Colin Kaepernick: “I change things every offseason. Little bit here, little bit there. Try to make sure I’m staying on top of the things that I feel like are my weaknesses.”

This is the transcript of Colin Kaepernick’s Tuesday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ p.r. department.

Did RB Frank Gore surprise you at all for what he was able to do six days after a concussion?

“I can’t say he did because I expect a lot out of Frank and there’s not too much he does that amazes me anymore because that’s just the standard he’s set for himself.”


Are there times when he surprises you when you hand off to him and you don’t see a hole there and somehow he kind of maneuvers or seeps his way through a hole?

“I think it’s something that at this point, it doesn’t surprise me anymore because he does it so often. He does a lot of great things and makes a lot of plays that I really don’t see available out there.”


How difficult would it be if he wasn’t around next year? Certainly he’s meant a lot to this organization.

“He’s a huge asset and I’m hoping he’s back here. Feel a lot more comfortable with 21 in the backfield.”


There’s this myth or a belief that running backs at age 30 start losing their skills. How is Frank maybe breaking that myth and that stereotype?

“Well, I think last game he showed it. Coming off a concussion, Week 16 of the season, going for I don’t know how many yards – 150 or something like that. I don’t see him slowing down, so I think he’s proven his point.”


What does he do, though, behind the scenes that you see that we don’t to keep at that level?

“He works. He’s in there getting his workouts in. In practice, he’s working hard, he’s running hard. And I think that’s what allows him to keep going during these games.”


You probably weren’t alive, but offensive coordinator Greg Roman compared, just a little while ago, the Cardinals defense to the ’85 Bears defense, one of the greatest defenses in the NFL. What do you see from that defense, and in your eyes, is it one of the top you’ve ever seen?

“Very physical defense, very fast. Have good corners, good safeties and their front seven do a great job stopping the run. They’ll get their safeties involved at times, but they just play all around good team football and that’s what makes it tough when you have people flying around chasing the ball.”


How big is getting to .500 for this team going into this final game?

“I think that’s where everyone’s mind is at. We want to win this last game and make sure, even though we can’t get into the playoffs, that we finish the season right.”


You may have heard people say, ‘You need to improve this. You need to do that.’ When you look towards the offseason, are you going to change anything up? Do you think that’s necessary as far as the way you approach it, your training or anything?

“I change things every offseason. Little bit here, little bit there. Try to make sure I’m staying on top of the things that I feel like are my weaknesses. And I’ll do the same this offseason to make sure I’m better prepared for next season.”


Patriots QB Tom Brady, I know he tears it down every year and works with a mechanics coach. Are you planning on doing that this offseason?

“That’s still in the works.”


Are you compiling names of who you might if you do?

“Just working on possibilities right now.”


What are some of the specific areas that you might tweak?

“Once we go back and break down the games throughout the season, I’ll be able to figure those things out, what I need to get better at.”


During the season, you’re grinding, working on the next team, next opponent, your game plan. Are you able to watch yourself with a critical eye, as far as the mechanics during the season or does that kind of get pushed to the side a little bit?

“No, you still watch mechanics, what you can do better, but it’s more of a week-to-week basis. It’s hard to break habits in season. You don’t want to completely try to change something because it can throw off everything else you’re doing.”


Do you, not to beat this dead horse any further, but I will, do you see stuff that mechanically that you’d know right now, ‘OK, I need to tighten that up?’

“There’s always things you can tighten up.”


What have you seen from WR Bruce Ellington, his rookie year, and how has he handled his limited role?

“He’s done a lot of things well. We’ve put him in positions to allow him to make plays in certain situations and he’s come up big, especially last game. I think he showed that he has a lot of juice on the field. He brings a lot of excitement, momentum on that field, and that’s something we want.”


Did you see when he was doing those fly sweeps, did you see the defense reacting to that and giving you some good, favorable looks because of it?

“Yeah. His touchdown’s a prime example. We got the defense leaning, he popped wide open. We got a touchdown out of it. We come back later, run a fly sweep, he gets another touchdown. So, there’s definitely merit to what he’s done and that action.”


We haven’t seen you just tearing down the field like you did Saturday night much this season. Was it something about the way the Chargers played you that left open lanes for you when you scrambled?

“I just saw openings and went. I don’t know if they had a special scheme for it where they were going to void the middle or anything like that, but there were lanes there and we were able to take advantage.”


Generally, have you seen teams using a spy on you?

“Yeah, we’ve seen a lot of spies.”


In those cases Saturday night, that wasn’t the case?



How has head coach Jim Harbaugh seemed this week in what could be his final week coaching you guys?

“The same as always.”


Today’s his birthday and Michigan put out a big birthday for him. Do you guys do anything for him?

“Yeah, we’ve got a little something for him.”


No clues?

“No, we’ll keep that in house.”


Do you admire the way he, there’s been a lot of whispers, a lot of rumors this year and he hasn’t taken part in it. He’s been very focused on the team, at least with us. Do you, as players, sort of recognize that and admire the way he’s handled the situation?

“I think it’s the same way the whole team has handled it. We’re focused on trying to win games. Granted, things haven’t gone our way in a few of those, but the way he’s handled it, the way this team’s handled it’s been great. We’re focused on the next game.”

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    1. Why do you like JG for Kaep? Is it because Jeff could improve what Kaep already has, without totally tearing him down and rebuilding him – thus hopefully leading to noticeable improvement fairly quickly?

      1. I think Garcia can help Kaepernick in all aspects of his game. He worked all last offseason with the guy who just won the Grey Cup in the CFL and was named MVP of the game.

            1. Garcia would be a great QBcoach/mentor for Kaep. I would prefer Steve Young, but his commitments would not allow him at the moment.

              Jeff Garcia is still an avid fan of the game and can contribute an abundance of knowledge from his playing days in Canada and having to adapt and find success in the NFL. After listening to JG on some local sports radio stations its obvious that his heart is still a 49er which would provide an extra incentive to assist CK.

        1. Oh sure go to the guy who starred in Happy feet, and hit dirt with his passes when it mattered most.
          No thanks.

    2. What I remember from Jeff Garcia’s playing days is more like crazy helper skelter.

      What I’ve heard from Jeff that past couple of years in interviews is boundless enthusiasm for … Jeff.

      I enjoyed watching him play, but it’s hard to see what he would teach Kaepernick from that back ground. Maybe something like, “Don’t do it like I did!”

        1. And if ck had a HOF and one of the greatest wr’s too. Garcia was a poor mans young. Wasn’t a huge fan of his because he could never do it in the clutch, except 2002.

      1. I wonder if a “Feet” QB might have relevance to Colin. Meaning Garcia. I’d still be more interested in the guru-dude in SD. My guess is Colin’s not done. Vick? Cunningham? Maybe.

      2. If the 49ers of Garcia’s time had the current defense they would have walked away with at least one SB win maybe even a couple.

        1. Ya and if the niners of today had TO at Wr they would have at least one SB as well.. See how that works.

          1. “if the niners of today had TO at Wr they would have at least one SB as well.”

            No way. The dude’s 41. The wheels are shot.

            1. I’m always amazed at the so-called football knowledge of the so-called true 49er’s fans. Get rid of Harbaugh you cry! Kapernick is no good you yell. Quick to forget what they accomplished what they for the last three years. But still stuck on Super Bowls past. This past season has been a huge big flop. But the Niners are still a Super Bowl contending team. They still have pieces you need to win. You cry and cry. No wonder they call you the Forty Whinners. I’m not a 49er fan but I see great team that had their share of internal problems injuries. That would have brought down even the best of teams. Yet they still to some how manage to be in playoff contention. So Forty Niners fans. Get a life!!!

            2. If the Niner’s had TO!! What the hell is that! Are you guys for real? Or you guys are stuck in your own world of fantasy football. It was a pile of different things that brought the 49er’s down. Am I talking to guys that even played football. Or guys who sit on a couch and cheer only when their team is winning!

          2. I didn’t realize you were being serious about the TO = SB part.

            Which QB were you planning on winning that SB with. The one that was already in it and choked or the one that can’t hit the deep receiver if his bloody life depended on it? How exactly does plugging T.O. into the equation change either one of those?

            1. Ya that same QB who allowed 30+ points in the SB! That amazing defensive performance in the SB against the ravens. Ya I recall that choke job oh so we’ll. kaep accounted for 300+ yards and 3 total tds.. God he sucked. You my friend are clueless. Ya like I said if kaep had TO he would of won a SB.

              1. Doesn’t matter if it was 1000 yards and 20 tds, he choked when the game was on the line and that’s the only part that matters, it’s why we don’t have six rings. Hell, he’s why we don’t have 7 rings as far as I’m concerned as we should have been in and won the last SuperBowl as well with this team if we didn’t have a QB that folded under pressure.

              2. Ya like I said if .kaep had TO he would of won a SB.
                Yea, you said it and there’s like 3 other people on here that might actually agree but you were the first to say it. Be sure to wear that one with pride cause it’s a winner.

              3. Case closed coffee. He dumped you on your head. Get that second cup now and wake up.
                I’m guessing it’s ck’s fault he gave up all those second half points last week too. By not staying in bounds.

    1. A little trivia on the term” Helter Skelter”.

      In England in the fifties Helter Skelter was the name for a certain playground slide. That ‘s what Paul McCartney was talking about in the song of that name in the Beatles White Album.

      The California mass murderer Charles Manson put his own evil spin on the term. He convinced his followers that the Beatles were using the term as a code for starting a race war between blacks and whites. Manson decided that he and his followers would commit a series of gruesome murders in the Los Angeles area, which would be blamed on blacks thus starting “Helter Skelter”. His first victim was actress Sharon Tate.

      Manson and his “family” were caught, tried, convicted and sentenced to death. However, their sentences were changed to life when the US supreme court abolished the death penalty. The death penalty was later reinstated, but Manson and his family could not be tried again. They are still serving time in California prision system.

      1. Maybe helter skelter was a bad choice for Jeff Garcia. He was a guy with happy feet that could throw regardless of how his body lined up with his feet. His style was entirely his own, and I can’t see him as the guy to get all of Kaepernick.s body parts and mind operating as one fluid entity. He might be able to teach Colin to slow down the flashing bodies around him in the pocket.

        1. Joe Montana did all the things we want Kaepernick to get better at, but Joe probably have a hard time teaching others.

        2. You’re right. Garcia played with a style all his own. A lot of that came from his physical limitations.

          The thing with Garcia though is he understands the game so well. He comes from a long line of football coaches. His grandfather, father, and uncle were all very successful coaches at various levels.

          1. Jeff Garcia did have a unique “helter skelter” style and, at best, average arm strength. However, he always knew where all his receivers were supposed to be on the field and when he did throw it the pass was accurate. I miss that.

            I also remember a plethora of screen passes and he always seemed to have a check down receiver and he knew where they were. I miss that too.

    1. Yeah Coffee-i hope we extend his contact -he and Cowboy are my two fav. 49ers and they both could gone.Everything changes but somethings are just hard to let go.

    2. I think they will resign him.
      I don’t think he will want to break the bank, and I think with the backlash the front office is going to get for letting harbaugh walk will help resign him. It may be a stop the bleeding signing. Fans are not goikg to be happy. Save a little face and resign Frank.

  1. Ouch… Takeo Spikes coming out saying some players are done with harbaugh and don’t want to play for him anymore. Damn.

    1. That deserves a WOW WOW Rocket. He had a nice long career! Spikes is one of only 7 linebackers to achieve more than 200 career starts with the NFL.

      Well that confirms what I didn’t really believe. I wish Harbaugh would just take a year off.

      1. Confirms what? That Spikes still has hurt feelings over the team going with Bowman over him despite the former coach’s assurance that the team wanted him back, right before that coach was fired of course? It confirms squat and maybe not even that.

        1. Hey… I’m just reporting what he said. Not that I believe it, but the article said he was in the lockeroom after the game and was talking with bowman. He claims he’s hearing this from players.

          1. It’s very hard to believe because there is a growing number that claims to have been in that locker room MD, which makes me wonder how much of it is true. Add to the fact that it was revealed that the leaks were coming from the front office and it makes Spikes’ comments all the more suspicious.
            I’m not aiming this at you MD, but to the losers that are enjoying the prospect of piling on without even a hint of letting up.

            1. All good mid…
              I posted it because we can add it to the tmz type year we’ve had. Another he said she said article. On the surface it’s pointless because Harbs is gone anyways. I doubt bowman would say something like that, in the article the proof it was showing he was in the lockeroom was the fact that he was talking with Bowman. Not that bowman said any of it. As far as Mary. Should have never even entertained that troll. This is someone who had McDonald guilty off the bat. IMO Mary is made up. It’s a disgruntled Alex smith fan, posing as a Seahak fan for its own pleasures. And I will go to my grave believing it’s DS…
              Only a loser like that would research Seahak stats just to solidify it’s weird lie.
              The questions, attitude, different names, are a spitting image of that ex alien/man/woman known as DS. Ignore this clown.

        2. Mid-West: PLEZZZ He was 36 when he retired his bruised body and had $12M in the bank. He also played another 2 years for San Diego AFTER the Niners.

          Using your flawed logic, I guess Jerry Rice must be lying about problems in the locker room.

          1. It’s a known fact that the front office of our team has been the main culprit of these ‘truths’.

    2. Takeo Spikes states players are done with Harbaugh. Please… this from a guy who keeps trying to make it in TV when he has a face for radio.

    3. “After being assured that he would be re-signed by head coach Mike Singletary, the 49ers fired Singletary and decided to go with rookie NaVorro Bowman as the starter,[12] making Spikes a free agent once again.”

      This might explain something. Then there is Moss and his ideas about playing for Harbaugh.

  2. Well CK7 needs at teacher that can understand the conditions that he struggles wwith during a game or a play, it wont help one bit to get Jeff Garcia (JG) to help he is much smaller and had a unique style and, quite frankly, he cant teach CK 7 much. CK7 has to develop his decision making and he to help him doing that he has to be better studying the opponent and he must have 1 or 2 teacher who can get inside his head and change his mind and way of thinking I will continue saying that the 2 best options in that regard is No 16 and No 8, you know who, and if CK7 wont do it then he must face that he might have 2 years left and then he is gone….the Q is can 49ers wai´t that long??? Next season we will be without some af the veterans lets face it, så it´s time to rebuild the team and it starts with a new HC and O.C. Merry Christmas to everyone.

  3. Ok this is so overblown and grasping-at-strawsey. So Colin’s going to get miracle remedial QB schoolen’! He’ll come back a new man I’m sure! Please…every other QB in the league will be doing the same thing(unless they are broke), just like they all have off-season weight programs, etc. Alex Smith went to Tom House a couple years back, there must have been a dozen articles written about it, but in the end any improvement was subtle and not really noticeable.
    The best thing that could happen for CK is happening. Harbaugh is heading out the door. He has been a poor influence, has let Kaep get away with being mentally lazy. He never drilled Kaep on time management and sliding in/out of bounds at the end of games/halves even after CK repeating these mistakes. He never will. He talks about how he cares about/protects his players but I see the opposite with him. Kaep is now a laughingstock nationally, his image has gone down the tubes thanks to the media issues, Harbaugh could give a rats ass…

  4. Matt Maiocco retweeted some comments by Jeff Garcia regarding MM’s article on Kaepernick considering working with throwing coach. On Tom House, George Whitfield and Steve Clarkson:

    Jeff Garcia Football ✔ @JeffGarciaJGFA
    @MaioccoCSN That’s a joke of the names U mentioned. 1 guy is a baseball guy, the other 2 haven’t played in 20 years & have no NFL experience

    Then JG follows up with:

    Jeff Garcia Football ✔ @JeffGarciaJGFA
    @MaioccoCSN It’s not just about mechanics, yes, he has a longer throwing motion but most important is decision making, timing, & accuracy


    Jeff Garcia Football ✔ @JeffGarciaJGFA
    @ZTrend @MaioccoCSN Absolutely, that is part of decision making and timing. If you can’t anticipate openings, you can’t play in the NFL #JGF

  5. Stumbled across this Xs and Os article from FieldGulls regarding CK and the 49er’s offensive line. It’s an interesting article, but you have to consider the source to some degree.

    My favorite paragraphs in the article:

    “This leads me to my second observation. The 49ers fans I know personally are clamoring for Greg Roman to be fired. They’re very wrong in my opinion. Roman is less innovative than Darrell Bevell in how he uses his talent. But Roman is exceptionally good at working around his QB’s limitations. Almost the entire Niners’ passing game can be executed on two reads or less, and the concepts are not simple, easy to defend nonsense either. This is a legitimate passing offense designed around a single read without a field stretching deep threat!

    If Bevell finally leaves Seattle this year to get a head coaching job elsewhere, I’d be thrilled to see Greg Roman in the Hawks booth next year. He’s still a top 5 NFL OC in my book, and he’s doing a brilliant job with the talent available to him.”

      1. Thank you! I missed it.

        All you 49er guys should read this b/c it really is excellent and worth a debate.

  6. Below is a link to an interview from yesterday with Paraag Marathe. I learned some about his background and what he does. I’m surprised that he is only 37 and is President of the organization. While that might seem like an unfair statement, my surprise comes from the fact that Jed is also quite young. PM states:

    “I don’t understand the nuances of the Xs and Os, nor do I try to, in terms of schemes and things like that. There’s no point in me trying really hard to be average at something. It’s important to focus on the things I know I can do well, like manage the salary cap. I won’t be a coach or GM, nor do I aspire to be.”

    There are those clamoring for more football experience in the FO and I’m starting to see your point.

    1. no you need someone who understands the cap. football guys will only spend you into cap hell and it takes forever to get out

      1. I didn’t make myself clear. We absolutely need someone line PM to manage the cap and contract negotiations and I wholeheartedly think he should stay on with the organization in that role. But is that the role of a “President” of a multibillion dollar organization or of perhaps a Vice President.

        1. And further – when Jed York looks for advice on whether or not to keep Harbaugh does PM, as the President, have the professional and life experience to provide that advice.

  7. So the all-22 came out for the San Diego game. Ugh. Now that Bay Area Two Face has fled this blog out of embarrassment, I can sympathize with Kaep. Dude is trying. He’s just not getting it. Sorry to be a broken record.

    The worse play of the season is the fumble that was returned for the season. It was 3 and 20. Kaep had a WR underneath that would have gained at least 10 yards. Instead he locks onto a WR running down the sideline. He was covered, but Kaep wanted to get the first down, he holds the ball, waits and waits. It’s obvious the Chargers were playing deep coverage so it’s not going to happen. They had that play defended.
    So Kaep does take the underneath? Nope when pressure comes he slides in the pocket, still trying to make that big throw. He then decides to try and scramble around, holding the ball loosely, he gets hit, there’s the fumble.
    Here’s problem number 1: The team was ahead. Why are you trying to be a hero? Just take the underneath, punt for better field position. It’s not Madden. It’s hard to convert 3rd and 20.
    SD just scored but they didn’t have the momentum yet. Team was still up 2 scores.
    Problem #2 — what were you thinking trying to scramble around on 3rd and 20? SD was in a zone, it would be hard to run for 20 yards.
    Sure, Kaep scored on a 90 yard TD run, but SD had blitzed and was in man coverage the minute he got passed the LOS, there was only a few defenders to beat. He juked Weddle the same way Gore did on his TD run. That was the time you can get 20 yards on a scramble. He’s played enough ball to have situation awareness. You would think….

    I’m glad this season is over. We don’t have to tolerate this below standard level of play any more. I hope Kaep finds a way to dig deep and figure it out next year but there’s no doubt he’s on a very short leash. If he doesn’t figure it out next year, he never will.

    Everyone have a great Merry Xmas, Happy Holidays, etc.

      1. Merry Xmas Mary,
        That article was a good read. The only way to defeat your enemy is to know your enemy! I think teams figured out really fast how to confuse Colin on his reads, and without a passing threat, they can focus on the read option and the run game. The fact the team was competitive at all shows the talent on the team.

        Greg Roman is not a great play caller in terms of understanding the situation, but he did come up with good play design and combinations. The WRs are fine. They may be enough to beat the legion of Doom, but they had enough to get other guys open, like VD and Hyde or Miller underneath.

        When I watch the All-22 for the Chiefs. most of the time there’s no open wrs. They’re really good at bubble screens and get getting charles open in space. When the first read is not there, there’s not another option, where you can see in Roman’s offense there is a plan b, or 2nd read.

        Not sure how you Hawks fans feel about the benching of Alex. He’s not a great QB by any means, but looking back, he might have been a pretty good fit for Roman and the Niners. I’m not talking about the Alex Smith from the 2011 year, but the 6-2 Alex with the 2nd year in Roman’s system Alex. Alex is a cerebral QB, which is infuriating at times because he rarely tries to athletically force a play. Unlike the CK

        If I had to guess, it was Harbaugh’s call to stick with CK and his arrogance and ego was not going to back down. People forget that CK was inconsistent, but as usual can make the occasional miraculous play to make everyone forget all the other mistakes. It was the GB playoff game with the read option that scared everyone. But he was okay in the ATL game, and only play a good 3rd and parts of the 4th quarter in the SB. He brain farted on that last series. But that’s not on him but Harbaugh and the coaches to put him in that situation in the first place.

        1. Fan, thanks for your comments. I never paid much attention to the 49ers but as the rivalry became more intense I became interested and of course I started reading more articles.

          I never followed the Alex Smith situation but obviously it stirred up controversy with the fans, especially when a SB didn’t materialize with Kaep. Good luck with that position and I hope it all works out.

          Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    1. I am curious as to what the all-22 film showed on who made the mistakes on the big play to Davis which was called back. If the Davis play was not called back, Kaep would not have been in the 3rd and 20 situation which led to the fumble and the Charger score.

      Agree with you that Kaep should have taken the underneath play, punted and lived to see another day. Its not as if they were down and needed a big play to get back in the game. Definite brain fart on Kap’s part.

  8. Congratulations to Jeb York! He has done something I never thought possible, i.e., diminishing my allegiance to the 49ers. To even consider letting go of one of the best, if not the best, coaches in the history of the NFL, at least in his first three years, is unconscionable. How dumb can you be?

    First there was the “PSL” business. Against my better judgement I did buy two PSLs for Levi’s Stadium. It’s not the same. Candlestick was an armpit but it was our armpit. A further weakening of my allegiance developed when I heard about the administration entertaining the notion of trading Harbaugh in the offseason. At first I thought it had to be just a rumor.

    I started following the team seriously in 1957, especially in the game against Detroit. I attended numerous games at Kezar (when you could easily get tickets the day of the game, $6.50 a seat) and became a season ticket holder in 1973. I was a very loyal fan even in the bad years. Now I’m done. If I can get face value for my PSLs I may become a Raider fan, especially if Harbaugh lands there. At one time I thought it was genetically impossible to like both the 49ers and Raiders but here I am.

    Perhaps Jeb can hire the good humor man as head coach. His chances of finding a coach the equal of Harbaugh are pretty close to zero but at least York well be happy.

    Mr. York, wish coach Harbaugh Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas for me, you know, during the exit interview.

    Sorry for the rant folks but I can’t endure anymore 49er ineptness.

    1. I was in the Western end zone at the 1957 regular season Detroit game for the first Alley Oop touchdown with about 11 seconds on the clock. As we left the stadium there were two astute 49er fans walking out near by. They were also very drunk.

      The loudest one was ranting about the damned 49ers loosing another one to Detroit, and his buddy shouting back over and over again, “We won!”

      Them were the days.

  9. Some posters have alluded to the lack of “football experience” in the front office and I’ve done a little research on the backgrounds of the executive management:

    Trent Baalke – General Manager,
    Paraag Marathe – President
    Al Guido – Chief Operating Officer
    Cipora Herman – Chief Financial Officer
    Ethan Casson – Chief Revenue Officer
    Larry MacNeil – Executive Vice President of Development
    Patty Inglis – Executive Vice President

    The only one with any direct football experience to advise the inexperienced Jed York is Trent Baalke. I’m concerned that only one voice within the organization is being heard when making major organizational decisions (like keep or fire Harbaugh).

    1. That’s what John Edward McVay did for the 49ers until 1996. I can’t think of anyone the Yorks have hired in a similar role since they took over.

      1. Thanks. I never thought about it much back then, I was just glad we had a winning team. Here’s a quote from Wikipedia:

        “McVay moved on to an administrative position with the San Francisco 49ers in 1980. He collaborated with head coach Bill Walsh in one of the most successful dynasties in NFL history. As vice president/director of football operations, he presided over five Super Bowl-winning seasons. He was named NFL Executive of the Year in 1989.[3] He retired from the 49ers in 1996.”

        1. That’s the point. Carmen was the press guy, and McVay provided a level head for football. Even Walsh needed that kind of input from time to time.

    2. Without meaning to attack anyone, I question the importance of that football experience in some of those positions. CFO? There are skills needed in that position, but they aren’t football skills. With Paraag also, he has assignments and responsibilities that don’t require tactical football knowledge.
      What organization doesn’t hire specialists for certain duties? When I worked for a logistics company I was in operations management and the HR director and CFO deferred to me on all operational matters since they didn’t know shinola about it; and I made sure all my work and our department were totally transparent to them for their oversight on their responsibilities. That model has been my experience.
      Now I do agree with the point about more than one voice for Jed ‘up front.’ A reprise of the John McVay role might be helpful for perspective, because Yes, GM’s can lose their jobs too and the boss may need someone to bounce ideas off other than the GM. It would have to be someone with experience who Jed trusts and respects, and I don’t know who that might be. It would also require Jed’s buy-in that it is needed or helpful; THAT could be elusive.

      1. No offense taken. My basic point is that there is currently only one voice that has any direct football experience. I just listed the entire “Executive” team for completeness. Of course the CFO needs to be a financial person. If you look closely at the others, however, you’ll see a lot of sales experience.

        Does it make sense to you that the President of a large organization is primarily an analyst. He is more suited to a Vice President role, IMO.

        1. I tend to agree with you that the Niners F.O. is missing someone — it’s an excellent communicator with zero ego and infinite patience who is trusted by the GM, ownership and the coaching staff. A McVay — even a MiniMcVay would do.

          The title is not important in a small organization such as the Niners. they probably gave Marathe the President title so as to retain his services after he proved able at every position he held with the Niners.

        2. Cubus-
          To your question, I think Jed is the de facto Prez and Paraag the de facto ExecVP.
          If that’s accurate, than it might not be that bad a situation.
          I’ll offer this speculation also: John York’s shadow still looms over Jed and the team. He came in stressing (to a fault!) a business approach in management, and so Jed may feel in a comfort zone with guys like Paraag. I’m not saying its right, but that’s my wildaxe guess as to part of the ‘why.’
          In general though I agree with having a voice unafraid to dissent in the senior offices of most orgs. Oddly though, in my personal experience, the USMC did not agree! Whoooooo-ee! Lost some stripes a couple of times, hahahaha

      2. Who else other than Jed would put a top level executive in charge of football operations. Baalke certainly wouldn’t, because that would give him a boss with football knowledge. Right now Baalke is the final authority for football matters.

  10. >>First there was the “PSL” business.

    Which a near majority of NFL teams, especially those with new stadiums, implement. It’s an unfortunate fact of life with modern team ownership. Similar to piping in blaring music between each play. I suggest you deal with it.

  11. We would have won the super bowl had Harbaugh not called the timeout on the called run play to the left….

      1. I once kept a critical fuel valve open on a B-36 using my shoe lace. What if I had been wearing Velcro shoes? Cheers.

  12. I’d love to see the guy who best made the transition that Kaep needs to make – Steve Young, who went from “Mr Happy Feet” scramble at the first sign of trouble, to an efficient pocket QB who could make runs when all passing options were exhausted – actually become a coach and teach Kaep how to do this. But unfortunately, he probably makes way too much money as an ESPN analyst to quit his day job.

    Happy Holidays to you Grant, and to all you diehard Niner fans out there. It’s been a tough year, but per the spirit of the season, we Niner Faithful have to believe that good things are on the way.

  13. Just one thought on the whole ‘Harbaugh lost the locker room’ thing…I GUARANTEE that our young starting RT, Mr. Davis, is one of the malcontents and a possible source of some of the negative comments we’re getting.

    1. That is a possibility Kauai. Davis has a very bad habit of running his mouth when he absolutely shouldn’t. The Te’o incidence is a good example of that. Davis may have thought that it was funny, but it’s clear who got the last laugh.

  14. Good to hear Kap is going to seek out a QB Coach this offseason. I really don’t care who it is, although I don’t understand the reluctance to Garcia. If anybody can help Kap figure out how to keep his poise in the pocket and resist the urge to run, it’s Garcia. He had to learn that himself and turned into a pretty good player. I think working with Garcia would be good for Kap.

      1. I can’t see Joe being interested. He doesn’t do anything until the money issues have been worked out, and they are not trivial. He certainly didn’t ever work with the young Steve.

    1. Am I the only one who remembers gracias footwork when he played here? The dude was a chicken back there.
      He did good when he was on the move, and of he wasn’t he was dancing instead of setting his feet. He threw wobblers, but threw well short. His system made him a decent qb, not his mechanics. And TO btw.
      Idk maybe he’s a do as I say not as I do teacher. Ok qb’s have went on to be good coaches. Alex smith would make a great coach IMO.

  15. Throughout the year there has been multiple reports that Harbaugh is losing the locker room, from various sources. Individually I don’t give these things credence, but in totality there is enough smoke to think fire.

    I’ve seen people blaming the front office for these leaks, as a way to soften up the fan base to Harbaugh’s exit. But some of the people making these claims aren’t likely to be getting their info from men in suits. It is players they have the ear of.

    Keep in mind there are plenty of ex Stanford players that can’t stand him. Why is it so hard to believe some of the 49ers players aren’t starting to tune him out?

    Harbaugh’s success has fans terrified of life without him, and leads to people believing he can do no wrong. That all the ills on this team can be laid directly at the front office’s feet.

    Personally, with the way some vets have played this season I don’t find it that hard to believe Harbaugh’s personality has rubbed some players the wrong way, and are starting to tune him out.

    1. Scooter:

      No doubt much of what you say is true. But in the end, with the coming turmoil, the front office has to be well run and competent. I’m not a strong proponent of Harbaugh staying or leaving. I guess what I want is a “warm and fuzzy” feeling that the front office will make the right decisions. My experience is that better decisions are made when multiple, knowledgeable people contribute (of course you can have too many people, but that’s not the case here). With Baalke the only football competent FO person to advise Jeff (who is inexperienced), I think there is legitimate cause for concern. After dealing with Harbaugh, Baalke may put too high of a premium on finding someone as HC who will bow to his will. So I question his ability to be objective and, unfortunately, he is the only one experienced enough and football knowlegable enough in the FO to advise the inexperienced Jed York.

      Perhaps Jed is getting advice from others. Is the search for a head coach the kind of thing you can hire consultants to provide recommendations? It seems like that would increase the potential for leaks, which could be disastrous during the season. There isn’t enough time to hire consultants during the offseason because the good candidates will be snapped up quickly. I’m asking because I don’t know.

      1. That’s a different issue, and you have raised some excellent points. Having some experienced football minds providing input would seem a good idea.

        1. I was talking about the less than 110% effort given by members of the 49ers that do not like Harbaugh. I could care less about any players on the Seahawks or any other team for that matter….

            1. The job requires putting your life on the line the minute you step out on that field, and if the guy next to you is not putting forth his best effort, the consequences could be detrimental to your health. I don’t care if your panties are in a bunch because you don’t like the coach. You’re not payed to like him, and I would have no respect for a man that will not bleed out for me and his team mates on the field. If you can’t do that, you should change teams….

              1. A nice ideal. But if you’ve ever managed a team of people you’ll know that it doesn’t work that way. How the leader interacts with his team matters

              2. There’s a leader managing from the sidelines, but a different leader on the field. If I ever had a team mate that was giving less than his all, I would call him out along with my trusted lieutenants and if we couldn’t shame him into performing, I’d throw him a blanket party-Jim Leavitt style….

    2. Harbaugh could have become a short time lame duck no longer in authority coach for some players about the time Jed discussed his willingness to take a call from Cleveland last February.

  16. Yes it is only you dude!!!……You think Garcia was a chicken and Shaun Hill is a HOF….

    Garcia is more MAN than you will ever be in life…….

    FYI – Ninermdumb…..

    “2002 NFC Wild Card: The Comeback

    For the second time in the 2002 season, the Giants and 49ers played in San Francisco. This time, however, it was a Wild Card playoff game. The Giants once again dominated the game from the get go, racing out to a 38-14 lead late in the third quarter. But Jeff Garcia once again led the 49ers back, this time in one of the most incredible comebacks in football history. He rallied San Francisco to three touchdown drives (and a two point conversion on one of them) and a field goal for 25 unanswered points to give the 49ers a 39-38 lead with a minute to go. But the Giants had one more chance. QB Kerry Collins drove the Giants down to San Francisco’s 23 yard line, where they set up for the game winning field goal with six seconds left. But the snap from Trey Junkin was too low, and holder Matt Allen was forced to scramble and heave a desperation last gasp pass, which fell incomplete, and the 49ers won, 39-38. The 24 point deficit erased by the 49ers was the second largest deficit ever overcome in a playoff game.”

    1. The refs could have called a penalty against the 49ers on that last play which would have given the NYGs the game wining field goal. I felt very lucky that day.

      I loved watching Garcia, but he suffered the fate of Steve Young until the 49ers sold out their future to get past Dallas in the 1995 playoffs. I enjoyed every minute of that too.

    2. I think chicken is a reference to Garcia’s happy feet in the pocket, and not a reference to his MAN stuff.

  17. “I change things every offseason. Little bit here, little bit there. Try to make sure I’m staying on top of the things that I feel like are my weaknesses. And I’ll do the same this offseason to make sure I’m better prepared for next season.”
    ~ Colin Kaepernick

    I like CK’ attitude here and hope that he faithfully applies himself this off-season. If I recall, Kap worked with QB guru George Whitfield last summer.
    Question: Is it possible to have a person like Whitfield on a retainer during the season that can provide assistance when the QB is having technical/mechanical issues?

    I don’t think that a headcoach can put in as much time as he would like in helping the mechanical issues his QB may encounter during the season the way a QB specialist would.
    Give CK a special QB assistant and let’s see what happens. If Kap can elevate his game with the help of an assistant it would good for both he and the team. If CK can’t get it, it’s time to move on without him.

    1. When Alex Smith consulted a QB coach in the offseason it was to correct mechanics and fundamentals of throwing after shoulder surgery. He was struggling with the biomechanics of wind up and release.
      Kaepernicks issues are accuracy, game management and reading defenses. How is a coach suppose to rectify those?

      1. Well in that case, throw in a good O-line guru that can help with pass-blocking as well. If CK can’t throw more accurately given better pass protection, again, it’s time to move on without him – simple as that.

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