Colin Kaepernick: “I don’t play for job security. Whether football is here or not, I will be fine.”

Colin Kaepernick spoke in the 49ers’ auditorium Wednesday afternoon. Here are selected quotes.

Q: After Sunday’s game, you called some of your errant throws “protective throws.” After watching the film, do you still feel the throws you made were the proper throws?

KAEPERNICK: No, I think there were throws I could have made to help us make plays. In the heat of the battle it’s always different than when you go back and look at it on film. It’s a lot easier when there’s no pass rush. There’s a full-field view when you’re watching the film – eye in the sky. It’s a lot easier to look at it that way than back behind center.

Q: Jim Tomsula just said he asked you about the protective throws and told you don’t do that, to play free. What was that conversation like, and do you think you’re past that, that you are playing free?

KAEPERNICK: Yeah, it was a conversation we had. He said, “Hey, just play to win. If something happens, it happens, but you have to go out and make sure we’re making plays.

Q: You said after the game, the best way to move on is to just keep working. Have you ever gotten to the point where taking a step away, not working, taking a mental-health day, something like that, would be advantageous for you?

KAEPERNICK: Mental health for me is doing everything I can to help this team win. Sitting around not doing anything isn’t something I’ve been too big on since I was young.

Q: A lot of these questions are getting at that you were coming of a four-interception game against the Cardinals. Was that in the back of your mind – let’s not have another one of those against the Packers? Because it looked at times like you were playing tentative.

KAEPERNICK: Yeah, it’s something that you’re going to have that in the back of your mind. You’re going to make sure that you protect the football. I put in our team in a bad situation in the Arizona game; I wasn’t going to allow that to happen again. It did cost us, yes, but that’s something I correct moving forward.

Q: Obviously, there’s a happy medium there. You don’t want to be careless, but you also don’t want to be tentative. Is there a solution to finding that happy medium?

KAEPERNICK: Yeah, working.

Q: To keep from worrying about your future job security when all this noise is going on outside, how do you stay focused?

KAEPERNICK: I don’t play for job security. Whether football is here or not, I will be fine. I go out – I play to win. I’m not worried about job security when I step in this building.

Q: Are you 100-percent confident right now – can you say that?

KAEPERNICK: Yeah, I can.

Q: About yourself, about the team, about everything?

KAEPERNICK: Most definitely.

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  1. “Whether football is here or not, I will be fine”….I’m not sure I will be if I don’t see some good 9er football Sunday night!

  2. That “whether football is here or not, i will be fine” is not something you want to hear from a player, especially a 18+ million a year QB. You want to know this is his passion, his dying desire, not that he’ll be fine if he’s not the starter, cut, out of the league (sounds like a man who got paid and is content now).

    He’s dilusional if he’s not worried about job security…he witnessed it first hand with Smith. That doesn’t mean play timid and not to lose, but he sure as hell isnt playing to win.

    1. MJ, who said he’ll get paid that much money. If the 49ers get cut Kaepernick before next April 2016 they’re not obligated to pay this dumb ass. That’s why the 49ers structured his contract base on his performance year by year so the 49ers can part ways with him if they choose after the season.

    2. MJ,
      I don’t have an issue with his answer. Not only is he being honest, but I think he also understood the spirit of the question given the fact that it’s being asked on the heels of two awful games.

      His passion is shown in his work ethic and competitive play on the field. Every coach and teammate has attested to his intense work ethic and the fact that he spent a better part of his off season working EXOS should quite the naysayers.

      One problem with CK is that after his overnight meteoric rise the expectations for him became extraordinarily high. The only bar left for him to clear after making a SB appearance was to get right back to a SB and win.

      There’s no doubt that his play has regressed. Largely due to poor mechanics and partly due to poor O-line play. Both issues are factual.
      Replacing him at QB only eliminates one issue. Woe to the next QB that has to play behind this O-line.
      I would venture that after the next QB falters behind this O-line that he too will start getting the “job security” questions as well.

      1. Prefer players who always feel like their job is on the line & that they got something to prove. Not saying he has to take it to the insanity of the greats like Brady, Montana, Michael Jordan, etc, but it’d be nice if he showed he cared.

        Not diving for 1st downs, body language of the Boldin & Torrey, Boone being caught on one of FOX’s cameras seemingly bad-mouthing the QB to Staley, and Torrey’s statements to the media seem to reflect a squad that has lost all faith in Colin.

        The scouting sites seem to think that there are worse or just as bad offensive lines in the NFL.

        He hasn’t regressed. He never was a good pocket passer. Defenses have just grown accustomed to defending him & the run game isn’t what it once was.

        The Rams basically taught the rest of the league how to defend him in year 1. Now they know how inaccurate he is on short throws & don’t have to cover those routes. Safeties don’t have to worry about certain receivers because Colin won’t look at them if they aren’t the 1st or 2nd read. If as a safety or lb you realize the 1st read isn’t open, Colin will at most go to his 2nd read before taking off so you can start making your way to the line of scrimmage to cut down a scramble. They’re also being more judicious on the angles they are taking on Colin b/c he’s a long stride runner.

        On top of that, without a veteran C like Goodwin to call out the blitzes & the correct blocking assignments, Colin is easy to fool.

        Colin’s best games will likely be against teams who haven’t seen him too much & don’t have the luxury of studying him

        1. He did lose his confidence vs Arizona, but he’s lost it before & bounced back from that.

  3. I know he can’t say what he really feels but no way is he confident in what he is doing or how he is playing.
    Then again that’s #7, the greatest magic trick in the league. Or should I say one trick (pony)

    1. Prime, I still think Harbaugh made Kaepernick who he is today and when his mentor got fired, there’s nobody in the organization that’s mentoring him like Harbaugh did.

      1. Jamaican I think this regime is saying lets see what you can do #7. We are going to make this offense very basic verbage wise. We are going to give you enough weapons, lets see what you can do. So far, its been an epic fail on both sides!

        1. If their outlook on giving everything he needs to succeed is that offensive line. Then we as fans are in trouble for a loooong time.

          1. Md the oline has been bad but a lot of teams have bad lines. A good QB makes there job easier and vice versa.
            I’m confident in saying since he has been here, he’s made no one around him better. Good players make others around them better. I mean Fitzpatrick is making Marshall look like the best WR in the NFL. #7 can’t even get the ball to his weapons.

            1. I agree about the o-line. But damn his right side is getting historically bad. He’s obviously not the qb to make them look a little better, but with those two idk if anyone can. They are that bad. He needs to capitalize when given the opportunity. Even if few, he hasn’t.
              They can’t even run the ball anymore. At least the lines in the past had that going for them at least.
              NY has virtually zero pass rush. He and his two RT and RG are going to have to have a big game. I personally think he’s shot and will still struggle and hopefully be pulled at halftime if he does

              1. I can only hope we’ll maybe 2-14… Gotta a yearly bet with a Bears fan. This year is a double bet. Win, and better record

              2. Or… Gabbert comes in and blows everyone away. That would be a nice change. Highly doubtful, but who saw Brady coming? Lol

              3. Brady played for the first time and won a Superbowl that year. Gabbert has played. How did that work out?

  4. This young man’s career is over and that statement will be the summation of his career. I believe the locker room is looking for leadership. Many of the players have incentives built into their contracts. That statement is taking money out of these men’s pockets. The veterans will not take kindly to the sentiment.
    They are not protected like the QB. They risk injury and careers ending each game. “I don’t play for job security. Whether football is here or not, I will be fine.” Is not what they want to hear from their purported leader.

    1. JedYork Sucks:………….From the desk of Jim Tomsula:

      Whoomper buuschter fatcha wompka woosh boom.

  5. Colin Kaepernick: “I don’t play for job security. Whether football is here or not, I will be fine.”
    We can’t get rid of this guy fast enough. For those that haven’t caught on yet, he’s dumb. If you aren’t worried about losing your job why shouldn’t I question your commitment to the team and the sport? It’s because football is here that you have that security now in life. The only reason you can just walk away is because of the money that football has already brought you. Don’t tell me that you don’t need football because the only reason you don’t need it is because it’s already taken care of you and now you want to act indifferent towards it.

    Stupid is as stupid does.

    1. This Kaepernick has lots of class. He doesn’t care you’re right he got the millions to survive on after the 49ers paid him. I just hope they cut this SOB before April of next season so the 49ers don’t have to pay this idiot more money.

    2. He did specifically say that his reason for playing was to win. You left that out.

      KAEPERNICK: I don’t play for job security. Whether football is here or not, I will be fine. I go out – I play to win. I’m not worried about job security when I step in this building.

      I’ve lost confidence with the entire organization, Kaepernick included. It’s just lame to tailor the quote to fit your agenda. “I go out – I play to win.” It was the next thing he said.

    3. Bad quote to have attached to any player, let alone the supposed leader of the team.

      I don’t think he meant to infer he doesn’t care what happens because he’s already made his millions, or that he’s not invested in getting better and helping this team turn things around. Anyone that has read about the hard work he puts in should know that is not the case. But he’s certainly left himself open for those kinds of comments.

      I think he was just trying to say that he doesn’t let thoughts of losing his job distract him. Did not come out that way though.

      1. It’s about the things he says. It’s clear he doesn’t understand or “get” that when you’re a leader especially one of a team like the one he’s a part of you have to be smarter about the things you say. He has shown a consistent knack to be about as close to indifference towards that idea as one possibly could be. Saying the wrong thing at an interview doesn’t make you a bad quarterback but it does show a severe lack of maturity and hints at a lack of intelligence on a certain level and I don’t know maybe I’m being too critical but I think both of those qualities are not only fairly important for an NFL QB but are both ones that should be better then what we see from a 28 year old.

        1. I’d say it has to do more with maturity than intelligence. I’ve met plenty of smart immature young people.
          But Kap does lack leadership qualities.

      2. I don’t think Colin implied what everyone inferred from the head line that Grant constructed to direct attention to his theme for tomorrow.

      3. Scooter,
        Have to disagree. CK has more then proved (to me at least) that he is here to win (which seems to be an important part of his answer that some here are selectively missing).

        Coaches and teammates have attested that he is first and last to leave for practices and the fact that he attended EXOS last summer says more about his leadership and passion than answering a foolish question that likely caught him off guard.
        Truth be told, even if Kap would have answered that football is his life, many here would have found something to nitpick.

        1. Sooo, you actually agree with me then? I said I don’t think he meant it the way it is being inferred. Just a poor choice of words.

    4. Why would you want your starting QB to admit any doubts about his job security. If it exists, that feeling should remain internal. Its a large group of men who ultimately are impacted by the confidence he as in himself. Its a borderline “gotcha” question the reporter asked, asking him to divulge a thought most of us in our own professions would consider a private one. I liked his answer.

  6. I agree 100 percent Coffee. I was one of CK’s biggest supporters. Boy was I wrong about this guy. This guy got paid and has checked out. Coffee used to get crap from a lot of the fan base including myself regarding CK. All of us were wrong. Especially me! Nice call Coffee on this clown.

    1. I’m waiting for Rocket to come on here on pull some stats on how Kaep has invested his millions in the stock market, and how he’s such a great guy because he took the team to the cleaners and has no desire to ever get better. he got his money.

      Joke’s on us.

      1. Both sides of this argument of had their moments of being right and wrong to the point that it’s fair enough to just concede a tie and move on. Rocket has stated he realizes that Kaepernick probably has to go if he can’t turn this around and frankly that’s more then fair enough.

        Let’s get past the finger pointing and move on to whats next.

        1. You’re right CFC,
          It’s just that Rocket repeatedly called me a crazy person for believing Kaep is not that good. But hey let’s move on!

          1. Wonder how those #7 jersey sales are working out?
            I was a sales person away from getting one in Vegas. My gut said “don’t do it” Always go with your gu!

      2. The joke was on the York. They were fooled by Kaepernick from the beginning. They thought that kaepernick will make this a championship franchise again.

  7. “It’s a lot easier when there’s no pass rush. There’s a full-field view when you’re watching the film – eye in the sky. It’s a lot easier to look at it that way than back behind center.”

    And that’s the problem. He can’t do what he described on the field, where it matters. He hasn’t developed that ability to have that bird’s eye view when he’s out there behind a live rush, scanning the field at the same time, and make consistently accurate throws. That’s something that you just have to have as a QB and so far Kaepernick has struggled to make that transition.

  8. Is a gathering of jerks a flock, a herd, or maybe a murder?

    What Colin said, for better or worse, is that he is not going to play to protect his job. He is going to play to win as best he can. He may not succeed but that’s a different issue.

    1. “Is a gathering of jerks a flock, a herd, or maybe a murder?”

      I think it’s a mob. Or maybe a circle…

    2. Yoda,

      I think you have it right. He’s basically saying that he’s not going to play to protect his job. I wish Chryst would listen to him that devise a game plan with lots of deep passes on first and second downs. They really have nothing to lose and the Giant’s DBs are not that good. Let Torrey and VD go for the deep ball. Even if he throws 35% on the deep throws it will loosen the box. A pick or two would be like a medium punt. He can only get out of this situation by coming out of the gate swinging. Again, Niners have nothing to lose.

      I see that some folks think that he has cashed out of football. If that is true, why would he put in all the hard work on a daily basis during regular season and off seasons? If there is a problem, it seems he has tried to listen to too many people giving football advice. Brent Jones was saying on KNBR that he needs a real QB coach like Mooch to come in 2-3 times a week and work with him at the Niners practice facility — not going off-season to work with Warner or Dilfer and others whose coach credentials are unknown.

      1. He is also saying that there is more to life than football if it turns out that he’s not good enough to continue playing. Horrifying!!!!

  9. Given how many times you’ve reminded us of how old you are I guess I can only assume that rose colored glasses must come in bi-focal.

    1. Rose colored glasses don’t have to be bi-focal. They are also not required to recognize the generations of football jerks that have passed in front of them. It’s a Game of Scapegoats whether any athlete, has potential, realizes that potential if he has it, or looks for another line of work more suited to his talent. I’ve never taken a position on what’s in store for Colin. The arrow sure seems to be down right now, and maybe the best that he can look forward to is flat lining at a slightly higher level. That level may or may not keep him employed regardless of what pay scale he can command.

      When someone is 82 hopefully they are very glad to be 82 and only need bi-focal lenses. Enjoy.

    1. I’ll address that in my column tomorrow. Don’t won’t to undercut the column’s impact :)

      1. When you submit your work do you have to give a works cited page? Just want to make sure you’re spelling my name right.

  10. Doesn’t play for job security? This means two things or a combination thereof; he’s taking the starting QB job for granted (which he never earned nor deserved) AND/OR he’s not fully invested in his trade beyond the game check.

  11. Anyone traveling from Bangkok to Malaysia by train in a sleeping compartment should refrain from spraying for cockroaches. All is does is make them mad and they will invade the compartment in their hundreds.

  12. Since Kaep seems to want to work hard and improve, so he can win games, I will give him some advice. I wrote this 1-17-14 as Nynah
    !0 things Kaep should do on Sunday.
    1. Run the no huddle with quick snaps to negate the crowd noise.
    2. Always put a Man in motion, and read the defense’s reaction.
    3. Fake a handoff or pitch, and roll out the other way to befuddle the defense.
    4. Invite the blitz, and roll away from blitz or complete quick pass.
    5. Take advantage of the defensive speed by doing counters, misdirections and reverses.
    6. Look off the safeties by facing one way while looking in the other direction.(20 degrees)
    7. Consider time outs to be precious, and saved for the last 2 minutes (of each half).
    8. Shake hands, win or lose. Read IF by Rudyard Kipling.
    9. After the game, go to the Niner fans in the stands and give out autographed hats.
    10. Get the ball in Frank Gore’s (playmakers) hands as much as possible.

  13. Sit Kaepernick for a few weeks and hope he can revive himself like Mariucci did with Garcia in ’99.

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  15. What a terrible answer. If I were his boss, I would fire him on the spot. In the corporate world, certainly in my business (software sales), you should always be concerned about your job security. First, it is a privilege to work, not a right. Second, you are what your numbers say you are, nothing else. You can’t cut it, there’s a Starbucks down the road.

    Kaeperclown is making millions of dollars, largely responsible for the success and failure of a team worth billions, and he is not the least bit concerned with his job security. He should be.

    More I listen to this guy, the more I realize he just doesn’t have it between the ears. Wow.

      1. That’s crazy, why would you try and pair QB’s with similar styles together? The correct way is to take a veteran QB with a completely different skill set and style then the one you have and then have them spend only a few hours a week together watching film. That way you maximize your chances of success.

              1. I seriously think all of us who didn’t fall for Kaep’s schtick, i.e, the Grant Lovers, should get like a free donut for all the harassment we got from the Kaepologists. Seriously Grant. Go into the Press Democrat break room and steal us from free Chocolate Glazed with Sprinkles.

                Alex is not a great QB but he has a worse line then the Niners and he put up 400 yards and it looks like he’s throwing passes to their big WR signee.

                I’m tired of Kaep now. Why waste any more time with him? He’s just going to alienate the fan base even more with his idiotic comments and wearing his headphones.

                He’s got the worst timing when he said the new coaching staff lets him be himself, which is a mediocore QB.

                He felt all the pressure because Harbaugh went ALL IN with him and he couldn’t step up.

                Harbaugh new it too. He knew his days were numbered when Kaep was asked to play in the pocket, read defenses and couldn’t. Roman had guys open last year. Christ has guys open this year? They can throw the ball for the guy for crying out loud.

                He may get lucky when he faces the 32nd ranked passing defense. Or not because the Giants have the #1 rushing defense!

                It’s sad when the other teams says if we score 14 points we win.

    PERIOD…..I am a LONGGGGG time 49ers Fan, Kap is a BETTER QUARTERBACK than any QB you have on your roster…and most QB’s in the league….He is the BEST FIT for the 49ers
    The coaches need to Beef up that offensive line (take a page out of the cowboys team.. everything
    starts an end with that massive offensive line…Teams that don’t try to duplicate that recipe no matter who you have as a QB will suck……. SIGN KAP….OR LOSE A FAN!!!!
    P.S: Tell your owner and staff to drop that ridiculous mess about him kneeling down during the National Anthem…and reflect back to the real reason for his action: His protest was for the Senseless Killing or Black People by White Cops…The 49ers Ownership from top to bottom should SUPPORT HIM!!!!  “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”  PLEASE RE-SIGN KAP IMMEDIATELY

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