Cohn Zohn Episode 4: NFL Championship weekend preview

San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman (25) is introduced before an NFL football game against the Los Angeles Rams in Santa Clara, Calif., Saturday, Dec. 21, 2019. (AP Photo/John Hefti)

My dad and I previewed the NFL championship weekend. Watch below:

Or listen below:

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  1. I think Shanny has these guys playing for more than the $217,000 postseason bonus each would receive if they were to win the Super Bowl. That’s why they’re going to win it all, baby!

    1. “He’s (Kyle) improved this year and so has Saleh … and so have we


      I’ll say it again, I’m digging the Cohn Zohn! Two thumbs up … way up! 👍👍

  2. Niners have been the best team in football since week one no surprise there, we’ve all heard the cliché before Defense wins championships and it’s true Niners are healthy on defense they have an elite defense they will win the Super Bowl no doubt sidenote Baltimore is fortunate that they lost Last Saturday had they had met the 49ers with two weeks prepare in a neutral field in the Super Bowl they would’ve definitely lost no doubt

  3. I really like your guys’ back and forth banter….its funny

    Here’s a little wisdom nugget that Grant will hopefully learn:

    Young Cohn: “I don’t think we were wrong about Shanahan…”

    Older/Wiser Cohn: “we were also wrong about Shanahan”

    Its called humility Grant….you’ll get there buddy. Good video, thank you.

    1. Grant: Player X is terrible, he shouldn’t be in the NFL.

      Players X retires after a 12 year career.

      Grant: See? I was right.

  4. Grant Id suggest laying off the Harbaugh analogies. Harbaugh is overrated and is not half the coach Shanny is. They are not even in the same conversation when it comes to coaching, let alone offensive coaching in football.

    1. We have reached rarified air these days. It was good to get Harbaugh then because of all the coaches he attracted but the team now has the best Coach in the NFL, on both sides of the ball. And Lowell is right, they were wrong about Shanahan, and Lynch, and Saleh, but it seems right about Pettis…


      GO NINERS !!!!!!

  5. Looks like Woods is being considered for DC with the Browns (source is Rotoworld):

    “Browns coach Kevin Stefanski has narrowed down his defensive coordinator candidates to former Browns DC Steve Wilks and 49ers defensive backs/passing game coordinator Joe Woods.”

    1. That would suck. Lose the DC in waiting who has had a big impact in the turnaround this year. Would not only lose a good DBs coach, but would mean if they lost Saleh next year they wouldn’t necessarily have a great candidate internally to take over.

      1. If they lose Saleh next year, they can then hire Woods back once he gets fired along with Stefanski after one season of terrible football in Cleveland. Lather, rinse, repeat. That entire organization is where careers go to die.

    1. i agree runman! Sherm is the leader of the team,let alone the D. Hes the OG…..hes the lightning rod and the mouthpiece …….Ford is the most dynamic…..he makes this D go from good to GREAT!! BUT BOSA IS THE BREAD AND BUTTER! Hes the meat and potatoes…..hes better than Ford for 2 reasons…..hes more reliable/durable and hes a complete player…..a true 3 down guy! Ford is a specialist. But Ford is the reason were playing with a chance to win the SB! Cant even believe ppl were trashing him last week……complaining about the 2nd rounder we gave up…..LMAO

  6. The reason the Niners will go all the way is because of all the teams remaining, they are the most balanced, deepest, and best coached team. If you had to pick a big flaw, it would be Jimmy G and his interceptions. Yet he still wins!

  7. Oh another thing …
    Great to see you again Lowell expressing your thoughts. I have followed you from the Chronicle to the Press Democrat. Your article about Charles Schulz really resonated with me. It was wonderfully written. And never lose that Brooklynite schtick. I so totally relate (even though I am from The Bronx).

    1. Yep, quite the shocker.

      Already being talked about as a future HOF’er. Deservedly so. But if he gets in the first year he is eligible I’d be dirty. Both he and Willis played 8 years, and the length of career is being used as a potential reason for Willis not being a first ballot entrant.

  8. Another gem. ‘Bourne talks like he dances’.
    Grant has a way with words. ;p
    One quibble. Lowell seemed a little too close to the Microphone.
    Great content. Lowell and his stories are golden. I agree with Grant. It will be a close game, although I would be happy with a blowout. That Niner defense is healthy and imposing.

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