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  1. lol….click bait……let me help you out….

    A monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter for an infinite amount of time will eventually come up with the works of Shakespeare, so all Donald Trump really needs to be considered one of the great US presidents is an infinite amount of time and a monkey that can type.

    After being advised to put trade tariffs on China and aluminium, Donald Trump said he’d heard of China but which continent was Aluminium on?

    A host on Fox and Friends recently called both North Korean leader Kim Jung Un and President Trump ‘dictators’ on air. The station has apologised, saying only one of the leaders is a person who behaves in an autocratic way. The other is Kim Jung Un.

    1. This is a very shallow take. Life is more complicated than you make it out to be. One can be both happy for Eddie D. and condemn Trump and his motives.

    2. Regardless of my political beliefs I laughed here. We don’t have to have the same views to find the humor. Thank you for sharing.

    3. A famous person from San Francisco has a saying that goes something like, “Liberalism is a mental disorder.” I always thought that was hyperbole until I read your posts. Seek help my man.

      1. This is a sports blog, so I have no idea why politics is somehow a focus. But since some of you have decided to go there, maybe this fact will put things in perspective?

        According to the most recent FBI data (2020), Alaska is the most dangerous state in America if you look at violent and property crimes per capita.

        In fact, here are the top 10 states in the U.S. with the highest number of violent and property crimes per capita:

        1) Alaska
        2) New Mexico
        3) Louisiana
        4) Arkansas
        5) Tennessee
        6) South Carolina
        7) Alabama
        8) Oklahoma
        9) Missouri
        10) Arizona

        Here are the 10 safest states in the country, in terms of violence and property crimes per capita:

        1) Vermont
        2) Maine
        3) Minnesota
        4) Utah
        5) New Hampshire
        6) Connecticut
        7) Rhode Island
        8) Hawaii
        9) Massachusetts
        10) Washington

        Anyone sensing a theme in terms of political leaning states? Don’t let the facts get in your way. And for the record,California ranks among the top 15 states in terms of least drug use and addiction per capita (37th).

        1. The first rule of Fight Club, I mean, talking to Trump supporters is don’t talk about facts.

          Whereas most people (“normals”) have a universal understanding that facts should generally be accepted true until disproven, Trump supporters see scientists, doctors, reporters, historians, mathematicians, statisticians, and economists, not as arbiters of fact and fiction, but as partisan hacks, all on George Soros’ payroll, spewing anti-Trump lies, designed to make America crummy, again.

          Therefore, any presentation of factual information to a Trump supporter will instantly trigger a massive reflexive recoil, as though you’ve just tossed an angry rattlesnake in his lap. His response will be instantaneous, indignantly pointing out the Soros connection that you missed, and laughing out loud (LOL’ing) at your childish naivety and lack of understanding the real world. Using facts is not only a no-win tactic, we normals actually lose the argument because, obviously, we’re chumps who don’t understand what’s really going on.

          1. I understand that oneniner. It’s called a Cult of Personality. When a group of people are completely detached from facts, while relying on lies, propaganda, faux patriotism, and rallies to create an idealized, heroic, and worshipful image of a leader, often through unquestioning flattery and praise, it becomes a cult, and there is no room for facts when it comes to the detached reality of cult-like behavior.

            1. One, 49R, it’s the weirdest f-ing thing I’ve ever seen in my considerable time on this planet, in this country (so, one, knock off the AARP jokes).

              You have a group of people supposedly dedicated to God (Is there a 10 commandment Trump hasn’t broken or continues to break? Uses a National Prayer Breakfast, dedicated to forgiveness no less, to air his petty grievances? Who does that?), to Family (Trump raw-dogging a pronqueen right at the time his third wive was giving birth to their child?) to Country (Is there an autocrat or dictator Trump hasn’t cozied up to? Taking their word over his own countrymen and dedicated intelligence professionals. Having a dedicated and decorated Lt Colonel frog-marched out of the WH, merely for having observed and reported a crime in the making), to Honor (16,000 and counting lies or misleading statement since taking office).

              They can’t even hold him up as fiscal conservative, one of the bedrocks of conservatism, he of the 1 trillion dollar deficits. There wasn’t a business of his he didn’t bankrupt at same point, is there any doubt he wouldn’t do the same to the country, given enough time? Yet these same people – God, Family, Country, Honor loving folk blindly excuse, or worse, cheer his every tweet. Insane.

              1. What is more insane – is with Trump supporters you cannot discuss Trump’s promises or policies and how they will adversely affect the Trump supporters.

                We normals see Trump’s signature health care and tax bills, and his billionaire, CEO, banker, and corporate lobbyist cabinet picks, for what they are, political tools designed to help the wealthy and their corporations, at the expense of the poor and middle classes. We see his many broken promises and outright reversals as meaningless campaign rhetoric intended to sucker voters into thinking Trump really cared about their tiny little lives. But Trump supporters don’t really know, much less, understand what his policies are. Heck, even Trump doesn’t know what they are, admitting: “I don’t stand by anything.”

                To his supporters, Trump truly moves in mysterious ways. No matter the travail, they remain ever faithful, wearing their inexplicable steadfastness as a badge of honor.

                Biblical Job didn’t get an explanation from God for all his heartaches, so why should they be so presumptuous?

              2. Although the human psyche is a complex thing, it’s amazing how easily some people are sucked into cult-like groups. People are generally social by nature and tribal in conditioning, and politics is, unfortunately, inherently tribal.

                It becomes a real problem when the structure of a cult, and the source of cult-like behavior, is authoritarian based, and obedience and hierarchical power tend to take precedence over truth and conscience. The leader is consider superior, while the outsiders or “non-believers” are excluded and devalued, and any perceived dissent must be stifled because it often casts doubt on the perfection of the authoritarian leader and status of the group.

        2. Honestly, this is just stupid. It’s like Paul Begala made up crap out of thin air, published it in Mother Jones and you regurgitated it as fact. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to make honest people think Democrats are honest people.

          1. you really are old and dumb……what a wasted life……at your age you still can’t figure out what are facts and lies….

          2. Houston,
            I would never call you a liar. I don’t know you. I know that you and I have differing political leanings but I respect your right to have them and also agree with most real conservatives about 20% of the time. I’m wondering what it is about me that makes you comfortable enough to call me dishonest. I am a registered Democrat and I try to be an honest person.

            1. Should have been more specific OC. Wasn’t directed at you. Directed at 49er Reasons. Listing crime per capita for 20 states had nothing whatsoever to do with the discussion. And then trying to make CA seem like their isn’t a legitimate drug problem is patently absurd. Even if the drug issue is even remotely debatable, which it isnt, that point had nothing to do with anything. Just really really really stupid.

        3. I really don’t like getting political on a football site, but one pretty obvious correlation between this list is the cost of living in each set of states. Not sure of the statistics but that likely plays a role in the presence of these types of crimes.

  2. San Francisco, where I was born and raised, is being ruined by liberal incompetence and corruption. Disgusting what they’ve allowed to happen here. Drug addicts everywhere, crime and filth on a scale we’ve never seen. Thankfully, there are still some neighborhoods holding up well (for now) but I avoid Union Square (and all of downtown) like the plague. I will never forgive these so-called Progressives for the damage they’ve done to SF.

        1. NinerAllDayGirl,
          Ha! Classic comeback!

          Sometimes I wonder what our Dem friends are thinking when it comes to #45.
          It’s obviously clear that they dislike (I’m putting it mildly here) the man. The talk of monkeys hitting typewriter keys reminds me of the democrats game of trying to get Trump out of office.
          Maybe if they keep trying while using tax payers money to impeach they can possibly get lucky in 2023 the last year of Trump’ time in office.
          I didn’t vote for Trump, but because he continues to survive every effort by the Dems to destroy him – well, you can fill in the rest 😉

      1. “Indians” how aware you are.
        Nothing but a race baiter.
        You’re a joke dude. Nothing but a pawn and sucker for the party who was all in for slavery and no civil rights.
        All of you liberals are the same, handing out name cards while backing a racist party.

        This guy couldn’t talk politics without spewing the identity politics he learned in JC.

        White guilt it’s a sum*itch!

        He can’t post a single fact on how trump is a racist. Just what cnn tells him to believe
        after all this is the guy who said give Nancy Fn Pelosi credit.
        You’re absolutely right Ninerallday.
        The liberals have destroyed California but this clown doesn’t live here and cnn won’t talk about it. So he will just come on here taking loud as usual knowing nothing.
        I’ll bet he’d blame trump for needles and poop on the sidewalks.
        I said it yesterday why bother.
        Ignorant is going to stay ignorant with hate filled talking points. That’s all this idiot can post.

        And since I will not be talking about this again, I just want to say… Obama gets no credit for this economy.
        Statistics are phony with the overall picture.
        Like football stats.
        The facts are unemployment rates, welfare rates, and food stamp rates.
        Not part time jobs Obama put out.
        Remember Obama was the one who said
        “Where are these jobs going to come from?” A magic wand?”
        That says it all, and this same guy is endorsing Bloomberg. I wonder how much cash he got for that. Sellout!
        The lefts hero’s are being exposed and it’s triggering clowns like onelame.
        Trump lives in his head rent free, and when he wins again. It will make my day to know he’s losing his mind. 😉

          1. Ummmm, except for a few thousand votes in 3 states, she actually did win on the economy, and other things as well. Thank you, Electoral College, that remnant of America’s slave history.

            But Razor, you can’t let Hillary go, can you?

            1. I’ve probably mentioned this before but Hillary is a straight up racist. She relies on the (D) by her name to shield her from true accountability. If Hillary had an (R) by her name her political career would have expired when she called black kids “Super-predators” or when she defamed her husbands victims as “Nuts & Sluts.” Without the electoral college injecting fairness into presidential elections then the lunatics who elect crooks, morons, and degenerates like AOC, Chuck Schumer, Bill DeBlasio, Schiff, Pelosi, and DiFi would have total and unfettered control of the country. The vast majority of the country that is red is the firewall against the wave of fascism that has taken over the Democratic Party. No American should ever vote for any Democrat – ever – for any office.

              1. Houston and Razor, like all the RWers, just can’t shake Hillary. Dude, news for you she’s not President.

                Sad, isn’t it? It would be like Democrats kept slamming defeated Republicans presidential candidates – McCain, Romney. No, wait we’ll leave that to the Rs.

              2. Without the electoral college injecting fairness into presidential election…

                The only “fairness” it contributes is the same three or four states deciding Presidential elections, year after year. Every other state, big or small, red or blue, populous or not, whether Montana or California – 90% or more of the votes cast – inconsequential. That’s a conservative’s idea of “fairness”?

                the lunatics who elect crooks, morons, and degenerates…

                And it sure didn’t prevent the election of that degenerate moronic crook currently occupying the WH, did it?

                Get rid of that useless relic of the nation’s slave-owning foundation.

              3. In a long-forgotten era — say, four years ago — most Republicans would say the party stood for some basic principles: fiscal sanity, free trade, strong on Russia, and that character and personal responsibility count. Today it’s not that the Republican Party has forgotten these issues and values; instead, it actively opposes all of them.

                Republicans are now officially the character-doesn’t-count party, the personal-responsibility-just-proves-you-have-failed-to-blame-the-other-guy party, the deficit-doesn’t-matter party, the Russia-is-our-ally party, and the I’m-right-and-you-are-human-scum party. Yes, it’s President Trump’s party now, but it stands only for what he has just tweeted.

                A party without a governing theory, a higher purpose or a clear moral direction is nothing more than a cartel, a syndicate that exists only to advance itself. There is no organized, coherent purpose other than the acquisition and maintenance of power.

                This is a sad fall. In Ronald Reagan’s America, being born an American was to win life’s lottery; in Donald Trump’s America, it makes you a victim, a patsy, a chump.

              4. It’s sad that fans like Ribico can’t get over the fact that their Hillary lost. Still in denial, clinging to that popular vote and blaming the rules for her loss. They really need Dr. Leo Marvin….

              5. clinging to that popular vote

                In a democracy, I’d rather cling to that than guns and religion. lol

                Oh! did that “guns and religion” thing trigger you? Poor baby.

              6. No American should ever vote for any Democrat – ever – for any office.

                Then who is going to clean up the economic messes left by R administrations?

                GHW Bush –> Clinton
                GW Bush –> Obama

                That 2008 one was a doozy. So much so that McCain had to suspend his presidential campaign over it. Remember that? Ah, good times.

              7. Houston, this deserves a response. I have a Democratic Governor, Democratic Senators, Democratic Representatives, National and State. My mayor is a pot dispensary owner. I am very pleased with my Democratic representation, and wish California could keep all of its taxes, and not send them to the red welfare states.
                They are not crooks, morons and degenerates. I ascribe those terms to the Republicans like Duncan Hunter, Jim Jordan, Chris Collins, Roger Stone, Mike Flynn, Michael Cohan,Roy Moore and Donald Trump.
                Don the Con. It is all just a con, and once the truth is uncovered, people who are blinded by the con will finally wake up. This pardon was all about Don the Con, trying to buy his re-election. Pardons used to be the last act an outgoing politician used before leaving office. Now it is being used for naked political purposes, especially to buy votes and shield sycophants for Don the Con.
                Red is the fire wall? That wall is along the southern border to keep out the Brown ‘Rapists’. That is the real fascism, and keeping children in cages, and letting them die, is another Republican Infamy. Some day, Don the Con will leave office, and it will take years to clean up the mess. Is Don the Con really worth it? He is conning everyone. Those farmers supported him, then he created a trade war which devastated their economy. So he put them on corporate welfare, buying them off. He stated that he would not benefit a penny over the tax cuts. He conned everyone, and the middle class took the brunt of the tax burden, while he and his buddies reaped billions. Another con job. Don the Con is the one who has unfettered control, but like a house of cards, it will all come tumbling down. Some day, the Republicans will realize that they are voting against their own self interests. Some day, they will see that selling their soul for some one who does not care for them, is a huge waste of time. Don the Con has made the Republican Party a cult. Thank goodness, the United States of America is strong enough to withstand a megalomaniac and demagogue. How many stable geniuses ever claimed to be a stable genius? This tool thought the KC Chiefs were in Kansas, and went to Paradise, California, and called it Pleasureville, after a firestorm that killed over 100 people.
                So, I will keep voting Democrat, and will be proud doing it. Republicans will have to hang their heads in shame, supporting such a stable genius, because the Con is unraveling. I just hope he does not start a war to stay in power.
                I am glad Eddie was pardoned, but will not jump for joy because of the strings attached.
                OK, back to football. Some QBs will be moving up on the draft boards, so some good O linemen and WRs may be available at 31.

              8. Don the Con. It is all just a con, and once the truth is uncovered, people who are blinded by the con will finally wake up.

                Don’t count on that, Seb.

            2. It’s sad that fans like Ribico can’t get over the fact that their Hillary lost.

              Says that guy, not me, who brings up Hillary like clockwork. Face it, you cant get over the fact Hillary lost.

        1. Statistics are phony with the overall picture.

          But the rantings of unhinged conspiracy theorists give a much clearer picture, don’t they?

    1. Girl,

      The San Francisco you were born into is not the same as today. It’s no longer a sleepy provincial backwater, it is now the worldwide destination for brilliance, education and talent looking for the opportunity to strike it rich. Those forces have created one of the most expensive costs of living and housing in the world. And you don’t think that would lead to increased homelessness and other social ills? The two main components responsible for homelessness are mental illness and unaffordable housing. The latter we know about in SF, where even school teacher cannot afford to live in the city where they teach.

      What would be your remedy, other than barking about “liberal incompetence and corruption”? Price and rental controls? Forcing developers to produce low income housing? Well, aren’t we the little socialist? Or complete heath care, including metal, regardless of insurance or employment status? (as a good conservative, “medicare for all” should never cross your lips, should it?). Or maybe a no-tolerance policy? Sweep ’em up, lock ’em up? Well, now fascism isn’t just concept anymore, is it?

          1. It has nothing to do with lack of facilities. The city installed portable bathrooms all over downtown. Problem is meth heads don’t care where they sh_t.

          2. Ribs, the first thing San Francisco can do to prevent the issues associated with homelessness and drug use is to not tolerate and enable homelessness and drug use. People who $hit in the street should be arrested. Camping in public spaces should be banned. Stop passing out needles to drug addicts. Arrest drug addicts for possessing illegal drugs. In my opinion San Francisco is the most beautiful city in the country – bar none. It’s time to clean up the city and you start by making unacceptable behavior unacceptable behavior. Stop luring every bum, drug addict, and drop out to the city with an environment that enables them to cause harm to themselves and others. You really aren’t helping these people by enabling their self destructive behavior.

            1. Houston, what you propose is straight up totalitarian fascist police state. Figures you are drawn to Trump.

              Arrest drug addicts for possessing illegal drugs.

              Should a posse comb rural red states and arrest those meth and opioid holders too?

              You have no idea behind the causes of homelessness. None.

              1. It’s fascist to arrest people for breaking laws? It’s fascist to ban camping on public property? It’s fascist to know people $hitting outside is a public health hazard, not to mention exceptionally gross? Open Camping in Central Park is illegal. Is Bill DeBlasio a fascist? Nevermind. Bad example. He is a fascist. I highly suggest you look up the term fascist because you clearly have no idea what it means.

                And , like most people, my family has been impacted by drug addiction and homelessness. People I’m very close to made some horrible decisions. In one case our family was able to support and help. In the other it took my cousin, who was my best friend growing up, being arrested multiple times. We, I, tried everything to get him off the streets. It took the final arrest and a couple years in jail to get him the help he needed. He will tell you to this day that being arrested saved his life. You look at establishing and enforcing standards for public behavior as fascism. I look at it as necessary for the common good. My proof? People $hit on the sidewalk in full view of any passerby in San Francisco and city officials find that to be acceptable behavior. Thats insane.

              2. It is fascist to declare poverty to be illegal, and lock up children in cages. Fascism comes in many forms, and is used to try and bludgeon the other side.
                An honest person would look askance at the Republicans, and their insistence on using the law to persecute people and children, while blithely declaring the law does not apply to them.
                Is a Democrat honest? Can an honest person say a Republican is honorable? Can he say the Republicans are humane for caging children?
                Believe it or not, the President of the United States is responsible for the whole United States, not just Mar a Lago. He is responsible, not the Democrats. He is responsible for the condition of everyone, not just country club members. He is responsible for not providing enough jobs so those people do not have to live in poverty. His jobs he creates are the ones destroying the environment. He is making jobs for the Black population; the ones that are dirty, backbreaking and dangerous, yet he touts increased employment. I wonder what the cost is of imprisoning so many, when the previous method cost very little. Previously, people were treated with dignity and respect. Now they cram 200 prisoners so tightly, they cannot lay down.
                Arrest drug addicts for possession of illegal drugs? FYI, Alcohol Prohibition was a failure, and Drug Prohibition is also a failure. It increases gun violence, engenders a contempt for the law, kills people, destroys families, corrupts law enforcement and enriches drug lords.
                It is interesting to note that in interviews, several homeless people gave in Santa Rosa, they said they got there because the police in other states gave them a one way bus ticket to Santa Rosa. Thanks for dumping your unwanted on us.

              3. Houston, and how long should these unfortunates be locked up for the great crime of having to make do on the margins of society, no place to live, no place to perform bodily functions, in a great majority of cases, battling mental illness? 90 days? Is that too lenient for your policy of no tolerance? 6 months? 1 year? More? Then what happens when they are returned to the streets? Start the cycle all over again? Your only answer is “I knew a guy once…”. Great public policy analyst you are.

              1. I like the idea of adding 2 more players to the active roster in the new CBA. 2 more to the practice squad as well. I wonder how much that will influence the salary cap?

    2. Niner all …….
      There is no simple solution to homelessness on either side of the isle. Other than Reagan closing down many mental hospitals in the late 60’s as part of his plan to cut taxes i’m not sure you can lay this problem at any ones feet. If you have a solution don’t reveal it here, write a book because you would make millions.

          1. Trump kisses Putin’s arse. He loves commies.
            Socialism allows for property ownership. Socialism benefits the whole population, not just the autocrats and oligarchs.
            That is why we have Medicare and SOCIAL Security.

            1. >>That is why we have Medicare and SOCIAL Security.

              Commie programs, according to the knuckle-draggers

              >>The rule of law used to mean something. Now it is used to put children in cages.

              Though one the most heinous, it’s not the only thing being used for these days. Outright attempts to steer convicts into no punishment is right up there too. But only if you are politically connected or especially a President’s co-conspirator.

  3. The last I heard, Benton was cross training Brunskill at center. Given that Person was the next center after Garland, I suspect it’s a sign that they expect Brunskill to be their RG next year….

  4. PFF predicts landing spots for every PFF top-50 agent. Here’s what they have to say about Armstead:

    Projected contract: 5 years, $17 million per year ($45 million guaranteed)
    It’s been reported that the 49ers want to resign Arik Armstead and that he is willing to work with them and their limited cap space. With his skyrocketing improvement in PFF grade in a contract year, the 49ers have to be careful not to overpay for Armstead. His PFF overall grade went from 74.8 to 89.6, and while his pass-rush production improved, there’s a lot to be concerned with there. He had 13 sacks on the year, which tied for the 10th most. But he also tied for just 37th in pressure rate. Like Barrett, Armstead is a good player — but for the right price.”

    So PFF is predicting that Armstead will re-sign with the 49ers for an average of$17 million per year.

    1. I can’t get on board with paying him that much. The team can probably get a similar impact from a less expensive vet through FA.

      1. I agree, Scooter.

        However, I don’t understand your reasoning for wanting Joey. Joey and Nick are almost clones. Isn’t it better to have a faster edge rusher like Ford to complement Nick?

        1. Joey is a bit more like a better version of Armstead imo. I think he can play LDE in base that can both rush the passer and defend the run well, and then be a movable piece in nickel.

          1. So, you’re thinking we can have Joey and Ford on the roster at the same time? Highly unlikely. J. Bosa is going to want a huge contract. Clowney is reportedly looking for the highest edge rusher contract (surpassing Mack) and he was only ranked around 15th this past year. Of course, just because someone wants something doesn’t mean they’ll get it; but on the other hand, every year we see desperate teams hand out Brinks truck contracts.

            1. Two things: the new CBA will be in place at that point, and getting Joey to play the Armstead role doesn’t mean they need to keep Ford. If it came down to Joey or Ford, I would take Joey and draft a speed rusher. Joey is an every down player.

      2. Scooter There are about 10+ teams hoping that the niners feel as you do….what would that do to the Dline chemistry…? Buckner has played beside Arik for the last 7 years…Do you even remember who was there before we drafted AA…?

        1. The players know the realities of the salary cap.

          Buckner will get over it. Especially when they pay him his big extension and if they replace Armstead with another good vet (at a lower price). As for who was there before AA, that would be Justin Smith and Ray McDonald.

      3. Scooter, If they do resign him and pay what is reported, I hope 2019 wasn’t an outlier year (and a massive outlier at that). The classic contract year.

  5. PFF predicts landing spots for every PFF top-50 agent. Here’s what they have to say about Jimmie Ward:

    Projected contract: 2 years, $8 million per year ($6 million guaranteed)
    Along with Arik Armstead, it’s been said the 49ers’ front office would like to bring back Jimmie Ward, but only if they can make it work with their allotted cap space. Prior to 2019, it was unlikely Ward would be with the 49ers long-term, as he missed over half of his career games due to injury and never had a coverage grade above 70.0 in a single season, bouncing around at various alignments. When healthy in 2019, Ward was used as their primary deep safety, and he had one of the best seasons of the year at the position. His 84.5 coverage grade was the ninth best, and he forced the fourth-most pass breakups (8).”

    So PFF is predicting that Ward will re-sign with the 49ers for an average of $8 million per year.

  6. And finally, PFF predicts Emmanuel Sanders will be signed by the NE Patriots at an average of $10 million per year.

    Projected contract: 3 years, $10 million per year ($23 million guaranteed)
    With Amari Cooper and A.J. Green likely to return to their respective teams, domino number two to woo Brady back to New England is signing veteran receiver Emmanuel Sanders. With San Francisco’s cap situation, a Sanders departure is likely and would be one of the few weapons Brady needs in New England to succeed. He’s been one of the 25 most valuable wideouts in each of the past two seasons. Adding him in with Julian Edelman, Hunter Henry and perhaps another receiver with their first-round pick (possibly Henry Ruggs III, Tee Higgins, Jalen Reagor) could help spark one last title run for Brady and Belichick.

  7. On the A’s moving to TuneIn instead of terrestrial radio, it’s about as easy as turning on your radio once you get it set up and the sound quality is far better. It’s the only way I listen to the radio now.

    This is a move that actually makes it easier for their fans outside of the area to tune in. They are ahead of the curve on this.

  8. I think they offer him 15.8-16.5 million per year for 5 years and let him test the market. He gets to play on a winning team for a bit less than he would get on the open market. No one is going to pay him 17+ for the reason you cite in the video.

    To me they got to keep this d-line together for next year. We play so many winnable games against young QB’s.

      1. I buy a lot into Ward/Armstead taking less to stay on a good team where they have good friends Tartt/Buckner. Is that a valid argument from your perspective? Or is it about that generational wealth haha

  9. Armstead is not a dominant player , he’s a product of teams paying attention to three other guys … let him walk , too many other guys to pay

    1. He played dominant this year. The trio of Buckner, Armstead, and Bosa is lethal. We can get rid of Ford next year to help pay Buckner.

      1. He was good as soon as Bosa got there , did practically nothing prior 4 years . But the thing I would look at most if I’m Niners is his awful showing in biggest game of his life , he was non existent , I didn’t even see a good effort …

            1. That is a trick haha. Blair ain’t coming back until October at least. I love Blair but he’s bound for JAX.

              I would rather over pay Armstead to keep our defensive line dominate and keep our window open for the next 2-3 years.

              1. You would overpay Armstead after the way he played in the super bowl and knowing he was playing for a contract ?

              2. Blair going to Jacksonville because they need defensive line depth. Dareus is a going to get cut. Baalke will have a say as well. Wouldn’t be surprised is they signed him to a 3yr/12-15million deal.

              3. Baalke sure loves those ACL players. You may be right.
                However, Blair probably would be afraid of getting cut on the team bus, a Baalke specialty.
                He would take a home discount to remain with his compadres.

      2. Armstead, like the rest of the DL, was dominant while Ford was available, much less so when he wasn’t.

        As to who replaces Armstead’s production, some of it will be internal, but I also think the team can find another guy cheaper in FA to provide a similar impact.

    2. and resign Sanders . He’s a damn good receiver , he walks they won’t replace him . He was open a lot more than Garropolo got him the ball … too valuable to lose

        1. The potential is definitely there. He has the speed, the height, and capability.
          He just needs that thing that beats inside the chest to beat a little faster and a little louder.

          1. I think Shanahan just ruined his confidence. Now he’s just like WTF. Which is good, I would rather have Shanahan be like that than a wimp.

      1. Aren’t teams sort of expecting that? It seems like we would not have any bargaining power. What would we get a high 3rd rounder at best?

        We are already somewhat vulnerable against the run, losing Armstead would make it a liability especially since Kwon misses so many tackles haha.

        1. Unless there is a bit of action on re-signing guys ahead of FA, there is going to be some pretty good options available in FA to replace Armstead at likely a much lower cost.

          Personally I would be looking long and hard at Derek Wolfe and Gerald McCoy.

          1. At first I thought both are old. But that’s sort of what we need, veterans to to fill the void. We can resign Blair for sure and Day which gives our line some depth.

            1. Exactly. Short term fix, but also either guy is still capable of playing at a very high level and will be getting an opportunity to play on a team ready to compete for a SB where they will not need to be the main guy.

              1. Scooter, what do you think about signing Perriman on the cheap to give our wr corps some speed? I know you liked him coming out. Offer him a 1 year deal for $7 million?

              2. He did ok with the Bucs as their #3 WR last season, but he hasn’t been what I thought he could be. Not sure he really fits what Shanahan wants at WR. He’s not a good route runner. Tbh I think they will bring back Sanders.

                Btw, I rewatched Reagor last night. On second viewing I liked him a lot more. I think watching him after Hamler helps appreciate what he does well. I still don’t like him at #31, but in the 2nd round I can get on board with that.

      2. I like the sound of Tag and Trade but in the best case scenario what would the 49ers receive in the trade. I thought a Franchise Tag automatically meant 2 first round picks. I can’t imagine anyone giving up 2 first rounders for Armstead. If the 49ers can get that then abso-freaking-lutely trade him but that just aint going to happen. So best case scenario, what do the 49ers receive? 2nd and a 5th? Maybe?

        1. If I had a tag-n-trade partner for a 3rd round pick this year, I’d take it. The tag does not require you to get a specific trade value unless you are tagging the player with the expectation of retaining him….

  10. If the Niners are smart they will franchise tag him and then trade him. They’ve got guys coming back on the defensive line that could adequately replace him and they need draft picks and cap space.

    1. Not sure I buy into the conspiracy theory but the great latitude that NFL officials are given to interpret impossibly over complicated rules for penalties has ruined the game IMHO. Most people watch NFL now not for the enjoyment of top quality football but to root for their favorite team (to win by any means necessary) or to engage in gambling in some fashion. I’ll never forget being in a sports bar in Florida when the 49ers still weren’t competitive. I heard someone cheer for the 49ers and asked, “Are you a 49ers fan?”. He said, “No, Frank Gore is on my fantasy team”. Like Bro Tunu used to say: Ruint.

  11. Can someone explain to me how this is good for Eddie?
    – His name is now tied to Scump forever.
    – His bribe (he showed up with a suitcase full of $100 bills) is brought up again.
    – His corrupt actions are not erased but are now associated with a corrupt ‘president’.
    – He was being seen as a great owner, now he has become a political pawn for Scump.

    1. Not to mention his classmates in this years pardon party. Blagojevich? Milken? The scummiest of the white collar scum.

      The League is not going to return his calls if he shows any involvement interest again.

          1. So you are saying that Eddie is going to waltz back into NFL ownership again, now that he’s in the esteemed company of Trump, Blagojevich, Milken and Kerik? As Niner fans we all have gratitude for Eddie in those those pre-cap days, but you’re dreaming dude.

            1. Didn’t DeBartolo say a while back that other owners had been asking him to get back into the league? I don’t think they were excluding him, but maybe I’m wrong. I thought it was a situation where he got out, and too much water had passed under the bridge and he was happy with where he now is.

              1. Perhaps. It’s a whole different world from when Eddie was spending with no restraint, no such things as capologists then. Seriously, what would he do differently with the team these days? The Yorks spend lavishly on travel and other perks, the team has state of the art training facilities. The team is pretty much set for FO and coaching for the foreseeable future. For better or worse, they have the stadium they have now, that’s not going to change. Maybe Eddie could foot the bill for a sunshade? lol

              2. Yep. Things are different, and you’re right, there’s only so much you can spend on the roster now. That takes away the biggest advantage DeBartolo had back in his era.

                Throw in that the team has been in the Super Bowl twice in the last decade. It stunk for a few years post-Harbaugh, but things are looking up now.

              3. I think Eddie D is out for good; he is happy where he is now, and he may be rich, but he isn’t $2-4 billion rich (which is what you need to buy a NFL team now).

              4. To clarify, $2-4 billion to buy a team (need more money than that overall); DeBartolo would be wiping out all his money to do that.

      1. well his record is cleared. Thats a pretty big deal.

        Ooooooooooh, I see what you mean.
        He’s 73, is worth $3BILLION, I guess people will hire him again…….
        But his name will NEVER be cleared, there will always be an * attached to it.

        1. *

          As crime victims go, a multimillionaire and grown man, who knowingly takes part in a corrupt scheme to enrich himself further, is some way from the most deserving case. Still, let us give credit to DeBartolo for the remorse that came over him as soon as he was found out.

          Perhaps his smartest move was to win the race to the courthouse for a plea deal. Federal judge John Parker congratulated him on getting the first seat on the “train” to freedom when he pleaded guilty to misprision of felony and agreed to spill the beans at Edwards’ trial.

          DeBartolo’s sentence, a fine and probation, was no more than a minor inconvenience, but his extrajudicial punishment must have hurt more. After NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue suspended him for a year, DeBartolo relinquished ownership of the 49ers to his sister.

  12. @CamInman

    Cool moment on Fox with Jimmy getting HOF news

    Because #49ers fans are curious:

    Jimmy Johnson, 1989-99, Cowboys/Dolphins: 80-64, 9-4 in playoffs, 2 Super Bowls, 6 playoff berths

    George Seifert, 1989-01, 49ers/Panthers: 114-62, 10-5 in playoffs, 2 Super Bowls, 7 playoff berths ,,if Cowher and Johnson are in, than Seifert, Mike Shanahan and Mike Holmgren all deserve to be in.

  13. IMO Eddie D was the greatest owner in 49er history. He definitely screwed up but I’m happy to see him pardoned. Elected officials in many areas expect some grease so if you want to do business you must oblige. Eddie got caught up in the wrong game and got caught. Deserved to be punished but I’m glad Trump took this action.

    1. If anyone other than President Trump had pardoned Eduardo, the partisan Schiff show would have given them the key to the city . As it stands, the appreciation of Rice, Lott and Jim Brown are more than enough for me and fair minded independent thinkers….

      1. lol….you group yourself with ” fair minded independent thinkers”….dude you are a comedy.

        first you (Razor + Houston) refuse to work – you (Razor + Houston) mooch on handouts from us taxpayers – you (Razor + Houston) are the true socialist….

        The truth is you (Razor + Houston) are drawn to Trump’s race-based anxieties and promises to restore your eroding status……….those are not traits of a fair minded independent thinker……

      2. Calling Schiff partisan and giving McConnell a free pass is not what stands for “fair minded independent thinkers”…….

  14. The Cohn Zohn struck gold again.
    The stories about Eddie and Carmen brought back fond memories of the Glory Years. Good times. Lowell is not only a legend, he is a gold mine for insightful stories that people would not hear about, otherwise.
    I do agree that Person is the weak link on the O line. Maybe they should trade him away and get a mid round draft pick, so they can mine the sweet spot of the draft. This draft is loaded with many fine O line prospects.
    Tagging and trading Armstead seems to be the best move, and I agree that Buckner should be paid more. I have been advocating a trade with the Dolphins, and Grant mentioned that the tax laws are better for the player’s salaries there. I wonder if the Niners could bundle Armstead and Coleman, and get a first round pick for them, since they have 3 first round picks.
    I wish to disagree about Kaep, however. He just followed the lead of his HC. JH acted like his pressers were torture, and he was under an inquisition. After Baalke dismantled that SB team, he did not want to talk about a defense that let 3rd string RBs romp for 200 yards. It is no wonder why he does not like interviews, people twist and misconstrue everything he says. He has been smart to not grant any interviews, because he just does not seem to do well in them.
    Hiring JL is like a breath of fresh air. He has certainly changed the culture of the team. Players and coaches now act professionally, and will give honest and thoughtful answers.

    1. “I wish to disagree about Kaep, however. He just followed the lead of his HC”

      So basically he is a puppet like you who just parrots what other people say and do?
      Can’t think for themselves sounds about right.

      1. He was a young man, and I guess you think that all players should disregard what their coaches think.
        Kaep did take the league by storm, according to you.
        He also started a dialogue, and meaningful changes were implemented due to his actions. He has won awards and acclaim. I hope he is allowed to play again. Many teams need a new QB.

          1. JH treated the media like it was the enemy, trying to trip him up into disclosing information.
            Even when JH left, he had Baalke stabbing him in the back.
            Too bad he did not have Carmen Policy mentoring him.

  15. Did anybody’s socio-political point of view change as a result of the above discussions?
    That’s what I suspected………….

    1. Related, did the team ever change it’s draft picks, free agent signings, player rosters, defensive or offensive strategies based on postings here? Didn’t think so either.

      It’s a soapbox for people to get things off their chests. The political outbreaks are rare.

  16. Before this season all of the talk was about how Garoppolo had never played a full season, how we didn’t know how he’d perform through the 16 game grind.

    The result was a 15-4 season with a trip to the Super Bowl, yet we continue to hear the same stuff said about him.

    It’s clear that he has some rough spots to his game, you can’t argue against that, at the same time he continuously gives his team a chance to win. He’s 23-6 over his 29 career starts and only 2 times has his team lost by more than 1 score, just happens to be the same opponent.

    For those who want to say “he missed the open receiver”, go watch every game of every QB. In those games you will always find examples of this, regardless of the name.

    This guy is one of the top QB’s in the NFC. He showed that in 2019 and will need to carry that forward as the team transitions into dealing with the cap.

              1. JG also was just recovering and rehabbing his ACL knee. Sure, Mullens was more accurate, because he had practiced all offseason and the OTAs, throwing to those receivers.
                Fortunately, JG will improve, because he will have all of this off season to sync up with his receivers.
                I will concede that playing against defenses initially, will have the defense have the advantage. However, he was also playing against the Niner defense, and we did not know back then, that it was a SB defense.

              2. Still worked up about the 5 consecutive interceptions he threw during TC. Watching you and Hammer get all worked up about a “non-event” was hilarious. Jimmy overcame all the way to the Superbowl; that’s what a winner does.

              3. JG’s most impressive talent to me, is his ability to thread the needle, not just hit tight windows.
                I also like his quick release, and his ability to hit his receivers in stride so they can make YAC.
                What I do not like is his inability to see all 11 defenders, at times. Sometimes, he will not see a player, and it will be an easy interception. Sure, some were bounced off the receiver’s hands, but he seemed to make one poor judgement each game.
                Still, he was 6 minutes from winning the SB, so I will cut him slack because he received a concussive blow which may have thrown him off just enough for him to miss Sanders.
                The Niners are fortunate to have JG as their starting franchise QB. Now they need to provide him weapons, and adequate protection. The Niners are victims of their own success. Other teams will bid high for many of the Niner Free Agents. I think they tag and trade Armstead, and let Sanders and Ward walk away into good contracts.

              1. I seem to recall Jimmy leading the team to 48 points against the Saints on a Sunday when the defense decided to stay in the locker room. Which of the non top-ten QBs could have done that?

              2. Agree that he didn’t have to do too much over the first half, but he did lead them back against Pittsburgh in a turnover filled game.

                Over the 2nd half of the year though the 49ers gave up 26 points per game and lost 3 games. All on the final possession when Garoppolo was on the bench.

                Against Seattle, missed FG to win in OT. Against Baltimore tied late, defense couldn’t get a stop late. Against Falcons up 5 and defense couldn’t get a stop.

          1. Really, Grant, I’m surprised you used this as your ‘go to’ criticism of JG.

            Prior to that pass the 49ers were running the ball. Shany gave him no warm ups prior to that pass.

            He was 20/31 vs. that Chiefs, so-called vaunted Defense.

    1. I am curious to see if they restructure JG’s contract this offseason to create cap space. To me that will be a bit of an indicator of how the team views him. His current contract is very easy to get out of. If they’re convinced he is the guy moving forward his contract is one of the easiest to restructure to create space. If they don’t restructure, seems like the team is wanting to keep their options open.

    * A free agent prospect for the 9ers looking to replace DE/DT Arik Armstead.
    * DE/DT Leonard Williams: 26 Y/O, free agent Market value $8.26Mil. P/Y
    * Leonard Williams’ continued improvement as a pass-rusher could take the Jets defense to a whole new level in 2019

      1. We are over the salary cap of mundane comments. Any way to package Seb to the Niner’s Nation site for more cogent posters…I think NN would give us a 2 for 1 deal.

        1. Maybe he would take less, because he knows that the Niner defense is Super Bowl caliber. Winning a ring should be factored in any decision. They also could make a long term contract, and spread out the cap hit.
          Leonard Williams did well against the run, but had only one sack. Ngakoue had 8 last season.

          1. That will create “CAP SPACE? $8.26 MIL. VS $17. 183 MIL?
            How many Sacks did Armstead have before Bosa?
            And “MAYBE” you’re a “BUSINESS MAN?” ROFLMAO

            1. The Niners create cap space by trading away players, and cutting McKinnon and Goodwin. They also will restructure contracts.
              According to sack totals, Ngakoue is 8 times better than Williams. If the Niners want a player with one sack per season, they would keep Thomas. There may be a reason why Williams is half as costly as Ngakoue; he may be half as good.
              People who want players who are cheap, will get cheap results. People who want elite players want to win.

              1. You refuse to answer the question and pretend you did…..lmao
                * How many sacks did Armstead have before Bosa?
                * How does signing a F/A D player for $17.183 Mil P/Y save cap space?
                * What makes you think Williams number of sacks won’t increase playing with the 9ers D… When the opposing O can’t double team him?
                * There’s a reason others call you a fool, have you figured out why?

              2. I did not answer that question because it is not relevant to what I was talking about. Armstead is finally healthy, so that may have helped his sack totals, and Kocurek may have helped increase all of their sack totals. Bosa may have helped, but he is not the sole reason for the increase in Armstead’s sack totals.
                I want the Niners to create cap space, then sign some elite Free Agents, not to bust the cap ceiling, but to help them win a ring. Like I said before, going cheap produces cheap results. Williams is clearly inferior to Ngakoue.
                Assuming that Williams sack totals will increase just means you think Ngakoue’s sack totals will also increase. If Williams doubles his sack totals, he would have 2. If Ngakoue doubles his sack totals, he will have 16.
                Call me a fool? I have been called worse. Guess you want to get a player who is half as good as the player I want. Sounds like you want to make it twice as hard to win, too.

  18. So you’re buying into the fact this guy–JG– (we’ll call him just a guy since you think that) coming off knee surgery, forced to scramble against KC in reg. season due to bad blocking (which was why the injury happened in the 1st place) is truly a finished product?

    Think again. The 49ers can do better in the O-Line Dept.

    JG developed skills this year that one only gains through repetition.
    He’s logged 1.5 years as a starter and acheived Superbowl status–something that took Joe Montana 3 years to acheive.

    Considering the O-Line shuffling the 49ers have done and the porous O-Line JG inherited when he arrived, I’m surprised he doesn’t have PTSD.

    He’s stood tall in the pocket, played his game –to this point–but we have yet to see the real JG.

    How about another 1.5 years like we allowed Montana before putting him on Greyhound.

    JG’s Injury –video of play

    1. *Also Grant, the 49er philosophy has been use its top draft picks on defense, not on the skill positions.

      When the 49ers finally get JG an elite WR and better O-Linemen lets talk.

      I’m just happy we’re having this arguement. Nobody–not you, or the national media predicted this 49er season….Being a downer is no fun, be a realist–give the Niners a chance to draft at the skill positions.,,Meantime, some summer music as you gear up for training camp:

      A positive song for you Grant:

      Bobby McFerrin – Don’t Worry Be Happy (Official Video)

  19. BB* has something against the 5th round of the NFL draft. Lynch seems to have no problem with it:

    Tackling efficiency, NFL-leading linebackers (PFF)

    Cory Littleton, Rams (1 missed tackle, 125 attempts)
    Greenlaw, 49ers (4 missed tackles, 96 attempts)
    Luke Kuechly, Panthers (6 missed tackles, 134 attempts)
    Demario Davis, Saints (6 missed tackles, 120 attempts)
    Bobby Wagner, Seahawks (8 missed tackles, 159 attempts)


  20. Sounds like the NFL is presenting the players with a new CBA. I hope the players reject such a league friendly deal.
    The league should propose a 17 game schedule by eliminating 2 preseason games, and using one game to expand the schedule to 17 games, and the other eliminated game to give each team a second bye week.
    The league should offer to pay the players one sixteenth more, not this 250K deal.
    They should have a system where a 10-6 or better team that is not a wild card winner, will make it into and expanded playoff system, but otherwise leave it at 12 teams in the playoffs. That 10-6 or better team would play the Number 2 seed, so only the top seed would get a first round bye. A 14 team playoffs would have 9-7 and 8-8 teams making it to the playoffs, so it would include marginal teams.
    Maybe have a rule stating that a division winner has to have a winning record in order to play in the playoffs. Then it would revert to an 11 team playoffs, if there is no division winner with a winning record. This would punish poor divisions.

    1. Sounds like the NFL is presenting the players with a new CBA. I hope the players reject such a league friendly deal.

      Yes, that is how labor negotiations work. Each side presents their starting position, which benefits their objects. Then the sides both reject the other side’s initial offer and start a long, arduous journey toward the center; or better put, toward the balancing point given the relative strength of the sides’ bargaining position. In this instance, the NFL has historically had the greater bargaining power. That is not as great a difference as it once was, but it still exists. The current CBA is illustrative of this. It is an instance of the league blinking first but then the NFLPA being so dazzled by the concession that it allowed the enormous expansion of power the current CBA gave the commissioner under the player personal conduct policy. When one side gives up a great deal to obtain one desired concession, that is an indication of an inferior bargaining position.

      Further, the very nature of labor negotiations favor ownership. Ownership tends to approach the negotiations more globally where as labor approach with specific goals to be pursued on behalf of its members. This allows ownership to concede to specific goals of labor while still achieving ownership’s global objectives.

      So yes, the NFLPA will chip away at the NFL’s league friendly initial proposal. But at some point a shiny concession on something like marijuana policy will distract them, and the NFL will put in a provision giving the commissioner the right to live in a player’s house for a month out of the year. Well, maybe not that egregious, but it will be something that does not seem onerous at the time but turns out to diminish player rights in actual application of the CBA.

      1. I like the additional 4 man roster, 2 to the practice squad and 2 to the active. I also like the idea of adding a 3rd offensive lineman eligible on gameday, similar to the 3rd quarterback rule.

        As for the cannabis rule, I believe they’ve already included that in the proposal. There will no longer be any suspensions for using it.

        1. As for the cannabis rule, I believe they’ve already included that in the proposal

          Yeah, that was just supposed to be a humorous example of the league giving with one hand and stealing whatever is not nailed down with the other. Perhaps the humor aspect of it failed.

          1. I don’t really see that as a concession per se, although it’s probably spun that way via NFL PR. It was an inevitability that the league had to get onboard with due to states trending that way. If I was a player I wouldn’t think it was all that shiny. I’d be more interested in the pay for not playing during the bye weeks earned for the playoffs….

            1. Thus, the failure, as happens to all humor when the audience takes it literally.

              The NFLPA has a long history of tunnel-blindness when it comes to negotiating. Often they focus on a few goals to the detriment the larger picture. So, take a dash of a goal many of the players want and that has been in the press quite a bit, add a teaspoon of knowledge of the NFLPA’s historic shortsightedness, mix those with a pinch of hyperbole then stir in a splash of satire, and we get a failed attempt at humor not to be taken literally.

              1. I like this concession. It’s really shiny:

                The creation of a network of hospitals in each NFL city at which all former players could receive no-cost physicals, preventive care, outpatient orthopedic services and mental-health counseling.

      2. I agree, that is how every negotiation is usually done. When I proposed a trade with the Broncos for a second, third and 4th round picks, some were savaging that deal because it was too advantageous towards the Niners.
        Now I have proposed the same deal, but with third, 4th and 5th round picks as compensation.
        And yes, the league has historically had the upper hand in every negotiation.
        Maybe this time, the players will get lifetime health care for football related medical problems, but they may be given bad advice like last time.
        I hope they implement the 2 bye week proposal. Then, they could play 2 games within 3 weeks, with a 10 day rest between games, if they can schedule the Thursday Night football games wisely. Maybe the foreign games in London and Mexico city can be scheduled for Thursday, so there would be 10 days before and after the games. This will help the players have enough time after traveling to rest properly.
        Glad to hear of Cannabis Sanity, instead of Reefer Madness.

  21. Went to a 49ers sports blog and a political fight broke out. Meanwhile NFL football and our country continue the race to the bottom.

    1. Went to a 49ers sports blog and a political fight broke out

      What fascinates me is that the political discussion is even more encumbered by confirmation bias, partisan analyses, and the presentation of said biased analyses as ‘fact’ than the regular football discussions here.

      And if any of you find yourself agreeing with my above statement and believing it is directed at whatever side is opposite of your side but not at you or those on your side, you are wrong (that’s your confirmation bias and partisanship at work). Here, watch this video: This Video Will Make You Angry ( Warning–it may make you angry. ;-)

      1. I’ve always been an independent, calling myself a freedom fighter. Fiscally conservative and socially liberal. Partisanism has become a weapon of mass infection….

        1. you a eucking liar……

          Is that the reason you refuse to get a job and pay taxes like the rest of us…….

          I have never heard of a freedom fighter who mooches of the government handouts……

    2. Went to a 49ers sports blog and a political fight broke out.

      Whine, did you happen you notice the content of the column? A politically oriented pardon. Tell us how we are supposed to comment on it without mentioning politics?

      1. The content of the column doesn’t mean you have to take the bait! Freedom of speech also includes the right to not speak.

    3. I have tried to stick to football, because it is an escape from the political insanity.
      The Orange Glow is the one who mixes sports and politics.
      While I am glad that Eddie is happy, I have refrained from praising a politician who is abusing his power to try and buy an election.
      OK, enough about snot globs, er, I mean politics….. ;p

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