Cohn Zohn Episode 2: 49ers-Seahawks recap

Seattle Seahawks’ John Ursua, left, makes a catch at the one-yard line to give the team a first down with less than a minute left as San Francisco 49ers’ K’Waun Williams tackles during the second half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Dec. 29, 2019, in Seattle. The 49ers won 26-21. (AP Photo/Stephen Brashear)

My dad and I discuss the major takeaways from the 49ers’ 26-21 win over the Seahawks, the biggest heroes of the game, the biggest busts of the season and the 49ers’ chances of victory against each potential NFC playoff opponent.

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  1. Lowell’s right, Carroll choked just like he did in the SB.

    I thought a lot of the Seahawks drives came against our second team defensive line. Looked to me like Saleh rested the starters longer than usual in the second half.

    E-Man and Brunskill for mine our the two biggest surprises. Mostert showed promise before the arm breakage, and he’s always been our best gunner.

    Not spades. It’s pinochle!

    Saints is a toss up, I agree but I’d give the 49ers a 60% chance to defeat the Seahawks instead of 55%.

    1. Carroll choked there but he’s not given enough credit for building a team full of scrubs around a HoF QB that compete week in and out and manage to be within sight of a 2 or 3 seeding.

      Notice how the Seahawks get lucky so often? One big special teams miscue by their opponents.. or a timely turnover. A miracle strip sack TD, an interception in the final moments of a game, a miracle heave into the arms of Lockett, or a FG block.

      I believe you make your own luck.. and Slippery Peetey is really good about instilling confidence and a never wavering attitude that they will come back and win. They pull off these momentum changing plays time and time again. That’s the mark of a great coach that instills the belief in his players. I think he’s probably the 3rd or 4th best coach in the game right now to be honest. And I think his chops on the defensive side of the ball along with instilling that belief mentioned above is the only thing that keeps his personnel from a 5-11 season as opposed to 13-3.

        1. You’re saying Wilson is responsible for a 12-4 record, even without Slippery Pete? They have literally no one else on that team that scares you. And yet all the scrubs still believe enough to pull out key plays at key times.

          1. Without Russell Wilson the Seahawks are 4-12, not 12-4. Seahawks won 10 close games because Russell Wilson makes plays. This Seahawks team is not that great. They just have a guy who makes up for a ton of deficiencies because he’s mobile.

    2. The Seahawks had a great team for many years and they won 1 Superbowl. USC had great teams for many years under Pete Carroll and they won 1 National Championship (not counting the split championship year). Coaching decisions cost the Seahawks a 2nd Superbowl. Coaching decisions cost USC a National Championship. No way should the Patriots have beaten the Seahawks in 2015. No way should the Longhorns have beaten USC in 2006. In both cases, Carroll had the better team and lost because of poor in-game coaching decisions. Give Carroll some credit for helping build those teams. He’s obviously a good coach who deserves some respect. He’s also royally screwed up in big game situations that cost his team championships. He’s also a coach who has a tainted reputation for cheating. He left USC in shambles and exactly how many performance enhancing drug suspensions has Seattle had since he’s been there? Sometimes where there is smoke there is fire and with Pete Carroll I see flames.

    3. cant hear anything grant is saying…..get another mic! dont try to share one. lowell is very clear….but grant is speaking to lowell and not onto the mic……annoying

  2. Grant, it’s clear you got your continual generalizations and jumps to conclusions from your father. It’s a very New York attitude where everyone is immediately a miserable failure or the greatest of all time off any one thing. Of course that makes me the worst of all time in your mind for even saying this. It is interesting how your Dad draws out what you think and brings out little tidbits you’ve experienced in the football world.

    1. Doesn’t make you the worst of all time b/c your theory of New Yorkers and little story about Grant is off, just makes you someone that’s into big assumptions.

  3. To be clear, Jimmy Garoppolo was fantastic last night. Great QB’s play their best football, in the biggest games of their careers. Jimmy G did just that for the 49ers last night, in their biggest game in over 5 years. He didn’t throw a TD pass, but he actually didn’t need to. However, he did deliver crisp, accurate passes time and time again, efficiently moving the 49ers up and down the field. I don’t think he made any mistakes in terms of the clock, or general game management, which is hard to do on the road, and especially at CenturyLink Field. Jimmy completed an astonishing 81.8% of his pass attempts, while averaging 13.0 YPA. His Passer Rating was 118.8, with a Total QBR of 80.2. According to PFF, this was Jimmy’s highest graded performance as a Niner, and they gave him an elite 90.1 grade.

    1. He also played great against the Saints, which was probably his biggest game to date at the time too. Very good against the Packers also. Big games and big moments don’t seem to phase him. Actually the opposite- he seems to rise to the occasion.

      1. I know Grant made mention of choosing Cousins over Jimmy. I’m not sure at what point in the season he made those comments, but wow, he could not have been more wrong imo. Jimmy seems to be the anti-cousins really. He shows up in big games and in big moments. Cousins shrivels up and is the king of garbage time stats, although i thought this year was a huge leap for him. I’m excited to see Jimmy in year 4 and 5 and beyond, assuming those years are all with Shanny.

        1. He brought it up again either last week or the week before. Just before Cousins failed miserably in prime time against the Packers with the division title on the line.

          I kind of agree with Grant that for now the two can be considered a similar tier of QB, but you are correct they are very different types of QBs. The most important distinction being how they play in crunch moments.

          1. For sure, guys, Cousins is a pretty decent QB, but I certainly wouldn’t call him clutch. Jimmy is absolutely, positively CLUTCH!

  4. Let’s all take a deep breath and just feel very grateful for how this season has gone. Thank you for everyone contributing to these conversations, especially all the back and forth. There is nothing close to this niner community online and Grant is responsible for that.

    Anyways, I ran across a nice article on Dre Greenlaw’s dad, and how he took him in to be part of his family when he was 14. Would love to see him as an SF Coach:

    It seems that the emotional intelligence of players that Shanalynch chooses cannot be overlooked. Here is a snippet of the article at the end that says it all about Greenlaw:

    “Greenlaw’s priority right now is the NFL draft but once his football career ends, he plans to coach and work with kids currently in the foster system. He wants to repay the blessings he received that started when Brian Early took an interest in him.”

    This speaks volumes to how this locker room is designed to be bereft of people with a sense of entitlement, that me-first, look at me attitude that seems to ruin any chance of long term team-first sustainability and a culture of excellence. Jed has positioned the team in Walsh-mode again. Feels great, baby! GO NINERS

    1. I was never sure whether Dre GreenLaw’s play ability in the NFL would live up to his great back story and character. Just hoped it would some day – that hope that good things come to good people. Now he’s demonstrated that performance on the field thing too.
      We thought Warner was a quick study, suddenly Greenlaw is every bit as quick.

    2. Nice sentiment but Grant is not responsible for this community. This blog has been around for over a decade. I’ve been posting here since Maiocco was writing this blog around 2007-2010ish. I think many of the guys who post here have been on it for at least a decade. We’ve been through many different writers over the years. What makes this blog go is not really the writer, although a good writer can make it better. What makes this blog work is the dialogue between the posters in the comment section. At certain times, the actual blog post is inconsequential. The real conversation happens between the fans in the comments. The interaction with other fans is fantastic especially for guys like me who don’t really have a lot of Faithful in our area. I did not like Grant at all when he first started writing but he has grown on me even if he occasionally posts something idiotic. I guess we all do from time to time. I do read other 49er blogs but none really have quite the interaction you get on this blog. For my money, this is the best 49er blog out there and it’s because Grant has gotten better and because of the fans who post comments.

        1. I refuse to fall into your oppressive gender boundaries. “Guys” is a universal term that applies to all gender identities. Plus “misogynic” is not a word so go sell victimhood some place else. We’re all stocked up here.

      1. I started posting here back in 2009-2010 when I was venting my frustrations with Singletary and his coaching crew of “dadgum yahoos”.
        Lot of those posters dropped off like Grumpy Guy, HoferFan, Andrew from Rishikesh…

  5. At the risk of getting too far ahead, I’m wondering if Grant would be present–on site–at the Super Bowl if the 9ers were to play. Would The Press Democrat foot the bill, or would Grant get himself there on his own dime? In my opinion, I’d be good for Grant’s brand if he went.

  6. Jennifer Lee Chan

    #49er Kyle Shanahan does not expect LB Kwon Alexander to return for the divisional round of playoffs but said there is a possibility that he could be available for the NFC Championship game if the team advances.

  7. SacBee tidbits…

    Seattle Times columnist Larry Stone said the Seahawks’ flaws were exposed and they now face a much tougher road to the Super Bowl.

    “Thus did the Seahawks ramp up their degree of difficulty, beginning with a 3,000-mile journey to Philadelphia made necessary because they couldn’t gain a lousy inch at the end,” Stone wrote.

    The national media was just as sharp about the Seahawks’ loss. The Ringer’s Riley McAtee found myriad faults in the Seahawks’ efforts: “Let’s review what not to do when a game is on the line. The Seahawks (1) threw to a player who had never caught a pass before; (2) spiked away what may have been their best chance at punching the ball in the end zone; (3) called on a player who had been signed just days before, wasn’t ready, and wouldn’t be very useful in this specific situation anyway; (4) botched a goal-line substitution; and (5) lost track of the play clock. Not all of those mistakes are equal (and no. 1 even worked for the most part), but they all add up to one bitter loss.”

    NBC Sports’ Peter King was critical of the coaches bringing in Marshawn Lynch. If Lynch was stopped on a run attempt, the Seahawks would have to scramble to even get off another play. “Seattle took too long,” King wrote. “Now Lynch, who probably shouldn’t have been on the field to begin with, jogged off, and the ball got moved back to the five-and-a-half-yard line. ‘Honestly, I was shocked a little bit,’ Niners corner Richard Sherman told me after the game. ‘I’m sure they regret whatever they did.’”

    Imagine what the media would be saying about the 9ers, had they lost…..

    1. Imagine what the media would be saying about the 9ers, had they lost…..Yes and it almost happened…very lucky indeed….

        1. Yes Prime Time…we caught a break on this game bro!!!!! If Carroll doesn’t choke for the F- and lady luck landing on our side of the line we lose …..even Bosa said twice in different interviews the he thought they lost that one…..get real Prime LOL….at least I wasn’t crying in my beer and giving up like last week LOL….

          1. The what if game is for losers. Seattle didn’t lose because of bad luck and the Niners didn’t win because of good luck.
            One team executed better than the other. Luck is for people who gamble and use it as a crutch. Not sports.

            1. I agree to disagree..the deebo fumble?? luck….mugging by warner?? luck Carroll choking for an f- Luck….this is how the ball bounces and it bounced in our favor…take a chill pill

          2. 13 and 3, the number 1 seed and all you see is negativity. I don’t believe you are a Niner fan at all. Has the rubber met the road yet?

            1. Monty is a scrat…..

              Those fckers had luck when our C didn’t hear the whistle blown cuz he was upfield….

              You forget they got lucky last time in SF ….we missed the game winning field goal….that was luck…

              The Game don’t lie……49ers #1 seed + NFC West champs

              1. That was a BS call. I have never seen that called except when a true cheap shot. Without that penalty the Niners have a much better chance at the first down and ice the game.

            2. Yes rubber HAS met the road…team was 5wins 3 losses during that tough stretch ..good call….and in for the win….feels great baby..

          3. You’re not wrong in that the Niners got some lucky breaks in this one, but you could say the same for Seattle in the previous meeting, plus if the Niners had beaten the Falcons this would have been a dead rubber.

            1. Thanks Renas….its was a lucky win indeed…..I guess nobody NOBODY including dumbniner or the other giddiots with rosetinted glasses saw the fumble by Deebo bounce right back too him with two defenders right there…LUCK….or the Warner mugging in the end zone or the complete meltdown by Carrol at the end….duh…..this is why I hang out more on Twitter…everybody here attacks and has NO class….its a great day for the team but got lucky is all I am saying nothing more nothing less….

              1. or the Warner mugging in the end zone

                So those league guys examining the play and found nothing there just more rose tinted glasses giddiots?

                What’s it going to take for you to be satisfied? Niners getting blown out in the first round? You are just itching for that to happen, aren’t you?

                This team has produced miles beyond the rosiest predictions of the homerist homers, and here is a turnip impersonating a fan claiming nothing but “luck”. GTFO.

    2. Game of inches. Like that 49ers loss to the Falcons. If J. Jones was stopped an inch or two shorter of the goal line at the end. And a number of mistakes were listed, none of them were equal but they all added up to one bitter loss. That’s the way the ball bounces.

    3. Whether you folks believe it was luck or not. It’s a part of the game sometimes.
      Every super bowl winning team at some point in their season had luck, or the all bounced the right way or whatever you want to call it, it’s happened multiple times in every super bowl winning teams season.

      Personally I don’t care what it’s called or how it happened. I’m just glad it went that way and I get a bye week from stress.

    4. Cassie.. no offense but your posts were way more entertaining when you didn’t clip and paste external articles on here. You have a wonderful dry wit.. stick with your thoughts- they were entertaining!

    1. Because he’s the greatest Hobbit to ever play the game. When intoxicated with nanowater, he’s practically infallible…..

  8. Two things that HAVE to change next game Witherspoon needs to sit .Mostert needs 20 touches, why Coleman is getting carries I don’t have a clue … great block by Juice on Debo TD

  9. I have been spam blocked since before the game, so all those posts, even the ones that sounded like me, were my catfish.
    I certainly did not predict a blowout. I predicted a dogfight, with the Niners prevailing, 24-23.
    That swing pass to Breida was not a WR bubble screen. It sure looked like the Seahawk defender, knew what the play was before the snap of the ball, because he was moving towards Breida so quickly. KS needs to not tip off his plays, and be more unpredictable.
    Pete Carroll went brain dead again, failing to score from the one yard line. Yet, he was one inch from winning, so he is a formidable opponent.
    Kudos to Juan, he missed the exact score by one point. Very impressive.

    1. How hard was that win Sebnnoying? Told you they would in Seattle and if they had to, would win again. In fact I think they could go anywhere and win in the NFC. Unlike you pessimistic downer!

      1. Prime Cuck, where you not the guy who stated that the Niners were unlikely to win the division? Just checking that you haven’t forgotten your previous statements.

    2. Spam Blocked??? = ROTFLMFAO!
      First you were a victim, then it was a catfish and now it is spam blocked???
      You are the real Drama Queen, unless Google is on to you and figured out that you only produce spam….

      1. And with the spam post it only solidified my thought on him having a double personality and the “catfish” has been him all along.
        It’s pretty creepy if you ask me.

        1. Not far fetched considering he once revealed his true identity and immediately went into hiding. He then returned and blamed the whole thing on his wife Christine when it was obvious she had nothing to do with it. How chivalrous of him!

  10. You said spoon was the best corner earlier in the season. I know he isnt the same as he was the first half of the season. Better QBs? or still not 100%? Still pretty harsh to say bust from being praised as one of the best corners in the game. Everyone has good and bad days. Just saying. Wouldnt give up on him just yet.

    1. Witherspoon was by far the best corner on the team for the first three weeks, but he has been a completely different player since returning from his foot injury.

      1. Disagree a bit Grant.
        I think you might have stated the same point. He is a beneficiary of a dominating pass rush. Targeted less times when they were healthy and rushing the QB with blitzing speed.
        He is identical to last season when their pass rush wasn’t dominate.
        Truth is he still doesn’t turn his head, his breaks are slow and his confidence is shot.
        He’s not a lockdown corner, and never will be. He is a system CB who basically rides the success of his teammates when they’re playing well.
        A good defender bats that TD pass down where Wilson was damn near over the line.
        Keep it real Sherman isn’t or wasn’t the liability Witherspoon is.

        1. Disagree. Witherspoon was on fire the first 3 weeks of the season. He played amazing. Now it looks like he gets beat occasionally but even when he’s in great position he’s just not making the plays. On Lockett’s TD, Witherspoon was right there but he just didn’t make the play on the ball. When Metcalf caught the ball near the goal line Witherspoon recognized the route and was breaking on the ball but his right foot slipped on the turf. Witherspoon’s technique is not as good as the first 3 games, he has been unlucky at times, and his confidence is shot. The guy needs a break to gather himself and the coaches need to find a way to build his confidence. This bye week could possibly do wonders for Witherspoon.

        2. John Chapman made the comment that AW was good in zone coverage but terrible in man coverage… and that is typically when he gets beat.
          He was getting frustrated with the coaches for running him in man coverage when that is not his skillset. I have not seen enough tape to verify this but it does sound reasonable.

  11. I am glad they won, because now, it will not be twice as hard to win, as some wanted. Niners are bestowed a bye to heal up and rest, and they do not need to travel.
    I cannot believe some wanted the Niners to play twice in the Clink. I would rather they have the easier time, instead of making it twice as hard to win.
    I also do not know why some think that I would have been happy if they lost. I am jumping for joy.

    1. The Niners can play anywhere was my point Sebnnoying. Once, twice three times a victory son.
      This team is special and I always believed that. You doubted the moment Shanny was hired and didn’t resign old wind up.

      1. Kyle Shanny has grown on me. You’re right this is a special team. They have won all kinds of games and are battle tested. They’ve been up on Seattle — their nemesis — twice in both games.

        Honestly this is just the last game of the regular season. We’ll see what happens if they have to play Seattle again, like in the a championship game. I have more faith in KS & Jimmy G then I do with Harbaugh and Kaep.

        Niners can play with any team out there. Although I think the toughest out for them will be Mahomes and the Chiefs.

        1. Agreed Fan….
          The nfl world has been swept up with Jackson and Baltimore. KC day back and got healthy and are on fire now.
          This is the team that should scare people. And this is the team that has the makings of a super bowl representative for the AFC.
          Their defense is playing out of their minds right now. And their speed is scary on offense.
          No doubt in my mind they can and will beat Baltimore in the AFC title game.

          That would be a scary matchup to me if the Niners make it to Miami.
          We’re talking a mobile QB with multiple weapons, unlike Murray, Jackson and Wilson.

          1. I mean on paper SEA is not that good. They rely on Russ Wilson magic and he seems to pull it off every time. Maybe finally going up in beating them in SEATTLE can put that to rest.
            I don’t think they will have an easy time in PHILLY. That’s an SB championship team too.
            They will beat up while the Niners get a well deserved rest.
            Everyone talked about how hard their schedule was — but they were in every game they played and lost all three games on the final play of the game. That’s unreal.

      2. KS did not start well with that 9 game losing streak. Then, when JG was injured, the Niners struggled. They had plenty to be critical of, especially after a 4 win season.
        Now, with a 13-3 season, KS deserves praise, but even he will admit he could have won 3 more games last season, and there is always room for improvement.
        No one, absolutely no one, predicted the Niners would go from a 4-12 season to be the top seed in the NFC.
        The Niners have been fortunate, but they do not need arse kissing, they need constructive criticisms to keep them on their toes. Richard Sherman welcomes criticism, so the Niners do not become complacent, and get punched in the mouth. I am merely doing what he asked.
        I am happy. Pete Carroll was concerned about how effective the Niners were, attacking the edges. Pete probably rued his time out management, because he did not have a time out to prevent that delay of game penalty.
        That Deebo TD had misdirection and Juice reversing his run, with a double block that sprung Deebo for the score. Mostert ran a counter, and attacked the weakness in the defense. They lined them up, deep in the I, many times. Solomon Thomas was stout against the run. They lined up Buckner at LDE so he was one on one, instead of inside, taking on double teams, which led to his sack. KS used Juice in an innovative manner, for that 49 yard pass play.
        The Niners are fortunate, winning games by the skin of their teeth. Hopefully, they can improve, and put away opponents, instead of letting them hang around, with a possibility of an upset. The Niners need to be bold, and score TDs, instead of settling for field goals. Championship teams are bold, and take risks. They are confident enough to think they are able to make one yard on 4th down.
        I still think that making it twice as hard to win, is not an astute way of thinking. The smart way, is winning the important games, so they have a first round bye, and do not need to travel to New Orleans, GB or the Clink. Thankfully, the Niners were smart, so now they have an additional week to heal and rest up.

        1. We should talk about their draft, Sebs……you know, the one you ragged on big time……….

          And quite the Seb-ism your trying to pull, but it wont work; while its true nobody predicted them to do what they’ve done, you were in fact one of their biggest detractors…a REAL fair weather fan.
          From Grapps to G’law,–and of course Bosa, bigtime-you were a HUUUGGE detractor of their personnel and their Head Coach.
          ‘Course, you’d find something terribly wrong with Walt Disney.

  12. Seahawk fans are even more entitled than Pats fans when it comes to officiating. I swear I can hear the caterwauling for the “non PI” call all the way here in SF. They act like they are the only ones to ever be on the wrong side of a questionable call. I’m surprise they havent taken to the streets of Seattle shouting “No justice, no peace”. Such a ridiculous spoiled fanbase.

    I look forward to the Niners continued improvement and dominance over the Seahawks for seasons to come.

    1. Seahawk fan is the worst fan in sports. They’ve surpassed Cowboy and Pats fan as the most annoying, entitled, dbags in the world. They get every call in the world and then complain when the refs dont save them from losses. I’m still pissed off about the refs handing the Seahawks the NFCCG in 2014. Navarro Bowman stripped the ball from Jermaine Kearse and had possession laying on the ground with his knee destroyed for a full 3-4 seconds and then Seahawks players jump on him and the refs give the ball to the Seahawks. That call was as egregiously horrific as the Saints vs Rams no call on PI last year. The 49ers may still lose that game but handing the ball back to the Seahawks was as bad as it gets. And I’m not even mentioning Richard Sherman absolutely mugging Michael Crabtree on every single play with no call. Seahawk fan can do exactly what Ice T told Michael Koerber to do on Twitter.

    2. That’s what happens when you’re new to the game.
      They didn’t sit through suffering prior to 2012.
      Their fan base is a joke.
      I’ll say that till the day I die.

  13. BANG BANG NINER GANG! What a year, so glad the curse of Seattle is broken

    Jimmy Gunslinger, the boys now joke that one day we will be meeting at the JIMMY G statue at Levi’s…

    Only Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes are on the Jimmy G level for qb’s not over 30, AND ITS NOT EVEN CLOSE……grant said cousins is on Jimmy’s level, lol….21-5 and balling like an MVP, Mr. Clutch….Cousins is a joke

    Go Niners

  14. Grant,
    I have been quiet through out this season though still very much enjoying the periscopes, analysis and especially the film break downs. Tonight I caught my first Cohen Zohen and thus feel compelled to break my silence.

    First a criticism:
    You need a sound mixer. Your dad’s voice is much louder than yours. That should be an easy mic fix if you cannot sound mix.

    This show was a blast. So much fun I repeated the whole thing for my wife. She thinks you are both a bit hyperbolic but considering the cardiac game she and I both just witnessed last night, we both agreed that it was fully understandable.

    Like Lowell, I too was quite puzzled by this second critical melt down of time management that gave another Seahawk’s game away. Grant, your assessment provides the best clarity so far – premature use of time outs, lack of planning and prep., and finally, frozen in the tracks as the speeding train approaches. For this second hot mess in a dumpster fire, who is to blame, Carroll, Wilson or both?

    My wife has an additional thought on the delay and additional person that might be to blame. Having observed his previous slow entrances and exits onto the field, she thinks Marshawn took to long to get in place before time expired. What do you think?

    She also wonders why they did not spike the ball a second time? Her thinking is that another loss of down was worth avoiding an extra five yards. Would that be one of those things that should have been in the missing prep.

    The two of you dialogue really well together as if you had a life time of practice in a living room some where – wait – oh yeah! This was both entertaining and enlightening. A captivating combination. The discussion on ethics and gentle-manliness had us wondering about and wanting for a similar analysis on the current state of leadership of this country.

    But of course that would be well out side your beat.

    Good stuff!

    1. She also wonders why they did not spike the ball a second time?

      I think the answer to that is with so much confusion of SEA personnel leaving and entering the field, had they lined up for the spike, they probably would have been tagged with illegal formation or too many men on the field.

  15. I wonder why the mics seem set differently. Lowell seems to shout if i turn it up enough to hear Grant.
    Grant, you are so lucky to be able to do this with your father.
    Lowell, you raised a fine son. I, too, think my sons are way smarter than me.

      1. I would like to submit the under valued back yard snail in the IQ test vs. Seb….

        The elongated periscope eyes appreciate the total garden, whereas Seb fixates only on the maryjane

      2. The catfish troll burner accounts are amusing, and TrollD, who predicted a 40-12 Niner blowout victory should not be comparing my intellect to anyone or anything, since he was way off, while I missed the exact score by 4 points, with my 24-23 prediction.
        No one else on this site was advocating for the Niners to move Buckner to DE. From the LDE spot, he got a sack, because he had only one blocker to beat. Maybe when they think of something like that, should they be talking about intellect.
        I also think I was smarter than Pete Carroll, at the end of the game, because I would have considered time outs to be precious. Too bad he used all of his time outs, and did not have one to stop the clock, to prevent that delay of game penalty. Of course, I would have been organized enough to have them get off a play in time, but Pete Carroll will have to live with his game management incompetence. Now he lost home field advantage.

  16. The mic on your side is horrible Grant.
    I can hear your father clearly and it sounds like you’re in the kitchen cooking and chiming in.

  17. Jax sticking with Marronne….Cleveland wants to interview Saleh and Lafleur, but i think there is a pretty good chance we keep are staff together for another year. Also I wouldn’t wish Cleveland on anybody….I hope Saleh stays far away from that situation.

        1. I think he’s being overrated. His success this year coincided with upgrades across the board, including key staff positions. Not saying he hasn’t shown promise as an up and comer, but I feel like we already have his replacement waiting in the Woods or my pick, DeMeco Ryans….

          1. Saleh is a good coach. I thought the 49ers should have retained him last year even when others were calling for him to be fired. If I must chose between the Browns hiring Saleh or Lafleur then I definitely pick Saleh to go to the Browns. I really like the offensive coaching staff and I’d love to see them stay together another year. On defense, I think there are a few guys who could step in and do just as good a job as Saleh. I have a few doubts about Saleh as a head coach. IMO he’s shown some poor leadership characteristics in some of his press conferences. I strongly disliked what he said about Eric Reid. May not be a big deal but he has come across as a guy who passes the buck at times. I think that’s a horrible trait as a leader that other coaches and players easily see through.

            1. Yeah, that’s a definite possibility. Hopefully a raise in salary coupled with the pitch that the 49ers are winners and the Browns are losers would do the trick. If not, then next coach up.

              1. Pretty sure they were hired around the same time, with Saleh getting an interview for the DC position that he wasn’t originally hired for; which leads me to believe it was a collective decision and Saleh might have just given his stamp of approval….

              2. @ ninermd oh no doubt….i like Saleh way too much for that.

                I think Cleveland needs an established coach who can go in there and change a culture and has the respect of his team when he walks through the door.

                Rivera would have been a good hire. McCarthy makes sense. Can’t really think of who else. A Lincoln Rilley would be interesting.

            2. They might lose one position coach to Saleh (to be Saleh’s DC), but I doubt they would let more than that go (and would not be obliged to either for a lateral move). And the DC the 49ers want to promote would likely stay rather than follow Saleh, you’d imagine.

  18. Choosing a new HC without a HC track record is no easy task. If I were an owner thinking about hiring Saleh as my HC, I guess I would probably project him to have a similar career as Dan Quinn. If it were between him and LaFleur (all things being equal), I’d take LaFleur if for no other reason than KS can make lemonade out of lemons and Saleh has not shown that ability. I would hope that LaFleur had learned the “secret sauce” from KS.

    1. The Browns biggest issue is culture change. Whomever they settle on has to have the gravitas to overcome decades of dysfunctionality, and instill a complete 180 degree culture change. Talent is not the issue. For that reason, and that alone, my first choice would be Jimmy Harbaugh, knowing it would a two part hire due to shelf life. That would mean you’d like to have his replacement already on board, and preferably an offensive minded one….

      1. The Browns biggest issue is ownership. Haslam is a $hitshow. If I were a potential coaching hire of the Browns I would have it written into my contract that if any person from Jimmy Haslam down to the GM or any other non coach attempted to influence play calling, player playing time, or ever texted down to the sideline during the game, that I, as the coach, would have an automatic $20M opt out option and I would have lifetime Prima Nocta over every Haslam related wedding through the extended family. Writing big buyouts doesn’t work on guys like Haslam.

  19. Sports Info Solutions
    Highest Completion Pct – Passes At Least 20 Yards Downfield

    Jimmy Garoppolo 59% (19 of 32)
    Gardner Minshew 49%
    Patrick Mahomes 47%

    Kyle Allen 25%
    Mason Rudolph 25%
    Josh Allen 26%

    Highest INT %
    Philip Rivers
    Baker Mayfield

    Highest TD %

    9:48 AM – Dec 31, 2019

    Reply: So much for the naysayers about JG’s Deep Ball.

    Deep ball beats Saints:

    1. I definitely think the deep ball problems have stopped, and rightfully so, however a lot of the deep ball success undoubtedly correlates to Shannahan’s scheme constantly getting guys wide open down the field.

      1. There is very little reason to believe that Jimmy G ever had a “deep ball problem”. He knows that chicks dig the long ball! Just kidding!

        The entire premise of his deep ball issue was based on a very sparse data in his first 5 games of 2017, and beautifully choreographed by Alex Rollins on his youtube channel. His mechanics and footwork was questioned without taking into account the insufficient time he had in the pocket to set his feet. His throwing mechanics is pretty much what it always was, slightly improved because of experience and continued coaching.

  20. I think my problem with the grading logic is that they are almost emotionally over reactionary (like a fan).
    If it’s going to be done that way why have grades at all? Why not just make it pass-fail.
    If Seattle would have won Pete gets an A, but since they lost he gets an F-. Huhh???
    His grade should be poor regardless because getting a delay of game at the 1 is ridiculous. Even so, he had a lessor team in position to win at the end. I would give him a c- to d regardless.

    If Seattle would have won Saleh must get an F but since they won he gets an A- ???
    The D gave up 3 straight touchdowns and damn near gave up 4 straight to close out the game and its largely because they couldn’t figure out how to protect AW or that they should remove him. And it’s not like he was exactly going against a good offense. He was going an offense that the Cardinals absolutely shut down. Saleh as well gets a C-.

    The MVP is Greenlaw because he made one big play at the end? It was the biggest play and the play of the game for certain… but there is no way his overall play was more impactful than Jimmy G. or Deebo’s.

  21. If anybody received the most bad calls it was the 49ers;

    1. The ticky-tac holding call in the endzone for a PI
    2. The no call holding call on Warner.
    3. I lost count of the # of times Bosa was choked around the neck by a D-Lineman.

    4. Last but not least–This Seattle receiver initiating contact with Warner on that controversial no call…Here’s what Sherman said about it:

    5. I agree with the NFL Offices who reviewed it during the game: The receiver initiated contact–Seattle was lucky a push off wasn’t called.

    Richard Sherman
    “So now you want to allow the WR to initiate contact… Push off from the defender and get the P.I. Yea that sounds about right. ”

    1. Thanks Tom….i was much more looking forward to seeing Givens than Street and by looking at that breakdown it did not disappoint. Seems like he has a bright future, how did this guy go undrafted and unclaimed off of waivers.

      Another good UDFA pick up for Lynch and crew

      1. My thoughts exactly…Better late than never on Givens and just in time to be in the defensive rotation for the #1 playoff seed, San Francisco 49ers, Baby !!***

    2. I think he played so well in his 10 snaps the team chose to bring back Earl Mitchell today.

      He had his moments in the game. Limited snaps, some good ones that Baldy showed. Baldy didn’t show the ones where he got planted on his backside though, which also happened.

      1. Mitchell came back to add depth on base downs for sure. Sparing Niners from Givens’ inexperience is probably another consideration.

        1. Yep. As much as anything this will be about adding some extra experience to the rotation, and getting a like for like replacement for Jones. While Givens shows some promise as a gap penetrator they need someone to hold up against double teams too.

          All in all Givens’ debut was quite promising albeit brief. Worth holding onto to see if he develops.

            1. Pretty sad when you have to sign people out of retirement because your first round pick, 3rd overall isn’t getting the job done.

              1. IMO, Mitchell has been brought in primarily to replace Jones and Taylor at NT, not so much to replace Thomas or Givens. They could get away with Thomas/Zettel/Givens at NT against Lynch, but not so much against Ingram/Edwards/Hill.

  22. Many different stats to gauge the performance of punters. Because Wishnowsky had so few punts I picked the Avg punting distance. If you looked at Net Avg then Wishnowsky is ranked a bit higher. With straight Average, Wishnowsky is ranked the 26th punter in the NFL. Of the 25 punters who had a better year, 50% of those players were UDFA. Interestingly two punters selected in the 3rd round, Dustin Colquitt and Bryan Anger, actually had worse years than Wishnowsky. Of the top 5 punters in the league, there were two UDFA, and one 5th, one 6th, and one 7th. Of the top 10 punters, there are more UDFA than were selected in any round in the draft. Goes back to my main thought on Wishnowsky. Makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to waste a draft pick on a punter when you can find an UDFA who may be better or only a yard or two less on punt average. Mitch Wishnowsky was selected with a higher pick than Dre Greenlaw, Justin Skule, Marcell Harris, Richie James, and George Kittle. That is crazy to me.

      1. Saw that too. How many UDFAs were ahead of Wish? I think it’s something like 50% of the punters ranked higher in both stats were UDFA.

        1. Don’t really care how the guy got on the team. He was an improvement over the guy he replaced and that in turn helped the defense with better starting field position.

          1. You can get rid of Pinion and still find an UDFA who had a better year than Wishnowsky without giving up a 4th rounder. Wasting draft picks on punters is stupid. That’s my point.

            1. Meh. It’s a point you’ve tried to make for a long time and failed. When asked who you’d take instead you named the safety who was taken by NO. He’s a good player, but the 49ers did just fine when forced to play the safeties they drafted last year.

          2. Matters absolutely nada to Houston, but I agree. Wishnowsky is on the team, he’s been (and will be) a weapon.

            The 2019 draft is history. Let’s begin prep for the 2020 draft by ripping Lynch and crew now. Why not? We know he’ll screw it up, and to use the oft-used Grant’s summation, the 9ers will panic.

  23. All sorts of chatter yesterday and today on sports TV and radio about two crucial plays involving (or not) the officials: the Garland roughness penalty, and the no-call on Warner. I re-watched the end of the game, and noticed something that I totally missed at the time, and that I haven’t heard anyone talking about: the aftermath of the Garland penalty. The Seattle DB got up, went over to Garland, who was getting off the ground, and pushed his head back into the turf. WAY more egregious than Garland not realizing the play was dead. For all the talk about the Warner penalty, in particular, that 3rd and 17 should never have happened. They should have replayed 2nd and 7. Frankly, the Seattle penalty should have been a “foul between downs” and enforced separately from the dead ball foul (see NFL rulebook, Section 4, Article 9), giving the Niners’ a first and ten from the original spot of the 2nd and 7 play.

    Linking to a still photo here, as I can’t figure out how to paste in the image itself:

  24. Matt Barrows

    Verified account

    Follow Follow @mattbarrow
    Per source, the #49ers will be signing a familiar face, that of former nose tackle Earl Mitchell, to help bolster the interior of their defensive line.

    Reply: I hope Givens is part of the rotation and Street or Thomas is put on the PS

    10:24 AM – 31 Dec 2019

  25. Responses to Earl Mitchell rumors:

    ‏@NorcalNinerGirl PoP TaRtT !!!
    15m15 minutes ago
    Replying to @mattbarrows
    So let me guess Jordan Matthews is getting cut again??😁🤣

    15m15 minutes ago
    Replying to @mattbarrows
    Awesome!…Tired of Solomon Thomas!

    Chris Miranda

    8m8 minutes ago
    Replying to @mattbarrows @Rob_Lowder
    Kevin givens played solid

    Cristian Acosta

    15m15 minutes ago
    Replying to @mattbarrows
    Nice he was a great locker room presence and run stopper! Glad he’s back


    19m19 minutes ago
    Replying to @mattbarrows
    Better than watching Solomon Thomas

    Tyler Competente

    14m14 minutes ago
    Replying to @mattbarrows
    @EarlMitchell90 Big Earl back for the playoff push!

  26. @mattbarrows
    Follow Follow @mattbarrows

    ‘Nothing can stop me’: Kwon Alexander is willing himself to be part of the #49ers’ playoff run

  27. No Niners for 2 weeks, but I am not complaining. This is the time for them to heal up and get rested.
    This is also the time for the Niner coaches to thoroughly prepare the team for the playoffs.
    To put into Sun Tzu terms, this is the killing field. No retreat, fight until victorious. With enough thorough preparations, the outcome will be predetermined.
    Unfortunately, we will probably see the Seahawks again, but they may experience more attrition, and may be exhausted from playing this week. Both the Seahawks and Eagles have had lots of injuries, so they will not be a full strength. Sure am glad the Niners will have an easier time at Levis, instead of having it twice as hard a time at the Clink.
    This is a huge test for KS. Will we see the first half SB-KS, or the second half SB-KS? Hopefully, the former. KS needs to coach like there is no tomorrow, and put the pedal to the metal. He needs to be bold, and go for it. Score TDs, instead of settling for field goals.

  28. From the Elias Sports Bureau: the 49ers became the eighth team in league history to improve the win total by at last nine games from the previous season.

  29. KS brings ups a good point about Jimmy G’s performances in the NO and Seattle (at the CLink) games:

    “Just how well he’s been able to focus in these situations. It’s unbelievably loud and hard for the players to hear him and hard for him to hear me when I’m even talking into his helmet. How good he’s been with the cadence and getting the plays in and out. I don’t think we had any delay of games in those situations. Being able to communicate to the guys and get them out of the huddle even when he’s got to call the play a couple times just for people to hear. He’s been extremely impressive and it’s been great. The good thing is I’m glad we’re going to be in our home stadium the next two games so we don’t have to worry about it. But, he’s been great on the road.”

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