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  1. The legacy was tainted by the Harbaugh loss and Shanny now has an opportunity at redeeming the franchise.

    Bobby Turner deserves a ton of credit for fine tuning Mosterati. 🥂 I’d be interested in an article on his backstory.

    1. BTW, Aaron Rodgers box score: 31-39, 326 Yards, and a 97.2 Passer Rating, is once again living proof that a box score often lies like a rug, and should never be entirely trusted!

      1. Jimmy’s rating was higher; must be about the fumbles and picks.

        Also, Alex Smith beat Rodgers every time he faced him.

        I’m way more worried about Mahomes. He looks more like a young Favre than any other quarterback I can remember.

        1. I am not particularly worried about Mahomes. He stands tall in the pocket and waits for his receivers to come open. He does not throw receivers open.
          This pass rush should neutralize or neuter Mahomes. It will be interesting to see how this pass rush attacks an online that has been pretty good.
          Jimmy G showed he can sling the ball in New Orleans. K.C. doesn’t have a great pass defense. I think this match up will mimic the Green Bay game in a lot of ways.

          1. Not featuring Jimmy G in the playoffs now seems fortuitous. There hasn’t been a team who has shut him down this season and he kept two playoff caliber teams from putting on tape what Jimmy may struggle with.
            The playbook is wide open. Any wrinkles he saved will be showcased in two weeks to an unsuspecting team with no true defense.

    2. Many of us find Grant’s opining to be mainly nonsense. But we forget that he is here to entertain with opinions that provoke. It is part of the rating game and is a common approach to the spate of TV and radio commentary. As for Jimmy G. he has every reason to show what he can do in a big game in Miami. He has been thoroughly trashed by many commentators in spite of Shanny’s winning strategy against Green Bay and the Vikings.

  2. “Miami here we come.” Does that include Grant and his father? Will they be at the Super Bowl in person?
    I don’t believe either attended the last time.

      1. Grant,
        Have a great time at the Super Bowl. My only Super Bowl was also in Miami, I am so old went to Super Bowl XIII, Dallas against Pittsburgh in 1978, it was a great game and also happy that the right team won.

  3. Grant, tell your dad to use Goof Off or Goo Gone to get rid of that sticker residue. Just make sure he doesn’t get any on any plastic or painted surfaces. By the way another enjoyable episode. Your Chemistry with your dad is great stuff!

  4. Smh… Grant it’s sad that you just can’t stop trying to make some situations into some kind of national enquirer tabloid.

    As soon as the question was asked it was a no brainer you’d think KS doesn’t fully trust JG.
    I just don’t get where your thoughts go with things like this sometimes.

    What good would it do to restrict your QB in the playoffs?

    Why all of a sudden would he not trust him?
    He trusted his arm is huge playoff type scenarios this season.

    What makes you not think running the ball doesn’t also take away threats like ES and GK in the pass game? Does he not trust them either?

    What makes you think him running the ball at will won’t keep JG healthy for the super bowl?

    What makes you think his passing playbook is less exposed for the two week super bowl film studies the chiefs will be watching?
    Did it not occur to you KS thinks two steps ahead?
    Is it far fetched to think the Niners come into the super bowl more balanced and that JG arm will be trusted and used more?

    It simply couldn’t be because of any of these things, or simply because GB and Minn couldn’t stop the run at all!

    You ya e stories of GK and ES bragging at halftime about their blocks in the run game. That shows positivity in the locker room and trust in the coach and plan.
    It’s a good thing Grant!

    I can see why the old regime wouldn’t talk to you or mention your name. I wouldn’t want that negativity in my locker room either if I was the coach.

    Can you ever be positive? Or is negative thought just simply a process in your mind at times?
    To really believe KS doesn’t trust his QB
    You’d have to be just a downer or completely clueless on the team or people you wrote or talk about.

    Just once it would be nice to read a full column of positive writing.
    After all this team is in the damn super bowl and of course exceeded your no knowledge expectations in their results this season.

    It’s just sad Dude!

    1. Well… Jimmy’s not very smart and is a 1 read qb. So Kyle probably doesn’t trust him not to mess up the play call, or to always know which read will be open, so he doesn’t have to progress to a second read.

      1. With that, who should the 9ers look to in 2020 to QB the team? Jimmy’s not smart and is a one read QB. Done.

        Seems I’ve seen more than a few play breakdowns by ‘experts’ this season which show Jimmy’s ability to handle more than one read. But, I could be mistaken, no?

        1. The answer is on the Bench.
          Nicky Mullens is riding the pine waiting for his opportunity to show off how he is at least as good as Jimmy G. :D

          1. Shoup I like that idea but only if JimmyG goes down or wants out…..I know Mullens can win games plus he broke all of Brett Favres records in College not an ez feat….I hope team trades him so he can play somwhere he deserves it…good thing JimmyG had that brace on or we would have seen Mullens

          2. I’m pretty sure Shoup is being facetious, or at least I sure hope he is.

            BTW, Grant spent 3 years criticizing Shanny for not leaning primarily on his his running game in the 2nd half of the Super Bowl VS the Patriots, and now, even though the Packers had absolutely no answers for stopping the run, he finds a way to flip this assessment on it’s head in order to criticize Garoppolo.


            1. 49,
              That was very much a tongue & cheek comment. I like Mullens but I have consistently argued that Jimmy was clearly the better qb.

              1. That’s what I figured Shoup, but it appears to have gone right over some people’s heads.

                I love me some Nick Mullens …. as a backup QB, that is. Grant kept pointing to Passer Rating & statistics in order to make his case, but in doing so, he missed the forest through the trees. I posted Aaron Rodgers’ numbers from Sunday’s game, earlier today. Strictly going off his box score, you’d swear he had a very good game. That is, until you look at the halftime scoreboard.

                The problem with leaning primarily on game stats to make your case, is that stats without full context, are often deceiving. Jimmy Garoppolo is a WINNER, and as Herm Edwards famously told the world years ago …… YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!

                Go NINERS!

        2. who should the 9ers look to in 2020 to QB the team

          Since QB is the weakest position on the team, why that 2020 first round draft pick of course. Trade up and get Tua. Injured players are this teams forte.

        3. this regular season: 3,978 Pass yards, 4th-most in a single season in 49ers history; completed 69.1% of passes, 5th-highest percentage in the NFL; three games with 300 Pass yards, four pass TD & 70% completion percentage (most in NFL).


          F it, I wouldn’t trust that guy either

    2. Come on md, you don’t expect a little winning to change Grants ways, do you? A muckraker’s gotta rake muck. A yellow journalist’s gotta practice yellow journalism.

          1. Dude, I’m jealous. Wish I was going to this game. Wife had surgery. Nothing too serious but we can’t travel right now. Couldn’t go to the NFCCG either. Fontainebleu in Miami is amazing. Its pricey but for the Superbowl it would be a perfect trip topper. About 35 minutes to the stadium and with that traffic you probably want to triple the commute. BUT it is the Superbowl. Hope you have a blast.

            And if you are wondering, I did order the Red & Gold pet friendly paint. My daughters cat is going to be sporting the colors on Superbowl Sunday.

            1. Houston, thanks for the info. South Beach rooms were filling up fast Sunday night, but will check it out for dining – we’re there 5 days.

              I hope excessive cheering won’t cause your wife any post-op discomfort :)

          2. I spent a year and a half living in the Sunshine State, rib, a little word of advice – just because the forecast isn’t calling for rain, doesn’t mean it won’t. And pack yourself some extra clothes, because that humidity ain’t no joke.

            That said, have yourself a time, rib, and help our boys bring another trophy back to the bay!

            Go NINERS!

            1. Thanks Reason. I’ve lived on the east coast decades now, but still haven’t gotten used to the humidity here – I’ll take a NY winter over the summer any day. I’ve only been to Florida once, a short airport layover, but I understand the it’s humidity on steroids.

              1. We’re back! Here’s to hoping Super Bowl LIV is the 49ERS piece de resistance for what has been a masterful 2019/20 season!

            2. I was in South Fla in Sept, and also lived there a few years. That said it will down pour around noon time and by 12:15 it will stop

              1. Hah, yah, you know how it is Neal, and the downpour will appear out of nowhere, and then disappear as quickly as it appeared.

          3. Nice…. to see the celebration for the conference title was awesome, I can’t imagine seeing the Superbowl celebration.

            Lucky you.

      1. That’s right Hammer, Orlovsky sure gets it, and he’s a former NFL QB.

        I don’t know about you, but I am yet to hear a single rational argument for throwing the football at a time when your opponent has absolutely no answers for stopping your rushing attack, and you’re in the process of breaking your opponents spirit by relentlessly running the football down their collective throats.

        1. AND playing keep-away from Rogers AND resting the D with TOP.
          For the national media gasbags to buy into the “no trust” foolishness is weak and sad on their part. For someone who supposedly “covers” the team year round to not keep up with what the team, HC and QB are doing, and why they choose to do it that way is incomprehensible.

    3. I love how some fans think that coaches think like them. “Sure Jimmy, do what ever you want! You’re a winner. I’ll just hold this plastic sheet in my hand and speak gibberish into this microphone.”

      You do know that KS calls every play, right? You noticed he had Jimmy throw 6 times, didn’t you? Doesn’t sound like he wants him to throw the ball a lot. He’s decent, but he throws a lot of picks.

      There is no basis for your rebuttal to Grant, where there is basis for Grant’s statement.

      If you’re just going to “SMH” and offer other fan drivel as a rebuttal, save it. We’ve all heard it 100 times before. We get it, you think Jimmy is Jesus. That’s fine but you gotta offer evidence for why Grant is wrong.

      The coaches and especially KS are way more critical of players than Grant is. Get real.

      1. “That’s fine but you gotta offer evidence for why Grant is wrong.”

        New Orleans. @ Seattle just to name 2. Throwing the ball on 6 of the first 8 plays against Minnesota. Throwing the ball on 1st down from their own 11 on the second drive of the game on Sunday. Throwing the ball on their final drive to stay on the field.

        Shanahan has done exactly what he said in the postgame interview and he’s done it all season. He takes what the defense is giving him, and when you can run the ball the way they have the last 2 weeks there’s no reason to go away from it.

      2. Brian, in case you missed it, Grant has spent the last 3 years pointing out his perception that Kyle Shanahan made the critical mistake in his second half play-calling in Super Bowl LI, by failing to protect the lead by not rushing the football nearly often enough.

        Maybe you can enlighten us Brian – give us your best argument for throwing the football at a time when your opponent has absolutely no answers for stopping your rushing attack, and you’re in the process of breaking your opponents spirit by relentlessly running the football down their collective throats.

        Please Brian, explain to the rest of us “casual” football fans, in laymen terms, why it makes sense to go away from running the football even though both the Packers and Vikings simply could not stop it?

        1. throwing the football at a time when your opponent has absolutely no answers for stopping your rushing attack,

          I still don’t understand why this is a foreign or complicated thinking……

      3. “You do know KS calls every play right?”
        “You noticed he had jimmy throw 6 times didn’t you?”

        “Doesn’t sound like he wants him to throw the ball a lot”
        Says who? You? Grant? And other raider fans?
        You’ve got the nerve to talk about rebuttals?
        With that answer?
        You claim it’s funny that fans think the coach thinks like them, yet here you are answering for a super bowl bound coach.

        On what planet would a smart coach all of a sudden just stop trusting his QB who’s arm YES ARM got them through the toughest part of the schedule with multiple weapons injured?
        Idk how they do things in Vegas but if this is the thought process no wonder they’re always in line for a top 5 pick.

        Grant May say things like this for hits on his blog.
        But you actually believing it is why the term “a sucker is born every minute” was invented!

        Naaaaaa can’t be that they ran the ball down the throats of their opponent and stuck with it, to bury any hope that team might have had in the game.
        That’s unheard of!
        And when your own dad says
        “Let’s day you are right about it”
        You’ve lost already.
        Get lost with that trash!

        1. I’d say Harbaugh should have trusted Kaepernick less on the last drive of the super bowl and trusted Frank Gore more.
          Had they not put Lamichael James in for Gore the outcome may have been different.

  5. grant is a full blown homer!! He bashed KS for passing with a 25 point lead in the SB……said he was a crappy HC Said he was just an OC……
    Now that hes run the ball, clearly learning from his mistakes, given the same situation twice this year…..its back to “cuz JG sicks”!
    The only person that sucks at his job around here is GC!!!!

  6. Did Grant really say this? …” KS doesn’t fully trust JG.”

    After covering the team the whole year – Grant has to be biggest M…n to think that…..

      1. Oh so you’d have Jimmy throw 25 times a game? Is that what you’re saying?

        Somebody must have been saying that. Even including those untrustworthy playoff games Jimmie has averaged 28 attempts per game this year.

  7. I am shocked how people forgets what happens in the super bowl……..the game is tight and goes fast, pressure is high…..I forsee Reid to panick – which will make Mahomes panick…….my super bowl MVP Jimmie Ward (3 int)

  8. Thaks Grant entertaining as usual…

    PS ignore the haters…they love to hate...its sad because if they hate what you have to say, why are they still here?? Its like being here and ragging on a beatwriter is their hobby . ignore it

    1. What does it say about you hating on the “haters?”
      Why do you need to comment on it?
      Grants a big boy. He can defend himself I think.
      You don’t get extra cookies for kissing a** BTW.

        1. It’s “ninermd” Bud.

          Now genius. Tell us all how you know KS doesn’t trust JG throwing.
          I’m sure everyone anticipating this answer.

    2. its sad because if they hate what you have to say, why are they still here??

      I could care or less what Grant has to say – he’s going to say what he thinks is most rile-worthy or appeal to the natural pessimists like yourself. Spend time listening to his audios or breakdowns? Please…. my time is more valuable than that.

      As soon as Grant moves up the media ladder will be a happy day at this site. It’s the other commentators I find interesting and why I’m here. I’m sure the vast majority of those here are of the same mind as myself.

          1. unfortunately we are…….let’s hope a new young talent comes in and do the job for less……

            Grant jumped the shark long time ago……..Dude is just a copy of his Dad…..actually not has good.
            Nothing new or innovative about Grant………

      1. Yep. ACL injury. 27.5 mil guaranteed. injured after 7 games, put on IR. Over generous contract for an injured player. At the time of the signing, they took a big risk, and it did not look like it was paying off. Until January, it looked like Grant’s assessment was right.
        By some medical miracle, he returned for the playoffs, and is earning his money.
        ACL players are hit and miss. Kwon was drafted in the 4th round, but Will Redmond was drafted by the Niners in the third round, and it took a lot longer for him to recover from his ACL. Then he played in the NFCC Game, and the Niners abused him. Mostert ran by him like he was standing still.
        Glad Kwon is back, but he very easily could still be on IR.

        1. Sebbie…. Didn’t you pay attention to Kwon’s contributions earlier in the season? Set the tone for a great defense, no? Grant gave the acquisition an F. With that kind of performance, we need more F acquisitions.

          And this from Grant on Bosa…

          This was the worst move the 49ers could have made with the second pick. I would have taken Josh Allen. Former 49ers general manager Scot McCloughan would have taken Quinnen Williams. Either player would have been terrific for the 49ers. The best move would have been trading down.

          1. Why are you replaying ancient history? Nobody knew at that time if it would be a success or bust. The Niners beat up on some easy teams in the first half. Dre Greenlaw filled in admirably, and maybe Hollister would not have been stopped without Greenlaw. Paying too much for an injured player who played only half the regular season, does not deserve an A. With all the uncertainty with an ACL signing, with 27.5 guaranteed, that deal may have gone way wrong. I am glad it turned out well, but it could have gone even worse, if the ACL did not fully recover. He had only 21 tackles for a 61,3 rating, and last game, graded out at 55.9.
            Josh Allen could have been selected after the Niners traded back. He had 10.5 sacks, so he surpassed Bosa with his 9 sacks. Both may have been a good choice, and the Niners could have obtained an additional first round pick or a boatload of later picks, by moving back.
            Once again, speculating on the draft is second guessing, but the Niners are poised to play in the SB, so that should be the focus. I wonder if Saleh should dial up exotic blitzes against Mahomes.

              1. Players with chronic knee issues rarely fulfill their contracts. I am talking from the economic, salary cap perspective.
                However, if Ford helps the Niners win the SB, he will be worth every penny.
                Imagine the intel from him. He played alongside many Chiefs, so he knows them like brothers. Ford practiced against Mahomes, so I am sure he has a couple tips on how to defend against Mahomes.
                Ford can provide knowledge of the locker room dynamics. He can make player assessments, and detail their strengths and weaknesses. He can give info on the coaches, with their preferences and tendencies. He knew their playbook backwards and forwards. Sure, they changed things up, but past knowledge can help predict the future.
                Sure, some will pooh pooh any advantage gained from Dee Ford, but it is just due diligence to explore all aspects. Run down every lead. Some may consider Dee Ford a treasure trove of intel.
                Ford also has motivation. Some Chiefs blame him for losing to the Pats, so they considered him trash. They got rid of him. Ford has every reason to prove them wrong. It would be payback, for him, to beat the team that dumped him.

            1. Why are you replaying ancient history?

              Because those who fail to learn from it are doomed to repeat it. In Grant’s case repeat it anyway. Starting with this moronic not trusting Jimmy take.

              1. -Once again speculating about the draft…. blah, blah, blah

                That’s pretty funny coming from the guy who excretes dozens and dozens of vacuous mock drafts every year.

              2. JL said he would consider every mock, so I obliged him. I am sure some draft people at the Niners were churning out mocks, too.
                Both the Patriots and Seahawks employed trade backs, so I know that strategy works.
                Vacuous? Isn’t that the very definition of a mock? It is a possibility, not a reality.

    3. I’ve read this blog for over 10 years because of the diversity of comments. I don’t post very often, but love to read the posts. Some really know their football. Others are just entertaining as all get out. A few are both! You all know who you are. ;-)

      I’m just a fan of football having never played or coached, and I learn something about the game from these guys. I appreciate Grant and all the others who have manned the blog, but the stars are the posters. I think Grant is trying to springboard this opportunity into something more. I can’t blame him for trying, but yeah, he should know KS trusts JG. If Grant doesn’t know, then I don’t know what he’s been watching.

      1. And the Cohn Zohn podcast is a much watch for every Niner fan! Lowell and Grant work together like a Prime cut of ribeye steak, and a loaded baked potato with all of the fixins!

  9. Early defensive thoughts:

    Kansas City played the Texans and Titans so far in the playoffs. Both of those teams are in the bottom 10 of all defenses in the league. KC hasn’t seen anything like the 49ers defense. The best defenses the Chiefs have played since Mahomes has been back were the Chargers, Broncos, and Patriots. They put up 23 or 24 in every one of those games. That won’t be enough to beat the 49ers. If the 49ers hold the Chiefs to 24 then the 49ers win by 10 points.

    Mahomes is good at scrambling. The Titans pursuit of Mahomes was embarrassing. The one long TD run was absolutely pathetic effort on the Titans defense. Mahomes has a knack for tightlining the sideline for lots of extra yards. Don’t worry about penalties. Need to light up Mahomes a$$ until you hear the whistle. I honestly don’t care if the 49ers get a flag. Make Mahomes think twice about staying in bounds for extra yards.

    KC Is bottom third in the league in rushing. Mahomes is hot right now and most of his big plays happen after he starts scrambling. The 49ers D-line needs to have gap integrity and collapse the pocket. I’m almost thinking this is a game where you stay in nickel the entire game. Take al Shair off the field. When KC goes with 2 TE then 49ers counter with 3 safeties. Don’t care if its Ward, Tartt, and Harris or Ward, Tartt, and Moore. If KC goes with 3 WRs then you take the extra safety off the field and bring in K’Waun Williams. Turn the KC big plays into at least 2 To’s and the 49ers win this game.

    1. Exactly Houston.
      Let’s not forget in that last game Tenn looked cold and tired from the start.
      Going on the road like they did without a bye will eventually catch up to you.

      Houston lost the game as soon as their idiot coach tried the fake punt that deep.
      And they didn’t adjust a bit in the second half. Not till way later in the game did they double Kelce, and it still didn’t work.

      My question remains…. how will KC stop this offense.

      It’s a tough one to pick for me, but I’ll go with the complete team. That hasn’t stopped all season.

      1. ” how will KC stop this offense”
        If history repeats, Spagnolo’s defenses usually like to blitz against the run and pass. It will be up to Jimmy G to make the right reads and get rid of the ball quickly. Im guessing they try to put 8/9 men in the box and do everything they can to stop the run.
        If Im Shanny, I want to see if the honey badger can cover. Pick on him all day as I dont think he can cover Kittle, De Bo or Sanders.

        1. lol…….trust me we don’t want to test the HoneyBadger………One of my fav college payers….

          I will never forget the 2 int thrown by Kaepernick…….I will rather run on him than pass on him…..

          1. Honey badger not the same after the knee injury. And Jimmy G is no Krapernick. Run or pass, he wont be able to keep up with the weapons we have.
            KC’s defense is overrated!

            1. KC’s defense maybe overrated……..but the HoneyBadger is not…….Just cuz our 49ers are in the big game does not mean we lose prospective of reality…….

              Don’t take him lightly…..

              1. i want to see them run right at honey badger early!!!! Juice or Kittle running right at HB and bulldozing him to the ground!!!

        2. They do that Prime, and JG will have a field day and will dawn the MVP of the game.
          If the honey badger is assigned to cover Kittle, then hell yes go at him all game.
          He can’t cover Kittle.
          The wrong passing team will have shown up if they stack that box to stop the run.

        3. I’ve been watching Tyrann Mathieu for many years now. The best thing Mathieu has going for him is a cool nickname. Mathieu is what I call a Sportscenter player. He makes 1 highlight play per game and then makes 15 bad plays in a game that go unnoticed. Mathieu is a liability in coverage and he was a liability even before his knee injury. I’m not a Mathieu hater. I just think he’s an incredibly selfish player that cares more about his own personal glorification than actually playing team defense and doing his job consistently. I watched him several years with the Cardinals and then last year with the Texans. The Texans couldn’t get him out of town fast enough. That’s not saying much because the Texans organization is full of morons. But still, the guy has bounced around for a reason.

          1. seriously dude?…….You have been watching football for years and you think Steve Spagnuolo the DC that beat NE in the Superbowl…….will have Tyrann Mathieu be the centerpiece of his defense knowing he is a liability……

            Guys lets give respect where it’s due… need to look dumb when it comes to football…..

            1. True. No need to look dumb when it comes to football. You have that covered for everyone on this blog. Like I said, Mathieu makes plays. He may get a sack. He may get a big hit in run defense. He’ll also blow a few coverages. He’ll allow a 25 yard reception then make a nice hit and jump up and celebrate. Jonnu Smith had the longest TD reception of his career thanks to Tyrann Mathieu. Several TEs have Mathieu to thank for big games. The Chiefs gave up 107 receptions for 1072 yards to TE’s this year. Thats the 2nd worst defense against TEs in the NFL. And guess what – that has a lot to do with Tyrann Mathieu in coverage. Looking for the same for George Kittle in the Superbowl. Mathieu is not a terrible player. I actually like the guy and the swagger he brings to a defense. But he’s not a great player either.

              1. Hey old fart…..kindly post link where you are getting your stats/…..

                Packers were also terrible against TE all season…..we didn’t pass on them…we ran them over…….we are better off running him to the ground with kittle

              2. There are 2 places I get my stats. Posting this one since I think the other included playoff games. Point is unchanged. KC is bad against TEs. Tyrann Mathieu is a flashy player who screws up coverages and gives up big plays. You can slobber all over him all you want but Kyle Shanahan is going to expose Mathieu. I’m sure he will make a highlight play or two but he will also be the Everson Walls a few 49er receivers posterize in the SuperBowl.

                Guess who’s best in the NFL against TE’s… The San Francisco 49ers.


              3. One you act like Mathieu is the best safety in the league?
                He’s not the same since the knee injury and if Shanny can get him matched up with Kittle or Sanders it will be a nightmare for him all game.
                Jones and Clark are the only guys to worry about on that KC defense.

              4. He is not the best safety….but his football IQ is right up there…..

                Players like him always show up in a big game….it’s their nature.

              5. Tyrann Mathieu has a big red bull’s eye on his back, and KS painted it there.
                Yes, he is opportunistic, and can make plays, but he is undisciplined, and can be lured out of position. He has strengths, but they will attack his weaknesses.

              6. One,
                I’m not going to say the honey badger is a good or bad player. I don’t know enough about him to make that call.
                I would say that if he’s on Kittle in any one on one matchup I would absolutely go after him.
                I think Kittle is too special of a player not to try and get him the ball in any one on one matchup. Especially one in which he has such a size advantage.

  10. Another dumb take from Grant….seriously after all these years of Grant covering the football….he lacks IT….

    Raheem Mostert became the primary running back, a role he should have had all season. He showed why against the Packers. Mostert ran a whopping 29 times for 220 yards and four touchdowns. The 49ers might be undefeated had they featured Mostert

    Raheem Mostert is 180 -190 lbs – and you rather have him be the full time back in 16 games – and you are 100% sure he would be healthy end of season?…….

    what a dumb thing to write……The best thing that ever happened to mostert was starting as the #3 back……NO FREAKING way he is 100% healthy after carrying 20 times in 16 games….cmon mehn use your head…..

  11. It has only been 2 days and already the ridiculousness is happening with the media taking these wild angles on both teams. This is why I wish there was not a 2 week layoff between the games.

  12. Grading Grant…..

    @Grant – It’s really sad to see how little you have grown. I will put myself in the list of longest on the blog. I have read 90% of your articles and it is really disappointing how incompetent and inept you have been at your job lately.

    I am glad the NFL has warned you about those edited videos, stop being lazy you will never be on ESPN, stick with your writing.

    I read your Grade report of the NFC championship game and was ticked off on your ignorant takes.

    What pissed me off the most is the no mention of Mitch Wishnowsky. You did not even bring up his name.

    Let’s see what was written about him by PK – Mitch Wishnowsky, punter/kickoff specialist, San Francisco. Didn’t notice him much Sunday? You should have. He had eight kickoffs and two punts, and the Packers never started any of those 10 drives outside their own 25-yard line. Two drives started at the Packer 8. A great, and unnoticed, game by Wishnowsky.

    from Grant:

    SPECIAL TEAMS: A. Richie James Jr. had a 26-yard punt return, and Robbie Gould made all three of his field-goal attempts, including a 54-yarder, his longest since 2015. Clutch.

    49ers are winning and you Grant is getting worse.

    You need to do what KShanny is doing = Yes follow your Dad but you have to be innovative – you have to grow – that does not mean you on videos – it means you writing something with intelligence people would
    read over and over again……

    You’ve been in this business long and sadly you remain mediocre…..

    1. grant is garbage!!!! the sad part is…..he thinks he’s elite!!!!!! LMAO!!! Elite journalist dont run blogs…..where every single person in the world with an email address can log on and call them names like “homer” etc lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Hey, “homer” is not the insult they think it is. All a homer is, and I count myself as one, is someone who knew this team was special before the rest did. And the rest are scrambling now.

        1. rib, what you describe is an intelligent fan. I knew this team would be much improved….and as the season unfolded….it didnt take me long to realize this season was gonna be special!
          “homer” means idiot in pop culture…..kind of a softer way of saying it. Before you argue….watch the new zombieland movie. My kids made me rent it last night…..they refer to the dumbest zombies as “homers”!
          And if you still want to argue… must define the term “pop culture”

          1. In sports a homer means:
            Someone who shows blind loyalty to a team or organization, typically ignoring any shortcomings or faults they have.

            This does not describe Grant.

  13. An unsung hero from sundays game. Levine Toilolo he only played 15 snaps but it seemed like every play he was in for he made a great block that helped spring Mostert for a big gain.

    1. I agree. Even Sanders helped in the blocking. Deebo, Bourne, Juice and especially Kittle, helped Mostert out immensely.
      I replayed the game and saw Toilolo blow up the defenders, too.

  14. Hi Grant,

    Must say, I really enjoy these chats with your dad. I’m an old guy and lived in The City during the 80’s and 90’s so remember his writing well.

    Here’s something to ask him about. When Montana and the Niners played Marino and the Dolphins in the SB all everyone talked about was how great Marino was and how the Niners didn’t stand a chance. Montana was hopelessly outmatched. Etc. Sound familiar? We all know how that turned out.

  15. Amazing to hear all the disrespect on Jimmy’s name this week. Its a recency bias gone out of control. All the pundits are saying Shanahan doesn’t trust Jimmy, he took the game out of Jimmy’s hands, yadda yadda yadda….of course we’re not going to pass we’re getting 8 ypc….its like they completely forgot the second half of the season when we battled injuries, strength of schedule, and fatigue and had to lean on Jimmy, and he delivered.

    Also can’t stand how the media is playing Mahomes vs Jimmy, as if that’s the only match up that matters.

    I like the underdog mentality, and i think the team will feed off of it, but man it just bothers me to my core.

    1. The disrespect is fantastic! Just what I was hoping for. Let KC be the favourite. Let the media question the 49ers. Give the team an extra edge and take the pressure off them.

    2. Amazing to hear all the disrespect on Jimmy’s name this week.

      Who gets more disrespect ? Jimmie from the media or Grant from his blog? ;)

        1. Exactly Leo!!!
          Grant was growing on me…..then the podcast came!!! As much as i do like the podcast……the major flaw is-Grants insight on Grant!!! The ego on this guy!!!
          He stated how great he is at least 6-7 times in 5 podcast……
          He stated, that way back in the Harbaugh era….that he was so good at his job….that he could guys like JH fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          He stated that he can get players cut via his criticism…..
          He stated that he can do these things “cuz hes a New York style reporter…
          He stated that hes great and JH respected him as an opponent, who could get him fired…..due to the fact he actually new the name of a play and the options the player had on said route.

          This guy has a warped sense of reality……
          Hes a kid who got into his career via nepotism!!!!!
          He plays 2nd fiddle on HIS OWN PODCAST!!!!
          Hes lazy as all hell
          Hes never right……about anything!!!
          Hes so overly critical of guys……they dont respect him, there nice to him out of spite! its sarcasm in its highest form!
          He runs a blog…..not a job for an ” A list” journalist
          He is despised by the majority of the blog followers ( for many of the reasons ive stated above)
          He thinks hes above reporting!!!!! His ego is so big……he dosent think of himself as a reporter!!!!!!!!! can you believe it!!!! He thinks hes a journalist on his way to becoming an analyst!!!! “Reporting” is beneath him!
          I dont feel bad for pointing any of this out! Grant has this coming…..hes so cold to these young players!!!!! He’ll turn on ppl, viciously at the drop of a dime!!!!! He was calling for Lynch, Shanny and Saleh’s head only months ago!!!!! Then had the audacity to say “he wasnt wrong about shanny” 2 podcast ago!!!!!!!!! His dad had to correct his lil spoiled brat @$$!

  16. It is interesting to note that the Niners are in the Super Bowl, and some are ragging on Grant and other posters.
    Good insights. Great stories. Lowell is a treasure chest full of the Glory Year Niners. Grant and his Kittle story was funny.
    I must say, Lowell is no Norman Einstein! JK ;p

    1. Lowell is Grant 1.0. Ragging on the team until they became so successful he’d look like a doofus in continuing to do so. Oh wait, maybe Grant hasn’t learned that lesson yet.

      1. Back in the Glory Years, Lowell would make me grind my teeth, many times when I opened up the Green Section.
        How dare he challenge BW to prove him wrong! Now, in retrospect, it may have been a master motivational method, that helped him achieve greatness, because Lowell outlined the pitfalls, and how to avoid them.
        I may have ground my teeth, but I read every word. Grant is also a must read, so yeah, he is a chip off the old block.
        I am really enjoying the father/son interaction. Grant is so lucky, to have a father like Lowell. Injecting Bruce Bochy in the Cohn Zohn made it light and entertaining.

        1. Now, in retrospect, it may have been a master motivational method, that helped him achieve greatness, because Lowell outlined the pitfalls, and how to avoid them.

          No doubt Walsh was racked with doubt, thinking if only some beat writer could set me on the path to success. Where oh where could that writer be?

          That’s your narrative, Seb?

          1. I sense a pattern. If the 9ers win this SB and have another strong season in 2020, Sebbie will claim that Grant ‘helped Shanahan achieve greatness, because…..

            1. Well, if KS now considers time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half, I will feel satisfied.
              Grant was spot on with his assessment of Bowman.
              Grant was spot on in his assessment of Pettis, and Pettis did not step on the field for a snap for these last 2 games.
              Grant was one of the first to advocate that KS have a quick hook with Witherspoon. I am sure glad Moseley is now the starter.
              Did all of those things occur because of Grant? Cause and effect? Some will just attribute it to being an amazing coincidence, or not having any relevance at all.

              1. Amazing coincidence? No.

                If you say enough stuff, some of it will eventually be right? Yes. (the “even a stopped clock is right twice a day” axiom).

                Grant: Player X is terrible and shouldn’t be on an NFL roster!

                Player has an 10 year NFL career, then retires.

                Grant: See? I was right.

          2. No, I listened to Grant’s interview with Eddie. He was the one who asserted they did not touch the Green Section, but years later, admitted he read every word.
            BW also was impressed with the sports columnists, He said they were very intelligent. BW did not listen to or read the dummies, because he was a genius. He respected smart people.

              1. Cassie, this reminds me about Baalke. What a back stabber. Sure am glad Jed kicked him to the gutter.
                Now we have John Lynch. What a difference. JL is everything that Baalke is not. JL would not take the job until Jed stopped all the leaking. Baalke’s specialty were the leaks and smears. It was just business to Baalke.
                John Lynch built a club that has character. He built a culture of winning, He assembled a talented squad, with depth. Baalke dismantled a SB squad. Players fled, and the locker room was toxic. Many players were wondering if they would be cut on the team bus. Free Agents avoided the Niners like the plague, because of Ballke. JL rebuilt the Niners from the ground up with Free Agents and the draft.
                Baalke ended up with a team that gave up a historic amount of yards on the ground, with a 2-14 record. In 3 short years, John Lynch has the Niners poised to get that 6th ring.
                I am so happy that Jed fired Baalke, and John Lynch fell in his lap. JL and KS make a good duo. Remember JH, Tomsula and Chip with Baalke?

            1. More BS, Seb. Walsh hated most of the press guys–unless his books are lying and YOU know the truth.
              THAT…is not bloody likely.

  17. these people out there are funny…..

    All we have to do is chase mahomes and run the ball…….

    All they have to do is throw 40 yrd passes and stop the run……..

    lol….who do you think has a better chance of winning?…….

    Can’t wait for these idiots to change their narrative after we win the superbowl……..Mahomes is young he will be back

  18. The only question I ever had about Jimmy not throwing very many passes in the last two games was a question about him remaining sharp. It never even occurred to me that KS might not trust Jimmy G as the pundits are saying. Running the last two games was the right thing to do because the overriding goal was to win the game (any loss in Jimmy being at peak level was just an unfortunate side effect). But when Jimmy did throw this last game, he looked sharp so maybe there was/is nothing to be concerned about at all. Again, the idea that KS doesn’t trust Jimmy is laughable.

    1. Your point about sharpness is well taken, but I think Jimmy can get into the groove quickly if he’s called upon to throw due to his experience thus far.

      The narrative put forth that Jimmy isn’t trusted by KS is slanderous and gross. I’m not worried, though, because I believe Jimmy enjoys proving the hacks and haters wrong. Jimmy is a champion in the making and the constant disrespect thrown his way will serve as fuel in his quest for greatness.

      Just one example

      I say bring it on. The more the trash talk continues, the greater that chances the 49ers wipe the floor with Kansas City…with help from JG’s arm. I only wish I could be in Miami when it all goes down.

    2. I love the narratives about “hiding Jimmy” in the playoffs, but the Niners can’t hide him in the SB — hope it doesn’t stop! Please, please Chiefs, stack the box to stop the run and dare Jimmy to beat you – because that strategy worked so well for other teams who tried it this year.

      1. If the Chefs underestimate Jimmy’s arm, it will be at their own expense. Let Reid and company forget our QB is capable of dropping dimes at anytime.

        Kyle is playing multi dimensional chess against all these checker a$$ suckas.

  19. A Grant tweet from training camp…

    Grant Cohn

    45 percent of you think processing speed is the most important trait. 95 percent of you probably would agree Mullens processes much faster than Garoppolo. Yet, 100 percent of you say Garoppolo clearly is the better QB. I still think fans just like his jawline.

      1. Do not mind Cassie, she is just trollin’.
        No, spot on in his assessment. Too many times, JG locked onto a player, and forced it into coverage.
        When Mullens beat the Seahawks for the first time in years, he calmly processed the information, and could get to the right target; the open receiver. In TC, JG was rusty, coming off rehabbing his ACL knee, while Mullens had been throwing to his receivers for a long time. With this Niner defense, I think that Mullens could also lead them to victory, because handing off the ball is not hard to do. Hope JG stays healthy, and the Niners achieve their Quest for 6.
        One time, JG threw into double coverage at Deebo(?) while Toilolo down the middle, and Mostert on a short pass, were both wide open.
        I still like JG and still think he can lead them to glory, but he does throw interceptions. He threw one in the Vikings game, and 2 in the recent Rams game. JG needs to work on reducing the turnovers, because turnovers may decide if he wins or loses.

        1. Hey Sebbie…

          Check 9er QB stats through the 80s. Compare with the 9ers 2019 season. Go on, do it. Don’t cop out with the ‘I’m a Luddite’ remark.

            1. Montana (’81) – 31 starts coming into ’81…

              G At Comp % at/gm yrds yrds/gm td int long qbrtg
              16 488 311 63.7 30.5 3,565 222.8 19 12 78T 88.4

              Garoppolo (’19) – 26 starts coming into ’19…

              G At Comp % at/gm yrds yrds/gm td int long qbrtg
              16 476 329 69.1 29.8 3,978 248.6 27 13 75T 102.0

              Apologize for any formatting boo-boos. Comparing Montana and Garoppolo at somewhat similar points in their career arc. NOT saying Jimmy will have a full career like Montana’s. Just comparing their first Super Bowl seasons.

              1. Correction — That would be ‘game appearances coming into’… Many were starts, but not all. My bad.

        2. I still like JG

          That very generous of you, Seb. Or are you going to blame this on the catfish too?

          he does throw interceptions. He threw one in the Vikings game, and 2 in the recent Rams game.

          Cool. So he matched Montana’s total in the The Catch game.

          1. I like JG so much, I have not been advocating for a return of Kaep. In fact, I have been very happy with JG, since his last throw in the 2017 Seahawk game.
            Still, he can improve, and interceptions are what a lot of the national media are focusing on. If JG can greatly reduce or eliminate his interceptions, they will have nothing to criticize him about.
            Yes Joe did throw all those picks, but he threw a beauty, that is seared in my conscientiousness, and is immortalized forever. We in the stands were jubilant, but many were worried that the Niners scored too quickly. The Cowboys had 47 seconds left, and the first pass from White went to Drew Pearson. Wright caught him from behind, otherwise, he could have gone all the way. They were on the Niner 44 yard line, close to field goal range, with 37 seconds left and one time out. Many were freaking out that the Cowboys may stick another dagger in the Niners, and Niner fan’s hearts. Thankfully, Lawrence Pillars caused a fumble and Jim Stuckey recovered. The rest is history.
            It is interesting to note that the Niners scored 4 TDs, and won. The Cowboys scored 5 times, and lost.
            I hope KS studies every play in that drive, before ‘The Catch.’ Walsh was a maestro during that march to Glory.

  20. While many question JG, the biggest surprise to me is the O-line! If someone told you in Sept., that the O-line was capable of helping the 9ers get to the SB ( especially with the injuries), would you have thought they were smoking crack?
    The SB should answer all the douberts. Then we can argue over who the 9ers should draft….


    When Garoppolo throws 35+ times a game this year the 49ers are 3-1. I’m the lone loss they were in position to win the game in OT and the kicker sent it into the tunnel.

    Garoppolo is now 21-5 as the starting QB for the 49ers. Only 1 of those losses has been by more than 1 score.

    I could understand some of the negative Garoppolo takes prior to the season. We’ve now seen his body of work this year and these narratives just don’t match up with what we see on the field.

  22. Haven’t read Grant’s article, not that interested in a take on Jimmy. Debating him as a QB is not even a serious subject. The 49ers, who three years ago, were perilously close to becoming the West Coast version of the Cleveland Browns are now in the freaking SUPER BOWL and have a QB who’s done nothing but win and make every clutch play called for on the way.

    I’m 69 so still remember the NFL in the 1960s. This reminds me a bit of Bart Starr. He got little love compared to QBs like Unitas, Jurgensen, Namath, etc. He rarely had to throw much and played on a team with a great defense and great running game. Sound familiar ? Brady and Aikman were similarly dissed early on playing for SB teams and not throwing a lot like Steve Young, Manning or Favre.

    49ers are damn lucky that Belichik liked the Shanahans so much. Of course, the 49ers could have drafted Mahomes instead of Thomas, but then again, Montana was a third round pick and Brady was a sixth rounder and QB desperate teams all passed on Russell Wilson despite his great college career.

    1. It’s a totally moot point and I’m very happy with Jimmy G, but I would be curious to know why KS passed on Mahomes. I’m guessing it was because Mahomes didn’t play in a prostyle offense and KS didn’t think he would be able to adapt quickly enough. Also, I have a suspicion that KS really does not want his QB to improvise too much. Apparently, Reid doesn’t try to constrain Mahomes.

      1. I would be curious to know why KS passed on Mahomes.

        I think it was because of the master plan to sign Cousins in the next free agency period?

  23. It is rainy season, my Mom lives in South Fla along with my two other brothers, she told me yesterday they are having a cold front at 71 degrees, give me a break. I also visit Houston and Austin, have family there too. We were there a few weeks ago, great weather with a little rain. Now if your there in July that is another story

  24. Does anyone else realize/notice how few penalties the niners have had lately? They have really cut down on stupid ass mistakes that cost them in the past. I think it’s a huge reason they have improved so much. Just my two cents…

  25. I think its just fine that Stephen Smith highly doubts that JG is a good QB. I think its just fine the Mike Florio thinks JG is going to piss all over himself. I don’t give a doggone hoot about what Grant says about Lynch, Shanny, Saleh, and JG. I don’t care what happened to Trent Brown or Rueben Foster, I don’t care about drafting a punter in the fourth round (its possible the Packers might need to think about that). I don’t care if Armstead, Thomas are over drafted makes no difference to me. I don’t care if Ford is laid up occasionally, or AW is flailing, or Sherman is really a Hawk. All the bitching and complaining over the last few years eh makes no difference. All the so called miss steps like over drafting or lack of experience, the stupid moves like giving up so much for Sanders…lol…makes no difference. I don’t care if all Niner fans are moron’s. Every single move whether right or wrong has led too…

    The Niners are going to the Super Bowl and thirty other teams are not.

    1. It’s getting so I despise the sports media. It’s all about tearing people down just for the sake of it. They’re as bad as the rest of the MSM.

      1. Media has to create fluff to fill up a week of time before the teams show up in Miami, and then they can only hope that they can create more fluff from the players, etc. to fill up another week. I think they can do it. They are good at making up crap and tearing people down, it’s what they do….

        Go Niners!

      2. We know Grant sometimes posts some head scratchers, but the national media bloviating about Jimmy just explains that they are not experts. At all.
        Stephen Smith, Florio, LeBatard, BoJones, etc talking out their a…s.
        If Sebzu had any organizational skills and a basement level technological knowledge he could have his own blog. But just posting stuff doesn’t mean you know what you’re talking about.

    1. Have you watched what Mahomes did to the 49ers defense a year ago?
      Ran circles around the defensive line & backfield, and that was just after
      he came back from the knee injury. The Niners have had a wonderful run
      this year. Everyone should just take pride, joy in that and forget the
      nonsense that they can beat a stellar and superior Chiefs team. Because
      they can’t & won’t. Andy Reid gets his Super Bowl, 42-28.

      1. Willy Teal, or whatever troll name you are using now, you talk a good game, but the Niners are going to cram the ball down the Chiefs throat.
        Mahomes will be standing along the side line, with a bludgeoned look on his face.
        During the regular season, the Packers beat the Chiefs. The Niners just annihilated the Packers. They stomped and embarrassed the Packers.
        Andy Reid will pull an Andy Reid. Get close, but no cigar. He has a good offense, but his defense is suspect. The Niners have the Number 1 passing defense in the league.
        Niners, 38-34.

      2. Have you watched what Mahomes did to the 49ers defense a year ago?

        I actually watched it again last night.

        Reid called a bunch of screens and the defense a yr ago is waaaaay different from today…..(Bosa, Ford, Kwon)…….

  26. I have been a Niners fan since the mid sixties. My first Niner game was at Kezar when I saw the Lombardi Packers beat the Niners.
    Now for the seventh time I get to see the Niners go to the Super Bowl in an attempt to win their 6th Lombardi Trophy after having beat the Packers.
    It feels like, for me this is meant to be.
    I feel so fortunate to be a fan of the Niners who really reward the faith of their fans by striving for excellence, unlike so many other organizations.

    It is so great to be focused on the Super Bowl rather than the draft and free agency.

    Let’s go Niners!

  27. Can K’Waun lock down Tyrek Hill?

    Can Sherman lock down Hardman?

    Can Eman lock down Robinson?

    Can Tartt or Warner or Ward lock down Kelce?

    Can the front four get enough pressure?

    If we can answer yes to all these questions, the Niners win!

    1. cmon Prime – you know better……

      No one player can lock them down……the TEAM will lock them down

      we play cover 3 zone 80% of the time…….that is exactly what we need to do and beat/bump/slow down their slot WR and TE every time he lines up (can’t recall the team that did that to Brent Jones and we lost) …….nobody is getting past J. Ward

      I bet you – the chiefs will be calling mostly screens…….that is what Andy does against the rush – Andy is too stubborn to have his TE or WR stay in to block……

      1. I recall it was a loss against the packers…….that was the last time I shed a tear on a 49er loss…..

        GB plan was to disrupt the timing of the west coast offense…….beating up Brent Jones at the line of scrimmage did affect the timing on the offense and we lost…….

    2. I think the bigger qustion is – Can KC’s Def stop the Niner’s Offense? Right? I don’t get why nobody is talking about that.

      1. People like talking about what they don’t know…..

        …..everybody knows the chiefs can’t stop the 49er offense –
        …..what they don’t know is Mahomes having a bad game—which is what we will show them…

  28. The Niners should not expect the Chiefs to be as inept as the Packers were in stopping the run. JG will need to pass the ball. I hope the Niners target Mathieu, because he can be lured out of position. Kittle should have a good day.
    JG should just be as cool, calm and collected as Joe Cool. He has all the skills, and all the weapons he needs. JG should just set a goal of scoring a TD every opportunity. Steve Young mentioned having 10 drives. What JG does with his 10 drives will determine whether he wins, or loses. If he is successful in half of his opportunities, he should win. I do not think the Niner defense will give up more than 35 points.
    JG should start by having a balanced attack. Keep them guessing. Put them on their heels. I hope KS gives JG a game plan, and turns him loose to execute it. Let JG be the field general. Run the no huddle with quick varied snaps so the defense cannot substitute. Create mismatches. Run 22 personnel.
    I hope Jeff Wilson Jr is activated. He has had 30 touches, and has scored 5 TDs. With Coleman out with his seperation, Wilson is fresh and totally healthy. He would be ideal for those runs up the middle.
    It would be so sweet for JG to be successful in 7 drives. That would be 49 points. A fitting number for the 49ers.
    GO NINERS !!!!!! SIX !!!!!!

    1. “And he’s not even thinking anything of it — that’s just how he is,” Sherman said with a chuckle. “It’s like ‘You’re a dick!’”

      If that’s the way his own defense talks about him, imagine how opposing defenses feel when they go up against the 49ers offense.

      Sounds like Sherman is still smarting about last years training camp when has was one-on-one tasked with covering Goodwin on a go route :)

  29. Debate in the local news about where the parade should be held. Sherman chirping on Twitter. Talk of what uniforms to wear. Shanny hugging his wife with time still on the clock. Chiefs by a million.

    1. Jimmy above is right. We all know that no team can beat the Chiefs with its 4 horseman of the Mahomecalypse (Hill, Hardman, Kelce and Watkins). We don’t need a blowout loss by the Niners to prove that. I mean, who wins a Superbowl in this passing league with that sort of smashmouth football like the Niners?! As we all know, it’s all about two QBs facing each other and slinging the ball to their favorite receivers.

      Just make the SuperBowl fortnight a giant South Beach party to hand the Lombardi to the Chiefs. Give Mahomes a Hollywood contract, too. For Andy Reid, the yellow jacket to Canton that he so richly deserves, and a gift of a XXXXL Speedo and a giant box of donuts to go with it.

  30. This defense was built specifically to stop an offense like the Chiefs. I’ve yet to see a defense stop the 49ers offense.

  31. Fellas, I need some hope and inspiration here please. When Adams blew by Sherm, I just starting thinking about the overall speed of the KC’s receivers. How do we defend and beat this speed KC has to offer? Do we play man coverage vs zone? How do we keep Mahomes in the pocket? Mobile OB’s give us fits. Help me out!!!

    1. Tree,
      We go after Mahomes. Our defense reminds me of the 94 defense.
      Where are the weaknesses in our defense?

      Our front 4 is a force that teams have not been able to counter.
      Our LB’s are much faster than many think they are.
      Our secondary is not as fast as Hill and Hardman, but Mahomes won’t have the time to wait for them to get open because of our pass rush.

      Dee Ford will have an extra incentive playing against his former team. Sherman has never been a speed guy, but he may be the most intelligent player in football who puts himself in good position against WR’s.

      49ers are Superbowl Championship material!

      1. AES always the voice of reason. I can’t see the Niners playing any man coverage.
        The Chiefs WR’s are way too fast for any of our DB’s.
        The key in my opinion is rush 4,drop 7 in coverage and disguise your pre and post snap reads.
        We are gambling on getting enough pressure with 4 but the encouraging news is, we’ve done it all year.

    2. They give Sherman safety help deep.
      They will employ the Wide 9 and constrict the pocket. Mahomes will not run like he did against the Titans. The Niner defensive speed is elite.
      Some may think Mahomes will run free. I think he will be running for his life.

      1. Prime,
        Thanks. Yup, we got this.
        Yup, our defense has enough speed to make life miserable for Mahomes.
        49ers are Superbowl winning material!

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