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  1. Grant – The starting offense only played the first quarter to be correct, and though it wasn’t spectacular they did drive down the field it looked like and efficient enough offense. Having Kaep In there definitely killed everything. All the Greg Cosell stuff I’ve been listening to came true last night. Moving out of a pocket before he needs to, taking his eyes off the receiver, running when he shouldn’t be running, and now he doesn’t even follow blocks to get first downs when he is running. I’m not a professional body readers or anything but it looks like none of his teammates even like that guy. Their main worry now is how they’re going to deal with this guy and cut him or trade him if anybody wants him. Kelly is definitely the one that has to worry about it but this is all Baalkes fault for letting this drag into the regular season. Kaep Should’ve been let go in the off-season so both he and they could’ve moved on with a clean slate. Problem is here both the upper management and Kaep Seem to enjoy pissing contests.

    1. First half so it would be ‘fair’ to Kaepernick. However, when your QB is 2/6 and nearly throws two bonehead INTs and panics under pressure (real or imagined), it doesn’t really matter.

  2. Think Elway is regretting not making the deal for Kap? What about Trent: is he happy that he stood firm and didn’t chip in to make the deal happen? If I were in Jed’s place I would be furious at my GM. Kap’s trade value is now a big fat ZERO.

  3. worry 1 too early to worry
    worry 2 3 4 injuries happen
    worry 5 we don’t have a QB, that’s why I didn’t like the Josh Gordon trade
    worry 6 Miller, yes I suppose he doesn’t fit in. With Kelly its a system you fit it or you don’t
    worry 7 8 injuries happen
    worry 9 that’s not a new worry
    worry 10 no comment

    Driskel is the best QB on the team. I was against rushing the guy but we need a QB. Maybe he plays earlier rather then latter.

  4. Interesting article. My biggest worries about this team are the awful ownership/management, and its overrated coaching staff.

      1. Cassie, Last year I called Tomsula, the second coming of Rich Kotite. That tells you what I thought of the coaching staff.

        Chip is at the level of Dennis Erickson mediocrity. Just an average NFL coach…he’d fit in well with the Rams.

  5. This season has already turned into a hot mess and they haven’t even played a meaningful game yet. I didn’t expect anything beyond generic play out of Kaepernick, but he just doesn’t look like a QB anymore. Gabbert is terrible but happy and Kaepernick is super terrible and unhappy. I feel like we can all see the hurricane, but we know we can’t outrun it. This storm will last for years, just like the post-Mariucci era.

    1. 2 years Big P and this year Kelly gets a mulligan. This year is about building depth, establishing an identity and that’s about it.
      No one, even before Kelly was hired should expect a successful season from the 49ers. Does anyone really expect more than 5 wins? It’s a young roster full of potential. They are gonna have to learn the scheme and learn how to be a team.
      I think painting it as gloom and doom is repetitive static. We all knew this was coming, why are we surprised?

      1. I didn’t expect anything and I’m not surprised. It just frustrates me because I don’t see Kelly as the coach to lead this team to success. Baalke will probably be the scapegoat after this season and then it will be Kelly gone wild 2.0, with Gamble as his public voice. I said all of this at the time of his hiring. Kelly seems like he could be a great college coach but I don’t ever see him as a great NFL coach. With Carroll and Arians in the division, it seems like Chip will struggle to have success in the short to mid term and will eventually fall on the chopping block or be lured back to college.

        1. I disagree. Chip would be a fool not to change his play calling and scheme after what happened the last 2 years in Philly.
          Carroll did it when he went from NE to USC to Seattle and Arians did it from Pitt to Indy to AZ.
          Smart coaches adapt to their personnel and Chip is gonna adapt the scheme to the 49ers personnel. The defense will be good and the offense will be a dink and dunk approach until some play makers are established over the next 2 years via development and the draft and FA.
          Upper management from Baalke on down to Chip know this is a 2nd chance at redemption. They won’t take it for granted.

          1. I would agree with you if it was any other other FO. But our ownership and GM have shown that its all about them, and not about the team. I doubt they will adapt. I have not seen them changing anything so far in FA or the draft.
            Baalke is better at drafting Defensive players so that is all that he usually drafts. They need to bring in someone who can help draft offensive talent.

        2. BigP

          You are just a real overflowing bag of optimism these days aren’t you. Get used to it…Once Kaepernick is gone, Kelly will let out the dogs.

          1. What dogs? There ain’t no dogs to let out. When Kaepernick played they ran thirteen plays. Of those thirteen plays, they ran Kaepernick intentionally one time for -3 yards, and Hyde two times for a total of two yards. The second run by Hyde probably was where he got the concussion.

            The second drive started with an option play for -3 yard with heavy penetration.

            The third Kaepernick drive started at the 49er nine yard line with Kilgore being called for illegal motion which put them back around the five yard line.

            With Kaepernick playing there was heavy penetration on about half the thirteen plays that they ran. My conclusion is that Kaepernick and the line had a bad game. Even the long run by Hyde was not the product of good line play.

            The CBS local coverage had so few cameras that all I saw was line play and where the ball went. From TV I had no way to tell if Kaepernick had any open targets or not. No wonder Kelly needed to see the tape to know what to say other than our offense was bad.

            If the two best running backs are down to start the season, it’s going to be toothless dogs that get released.

            1. htwaits,
              I was waiting for you to go full on Samuel L. Jackson…

              “What mother#%€£ing dogs? There ain’t no mother#%€£ing dogs to let out!”

              I look forward to Kelly letting the dogs out, lmfao! Smh.

    2. One of the dumbest posts on the internet. Nothing like contradicting the entire first sentence with the very next sentence.

      “The season is already a hot mess and we haven’t even played a meaningful game.”

      Wow, just wow. Thanks for lightening the mood BigP!

      1. 49reasons,
        When you enter the season with Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick as your QB’s, the season is a hot mess before it started. When Colin Kaepernick is making $12+ million to fight for the oppressed and backup Gabbert, the season is a hot mess. I’ve been saying the same thing since Tomsula’s firing and Kelly’s hiring. The energy from York’s mistakes will continue to stain this franchise for years. Why should I lighten the mood when the franchise is in a dark spot of their own doing? I’m realistic. This is the Mike Nolan stage of the post Harbaugh era. After three or four years of trying to play catch up to Arizona and Seattle, Kelly will be fired or leave for a top college job.

    3. I’m afraid you may be right BigP. I feared as much long ago. We may have some real duds on the horizon. However, we should hope it doesn’t happen!

  6. The blame for this lost season will go to Trent Baalke.

    That is the only thing Chip Kelly has going for himself.

    No talent on offense has been 6 years of Baalke drafts in the making.

    1. I blame Harbaugh.

      Harbaugh scouted Kaepernick and convinced Baalke that he could do the job.

      Harbaugh, despite Kaepernick’s obvious flaws, kept Smith benched because ‘excitement’ over ‘reliability’ even though Smith was leading the NFL in passing.

      Harbaugh got Baalke to trade Smith to clear the way for Kaepernick, a QB who couldn’t read defenses, pass from the pocket or do anything a real NFL QB can do.

      Harbaugh then, after clearing the way for Kaepernick absolutely failed to develop him and, if the scuttle-butt is true, ****ing coddled him to boot!

      All while wearing a teflon suit and having the fans and press blame everyone but him.

      1. You blame Harbaugh for what? Because Keap didn’t progress? I was an Alex fan and didn’t like the change but I have to admit Keap got off to a good start. Harbaugh did what any good coach would do. Obviously they tried to develop him but you can lead a horse to water but can’t make him drink it. He appears to have gotten worse. That’s on Kaep. As for Harbaugh coddling him that is just laughable. Do you know anything about Harbaugh? He is the opposite of coddling.

        I think you letting your emotions get in the way of reason.

      2. JH also took a 6-10 team to 3 straight NFCC Games. He made it to a SB, but committed the sin of not winning it. He made it to within 1 pass of returning. I will take that any day and twice on Sunday as another astute poster once mentioned. AS did not make it to the SB, Kaep did.

        I thought with the coming of Chip, Kaep would revert to his old self, but you cant fix stupid. Kaep is ignoring a major commandment in the Bill Walsh bible. The chemistry of the locker room is so important, and so fragile. Kaep is not acting in the best interest of the locker room. In fact, he is thumbing his nose at them. The only thing that would save the situation is for him to have a heart to heart talk with Chip, apologize for upsetting the locker room dynamics, and stand at attention while in uniform with his hand over his heart. Never ever sit down again in misguided protest, because it may seem like a small slight, but actually is a huge insult to all the people and families who have served and sacrificed.

        It is the wrong way to send a message, and I used to be a huge Kaep fan, but these actions have made see that Kaep is not a team player. The only way to win and become champions, requires a team that is together, not fractured.

        Kaep could direct his energy in a more positive manner, but it seems as though he is only thinking about himself, or he is letting some one think for him.

          1. Hmmm, I swear I saw you write that you were leaving this site and were never ever coming back.

            I wish you were a man of your word…..

            1. Oh Seb dont you worry, Ill be here daily to remind you how wrong you were. For the million posts you screamed that CK was all that, now its crow feeding time. Being the pompous peach you were, get ready, a storm of reminders is coming!

              1. Prime, even though I think Kaep is totally off base with his sitting protest, Chip is still going to let him compete, and sounds like he has no problem with Kaep protesting.

                I hope Kaep thinks this through, and realizes that he is alienating himself with his stance and cannot build camaraderie in doing so. I hope he apologizes to the team for creating such a distraction, and channels his energy into more effective and productive methods to promote justice in America.

                If Kaep wants to play, he must become a team member. If Kaep wants to win, he must put the team first. Sounds like he is getting bad advice.

              2. Prime, before the game, I said that GB would try to contain him in the pocket. Looks like they were successful. No rollouts.

                I said they would stack the box, so Kaep should attack the edges. Kaep’s pass to MacDonald was just that.

                I said they would pull out all stops, and blitz him. They sent 5 and 6 rushers, I said Kaep should target the areas the blitzer left, but think they knocked down the passes by clogging the passing lanes.

                Previously i said the Niners should take advantage of the defense’s speed by running one way, allow the defense to over commit, then counter and run the other way. Hyde’s run was just that. I also proposed that they send a man in motion. Patton went in motion before he scored his TD.

                If I can make those calls, I scoff at your assertion that I am so wrong that I will eat crow for the rest of the season.You with your moronic screeds, will be the ones declared deficient, and someday, some poster will acknowledge my prescience.

              3. Prime, let’s not forget about Grant, who wrote that Kap was still in this QB competition as recently as a couple days ago, and Grant has had the luxury of watching Colin scuffle in practice over the last month.

                Seb isn’t the only person who wildly misjudged Colin Kaepernick this season.

          2. This is getting tiring. Let it go Prime. So what if he was wrong on who would be QB. He admitted his bad, he writes some interesting posts.

            It’s your posts that actually get tiresome.

      3. Moses ZD

        you’ve got it exactly right…Harbaugh was the worst thing to hit the niners in years. At least he’s only got two years before he leaves Michigan in a lurch….it’s just his way

          1. What Jimmy T needed was Nolan and Singletary as defensive assistants, and Dennis Erickson leading the offense.

            If Harbaugh was a failure, then who have the Yorks ever hired to coach their premier franchise that’s been better.

  7. I’d disagree about no talent on offense. I think our O line is 6-7 deep, our backs are above average, our tight ends are above average, our top 3 receivers look fine and Gabbert can run this offense-3 T’s in the pre season is better than the past few years. They may be baby steps but there are definite improvements.

  8. No. 1. The offense – Not so much scheme. The 49ers need a really good quarterback. They don’t have one. Kelly may have just realized his practice competent QBs are not game competent.

    No. 7. Defensive end Quinton Dial – My No. 1a worry since yesterday. Losing Williams was a big blow. Dorsey probably won’t be ready for game one. The 49ers start the season vs 4 heavy run teams. Could get ugly fast!

    No. 8. Arik Armstead – My No. 1b worry since yesterday. How will the Niners stop Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley? They won’t if Dorsey, Dial and Armstead are all out.

  9. Grant you’re starting to sound like mr. Negativity Tim k. Gabbert played two series and scored a td. Not bad at all. We scored before big bad Aaron Rodgers! Did u see how pathetic the raiders looked against them? Kelly had to give kap a shot with the first team, otherwise we would’ve scored more I’m sure. Optimism maybe. But faithful always.

  10. I’ve really tried to get behind Chip The first two games were encouraging, but last night was a good example of his faults. We were way behind in time of possession and suffered multiple injuries on defense. Why run a fast pace offense when you have a bad QB and bad WRs?

  11. the 49ers remain a total question mark. i still believe they have the potential to surprise people. but this game really didn’t show us much bc of the d’s inability to get off the field in the first quarter (they were lack several key starters). i concur that hyde’s inability to remain healthy is indeed a cause for concern. i also worry that if kelly’s offense sputters, the d will really be on the field way too long. but i think it’s to early to say with any certainty that kelly’s offense will be ineffective.

  12. 1. With the ‘ok, not great’ Gabbert we scored a TD on the second drive against a play-off caliber defense that looked to put a hurt on the 49ers. The other two defenses Gabbert played against were Top-3 Championship defenses.

    Those were all, btw, PLAYOFF TEAMS last year. I really feel like you’re borrowing trouble here. The offense hasn’t been great shakes. But those were all playoff teams and in the 3-ish quarters (8 drives) of Gabbert starting, the 49ers have scored 3 TDs against those playoff defenses. That’s solid.

    2. Davis has really come along. I think you’re borrowing trouble here, as well.

    3. No need to aggravate the rib injury. That area is slow to heal. If it were regular season, he’d probably tape-up and play. Once again, borrowing trouble.

    4. Now that one is more of a real problem instead of a borrowed problem. We have bad WRs and Ellington is, sadly, one of the better ones. We have nothing after him as far as I can tell.

    5. I think we’re going to be a TE offense this year. And considering how well the TEs are playing, I makes sense. HOWEVER, he was targeted just once so far this preseason and the 49ers have, pretty much, not called anything his way. I don’t know why. But it’s mostly a conscious choice by Kelly to use other players right now.

    So, maybe trouble, maybe not.

    6. Bruce Miller is the 3rd (or 4th) string TE. He gets about 6 snaps a game on offense. He’s a core special teamer at best. Also, he’s short and slow for a TE. Coming out of college he was 4.84 and probably has lost some speed over the years. This is not a problem. This is a player who doesn’t’ fit the team and if he gets cut, I’ll miss him, but the NFL is harsh.

    7. And not a starter. He’s a back-up now. Buckner and Armstead are the present and future of this line.

    8. He’s missed two weeks. We’re a month into it. They said he could play if it were regular season. I have no reason to believe that’s a lie.

    9. Do you not realize that nobody is accurate that far down the field? The best deep-ball passer in the NFL last year was Carson Palmer. He threw 71 passes 20+ yards. He completed 24 (and had 5 INTs against 8 TDs). That’s 33%. And he was the best.

    You should more concerned with Gabbert in the 11-to-20 range. That’s where the rubber meets the road in the NFL. A QB who can’t function there can’t function in the NFL unless he can make up for it some other way.

    So, Brees, year-after-year, is one of the highest completion percentage QBs in the NFL. But he is really a dink-and-dunk specialist and was only 52.5% last year in the short intermediate. Rivers is another who pads his stats with a lot of dink-and-dunk while being, relatively speaking, poor in the short-intermediate zone at just 51.4%.

    Wilson – 60%. Palmer – 64%. Smith – 58%. Dalton – 60%. Roethlisberger – 59%. These are all QBs who excel at attacking the short-intermediate zone, the bread-and-butter of quality passing games.

    Gabbert was 49%. That’s your real concern. But it’s not a killer if managed properly. Rivers had a 66% over-all completion percentage. Brees had a 68% over-all completion percentage. Both lead high quality passing attacks despite that ‘accuracy’ flaw.

    This is probably why Kelly is calling so many TE passes. Play to your strengths, minimize your weaknesses.

    10. He’s not a worry. He can’t read defenses and is fundamentally flawed in his mechanics (and has refused to change them despite Kurt Warner, QB coaches, etc.). Kelly clearly saw that last night. He probably saw that on the tape he had of him last year. He’s probably seen that in training camp.

    But he’s got to manage ‘fairness’ to stop the media second-guessing and keep the locker room from ‘becoming partisan.’ So he goes through the charade. And, he’s probably thinking ‘Who knows, maybe the horse will learn to sing.’

    1. I really don’t understand all the negativity in most around here.

      The preseason, for all that counts, showed a better team than most expected.

      Sure, we don’t have a great QB but Gabbert seems to be competent enough for this team to be at least competitive.

      The WRs concern me, though.
      The starters are below average and there is no depth whatsoever.

      There are some key pieces on defense like Bowman (run defense) Dial (run defense) and Armstead that we are screwed if we lose them.

      But overall I’m looking forward to a much better season.

    2. I agree that the long range passes are not as significant as most make it out to be. What’s positive about that play last night was that Patton got behind the secondary. We start seeing more of that, and we will also see a mid-range pass completion percentage go up.

  13. I agree with each of those Grant, but I would have listed the injuries as one problem.

      1. Both teams look good. Carr has made some great throws. Mariotta looks very impressive and makes me wish he was a Niner.

  14. I dont feel the same pessimism as grant. Truth is, as bad as its being made out to be gabbert got into the endzone in the first qtr. Drives were moving and def wasnt exhausted. When packers scored it was after going for it on 4th 3 times which would never happen in a real game. So essentially the 9ers brought the pack to 4th on 3 occasions. Had this been a real game its 7-3 after 20 minutes and thats worst case. Maybe 9ers get another td on what would have been 3 more drives. The way i see it, no ints in and 2 tds in 3 qtrs of football for gabbert and a great run game.

  15. Further more blaine is 12 of 23 for 146 yards and 2 tds over less than 3 qtrs of play. I realize that last td was called a run but the point remains ball got into the endzone. I am not saying he will ever be in the great qb conversation. But those certainly aren’t doom and gloom stats

  16. Ellington, who is prone to injury, should not be a returner, because returners get hurt when flying bodies bludgeon them. use White and Harris as returners.

    1. Maybe he should just fair carch or as you suggested, go down to avoid any injury! In fact lets make it touch football.

      1. Prime, since you dote on my posts, maybe you will remember that I proposed sending the Kickoff as high as possible to the 2 yard line so they had to bring it out, and ideally stopping them before they got past the 15 yard line.

        Looks like Chip has been reading my posts because he just mentioned the 2 yard line as a goal for Dawson to aim at during kickoffs.

  17. Can one of the apologist please explain to me how this new activist for BLM who refuses to stand for the national anthem is any different from the man who was fined by the NFL for calling another player in the NFL a dirty N*#$% on 9/14/14?
    Which one is it? Is he the white racist the NFL fined or the Black activist who won’t stand for the national anthem?

    1. Good point questions!!!
      I think he is having an identity crisis. He was raised by white parents, probably teased by teammates and be went extreme thinking he was Malcolm x but he is the next mahmoud abdul rauf. Better get ready for his CFL career

      1. Andrew, my friend, respectfully, we might be better off not doing remote psychoanalysis on our players. Even Psychiatrists require an in person interview to suggest a diagnosis. Aight?
        CK is an inigma. Let’s not pretend we know what he really is, cuz ‘Cous, we don’t.
        We do know he didn’t look good in his outing, and that his self assessment didn’t match what our lying eyes were seeing.
        I can do flakey if it’s working. McMahon was flakey, but it ws working.

        1. BT, I was being sarcastic. I was a huge ck fan and was really thinking he would thrive in this system. I am done with 7torm because he can’t beat out BG, not because of the national anthem.

          1. Sorry Andrew, I missed your intent, as can happen on-line. While I railed yesterday about CK, for me it’s not about punishment or censorship. I just think it’s misplaced.mim moving on now.
            Football wise, he didn’t look good. Grant suggests he may be better vs SD and stay in the competitive mix. Who knows? I’m not guessing that will happen because I haven’t seen any hints. When was CK’s last good game?
            Our friend Brodie was encouraged that he didn’t skip any passes. Holy cow! LOL how our standards have slipped.

              1. I was referring to your game notes below on CK’s throws. Not mocking you or your opinion, although I was less encouraged than you.
                So this brings up a question for the team. With Driskel as yet under developed but presumably worth protecting from waivers, don’t they have to keep 3 QBs? Frustrations with CK don’t seem to me to justify keeping Ponder over him.

              2. BT – Ah, OK. I thought I was fairly critical of CK, noting “slow eyes”, “timing, slow reads, (not) getting the ball away quickly”, but my writing made it sound otherwise.

                He did seem to have good agility and his passes were an improvement over last year (though not a high bar).

  18. Ck7 is an idiot. After not standing for the Anthem you looked worse than you did last year. We need to get rid of this loser. Something is wrong with him. He continuly makes bad descions that shoots himself in the foot. Hopefully he will go to Dallas for a 2 round pick.

    1. The police were gunned down here in Dallas. The last thing we want is an athlete who was probably cheering for their killer, and who looks like a member of ISIS.

    1. Yup the 2nds graded out OK against their seconds, but the 1s probably did not fare as well. The 1s are the ones thy will play against during the season.

  19. Finally got a chance to actually watch Friday’s game. Not good, but not nearly as bad as it sounded on the radio.

    – Bad pass pro day from Garnett. Terrible holding call on Garnett late in game. Looked like a perfect run block to me. He’s a mauler. (I think Beadles has the LG starting job… for now)
    – Buckner looked OK vs the run.
    – Driskel might be raw, but he’s a natural in the option. Times the mesh perfectly. Can really punish defenders that crash down inside. WRs dropped his passes alot.
    – 2nd and 3rd string O-line was awful in pass pro.
    – Blair got caught hitting the wrong gap, but I think that’s mainly O’Neil experimenting with him. Asking him to shoot gaps. He looks great.
    – Aaron Lynch looked like a statue on alot of plays. I’m hoping its just a conditioning issue. He has six weeks to get in shape.
    – Tank looks explosive.
    – 49ers had several almost sacks. Need more coaching on those final few steps.
    – Many of those Packer runs were in Brooks spot, with the OLB picking the wrong gap. Armstead+Brooks or Buckner+Brooks will be a nice run stopping duo. Add Bowman and we are fine.
    – Hyde looked great. Hope his noodle’s OK.
    – Davis and Harris both looked good. Shame Harris might be a roster math casualty.
    – Dear Chip – Try Skov with the ones or twos before deciding final roster cuts.
    – Redmond flashed nicely in run support.
    – CKs issue was timing, slow reads, getting the ball away quickly. Physically he looked good. His passes looked nice. Not the dirtballs he threw last season. His biggest issues seemed to be scheme fit and slow eyes.
    – Lemonier looked like J-A-G vs the Packers scrubs.


    This game was a textbook demonstration of good and bad timing. The Packers dealt with a good pass rush because the timing between QBs and WRs was impeccable. The Niners? um.

    Gabbert is the starter, despite accuracy and footwork issues.

    The injury reports over the next few weeks will be key to a respectable 5+ win season. The 49ers start vs the Rams, Panthers, Seahawks and Cowboys. All heavy run teams. If Dial, Armstead and Hyde are ready to go week one I feel OK. If Dorsey’s ready, even better.

    If these players are not healthy, the season could get ugly in a hurry.

    1. Lemonier is getting a lot of fan angst, and fair enough given his past lack of production. But the Packers game is not an example of why. He actually produced some pressures. And as Jeff Deeney over at PFF pointed out, Rush only gets his sack as a result of Lemonier’s rush from the other side which forced the QB up and right into Rush’s arms.

      1. Aaron Lynch worried me though.

        He has not played this preseason.
        Hopefully he is just not giving his all knowing he wont be playing the first 4 weeks.

        1. Props to Midwest for originally posting the PFF stats link.

          I deleted the game. Most of my focus when I ran plays slow-mo was on how Buckner stops the run. Vital if Dial and Dorsey are not ready. Buckner wasn’t perfect, but not the liability some suggest he is in the run game.

          Like Armstead, Buckner initially gets good push. Consistently plays on the other side of the LOS shortly after snap. Better shed and ball location compared to Armstead at this point in his career.

          Put Dorsey to his right and Brooks to his left, and you have a pretty darned good run stopping wall on that side.

    2. My son noticed several holds by the Packers, but were not called, but we shook our heads over the Garnett so called hold.

      1. Same here. I ran the Garnett holding call play back and forth. It looked like a perfectly fine block. The packer linemen turned his torso at the very last moment, which can sometimes make it look like Garnett’s arm was outside his shoulder. But that was very brief, well after the running back was past the line.

        A few plays later, blatant holds on 49er defenders.

      1. 5 wins in a season with most games competitive, and our young defense pounding the stuffing out of offenses.

        1. That should be worth more than Tomsula’s five wins. Are we discounting missed makable field goals as time runs out on our opponents?

          Our lord in Palo Alto, Steve Young thinks that the 8-8 territory is the hardest to break out of. He would say that you have to get over that hump first.

  20. Other than the wide receiver position the Niners have a much improved team. I Think they have to do what Carolina did last year after losing Benjamin. Make the tight end the focal point of the passing game. Hopefully Vance Macdonald can be as good as Olson.

    Kaepernick did not look good, but I still think he has a better upside than Gabbert. Every NFL analyst says he has all the physical skills to be a top drawer QB. It is Chip’s job to get Kap’s head in the right place. I think Chip wil get it done.

    I dont think we should write Kap off after one bad quarter. I want to see how he does over an entire half against the Chargers. This was his first game action in over a year. It will take him some time to feel comfortable in Kelly’s offense.

    With Gabbert we are a three win team. If Kap can return to his 2013 form we can contend for the playoffs with even this sorry WR set.

    1. I was a big fan of Kaep but I’m done with this A**hole.. I hope he gets cut. Elevate Driskel to #2 and have him take over for Gabbert when he is ready. No excuses for what he did. What a F***king IDIOT!!!!! Re watch the game and watch when he played QB… The O line stopped blocking for this clown… I can’t believe I supported this guy..

  21. I just want Kaep to choose his battles wisely. Acting out so fans are burning his jersey is counter productive, and is a huge distraction. It is too much about only him, and nothing that will help his team.

    How will he help his team win if he is roundly boo’d every time he touches the ball.? He needs to think this through, and start getting better advice.

    1. He should consider taking is persona into a different arena if he wants to influence change–be a more effective agent in improving the lives of people.

    2. Seb: I agree with you 100% on the anthem issue. I believe Kaepernick should find other forums to express his feelings about police killings of African Americans. He can write an Op Ed piece. He can sit down for an interview with ESPN for one of their many excellent shows dealing with issues outside the ropes. Maybe the HBO show Hard Knocks would be a good vehicle for him to express his frustration. But showing disrespect to the national anthem is not the proper way to do this. Even if most of the black players on the 49ers feel the same way about police killings of black people, the team does not need this distraction.


    Indy just lost guard Jack Mewhort for the year, likely their best o-lineman on a line that is now going to get Andrew Luck destroyed if they dont…

    Trade Anthony Davis or Zane Beadles plus Keith Reaser (their secondary is a shambles too) for Donte Moncrief.

    If you have to, throw in a second or third round draft pick, but Moncrief is a stud. Make it happen Baalke!!!!

  23. So if I stand for the Anthem, then does this mean I support black killings? Kaep is desparate to be relevant, he is a narcissist, he is looking for something to make it about him. You can disagree with a situation and make action to change but at the same time support your contry. This is what we have fought for all this time. Kaep is about Kaep, is my conclusion. Not a man to get behi d, a man to move to the side.

    1. Too many quickly forget that he was fined by the NFL for using racial slurs in Chicago in 2014. Now he wants to pretend he is an activist for the same race?
      As long as apologist continue to excuse the behavior expect much of the same.

      1. Excuse me matt…. But as a black man, i often say ni### when addressing people in certain situations, now tell me how that makes him racist. That comment u made was way off base. Saying that word non derogatory is not racist. Its just the wasy we talk sometimes. No different than a white man calling his homie a redneck cra#### or a female calling hrr girl a bit##. All derogatory all different meanings in different situations

        1. Steele
          You know, that N word conundrum (for white folks) is kind of a metaphor for the whole bag of poo that is race relations in our country. I’m white and I just let it go, but some say if the word is bad, it’s bad, and they criticize it’s use ever. It’s just an example of the cultural disconnect.
          The word racist is another one. Some are offended when it’s said that the USA is a racist nation. I think it’s inarguably a racially charged nation, so I don’t take offense, because so much more progress is required.
          I sided against CK and his symbolism in this discussion, but I certainly hope that fellow readers don’t assume I think racism is over or not a problem.

        2. Your assessment is exactly correct Steele. However this was not the case in the incident sited. Kaepernick said the word in a derogatory comment to another NFL player. That is why the NFL fined him and the player came out and said that Kaepernick said it derogatorily not in jest. If you remember correctly Kaepernick denied denied denied.
          This latest rant is just his attempt to get attention. He is being scrutinized and this was his way of lashing back.
          I for one am just grateful I didn’t have a national audience when I wanted to lash out.

    2. No it means nothing like that. It means ur standing for an anthem. You chose your own platform to fight. His is African Americans are being done wrong in this country. He chose his platform to be the anthem. Period

  24. One last thought. Kaep has made clear that “haters/hate” motivates him. So on his issue of choice, he brings hate to hate. He’s not evolved to understand love is what overcomes hate.

    1. Love doesn’t overcome hate. We have been taught to love all our lives, and we are in this level of social inequality. Kaep has a great reason to do what he did. Why stand up for change when change is slapping you in the face. And then being told by millions of keyboard gangstas and racist that hes wrong. He has a right guaranteed by the Constitution to fight peacefully. Rather u agree with it or not, it is his right.

      1. He–all of us–have a right under the constitution to ‘fight peacefully’. Many nations have a similar foundation, many do not, but that’s getting off topic. So, conquering hate–at least with love–is off the table. So, what’s to be done, short of violence? Vote? Boycott? Hunger strike? Become a change agent–get into the fray and have change begin you (the individual) and help others to change? Lead by example?

          1. Oh and by the way, voting, boycotting, or hunger strikes aren’t fighting with love. What in any of those situations say love? Ill starve to death if you don’t stop killing us, or ill vote for another mayor who wont step in and change laws of racial bias, oh i just wobt vote this year, or boycotting…. What will we boycott? Oh the police wont help so ill kill the bastard that trys to rob me, kill me, or break into my house.. Take Justice in my own hands… just sayin

        1. That’s not getting off topic. He’s fighting peacefully. Not starting a cult protesting America. What he’s doing is peaceful. Just because u dont like it doesn’t make it different

          1. He is a F***king idiot… He is a major distraction.. He needs to be cut. This is coming from a once proud Kaep supporter. His time has run out. Especially when he has gone to Sh*t as a football player. Eat the 12 mil and get him out of here..

          2. Where in my post did I say anything about liking or not liking? Are you seeing me through a lens that you’re comfortable with? I don’t know you so I’m careful not to judge you. I’m offering conversation. Kaep has every right to sit, every right to communicate his feelings in any manner he wants.

          3. Steel, he is attacking a symbol that many consider sacred, many have fought and died for. It will not change how police interact with people, black or white.

            This is like Trump attacking a Gold Star mother.

            Kaep, if he had a scintilla of common sense, would realize that he is not only hurting himself, he is hurting the team. Other teams and other players will have even more incentive to play harder against the Niners. Refs will be more inclined to call fouls against the Niners, and miss calls against the other team if they are pissed off at Kaep.

            How can Kaep expect to have his fellow team mates play hard if they are ticked off at him? Kaep has no real understanding about locker room dynamics. Kaep is giving Jed and Baalke every incentive to sit his ass and not play him, thus wasting away his playing career.

            If Kaep thinks that another team will want him, he is sadly delusional. He will be blackballed, because other teams will look at his sitting stunt, and consider him radioactive.

            1. Jed and Trent should sit him down and explain how he is hurting the team, then tell him that he can sit all he wants, but if he does, it will not be on the side lines

            2. Hey seb… Even though hes nowhere near the icon Ali was, Ali did the exact same thing, and with the exact same reaction. They spoke their peace, they didn’t agree with what was going on in America at te time and they stood up, or sat down for what they believe in. Its not about sport, its about their right to protest. Seb ive worn the uniform.. and ill gladly tell you this, when i was doing what i was doing, it wasn’t because of the flag, but by damn i sure as hell did for the men and women with me with their boots on the ground. Screw politics, and people at home with opinions because i bled for my friends, jusr like the bled for me. It wasn’t up to us to decide what wasright and wrong and us fighting for our country to be free. We fought so our friends could go home, because at the end of the day,, who really appreciated it? We did, we appreciated each other like no other. Thats what i fought for. So if this man takes a stand on something, let him do it. Rather i or u or anyone else agrees, its his choice, a non violent choice. The say god bless America, i say god bless our troops, because we love each other rather we are standing for an anthem or dodging bullets. Thats how we protested, and thats how we lived

              1. Steel, good comment, and I salute your service to this country.

                Kaep does have the right to do what he wants, but he should also realize that he will have to suffer the consequences of his actions, and insulting a large segment of the population is counter productive if he wants to strive for justice and equality.

              2. Please do not compare Ali with Kaep. Ali was the greatest, and he did what he did during the Vietnam War. Kaep is just grand standing, and even though I liked him, Kaep would not have the balls to go to jail for a cause.

    1. I have not brought up that angle because religion has no bearing whether a player can play or not.

      However, considering that many football players are deeply religious, and pray after every game, it does influence the situation. Kaep, by converting, just put a huge bull’s eye on his back, and players will use that as extra incentive to want to tackle him as hard as possible.

      I consider her a Delilah. and last season was good example of how her influence affected the team.

      She is also giving Kaep some bad advice, and is helping destroy his career.

      1. Seb,
        Check out the web site this report came from do not give these alt con sites the respect of even responding to them or give them any hits.

        1. Coach, I detest their message, so that is why I did not bring it up before.

          However, Delilah seems to have an extraordinary amount of influence on Kaep, and is giving him some bad advice.

        2. We are together OldCoach, but I did give them on hit and found a hilarious quote.

          It is not accidental that Nessa Diab -a BLM/Islam activist- and Colin Kaepernick cross paths, and meld ideological interests, especially when you consider the geography, the San Francisco area. Nessa also attended the University of California, Berkeley.

          My my my, we all know what the University of California in Berkeley is, now don’t we.

          I wonder what Kareem Abdul-Jabbar would have to say about this threat to America’s culture and safety in a dangerous world. I wonder what “the candidate” will have to say. Actually I know what “the candidate” will have to say. “You have nothing to lose so vote for me!”

    2. Interesting… I did wonder a bit once his beard became static. Didn’t seem very ‘Kaepernick’ who usually is clean shaven.

      “The Prophet Muhammad is believed to have had a beard and those who insist that devout Muslims grow beards argue that they are doing no more than asking the faithful to emulate the Prophet’s actions.”

      1. Rib, it has been common knowledge for some time, but this blog has stayed classy by not bringing it up. Religion should be a private matter, and should not affect football play.

        However, the whole idea that Kaep has become a social activist has a genesis. Delilah has been manipulating Kaep like a puppet on a string. Her actions resulted in the team losing their best pass rusher before the season started. She is telling him to grow a beard. She is telling him that his football career is less important than insulting MILLIONS of Americans, because her agenda is too important.

        I scoff at the whole idea that Kaep takes so much umbrage over the fact that a white policeman shot a black man because he is half white. Essentially, Kaep is hating himself.

        Like so many other posters have brought up, there are better ways to protest, and many better ways to work towards peace and justice. It is obtuse to think that Kaep sitting during the National anthem will bring back a lost life.

        There will be a backlash, and if Kaep thinks that his actions will stop fans from burning his jersey, he is delusional. Kaep is getting bad advice, and if he wants a football career, he should listen to his parents, who love him.

        Kaep, if he wants, should marry Delilah, but he should do it after his career is over. Sounds like she does not want to wait, so it may be over sooner than he thinks.

        1. Seb stop with your ridiculous excuses for Kap. He’s a grown man who makes his own decisions. It’s always someone elses fault, never CK’s.
          When is the storm due to arrive?

          1. Converting is all on Delilah. There have been many many many inter religious marriages.

            Storm has come ashore, and plans to move to San Diego soon.

            1. But the storm was suppose to arrive via Santa Clara? Remember no one could have been a better fit for Kelly. What happened?
              Are we to expect a storm against the Chargers 4th stringers?

              1. Prime, you are trying too hard, and are becoming a troll, fixated on one thing ad nauseum. I have moved on. Kaep has essentially shot himself in the foot. Next man up.

                Gabbert, Driskel and Ponder all have the ability to run, so they will be featured in the Chip Kelly offense while Kaep goes off to fight against social injustices.

              2. Sorry Seb I had to endure your pro Kap for an entire offseason while you thought it was funny to twist my words. Get use to it pal, I’m just getting started!

              3. Its OK, Prime, Go ahead, knock yourself out.

                I know that you would never believe it, but I can post a lot, so much so that you were cussing and swearing at me, and telling me to stop or you would leave the site. Now i will have a built in excuse to respond to all your screeds, so expect a blizzard of posts. Yup, a storm is coming.

              4. What kind of storm? The one that got benched Friday night?
                You bring it son, don’t sing it!

        2. >>Rib, it has been common knowledge for some time

          Again, some sort of confirmation please. Not that I care one whit, but the Muslim faith is a huge wedge issue for bigots these days.

          1. Well, I have perused the blogs, and saw that months ago, but cannot tell you which site or when exactly. Posters have said it, but no mainstream bloggers.

            Even though I knew about it, I hope you noticed that I never mentioned it until you brought it up.

  25. Steel says “And then being told by millions of keyboard gangstas and racist that hes wrong.” So by disagreeing with Kaep actions we are all now gangstas and racist. Give me a break. Ignorance is bliss I am told.

    1. No not all.. Just the biggest who call him out of his name and talk crap lile they could whoop him or do better in proving a point, or standing up for something. You disagree with him, fine, but you also arent calling him out of his name and talking sh##. That is the definition of keyboard gangsta. Because those who type it, definitely won’t talk it face to face

      1. Fair enough you just made it sound like all of us. My problem isn’t his cause or to interfere with his right. By beef is the disrespecting the very thing that allows him to do what he did. Now if he didn’t have that right I would be jumping on his side but that’s not the case he does have that right, and because its a ‘great right’ he needs to treat that right with respect. His cause is fine his disrespectfulness is not. I can not speak for all veterans but this veteran takes his constitutional rights seriously and is greatly offended when these rights are disrespected or in jeopardy.

        1. Fair enough as well sir. No not everyone that disagrees. If we read enough posts throughout the net, you would see how many people talk about and dog this man because of his stance. Let him do him, we can all agree and disagree peacefully without the name calling. It gets old

  26. Baalke dealing again… Brandon Thomas for Jeremy Kerley. Looks like we got a new punt returner until Ellington gets healthy.

    1. Baalke seems to be reading my posts. I wanted them to trade Thomas, and am glad that they will not use Ellington as a returner so he may stay healthy.

  27. Grant,
    I may have missed it, have you posted your opinion of Kaep’s protest or any athlete taking part in social protest? You are critical of him in this post, I was wondering where you stand on these issues. If I missed it an earlier post please direct me.

    1. Coach ..

      I don’t think Grant has weighed in on the subject ..
      probably because he knows that any opinion inserted
      into a piece … changes said piece from
      journalism .. to ..
      an opinion

  28. TRADE!!

    On Rotoworld:

    49ers acquired WR Jeremy Kerley from the Lions in exchange for OG Brandon Thomas.
    Kerley, whose career has been in gradual, consistent decline, will provide some depth in the slot and feature on special teams. He’ll likely crack the 53-man roster considering how little talent GM Trent Baalke has assembled.

    1. Another trade, another who gives a crap about receiver. I am still in the minority on liking Trent, but man maybe you should have just keot reggie bush for ko/pr purposes. And used Thomas for something different. But then again Bush cant stay healthy either. Hell call devin hester out of retirement

      1. Steelematic, IMO you are doing everyone a disservice categorizing this trade as a “who gives a crap about receiver” trade. Do us all a favor and speak for yourself. This 2011, 5th round pick out of TCU, had the heart of a lion in college and the early years of his professional career!

        Jeremy Kerley was once a major contributor on the NY Jet’s offense, and has a lot of experience returning punts as well (134 attempts as a pro).

        2012: 95 targets, 56 catches, 827 yards (coming close to the 1,000 yard club
        2013: 72 targets, 43 catches, 523 yards (in 12 games)
        2014: 75 targets, 38 catches, 409 yards (clearly trending downward)

    2. Erik Pears and Busta Anderson cut. The national Pears-Devy nightmare has ended. Church bells shall ring throughout the kingdom, and all is right with the world.

      1. If i knew where tomsula was, i would personally write him a letter and ask him, “what the hell weteyou thinking”..

  29. About Kaepernick, ask yourself this, even you guys who support his sitting for the national anthem: What is going to happen if, either as the starter or the backup, he refuses to stand for the anthem once the season starts? Even in politically correct Santa Clara, there is going to be blowback. And what about at the various away venues? In my view, this is bad for the team and the game. Both the League and the Yorks are taking the stand that he has the right to free speech, which he does. But those fans who take the other side also have the right to stay home and turn off their TVs. In my view, almost in the blink of an eye Kaep has single-handedly turned himself into a pariah. I think that, internally, the League will change its tune, that is, tell Jed that either he apologize or be told to stay away from the games. This is a real mess.

      1. Coach, they way he’s playing now I can see them benching him for football related reasons, can’t you? What do you think?

    1. George…Just asking here, but are you saying sports figures shouldn’t do things like this because of the blowback? Or just saying find a different way to protest?

      1. Steel, I am saying he should find a different way. It pains me when innocent black people are victimized by police, even being pulled over on the road. And there are racist whites, from the wealthy to the poor, all over the place. I personally believe, though, that they are in a minority.

      2. Steele, they absolutely should do things. Yet, the team has to protect their brand. You’ve seen, just by the reactions here, how controversial Kaep’s actions have been. The very last thing the team wants is a public relations disaster which this is turning into. Fortunately for the team, Kaep’s play gives them an easy exit.

        1. Ribico, prime, red, Steel, George, seb, Brodie, and all of the others on this forumI really appreciate this conversation!

          Sometimes politics and sports do collide. And when they do, a conversation should be had. This is an important conversation for, not just this forum, but our great nation as well!

          As a uncle to an adopted South Sudanese-American, I feel uniquely qualified to join in this conversation. IMO, systematic racism absolutely exists in this country, across our society and institutions. I am talking about Housing Discrimination, Employment Discrimination, Government Surveillance, Voting Rights and Disproportionate Incarceration are real problems in this country.

          I wholeheartedly support Colin’s message, however, I am not sure it was fair for him to take all of the attention away from his teammates, many of whom are fighting for a roster spot, in order to make his point. He probably could have found another effective way of making his protest without taking the spotlight away from the rest of his teammates.

          1. I should have said, “Sometimes politics and sports INTERSECT”, which I think is a better way to describe it.

          2. We can agree about racism, but I would like to add that no one knew what Kaepernick was doing during the National Anthem. By no one I mean the press and probably the fans. He didn’t sit in a conspicuous place and all the fans could see from that side of the field was his head without his helmet.

            I don’t see where he was a distraction for the team Friday night during the game. During the regular season, with people knowing what to look for, he would be a distraction if he does the same thing.

            At this point we don’t know what he will do, or where he will be during the regular season.

            I appreciate your point of view.

    2. My issue (in addition to him being a lousy, washed-up QB) is he used the wrong venue to broadcast his issue. He took his individual belief and pulled the whole team into it. He has the $ and ability to handle this differently but chose not to… I stand by my original comments that he made a dumb and selfish decision to protest the way he did. Best for all to cut this distraction – he hardly adds value to this team as a player.

      1. Before I agree they should cut him for his play, I would like to see how he does in the next game. Remember that because of his injuries, he has lost practice time. I don’t think he’ll win the contest, though. Then they’ll have to decide where he fits in their plans.

    3. By the way, in no way do I want to offend any of you who back Kaep’s protest, and if I have, I apologize. If I believed our society institutionally oppressed blacks — like South Africa once did, for example — I would be the first to lead the revolt. All I’m saying is that this is bad for the game. Kaep has other ways to protest, as several have already mentioned.

        1. CK is a storm of distraction. He’s a cancer just like Seb on this blog. We don’t need him nor do we want him. Cut him and take Seb with him to the Arena League, CFL, or Triple AAA baseball!

          1. Prime, Seb once game me headaches but he’s toned down and I think is a really well-meaning. Hopefully, you’re joking some of the time. Btw, I enjoy your posts too.

            1. George I read your posts as well. They are quality.
              Seb thought he was funny using my words. Now it’s all about retribution from a guy who littered the blog with his pompous posts and ridiculous pro Kap. He deserves all this backlash!

            2. George, thank you for your kind words. I think you bring lots to this site. Prime on the other hand…

              Prime seems to think that by deriding me, he sounds smart, but it generally has the opposite effect.

              1. Seb where is the storm? Did the visor deflect it? I wanna hear again how CK was built for Kelly’s offense and how he would once again take the league by storm? Cmon man, let’s hear how he would roll him out and gash defenses with his legs? You know how he single handily got the Niners to a SB?

      1. Innevitably, sometimes politics and sports intersect George, whether we like it or not. .

        At the end of the day, I lean toward the opinion that Colin inevitably, and unfairly, took attention away from his teammates. If I am one of Kap’s teammates who are fighting for a roster spot, I would have been disappointing in Colin, regardless of whether I agreed with his position or not.

      2. That’s reasonable George, but, like me, I doubt that you were in the Selma march when America did, in many areas, treat blacks in a way that was similar to South Africa.

        Neither one of us led that revolt, if revolt is the right word. I doubt that it is.

    4. When did fans stay away or turn off the TV? That’s easy, when a team fails on the field, over and over and over again to deliver what it promises. Even then, fans are very hard to pry loose. You might predict that if Harbaugh had never had his three great years, the NFL clothing business for the 49ers would be in the tank. Maybe not, look at the Raider Nation.

    5. George – I support Kaep’s ”’right”’ 110 percent to do what he did and he will continue to do so. Doesn’t mean I have to like it and I don’t. Can’t punish someone for expressing their rights, in fact punishing them for expressing their right is actually worst then the disrespectfulness exhibited by Kaep. Seems to me we have to stand by our rights whether we agree with circumstances or not. I have no respect for Kaep for his manhood nor his playing ability and I wish him gone but not as punishment for expressing his right.

      1. uc, I’m not in favor for benching someone for expressing their rights. I’m trying to be practical. Like Seb has said, he’s picking the wrong fight. Dissing the national anthem on the grounds that “the country is oppressive” is hurtful to millions of good, well-meaning Americans, including families, many of them black, who have lost sons and daughters in war.

        1. It is also hurting their cause. I am less inclined to support BLM if they are advocating players to sit during the National anthem.

          1. But if the storm hits, sitting down might not hurt them.
            Like an armoured tank in a pit, no worries according to Tzu Sun.

        2. George – I didn’t think you were, I totally agree with you its the wrong way to go about it, and it really pisses me off that he chose that avenue. I do remember back in the sixties protesters use to set themselves on fire, unbelievable as it may sound but its true. Ali who I don’t like due to his draft dodging but I respect him immensely for accepting his punishment like a man and truly standing up for what he believed. Unlike the people who ran to Canada, I have no use for. Ali had principal and he stood UP for it and not sit on his azz. If anyone want me to consider to get behind one’s cause you can’t disrespect the one thing that allows you to do that – the flag that represents our way of life which is better then most countries if not all. Kaep has now brought upheaval to a team that did not need any distractions. He pisses me off for doing that. The problem I am going to have if he is the QB its going to be real hard to accept that.

    6. This isn’t a 1st amendment issue. In a 49er uniform, Kap would be instantly fired for saying any number of things, including:

      1. Jed York can suck it!
      2. I, Colin Kaepernick hate all 49er fans
      3. I, Colin Kaepernick, hate gays

      His right to say what he wants is limited by the 49er ownership. He’s as limited in what he can say as we all are at the office, as well he should be. Very few owners would tolerate what he just did, but we have the slimiest POS owner in the NFL, who has no sense of right and wrong himself.

      Jed York, your lousy, overpaid backup QB has said he will continue provoking people who feel a sense of patriotic pride during the national anthem. People who have buried fathers and sons fighting for our country. That’s a lot of people, whether you feel for them or not. Many of your paying customers are among this group–I would wager a higher percentage of your paying customers is offended by this than would be offended by #1 above, or was offended by what Chris Culliver said when you gave him the punishment he deserved…. so if you intend to keep Kapernick, you can probably kiss patriotic 49er fans goodbye. We love America more than we love your 49ers. (and I’m not a wacko right winger saying this. I’m an atheist.)

      1. Grant,

        Thx for the info.

        Aside from the Ellington and Hayne injuries, the 49ers have Bob Bicknell coaching WR’s who got into the famous yelling match with Deshean Jackson on national TV.

        Kelly runs a version of the WCO in his pass patterns but has no WCO coaches on his staff.
        Seems to me if a coach wants to run a specific offense he would want a certain amount of expertise on his side….This season is headed for disaster in so many ways—-unproven players, suspect coaching staff, including DC, O’neil who Brown fans ridiculed, couldn’t wait for him to leave town–his 49er defense got shreaded by a D-3 QB from—where—-Wesley College, and looked better than any 49er QB in doing it.
        Start sending up flairs because it’s another season of rearranging deck chairs on board the 49er Titantic.

  30. “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.”

    *Puts Beats by Dre headphones on and listens to rap.

    He’s endorsing headphones from Dr Dre, who made his fortune by glorifying and exploiting the murder, crime and violence that runs rampant in impoverished, predominantly African American communities. He’s listening to music that often glorifies black on black violence.

    I love rap/hip hop and I love Dr Dre’s music. I saw him on tour twice at HP Arena and it was an amazing show. I just find it hypocritical how Kaepernick cherry picks his generic stance when there are things he does in his every day life that contradict his supposed message of opposition to violence against people of color. It’s easy to say your taking a stand when you’re irrelevant and your salary is guaranteed. It’s easy to say they can take away your endorsements after you were probably already notified they wouldn’t be extended. Its easy to pretend you’re making a sacrifice or taking a risk when you really aren’t.

    1. Also,

      I noticed Baalke got another 7th rounder in a trade. Seems to me after a professional coaching staff spent 2 years coaching up a player his trade value might upgrade to, say, a 5th rounder. At least, that’s how its supposed to work. Teams constantly draft qb’s from mid rounds, develop them a few years, and obtain a return on their investment of say, a 2nd round draft pick.
      However, we’re dealing with the paranoid , Baalke, who would rather retain/play his no talent (Brandon Thomas) or loser injury players (Ellington) and cut a more talented, Jerome Simpson so he can look to Jed as if his draft picks work .out….

      Until paranoid Baalke is gone the 49ers will cut the good players, sacrificed to Baalke’s bad picks, so Baalke can play his bad picks until a quarterback actually dies on the field by a missed block.

  31. Why have I gone from an ardent Kaep defender to now wishing he would just go away? Because of the flag.

    I named my second son after my uncle, who served in Korea. He told me that they would be confused, and did not know where to go, because in the fog of war, and the Chinese over running their positions, there was no static clearly defined lines.

    However, they would see the flag, and rally around it. That flag helped them regroup, and beat back the assault. I consider that flag as a life saver, because my uncle would not be here if not for that flag. So Kaep may disrespect the flag all he wants, but he will reap what he sows.

    1. What a bunch of crap that is! You just realized that Kaepernick is a lousy football player like the whole world has known since last year and now looking for an easy out! Grow up!

      1. Prime, Kaep may still win the starting job if he plays lights out in the next game, but to me, Gabbert is the safe bet. I will root for either if either of them win the competition, but Kaep needs to mend fences quick, or he will be out of the league.

        1. Seb says “Kaep may still win the starting job if he plays lights out in the next game”
          Are you high? The last game means nothing unless you are fighting for a roster spot. If the 49ers declare CK the starter because he played well in one preseason game than that’s about as stupid as your suggestion for trading for Frank Gore! Idiotic. The storm has been delayed!

          1. Prime, Chip himself said that they would decide after the 4th game, not the third game.

            I see you hate thousand yard runners…..

            1. And after what has transpired you think that CK still has a life line in SF? Either you are senile or just stupid stubborn.

              As for Gore, SMH!

              Storm is on hold!

      2. Seb,

        You sang Kap’s praises in 2015 to the 3rd preseason game in 2016.
        Your sudden disintrest in Kap rings hollow for me, and an excuse for your hiding behind the flag:

        You may take heed in a famous quote:

        Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel, by Dr. Samuel Johnson who lived in the times of witch burning in America where women , whose husband died, would be accused of being a witch, so the adjacent farmer (property owner) could steal her land.

        For more info., please visit Salem Mass. and read the county law book trials.

        1. A modern movie correlation to the above is “The Scarlett Letter” with Demi Moore and Robert Duvall.

          You are the Duvall character, Seb.

        2. TrollD, to some, the flag has been a symbol to venerate. Are you implying that my uncle was a scoundrel? If so, may God have mercy on your soul.

          1. I will leave your uncle from this man crush on Hayne and Kap, god rest your uncle’s soul. It was you who brought a family member into this. I have always taken the high road here, never ridiculing family.

            You were the Kap praiser in 2015-16; you were the one who stated their would be a Kap storm, and man, were you correct more than you know.

            I just find your sudden patriotism a way of hiding for you during this Kap “storm” and get a queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach that, at this time you would use it as a crutch for your failed roster pick.

            1. Total waffle move by Seb bringing up family, patriotism to shade what everyone has known about Kaepernick. It’s cowardly.

            2. Kaep is dissing the flag. I honor the flag. My uncle fought for the flag, and you have the audacity to talk about patriotism being the last refuge of scoundrels.

              TrollD, I will never forgive you.

              1. I’d argue that your uncle, and all those who fought under the flag, fought for the right for Kaep to diss that same flag. Otherwise, what makes us different from totalitarian regimes, who also honor their flag?

              2. Rib, like I said before, if Kaep want to seek justice for Black shooting victims, he should do it in a way that does not infuriate me.

                I told you why my uncle instilled a reverence for the flag, but now some troll is saying that it is all fabricated into some strawman argument.

                Kaep does have the right to protest. I never said he did not. However, he needs to think things through. I would totally support the team if they asked him what his plans were. If Kaep said he was going to sit down, They should rip up his uniform so he could not play. Then in his doo rags, he can sit all he wants.

                Kaep really needs to think of the ramifications of his actions. He is insulting millions of patriotic Americans who revere the flag, so he can sit, and he can sit in the aftermath. He is essentially retiring to pursue his social activism, and does not care if he ever plays again. He will feel smug in his holier than thou attitude, and create millions more who dislike him, even former ardent fans.

                No other team would want to fracture their team for this buffoon. His actions in no way helps any team to win, and could be indicative how much it hurt the team last game. Once Kaep went in, the team showed how dysfunctional it was. I did not see crisp pass blocking for Kaep, and the WRs did not try hard to get open. I also saw a blocker raise up his hands, signifying that he was not even going to try to block. Kaep cannot be a leader by acting like an immature brat. If he does not care, I will not care what happens to him. Next man up, Kaep just dissed the whole team, the league, and millions of Americans.

            3. Seb,

              You and I have debated a number of times. I’m also a chess player so recognize patterns, esp. in debates. Your talon ‘d achille, so to speak, is the moving of the goal posts during a debate.
              Here, the movement occurred the moment you went from Kap supporter to a patriot, therefore pseudo patriotism effect occurs.

      3. Prime ..

        Lighten up.. dude ..

        I .. too .. am a Kap fan .. but .. like others
        have stated .. he picked the wrong forum to
        showcase his beefs .. and

        in this case … Seb has a valid point ..but
        you seem to be unable to give credit ..
        where it’s due ..

  32. This isn’t a 1st amendment issue. In a 49er uniform, Kap would be instantly fired for saying any number of things, including:

    1. Jed York can suck it!
    2. I, Colin Kaepernick hate all 49er fans
    3. I, Colin Kaepernick, hate gays

    His right to say what he wants is limited by the 49er ownership. He’s as limited in what he can say as we all are at the office, as well he should be. Very few owners would tolerate what he just did, but we have the slimiest POS owner in the NFL, who has no sense of right and wrong himself.

    Jed York, your lousy, overpaid backup QB has said he will continue provoking people who feel a sense of patriotic pride during the national anthem. People who have buried fathers and sons fighting for our country. That’s a lot of people, whether you feel for them or not. Many of your paying customers are among this group–I would wager a higher percentage of your paying customers is offended by this than would be offended by #1 above, or was offended by what Chris Culliver said when you gave him the punishment he deserved…. so if you intend to keep Kapernick, you can probably kiss patriotic 49er fans goodbye. We love America more than we love your 49ers. (and I’m not a wacko right winger saying this. I’m an atheist.)

  33. Oh great. Niners wasted a whole day on this whole distraction.

    Kaep may try to justify his stance, but refused to hear about how millions of Americans were insulted by his actions.

    How can a team leader think that social protest is helping the team? How many hours did they waste when they should be preparing for the upcoming game?
    Kaep wants justice, but has does nothing to effect change. Where are his concrete actions? How much has he donated to the victims of violence? His actions are detrimental to the team dynamics. They are divisive and a distraction. With all the pushback, they seem to be counter productive.

    Kaep is not helping his team win. He has lost the right to wear the Niner uniform. He has made the team defend the indefensible, and has brought dishonor upon the 49ers. Kaep has the right to do that, and he should expect and accept the consequences for his actions. Too bad they will not help save any lives.

    In fact, after an incendiary post by Kaep, Dallas happened.

    1. I like that Kaep stood up for something. His days as a QB are numbered. It’s too bad. We have BG and then soon we will be rooting for Christian Ponder! Chip Kelly is a good coach. But this current Niner team blows. Wouldn’t it be crazy if the Niners had a better record under Mario Tomsula???

      1. Kaep is now officially a cancer, and seems to be trying to take the team down with him.

        That said, the team has improved, and with pass rush and a decent O line, will actually be competitive. I hope they get over 6 wins without Kaep.

  34. Grant, when Kap addressed the team, did any of the players advocate for the fans who’ve had to bury family and friends who sacrificed their lives for this country? Did any of the players assert that this is a workplace, and workers don’t get to mouth off and piss off paying customers without losing their jobs? This isn’t a legal matter. This is a matter of business, and as a paying customer, I’m not buying a team with this POS on it.

  35. Btw, my post above was apparently not allowed by the moderator on Maiocco’s board. Ironically, the only posts allowed there are pro-free speech (as if this is a 1st amendment issue).

  36. What I love seeing is some of you anti-‘PC’ people who have surely laughed at “safe spaces” at college essentially getting all blue in your pasty faces over Colin doing something that is at most, a minor politically incorrect act. Oh no, he didn’t stand for a song?! *clutches pearls* Absolutely hilarious to see you in here essentially demand that ALL of sport be your own little “safe space” free of any politics that you disagree with. The irony is oh so delicious.

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