Colin Kaepernick 2013 passing stats: Inside/outside pocket

I just re-watched every pass Colin Kaepernick attempted last season. Here are his 2013 passing stats from inside and outside of the pocket.


382 attempts
219 completions
2,887 yards
12 TDs
10 INTs
57.3 completion percentage
7.6 yards per attempt
3.1 TD percentage
2.6 INT percentage
80.9 passer rating


116 attempts
69 completions
886 yards
12 TDs
59.5 completion percentage
7.6 yards per attempt
10.3 TD percentage
0.9 INT percentage
114.4 passer rating

…however, Colin Kaepernick threw away 16 passes when he was outside of the pocket last season. If you take away those 16 passes, these are Kaepernick’s outside-of-the-pocket stats:

69 completion percentage
8.86 yards per attempt
12.0 TD percentage
1.0 INT percentage
131.9 passer rating

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  1. How does Kaepernick’s pocket rating change when you take out the passes batted down at the LOS?

  2. Wow, nice work Grant. That’s some solid film review, thanks for putting the effort in.

    Really backs up what you were saying last season about getting Kaep outside the pocket.

    1. Was there a big difference once crab came back in those numbers? Just wondering how the percentages were affected with another receiver option available.

  3. Thanks for the info. This kind of data compiling helps clarify things.

    I’m not surprised about the low pocket completion percentage. I’m stunned at the dramatic difference in TD/INT ratio. (I shouldn’t be. I’ve been whining about Colin not seeing underneath coverages to his left for years)

    A QB once said (maybe Steve Young?)… the peak of an athletes career is when he’s mastered the game mentally, but hasn’t started to slow down physically. This peak can be painfully short… a year or two.

    Colin turns 27 this season. The window for dramatic improvement is wide open. I hope he takes advantage of it and dominates as I hope he can. Lets hope our “QB Guru” can get his footwork and eyes right.

    1. (I shouldn’t be. I’ve been whining about Colin not seeing underneath coverages to his left for years)

      Let’s see now. Kaepernick has been a starter for about a year and a half. How long have you been whining?

      1. Joe Montana was the starter for 1.5 years when he won Super Bowl XVI. THe team needs to get Montana to help him. Harbaugh was a mediocre QB and has been possessed by the demon-spirit of Bo Schembechler. More Walsh, less Bo is the answer.

      2. Colin was flinging balls into underneath coverage since his first preseason in 2011.

  4. For a bit of fun, here is my “Big Board” Top 50 heading into the final week before the draft. Enjoy, and please feel free to ridicule!

    Please note this is not the order I expect them to be drafted, just how I rate the players.

    1. Jadeveon Clowney
    2. Jake Matthews
    3. Sammy Watkins
    4. Khalil Mack
    5. Greg Robinson
    6. Dominique Easley
    7. Odell Beckham Jr
    8. Taylor Lewan
    9. Ha’Sean Clinton-Dix
    10. CJ Mosley
    11. Darqueze Dennard
    12. Aaron Donald
    13. Allen Robinson
    14. Timmy Jernigan
    15. Mike Evans
    16. Jeremiah Attaochu
    17. Teddy Bridgewater
    18. Kyle Fuller
    19. Cyrus Kouandjio
    20. Zack Martin
    21. Justin Gilbert
    22. Brandin Cooks
    23. Jason Verrett
    24. Eric Ebron
    25. Anthony Barr
    26. Bishop Sankey
    27. Louis Nix
    28. Blake Bortles
    29. Jimmie Ward
    30. Marqise Lee
    31. Xavier Sua’Filo
    32. Stephon Tuitt
    33. Marcus Smith
    34. Bradley Roby
    35. Joel Bitonio
    36. Ra’Shede Hageman
    37. Jordan Matthews
    38. Kony Ealy
    39. LaMarcus Joyner
    40. Calvin Pryor
    41. Dee Ford
    42. Morgan Moses
    43. Bashaud Breeland
    44. Davante Adams
    45. Carlos Hyde
    46. Scott Crichton
    47. DaQuan Jones
    48. Kyle Van Noy
    49. Cody Latimer
    50. Brandon Thomas

    1. Good list, Scooter. You’ve studied more than I, so I just have some mild surprises here and there. WAGs (wild axed guesses):
      > I’d put Robinson ahead of Mathews for upside even though Mathews is more ready as pass blocker.
      > Ward. I keep hearing media praise for him and then a prediction he goes 45-60. ?? He could go 20-50, imo. I realize this is just your Board.
      > Media buzz on Bitonio is growing.
      > WR Robinson you definitely rate higher than most. I like him too.
      > Clinton-Dix slightly high, Pryor a tad low;…. maybe ; >)
      Thanks for the stimulation.

      1. Cheers Brotha! In response to some of your comments:

        – Robinson has the measurables but Matthews was the best OL in college. I’d go Matthews over Robinson.
        – I’m a big fan of Jimmie Ward. I think he’s worthy of a top 30 grade, and is a better prospect than Pryor.
        – I’m still surprised Allen Robinson isn’t getting more love. He’ll be a steal for somebody at the end of the first/ in the second.
        – I think Clinton-Dix will be a difference maker in the NFL. Smart player.

        1. You may be right Scooter on Mathews. Mark Schlereth on ESPN was extolling Mathews use of angles and technique.

    2. Scooter,
      Nice list of your personal top 50.

      I like many of these players but I also feel the order is very debatable (but then again, so would mine if post one).

      I love Easly, and have him in my last mock. But his 6 ranking is high imo. Had he been playing healthy he would have been a top 15-25.
      Dee Ford is too low at 41. He is a 20-32 player.

      Beckham ranked higher than M.Evans is debatable as well. I actually believe that Evans will be more successful in the pro’ because of his physicality.

      If Van Noy and Latimer drop to the mid-2nd rd, I would make a move to snatch them up.

      Over all, nice work Scooter.

      1. Thanks AES. Yep, anybody’s Big Board will be highly debatable, but that’s part of the fun of it!

        To answer some of your q’s:

        – I think Easley would easily have been the consensus #2 DL in this draft after Clowney if not for his knees. He lives in the backfield… when healthy. He’ll drop considerably because of his injury history, but if he stays healthy then some team is getting a dominant DL.
        – I’m not as impressed with Dee Ford as some experts. He dominated at the Senior Bowl which is what got everyone’s hearts a-flutter over him. Prior to that he was generally considered a late 2nd/ early 3rd round guy based on his play during the season. I put more credence on his college tape than dominating one-on-one match-ups in Senior Bowl practices. From what I saw on film, he looks a good but not great prospect.
        – I’ve had Beckham rated higher than every receiver not named Watkins for some time. I think he will be that good. That isn’t a knock against Evans.
        – Latimer is a wild-card. I think the current hype on him is a little over the top, but he does look a good prospect. Van Noy in the middle of the 2nd seems about right to me. Good, solid player.

    3. Scooter_McG, thanks for the big board.

      I see good value in the early 2nd. I’d like the idea of packing picks into the 35-50 range.

      – Trade the 30 back for early 2nd rounder + third rounder
      – Trade 56+94 for another early 2nd rounder.
      – Trade 61+77 for another early 2nd rounder.

      On day two leaving the 49ers with…
      – Three picks at the top of round 2, right in the talent rich “sweet spot.”
      – The newly acquired 3rd rounder
      – The compensatory 3rd rounder

      1. Cheers Brodie.

        I think this draft is going to have some great value pretty much throughout. Lots of good looking prospects. Getting 3 picks at the top of round 2 could well net some very talented guys. I think both Easley and Attaochu will probably still be available at the top of round 2, and would love to take those guys there. Allen Robinson too.

    4. Good list Scooter. I don’t agree with how you’ve ranked individual players in some cases, but that’s simply differing opinions. Bottom line is you’ve put the top players on the list for the most part and where they are drafted is anyone’s guess. It would be interesting to see where Easley would be ranked if healthy. Very disruptive player with a high motor before his injury.

      1. Cheers rocket. It was actually harder to put together than I expected! But I don’t expect the players to be drafted in that order.

        Big fan of Easley.

    5. Johnny Football outside of the top fifty,interesting. Carlos Hyde pretty far down there Scooter -but on the whole no big qualms -good work!

      1. Thanks Hightop. Yeah, I’m not a fan of Manziel. I left Derek Carr out of the top 50 too.

        I prefer Bishop Sankey to Carlos Hyde. I think Hyde will be good, but not great.

  5. Nice info, that’s a ton of tape to pour through. Being said, it’s just a large sample of what we already know about Kaepernick. He is dynamic when the 49ers run plays suited to his skills but struggles as a conventional passer from the pocket. I expect Kap to grow in the pocket this season, but Roman and Harbaugh need to continue to open up the playbook and play to Kap’s strengths: Downfield passing, quick slants, and play-action. I do think the 49ers should make a play on Evans – offense would be among the league’s best if so, and they could easily do it without sacrificing the CB position in this draft. 21 picks total in the next two years combined – time to make a splash.

  6. Big day for Aldon Smith. Maybe some clarity around his legal issues by days end.

  7. Hammer,
    Zzzzzzzzzzzzz = Aldon Smith
    At this point, I really don’t care one way or another.
    If he legally escapes another case does it matter?
    Sadly, he’s shown a penchant for keeping his image dirty and until he is willing to become an adult and make better decisions with his life and career I don’t care if he doesn’t.

    1. I think the hammering of Aldon has gone a bit overboard. Thus far his behavior has been self-destructive, not antisocial, like Culliver’s has been. (His remark at LAX I deem as foolish, nothing more.) He has been stabbed at a party and shown a problem with alcohol. He does own an assault rifle but has never demonstrated violence off the field. Given the fact that he’s a football player, I take that as a positive. What I feel towards Aldon is concern. He acts like a teenager, and at his age he shouldn’t. Ronnie Lott has expressed similar concern. Aldon does not appear to be a bad person. I do hope the justice system and the League see that. What I think he needs is another wake-up call, maybe a six game suspension. I think that would be good for both him and the team.

      1. George,

        How many wake-up calls should someone get? DUI in Florida. Crash while intoxicated in SJ. Guns and stabbing. DUI in California. Stupidity in LA. Did I miss any?

        1. And if he goes and has 15+ sacks on his truncated season no one will even care about any of that. We’ll all go back to talking about how special he is and how great it is how he once had a troubled past and now look at him.

          Jack you are not taking into account the human beings propensity for short term memory.

      2. George,

        I consider myself a man of compassion. But Aldon has not demonstrated a sense of maturity and adulthood.

        I sided with the team for sending him to rehab last year in the hopes that he would find a solution to conquer his demons, but evidently that did nothing to help quell his bad decision making.
        I want Aldon to find his way as a human first and than as a professional athlete. But if he is apathetic about his life (and career) I believe we would need to move on.

        BTW, good people have caused the loss of life while driving DUI on many occasions. Aldon should be grateful (and should have been taken as a sobering warning) that he hit a tree rather than a pedestrian.

        I hope we draft a LB (Anthony Barr) that can be developed to fill any void that Aldon may cause in future, and I also hope that Aldon can get himself right.

          1. No and no. I went to UCLA and watched all their games. Manny benefited greatly in college from playing next to Mario Williams and was overdrafted. Barr has a much thicker trunk and legs (something Manny didn’t have) and was a converted power running back at UCLA. That’s what people seem to be overlooking (I can assure you NFL teams/scouts are not). Barr has only been playing defense for 3 years of his life. He will be a force at the next level. Dion Jordan, is a better comp to a Manny Lawson type.

            1. you must be new to football. Manny failed to get sacks, but he was one of if not the best cover LB in football, and his length and speed made him incredibly effective at setting the edge and making plays against the run.

      3. George
        Aldon’s court appearance and any determination from it are of interest to Aldon, his agent, the Team and the NFL. I don’t think Jack bringing that up is bashing. I’d also respectfully disagree on your take that his antics are not anti-social. Firing weapons into the air? Those bullets fall back to earth somewhere. How about DUI? That clearly to me is anti-social in the risk it presents to the public.
        I’m not in a throw away mood on this one, and it’s not just because he’s a 1st Rounder. I hope he gets better for himself, but in the end, it’s all on him, it’s his responsibility.

        1. If he fired the weapons at someone that is antisocial. Firing weapons in the air is only stupid because I am sure it never occurred to him that those bullets come down somewhere. A lot of people do that sort of thing at midnight on new years. They are just stupid. Something a kid would do because they haven’t considered the consequences. Even the DUI is borderline at worst. People who drive drunk never consider the consequences. Someone who is antisocial realizes the consequences but does it anyway. Sometimes they do it on purpose just because the consequences are their main intent. Because an action has negative consequences toward society does not make it an antisocial act. The difference hinges on intent. I do suppose that anytime one breaks the law it might be considered an antisocial act. But that would include parking tickets as well.

          1. If he fired the weapons at someone that is antisocial.
            I believe that would be called attempted homicide.

            1. My brother always says if it were not for football a lot of these players would be in prison.

          2. Willtalk,
            “The difference hinges on intent.”

            The difference should hinge on maturity. A DUI driver likely never intends to cause injury or death when they take the wheel, but intent or non-intent will not bring back someone who is killed.

            Intent has nothing to with Aldon’ demeanor. Immaturity has everything to do with it. He has to go into this season with a personal support group or live-in counselor because he does not seem to have the character to work it out on his own.

  8. These stats seem to mirror the stats that Grant put up at the end of last season that were related to the completion percentage and pass efficiency based on the area of the field thrown too. In both cases the numbers were opposite than what would normally be expected. The longer his passes attempted the higher his efficiency rating. Usually the percentage in the pocket would be higher than out because when someone is generally out of the pocket they are under more pressure and can not really set their feet. From my eyeball evaluation Kaep did not have the pass protection necessary to be effective in the pocket. Moving out of the pocket bought him more time.

    The SF offensive line has been overrated in respect to pass protection for years. They are a line built for the run, but that does not always translate into effectiveness in pass protection. All it takes is for one lineman to break down. The fumble in the forth quarter in Seattle was a blindside strip from behind while rolling left and passing. The defender came all the way from the right side. That fumble was totally on the lineman that let his man break through seemingly untouched.

    If you go back to the two key plays in the super bowl the same scenario played itself out also. The extra point attempt for 2 and the fourth down play. In both plays the defender was in the back field in seconds and Kaep had to get rid of the ball quickly. Both times not one but two players missed their blocks. One of them being Gore who rather than blocking the first man was looking to the center of the line for a man who wasn’t there while the end rusher went through untouched.

    The reason Kaep is more effective outside of the pocket is that it buys him the time that isn’t available in the pocket. Probably why he usually throws to his first read. You need time to go through progressions. I think Davis’s injury might have had a lot to do with the the line’s pass protection breakdowns. Also Goodwin wasn’t very good either since the breakdown often came from the center. During Kaeps initial starts he was effective in the pocket and went through his reads. Why? Because he had good pass protection and people to throw too. It just doesn’t make any sense that with more experience that ability disappeared. I suggest the regression of last season was more to circumstance than it was to ability.

    The ineffectiveness of Payton as opposed to Kaep in the Seattle game validates that if your protection breaks down quickly you are not going to be very effective in the pocket. I saw Manning make some pretty bad throws because he was under serious pressure. He had two interceptions and a fumble from a blind side strip while passing just like Kaep. One interception from an unforced bad throw and the other from a tipped ball just like Kaep. I think stats tell you some things but one also needs to look at each play to get a perspective as to why it worked or did not work.

    1. Willtalk, I’ve felt the same way and I’ve said the same thing at stressful times during the games where Kaep was really struggling. The lack of protection and resulting lack of time to look past the first read were especially obvious in the games we lost last year; both Seattle games, N.O., Carolina. Those teams all have a pretty good pass rush. I agree with the Oline being overrated. Individually, Staley, Boone, Uapati and Davis are great Olinemen, but they don’t always do a great job in pass protection.

      1. They NEVER do a great job in pass protection. The last time the 49ers had an o-line that could pass protect was 1994.

    2. “The SF offensive line has been overrated in respect to pass protection for years.”

      Only 3 QB’s had a higher time in pocket to sack average than Kaepernick.

  9. Grant how do CK’s stats in the pocket change when you take out his throw aways in the pocket?

    1. Coach, I was thinking the same thing. Of course, that kind of stat would be more helpful for assessing his decision making ability.

    2. Not just throwaways, but also how many times did he have a defender in his face, somebody knocking the ball down, a receiver not open? These stats have been compiled already by sites like PFF and Football Outsiders to account for the play of the players around him as well.

      There is no question Kap needs to become more proficient as a Pocket passer, but he would improve his numbers dramatically simply by dumping the ball off one or two more times a game instead of trying to make the big play. That is the part of his game he really needs to improve on. Once he accepts taking short gains, the big plays will increase even more.

      1. They need Gore and Miller MUCH more involved in the passing game, but that will never happen because Harbaugh is a clone of Schembechler, not Walsh. The 49ers need a WCO coach. That ain’t Harbaugh.

        1. The previous QB was nicknamed “captain checkdown” so I wouldn’t necessarily blame the lack of underneath throws to the backs on the play calling.

          1. Ever heard of a DESIGNED play to the backs? You’re not old enough to remember Roger and Woody, are you?

              1. Then why do you think throwing to the backs = Capt. Checkdown? Designed plays to the backs. They never gave Smith those plays (not that he could have executed them).

  10. Grant,

    Great job compiling those stats. This might be a bit much to ask, but can you please compile those stats into quarters or halves of the season? The way the season played out last year was interesting to say the least with many variables. Or could you compile his stats from last year’s playoffs? I know Colin needs to get better, but I’m curious as too what the prospect of having at least two solid targets in the passing game might do for him or will drafting a good WR reap the same results as last year.

    If any already has access to the stats in that manner, please share!

  11. Good stuff Grant. Nice post. I would consider last year his sophomore season. In many cases, you see the largest jump in terms of production and efficiency in a QB’s 3rd year. It will be interesting to see how he improves. Not saying I’ll jump off his bandwagon if CK repeats with similar numbers but I will at least start thinking that CK is what he always will be as an NFL QB and that just might not be good enough to ever become an elite player.

  12. Grant,
    Nice breakdown. Even without the stats, it’s clear to the naked eye that CK has a long way to go just to be a decent QB that is a threat in the pocket.
    Not sure if they are creating the pre-snaps, one read look because that’s what Harbaugh likes, or that’s what they think CK can handle.
    Next year I expect to see teams play a lot more zone, and maybe even just straight up 7 in a box since Gore is slowing down.
    I expect a little improvement from CK, everyone gets a little wiser and better, but I also see other teams figuring out how to take away all this weapons, i,e, running and the deep ball. So I don’t expect a big jump in production. Hope I’m wrong.
    Go Warriors!!!

    1. CFC….Are you serious? Is the SB the only game you care about? Do you derive any pleasure from watching your team win in the 18 or 19 games previous to the SB? I feel sorry for you if thats true. I enjoy watching all my teams victories, even the preseason games. When Erickson, Nolan and Singletary were coaching i was’nt just miserable on SB sunday because my team was’nt there but i was miserable most sundays from sept thru jan. Relax and enjoy your teams successes.

      1. Good advice Old Coach. Personally, I savor every victory like it’s the last and agonize over every defeat like it’s personal…..

      2. I agree Coach. It’s pretty sad if the SB is the only measurement used on a QB who has only started 29 games. Goes back to the unreasonable standard some fans put on this guy while not applying it to other QB’s around the league. Personal feelings over the way Kap conducts himself are clouding judgment on his play imo.

          1. Agreed, but I believe it will improve with experience and it hasn’t kept him from winning games which is the only stat I care about.

          2. I would love to see those numbers broken down once he had Cabtree, Boldin and Vernon all playing.

        1. “Personal feelings over the way Kap conducts himself are clouding judgment on his play imo.”

          Nah. Some aren’t ready to crown him just yet.

          1. I haven’t crowned him either and that is not what this is about anyway. It’s about holding a young QB with 29 starts to unreasonable expectations, while simultaneously brushing off the fact he’s had more success in a season and a half than most QB’s have in a career.

            1. He has a great defense behind him and is asked to throw the ball near the lowest amount of times of anyone in the league. There hasn’t been a lot asked of him yet compared to most QB’s.

              1. You can say the exact same thing about Wilson and even Newton last season for that matter. It doesn’t really matter how many times you throw it; it is what you do with the opportunities and whether you are winning games. Kap has been the only source of offense for this team at times.

              2. “You can say the exact same thing about Wilson and even Newton last season for that matter.”

                Of course.

                “It doesn’t really matter how many times you throw it; it is what you do with the opportunities and whether you are winning games.”

                When the defense is in the top 3 in points allowed you don’t have to do very much to win games. Just ask Mark Sanchez.

                “Kap has been the only source of offense for this team at times.”

                He was spectacular for 3 quarters of the NFCCG this season.

              3. Correction Jack Puppet, he’s had a great defense behind him most of the time. His first year he put the team on his back because his defense was terrible with no pass rush. His second year his defense was good, not great. It could be argued that his defense cost us the NFC Championship game by allowing the big play….

              4. “he’s had a great defense behind him most of the time. His first year he put the team on his back because his defense was terrible with no pass rush.”

                No doubt that he defense struggled in the first half of the NFCCG in Atlanta for the first half. In the second half they gave up 0 points and made the play at the end to seal the trip to the Super Bowl.

                “His second year his defense was good, not great.”

                Yes, a good defense that gave up the 3rd fewest points in the NFL.

                “It could be argued that his defense cost us the NFC Championship game by allowing the big play.”

                Of course it could. They were on the field when Seattle took the lead. It can also be argued that Kaepernick’s 3 turnovers in the 4th quarter didn’t exactly help the team win either.

                That same defense was responsible for not allowing Seattle to score after Kaepernick’s fumble set the Seahawks up at the 6 yard line. Or that they kept the team in the game by forcing only a field goal after Kaepernick’s interception set them up on the 40.

            2. So Basically what you’re saying..It’s all Kaepernick’s fault right Jack? Lol

              1. No Jack.but somebody sure gave up that marshawn td..somebody sure gave up that fourth and seven..after we regained the lead..somebody sure gave up the long return by Baldwin..hmmm..I wonder who that was..Oh yeah ..Kaepernick rite? This everything is kap’s fault stance is crazy..Everybody played a part in that loss..If all u get out of the game was kap’s picks..then I really don’t know what else to say to u jack

              2. Deezybee:

                Why do you insist on setting up straw men? Jack never said it was all Kaepernick’s fault.

              3. That’s exactly what jack meant claude..It’s not a straw man..I’m sick of the everything is Kap’s fault bs jive y’all wanna run down here..Now if u don’t like Kap..there’s nothing wrong with that..But to sit up here and say it’s all his fault is ridiculous,crazy..The problem is his detractors want him to be perfect..So they set unrealistic expectations for him..a year and half starter is not gonna play like a ten yr vet..the second problem is..the detractors want kap to be a magician and mask the problems of our coaching staff..and our gm..U wanna say kap needs to study film,improve and all this and that..But what about Harbaugh? His teams keep losing the same way. same tendencies.Why doesn’t he need to improve? Why baalke doesn’t feel he needs to make moves and improve this roster specifically on the offensive side? Why? Because it’s easier to blame Kaepernick..

        1. Bay,

          Yeah, sometimes the comments about Kaep remind me of the unfair blame that was heaped on Alex Smith. It must really piss you off that there are some knuckleheads on here who unfairly bashed AS, only to defend CK from those in the “everything is CK’s fault” camp. Oh, wait…

    2. C4C,
      You have a point.
      But I enjoy the process of getting there and put a great a deal of importance on the process.
      We could put a blemish on Kaep’ record for being 0-1 in the SB, or we could be philosophical and say that 30 other team failed to go to the SB.

      I prefer to say that our team is still SB worthy (even with a QB with less than two seasons) and has a very good chance of getting there again.

    3. That’s true but the officials and the league insisted Baltimore win so the murderer could go out a champ.

  13. Joe Montana on Miaocco’s blog today was asked which NFL QB he would start a team with. He said “obviously” it would be CK with Wilson a close 2nd.

    1. Let Jack get a hold of him….he’ll have him believing otherwise

      who does this Montana guy think he is???

  14. Good stuff. Maybe it’s a thing with his legs “loosening” up his mind and eyes? You know, like a golfer waggling his driver before hitting. I think he is just more comfortable on the move. He doesn’t worry as much about his drop back technique. He’s been moving around for his entire life.

  15. Here’s the thing about racism in this country. The reaction to Sterling and Bundy, the overwhelming condemnation, makes it clear we have made enormous progress in teaching everyone that racism is bad.

    Where we seemed to have dropped the ball is in teaching people what racism actually is.

  16. Old Coach’s Mock 2.0 [No trades version]
    Rd. 1 #30 Jason Verrett CB TC
    Rd. 2 #56 Tre Mason RB Auburn
    Rd. 2 #61 Jeremiah Attaocho OLB G. Tech
    Rd. 3 #77 Paul Richardson WR Col.
    Rd. 3 #94 Jaylen Watkins CB\S Fla.
    Rd. 3 #100 Christian Jones ILB Fla. St.
    Rd. 4 #129 Taylor Hart DE Ore.
    Rd. 5 #170 Jeff Janis WR Saginaw Valley
    Rd. 7 #242 Michael Sam DE\OLB Mizzou
    Rd. 7 #243 Aaron Colvin CB OK
    Rd. 7 #245 Dexter McDougle CB maryland
    UDFA’s Ben Gardner DE Stan. Jeff Matthews QB Cornell
    Well what do you think Idiot or genius?

    1. I like a lot of the players you have I’m just not sure they go where you have them
      I think too many are assuming that Watkins will slide over to CB.
      Gardner will be drafted, probably in the 4th-5th range.
      RB at #56 is a hard sell.
      Somewhere between #77 and #170 you need an OL.
      4 CB’s?
      I think you need a better WR sooner.

      1. CFC The reason i went so high for a RB is i’m hearing that Lattimore has not regained his speed from college and thats worrisome. 4 CB’s but only 2 will be ready this season. If we can get McDougle and Colvin in the 7th rd it will be the steal of the draft. I really like the 9er O linemen they picked up this off season along with the practice squad and IR players from last year and lastly Jeff Janis will be the sleeper of the entire draft.

        1. I like the Christian Jordan pick but I think he’s gone before the third.

        2. Maiocco reported that’s what Lattimore said. Lattimore also said that he felt he was close and he will back to normal soon. It’s been a long time since his injury and I’m glad he spent the whole year on IR to heal.

          1. If Lattimore isn’t ready now after almost two years, he never will be. They should cut him now.

      2. CfC,

        Regarding Watkins, he actually played more CB than S at Florida. It wasn’t until this past season he played any extensive time there, and that was only because they lost Elam and Evans last year and had Roberson and Purifoy that could play CB.


        Nice draft, but I agree with CfC that 4 CBs is overkill, even considering 2 may not play this season. I also doubt they take two OLBs – even with Aldon’s issues they don’t have the roster room for two additions at OLB.

        Based on the RBs they have been looking at, I doubt they take running back before the 4th round, and similarly I doubt they take a WR later than the 2nd round based on the guys they’ve been looking at.

        1. Thanks for the heads up Scooter, I thought I had done my homework but clearly I was sleeping at the wheel.

    2. Paul Richardson is an AJ Jenkins clone, so why waste a 3rd rounder on him? I’d rather they get a WR in the 2nd over a RB.

      1. The Raiders have no QB, no future QB, and zero offensive line. Doubt very much they will go out and grab a WR. Al Davis has left the building….

  17. The most troubling thing about Kaepernick’s pocket-passing stats is his TD percentage. You can understand his low completion percentage to an extent because he throws downfield a lot. And a 2.6 INT percentage isn’t horrible. But a 3.1 TD percentage is pretty bad. It’s Chad-Henne level.

    1. Not sure why you’re so troubled, when he’s never ran a pro offense, yet led the team to many great playoff victories. He’s going to get better in the pocket, it’s just a matter of time….

      1. … he’s never ran a pro offense …

        You keep saying that as if he hasn’t been in the league for 3 years.

        1. Puh-leez Deputy Balls. I didn’t think Kaepernick would be ready as early as he was? I underestimated by a full year. I’ll bet you didn’t though, right? It takes time and countless repetitions to become an elite pocket passer. I remember an athletic phenom at Nevada, who had a really long wind up and release, that operated out of a college offense, having never taken a snap under center. He’s come a long, long way, and that’s not by accident. When he does finally master it, what will you bitch about?

          1. “having never taken a snap under center”

            You do realize that almost every snap he took while in high school was from under center right? It’s not as though what he is being asked to do was a completely foreign language to him when he was drafted.

          2. I didn’t make any predictions about when Kaepernick would be ready. Unlike some, I don’t pretend like I have that kind of expertise. You are correct that he has developed quickly in many respects, but it’s make-believe to say that he hasn’t had any time in a pro-style offense.

            I’m not unhappy with the level of Kaepernick’s play at this stage in his career, but I also am not lost in fanboy land deluding myself that he has already arrived and/or is guaranteed to become elite. I’m also troubled by what seems like an inability/unwillingness to learn from his mistakes. That’s the kind of thing that will retard his development.

            If Kaepernick masters playing from the pocket and becomes elite, I doubt I will be complaining about much.

            1. Well then, let’s wish him Gods speed in mastering it. He has not had enough time in a pro offense obviously. He’s not the type to think he can be elite by a guarantee. He knows what it takes, and he’s got the work ethic to get there….

        2. I thought Kap would need to sit and learn for at least two seasons before seeing the field. He was more athlete than QB coming out of Nevada to me and I thought 3rd year he would start to get comfortable and give Smith some competition. I’m shocked at how far along he is at this stage of his career.

    2. “But a 3.1 TD percentage is pretty bad.”

      How does that stack up against his peers?

        1. Thanks.

          So his percentage overall is just over middle of the road. The inside the pocket percentage for all of them would give the argument better clarity for where he ranks though.

          1. True. I don’t have it in me to tally up any more inside/outside pocket stats. Takes about five hours per player. But Henne primarily plays inside the pocket.

            1. Come on man, we still have about 3,360 hours left until the season starts and it will only take you about 150 of those to complete the rankings. Slacker.

              1. very nice Jack…

                you can have it back now… I wasn’t digging the “I <3 Statistics" sticker on the front anyways.

              2. Oh that must not be mine then. Mine has a big A’s sticker on it. Razor probably has it. Darn A’s fans.

        1. Middle of the pack after 29 starts I can live with. Middle of the pack after this season and it’s time for concern. He can make a living and win the way he plays now, but if he is going to be the reason they win more often than not that will have to improve no doubt.

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