Cohn Zohn Episode 10: 49ers draft discussion.

Check out the latest episode The Cohn Zohn. My dad and I discuss the Astros cheating scandal, ponder whether MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred is a bum and preview the draft for the 49ers. The draft discussion starts at 18:15.

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  1. Seb is Lowell! Who’d of thunk?

    I think a player like Tee Higgins could put them over the top paired with Samuel and Kittle. Bring in Gabriel and all of a sudden you’ve got yourself one of the top wr corps in the league.

    I agree with Grant on drafting a 1st round corner. Chances are the #31 pick will not provide a starting caliber cb. Better to look in round 2 or 3 for a player like Cameron Dantzler outta Miss. St.

    We’ll know how much the 49ers believe in Jimmy G if they restructure his contract.

    Brady is Grant’s Lazareth. Jimmy is nowhere near his ceiling. Wholesale change on a team that just outperformed themselves into the Super Bowl doesn’t make any sense. Trade Armstead, absolutely. You can deal with that. Make Kittle the highest paid TE, and give him $40 million guaranteed. Attempt to extend Buckner if he’s in a reasonable mood. As for FS, Moore is someone they’ve been developing. That’s what you have to do. Draft and develop. I fully expect them to sign a value F/A to offset the loss of Armstead. Maybe Lawson, maybe Wolfe. Either way, this team is being built for sustained success. It’s an exciting time to be a 49ers fan!

    1. The 49ers have met with two wide receivers at the combine so far. One is LSU’s WR – Justin Jefferson .

      The other receiver the 49ers have met with at the combine is TCU’s WR – Jalen Reagor, who Cam Inman caught up with. Reagor said he has Deebo Samuel’s versatility and Tyreek Hill’s speed. “I’m a big play waiting to happen.” On what the 49ers talked to Reagor about: “They talked to me a lot about being versatile and being able to play wherever, being able to know the playbook. That they would use me anywhere in the offense, they want a chance to use my speed. In the Super Bowl, they threw the ball eight times. He was like; we’re looking to change that. They really like me.”

      My guy – Jalen Reagor, is clearly on the Niners’ radar. Good for them! I am looking forward to watching Reagor put on a show on Thursday.

      1. Reagor is a player I thought Shanny would be interested in. Could also be a smokescreen but speed and versatility is something they need to add if they want to take that next step offensively….

        1. No doubt Razor, his versatility and game breaking speed are what really makes him a perfect fit, and he fills a need assuming Sanders and Goodwin are both playing elsewhere next season. Somebody on this blog mentioned that they didn’t think Reagor played at his reported speed, but according to Next Gen Stats, the 5’11”, 195 lbs WR showed a gear that no one in the NFL achieved in 2019, when he reached a max speed of 22.6 MPH vs Stanford during the Alamo Bowl.

          I know he’s been on your radar. I think this kid has a chance to be special, and with a deep class, there’s even a chance that the Niners could trade back into round 2, and still draft him, although that may be a pipe dream after this week’s combine. But wouldn’t that be something? Imagine him, along with Kittle, Deebo, Hurd, and maybe even Taylor? How dynamic would that receiving corp be? Wowza!

      2. I rewatched Reagor the other day, after I had looked at Hamler. I was probably too down on Reagor initially. But I still wouldn’t want to take him at #31.

        Tbh though, with the way the game has been evolving, smaller WRs don’t need to be as technically proficient route runners as they used to be. I’m probably still too focused on getting guys that really know how to get themselves open, not open enough to the idea that great athletes combined with a good offensive mind is probably sufficient for success.

        1. Fair enough Scooter. If they do go WR early, who do you like? And, BTW, I think they should probably be looking CB first and foremost, at least that’s where I am leaning pre-free agency. And I am definitely leaning trade back with the 31st pick.

          1. Tee Higgins is the one I would ideally take, not including guys that will definitely be gone by 31.

            I agree on taking CB first.

            1. Wow, Reagor weighed in at 206 lbs.

              Tee Higgins is a very good player, very good WR, and maybe I am wrong, but Higgins just doesn’t strike me as the kind of WR Kyle would be looking for. Higgins does a lot of things well, and he projects as a reliable redzone target, but I think Kyle is hoping to get a lot of the same qualities from Hurd, who is pushing 6’5″, only in a much more physical package, and Bourne has also developed into a reliable redzone target as well. The one element clearly missing if Sanders and Goodwin are on their way out, is speed.

              If you haven’t noticed, Reagor is my 2020 draft crush, in part because I can see him being the kind of dynamic Deebo-esque chess piece that Kyle can use in so many different ways, while also giving the team a WR who, while isn’t necessarily a big bodied wideout, has the tools to work outside the numbers with great results. Among Reagor’s strengths are his abilities in the vertical passing game, which includes natural ball tracking ability as well as making contested catches along the boundaries, aided by his ability to consistently highpoint the football, plucking it out of the air, while utilizing his incredible hops (40″ vertical).

              He’s basically Deebo Samuel, only a more natural fit in the vertical passing game, which seems to be the one area the team is going to have to address if Sanders and Goodwin are on their way out. Just having a WR who possess the dangerous vertical threat that Reagor does, potentially opens up the entire field, and like I said, Reagor also happens to be big enough, and strong enough to do all of the things Kyle likes to do with his receivers in terms of stretching the field horizontally, sideline to sideline, and that’s a rare combination, IMO.

              Maybe the kicker for me, or the cherry on top, is that Jalen has strong NFL pedigree as well, as his father was a consensus All-American and former NFL DT. The former 2nd round pick was named as the recipient of the Ed Brock Courage Award by the Eagles in 2007, after he successfully came back from severe facial injuries sustained as the result of a serious car accident in 2006, and he is currently a member of the Eagles coaching staff. According to sources, his father instilled in his son the same kind of drive and tireless work ethic that drove him to persevere, and as a result, Jalen is said to be one of the hardest, if not the hardest worker on his team during his TCU career.
              Personally, I think these things really do matter, and can have a major impact in terms of projecting NFL success.

              Alas, for sake of being in danger of sounding like a broken record, this will be my last, long winded 2020 Jalen Reagor draft crush post, but thanks for playing along Scooter, lol.

            2. One thing I have come to notice about your draft crushes – they are all super athletic guys with an amazing highlight package. Funny thing is, with Reagor, it wasn’t until I watched a highlight package that I saw what others were saying about him. It is a terrible way to watch prospects so I usually avoid doing it, but it does help understand what they are at their best.

              On the highlights, I saw what people were saying about high pointing the ball, about getting open deep, about being a moveable chess piece that is dangerous with ball in hand, and obviously what a great athlete he is.

              Problem is, whenever I watched films of every snap of his in a game, he would also have drops, instances where he shied away from defenders going over the middle/ snatched at the ball with defenders around him, have a lot of snaps where the DB easily stayed with him despite his speed (mainly because he doesn’t do much to try and fool a DB), and plays where it really didn’t take much to get him to go to ground. Those are the reasons I find it hard to get super excited about him. He isn’t a consistently dominant player, even though he is a big play threat.

              I see the appeal though for the 49ers and their move towards positionless offensive skill players. My worry is though that if you only have those type of players, do you miss out on having guys that can dominate without being schemed? I think you still need guys that win one the perimeter consistently due to their own skill.

              As for Higgins, no idea if Shanahan will like him. But he is so much more than a RZ and contested catch guy. He is an underratedly very savvy route runner with excellent speed and movement skills for his size. If I am being honest, I prefer Higgins over Lamb and Ruggs (though admittedly not by much – those guys are also good), and I could be convined of taking him over Jeudy.

              1. Seems to me that most his drops, are as a result of concentration lapses, and we see this with players with his RAC ability, often looking to set up RAC opportunities by identifying where the defenders are, before securing the football. That’s an easy flaw to correct, IMO. Sure, he’s going to need to develop his route tree, but the same could be said about most of these college WR’s. For me, it’s all about looking at how he moves, how well he gets in and out of his breaks. Does he at least understand how to sell his routes and is he strong enough to deal with NFL press coverage. He checks all of the boxes for me Scooter.

                Being a Bay Area guy, Reagor first showed up on my radar as a freshman, while I was watching Stanford vs TCU in the 2017 Alamo Bowl, which can be watched in it’s entirety on YouTube (in fact, I got my hands on some additional game film of his that I can’t seem to find on the internet). He made a really nice adjustment on a woefully under-thrown pass on a deep ball, in the first QTR of the game. He finished the game with 5 receptions for 169 yards (33.8 YPC) and a 93 yard TD, and I remembering thinking to myself – this kid looks like a man among boys, and he’s a fricking FRESHMAN, so wow, that’s a player I am going to keep an eye on! So I followed him as much as I could as a casual California viewer, during his sophomore season, and boy oh boy was he good when I did get a chance to watch him play. Seemed like each and every time I watched him play, he was dominating the competition, and he showed up big against some very good teams, like week 4 vs the 4th ranked Buckeyes – 7 receptions for 98 yards, and he absolutely dominated week 10 vs the 9th ranked Mountaineers, with 150 yards and a TD on 11 receptions, and that was with a backup QB. Reagor ended his sophomore campaign with 72 receptions for 1,061 yards, 14.7 YPC, 9 receiving TD’s, while adding 170 yards rushing with 13.1 YPC, and 2 rushing TD’s. Unfortunately for him, TCU’s QB situation was dismal this past season. In fact, 7 different QB’s started for the Horned frogs in 2019, and people in the know will tell you that Reagor’s drop off in production was simply a product of some of the worst QB play in the nation, though he did shine as a punt returner when he wasn’t forced to depend on his QB, as he averaged 19.5 yards per PR, with a couple TD returns, including a 73 return for a TD in which he showcased his ridiculous speed, and outstanding open field vision.

              2. I do encourage everyone to tune in to the combine and watch the WR class tomorrow. This is the deepest WR class in recent memory, and that makes it more the likely that reagor could still be on the board in the mid-2nd round range, giving the Niners a golden opportunity to trade out of the 31st pick, and still land a guy I believe would put the finishing touches on their WR corp, while leaving enough draft capitol to potentially land a talented cover-3 CB, and perhaps some high level interior OL competition, or Safety help as well.

                Get your popcorn ready fellas, the on-field combine events are less than 24 hours away.

  2. I enjoy listening to you both, but I have a technical suggestion or two.

    1. There are times when your voices are not clear. Grant, you talk quickly and often raise or lower your voice, and if lowered and you turn to face your dad, I can’t see you mouth to help understand what you’re saying.
    2. I suggest you both have the type of microphone that you attach to your ear and is stationed right near your mouths.
    3. When you have these father-son discussions, the audience is not interested with what’s on your viewing screen. Grant you often look at the screen when your dad is talking and one can see your eyes moving back and forth reading the screen. It is a distraction.
    4. To Dad Cohn, I’d offer this observation. You often motion with your arms and hands, as we all do for emphasis, but when you do that you sometimes block the image of your face and mouth while you’re speaking.

    Just some kind suggestions to make your show more enjoyable.


  3. grant, im a couple episodes behind. I love the cohn zohn but the truth is…..i wasnt willing to put up with any criticism on the heels of the dramatic SB loss. i needed some time. I wanna talk about Tom Brady and why your wrong, but first i wanna talk about something that clearly is in the current CZ. As i scrolled down to comment i glimpsed a comment “agreeing with you on drafting a cb at 31”
    I disagree! in the 8 years ive been following you….you’ve been adamant we should draft a cb first round almost every year! ive ALWAYS disagreed. Usually my opinion is based on roster need….but one thing tha has become clear is that as a position, cbs taken in round 1 have an unusually high bust rate ! i would love for you to research it. Other than jalen Ramsey…..what highly drafted cbs have become great in resent years! of the current cbs who are great, where were they drafted? i know sherm was 4th round or so.

    Tom Brady- what your suggesting is that we mortgage the future for 1 shot at a SB w TB!!! Either you dont realize that or your just poking the bear to drum up interest on your blog/podcast/social media. Because i know your too smart to consider such a thing. TB MIGHT have 1 good year left in him…….and maybe a %5 chance the number is 2 years. JG has at least a decade. Would you rob a bank to have $$ to splurge on the night of your life….knowing your going to prison soon afterward?????????? Because that is the real world translation to what you suggest!
    Dont get me wrong, for some teams….. its not the worst idea in the world…..the Bucs, raiders, chargers, jags are some no brainers…. but were not a team in desperation mode like that. Had we gone 6-10, or JG passed for only 2,500 yards or had poor stats in other category….. it would make a whole lot more sense…..but the guy played really well in his first season as a starter. The team is so young overall, its in great shape! We have a new stadium, were in a good place cap wise and the most important players on this team are almost young enough to be TB’s kids!!!! The future is bright…..and it makes no sense to sacrifice what could be the rebirth of a dynasty for 1 shot and 1 shot only! The biggest mistake GMs make is paying top $ for a players PAST in free agency……as opposed to paying for future production… what if the pats moved on from TB in favor of steve young back in 2000???? If you have a young qb that can get to and win a SB as a rookie……it dosent make a lot of sense to move on for 1 year with an all time great.

    In hindsight, after seeing pics. from the SB… does seem as if JG might have been concussed. Ive seen one particular shot of him taking a helmet to the chin. At the very least, its clear the niners didnt get any calls and KC did! One thing that has become clear to me in the past 20 years of the NFL ( ive been watching for 31) is that the NFL prefers to strengthen the weaker links …. makes perfect business sense. Look at the decline of the NBA and MLB……ppl are sick of the same old big market teams dominating! There was a point were the 49ers, Cowboys, packers and steelers had won about half of all SBs ever played, with the pack and steelers having the longer droughts… the last 25 years….those 4 have won only 4. Pack 2, steelers 2. The first 2 dynasty’s were freshened up a bit….a new one, the pats was brought into the fold and many bottom feeders lost their cherry’s.
    My point is probably clear by now….the nfl wanted KC to win, its been 50 years……just like they preferred The ravens over us and the seahawks the following year…….if the NFL is a neighborhood…. the best way to improve the overall value is to refurbish the worst homes in it…..not to put gold toilets and fixtures in the bathrooms of the biggest mansions

    1. J,
      I have been posting since about 3 or 4 days after the SB that Jimmy G received a concussion in the 4th quarter and immediately after that play his performance went straight to hell. Jimmy G was having a very good game previous to the play where I believe he was concussed and we should judge his performance on his play before the possible concussion. imho

      1. still haven’t gone back and review or want to talk about the game…..not sure I will.

        This is the first time I am reading anything about a possible JimmyG concussion – How credible is this claim?

        1. Oneniner,
          I can’t remember where I read it but the article quoted a NFL employee who works in the area of concussion protocol. He said watching it on TV he saw every sign you look for that JG had a concussion. He broke down his Stats to before and after that play and it is night and day. I went back and watched the game from that point on and i’m no expert but there seemed to be a huge difference in J.G.’s play. Watch the play and his reaction. The NFL employee described it as the stereotypical reaction to a concussion.

            1. OC, ON – at one point early in the 4th Q…..i whispered aloud that JG was outplaying PM in the SB!!!! then the collapse…..
              I started hearing the whispers about a JG concussion after the SB……
              But it was something i saw on social media that all but confirmed it…….
              there was a four pack of pictures ( 4 small pics that fill up a screen) and the headline was how the refs/nfl handed KC the SB……
              one pic was JG clearly out of bounds getting smashed!
              Another was of Bosa, running free to the qb, with the Olinemen standing BEHIND him but holding him via a rear naked choke hold….
              another was a still clip of the td that wasnt…..clearly showing KC rb with a toe on the chalk while the ball is clearly short of breaking the plain!!!!!!
              all of these plays i clearly remember in real time…..

              The 4th pick was of Jones maybe, or another KC defender hitting JG hard, helmet to chin, knocking JGs facemask askew :(

              1. the point of course is that 3 of the 4 pics show penaltys against KC that were not called…..and the 4th is the evidence that the deciding td was actually short and should have set up a dramatic 4th and goal…
                I new watching the game that every close play seemed to go in KC’s favor……and thats how the NFL can easily dictate a game……each team has about 4 plays or so that can go either way……the team they want to win…..will get the calls and the other team wont! and thats exactly what happened!!! as i stated above…..NFL strengthens its value by strengthening the bottom feeder teams…….the exception is NE…..they created a new dynasty there…….but NE was garbage for decades prior to BB and TB and RK………they were in there with Tampa bay, Cards, Rams and Saints as bottom feeders 70’s, 80’s and 90’s

              2. You really think we were cheated?

                This is close to someone telling me Kobe was assassinated…..

                Just not in my make-up…life is hard…..sometimes it’s just meant to be..

                …i see your points but its really hard for me to talk about the game……

              3. One- the kobe thing is a lil ridiculous IMO… not sure you even understand what assassinate means…..its has to do with eliminating powerful ppl , those with influence, politicians etc.
                And its usually precise, one target, one kill……..taking out a helicopter full of ppl just to get one retire nba player is a bizarre theory!

                A multi billion dollar business wanting to increase its total value by using the most basic business model of increasing its least valuable entity’s in order to strengthen the total product isnt that far fetched IMO.
                In addition to the evidence i spoke of in regards to the most recent SB…… there was also a youtube video, that warned it would be removed, detailing how we got screwed in the NFCCG against the seahwks in “13… it went into detail about how in only takes ” a few” plays to be “steered” in one direction or another to influence the outcome.
                I vividly remember a few plays from that game that cost us huge, just head scratches( Bowman taking the ball from rb at the goaline but not being rewarded the fumble recovery, running into the punters plant foot, 15 yard personal foul by definition, but refs only calling the 5 yarder for hitting the kicking foot) but this video had many more detailed bad calls against us.
                The year b4 was the SB loss to the Ravens ( no PI) and the year b4 that was the Kyle Williams double muff game……were they blew a quick whistle on a New York fumble in between the KW muffs that would have given us a game winning chip shot.

                So Ya, i guess im saying we got cheated…….and im also saying im used to it.
                This SB set recent viewing records… im hoping the NFL realizes the niners are the dominate team fanbase wise on the west coast and in the NFC…….so maybe they’ll stop screwing us:(

  4. grant, it was interesting to hear AA was mad at you for suggesting that they trade him. To me, that indicates that he really wants to stay. Ive been curious about that….hes from sac. as am I….and it dosent shock me at all!Good young team, All time great franchise, great state and city, good coach etc..
    One thing that i always found odd….is media types like you only suggesting that players take every last penny they can get and disregard every other aspect of free agency! That was your stance with JG and you were flat out shocked when he singed without holding out, forcing us to tag him etc…..Imagine if that was the route he took……do you think hed have built up half the good will he has here…..where ppl attack you for suggesting we move on???

    I coined the phrase ” quality of life” pertaining to this exact issue in my own life. I work 2 jobs, both for the lat 13 years….13 years ago, i had no choice, both only hired for part time work. Well, i could have gone full time at the “day job” long ago…..but as a single man i loved bartending ( the night job). Met a lot of women, had a lot of fun….got to sleep in everyday and made enough $$ to buy a home with a pool, spa and a giant yard……made enough $$ to collect Mustang cars, jordan shoes and everything else my heart desired……draped my neck and fists in diamonds and gold and cover my butt with designer cloths……but i could have made more $$ bu quiting my fun job and concentrating on my boring one…….but why????? so my savings acc. was larger??!!
    well now that i have a wife and kids…..its still the same! id make more $$ going all in w the day job, but my QUALITY OF LIFE would suffer greatly! id prefer to spend time with my kids…. and as long as i can afford to take em to disney land at least once a year and a couple other family vacations each year……im good where im at!!! Dont discount quality of life!! Remember what JG said when guys like you asked him why he ddint put the squeeze on the 49ers and force them to tag him……he said something like ” its February and its 69 degrees and im at the ocean playing on the beach!!!!! This is unreal man , im from Chicago”!
    Quality of life baby!
    you only NEED so much money…….

  5. I beg to differ. JG is the best option right now, and there is no guarantee that Brady could lead them to a SB. Brady’s skills are diminishing, and JG could be the 49er franchise QB for the next 10 years.
    The Raiders just priced Brady out of range, since JG is only going to cost them 26.6 mil.
    I will agree that the Niners should draft a CB and O lineman, but if the new DB coach can convince Sherman to move to safety, Tartt and Sherman would make drafting a safety a low priority.
    Talking about the Astros, I am reminded of this saying- “Be not deceived, God is not mocked: for whatsoever ‘Altuve’ soweth, that shall he also reap.” He should expect a chorus of boos every time he comes to bat.

  6. I will start off by saying I will be OK with Jimmy G being the quarterback next season. He “should” be better next year. I think he has some great abilities. Being mobile is not one of them. He is brave running and staying in the pocket, but when he scrambles, he looks confused and like he is going to hurt himself. On passes I think he is protected by the play calls as it does not seem the coaches are totally confident in him. I don’t think you will be able to repeat a Super Bowl appearance playing to protect the most important player on your team instead of being aggressive. I think one of his biggest draw-backs is the ability to check down to the 2nd and 3rd reads, and sometimes seems to not even see an open 1st read.

    With that said, I am totally on Grant’s side in trading Jimmy and our first round pick for the number one or two pick and the other teams 2nd round pick this year. With that I would love to see them select DE Chase Young. I think pairing him with Bosa and Buckner along with another move I will add next would give the 49ers a possible GOAT defensive line for years. I would then trade/release Ford as he has health issues that will always limit his availability to be on the field. This will free up more cap space (in addition to Jimmy’s salary) to sign Brady. This would be a 1-3 year bridge with extremely high potential. During this time, I would be looking for a mobile quarterback to groom. I am talking a legitimate dual threat QB. I think it is pretty obvious this type of QB creates so many extra opportunities for an offense. You look at someone like Russel Wilson with a bad offensive line and not really great play makers and he still wins you a bunch of games.

    The next move I would like to see them make is to franchise/trade Armstead (maybe even for a first round pick, second would be OK) and sign DL Chris Jones of KC for a couple million more per year. It would be like 2 Buckner’s and 2 Bosa’s all at the same time. I would think this would have the potential to really be the GOAT DL and not just great. This would allow them to play their current corners and safeties until they can be replaced in the next couple of years.

  7. As far as I know, GMs don’t have magic “Trade Back” to press when they want a chart (or better) trade deal.

    I’d love to move back from 31 for more picks, but relatively deep talent in the 2nd round is also disincentive for teams to trade up. That’s what happened at the top of round one last year. Why would teams sell the store if they think they can get a decent pass rusher later in the first?

    There are exceptions that make me hopeful. Quarterbacks can be motivation for teams to move up to 31. System fit as well. There could be multiple players at WR or DB in the mid second round, but many GMs will move up to secure a player that matches their scheme.

    1. True…cant trade back if no one is willing…it is never automatic… however that rookie contract for a first-rounder gives the 49ers a little Leverage

      1. Yup. That 5th year option team can apply to first round players does gave value.

        Mid 2nd round picks are nice too, A high percentage goes on to become five year starters, but average just under $1.5 million per year. Great for managing salary cap.

  8. Posters had previously derided the notion that it would smart to trade back. They said it would be impossible, because no one would want to trade up with them.
    Then we saw how in the last draft, the Seahawks and Patriots both traded back multiple times, so it is possible, and there were willing trade partners.
    If there is a will, there is a way. The Niners just need to be smart about it. They should have a trade back deal set up ahead of the draft, with a willing trade partner, instead of scrambling while on the clock.
    There will be many teams who will want to move back into the first round, to get the player they covet, and will probably miss out on if they wait. JL’s job is to find that willing trade partner.
    Jordan Love, Jake Fromm and Jalen Hurts may all be QBs that some QB hungry team may covet, and may be willing to move up to pick number 31 to secure.

    1. “Posters had previously derided the notion that it would smart to trade back. They said it would be impossible, because no one would want to trade up with them.”

      Huh??? Who? The vast majority on here have suggested a trade back is what’s best for the team… this year’s scenario is very different than last years.

      1. Had previously. Last few years, many have pushed back on the idea of trading back. Said it was almost impossible.
        Maybe it was because I was the one one presenting that idea, but am now glad that many have caught on, and are now touting the trade back strategy, even with the Niner’s poor draft position.
        Even now, some are saying it would be very hard to find any willing partners.

        1. “Even now, some are saying it would be very hard to find any willing partners.“

          Not really. What people are pushing back on is your ridiculous mock draft after mock draft with multiple whacky trades that would never happen.

              1. If your going to reference me then make sure you understand what im saying… for the record I’m all for a trade back and picking up multiple draft picks my only point was it’s never a sure thing… my main point is this and it was in response to Brodie…there should be teams interested in moving back into the first-round simply for the 1st round rookie contract.

              2. ‘True…. Cant Trade back if no one is willing.’
                That is the statement I am referencing.
                JL should never have declared he would consider every mock.
                He did trade up to get the player he coveted, and last season, traded back to get more picks.

        2. “Last few years, many have pushed back on the idea of trading back”

          Every years situation is different, and it should be looked at that way. Last year, trading back would have meant losing out on Nick Bosa. Maybe the collection of prospects would have been as good but I doubt it.

          I can’t think of a board regular that is against trading back this year.
          This year the niners need to get a few starters and they only have one pick in the first 4 rounds… that is why nearly everyone agrees with the idea of trading back if possible.

          Of course the deal matters (I wouldn’t trade a first for 10 seventh rounders) but the niners shouldn’t have a problem getting a deal close to value in the late first due to the 5th year option and teams wanting to jump up and grab a player that has slipped (a wr most likely).

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      Oh, and who should the 49ers draft with the 31st pick?

  9. I’m not sure where this narrative that Grant is pushing in regards to Jimmy’s contract being sooo huge is coming from? This is basically parroting the national media without actually looking at the numbers… it stupid at worst and lazy at best.

    He’s currently the 9th highest paid qb in the NFL, and SF could escape the contract by paying only a few million.
    His contract is in line with Jacoby Brissett, Matt Stafford and Derek Carr but there is a huge difference the real guaranteed money. For example, Stafford who makes less per year, would cost Detroit 32 million if they wanted to cut him, while Jimmy would cost SF 4 million. Even while someone like Drew Brees costs less per year (21 mil to Jimmy’s 23 mil) if the Saints wanted to move on… he would cost 21 mil.

    I think he is one of the best 8-12 qbs with a bit of upside still, and that is where his salary is at (and his stats are at)…. If anything SF has a discount on it. Also, if SF wanted to move him they easily could, and the contract he has is a big reason why.

  10. If they pay Kittle a boatload who is going to throw him the ball?? We all saw and with tape review JimmyG not even throw him the ball in the SuperBowl when he is wide open..shh….

    Still need a QB and a #1 wr after all these years still ….

    Team messed up giving Ford all that money with bad knees…yikes

    Interesting to see how Lynch goes with the draft with few picks in the early rounds…..

    1. My name is montythehack and I have a complaining addiction.

      Last year I won the lottery, and would you believe the amount of taxes you have to pay on 10 million dollars? I have state and Federal… And to top it off there are all the friends and relatives that suddenly come by. It’s rediculous, I curse the day my wife bought the ticket. I’d divorce her over it but she would take the remaing half of the winnings the government left me.

      I have the worst luck.

  11. From the comments, another zone where one or the other Cohn is still pushing this Brady nonsense? Sheesh, what an absolute waste of time.

    1. They started talking about Brady in the last 4 minutes, and morphed into a story about Bill Walsh and his coaches.
      Bill threw out an idea to his coaches that he wanted to trade Joe, and asked for hands to see if any other coaches agreed. Not one raised their hand.

  12. Let’s go for something different.
    How about we drop politics for a while (since there hasn’t been one cogent post on that subject matter here; ever), and switch to Original Sin?
    Could it possibly be any less relevant to a FOOTBALL BLOG than politics?
    Also, it’s still unresolved which came first, the chicken or the egg?

    1. Oh, great, now you want to interject religion in here, too?
      No, dinosaurs laid eggs, millions of years before chickens.
      The biggest conundrum is- Why did the chicken cross the road? ;p

        1. Archaeopteryx lived 150 million years ago, had feathers and was capable of flight. It also laid eggs. Those eggs evolved and eventually hatched a modern chicken.
          I thought my jocular response would be received well, but it went over your head. Maybe that was your Original Sin. ;p
          Politics intruded with the Pardon of Eddie. Now, the CBA may have political implications, with the vote by the players.

    2. Could it possibly be any less relevant to a FOOTBALL BLOG than politics?

      Frank, there’s plenty of politics in football, and sports in general. All that matters is it politics you agree with or not? It’s no more controversial or heated as who should the Niners take with the first pick.

      1. The politics in football is in the realm of football, like the money in football. This is a themed blog, right?
        And I respectfully suggest that you not presume to know my politics since I don’t post that here.
        Numbnuts above assumed I was bringing in religion because, um,
        Well because that’s who he is and sarcasm is one of the many things over his head.

        1. Frank, it doesn’t matter what your politics are. You may be fine with ultra nationalist displays, football field sized flags, military fly overs ( that has what to do with the sport again?) or you may be fine with player trying to get your attention that the national anthem should stand for something other than the last minute pre-game break to grab a beer at the concession. Some officially sanctioned, others not. Either way you stand, there’s going to be someone, or powerful someones (a US President, for example), with an opposing view. Nowadays almost everything you do, every choice you make in life, is framed as a political act. Why should sports, or sports discussion, be completely exempt?

            1. Whine, I’m a fan of that equitable distribution of wealth party, aka The NFL 😉 Draw your own conclusions of parallels to non-sporting political entities. 😀

              Though I find it ironic that captains of capitalism (aka owners) have bought in so completely to a socialist concept.

  13. During the actual football phase of the year this is the absolute best football blog on earth. But as soon as the season is over the body snatchers take a few of you away to fantasy land. Trades that would make Walt Disney proud , politics and religion , and the odd chicken joke. My , it is only February …. hold on people , a while to go until the footballs fly,
    and sanity returns.

    * My official religion is NFL 9er football and my official sacrament is Epic Brewing, Baptist .
    * My official NFL Combine watch list, for 2020 9er choirboys:
    CB: Cameron Dantzler Miss. ST., Trevon Diggs Ala., Damon Arnette Ohio ST., Reggie Robinson Tulsa,
    Tony Pride Jr. Notre Dame,
    S: Grant Delpit LSU, Kyle Dugger Lenoir Rhyne, Jeremy Chinn S. Illinois, Ashlyn Davis Cal.
    DE: Terrell Lewis Ala., John Greenard Fl., Bradley Anae Utah, James Lynch Baylor, Chauncy River Miss St.
    DT: Rashard Lawrence LSU, Raequan Williams Mich. St., (NT) Raekwon Davis Ala.
    WR: Jalen Reagor TCU, Justin Jefferson LSU, Gabriel Davis Central Fl., Brandon Aiyuk Ariz. St., KJ Hill Ohio St.
    RB: Clyde Edwards-Helaire LSU, JK Dobbins Ohio St. Cam Akers Fl. St.
    OG: Shane Lemieux Ore., Calvin Throckmorton Ore., Hakeem Adeniji Kansas,
    OC: Tyler Biadasz Wisc., Jake Hanson Ore., Cesar Ruiz Mich.

  15. The baseball stuff was good. Agree that Manfred is out of his depth as the commish.

    This whole they’re fans of Jimmy but not the 49ers is painting with an extremely large brush. There may be a few who are in that boat, but I think most are fans of the team and want to see the team win. To that end, they’re supporting a QB who’s W/L record is pretty much the inverse of every other QB they’ve put out over that same time.

    1. Good points. Clearly you wouldn’t move on from someone like Garoppolo unless a Hall of Famer (or two) is available. Then, you have to at least have the discussion. Because as well as Garoppolo has played in the regular season, he didn’t play well in the playoffs, which complicates things.

      1. Sure, but the one particular Hall of Famer that keeps getting brought up is a conversation that would have been better about 3-5 years ago.

          1. Not really. Trading Garoppolo and signing Brady doesn’t help you keep any of the guys on this roster that are free agents. It doesn’t stop the issue with the increase in salaries to Kittle/Buckner. It actually hurts because Brady will come with a higher price tag.

            1. Trading Garoppolo and signing Brady would improve the QB position in the short term and net the 49ers a first-round draft pick.

              1. Garoppolo probably has hit his ceiling and Brady probably has two years remaining in which he’s better than Garoppolo.

              2. He can still get better, but I’m not sure how much. Where will he make big strides? I don’t see him ever being a “cerebral” quarterback. He plays on instinct. He doesn’t read defenses well.

              3. Even if Garoppolo is at his ceiling this wouldn’t be anything more than a lateral move that would result in the position seeing an increase in pay for the next 2 years.

              4. Why do people think JG has hit his ceiling? Is it because of his age?

                He’s still got less than two full seasons of starting experience in the NFL. And QB is a position that is as much mental as physical (if not more so), so age isn’t so much a factor as it is experience. Guys like Alex Smith and Carson Palmer are examples of QBs that still improved into their late 20s and early 30s, and both of those guys had way more experience than JG at 28. Matt Stafford and Matt Ryan are also guys that improved in their late 20s, again while having much more experience than JG at 28. Heck, even Brees and Brady’s best years came in their 30s.

                It just seems so strange to me that people think that JG is now a finished product.

              5. You really believe Garoppolo has hit his ceiling? He has one full season as an NFL starter under his belt, Grant. He was also coming off of a serious knee injury. I think it’s almost a given that his best football is still ahead of him. And BTW, I’d like to point out that there is a difference between “not playing well”, and playing poorly (in the postseason), considering he wasn’t asked to do much throughout the NFC playoffs. And why would he be asked to do more considering their rushing attack was basically unstoppable? Jimmy didn’t play well in the 4th QTR of the Super Bowl, I’ll give you that, but neither did the entire team, and they didn’t get much help from their DC in the 4th QTR either. Giving up on an ascending young QB because of 1 bad QTR, seems like the kind of decision bad football executives make, especially if replacing him with a 43 year old QB who’s been on a statistical decline over the last 4 season, is the direction.

              6. I see this year as a much more accurate measuring stick for Garoppolo’s ceiling. I think we’ll find out by the end of this year what we really have in the second year padawan….

              7. I’d say Cousins is probably in their back pocket unless they restructure Jimmy G, and I don’t anticipate that happening. I think they let it ride through this year. Reevaluate and if the ceiling has sunk in a little bit, Cousins would be conveniently available….

      2. Honestly I don’t know why Brady is the one getting brought up in this scenario. Breese is better at this point, if you want an old, fading,Super Bowl winning QB that most likely won’t be as good as Jimmy Next season.

    2. This whole they’re fans of Jimmy but not the 49ers is painting with an extremely large brush.

      Wait, was that one of Grant’s talking points? Tell me it wasn’t. If so, he out-insults that billions of robot morons moron.

    3. Someone told me recently that Kirk Cousins was as good as Jimmy Garoppolo.

      Career regular season starts:
      Cousins – 88
      Garoppolo – 26

      Career wins against playoff teams:
      Cousins – 6
      Garoppolo – 5

      1. Oops.

        Make that Cousins 6 and Garoppolo 6.

        Forgot the Dolphins were a playoff team in 2016. Also, I’m not including Garoppolo’s win against the Rams in 2017 since about 3/4 of their regular starters did not play.

      2. QB rating in the regular season:
        Cousins: 107.4
        Garoppolo: 102
        QB rating in the postseason:
        Cousins: 90.6
        Garoppolo: 75.9

              1. KS may have originally thought Cousins is superior, but after they hammered the Vikings in the playoffs, KS probably had a change of heart. Cousins was exposed and a good proficient QB, but not elite.
                JG improved, and reached the SB. KS NOW is touting JG as their franchise QB.
                However, at the end of the first half in the SB, he may not have been too confident in JG. :(

              2. Yet he did and all of a sudden his team started winning and then gave him a multi year deal at the price of the franchise tag.

                That Shanahan had an affinity for Cousins doesn’t change much. Look at the guys that we know he pushed for, Williams, Beathard, Pettis. YIKES.

              3. And now the 49ers can cut Garoppolo with only $4 million in dead cap. They’re as committed to him now as the 49ers were committed to Colin Kaepernick.

              4. They’re as committed to him now as the 49ers were committed to Colin Kaepernick.

                Thats a pretty thin limb you are going all the way out on there Grant. Can we quote you on this at the end of this season?

              5. And yet if Kaepernick had been able to keep his play at a high level he would have played longer.

                Garoppolo has shown he’s a far better QB, and this team is likely to win 10+ games for the next couple years as long as they have him healthy.

              6. Right. Top 5 in the league in yards per pass thrown, net yards per passing play, I’ll take more of those “dump offs” please.

                Grant , this anti-Garoppolo bee you have buzzing in your bonnet is not going to reflect well on your history as an analyst.

              7. He is just stirring the pot.
                Brady, Cousins, Kaep. Who next? Mullens?
                Hmmm, take the word of a woman beater and malcontent? Such high character guys.

              8. And had your “genius” Saleh figured out a second half adjustment to prevent 3 straight Chiefs TD drives, who’d be giving any credence to those blowhards?

              9. Since you dodged the question I’ll answer it for you, 4.

                In 2017 and 2018 the 49ers were 4-20 in games Garoppolo didn’t start and 6-2 when he did. They followed that up with 13 wins this year.

                Yes, opposing players have been critical of Garoppolo. Yes he has flaws. That doesn’t change the fact that he’s winning far more than not, while producing when called upon at a very high rate.

              10. It’s definitely silly season when someone suggests trading a QB just entering his prime off of a SB appearance for a 43 year old QB with diminishing skills who will cost more to sign. Thank goodness this team will not even entertain such a stupid idea.

    4. On the structure of Garoppolo’s contract, what FA have the 49ers signed that they’ve not given themselves an out after 2-3 years?

  16. All the pearl clutching over the Astros cheating scandal gives me a good chuckle. Yes, the Astros cheated. Yes, the Astros deserve a severe punishment – and they got one. But to pretend MLB doesn’t have a very long history of cheating is comical. Whitey Ford, Orel Hershiser, Gaylord Perry and many others doctored baseballs. Albert Belle, Graig Nettles, Pete Rose, and many others used corked bats. MLB is chock full of stories of teams modifying their fields to give them competitive advantage. From watering fields and not cutting the grass to slow down ground balls to tilting the base line so bunts roll foul. The grounds crews at Candlestick were famous for turning the base paths into mud pits when the Dodgers came to town. Some grounds crews were instructed to dig up dirt at the front of the batters box and refill it with sand so hitters on one side of the plate couldn’t land their front foot correctly. Some grounds crews have been instructed to extend the batters box a foot forward if they were facing an off speed pitcher that game.

    Joe Torre had this to say about cheating…

    “I have no problem with cheating,. Whatever you can get away with. I mean, we’re not going and robbing stores or anything.”

    Dick Williams said this about cheating…

    “Anything short of murder is OK.”

    The fact is sign stealing is acceptable in MLB. Every team tries to steal signs. Thats why a 3rd Base coach uses a system with an indicator to the batter. So the other team can’t steal the sign. It’s why catchers use a system to disguise the real sign when providing the signal for the pitch. It’s why every field players uses their glove to cover their mouth when talking. They don’t want the other team being tipped off about their strategy. Every team tries to steal signs. Bringing technology into it definitely crosses the line but if you think the Astros are the only team that tried that then you’re crazy. All the lawsuits and stupidity that will ensue this year with the Astros will add a little spice to the year. But sign stealing and cheating is as old as baseball.

    1. Ha! Houston,
      That’s classic stuff.
      I also remember the SFGiants wetting the infield to slow down Muary Wills in the 60’s.
      Cheating has become part of the game since it’s inception. From the spitter/sweat ball to the PED rave back in the 90’s, I have to confess that it’s kept baseball interesting (for me).

      Big time money begets big time cheating. It’s in sports everywhere, everyday.
      Btw, those stinking dodgers pitchers (especially Don Drysdale) tried to brush off Willie Mays with inside pitches every time he faced him.
      Good times.

      1. I think this is worse than PED’s.

        It’s one thing to be stronger, but you still need to be able to see the type of pitch and hit the ball.

        These guys aren’t as big but when you know what’s coming that’s a huge advantage. Knowing it’s an off speed pitch you can hang in there better, and etc.

        The difference in splits between home and away is ugly too. Not sure why it’s just Houston that’s getting the biggest amount of heat though when we know Boston was doing it too with Cora

        1. Totally disagree with this JP. Its true a batter must still read the pitch but PEDs improves all the skills necessary to be a great hitter – strength, quickness, reaction time. Plus baseball isn’t just about hitting. PEDs infected every part of the sport. The ability to play the field. Recovery time on a long road trip. PEDs was way worse than stealing signs. Did you know many hitters don’t want to know the pitch thats being thrown. It ruins the natural progression of an at bat. This Astros scandal has people believing every batter took part. That’s not what happened. A few batters were involved and that was it. Plus, you still have to hit the ball even when you know what’s coming. Knowing a fastball is coming still doesn’t tell you 2 seam vs a 4 seam or if your getting brushed back or its going a foot outside. Don’t get me wrong. It’s definitely an advantage to know the pitch but PEDs is much worse than sign stealing.

      2. IMO PEDs is the cheating scandal that did the most harm to baseball. All of those glorious memories with Sosa, McGwire, and Bonds should be remembered with an asterisk. The other tragic scandal was Eric Greggs strike zone in the World Series. Gregg single handedly gifted Livan Hernandez and the Marlins World Series rings.

  17. lets kill this TB bs right now! JG was the better qb last year….and especially in the 2nd half of the year……where you started to see TBs decline.
    JG- %69.1 completion % 3978 yards 27 td 13 int
    TB- %60.8 completion% 4057 yards 24 td 8 int
    real close ! the % to me is huge! TB is known for short passes….and JG almost %10 higher…..TB got him by about 75 yards …meaningless….. TB less tds and picks allowed him to barely secure a 3-1 td-int ratio…..and that is impressive…
    JG had a 2-1 , basically as a rookie and that is pretty good.
    How can the greatest qb of all time be neck and neck with a rookie…….and grant, your absolutely crazy to say a guy hit his ceiling in his first year!!!!!!!!!! how could you say that????!!!!!!! forget qb… 1 job in the world were that is common??!!!! A guy NEVER getting better at his job????!!!! what tha……!!!!!!!!

    heres where it gets good……ill detail the demise of TB……
    after week 5- only threw for 300+ yards in a game twice…….
    only threw for 3 tds once……..
    after week 9…….only had better than a %55.3 completion % ONE TIME!!!!!!
    never threw for more than 3 tds in a game the entire season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BOOM!!!! drops the mic!

    JG threw for 4tds in a game 3 times
    and only twice all season had a completion % in the 50s…….while TB only cracked it once after week 9

  18. I’d like to see the 49ers trade the 31st pick for a 2nd and 4th – if they can. They need draft capital and that’s one way to get it.

    49ers 2020 draft picks
    Round 1 No. 31 overall pick
    Round 5 Two picks
    Round 6 One pick
    Round 7 Two picks

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