big back. Sometimes I think you see a back and your preconceived notion is he’s just a ram it up in there and kind of push the pile guy, but the one thing we knew right when we first got him was what great vision he has and then what great athleticism he has. He’s got some highlight reel-type runs both in college and in the NFL of hurdling people. Something you don’t see when you see a guy who’s that big, a 240-pound back that has that agility and that athleticism. But, I think the biggest quality that makes him such a great running back is just great vision in terms of patience and understanding where the hole is. He’s got an ability to change gears and accelerate once he sees the hole and kind of get through it. He can make guys miss, but he’s also physical and can push the pile. He’s definitely one of the bigger backs we’ll face this year and he’s certainly a guy that we’re going to have to gang tackle. It’s going to be very difficult for one guy to get him down.”


He leads the league in touchdowns, rushing touchdowns. Is that, obviously he’s got the ability, but is that also because they can just as easily throw when they are close to the goal line that defenses have to–?

“I mean, obviously they’re not a one-dimensional team where you can kind of gang up on the run game. You’ve got one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game pulling the trigger. Their multiplicity and the ability to throw at the tight ends that they can deploy, the receivers that they can deploy and the running back that they can deploy make them very, very difficult to defend, especially in the red zone.”


Are you preparing for New England Patriots RB Dion Lewis to play this week and does that make you go back and have to watch tape of last year?

“Yeah, our defensive staff has looked at that. He’s similar to [New England Patriots RB James] White. They’ve got a little bit different skill set, but similar to how they use White. So, we have to be prepared for that if he’s up and active on game day.”


ME: Last season former 49ers defensive coordinator Eric Mangini used S Jaquiski Tartt as a dime backer in the sub-packages, asked him to cover tight ends and running backs in man-to-man. Have you considered using Tartt in that way?

“Yeah, we have Tartt down in a lot of our packages, down near the line of scrimmage. So, we’ve already done that this year and we’ve also used [S] Eric Reid in that manner too.”


Because of the incident, that punch Blount threw, at the time his career at Oregon was up in the air. You obviously kept him. Did you develop any sort of more special connection with him just dealing with that whole controversy?

“I developed a great amount of respect for him in terms of what he went through and how he handled himself in a really bad situation that he knows he put himself in. But, the way he was willing to stick with it. It could have been easy for him to say, ‘Alright, I’m going to quit and go get ready for the NFL.’ But, he stuck it through, practiced with us not knowing if he was ever even going to play in a game. I think there was a lot of things that he had to do to get himself back in position to play and he did that. So, I think it tells you a little bit about LG in terms of his perseverance and his attitude and understood, was very remorseful for what he did, understood that he made a mistake, but stayed around to help correct that mistake in terms of what we asked him to do as a student and as a member of our team to give himself an opportunity to play again.”


Do you get a sense from just talking to some of your defensive players they came away from that Arizona game a lot more confident in their ability now that they were able to shut Arizona Cardinals RB David Johnson down and how that can carry over into this game?

“Well, that’s what you hope. You hope as you go you continue to improve and you continue to grow and you continue to build upon the experiences that you have during the season. So, you hope that you’re trending in the right direction from that standpoint and that’s the biggest thing they have to understand is that I thought defensively we had a really good week of practice last week. So, that didn’t surprise and go, ‘Oh god. We played really well.’ I think they prepared well too and I think there’s a correlation between your preparation and your play. So, hopefully we’ll continue to do that this week. We did have a good Tuesday, we did have a good Wednesday and we’ll see how that impacts us today on Thursday.”


What is WR Torrey Smith’s status with his shoulder? How did that come about?

“I think on that pass where he was crossing the middle in the fourth quarter. Kind of hit his hands and then fell and went to the ground. So, it occurred on that play it looked like because it looked like he was a little bit lame after that one. We put him in motion and then kind of took him out the next play. And we’ll see. He’s still day-to-day right now and we’ll get a sense, a feel for him on Saturday after the whole week of training is over.”


How much is LB Aaron Lynch participating in team drills?

“He’s in and out right now. It’s more individual drills. I couldn’t tell you the exact amount of reps he’s had in team drills. But, he’s been limited so far. He’s been a limited participant in practice.”


We’ve seen him warm up and he doesn’t look particularly comfortable on the ankle. Is it his decision to test this out this week or–?

“No, it’s him and the doctors going through and knowing where he is and how long the injury was, what the MRI said. There’s a plan going through with that. I think sometimes with those injuries it takes a little while to get warmed up and get going.”


A couple of guys, DL Chris Jones, WR Chris Harper, who spent some time with the Patriots. When you have that dynamic, is that valuable at all? Can you glean anything from them that you’re not getting from watching film and things like that?

“I think sometimes, and then other times it can be confusing because they only see it through their microcosm of what is taught in their individual positions. So, they may not have enough information where they can give us, ‘Hey, what are you guys trying to do here? I don’t know. I’m playing three-technique. I’m trying to hold the B-gap.’ But, we’re trying to figure out how they’re defending some type of motion where that maybe wasn’t explained to a defensive tackle. So, sometimes you can gather some information, but I don’t think you’re going to get any, it’s not like they give you a detailed game plan on exactly how things are done.”


What kind of instruction do you give your guys for a rainy game in terms of the ball being slicker, maybe more turnovers, equalizer, that kind of stuff?

“We talk about it and we discuss it. Obviously, we don’t have a ton of opportunities just because of where we live. But, we’ve done some work with it. We’ve done some wet ball drills. We’ve done them during the preseason and we’ve done them in weeks where we thought we were going to play in some rain situations. So, we’ll continue to work on that.”


I don’t imagine this will be a major storyline, but just curious, you were a Patriots fan growing up. Is that right?



Former NFL QB Jim Plunkett, Former New England Patriots QB Steve Grogan, who were some of your main guys?

“Steve Grogan, [former NFL WR] Randy Vataha, [former NFL DB] Tim Fox.”


It’s obviously not the first time you’ve played the Patriots, but does it mean anything, like, ‘Hey, that used to be my team’ when you coach against them?



See, I told you it wasn’t going to be a major storyline.

“Then you can write it. I moved away a long time ago. So, it’s a different team. I’m a big fan of [New England Patriots head coach] Bill [Belichick], but I don’t hope he wins on Sunday.”


Have you talked to him about beating him last year?

“No. It didn’t really come up in any of our conversations.”


You didn’t bring it up?



Not on Facebook chat or anything?

“No. Snap face, we were on together. That’s what coach calls it.”

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  1. Thanks for the Blount assessment Chip. I’m not picking us to win this week but an upset wouldn’t surprise me. The secondary needs to step up. I hope the run D is at least respectable.

  2. Just listening to Coack Kelly gives me the impression he does not care very much at this point.
    Everything is too lackadaisical for me with him!

      1. Agreed razor. The QBs I believe are most likely to attract Kelly are guys that I don’t believe would best suit a traditional NFL offense.

              1. Nothing will happen until the off season. But Garoppolo would be option A for me. Try and get him for as little as possible, obviously.

                If they can’t get Garoppolo, I’d be looking to trade down in round 1 or trade up from the 2nd round and take Falk (if he declares). Still think that come draft time his stock will rise to first round.

              2. What do have, like 3 or 4 teams that need a quarterback? Browns, 49ers and Jets. Anybody else? If not, I don’t see Falk going in the first round….

              3. Browns, Bears, 49ers and Jets are the teams in desperate need. But don’t write off teams like the Cards, Saints and Steelers, who have old QBs with no suitable backups or future options, or teams like the Dolphins and Bills that may decide to move on from their existing QBs.

              4. I think the teams with senior citizen quarterbacks could wait on a developmental player. Dolphins are a wild card, but the Bills? Tyrod Taylor looks pretty damn good to me….

              5. That’s still 4 teams in desperate need of a QB. One of them will likely get Garoppolo, which means 3 teams will be looking for a QB likely with one of their first 2 picks.

                And teams like the Cards and Steelers won’t want to wait too long for their future QB.

                I can definitely see a scenario where a few teams are looking to take QBs late first round/ early second.

              6. Sounds about right, Scooter. Do you really think the Patriots deal Garoppolo? If so, I think it’s safe to assume it won’t be the Dolphins or the Jets. Would Jackson be interested? Dunno. I still think if he’s traded, the Bears are the strongest candidate. I don’t think the 49ers are astute enough to do a deal of that magnitude right now….

              7. I agree NE won’t trade Garoppolo to a division rival. The Bears have shown strong interest in Kaaya. They may be hoping to get him in the second round.

                So that leaves us? Baalke will probably give away too many picks or not even pick up the phone.

              8. Yeah, I think the Patriots will deal. As much as Garoppolo says all the right things, I just don’t see a scenario where he re-signs with the Patriots without being named the starter. And I don’t see Brady stepping down at the end of this or next season unless he gets injured or his play slips significantly. So I imagine the Patriots will be looking to get something for him this year, more than the 3rd rounder they would likely get in compensation if he leaves as a FA at the end of next season.

                As for who will get him, I agree the Jets and Dolphins are out. After that its anybody’s guess. Browns, 49ers and Bears should all be looking into it. The Browns’ second first round pick or 2nd round pick would be more appealing than the 49ers 2nd rounder… and given what Hue did with Dalton I can imagine Garoppolo would interest him.

          1. Falk and Kayaa are probably you best available in the 2nd Round. Kizer will go top ten, and I doubt Trubisky gets out of the first round….

            1. I think Trubisky will be top 10 as well. Garoppolo? That would be the safe bet and probably the best bet. Maybe the Chip, Trent, and Belichek connection can get something done.

      2. I agree. Last year, he did well, but this year, he is inconsistent. I would rather have Kizer than Watson, but in the end, I hope they draft defense with their first pick. Then Davis Webb or Cooper Rush in the 4th.

          1. You know me, I want Kaep to stay, so the QB does not have to take over right away. Maybe the ideal strategy would be to find that WR weapon like a Rice, along with fixing the defense, and wait til the next season with their elite QB prospects.

            1. Waiting would be bad. No guarantee you’ll be drafting in the top ten next year. It’s likely but far from a lock. You’re also not likely to find a better prospect than Kizer….

              1. There are about 3 or 4 sophomore QBs who are better than all of this year’s draft class. IMHO.

                Lamar Jackson, Jalen Hurts and Jake Browning.

              2. Jackson and Hurts are great college QBs. Don’t really like their pro prospects right now.

              3. I don’t think the three players you named are better prospects than Kizer. Please explain why you believe that, and there’s no guarantee they don’t get hurt while you wait on them. Hell, there’s no guarantee you’ll even get a shot at them without paying through the nose. That is unless you’re planning on Kaepernick guiding them to a top 5 pick again….

              4. I know you like Kizer, and last weekend he shined, but he also had meh games.

                Those 3 QBs are doing well, and may all be in the mix for the national title.

              5. Kizer has arm strength, size, accuracy, plays in a pro style offense, goes through his progressions and is a leader in the locker room. He’s a rare cat than can run inside too just like the Jolly Dabber. I don’t just like him to like him. What’s not to like? A slight mechanics issue that’s easily correctable. So what he had some “meh” games? It’s all about how his game translates to the NFL level. Out of the three you claimed to be better, only one’s game translates to the next level and that’s Browning. Honestly, if you like Prescott, how could you not like Kizer?

              6. If the Niners take Kizer, they will miss out on one of those elite defenders. The defense is the area that is most desperate for upgrades. Niners need a NT and ILB.

              7. Seb, edge rusher is deep in this draft. You also don’t need to make a move for a true NT until late. Don’t pass on a possible franchise quarterback when all it’s going to cost you is a first round pick. Hell, Baalke has wasted one of those already with Envelopegate….

              8. Razor, I guess we will have to agree on disagreeing.

                I do not know if Kizer will be a Wentz or a Goff. Just do not think he is a slam dunk. He was benched in one game, IICRC. If the Niners can get Garrett, I say he is a cant miss candidate.

              9. There’s no such thing as a slam dunk or sure thing in the NFL draft, especially at quarterback. You got the stones and the belief, you pull the trigger. You don’t, you shrink away into your comfort zone like Baalke and draft another defensive player. I don’t know about you, but points come out of the passing game. Is Garrett going to do that? Sure you can say you’re going to run the ball, and play good defense. Try and manage the game and keep it close, giving yourself a chance to win. That’s boring football. I want to see some offense and competent defense to go along with it….

              10. I agree seb. We have to go defense. Kelly will have a hard time attracting defensive FAs. I would go front 7 with the first two picks.

                I would be OK with taking Kizer or Trubisky at 2. I wouldn’t be happy but I would understand. If we take Watson I will probably vomit.

              11. Like scooter said, the smartest move may be to trade back, and get 3 picks in the first 2 rounds.

                Then they can get 2 defenders and a QB, who have good potential to start.

              12. Waiting until the 6th round to draft a QB, WR and RB is a poor strategy. Not drafting an ILB was obtuse.

              13. It’s amazing how similar the two franchises are at the moment. If you were to tell me the 49ers would be the NFC version of the Browns, I would have laughed at you….

              14. Jackson and Hurts are great college QBs.

                Speaking of Jackson, is he still the favorite to win the Heisman despite being crushed by Houston?

              15. Just goes to show how important an O line is to a QB. He was sacked only 11 times.

                One bad game will hurt his Heisman chance and a national title prospect, but his body of work shows that he has skills.

              16. I like Kizer a lot. Great physical tools, plays in a system conducive to success at the pro level and shows glimpses of elite level QB play. The problem I have in taking him #2 overall is the fact he has been very inconsistent against a pretty weak schedule overall. He just doesn’t look like he’s ready to make the jump to the NFL to me. He could really benefit from another year in College. I would not be angry if the Niners took him and would hope he developed into an elite QB, but I would be scared to death because if they make that pick and it doesn’t work out, it means another few years added to the rebuild. I’d feel much better about taking Garrett or Allen and then Falk in the bottom of the round after a trade up or even staying put in the second as I think he’ll fall to the second when it’s all said and done.

          2. A big NO! Trust me I live in Lubbock Texas and he was a turnover machine when he was at Texas Tech that’s why TT let him transfer after Patrick Mahomes beat him out

            1. Yet, at Cal, he has a 61% completion percentage for 3600 yards, 33 TDs and a 7 yard average. I like his accuracy.

              He does have 12 picks, but I think 4 of them bounced off of the receivers hands.

              I think he would be fine to pick up in the 4th round, so I am not saying he would be comparable to Kizer or Trubisky.

              1. The Truth makes a good point about Webb, Seb. His time at Texas Tech wasn’t good. He had a habit of repeating mistakes, too. He’s done well at Cal, and throws a pretty pass, but I don’t trust his on field decision making.

              2. Well, I did mention Cooper Rush, too, so I was just advocating not drafting a first round QB, concentrating on defense the first 3 rounds, but still picking a QB.

                I will admit Webb has flaws, just like Driskel.

      1. Yeah..I wouldn’t have a problem with McDaniels either…Maybe he can bring
        Garoppolo and defensive coordinator Matt Patricia with him. Maybe poach someone from patriots front office for GM…

        1. Mike Lombardi for Gm?

          But also pay attention to Green bays coach situation..
          If they fire McCarthy…go after him

          1. I think I read that he does not like to draft players with ACL problems. For that alone, I would support him over Baalke……

        2. Man I don’t know about McDaniels. He was much like Mangini as a head coach in Cleveland here in Denver. Brash and cocky. He drafted Tebow. He works great in Bellachick’s system but can he succeed without him?

  3. Very emotionally painful to watch Luke after his injury. He’s not a fearful guy, but there was fear and sorrow in his eyes. He’s a warrior and will return if it’s possible.
    Much respect.

    1. So true Brotha. He almost looked like that was it for him. He might be one of those guys like P Willy where he is body cannot take anymore.

  4. Why would any talented or promising coach/personnel guy join this dumpster fire?

    Last offseason we saw a guy choose to stay as a linebacker coach elsewhere instead of taking a promotion to coordinator here.

        1. Gotta get rid of Baalke/Chip first, then hire McDaniels and I would suggest to you that Mr. Vrabel would sign on the dotted line….

          1. Why would McDaniels come here is the question? Here’s what prospective HC’s see when looking at the Niners:

            A team that doesn’t have competent ownership
            A roster that is among the worst in the NFL
            A lack of commitment to HC’s
            A loyalty to people who kiss their ass even while proving to be incompetent
            A history of leaking rumors to the press to antagonize Coaches and players

            There’s probably more I’m forgetting, but the point is what is there to attract a guy like McDaniels without completely overhauling the front office and Jed removing himself as President of football operations? McDaniels knows he only gets one more shot as a HC after his failure in Denver, so does anyone honestly think he’s going to use it by taking a job in SF under Jed York? Not a chance.

            1. The only hope is that Jed promises that he stays out of the way and signs the cheques. He just might have to do that to hire a legit management and coaching staff. Maybe then a guy like Saban or Mcdaniels or Shaw would work for the 49ers.

            2. Rocket I agree with this:
              “There’s probably more I’m forgetting, but the point is what is there to attract a guy like McDaniels without completely overhauling the front office and Jed removing himself as President of football operations? McDaniels knows he only gets one more shot as a HC after his failure in Denver, so does anyone honestly think he’s going to use it by taking a job in SF under Jed York? Not a chance.”

              I am not sure McDaniels has proven he can do all the things you just listed even if he did want the job. I would be more interested in Shaw or Saban. I kinda enjoyed Kelly discreetly throwing TB under the bus stating he doesn’t have the personnel here that he had in Philly. We have so man issues its hard to know where to start. Baalke definetely need to go.

              1. What a difference a season makes Razor. Last season people were still blaming the coaching. This season we know that’s not the case. Maybe he thought he could turn it around. All these guys think they can save the franchise.

              2. He didn’t interview this time around as far as i know, and even if he would have often its just to get the experience and learn about the organization.

              3. McDaniels turned the 49ers down when they were in hot pursuit of Harbaugh. He then interviewed in 2015. He declined again in 2016 after they met with Kelly. He doesn’t need to interview for experience. He was a HC for Chryst’s sake….

              4. For the experience of it Razor. Chill out. Coaches often take interviews just to pick other peoples brains. McDaniels isn’t going to gamble his second shot at a hc job on Jed York.

              5. Yea, that must be why he was scheduled for another interview until they met with Chip Kelly. Believe me Rocket, you only need to pick Jed York’s brain one time. He’d take the job if the Price Is Right….

              6. Just getting an interview is viewed as a feather in his cap, but it is also a 2 way street. McDaniels was also seeing how much power they would give him, and he probably thought that it was not a good fit or had promise.

                Also, he may be being groomed to take over after Bellichick retires. If the Pats win another SB, maybe Bellichick would retire while on top.

  5. Some of these questions just have me shaking my head.-“Did you bring up beating him last year?”

    Sure, poke a tiger with a stick…..

  6. How can the Niners win? A 1-8 team against a 7-2 team has a daunting challenge.

    The Niners can win if Chip can prepare them thoroughly and properly. They need to be focused and energized. They must play with discipline, reduce the unforced errors, and play smart.

    Above all, they must play as a team. Individually, they may be inferior on paper, but on the field, if they play together as a cohesive squad, they may surprise the world. They need to move as one, with all players on the same page. If they are synced up, and beat them to the punch, the Niners have a chance.

    They just need to play Niner football. Ask Brent Jones what that means.

    1. I think you need a few more cliches to make your point. Anything can happen Sunday but Bellichick is the best at exploiting the other teams weaknesses. I don’t expect Kelly to have anything for the Patriots. CK will run and throw for 20 points while the Patriots score 30-40 on us.

          1. But lost! And don’t say he did his part because in the 2nd half he crumbled when having to throw outside the numbers!

            1. Hmm, those TD passes to Harris, Draughn and Kerley were outside the numbers. Maybe you are watching a different game than I did.

              1. Last game? Draughn and Harris didn’t score. Kerleys TD was a busted coverage an he was wide open. Your Mom could have thrown that pass!
                So yes, you are watching a different game.
                Maybe watch this next game without your bong Poe!
                Kap is limited, cannot make all throws required by an NFL QB.

              2. Do screen passes count as outside the numbers thinking of the Harris TD? He’s including several games to his own detriment. The throw to Draughn for a TD was against TB and was a really good throw.

                I doubt anyone’s mom on here could have made the throw to Kerly, give credit where its due. It was a good play. CK’s not Tom Brady or even Kirk Cousins. So are we rehashing all this just because Seb keeps being a fanboy here?

                I have noticed no one’s even mentioned Gabbert in weeks. What a train wreck we’ve become.

              3. Willy we could spend all day here picking all the great highlights of Kaps career. At the end of it all we would conclude that he is limited. For all the wow there is more “oh no” type of plays.
                The reality is he is not a guy you build a franchise around. Seb is blind and so are all the Kap fans. He won’t be here next year and finally we can start a new era.
                Can you honestly conclude that in his 5 year career he has demonstrated he is franchise QB?

              4. Prime, you declared that Kaep cannot throw outside the numbers, and I bet you were grinding your teeth because Kaep did not throw 2 more pick sixes.

                I just gave you 3 examples, but your blind hatred just cannot make you admit that he does throw outside the numbers, and yes, Wilson a pass to the flat is outside the numbers.

              5. Seb you can cherry pick all the highlights you want. If you consider a bubble screen throw and the RB out runs the defense as a quality throw for Kap, then I am correct and obliged to say you are stupid!

              6. Prime you’re funny. I am not arguing that he’s a franchise QB. Right now I am just enjoying a good play because we’re so bad. Its all we have since we don’t win. Any play that’s not a bad play is something to watch and cheer for. We suck, its what fans do when they enjoy the game and their team stinks.

                So are CK fans any more deluded than BG fans? I was enjoying when he threw a TD as well. Its what we’ve been reduced to because of the leadership of this franchise, squabbling over one has been QB and one never been QB.

              7. Hmm, Prime, you seem to admit that you are easily upset, and fly off the handle, spewing invective.

                Good for you. Honesty is the best policy.

              8. Prime, I am still going to be a die hard faithful Niner fan, even if Kaep leaves. Quit being delusional and predicting I and Kaep leave.

                Even if he does leave, you may be right when you say that Kaep took the league by storm, because I think he will do it again.

              9. Seb you will be gone! I know your type. Fair weather and ignorant. You know one thing, Kap that’s it!

              10. Prime, I am still posting even though this team is 1-8. All of the fair weather fans are long gone.

              11. Yet you are the minority idiot still pledging that Kap will revert to his 2012 form. As soon as the season ends he will be gone along with you and your ridiculous posts! Can’t wait!

              12. Hmm, Prime, that comment about you having less football knowledge than a mosquito really must have hurt.

                Too bad you keep doubling down, dissing a QB who just threw for 400 yards as inaccurate…..

              13. Not sure what hope and happiness you find in passing for 400 yards and losing. I guess desperation is your only guiding light.
                Seb my thoughts are you are an aging old man left with very little and find relevance in clinging to past accomplishments of others. The said part is you can’t distinguish between what is an accomplishment with merit.

              14. Prime, most knowledgeable football fans will acknowledge that throwing for 400 yards is a lot better than throwing 2 pick sixes.

                FYI, Kaep does not also play defense, so solely blaming him for the loss is specious.

              15. That’s my point Poe. You find hope in stats but forget the details of performance late in games. The detail of leading the team in crunch time. He fell apart late in that game, up in Seattle in the NFCG and in the SB. How quickly you forget that he can’t make the throw when it matters or lead when it’s pressure packed moment. 5 years in and still cannot fit it in tight!
                But you be happy with stats!

        1. I do believe you exaggerate a bit. So he’s never thrown a single pass on target? Is he inaccurate at times, absolutely.

      1. Wilson, life is full of cliches.

        I agree that Bellichick will target the Niner weaknesses. Like the Cards, they will focus on Bellore.

        My prediction last game was off by 4 points, so I will use it again. I hope the Niners go bold, and do not settle for field goals. Pats may score more times, but the Niners eke out a 24-23 win.

        1. Cliches are often used when people want to comment but don’t really have anything specific to offer. See Michael Scott in the Office.

    2. “How can the Niners win?”

      Maybe the Patriots bus will break down and they won’t make it to the stadium.

      Other than that they’ll have to do what Daniel Kilgore said and play a perfect game. And that’s the same reason that they’ll lose.

      1. Hah.-
        -BB coming off a loss, facing a flawed offense and defense
        -Brady coming off a home loss, returning to his Bay Area Roots, loves the middle of the field (where Niners’ LB coverage is abysmal), against a D that doesn’t get a push up the middle.
        -Wet ball, muddy field. Pats’ OL > Niners’ OL. Blount > Hyde/Davis/Harris.
        -Pats > Niners
        —So, could Niners win?
        Well, yyeeeaaahhh………it’s theoretically possible……
        ……but….uh…well..maybe with the Flying Wedge and the Statue of Liberty and the Hook & Lateral, …..whole bunch of laterals…..yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket!
        Chip will line ’em up with two WRs, two TEs and one back. BB will be flummoxed! WTH can he do? SF could run OR pass from that formation. BB will be helpless. Pats are doomed!

        1. I think their chances of winning are poor, but the Patriots secondary is susceptible in man coverage. They also lost two premium defensive players in Jones and Collins. A scrambling quarterback gives them trouble, especially one that can throw downfield too. More than likely, the Patriots offense is just too efficient to keep up with and they pull away in the second half….

        2. BT, you should re-read the first part of my post. I acknowledge that a 1-8 team has a daunting challenge, especially against a 7-2 team.

          That Statue of Liberty reference reminded me of another play they should run.

          The Niners should put a WR in motion towards the QB. Kaep should take the snap, then look downfield to throw it for a quick slant. He should even pump fake, then he should hold the ball behind his back. The man in motion should take the ball to do an end around, or if the slant is open, Kaep should hit the open man. The fact that the man in motion would be able to take the ball , will make the defense have to adjust to that threat. The double option means that the defense will have to defend against 2 different options. Kaep should take what the defense gives him.

      2. Kaep, with that muddy field, will hopefully use his legs to score.

        I agree. they need to stop shooting themselves in the foot.

  7. There are several plays I would like the Niners to consider.

    The Pats may try to get to Kaep, so they should invite the blitz, then roll away from the side the blitzer is coming from, or target the area the blitzer left.

    The Niners should show pass, let the DE break up field to contain Kaep, and run a draw.

    If the Niners are fortunate enough to have a second and short, they should line up in a bunched set to show the run, then do play action for a long strike down field.

    The Niners should look closely at the Seahawks, and copy some of their plays that were successful against the Pats.

    Kaep should roll out in a mobile pocket, threaten to run, then he should use his legs to get a first down, or pass to a wide open receiver, hopefully for a TD. ie Copy the play to Kerley when he scored a TD.

    Third down bomb, FTW.

    1. The TD to Kerly was a broken play. CK got chased out of the pocket and found Kerly uncovered in the endzone. The Cardinal’s DB also blew the coverage looking at stopping CK from running. Its where CK is at his best but its not a designed play.

      It won’t just be Bellore they attack. They’ll run on us with LaBlounte and also use a lot of crossing routes to expose our ILB’s in coverage. They’ll be able to dictate what they want to do on our defense all game. The Patriot’s don’t have a good pass rush, it would be better to make CK beat them from the pocket.

      1. Wilson, it may have been a broken play, but it sure was effective, and the threat of Kaep running in open space discombobulated the DBs so Kerley was wide open.

        I just gave several specific ways to help the Niners win, so I hope you are happy now……

          1. Prime, when I postulate that Kaep should roll out, discombobulate the Dbs so a player is wide open, then see it happen for a TD, I get to crow. It was a play executed exactly as I said before the game, and for the last 2 years.

            Moron? Quit admitting your faults. It is unseemly, and I feel sorry for you.

        1. CK has always been effective on broken plays. When you start scripting them it takes away some of his ability to improvise. Moving the pocket and throwing on the run are CK’s strengths. Wilson’s scrambles and effectiveness on broken plays last week is hard on defenses. He’s got it down to science almost with his WR’s. its what coaches mean when they say he’s dangerous. Its not his accuracy or consistency, its his improvisation like you pointed on on the Kerly and Draughn TD’s.

          Coaches rarely change the playbook this late in the season or add a play so don’t count on Chip changing his offense. Chip doesn’t coach like that. His whole offense is set up to make the defense adjust to his tempo. You have to be able to run effectively to use play action. With Hyde playing so awful it will be hard to sell. The draw play you’re scripting is basically the zone read that they already use. Its the same for your bunch set, if they don’t buy the threat of the run it won’t work.

          I don’t know that anything you said will help the 49ers win because you didn’t address any of our defenses deficiencies. The game will be won or lost on that side of the ball. When we had a top 3 defense we could win with 23 points.

          1. Wilson, considering the Niner defense held Johnson in check, I am content with the improvement with the run defense.

            That is the whole problem. The coaches need to be more flexible, unpredictable, and they need to make those in game adjustments, especially in the second half.

            I submit that they are not utilizing Hyde correctly. Instead of the Zone read that has him dancing behind the line of scrimmage, they should utilize him like the Pats do with Blount. Let him line up deep in the I, so he can build up a head of steam before hitting the line of scrimmage, and let him select the hole to run through. Chip should be innovative enough to devise plays that focus on accentuating their strengths.

            Running into the teeth of the defense just succeeds in getting Hyde injured.

  8. Sitting down with a cup of joe, watching the rain come down, scowling as a deer browses my azaleas. Yet I do not have the heart to chase Bambi away since they fenced off the vineyard and eliminated more of their habitat.

    While I lament the fact that they may not tow a banner due to the inclement weather, I am heartened by the fact that the rain may help the Niners win,by throwing Brady off his game. Hope the Niners do more reverses and misdirections, and get the defense sliding around.

    I am also saddened that Eddie may not get a bright sunny day to help celebrate his induction into the Hall Of Fame.

  9. Falk is very impressive. The team needs to figure out a way to get him. He can make all the throws and has incredible touch. Might have to do it with the first pick, though.

    1. The offensive scheme to get players open makes me question whether or not his game translates. I’ve seen him struggle between the numbers this year, where the window is anticipatory. I think 5 of his 6 INT’s this year were those types of throws….

      1. Out of how many throws, razor? I saw that same report, but noticed it forgot to mention he throws over the middle a lot. Plenty of exvellent throws over the middle too.

          1. Yep, last years numbers, but as you can see it is heavily slanted to passes over the middle. So when I see reports suggesting he struggles over the middle because that’s where most of his INTs come it just makes me laugh. Of course that is where he throws most of his INTs. It’s where he throws most of his passes!

              1. Not really. But I would say that of most players. Always risk, and more so with QBs. Let’s just say I like him as much as I liked Wentz.

                I don’t think you’d need to take him top 15 though. Not unless there is a significant shift in perception between now and the draft. I think somewhere in the 20s would be safe in terms of him being available. Heck, right now you could probably safely get him 2nd-3rd round, though I do believe his stock will rise. Assuming he declares of course.

              2. I think Wentz played in a pro style offense though, didn’t he? The league is replete with quarterbacks that put up big numbers in college spread offenses, only to fail or be mediocre in the NFL. From Geno Smith to his cousin, Alex. If I had my choice between Kayaa and Falk with the 20th overall selection, I would go Kayaa. I do think Falk is the best Leach has had at the position….

              3. I understand the concerns about the system, but Falk does a lot of things that are not common to spread QBs, and are NFL translatable. He does a good job reading coverages and going through full field progressions, he handles pressure well, he looks off coverage. And he’s an accurate passer with excellent touch, and despite not having a howitzer he has displayed the ability to make every NFL throw.

                He can’t help the system he plays in. Yes, he’ll have a big learning curve ahead of him in certain areas with no guarantee he’ll be able to. But he’s smart, calm, a hard worker, makes good decisions, and leads well. The intangibles help me believe he can learn and adapt to the pro game.

              4. Colorado’s D came into the game averaging about 50% completions, 175 passing yards, .9 TDs, 1.2 INTs per game.

                Wasn’t Falk’s best game, but against a top D he still played pretty well.

              5. Falk completed less than 50 percent of his passes and averaged only 6.1 yards per attempt. If he’s a future quality NFL starter, why didn’t he play better?

              6. Sometimes, you have to realize that you are only as good as the players surrounding you.

                That is why Bama QBs do so well, then when the sides are more equal, they do not shine.

                Also, Colorado looks like a complete team, with no weaknesses.

                Still like Faulk’s accuracy. Threw for 3 TDs.

              7. Right, because no good NFL QB ever had a college game they didn’t dominate in?

                It was a tough matchup. Just like every team that has faced Colorado this year has realised. Leach should have relied more heavily on the run game. Prior to this game, the only teams that have had any type of success against Colorado this season through the air had big days from their running game.

              8. It was a pretty good bad day. But whatever, there is really no point discussing this with you. We’ve both already drawn our lines in the sand on this one.

              9. Cheers. I hope you know I respect you and appreciate the give and take. I argue with you for the sake of “reality testing,” as I like to call it.

              10. Not true, Grant. One of the WSU WRs dropped a perfectly thrown pass in the end zone. Don’t remember how long the pass was but something like 30 or 40 yards. WSU receivers also weren’t getting open, but Falk did thread the needle a number of times and outside the numbers he made some great throws.

              11. Thanks Grant, same. On Falk though I think we’ve exhausted each other’s arguments either way.

              1. According to the announcers, Falk was changing running plays to go in different directions based on what he saw presnap. I realize that’s not as difficult as coverage pre-snap reads, but seems to show he has the aptitude.

              2. He has been doing it all year. It is an underrated element of his game. He makes good pre-snap reads.

          1. He has not had enough quality starts to merit that high of a grade. Trubisky looks to be the better prospect, but I do not see him as a top 10 pick and believe he also should stay in college for another season.

            1. If Kizer doesn’t go in the top ten, I will be very surprised. Remember, Goff went 1st for a King’s ransom. Had all the starts you could want, and Kizer is a better Pro prospect….

              1. I agree Kizer is a better prospect than Goff. But Wentz was a much better prospect than Kizer.

      1. CBS has Kizer rated 31 overall, so the Niners could still get a defender in the first and Kizer in the second.

        If he is still available in the second, I say go for it.

  10. My top 5 QBs

    1 Kizer-Most pro ready
    2 Trubisky- Most consistent
    3 Falk-Most accurate, arm strength a concern
    4a Kaaya-Can make all throws in or out,short,mid,deep
    4b Webb- The biggest reach of the five
    4get about Watson

      1. Garoppolo would be the safest course of action, but I would not give up anything more than a 2nd plus a 2017 3rd with the possibility of it turning into another 2nd if performance levels are met. He should meet those, because this offense is probably similar to what he ran in college. Much more simplified than what he’s been studying in New England….

          1. Because Brady is not going to retire any time soon and the Patriots need some help with their pass rush, so trading Garoppolo could net some helpful picks.

              1. But Brady has not shown any signs of decline yet. It is possible that the Patriots could keep Garoppolo, but doing so could only net them one compensatory pick, being forced to use the franchise tag on him, or signing him to an expensive contract.

          2. Unless they believe Brady will retire at the end of this season or next, they will have a tough time holding onto him beyond next season. So then the question becomes whether they keep Brady or Garoppolo.

          3. I’ll give you two reasons. One, Brady has another 3 years left. Two, Garoppolo is no longer a back up. I think Garoppolo, like Rodgers, benefited by learning from a master. I also think he’d like nothing more than to go home to Illinois and bring the Bears out of hibernation. If the Bears are willing to give up their 1st Round pick, I think BB makes that trade in a heartbeat….

      2. Its really a tough call. How much do you give for him? A failure here would be worst then a first round failure. I agree though, Garoppolo is the safest…..lots of needs on the team.

      3. Sorry, but I disagree. Garoppolo did OK with the playoff caliber Patriots squad, but Brissett did well, too. The team made Garoppolo better, not the other way around.

        Put Garoppolo on a less talented squad, and he may become pedestrian.

        My Top 5 QB order would be-

        Cooper Rush

        With the Niners taking Rush in the 4th.

              1. Credit to McDaniels though for having him ready and scaling back the offense to accentuate what he was comfortable with….

              2. I didn’t notice any restrictions with Garoppolo. That’s why I said he’s no longer a back up. In his mind, he’s a starter. Would not surprise me if he expresses a desire to be traded after the season is over….

              3. Same. Unless Garoppolo truly believes he will be starting at worst in 2018 for the Patriots, I think he will be only too happy for a trade. A trade gets him a starting job with a new contract paying starter money.

              4. Pats will ask for a 1st,mostly like get a 2nd and 4th and 5th. I’d rather draft and develop Trubinsky or Kizer

        1. Put Garoppolo on a less talented squad, and he may become pedestrian.

          Put anyone QB on a less talented team and he will struggle. That is why you build up the team around him so that he has less of a chance at failing.

          1. But the guy you build around better have the tools and be able to make all the throws needed when its time to make that throw!

            1. He also needs to be ready to be a starter, and I do not see any of the QB prospects as being in line to do so.

              1. Few did Razor, but that can occur with a late round or undrafted prospect as well.

          2. My impression is that Bellichick trades players like Devey to the Niners. He does not trade away talent unless it is for a king’s ransom.

            Like Grant says, the Pats are one hit from playing Garoppolo, and if they traded him away, they would have to start Brissett. Not gunna happen.

              1. He was going to be a free agent, so they got something for him instead of nothing next year.

                Obviously, they thought they have an adequate replacement, or the deal never would have been done.

              2. Or the Chandler Jones trade.

                Belichick has shown he is willing to trade talented players if he doesn’t think he can hold onto them long term.

              3. Pats did well on the Chandler Jones trade. Cannot remember the details, but many thought it was a win-win situation.

              4. Chandler Jones isn’t a quarterback.

                You are right Grant. All Chandler Jones was a force at DE. Not a big deal at all.

            1. Or the Chandler Jones trade to the Cardinals for underachieving Cooper and a second round pick?

              1. They received Cooper who is a starter, and drafted Thuney, another starter, but also the savings under the cap allowed them to obtain Long, Jones replacement. 3 for one is not bad.

              2. The AFC championship game showed how important it was to get adequate blockers for Brady. Jones allowed them to shore up the guard position on both sides. They also got a WR who has started 2 games.

              3. The defensive trades that BB executed has left what was once a Bloomindale’s defense and turned it into a K-Mart’s….

  11. I’m still sticking with Mahomes sometime after pick #60. That’s not a prediction that’s just what I would do.

        1. I think you were trying to think of Mettenberger with cheese. He was destined to be a back up but injuries have prevented him from achieving even that. Too bad.

          They can’t all be rookie sensations.

      1. My worry with him is that he could end up taking too many chances at the next level and not get as lucky against the faster NFL defenders. He’s got incredible ball velocity though, one scout brought up an old quote in reference, “he could throw the ball through a car wash and it wouldn’t get wet.” He’s a gunslinger for sure that has amazing accuracy when throwing on the run. He’s very good at extending plays with his arms or legs. But he does take a lot of chances.

        If I was to play the comparison game and I know I’ll take the heat for this one but right now I see it like this: Mahomes = Favre

        I’m not saying he’s going to be that good but his style of play reminds me the most of Brett.

        1. Yea that would be closer to what the downside could be. Mahomes is a better passer coming out of school then Colin was. Even if Mahomes doesn’t reach starter status he’ll still likely be a better NFL QB then Kaep.

          1. He’s definitely got all the physical talent you could want. I am sure there will be more than a few teams intrigued by him, wanting to see if they can develop and hone his pocket ability. If he can develop into a capable pocket QB he has the arm, escapability and running threat to be very good.

            1. It’s not really accurate to say his biggest issue is that he needs to develop into a pocket QB. He attempted 579 passes last season and has 509 so far this year. He’s spent plenty of time throwing from a pocket. Other then playing from under center and learning the more complex NFL style offenses I really think his penchant for trying to force the ball into tight windows or bad situations will be his biggest challenge and area that needs to improve the most for him to succeed at the next level.

              1. Its not about how often he passes, its about the types of passes he makes. He makes a lot of quick strikes and plays on the move. He doesn’t look as comfortable when he has to go through progressions in the pocket, and will often look to escape and extend the play if something isn’t there quickly, rather than stay in the pocket and go through his reads to find the open guy. That is what I meant about learning to be a better pocket player.

              2. You can’t have that many attempts and say the guy quickly tries to run rather then stay and look for a receiver. His tapes shows that he uses his legs when the pocket breaks down which it has done frequently on him. Still a guy who is attempting 500+ times a season is passing far more then he’s running.

              3. I didn’t say he looks to run. He looks to escape the pocket to extend the play. He makes a lot of plays in the passing game after scrambling around.

                I’m just pointing out what I see when I watch him play. I get the OL is shaky so he gets pressured a lot, but in what I have seen he seems to be a guy that if his quick read isn’t there instead of maneuvering in the pocket and going through his progressions he is quick to try and escape the pocket and play sandlot football.

                Btw, being a player that can extend the play like Mahomes does can be very successful in the NFL too. Wilson and Roethlisberger are great examples. I am not knocking the guy for having this ability. But both Wilson and Roethlisberger play from the pocket first and foremost. Escaping and extending the play is what they do after the pocket breaks down completely. Mahomes just needs to be a bit more patient back there.

              4. Well, I’m not seeing the lack of patience that you are, his ability to move within the pocket while still looking down field is one of my favorite characteristics of his. So we’ll just agree to disagree on that aspect about him.

                I see him as a guy that even after another year in College would be best suited to sit for a year so I’m really not going all in on the guy. As I keep saying, he’s a third round prospect.

                I want to use our first and second round picks on different positions so I’m really only looking at guys that will be around after pick #60 or so. I figure at 60 the team could use their 3rd and maybe a 6th to jump into the bottom of the 2nd for someone. Otherwise they just use their third. Either way the biggest endorsement I’m giving him is that in that range Mahomes is the player I’d go with.

            2. It’s also important to remember that I see him as a third maybe 2nd round prospect that could just as easily slide to the 4th or 5th. If we take a QB in the third Mahomes is the one I would take. If his stock is higher then that then I would be willing to take him in the middle of the 2nd, preferably the latter third.

              1. Coffee it’s pretty fair to say that the Niners will need to draft 2 QB’s this draft. One as the future and another as a development project. Then we will need to sign a veteran free agent who can play till either guy is ready.

              2. I don’t think it’s entirely fair to say that the 49ers will use two relatively high or one top and one mid pick on players that they intend to give near equal reps to in order to flesh out which is the better of the two just so the other can now sit on the bench in plain clothes. When you’re the New England Patriots you can use 2nd round picks on developmental QB’s. When you’re the 49ers you have so many other holes to fill that you can’t be using relatively high picks on the same one player position in the same draft.

                Maybe they’ll throw a 6th or 7th at a QB but I would hardly call that drafting a starter and a development project.

    1. In a perfect world Kizer, Falk and Trubisky would all stay in College for another year. There’s no scenario short of the team trading for Tony Romo that doesn’t have the 49ers taking a QB in the first 3 rounds this year. I’d take Mahomes in the 3rd. He can sit inactive like Ponder for a season while Gabbert and some other loser veteran bang out 3-4 wins. With our first round pick in 2018 we get the better of the 3 that stayed in school and then force them to play too early because we’re a poorly managed team and were desperate. In the meantime Mahomes gets to take reps occasionally in practice and hold the clipboard, in street clothes. Eventually the team will grind down and ruin the 1st round pick and by then Mahomes will be ready to come in.

      See, perfect.

  12. In my perfect world, Eddie will announce tomorrow that he has bought back a share of the Niners. Jed will be demoted to president, and Lisa will take over. She will hire Carmen Policy to help run the organization. She will surround herself with smart people and she will step back and let them do their job.

    Baalke will be transferred to CFO, and Gamble will be promoted to GM. Gamble will convince Chip to stay. Chip will convince Kaep to stay.

    The Niners will trade back and get 3 picks in the first 2 rounds. Maybe trade back again and get 4 picks in the first 2 rounds. assuming 3 picks, they will get 2 studs from Bama. Maybe Garrett, Vita Vea and Ryan Anderson.

    In free agency, they actually spend up to 10 mil of the cap, and target Michael Floyd, Kendall Wright or Cordarelle Patterson as WRs. They also sign an ILB, DT and OLB.

    Chip replaces O’Neil and Modkins, and the coaching improves dramatically. Hopefully, Kaep, when utilized correctly, will come storming back.

    If they win 8 games next year, I will be happy. With another productive draft, 2018 may give them a chance at the playoffs.

    That is my perfect dream. It may be highly unlikely, even impossible, but this nation was made by dreamers and idealists.

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