Cohn Zohn Episode 3: NFL Divisional Weekend

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in action against the Seattle Seahawks during the second half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Dec. 29, 2019, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

My dad and I previewed the NFL divisional playoffs. Listen below:

Or watch below:

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    1. Ian Rapoport
      ‏Verified account
      7h7 hours ago

      Reply: 49ers’ defense with Kwon Alexander, Dee Ford and Nick Bosa shut down QBs
      49ers pass-rusher Dee Ford and potentially LB Kwon Alexander are among those expected to be healthy and playing in the divisional round of the playoffs.

      Bosa and Ford combined for just 108 defensive snaps together. But over those 108 snaps, opposing quarterbacks posted a QBR — which values the quarterback on all play types on a 0-to-100 scale adjusted for the strength of opposing defenses faced — of just 3.0.

      As ESPN’s Bill Barnwell wrote, “That’s not a typo — 3 out of 100.”

      To get an idea of just how dominant the 49ers were with Alexander, Bosa and Ford playing together, there were only five individual QB performances during the regular season in which a quarterback played at least 20 plays and posted a QBR of less than 3.0. Two of them came against San Francisco, both before Alexander’s injury.

      Think about that. There are 32 teams in the league. Each plays 16 games. That’s a minimum of 512 QBR results, which doesn’t even account for a team playing multiple QBs within the same game.

      1. While a good chunk of the attention has focused on the healthy returns of Kwon Alexander and Dee Ford, one player slated to return shouldn’t be overlooked, either: safety Jaquiski Tartt. In his place, defensive coordinator Robert Saleh relied heavily on second-year safety Marcell Harris, who flashed plenty of solid moments, including forcing three fumbles, yet was frequently a liability when asked to perform in coverage.

        Harris is far more effective as an in-the-box, run-stopping safety, which was his forte in college at Florida. Yet Saleh’s 2019 defense has called for the 49ers safeties to be more interchangeable, and there were plenty of moments when free safety Jimmie Ward, not Harris, was down low with Harris over the top in single-high deployment.

        This changed in the red zone, however. The 49ers played more single-high, vanilla coverage near the goal line with Tartt out. It made the team more susceptible to isolation routes and throws over the middle. With Tartt in, Robert Saleh trusted both safeties to play more man-matching coverages.

  1. Cowboys hire McCarthy as their head coach and he hires Mike Nolan as his DC. I mean the pain the Cowboys fans are about to feel as their vanilla defense gives up the most points in the NFL is going to be glorious.

      1. Jerry “world” Jones should either shut his mouth or name himself the head coach.
        It will be interesting to see how much rope he gives McCarthy in comparison to Garrett who should have been gone years ago.

      2. Along with McCarthy is reportedly very interested in hiring Jim Tomsula for his ex 49er retread team. Also it was said he made a call to Mike Singletary. lol

    1. That division being as weak as it is should pad the numbers. They get to play the coach less giants 2xs, the qbless redskins 2xs, and the porcelain doll eagles 2xs.
      That should off set they 40 ppg other team will hang on them. ;)

      1. I can tell you now I’m picking the Redskins to win that division next year. They have some talent on defense. Rivera is a good head coach and Del Rio will be an excellent DC. Plus getting rid of Bruce Allen will lift a huge weight off that franchise. The man was worse at his job than Hillary Clinton was at hers and she was a part time, work from home Sec State who couldn’t find Wisconsin on a map. Redskins will undoubtedly be much improved next year.

        1. Houston I told a buddy of mine to book the redskins being a top 5 defense next season.
          That’s the team going somewhere in the near future in the East.

            1. The single greatest thing to ever happen in Joe Burrows life was to lose the Ohio State QB1 job to Dwayne Haskins. Rivera won’t make the same mistake. Redskins QB1 next year will either be Alex Smith or someone not currently on the roster.

  2. Ian Rapoport
    ‏Verified account
    7h7 hours ago

    49ers pass-rusher Dee Ford and potentially LB Kwon Alexander are among those expected to be healthy and playing in the divisional round of the playoffs.

  3. Vikings in jkury…

    Tom Pelissero

    #Vikings nickel CB Mackensie Alexander has a small lateral meniscus tear and is consulting with doctors to determine if he needs surgery, source said. Decision expected in next 24 hours. Alexander got hurt Week 17, didn’t play yesterday. An important piece of that defense.

  4. Hey Grant…

    Jeff Brohm may be available after next season. So far he’s 17 and 21 at Purdue, going 4 and 8 in 2019.

  5. I agree with your dad on the Tennessee upset.
    Henry is a beast, and I’m sorry Grant there is no other like him in the NFL right now.

    With that said. Folks keep sleeping on KC.
    I have them repping the AFC this year.

    Now Niners / Vikings.
    I think some folks are overlooking the fact that they rested their starters in week 17.
    New Orleans foolishly didn’t. And I say foolishly because they had starters late in the game when it was over.
    The Vikings looked way more fresh this weekend and they outplayed them because of that rest. They were more explosive and faster from the start of the game. You could easily see it.
    Now to Cousins. He make two throws and he’s not a big game choker now?
    Sorry it’s going to take more than that to peel off that label.
    They better run the ball, and run it a lot.
    This has two maybe three turnovers for cousins written all over it. He’s a statue, panicked very easy, and is horrible with accuracy and decisions when rattled.
    The only thing that might help the Vikings Saturday is a rainy sloppy field.

    Now their front four are scary, but I remember another team that came in leading the league in sacks and was embarrassed by Shanahans play calling. They routed that team and I don’t think they won another game after.
    Not certain but I don’t think they did.

    This is how I see this game unfolding.
    They’re not coming in and playing a tired team. They are facing the best defense in the league as of now with the health.
    This game won’t be close. The hype is a farce.
    Good win in NO, I’m not taking that away from them. But they’re going to see a whole different beast. And let’s remember they couldn’t even beat GB once this year.

    I smell a blowout reminiscent of the Carolina blowout!

      1. I think it depends on field conditions.
        This team is healthy and rested.
        I haven’t forgotten what this defense is capable of.
        Imo 14 in the playoffs is a blowout. Especially the way the last 5 have gone. Lol

        1. I’m betting Alexander has the same emotional effect as Lynch did for the Seahawks, and the 49ers get out to an early lead. Defense comes out revved up and suffocating, forcing more than a few three and outs….

  6. Grant , you and your dad have a great chemistry , good stuff your dad throws I good history. What part of NY is he from I was raised in Brooklyn

  7. Santa Clara weather for Saturday at kickoff — 35%+ chance of rain, somewhat windy. Chance of rain to diminish later in the afternoon/early evening.

    1. Doubt it. It will be a nice day and the field will be perfect. Good weather suits the 49ers passing attack and run game that relies on speed and misdirection.

  8. Love these Cohn Zones! You and your dad do have great chemistry and I really enjoy the behind-the-scenes stories you guys tell.

  9. Much better Grant.
    Dad on the left, closer together, better sound, better relating to each other, less looking at that computer.
    You’re welcome.

  10. Nice presentation, but a slight quibble. Maybe Grant should calm down his hands, and stop touching his face. The pointed finger to the temple signifies cogitation, and the stroking of the chin signifies a contemplative gesture, but to me, they are distracting. It just seems like Grant has a lot of nervous energy that needs controlling.
    I hope he does not take this constructive criticism wrong, but I am just keeping it real. I thoroughly enjoy the content. Lowell provides nostalgic anecdotes, and Grant exhibits good knowledge like when he talked about LaFleur and Saleh being room mates.
    I will disagree with Grant about Brady. Brady is too smart to go to Cleveland. Going to a division with the Ravens and Steelers would be a daunting challenge. Going to the NY Giants may be his best option. It is near Connecticut, and it would be in an easier division. Jones would benefit by sitting and learning for a couple years, behind Brady.
    I will agree with them about McCarthy, but he does have HC experience and has won a SB. The biggest impediment to success will be Mike Nolan, who will dress up like Tom Landry, but not have a clue.
    That story about Eddie D was golden.

    1. Seb, good quibble.
      I too have been trying to help him improve the visual aspect, maybe since you have an ‘in’ he’ll listen.
      Part of the problem is Grant is looking at the screen, instead of at the person he’s talking to. Not sure what’s on the screen, either their faces or info notes. He should cover the screen, it would force him to relate to his dad all the time and it would improve the exchange dramatically! It probably will eliminate some of the nervous ticks he shows, which might be a result of camera-awareness.
      Notice how dad stopped looking at the screen compared to the first 2 episodes

  11. Nick Bosa’s great-grandfather was Chicago mobster, Tony Accardo. This along with Jimmy Gangsta out of Chi-town gives new meaning to E-40’s “Bang Bang Niner Gang”. Lol

  12. first, the good- your podcast, love it! you talked into the mic this time!! you and your pops do have great chemistry! When you guys get together… cover about 40 years of niner history. I love the quirks and insight into the personality of guys…..things you dont get from the box score or back of a trading card……
    Now that the mic issue is fixed……i can honestly say im a loyal listener. The youtube platform is perfect for someone like me who isnt too tech savvy ( by choice, idc about apps and things like that). i can just pull it up on my phone and listen in the car or at work….very simple!

    now the bad- KEEP ROBERT SALEH NAME OUT YOUR MOUTH BOOOOYYYYYY!!! las year you were trying to run him out of town as an underachiever…..and now you wont shut up about how great he is!!!! Geez! hopefully no one listens to you outside of nor cal……finally we got something special going on here…..lets try to keep it together for a while b4 all these bottom feeders try to poach our coaches!!!!!! You sound like the guys agent for crying out loud!!! We know we got something special……lets keep it a secret!!!! Your running around blabing like a girl on the school yard!!! you wouldnt tell everyone about your secret fishing hole would you??????? You wouldnt invite every d bag on social media to your quiet little favorite local pub would you!!!!!!!!!!! zip it iggy!!!! lol
    and keeps those good podcasts coming!!

  13. I’ve been thinking about Grant’s comment that this was the worse possible team to face this weekend in the Vikings. While yes I agree partially that this was the best team, as far as roster depth and talent, I do think this helps our overall path to the SB overall. The Vikings will not be a walk in the park, as an Eagles team would have been, however, we are at home, have an extra week of rest, and have gotten healthier, so as long as we play sound football and play our game, we have a big coaching mismatch. We have the creativity that will win games. So the thought here is that as long as we take care of business we should have the W. If we don’t then we never should have been here in the first place.

    Now the reason I think this is the better path is that now, once we can get passed Minny, we will no longer have to play a Saints team that was able to expose our defense on many levels. Many ranked the Saints above us, and now they’re gone. Now we will have either the Packers, which we know how we match up against, or a Seattle team that will have traveled to the frozen tundra in what should be a physical game, after just traveling to Philly the week before.

    So if we can get pass the Vikings, we will have a beat up, over-traveled, exhausted Seattle team, or quite possibly the worst 13-3 team we have seen, who we match-up very favorably against. Very interesting how this NFC worked itself out.

    1. This game reminds me a bit of the Panthers game and the pregame concern fans and media had with their big bad defense and undefeated QB at the time. Not predicting a blowout here but if the offense protects the ball and the D can pressure Cousins we should win. They can try to take away Kittle but Samuel, Sanders and Bourne have been pretty reliable as of late…. Key will be to take the fight to their front 7 with our running game and wear down that front so it doesn’t become an issue. Hopefully the rest from the bye week and defensive reinforcements coming back will show in a big way. And please for the love of god keep Witherspoon off the field.

      1. The Vikings have a lot of weapons that SF doesn’t match up well against. I see SF being down much of this game. If they can make the appropriate 2nd half adjustments the team wins by 2. Final score sf 19. Minnesota 17.

        I agree that the winner of this game represents the NFC in the Super Bowl.

          1. I think it will take more than 4 quarters of football before he is confident in his body holding up. It took JJ Until the 4th quarter and he is more experienced.
            I am not a fan of Alexander coming back against Minnesota. The team won because of Greenlaw. I wouldn’t tinker with a winning combination. Jmo
            I hope I am wrong. His coverage skills would be helpful. The weather makes running the ball more likely. If I were Minnesota I’d run right at Alexander.

              1. Tartt is going to be tasked with elevating this defense beyond what’s it’s been the last month. I think there may be some rust which could be why SF trails in the first half.
                Either way it will be an exciting nail biter.

              2. Whether it’s rust, rest or wear and tear qualifiers, getting Ford and Tartt back along with an emotional lift from Alexander being active has me believing we’ll see this defense come out energized and suffocating. That’s why I think we get up early, and remain relatively in control of the entire game….

              3. I think they might score on us early….per the usual against Saleh’s defense. But we’ll answer back and stop them the following drive, take the lead and not relinquish that lead. 24-20 Niners

              4. Id like to see Jimmie Ward have a break out game and put Thielan or Diggs on their back early.
                The front seven is going to get after Cousins, its just a matter of the secondary holding on early to stop their big weapons and their underrated TE Rudolph.

              5. I see Ward (even with a size disadvantage) blanketing Cook. He’s been great against guys much bigger than him. Also made a sound tackle on Lynch a week ago that saved a big run and momentum changer.

                Don’t see him lining up over the top on Thielen or Diggs as much if Tartt is in.

            1. well said ninermd! also, Greenlaw dosent go to the bench……. warner, kwon and greenlaw are the 3 starters! in nickle…..he might. well have to see how it shakes up…..but id rather have kwon covering the 6’8 TE Rudolph…..with S help of course! That guy in the red zone scares me…….All KK has to do is lob it up there for him

            2. Alexander was great in co weave and pumping up the defense but he wasn’t a sound tackler. I think I like Greenlaw in this game. A bend but don’t break defensive strategy that doesn’t give up chunk yards leads to a Niners victory. I’d give my left nut if Dee Ford and Tartt are good to go. Don’t care about Alexander as much.

  14. How bout a little off season scenario. Brady leaves the Pats, the 9ers trade N. Mullens to the Pats for a 2nd and a 4th or a 3rd and a 4th to complete the Jimmy G. trade. The 9ers need draft picks for this years draft. They need to continue building they can not stand pat. You are either improving or you are getting worse. I believe Mullens would shine in the Pats system playing with an outstanding D.

    1. Old Coach:
      Agree with everything except 9ers getting NE 2nd Rd. pick….A 3rd and 4th round pick in 2020 and 3rd, and 4th Rd. pick in the 2021 draft……maybe?
      * Patriots sent 2020, Second Rd. draft pick to the Atlanta Falcons for Mohamed Sanu.

    2. I don’t see Brady playing for another team. But if he were to retire, then the Pats would probably be looking for a proven starter for the short term while they groom a young, promising QB. Is Mullens more of a career backup than one with the potential to be a career starter or a franchise QB? Mullens hasn’t started a full season. Among starters who may not be franchise QB bu can start for a couple of seasons and lead a team to a winning season, I’d include Brisset and Tannehill. If Mullens is rated to be in that group, he’d definitely fetch a 3rd and 4th pick. I’m not sure that he’s in that group. Anyway, here’s an update on Mullens from Maiocco for those who may be interested:

    3. So Mullens’ consensus value around the league is the same as Alex Smith’s when KC traded for him? A second and a fourth?
      I think Allie’s unbounded love for Nick has some here hypnotized.

  15. Trump awaits Iranian retaliation as White House security tightens

    – let me rephrase – some american citizens who are just doing their jobs protecting us overseas are going to die soon.

    1. Yeah some citizens at home are scared $hit of some puny Iranians.

      When did Americans turn into pu$$ie$?

      My god you are all snowflakes ❄️

  16. Seb says:
    January 6, 2020 at 8:35 pm

    Nice presentation, but a slight quibble. Maybe Grant should calm down his hands, and stop touching his face. The pointed finger to the temple signifies cogitation, and the stroking of the chin signifies a contemplative gesture,

    Kendall says:
    January 6, 2020 at 10:17 pm
    What does it mean when you make that rapid yanking motion in your lap atop your riding mower?

    REPLY: Often times Seb will ride atop his Toro with his laptop. That yanking motion is him slapping his Joystick, used to scroll/search his next lawn job.

    Customers have filed complaints over the years for his wreckless driving (reading/driving don’t mix) however, it wasn’t until the Toro emmersed into the swimming pool of a Sebastopol dignitary that the lawsuit was filed.

    1. Alas, I do not believe that my friend The Seb any longer graces us with his ineffable presence, despite the wishful thinking of others who hope beyond hope that they recognize his singular brilliance in pale imitations of a truly once-in-a-generation mind. It pains me now, given his seeming absence, that The Seb often mistook my effusive praise of his unique and terrible intellect as derogation rather than the awe I truly experienced when reading his wondrous insights wrapped in the guise of banal platitudes and self-evident generalizations. Perhaps I was just not able to reach him on his own level.

    2. I really must be living in your head.
      Before writing a screed, please learn how to spell. Emmersed? English must be your second language.

  17. Instead of speculating about coaching changes, and QB movements, I would rather focus on the upcoming game with the Vikings.
    They should not be looking forward to the NFCC Game. Minnesota will be a daunting challenge. In some categories, the Vikings rank better than the Niners. They have defended very well against TEs, so they might be able to negate Kittle.
    The biggest overall weakness of the 49ers that the Vikings match up well against, is the Niner O line. The Niners should not expose JG to that pass rush, telegraphing plays. They should establish the running game, so JG will not be sacked. The Niners should go with the 2 TE sets, so they can chip the DEs. If given time, JG will be able to carve them up, but the Vikings did a good job against Brees, so JG needs to get the ball out quickly, into the hands of his play makers.
    The Niners need to take advantage of the Viking defensive speed by doing counters, misdirections and reverses. I hope they run option plays so the Viking defense will not know if it is a run or pass, and must defend both. The Niners need to be balanced, so the Vikings cannot shape them.
    On defense, getting back Kwon, Ford and Tartt may be huge. The weak link in the Viking offense may be Cousins. If the Niners can get to him early, they can get him off his game, and rattle him so he forces the ball and makes mistakes. Shutting down Cook should be the first step.
    I hope the Niner coaches replay that 1987 playoff game between the Vikings and the Niners. It will show how an over confident team can be beat.
    KS has an equally proficient adversary in Zimmer, so he better coach the game of his life. I hope KS channels Bill Walsh, and emulates his play calling, game and clock management.

  18. Gadfly,

    We miss your Seb psychoanalysis…Since you rarely post, perhaps an analysis of Seb’s fixation on being the spelling police is in order.

    Perhaps a trauma in Seb’s early years (a lost spelling bee) resulted in the back pocket thesaurus.
    I did see a man in Sebastopol spell checking a graffiti artist the other day for his mistake on the wall.
    Could that have been Seb?

  19. Wade Phillips:
    * I have been informed by the Rams that my contract will not be renewed. I want to thank them for the opportunity to be a part of their success the last 3 years. * Most of all I want to thank the players who I loved workings with. I still want to coach and feel I can contribute.

    * Grant: What team do you think will want to sign Phillips?

  20. Inman answers my question…kind of:

    Has Brunskill convinced the 49ers that the former RG is no longer a Person of interest? (@greggcataldo)

    As impressive and versatile as Daniel Brunskill has proven, the more convincing issue is Mike Person’s neck, which has been hurting him at least the past two months. The Vikings defense attacked the Saints interior line quite well, and they’ll likely try the same approach against the 49ers.

      1. I don’t believe so, and I don’t think Shanny believes he does either. I think we take another developmental day 3 offensive lineman.

          1. He’s shown he can play LT/RT/RG, and I’ve read that he can play the pivot as well. In the likely event that Joe retires after winning a SB, I’d imagine they attempt to resign Shon Coleman and maybe another Free agent. Throw Skule/Brunskill and a draft pick into the mix and let the best man win. I just got the sense that the changing of the RG, specifically Person, has been developing over the course of the season. I don’t expect to see Person again this year unless there’s an injury, and I think if he returns next year that he’ll get beaten out. Going by precedent, I think their plan will be to keep McGlinchey at RT so as not to weaken two positions. Or they could throw that all out the window, move McGlinchey to LT, Brunskill to RT and let Person and a day 3 draft pick, and a F/A duke it out for RG. I think Joe will return if they don’t win the SB….

              1. I fully anticipate locking Brunskill up to a multi-year deal is one of the 49ers priorities next year.

              2. Undercenter…..I agree that Brunskill is a keeper…as well as Justin Skule…remember that they are both rookies…and both came out of nowhere to anchor our Oline with both Joe and Mount McGlinchey hurt. My only concern is that Brunskill is only about 260….both should be starting next season somewhere in the Oline….

              3. Brunskill isn’t 260lbs. He used to be, ages ago. He’s around 300lbs now and has been for awhile.

            1. I think Staley will return next season regardless of whether they win the SB this year.

              Brunskill should definitely be a guy they try hard to keep. Is he a RFA or UFA? As well as he has played though, I think they may still need to invest a high round pick at OT at some point in the near future. Too small a sample size for Brunskill and also coincided with a period where JG was getting the ball out lightning quick to compensate for the two starters missing. Nice to have him as a capable guy that can step in, but is he a long term quality starter? TBD.

              1. From the limited snaps that Brunskill has had, he looks better in pass pro than Person. The fact that he has experience going against Edge rushers as an OT is an advantage, especially if Zimmer plans on playing his edge rushers inside again….

              2. Sure razor, I have no problems with Brunskill over Person. I was referring to the future though. Too soon to know if Brunskill is a long term answer at OT.

              3. Well, we know Shanny puts a premium on his OT’s over OG’s but puts a super premium on versatility. If Joe doesn’t retire, I think Brunskill will be the starting RG next year, and they bring Coleman back as the swing OT. What say you?

              4. Yes, that’s pretty much how I see it playing out. Coleman comes back, Brunskill competes for starting RG job and swing everything.

  21. Kwon Alexander cleared by 49ers medical staff to play, says Kyle Shanahan
    By David Bonilla
    49 mins ago • 0

    Shanahan also noted that he expects to have safety Jaquiski Tartt (ribs) and veteran pass rusher Dee Ford (hamstring) available on Saturday. That means the 49ers could have their entire defensive starting lineup back for their upcoming Super Bowl run.

  22. Diggs misses practice with the flu, and Cook carried the ball 31 times. I wonder how much he has left, because his average per carry hasn’t been all that great since October….

  23. The Minnesota Vikings have played 5 games vs playoff teams this season.
    They went 1-4. And the one win was against the mighty Philadelphia Eagles.
    Yeah talk about stat padding.

      1. That’s true, but as far as them being scary.
        I just don’t see it.
        I guess you’re as good as your last game, so the Niners should win this game easily, the Seattle win was a very tough game, knowing the history up there and what was at stake.

          1. Exactly. And all the chatter early this season with “who have the Niners played” truly sticks to Minnesota.
            They have a losing record to playoff teams. And probably had the softest schedule this year.

    1. They played a great game defensively against the Saints and did enough offensively, with a heavy dose of Cook. Cousins was ok and had two key plays in key moments, which was against trend for him. The Saints were off the boil and made some mistakes which cost them.

      I expect the Vikings will basically try and use a similar formula against the 49ers. Get the ball to Cook early and often, both as a runner and receiver. Try and hit a few shot plays where they can, likely off play action. And rely on their D to frustrate and stymie the 49ers offense, and try and force some mistakes.

      The key for the 49ers will be to avoid the back breaking mistakes, and ideally get their run game going so the Vikings pass rush can’t tee off on JG. While on defense, need to stop Cook. Make Cousins beat them through the air, and let the pass rush win the game.

      1. This game to me is all about the offensive lines and pass rush for both teams.
        Totally cliche but whoever can protect their QB all day Sunday will win.

        I think too much is being made about the skill positions and not enough about the trenches. That’s how both teams were built and if either Cousins or Jimmy has ample time, they will pick apart each defense.

      2. Good breakdown, Scooter. I’ve always said that Cousins throws a beautiful deep ball. Getting Tartt and Ford back will be huge as far as limiting those types of opportunities. If Alexander truly is back, those play action passes won’t fool him in underneath coverage. I don’t think Cook gets anything cooking against our defensive front anyway. I think he’s only averaging around 4 yards a carry since October. Not to mention the amount of carries he just had, 31 is a lot for a back his size. We’ve played against better….

      3. Adam Thielen will torch this secondary if Cousins is given time. I expect Minnesota will attack SF similar to how the Rams attacked them. Screens. Roll outs. Lots of Cook in the play action.
        If I were Minnesota I’d run inside at SF. I’d attack Sherman with Thielen deep.
        Tackling is going to be the deciding factor in this game. If SF can’t take down on first contact it is going to be a long day. Minnesota has the best tackling team in the NFL. This will be a great test for Kittle. Ball security is why I wouldn’t use Breida. Coleman will be in for his pass protection.
        I hope Wilson gets touches against Minnesota.

          1. I don’t think we’re going to see much wet grass and I don’t think the 49ers are that accustomed to it either to be honest. The team is built around speed and misdirection, with a lot of switching directions happening at the snap. Not a good luck on a wet turf. However, I expect the ground to be dry and the sun to come out so all good.

        1. If the Seahawks defense can take Cook out, the 49ers defense can take him out as well. Cousins will not finish the game if the Vikings attempt to go deep too often, not with Ford on the other side of Bosa and Tartt keeping everyone not named Sherman on the same page….

              1. Agreed. I think they give him a shot with the pass rush coming back to form, yeah def a short leash.

  24. This is a supreme test for KS. I heard on the radio that ALL teams have access to analytics so they are not that determinant any more.
    I hope KS goes with his guts. He needs to be bold and decisive. He needs to be innovative and deceptive.
    I hope he dares to be great, but also thinks quick on his feet.

  25. I have a lot to be thankful for.

    Two years ago this month I had a blood test that didn’t seems so bad but it was.

    This year I was 86 in September when I thought that a 49er 8/8 season would be OK based on the 2018 season. Having been up and down with the 49ers since 1946, I would have been happy with that record. This has been a wonder filled season and anything is possible. To top it off, I’m really enjoying the Cohn Zohn. Thank you gentlemen.

  26. My wife and I just polished off the latest installment of Cohn Zohn. We saved it for the Friday night treat before the Saturday morning game.
    She is from North Dakota originally and thus was a Vikings fan for many years so we are at times a house divided. You can well imagine that the Lowell and Grant analysis of the two teams and upcoming match up had our undivided attention.

    The chess article will be a next read as that was one of my favorite parts. Oh, and sound balance was fine.

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