Chris Cook explains what makes Quinton Patton hard to cover

SANTA CLARA — Chris Cook was interviewed by Bay Area reporters outside of the 49ers’ locker room Monday afternoon. Here’s what he said about Quinton Patton.

Q: What makes Quinton Patton hard to cover?

COOK:  He’s good with his stems and at the line he gives you a lot of shake. As a corner, you have to be patient when guys are shaking a lot at the line. For most of us at the position, it’s kind of hard not to get antsy and want to reach or want to shuffle one way when he’s giving those moves. I think that’s what made him a hard cover.

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      1. Classy Ghost.

        If you must know, it’s working on my 6th kid with your lovely mother.

      2. Really can’t believe that one passed Grant’s “PG Only” criteria for posts. LOL

  1. I really think if Patton bulks up a little, nothing crazy, just around the 210lbs mark (which he may have already achieved), he could turn into a very good WR that can hold up physically outside and inside. Especially if he learns some from guys like Brandon Lloyd about how to disguise his routes.

    1. I agree Scooter. I wasn’t expecting this kind of jump from Patton seeing as though he missed most of his rookie season, but this is a great scenario if it continues. Having Patton take over a key role bodes well for the future and will make the potential loss of Crabtree much easier to absorb.

  2. He also is a great runner after the catch, so shake and bake with a little help from his team mates…..

    1. A stem is how a WR drives the defender. For example, an outside breaking route vs off coverage ideally the WR would stem the outside hip of the DB. Outside route = outside stem. The same for inside routes. There are a few exceptions to this rule. For example, when running a post the WR actually wants to stem outside hip to widen the throwing window when driving the post. A stem is what gives the WR leverage in a route. Basic explanation but hope that helps.

  3. Interesting: The last time the NFL told officials to call pre-throw defensive fouls in the passing game more closely, the penalties jumped from 79 to 191….

    1. It’s great to see Cook already improving on his weakness’ coming in. He’s got everything else needed to be a good press CB so if they can improve his ability to locate the ball, he’ll be a great addition this season.

      1. I dunno..I guess I don’t see a guy dramatically improving his ball skills after four years of nothing.
        But here’s hoping he turns into a ball hawk.
        Is the opposite of a ball hawk, a ball dove?

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