Cohn Zohn Episode 6: Super Bowl predictions

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  1. Oh Hallelujah, it is a lock! Grant picked the Chiefs!
    Now the Niners are guaranteed to win, because when has Grant ever been right? !?! ;p
    Just kiddin’, this Cohn Zohn was very entertaining with even a Dusty/ Bob Dylan story.

  2. Thank you Grant. I know you took that one for the Faithful. You claim to be an objective sports journalist but we know you’re a fan.

  3. Terrific call! And come Sunday, how prescient you will seem. Chiefs 42–
    Niners 28. No defense can stop Mahomes’ greatness or Reid’s destiny.

    1. 49ers will contain and harass Mahomes all day, he’ll run and throw but not like in KC’s last 2 games vs weaker D’s. KC will face a better offense. Their D is good, not great. Pretty close game…$9ers 34-27.

  4. I am not sure whether this is realism or pessimism masquerading as realism, but I have the same concerns about the Chiefs as Grant outlines. I am hopeful that I am wrong .

  5. Very predictable and for that reason a tad amusing. Sheer ignorance masquerading as insight. If the score turns out to be lopsided it strongly favors the 49ers , not the one-dimensional Chiefs.

    1. The 49er Defense will prove to be kryptomite for Mahomes and his crew, and the Chief’s porous defense will have no answers that contain the multi-faceted 49er Offense. I would not be surprised to see the 49ers hang 40+ on KC.

  6. So after listening to this I had to look up Cooper Manning. Evidently he has a show on Fox. I ended up watching a bit of an interview he did with Nick Bosa, Bosa did his best just sitting there and bearing it. But I actually felt embarrassed watching and listening to Cooper Manning… Talk about uncomfortable… the definition of not being self-aware.

  7. Love these Cohn Zohns, Grant. It’s worth it just to hear the stories that you and your Dad share. It’s also great to see the mutual respect and love that you two share.

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