Cohn Zohn Episode 8: The Tom Brady discussion

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  1. The Tom Brady 4-6 years ago, yes. The current version, not so sure. Brady and Jimmy G were pretty much in the same boat this year. A strong defense, so-so receivers, a productive running game, and an outstanding play caller. And Jimmy G was in the Super Bowl, not Tom. Brady has 20 years of experience to fall back on. Jimmy G just played his full first season. I can only see jimmy G getting better. This subject is a time filler for the media until the combine and free agency the draft. Jimmy was about 2 plays from winning a Super Bowl . Give the guy a break.

      1. Is Deebo Samuel just a gadget piece?

        2-time Super Bowl Champion Safety Rodney Harrison, one of the hardest hitting safeties I’ve ever seen, recently had this to say about Deebo’s physicality as a playmaking receiver: “That’s the exciting thing about it, that’s why I fell in love with this kid at the University of South Carolina because every time I would watch their games, he would be the one kid that’s playing at a different speed. He would be the most physical guy, and he would play with the most energy. Absolutely amazing.”

        The 24-year-old hasn’t been one to shy away from contact as a pro, accounting for more yards after the catch (473) than all but 12 players this season.

        “I think one of the most underrated things in this game is your ability to tackle these guys in open space,” Harrison said. “ … I mean, think about it. Kittle, every time Kittle gets the ball he’s getting an extra five-to-eight yards because he’s throwing people out the way. Deebo Samuel … it’s the same thing. You see him, he comes across the middle. No one — like in my days, we would have knocked his head off coming across the middle. Nowadays, everyone’s scared to hit him. He’s 6’1″, 216 pounds, and no one wants to hit him!”

        His most impressive attribute however? An uncanny ability to make defenders miss in space, as evidenced by his ranking among the very best NFL wide receivers in forced missed tackles.

        Former NFL scout and current NFL Network analyst Bucky Brooks, had this to say about Deebo: Deebo Samuel is basically a modern-day wing back. Part receiver, part running back, all open-field terror. Kyle Shanahan’s gonna cook up fun things with No. 19 for years to come.

        Football Outsiders, one of the most highly respected NFL advanced statistical analysis providers, ranked Deebo Samuel as the 38th ranked wide receiver in the league for 2019, ahead of notable players such as OBJ, T.Y. Hilton, Julian Edelman, Alshon Jeffrey, Sammy Watkins, J.J. Smith-Schuster, Robbie Anderson, Robert Woods, Brandon Cooks, D.K. Metcalf, Will Fuller, Corey Davis, Golden Tate, Larry Fitzgerald, etc.

        1. “Only a gadget receiver” is just silly. I think Deebo did more than enough to prove that this year. If the Niners can’t retain Sanders I love the idea of drafting Laviska Shenault from Colorado. His route tree isn’t polished, but he’s just like Deebo with the ball in his hands. Combined with Hurd (former RB), that would give the Niners a trio of mean bruising receivers who still have speed (not to mention Kittle). In a league that favours speed over size in the secondary, that would give opposing DC’s fits.
          No other team in the NFL would feature this kind of attack, and combined with their speed at RB and Shanahan’s ability to scheme I could see the offense routinely hanging 40 on opponents.

          1. Hi Bebsie, I do like Shenault, and he’d be a fantastic addition for the 49ers, but his play style is very similar to Jalen Hurd’s, and it seems like the 49ers ought to look for more of a deep threat if they are going to draft a WR as early as Shenault is likely to come off the board. I think the Niners might be better served by drafting a player with a similar play style to Emanuel Sanders, and I also happen to be on the “trade back” bandwagon with the Niners’ first pick of the draft. There just so happens to be a kid who fits that bill in TCU’s Jalen Raegor (this kid has star potential, IMO), who may very well be available in the early portions of round 2, IMO, giving ShanaLynch a great opportunity to draft a WR, while also moving down the draft board to acquire more assets.

            That said, if they don’t end up re-signing Jimmie Ward, I think the 49ers have to look at adding talent to their secondary, with cornerback & safety being their top 2 needs at this stage of the offseason.

            1. I like Shenault a lot and think he’s actually a better version of Deebo.

              That said, I agree with 49. SF needs a receiver with a bit more shake to get open. They also need more picks so I think a trade back would be best and that would effectively remove him from consideration unless he gets hurt or bombs at the combine.

  2. Interesting argument… I know people will call him crazy, and mostly deservedly so…. but the Broncos/Manning argument was intriguing. Do you go for broke for a ring for the next 2-3 years while potentially bankrupting the future. Look at where the Broncos are now. Is it worth it?

      1. Let me see if I have this straight: Jimmy Garoppolo (22-5 as a starter), fresh off of a torn ACL, catches fire over the 2nd half of the season despite a very tough 2nd half schedule, and get’s his team all the way to the Super Bowl in his first full season as a starter, and this is the reaction?

        Truly ridiculous, and hardly even worth my time, TBH. Then again, some on this blog actually thought taking Nick Bosa with the 2nd overall pick, would be the worst pick they could have made, so I guess ignorance truly is bliss.

          1. Grant, are you referring to my post?

            For the record, I have all the respect in the world for what Brady has accomplished throughout his career. But we aren’t talking about Tom Brady in his prime, or anywhere close to his prime, IMO. He’s 42 years old now, and he’s starting to show his age. He’s at that age where you expect to see a decline, and we saw signs of that decline over the course of last season. Garoppolo is only just entering his prime years, and stands a very good chance of having a long, successful run over the next 10 plus seasons. Not only that, Garoppolo is likely only going to get better as he gains more experience, and regains his pre-injury mobility and confidence in his reconstricted knee.

            Bottom line for me is …… we haven’t seen the best of Garoppolo yet, and he’s still young, but he has already proven good enough to run the gauntlet and win the National Football Conference (and take his team into the 4th QTR of a Super Bowl with a lead vs a great AFC team). On top of that, his teammates love him, and seemingly to a man, would run through a wall for him. He’s a talented young QB, and by all accounts, he’s also very coachable, and he’s extremely likable from a fans perspective. For a franchise level QB, his contract is also becoming more affordable by the season.

            So why would it make sense to give up on a young QB with obvious upside and talent, in order to sign an old QB (as great as he once was) who is almost certainly past his prime, and who’s best football is likely behind him?

            1. John Lynch would be foolish to abandon his plan and go with Brady for the chance, if that, to win a SB.

              You continue to build around Jimmy G and be a contender for many more years.
              Of all the teams in the NFC West, the Niners are the best team on paper for the next 3 years.

              1. Exactly Prime. I keep hearing people bring up Manning and the Broncos. Well, Manning was only 35 years old, and the Broncos were absolutely desperate to replace Tim Tebow with a proven QB. Apples and oranges. Garoppolo is only likely to improve moving forward, as he is just now entering his prime years after finishing his first full season as a starter, and is thankfully a full season removed from knee reconstruction. Unlike Tebow, Garoppolo is a very talented passer, has a remarkable 22-5 record as a starter, and only needs to start trusting his knee again, further develop his understanding of the offense, and get a little better at finding his open receivers. Every logical analysis suggests he’s only get better in the coming years, and he’s already obviously good enough to win his conference and get his team into the 4th QTR of a Super Bowl with the lead.

                Plus, he makes a great face for the franchise (literally and figuratively, lol), and his teammates have nothing but respect for him and would happily go to war with him. To give up on him now would be a huge mistake, especially if they replace him with a 42 year old QB who is clearly in the extreme twilight of his admittedly very accomplished career.

              2. The only way I’d trade Garoppolo back to the Pats is for three, 1st round picks.
                So yeah, probably never gonna happen.
                The Niners just need to stay the course. I’m certain that Lynch knew this draft coming up was going to be the best WR class to come out in years and guess what, we need WR’s.

              3. Usually, fans and pundits look at replacing a QB after he has a down year and fails to make the postseason, not a QB with a career 22-5 record, and who just finished guiding his young team to a Super Bowl in his first full season as a starter. And it’s especially unusual when you consider said team went 4-20 with a different starter during the previous 2 seasons.

              4. I agree Prime, Garoppolo could use another couple weapons at the WR position. I think ShanaLynch will draft a WR, and if Jalen Hurd is who I think he is, their WR Corp should be in very good shape moving forward, and especially so if Taylor comes back healthy.

                More than anything though, I think Jimmy will much more confident coming into next season, having a full season under his belt, playoff experience, and a healthy knee on which he can trust. These are the things that will likely help Jimmy establish himself as a consensus top tier QB over the coming years.

              5. and his teammates have nothing but respect for him and would happily go to war with him

                Exactly. Seeing his teammates outspoken defense of him during this year, I could see a Kittle, Sherman, etc burning down the locker room were the team to take Grants asinine advice.

              6. I’m pretty sure Rib is using a metaphor Grant, and I do think it’s a valid metaphor. To a man, this Niners team has mad respect for Jimmy, and they simply love playing with him. And …. why wouldn’t they? Just about all he does is win games, while selflessly doing whatever it takes to help his team win games. He’s as humble as he is handsome, and he works as hard to improve his craft as anyone on the team. Not only that, his teammates feels like they have unfinished business to take care of, and he’s a part of it.

                Just for sh_ts and giggles, let’s say they sign Tom Brady, and then go on to win the Super Bowl. Who’s going to get all of the credit? Kyle Shanahan? Nope. John Lynch? Nope. Any other player on the team other than one of, if not the greatest QB of all time? Nope. It will be all about Tome Brady, and how Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers couldn’t win the big one without him. So what does that really do for the team’s legacy? It’s like Kevin Durrant, only multiplied by 10, because the Warriors actually won a title right before he got there.

                And the thing is, the odds are actually stacked against them winning the Super Bowl next season. And then what? It’s very, very hard to get back to the Super Bowl after losing a Super Bowl heart-breaker the previous season. You know every team they play next season will be gunning for them, and giving them their best shot. There’s no sneaking up on anyone for the next few years. So, where does the team go from there ….. with a 43 year old QB (he’ll turn 43 in August) who is almost certainly on the downside of his illustrious career? How long do you continue to make him the highest paid player on the team, when you know history tells you that father time is not on his side?

                And please stop with the Nick Mullens fantasy. If he’s considered a franchise caliber QB, why aren’t there any teams beating the 49ers doors down in order to bring him in? How much would it really take to pry a backup QB away from the 49ers? Come on man. There’s a reason that the market for Nick Mullens is luke warm, at best. And that reason is that Nick is widely considered as nothing more than a backup caliber QB, and his value as Jimmy’s backup is more than other teams are willing to give up in order to entice the 49ers to let him go. That’s the way it works in the NFL.

              7. 49,

                I couldn’t care less who would get the credit should the 49ers win the Super Bowl. Using that as an excuse to not sign Brady is pretty weak.

              8. Yeah, 49reasons. You’d think Grant, as an English major, would be familiar with the concept of metaphor. But he sat in those pressers where teammates were unequivocal in their admiration for Jimmy’s talent and leadership.

                So “insider”, what do you think would be the reaction from the team if management pulled the rug out from underneath them?

              9. It’s not meant to be an excuse J.P., but it’s reality, and certainly a factor in the decision making process. The bigger issue is that Garoppolo is a young, ascending QB who galvanizes the locker room, which is one of this current 49ers team strengths. Brady is going to be 43 years of age, and may very well have a hard time getting his teammates to follow him if the Niners let Garoppolo walk. If Brady were in his mid to late 30’s, it’s a different conversation, but he’ll be 43 in August, so there’s a very good likelihood that Tom doesn’t have much left in the tank. ShanaLynch have built a young powerhouse of a roster, and are looking for sustained success, and there’s a much better chance at sustained success with an ascending 28 year old QB who is only going to get better, and also happens to win more than 4 games for every loss, than it is with a 43 year old QB, who’s likely looking at his best days in the rear view mirror.

                It’s never going to happen, and the sooner people get that through their fickle skulls, the better. Don’t take my word for it, take Montana and Young’s. This is Jimmy’s team for the foreseeable future, and it’s past time that the fickle “fans” stop with this silly nonsense, and get behind the QB who, in his first full season as a starter, ranked 8th overall (Brady ranked 19th overall) in Passer Rating, while guiding his team to the NFC’s best regular season record, and a Super Bowl berth.

              10. I questioned the same thing. All year management, coaches and players talked about their unity and brotherhood.
                Sure they all want to win but I think all those guys would rather go to war again with Jimmy G then with a guy whose is pretty good, but presents more risk with his age and with coming into a offense not really suited to him.
                Point is for 3 years now the Niners have been building up the roster with a distinct plan and focus. Would Brady compromise all that and assure a playoff berth and beyond?
                I’d say no. Stay the course for at least another 2 years. You just don’t mess with chemistry and a brotherhood in football. It’s sacred.

              11. Yep, I wholeheartedly agree Prime. Stay the course. This team was one QTR away from bringing home the big prize. I think they will enter this season on a mission, and as focused as ever. Bring on the Revenge Tour – 2020 – let’s finish what we started!

              12. “certainly a factor in the decision making process“

                If Shanahan and Lynch think Brady gives them the best chance to win a Super Bowl but they refuse to pull the trigger over concerns of who will get credit they should be fired.

              13. If Shanahan and Lynch think Brady gives them the best chance to win a Super Bowl but they refuse to pull the trigger over concerns of who will get credit they should be fired.

                Sure, if that’s the only issue, but as I explained above, it goes beyond that. Brady is 43 years old. History is like a mirror. We’ve seen how quickly a 43 year old’s game can deteriorate at that age.

                That said, do you think the team would have the same kind of rock-solid comrodery if they feel like Tom Brady is going to get most, if not all, of the glory? I sure don’t. The fact that Garoppolo is just one of the guys, factors into one of the team’s greatest strengths.

              14. If the team won the Super Bowl I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t care if Charlie Manson was playing QB as long as he stood for the national anthem.

              15. Prime Time…I still have a hard time understanding why we should want to draft more WR’s when we have Hurd, and Taylor coming off IR along with Shawn Poindexter , Debo, “Juice”, Matthews, Pettis, and our olympic sprinter, not to mention our TE’s Kittel, and Dwelley. What I DO see, is more ‘beef’ in the OLINE (guards and Center)….Brunskill and Skulle should be 49ers for the next ten years…Our LB’s are Golden, so I guess I’d like to see more DB’s

          2. Give him time and he may be better then or as good. Of course that would be the Cohn dad and son to think any thing the 49ers would do is smart. Jimmy and Kyle is the future even after the Cohns are long gone.

    1. a bit drastic to say Jimmy G should be replaced based on a few minutes of poor play in the 4th Quarter when the Chiefs defense really did step up their play

      bearing in mind this was his first year coming back from ACL so one would expect to see improvement next season, hes a leader in the dressing room, and they will probably restructure his contract to get more cap space, I don’t think bringing in a 42 year old QB who needs to learn the offense from scratch is the answer. and surely the chances of a 42 year old getting injured during the season are much higher and then we’re really screwed if that happens

      at least we can get 10 years out of Jimmy G

      1. Grant
        Old adage: When you find yourself in a hole…..STOP DIGGING!
        * How about something productive? Like an article about prospective 9er draft picks?

      2. You are absolutely nuts. You pissed Armsted off amd now you are going after Jimmy
        Unfortunarely for 49er fans John and Kyle they are smarter then the Cohn Zone. Should be Cohn Zoo. If you were trying for clicks tnat worked.

    2. Brady never had the arm or QB mind Manning had.
      Brady is a great system QB, you could plug Manning into any system and he’d succeed.
      At this point in his career it’s silly to compare Brady now to Manning then when he went to Denver.
      Manning with the superior arm could carry a team late in his career by physical attributes alone.
      Can’t say the same for Brady.
      He’s deteriorating before our eyes. At this point he is better at reading, but physically he’s not better than Jimmy G.

      Let’s just stop with this topic, it’s a waste of time.

  3. A couple thoughts:

    Go back and look at what Brady really did in his first SB.

    Manning and the Broncos got smoked in their first SB trip in year 2 after he replaced Tim Tebow.

    1. Brady was 24 in his first Super Bowl, and he went 7 for 11 in the fourth quarter of that win. Garoppolo went 3 for 11 with a pick. His QB rating was 2.8.

      1. Brady completed less than 60% of his throws, his defense gave him 7 points and held the Rams to 17.

        Point was, Brady’s first SB wasn’t a thing of beauty either.

          1. Garoppolo’s 4th Q pick came after the game was decided.

            His 4th quarter was bad, and in the first 3 quarters he put up the same number of completions, touchdowns, more yards and more points than Brady did for the whole game.

            Too bad his defense didn’t spot him 7 points and then hold the Chiefs to 17.

            1. Comparing Garoppolo to Brady is just silly. We know exactly how Brady’s career turned out. Garoppolo is unproven. He had a chance to play well in the fourth quarter of a Super Bowl but was just awful. 42-year-old Brady would have played better in that situation and won the game. If you want to wait around for Garoppolo to improve, you’re a bigger fan of him than the team. Teams don’t get a chance every year to sign HOF quarterbacks.

              1. “Brady would have played better in that situation and won the game.“

                Maybe. The last time I saw him play he was busy losing a home playoff game to the 6 seed a week after blowing the 2nd seed by losing to Miami.

              2. Tom Brady at home against KC:
                19-36, 169yds, 1 td 1 int 63.3 rating, 16 points

                Jimmy Garoppolo in Super Bowl against KC:
                20-31, 219yds, 1 TD, 1 Int 69.2 rating, 20 points

              3. “ Give him Kittle, Deebo and the 49ers running game and he’ll win the Super Bowl“

                3 years ago yes. Next year, no. He’s 42 and has hit the proverbial old man wall.

              4. Wherever he wants to go. If he wants to come here, I’m sure Lynch and Shanahan will work it out. But I’m guessing Tennessee. He’s more familiar with the AFC and that division stinks.

              5. Definitely an intriguing offseason for QB’s. What will Brady command in free agency and how will that trickle down for guys like Mahomes, Brees, and Rivers.

              6. There is zero chance that the 49ers are going to even entertain the idea of replacing 28 year old Jimmy Garoppolo with 42 year old Tom Brady. ZERO!

                One QB just got his team to the Super Bowl and is just entering his prime, while the other QB is well past his prime, and just lost in the first round of the playoffs to a one dimensional offense, and a defense ranked outside the top 10.

                Aint gonna happen, nor should it happen!

              7. Say what you will about Brady, but he never has and never will go 3 for 11 with a pick in the 4th quarter of a Super Bowl.

                Pretty tough to win the Super Bowl when your QB goes 3 for 11 with a pick in the 4th quarter. But hey, maybe Garoppolo won’t choke next year.

              8. Grant have you even watched him since his defense win the last Super Bowl?
                His arm is weak, he throws at the feet of players now, unless it’s a timing route he is not the same.
                You’re dreaming if you think he’s better than JG in this system at this point.
                Here’s a twist, give JG that turnover machine of a defense in NE and he wins the Super Bowl!
                Wonder if NE defense gives up a first down on 3rd and 17.
                Just stop son!

              9. It’s just as tough to win a Super Bowl when your defense gives up 21 points in the final 6:13 of the 4th QTR, because you’ve used the same basic conservative scheme for the entire game, vs a QB who was likely to eventually figure out a way to exploit it.

                I don’t have to wait around for Garoppolo to improve much, because he’s already very, very close, while Brady is clearly on the decline, which is expected at his age. And BTW, it’s usually a QB’s 2nd full season as a starter where you see the most improvement.

        1. If I remember correctly, Manning’s last Super Bowl win with Denver was not really a sterling performance. IIRC, Von Miller was the MVP of that one. Speaking of defense leading the way to a SB win, I can’t get the 3rd and 15 slip up that resulted in a 40 yard gain out of my head. My kids call that $hitting the Bed. I might be in the minority with my position, but Manning’s D picked him up when Denver last won and, the 49ers D…..well I already said it once. Maybe Grant has to turn a blind eye and go after his whipping boy instead of the teacher’s pet. (Hint – Rhymes with Kayla)

      2. Jimmy G definitely missed some throws in the 1st to 3rd quarters. The whole team collapsed in the 4th. Everything started with the blown 3rd and 15. You’re giving Saleh’s defense a pass. Reid figured out the defense and made the right calls, KS and Saleh didn’t. Mahome stunk in the first 3 quarters too and was missing throws.

        KS never adjusted his play calling to the more aggressive and desperate Chiefs defense and that just put Jimmy G in a bad spot.

        Football really does come down to a few plays and inches. If Greenlaw doesn’t make that stop then they might not even make it.

        Let’s see how the team sticks together in the offseason. If they come back united then I do think they can make it back. The one position that can get better is QB and with more another year under his belt and more trust in the system the offense could take off….

        1. Saleh’s defense has nothing to do with Garoppolo’s 2.8 QB rating in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. The 49ers put the game in his hands, and he threw it with two hands to no one.

          1. You are correct. Saleh’s defense had nothing to do with Garoppolo’s missteps. Just like Garoppolo had nothing to do with Saleh’s defense spitting the bit in the 4th quarter.

            Both sides of the ball were at their worst at the end of the biggest game of the year.

          2. Yep, both JG and Saleh were bad in the 4th quarter. And both directly contributed to the loss. Not sure why there is an argument there.

            On JG, as bad as he was, it is also being overblown a bit. He missed a few throws for sure there in the 4th quarter. But he also had a couple of first downs batted down at the line and wasn’t helped by receivers running the wrong route. And the INT was a desperation heave after the game was over. He didn’t need to be perfect in the 4th quarter to win if the guys around him played better. Not trying to make excuses for him, but just saying it wasn’t just him on offense that made mistakes.

          3. “Saleh’s defense has nothing to do with Garoppolo’s 2.8 QB rating in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. ”

            Apparently there’s no room for the momentum factor in your analysis, huh Grant? Was Garoppolo bad or was the Chief’s defense rejuvenated just like when O’Brien and the Texans made a similar screw up with the fake punt. Grant, I know your dad is a big boxing fan. When you have your opponent on the ropes you have to put him away. Many a fight has been lost when the failure to do so results in a rejuvenated opponent who turns the table on you if you don’t The Chief’s defense explains Garoppolo’s so-called failures and I will never believe that they could have done this if Saleh and crew had not let them back in the fight. Our D made Manomes look bad…until they didn’t. The Chiefs defense just did it in the opposite order. Spagnoula schooled Saleh.

              1. Yeah but Mahomes missed throws too. Not saying Jimmy G deserves a “pass.” It’s just not all on him. WR were running the wrong routes. OL were missing blocks. It’s not like Jimmy G had a clean pocket, except for that deep bomb, which isn’t really an easy throw either. He should have taken the underneath to Bourne.

                But aside from that — there’s discussion on a helmet to helmet that wasn’t called. Do you think Jimmy should have went into the protocol? He didn’t complete a pass after that.

                I still don’t know what they didn’t run it more when they were up 10.

              2. Garoppolo failed to see open receivers. Can’t blame the defense for that.

                What’s worse? Garoppolo failing to see open receivers or you failing to the see the level of talent this team was/is stocked with, 6 minutes from world championship level talent.

                You’ve been at your job longer than he has. Is there a New England sportswriter we could trade you for?

              3. You could comment anywhere in the world, but you comment here everyday, and 90 percent of your comments are about me. You don’t realize it, but you love me. And I love you back.

              4. Grant you are my 49er Insider. At least that’s what the column title tells me. You are letting me down, man. Be best!

  4. Grant and Lowell were surprised at the vitriol against them, but they should just expect that.
    Many Niner fans are bitterly disappointed in that SB loss, so they are just taking out their frustrations on any convenient target.
    It is just idle speculation during the off season, and nobody knows where Brady will play. If Brady could guarantee that 6th ring, I would say- sign him, but nothing is guaranteed.
    Many posters are happy with JG, even though he did not perform well in the 4th quarter. Still, JG led them to that win streak to begin the season, and a 13-3 record, so he is good enough to lead the Niners to the playoffs, where anything can happen. They love JG so much, their reaction to Grant’s article is as if Grant kicked their dog.

    1. Say hello to the waffle man;
      I wish to disagree with Grant. JG can play for 10 years, Brady may not make it through next season.

      If Brady could guarantee that 6th ring, I would say- sign him, but nothing is guaranteed.

      1. IF Brady could guarantee a 6th ring…..
        Brady cannot make that guarantee, so JG is the better long term option.
        Keep trying. So desperate to find fault, but reading is fundamental.

  5. Well I think Jimmy G is better than Tommy B at this stage of their careers. JG had a completion % almost 10 points higher, a higher QBR, a higher rating, and his average yards per completion was almost 2 yards higher. I don’t really think it’s close. IMO you shouldn’t look to the past if you think JG isn’t the right guy for the offense. You look to the future and look for someone who may add a scrambling dimension to the offense. You might look at Taysom Hill or maybe Marcus Mariota. In no circumstance do you sign Tom Brady. All great ones meet the end and that happened to Brady this year.

    1. Maybe draft Malcolm Perry, QB, Navy in round 7 as your “Edelman” type wr as a development prospect, and an insurance policy against Taylor….

  6. Looking at the salary cap of every team, the Dophins might be able to sign Brady, because they have the most cap space.
    They also have former Pats coach Brian Flores, and 14 draft picks, which include 3 first round picks and 2 second round picks.
    The Niners may want Brady if he chooses to come here, but they have little cap space.
    The Colts may be another logical spot for Brady, since they have the second most salary cap space.
    Personally, I am happy with JG, and thinks he will improve.

    1. Brady isn’t playing anywhere but New England.

      He had talent stacked teams, the benefit of playing in a soft division and probably the greatest coach – It’s only cheating if you get caught- in the NFL.

      There is a better chance Grant makes the 49ers roster than Tom Brady signs in SF. You have two ins Grant. Quality control assistant or lace up the kicking foot.

      1. Brady isn’t playing anywhere but New England.

        You are 100% correct about that Matt.

        Brady isn’t going to finish his career doing anything other than a well-scripted farewell tour with the NE Patriots. Brady’s going to turn 43 in August, and he’s been on a statistical decline for the last 4 straight seasons. I highly doubt that there is another team out there willing to bring in a soon to be 43 year old QB at $30+M a year, other than the Patriots, who are in need of a bridge QB who can keep their fans invested over the next season (or two), as he reminds them of the glory days of seasons past, while the Patriots navigate the daunting process of rebuilding their talent starved offense. And that rebuilding process starts with their ability to gracefully transition away from their legendary, but over-the-hill, 43 year old bridge of a QB.

  7. Why entertain the idea its not going to happen. I am a huge supporter of Shanny, Lynch, Saleh but really imo Shanny didn’t call his best game and failed to adjust in the fourth quarter. JG is going to do nothing but get better. This is a good team people, good teams also lose, I wouldn’t be shaking this team up too awful much because of the loss in the SB. This is a damn good team, about killed me losing but really looking forward to next year.

    19-0 Baby 19-0

  8. Elway called and made an offer I couldn’t refuse:

    Round 2 Pick 14 (DEN): Jalen Reagor, WR, TCU (A)
    Round 3 Pick 13 (DEN): Cesar Ruiz, C/OG, Michigan (A-)
    Round 3 Pick 31 (DEN): Cameron Dantzler, CB, Mississippi State (A+)
    Round 5 Pick 10: Brandon Pili, DT, USC (A+)
    Round 5 Pick 30: Jeremy Chinn, FS/SS, Southern Illinois (A+)
    Round 6 Pick 31: Ty Tyler, DE/OLB, Marshall (A+)
    Round 7 Pick 3: Jared Rice, TE, Fresno State (A+)
    Round 7 Pick 31: Reggie Corbin, RB, Illinois (A)

    1. I see that Jeremy Chinn pick…still early for me, but I’m sure I’ll come up with my usual 40-50 posts leading up to the draft.

    2. I tried this using the draft networks site and with the first the picks took
      1. Curtis Weaver
      2. Bryce Hall
      3. Denzel Mimms

      *Note* part of my reasoning for this is I think a Tag and Trade of Armstead might be a real possibility given the cap space available. I would like to keep him, but I’m not sure this teams offense would be up to par without someone like Sanders. A wr group of Deebo, Bourne (fa), Taylor(who’s never healthy), Hurd ( who’s comming back from an injury after transitioning to ) doesn’t really threaten defenses much if SF is ever put in a position where they need to pass.

      1. Mims is an interesting prospect for me. He can really stretch the field, get up for the ball and has great hands. But his route running is not good, and he is quite a linear athlete which seems to go against what Shanahan has been looking for. I suspect his agility tests (if he does them) will be very poor. I like him, but I don’t think he is what Shanahan will want.

        1. True, but reports out of the senior bowl were that he was constantly getting open. So it makes one wonder was limited route running because of the Baylor offense?
          They have a history of running an offense with a limited route tree.

    3. If the Niners go offense with their first pick, I’m all in on TCU’s Jalen Raegor. Here are a few of his qualities that would make him a masterful fit for Kyle Shanahan, alongside Samuel and Hurd:

      RAC Ability – Play him in the quick game and he’s going to give you chunk gains from time to time, good field vision, excellent explosiveness, strong creativity to force a missed tackle or false step. Sells cuts with head snap, capable of stringing cuts together.

      Vertical Receiving Skills – Devastating vertical receiver with easy speed to blow past defenders who bite on double moves or fail to sink quick enough. His ball tracking skills are best in vertical situations, shows good body control to high point, adjust to the ball and pounce to attack the football.

      Change of Direction Ability – Twitch is littered all throughout his game and whether that comes in speed outs, stop routes, lateral releases vs. press or cutting back against defensive pursuit, he’ll make undisciplined defenders look silly with his redirect ability.

      Speed – Blazing fast runner who has track speed. One of the fastest game speed players in the class, regardless of position. Playing him off will create a lot of easy separation and catches underneath unless you bracket him. Minimal lag from snap to top speed, quick accelerator, too.

        1. That’s fine Scooter, I respect your opinion, always have, but I couldn’t disagree more with this one. I think Reagor is an entirely different animal than Goodwin. The thing about Marquise is, even though he’s got the ability to be physical, he rarely utilizes it. I just don’t think it comes natural for Quise from a mental standpoint. Reagor though, is definitely not a finesse receiver, and he’s not afraid of contact. Hes going to weigh in at the combine somewhere in the 195 lbs range, with the body type to allow him to reach 200+ lbs early on in his career. His game reminds me of a bigger, more physical Emmanuel Sanders, and we saw how well Sanders complimented Samuel and Kittle. Let’s not forget about Hurd’s place in the equation next season either. The 49ers need a physical outside receiver who can take the top off of a defense, and the beauty with Reagor is that, while he has blazing long speed, and natural ability to track the deep ball and make plays along the boundary, he’s also a very twitchy athlete who gains instant separation, and is brilliant at RAC, making defenders look absolutely silly in space. He’s also the type of WR who matches up well against all types of coverage. So, while he would give the Niners that much needed devastating deep threat, he also excels at all of the other things Kyle likes to do with his receivers, and best of all, there is a very good chance that he’s going to be available at around the same spot that Deebo was drafted last year, making him an ideal target if the Niners do decide to put the finishing touches on their WR corp early in the draft.

          I’ve been evaluating the position for going on 32 years, and I am willing to go on record with my belief that Raegor is going to be an NFL star, and it won’t take him long to reach that status. Sure, he could benefit from a little extra work on the jugs machine, but he’s much more pro-ready than most of this year’s WR prospects, and I think he’s the perfect compliment to line up alongside Samuel, Hurd & Kittle. In fact, as a group of receivers, I believe without question that, Kittle, Samuel, Hurd & Reagor would give the 49ers the best, most dynamic young corp of receivers in the NFL.

          I’m not sure WR is going to be the most pressing need heading into the draft, but if they can somehow trade down, and land Reagor in round 2, plus additional picks to address the secondary, I’d be absolutely ecstatic!

          1. I don’t know how you come away thinking Reagor isn’t a finesse WR or likes playing through contact. But hey, I can’t compete with those 32 years of scouting. Maybe this is like the Myles Boykin thing that I just didn’t understand.

            1. Well, WR is my strongest position in terms of evaluation. I’m the guy who argued with Grant, in favor of DK Metcalf last year, while cautioning everyone about Hakeem Butler’s clunky route running. I did like Boykin, but only as a mid-round developmental prospect. I also argued for the Niners to draft Stefon Diggs back in 15′, and went on a rant about how the Buckeye’s Michael Thomas was, by far, the top prospect of his class, the following year. Like everyone, I’ve missed from time to time, but with risk of sounding arrogant, my track record in identifying quality WR prospects is almost legendary.

              Then again Scooter, I know for a fact that you are one of the most knowledgeable people on this blog, and like I said, I respect your opinion, so I would never discount your opinion straight away. That said, I’d urge you to trust me on this one. Jalen Raegor will be a a household name in a few years time, and he seems like an ideal fit alongside the Niners current group of receivers.

              Just curious Scooter, what direction do you think the Niners should go in the upcoming draft, or is it too early to say?

              1. Funny thing is, you say it like you are the only guy that thinks and says these things. A lot us liked Metcalf, not just you. A lot of us liked Diggs, OBJ, Thomas, etc. I wasn’t a big fan of Boykin like you were, and yes he may develop, but the reasons I didn’t like him that much are exactly the reasons he struggled as a rookie. I didn’t like N’Keal Harry either. As for Butler, he was out injured all last year, so too early to say whether you were right about him. I was a big fan of Deebo and McLaurin last year though, as many others were. AJ Brown was one Grant convinced me on.

                So please take no offense, but when you say you are all in on Reagor, while I admire the enthusiasm, it doesn’t sway me one way or another. Neither does regurgitating tomes of text that people in the scouting community write – I have read it too. Like me, you are just a fan with an opinion. I like Reagor as a deep threat role player that has potential to develop into more, but no way would I feel comfortable taking him in round 1 or early round 2. Too much development required and not the type of WR I think the 49ers need.

                As for what I think the 49ers should do, will somewhat depend on what they do in FA. But right now I think the top two needs are CB and WR, followed by safety (with Ward a FA there only 2 safeties on the roster I have much time for – Tartt and Moore). And I think they should trade out of #31 to try and pick up 2 or 3 day 2 picks.

              2. That’s fair enough Scooter. Like I said, you (and Rib, ninermd, Razor, Prime, Coach, Hammer, Shoup, cubus, GEEP, etc, and even dear old Seb – bless his heart) are assets to this blog, and I enjoy conversing with all of you guys. We’ll see what happens, and hopefully we can all revisit this particular discussion a couple years down the line, after Jimmy and company finish what they’ve started, and bring home #6.

                Until then, I look forward to continuing our free agency and draft conversation, along with our fearless host, Grant Cohn.

                Cheers mates!

          2. Here is another little tidbit from Bryan Perez of Fansided:

            Former four-star recruit and top-10 receiver prospect (ESPN), Jalen Reagor, chose TCU over powerhouse schools like Alabama and Oklahoma and has quickly established himself as one of the country’s electrifying skill players. He ended his freshman season as the co-Big-12 Freshman of the Year after recording 33 catches for 576 yards and eight touchdowns. He was even better in 2018; he finished last season with 72 catches for 1,061 yards and seven scores. Reagor’s receptions and yardage totals were each good for second-best in a single season in school history. He was voted by his teammates as TCU’s MVP as a result.

            Physically, Reagor is unofficially listed at 5-11 and 195 pounds. He doesn’t possess elite ‘alpha’ size, but he’s built like a running back and doesn’t let his less-than-ideal height hinder him in contested catch situations. He’s physical enough to play on the outside in the NFL.

            “Athletically, Reagor will have few peers in the 2020 NFL draft class. He’s a true one-stepper — he gets to full speed instantly — and has fluid change-of-direction skills and flexibility. He doesn’t have to gear down before making sharp cuts. He’s a stud in the open field and once he gets behind the defense, he’s gone.”

            On Wednesday, Reagor was added to Bruce Feldman’s “Freaks List” for this season. According to Feldman, Reagor has some pretty remarkable measurables.

            “The 5-11, 195-pound junior clocked a blazing 4.29 40, and his power numbers are also impressive: a 620-pound squat, a 380-pound bench and a 380-pound clean,” Feldman wrote.

            I knew Reagor was fast after watching his tape; I didn’t know he was that fast. To put his 4.29 40-yard dash into perspective, Reagor would’ve been the fastest wide receiver at the 2019 NFL combine. Parris Campbell (Colts) ran a 4.31 and led the pack this year. Reagor isn’t just a speed guy, either. He’s a schooled route-runner and was highly productive for the Horned Frogs in 2018. He had 72 catches for 1,061 yards and nine touchdowns last season, and enters 2019 with 17 touchdown catches over his first two years on campus.

            I would happily scream this from the rooftops Scooter: WR – Jalen Reagor is going to be a star in NFL! And, he also just so happens to be the prefect compliment to the 49ers’ current crop of receivers, IMO.

              1. He runs a 4.29? Damn!
                He didn’t look that fast to me on film… he looks very sudden. I just never saw him running away from people like that.
                To be fair though I hate watching receivers from the big 12. They come into the nfl never knowing what press man or contested catches look like. Their good defenses are trash and their bad defenses could be replaced with tacking dummies and no one would notice.

            1. The reason you didn’t know he was that fast is because he doesn’t play to that speed. Very fast mind you, but not Goodwin or Hill fast. Not from what I saw. As for being a great route runner and good in contested catch situations… well, makes me wonder what film these guys are watching. I have watched 2019 film only, maybe he looked a lot better in 2018.

              You also screamed Boykin’s name from the rooftops last year.

              1. I wasn’t watching the QB, I was watching Reagor. I wasn’t referring to his stats, just what Reagor was doing. He is an excellent athlete, very fast. But I wasn’t that impressed with his receiving skills outside of his superior athletic ability. He needs coaching up and faith that with coaching he will iron out a few issues in his game if a team has visions of him becoming more than a shot player. Maybe his 2018 film displays a lot more nuance and receiving skills than what his 2019 film does.

                As I said earlier, right now he looks to me like a Goodwin type WR. And comparing his college stats to Goodwin is ridiculous – Goodwin was a track guy that also played some football in college, not the other way around.

              2. Measurables aside, I don’t see much of a comparison with Curtis Samuel. Reagor is a legit deep threat and WR. Samuel was a RB and as a WR in the NFL he still struggles to do much outside of the short stuff despite his speed, largely because he doesn’t track the ball deep very well.

            2. Obviously, there’s a lot more to playing WR in the NFL than pure speed, and while this kid can clearly fly, he’s also very strong. He’s tall enough at 5’11” to play along the border, in part because of his ability to jump higher than most, while attacking the football, and his ability to go up and high-point the football also appears very natural to my eyes. When he does drop the ball, it’s usually the kind of drop that you associate with a lack of concentration, rather than lack of coordination, which is a positive. Also, you know somebody knows how to run when you see his kind of knee action, and then when you factor in his ability to sink his hips, and change direction on a dime without significantly gearing down, it sure would seem to make him an ideal fit for the kinds of routes Kyle likes to scheme up.

      1. Thanks for the scouting report Kyle Crabbs, er, I mean 49reasons!

        I really wanted to like Reagor when I watched him. Thought he could be exactly what the 49ers need based on what I read. But what I saw when I watched him was Marquise Goodwin, but without quite the same speed. I don’t mind him (I don’t mind Goodwin either) but is that really what the team is missing at WR? A replacement for Goodwin (and one that isn’t quite as fast)? Is JG the right QB to make use of a guy like that? He doesn’t threaten deep very often and prefers to attack the intermediate middle area which is exactly where Reagor and Goodwin don’t like to be.

        Both guys aren’t good route runners, but can separate deep and in the intermediate area on curls, comebacks, etc. due to their speed and getting guys turned. Both guys have inconsistent hands, but also have the ability to make some athletic catches downfield. Reagor is a little bigger, but both guys are finesse WRs that don’t like contact or tight quarters. Both guys are primarily vertical threats as a result of not liking contact. I’m not in on Reagor at #31.

        1. I’d say Reagor can go up and get the ball better than Goodwin. He’s a boom or bust player to be sure, but I’d like his odds of being the boom in Shanny’s offense. I expect he’ll go in the upper middle of the 2nd round. As far as speed, he’s said to have world class. We’ll find out at the combine, but to answer your question; I do think we are missing that speed component. Would I like him to be physical and a good route runner with A+ hand as well? Hell yea! Just not for $10 million a year. I think it’s best we draft and develop one, and you couldn’t ask for a better draft to do it in….

          1. I hate to say it but we need a WR like Tyreek Hill. Doesn’t necessarily have to be an exceptional route runner but a guy who take the top off like Hill and what we had before on Goodwin.
            We have possession guys, some length and now the need is blazing speed.

            Here are the top 5 guys I hope we can draft:
            1. Henry Ruggs III
            2. Laviska Shenault
            3. Brandon Aiyuk
            4. Tee Higgins
            5. Bryan Edwards

          2. Goodwin has shown the ability to go up and get the ball on deep passes many times as a 49er. It is one of his best attributes as a deep threat WR – tracking the ball, slowing himself down (and creating space in doing so) then going up and getting the ball. I don’t agree that Reagor is better at this, just that like Goodwin he can do it. But also like Goodwin, if it becomes a contested catch his odds of coming up with it are very low.

            As for speed, sure, I didn’t mean to imply he is slow. He is very fast. That Goodwin bloke is no slouch though, or so I’ve heard. I don’t know why, but somehow Goodwin’s speed gets underrated. If he isn’t the fastest guy in the NFL, he’s top 3. Reagor doesn’t look top 3 type speed to me. Goodwin gets on top of the CB faster, and blows by defenders more often, and that is in the NFL compared to Reagor against college athletes.

            And yes, the team is missing a speedy complement in the receiving corps. But is speed all they want/ need? Is that worth a first round pick? No way in my book. The type of WR they need opposite Deebo is a guy that can get open consistently on his own at all levels of the field. Hard to find I know, but that isn’t what Reagor looks like to me. That is what they hoped Pettis would become, and is what they traded for Sanders to provide. Not yet sure who that guy is in this draft just yet, outside of Jeudy and maybe Ruggs.

            1. I don’t see Reagor having any problems operating at all levels on the field.

              I could be wrong, but I believe Reagor had a much more productive college career as opposed to Goodwin.

            2. See, that’s where our opinions differ Scooter, because Reagor does look like the kind of receiver who easily separates at every level, due to his natural athletic ability. The kid squats 620 lbs, but he is still extremely flexible and fluid in his movement. Strong and flexible, with looses hip – that’s a fantastic athletic combination for a WR. Once he refines his route running, and learns all of the nuances of route running, I think he’ll be a very tough cover, even without accounting for his elite top end speed. Sure, Goodwin has a lot of the same tools, but unlike Tyreek Hill (who has a similar athletic skill set) Goodwin often plays without a sense of urgency or aggressiveness, which is likely why he rarely plays up to his potential. This lack of urgency or aggressiveness is also holding Pettis back, IMO, although Dante is not nearly as strong as Raegor or Goodwin (or Hill).

  9. If T. Brady had taken the same shot to the head that J.G. did in the 4th quarter he may have never gotten up. It would have been Steve Young all over again. Players at 42 have already taken far too many shots to the head and one like the one JG took could have killed Brady. JG had a concussion from that point on the only way we were going to win that game after JG’s concussion was if Mullen’s had come in the game.

    1. OC:

      You say JG had a concussion from that point on. Has that been verified or speculated upon by any reporters/coaching staff?

  10. Cubus,
    I’m sorry but I can’t remember where I read it but an NFL employee who has worked games in the concussion protocol speculated that JG was concussed in fact he said in his opinion there was no doubt.

      1. Tsk tsk Razor. Trying to inject a political slant in a discussion on sports. I thought there was some kind of wall on that with you guys.

        Then again if Jimmy starts tweeting that “it’s impossible to do my job” due to Grants attacks, we’ll know where he got that idea.

          1. It’s a laff a minute with these Grant postings. If this is Grant’s big recommendation, can you imagine what we’ll be hearing about the team all through the football year? Draft pick analysis, free agent signings, OTAs, training camp… blech.

              1. You probably wanted the 49ers to stick with Alex Smith and not sign Peyton Manning.

                Is there ever a Niners starting QB that plays to your satisfaction?

                And no, I was not in favor of it at the time. He was coming off a serious neck injury. Aren’t you the guy that always zings the team for signing injured players? In retrospect, it probably would have been a good one year signing.

              2. We have three QBs in the HOF and one that should be and in my experience not one had 100 percent support from the faithful. It’s a 49er tradition that there be a QB controversy. Grant is keeping the tradition alive. Get over it.

              3. 3 HOFers and Niner fans still whined about them all? And I’m the one that should get over it? I swear, this team doesn’t deserve the stupidity of a swath of it fan base. Grant, what did your buddy call them, robot morons? He got that part right.

              4. You probably wanted the 49ers to stick with Alex Smith and not sign Peyton Manning.

                Grant, you do realize Peyton Manning was 7 years younger than Brady when he was a free agent back in 2012?

                SEVEN YEARS!

                Again, if this conversation was about a 36 year old Tom Brady, maybe it’s an entirely different convo, don’t you think? But it’s not. We are talking about a 43 year old athlete, who’s been on a statistical decline over his last 4 seasons.

                Not only that, if memory serves me correctly, Alex Smith was a free agent QB at the time they courted Manning, and Alex had a history of poor play going back multiple seasons, including losing his starting job at one point to Shaun fricken Hill, before regaining it by default just a year and a half prior.

                Apples & oranges, dude, apples and oranges! Try to be a little more relevant with your argument, please.

  11. Considering Lynch and Shanahan have preached sustainability since joining the Niners there is ZERO, I repeat, ZERO chance they move on from JG in favour of Tom Brady.
    If you can’t see that Tom is deteriorating then I question your overall understating of the game of football, and for that matter understanding age vs the human body.
    This idea is stupid. Jimmy G will only get better. Blaming him for the super bowl loss is narrow minded and clearly serving a personal bias. Did he play well in 4th quarter? No. Did the team play well in the 4th? No.
    Also, let’s just stop with Mullens garbage. He’s a solid backup. As a starter he’s Andy Dalton at best.
    This team is very talented. Outside of Staley and Sherman they’re still very young. If they can get past the mental struggle of losing the super bowl, they’ll be a better team in 2020.
    Stop pretending this season wasn’t a giant success. 4-12 to the super bowl is insane. Shanahan is a great coach. Lynch is doing a way better job than most expected. The negativity here is wild.
    Look forward to the next season. It’s fun to be a Niner fan again.

  12. I wish to propose a trade. TB is wanting a new QB, and one pundit thinks they might move up to the first round again to get one, after drafting an OT at pick number 14.
    The Niners trade back, and get picks in the second(45) and third(76) rounds. They move back 14 spots to get those 2 picks. It balances out towards the Niners 600- 660, but TB may deem the QB they want will not be available at 45, so it is worth them getting 2 picks in the first round, to get the players they covet.

      1. There will be a lot of QB movement this upcoming offseason. It will all depend on where some QBs go.
        Miami, Cincy, LAC, Detroit and Jax will all be looking for new QBs. Indy, TB, Oakland, Wash, NYG, Chi, NYJ, Denver and Carolina may want to upgrade their QB position. The Pats might lose Brady.
        New Orleans may move on from Brees, but Bridgewater and Hill are also FAs.
        Mullens could garner a 4th or 5th round pick, and CJB could possibly garner a 6th or 7th round pick. I hope the Niners keep Mullens, and trade away CJB. However, if a team would be willing to give up a 4th round pick for Mullens, the Niners should seriously consider that.

        1. That’s it? A 4th for Mullen’s? Why would the Niners do that deal. A fourth round pick on this team is not going to come in at any position and be a starter.
          Mullen’s is insurance and you don’t trade away quality insurance for a 4th.
          Terrible idea!

          1. There may be better alternatives in the draft, and Free Agency.
            Posters criticized me for trading away starters for too high of picks. 4th round for a backup with a 3-5 record, 13 TDs and 10 interceptions, sounds reasonable. You wanted Trubisky.
            Guess I want the Niners to get draft picks in the second, 3rd and 4th rounds. Trading away players will do that. I think they should franchise tag Armstead and trade him for a second round pick. He may have higher offers on the table, so the Niners need to retain his rights. Then they will be getting something for him, instead of letting him walk, and getting nothing.

            1. You forget you were the one who said Mullen’s was the best QB on the roster?
              All because Jimmy G had one bad practice.

              Point is you don’t trade away valuable depth and potential starters for 4th or 5th round picks. Especially when your a contender.

              Too much Purple Haze affecting your logic.

              1. At that time, JG was still recovering from his ACL, so I was conservative, and said that Mullens was healthier, so he should play while JG rehabbed more. Eventually, JG showed he could take a hit in the Steelers game, but in the early preseason, Mullens could have played until JG was deemed fully recovered.
                Trading away a bench player should garner less of a pick compared to a starter. If they did trade away Mullens, CJB would become the second string, but improving the position could also be an option.
                Some one said that trading away Person, Witherspoon and Thomas would only garner 5th 6th and 7th round picks. 2 of those players were starters, and Thomas was a number 3 pick.
                i wonder how many other posters would say a backup is worth a second or third round pick. Dee Ford was obtained with a second round pick. Are you equating Mullens with Dee Ford?

              2. If anyone is trading for Mullen’s it’s for him to be their starter. That means it should garner at least a 2nd or maybe a 1st. That’s not happening.
                So trading him away for a 4th or 5th does what for the Niners? Brings in a backup at another position?
                Mullen’s knows the offense and if he has to play he can win. He’s a good back up.
                Point is you don’t trade your quality backups for 4th or 5th round picks who might not even be good enough to start or back up at other units.
                Why are you so clueless to this concept of trading away players that are good fits in a scheme they know and understand and are developing in? No instead you want to trade Witherspoon, Person, and Thomas for what?
                Yes some of them are starters for this team and in this scheme but it doesn’t mean their starters on another team.
                This willy nilly thought process of trade down and trade this guy for picks is all BS. You have no idea what your getting in return for something you already have and is working.
                Unless it’s for cap reasons, you keep the players you’ve drafted and developed. You don’t just trade down or acquire picks just because.
                You always want something to be like something else. Multiple player deals like the NBA. You don’t even know why that works in basketball and not in football do you?

              3. Trades of multiple players and multiple picks have been done for years. Sure, they are not as common in the NFL as other sports, but if the NBA can have a 12 player deal between 3 teams, , that is like trading a third of a team. If extrapolated to an NFL team, that would be like trading 16 players. I am recommending trading away only 3 players. That would be only one seventeenth of a squad.
                What would they get for those 3 players? 3 draft picks. Second, third and 4th round picks. Maybe they would garner only third and 4th round picks for those 3, but gaining draft picks in rounds where the Niners have no picks is a shrewd goal.
                I said Thomas may fit better in a Fangio defense, so he may fit well there, while in the Niner system, they seem to be playing him out of position. Witherspoon played college football in Colorado, so he is familiar with the region. Person could fill a void if their center leaves, while the Niners plan to draft an IOL. With Richberg coming back, Gardner could slide over to the RG position, and Brunskill had played at RG a bit when Person went down injured.
                Multiple player deals do work. Many teams have traded multiple first round picks, and that is for unknown players in the draft. These 3 Niner players would have known skillsets, and are veterans who could fill in right away.
                I certainly do not think they have to follow my exact proposal, but I am speculating during the idle time in this offseason. These proposals are a lot better than speculating about Tom Brady. While I have pointed out some reasons why it might happen, I think it is highly improbable.
                I am making these proposals targeting teams that have plenty of draft picks, and the cap space to pull it off. Trading away those players will also free up cap space, so the Niners can retain other players, so I do not willy nilly think of making trades just to make trades.
                I like to think outside the box. You want the Niners to have a twice as hard a time to win.

              4. Speculating and assuming during this offseason tells me your landscape business isn’t busy enough and you have nothing better to do than smoke some drugs and come on here blabbering non sense.

                The problem is your scenarios are far fetched and one sided to the Niners. You assume and speculate that Witherspoon would play well in Denver cause he knows the region?WTF! That one came from probably too many hits from the bong.
                Next, Thomas would be a good fit in Fangios system? Maybe but if they have all these picks they would be better off to draft and develop their own. That way they can manage his contract on their own terms. Thomas talent level can be found in the 4th and 5th rounds. So why trade for that? Dumb!
                Person. He’s been a warrior for the Niners playing injured and can play multiple positions along the line. Why would you trade an asset like that? Again that one probably came from a three paper joint.

                Multiple player deals for players and picks is unrealistic when you don’t know the cap situation of every team and what their long term planning from a personnel standpoint.
                Basketball sure because theirs only 12 per roster.
                You are basically guessing

              5. One sided to the Niners? Of course. I want the Niners to improve, not get taken advantage of.
                Usually in any negotiation, one starts with a favorable deal, then the other side counters with an offer that helps their team. Instead of second, third and 4th round picks, maybe the other team will counter with third, 4th and 5th round picks. Nothing is set in stone.
                Witherspoon played in Colorado. It is not inconceivable that he likes the region, and would want to return. There would be former coaches and friends in Colorado, which would welcome his return. Players move all the time to places they like, and nix deals if they do not like where their new possible team is located.
                I see your pushback is personal. Too bad your life must suck so bad, you find nothing else to do but snark away.
                Is your judgement lacking? Remember, you were the one who bet the Niners would draft Trubisky, so you have little credibility to judge other’s opinions. Bombastically wanting the Niners to play twice in the Clink, defines you.

              6. “ want the Niners to improve, not get taken advantage of“
                You still have not figured out that no one in the 49ers organization reads your comments and that your pot smoking induced fabrications of reality are not even on theirs or any fans radar?

                “ Witherspoon played in Colorado”
                And thats going to make him develop into an All Pro and better player? If that’s the case why doesn’t every team draft guys who played in their state?
                Man are you delirious. Drink water after you get high.

                “ I see your pushback is personal. Too bad your life must suck so bad, you find nothing else to do but snark away”
                I told you long time ago you came on here with the wrong attitude. Bravado and cockiness claiming to be something extraordinary.
                Forgive me if I bring you down a few levels and show you how this thing truly works.
                Try taking a few days off the pipe. Clear the cob webs!

              7. No, it means a player is going to be better if he is happy with his work environment. Posters are speculating that Brady may want to come to the Niners because he is from San Mateo, and grew up rooting for the Niners.
                Solomon Thomas may work out like Justin Smith did with the Niners. Fangio has a very good defensive mind, and may utilize Thomas so he maximizes his potential.
                Bravado and cockiness pontificates that he does not mind if the Niners have to play twice in the Clink. I want the Niners to be smart, and only have to play there once.
                If the Niners had won the SB, I would not be making suggestions on how to improve. Since they managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, I think they need all the help they can get. Maybe an OC might have helped them with the clock and game management, so they could have finished the game victorious.

              8. “ No, it means a player is going to get be better if he is happy with his work environment”
                Happy? This isn’t Girl Guides. This is football. Money and playing time matter. Not going to their favourite deli after practice with their high school or college buddies.

                “ Solomon Thomas may work out like Justin Smith did with the Niners”
                Whoa, whoa whoa. Now I know you really have a drug problem. Solo Thomas is going to become like Cowboy under Fangio? Call your doctor Monday and make an appointment.

                “ Bravado and cockiness pontificates that he does not mind if the Niners have to play twice in the Clink.
                You finally got one right. That team last year could have gone up to Seattle and win twice without a shadow of a doubt. It’s called being a Faithful not some chicken di$k pessimistic clown who thinks winning a championship is suppose to be easy.
                Go burn a candle and meditate.

                “ If the Niners had won the SB, I would not be making suggestions on how to improve”
                Top 4 effects of smoking weed on the brain. Numbers 2 and 4 should be discussed with your doctor Monday.
                No one is listening to our suggestions, especially the 49ers front office.
                3.Impaired memory

              9. Sometimes, a player will benefit from a change to a different team. Pettis may benefit from that. Witherspoon may benefit from a change of scenery.
                Players are not pieces of meat, who are not without emotions. Players who are happy, feel appreciated and have a good support system, will generally play better than a player who is disgruntled, unappreciated, and feels isolated. Players are not robots, and should not be treated as such. You must like Baalke. I like John Lynch, he cares for his players.
                When I advocated that the defensive tackles should stand in the passing lanes to bat down passes. I felt as though Andy Reid read my post. Maybe he came to the same strategy as me all on his own, but when I advocate something, then see it unfold in the game, I sure wished the Niners had done that, and not the Chiefs.
                Why do you feel like you have any right to denigrate my opinions? I may throw in a jibe every so often when you bloviate, but I generally let you rave away. You have so little to be proud of, you should just keep quiet and let me post in peace. Your desperation to counter everything I say is just sad. Get a clue. I do not think any one who bet that the Niners would draft Trubisky, has an iota of common sense, or football acumen.
                Pompously asserting you WANTED the Niners to play twice in the Clink, just makes you the fool who wants to make it twice as hard for the Niners to win.

              10. “ will generally play better than a player who is disgruntled, unappreciated, and feels isolated”
                Where and when was it ever reported that Witherspoon is disgruntled, unappreciated, and feels isolated?
                If you have proof of this then let’s see it. Your assumptions are what is making you look ignorant. Post something with facts or to back up your claim.

                “ I felt as though Andy Reid read my post”
                Top 4 effects of smoking weed on the brain.
                3.Impaired memory
                Number 1 and 2 are ones you should really figure out at your appointment on Monday with your doctor.

                “ Why do you feel like you have any right to denigrate my opinions?
                Because your an A Hole.
                You came on here pretending to be smarter than a lot of long time posters and I guarantee you that a lot of them left because of you. You were banned at Niners Nation for the same reason and why Grant has let you stay is mind boggling.
                I miss the old time posters. But because of your long winded, mindless BS and bravado crap, you’ve ruined the blog. You post 20 entries a day of crap and then tell people to just scroll past. You’ve flooded the board with sh&t!
                People have gone as far to create a catfish of you to mock you.
                Get a clue!

              11. Yawn, blogs have an ebb and flow. Posters come and go. Glad you think i am powerful enough to keep other posters away, but I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan, who has an opinion, and you just cannot handle that.
                Maybe they have something better to do than post on a blog site, and if they do not like one, there are at least 10 other Niners sites. Other posters just ignore me and post to their heart”s content. If they do not engage in conversation, I leave them alone.
                You, on the other hand, are a foul mouthed bully, who thinks he can shout any one down, because he thinks he is way superior, and can be the judge, jury and executioner.
                Name calling and yelling expletives is a sign of mental weakness, and moral turpitude. You should be the last person in the world to judge me, or any other person. You seem to be projecting your own worst traits on me. I will continue to be civil, and calm when discussing the Niners, but your input is deleterious.
                No wonder you were banned. You have anger issues.

              12. You have an immature way of deflecting not only your lack of football IQ but overall lack of self awareness.
                Believe what you want, say what you want and post as much as you want. Your the one who has to live in that small brain.
                One day you and I will meet.

              13. Immature? I do not make threats or have a foul mouth, you do.
                Lack of football IQ? I advocated for Buckner or Armstead to get their hand in the air to tip passes, but was dismayed when I saw Chris Jones do exactly that, because he helped them win a SB, which dashed the Niners hope for another ring.
                Sure, KS does not seem to read my posts, because he was not bold and daring. He was timid and resigned. He could have been bold, and gone for it on 4th down, but went timid, and settled for a field goal.
                I advocated that they should consider time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half. I wanted them to be saved for and used in those last 2 minutes to help them score, not saved, be useless and wasted. JL was not resigned to letting the clock run down. He knew that each opportunity to score should be considered precious, and used to their utmost ability. Being afraid of the other team’s QB is being timid. Assuming they would have to punt the ball was a self fulfilling prophecy.
                Oh, look, KS thought he did not need an OC, and lost his SB. He cannot blame Quinn for this loss. Maybe an OC might have helped KS with his clock and game management. Maybe KS could delegate authority to his OC, so he does not have to stare at the play sheet, when he should be paying attention to what is happening on the field.
                You may say that I do not know what I am talking about, but Sean McVay also thought he did not need an OC, and was schooled by Belichick in a Super Bowl. This last Super Bowl, KS was out coached by Andy Reid. Sean McVay wised up, and finally hired an OC. I wonder if KS will learn from his mistakes. Losing a SB is a big mistake, and it looks like he has not learned from his first SB. Hiring an OC will not hurt the team. It might hurt KS’s feelings, but I am way beyond that. My feelings were hurt by that managerial setback/ incompetence.
                I could be critical and second guess this past SB, for hours. However, I am moving on, and will now concentrate on the Combine, Free Agency and the Draft.

  13. Keon having surgery on his Bicep now.
    Had a gut feeling he would injure his bicep because he didn’t want to put more strain on his Pec.
    I guess he was united prior to the Super Bowl.
    Should be ready by TC it says.

    1. The Chargers may bid more, to get ticket sales moving. Brady may like the idea that a move to Socal may help his career after football. The Chargers, with Ingram and Bosa, have a solid team. They only lacked great QB play. Rivers declined sharply.
      The Raiders will not give Brady his best chance for a ring. The Raiders were 24th in points scored. and 23rd in points allowed. The Chiefs are the SB champs, the Chargers will have a competent QB, and the Broncos have 12 draft picks, with Lock as their QB.

        1. Matt
          You could be right, but Tinsel town may be a attractive to him and his wife? Hollywood movies and endorsements could make up for the taxes and his wife may like to live on Malibu beach and be one of
          the “beautiful” people?

    1. OldCoach
      the window for talking to agents about pending free agents opens March 16th
      * At this point, it’s likely somebody talking to some agent that knows Brady’s agent?
      Maybe a player that knows Brady?

  14. This draft is deep on O linemen. 20 out of the first 100 prospects are O linemen.
    18 out of the top 100 prospects are WRs.
    It would behoove the Niners to get second and third round picks, in order to tap into that talent pool. Many of the best prospects may be gone by the 5th round.
    Right now, pundits are leaning on the game film, but everything will change once they get the Combine numbers.

  15. The 49ers could take one of these 4 players at #31 and feel good about themselves if no trade were to materialize:

    Cameron Dantzler, CB, Miss St.

    Laviska Shenault, WR, CO

    Javon Kinlaw, DT, S Carolina

    Grant Delpit, FS, LSU

    1. Razor
      * Cameron Dantzler, CB Miss St.: A prospect on my watch list, but want to see his combine 40 and agility results.
      * Laviska Shenault, WR Co.: Another prospect on my watch list. If he’s still available when 9ers draft. Hoping QB Jordan Love, Utah St.: and Jacob Eason, Washington move up and push him down the board.
      * Grant Delpit, FS, LSU: Don’t think he’ll still be on the board, but would like to have him.
      * Javon Kinlaw, DT, S Carolina: Some draft boards have him in top 10 draft prospects?
      * Any, O-Linemen on your wish list? Any of the following?
      Tyler Biadasz Wisconsin // Cesar Ruiz. Michigan // Hakeem Adeniji, Kansas // Calvin Throckmorton, Oregon // Shane Lemieux, Oregon // And Jake Hanson, Oregon //

      1. I doubt Shanny entertains the idea of taking an IOL in the first round. CB WR or DL in that order is what I’m thinking.

    2. Those 4 are there, I’m taking Kinlaw and I’m using the non-exclusive tag on Armstead. Killer Dline again next year…. but Kinlaw won’t drop that low. Shenault would be very tempting as well. Delpit’s a possibility but think he’s a little overrated

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