Colin Kaepernick: “Their player made a play. Something that you have to deal with once the ball leaves your hand.”

SANTA CLARA — This is the transcript of Colin Kaepernick’s Wednesday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

What was it like getting back to work and trying to dissect where things went wrong? Were there any surprises that you came across when you watched the film?

“No, things pretty much were as they happened on Sunday. Right now we’re moving on to Green Bay. We’re making sure we’re focused and ready for them.”


How much did you dissect that game? Were you looking over it all Sunday night, Monday, did it go into Tuesday? And, what were you looking for?

“No, I watched it Sunday, Monday. Looking to see what I can do better, help this team win. After I looked at it Monday, I moved onto Green Bay.”


I swear I’m not trying to butter you up, but your previous five starts before Sunday, you hadn’t thrown an interception, you had a rating near 100, now your head coach is being asked about your job security. You’re being pretty much criticized left and right, obviously it comes with the territory in the NFL, but are you surprised by how many people seem to be questioning your ability?

“That’s not really something I’m concerned with. I have confidence in myself as far as being able to go out and help this team win. What other people think of how I play and how I go about things really isn’t something I worry about.”


Head coach Jim Tomsula said after the first couple of interceptions in the first quarter they decided to run the ball a little more and tried to slow the pace a little bit. In your own head, did you get a little gun-shy at all? As the game progressed, it seemed like maybe some of the throws had a little less velocity than you normally have.

“No, that’s something that I’ve worked on, as far as being able to throw catchable balls to our receivers. So, it wasn’t something that they did to take velocity off my passes. That was something that I’ve consciously worked on.”


On Monday, Jim Tomsula said that he viewed the offense as a drop back passing team, do you buy that? I mean, where do you think you are and where the offense is as a drop back passing team?

“I think our offense is complimentary. We do things in the run game to set up the pass game. We do things in the pass game to set up the run game. It’s not a defining term of whether we drop back or whether we’re a running football team. We have to be able to do everything.”


ME: I apologize if you answered this question after the game, but on the third interception it seemed like you had time. You had TE Vernon Davis open and uncharacteristically underthrew it, is that what happened or what happened from your perspective?

“Just got a different read and I mean, their player made a play. Something that you have to deal with once the ball leaves your hand.”


It’s unusual for, one of their players was kind of diagnosing what happened in terms of your skill of finding open guys and so forth. I’m talking about Arizona Cardinals S Tyrann Mathieu after the game, what do you make of him saying that stuff and what did you think when he said?

“I don’t know what he said, so I wouldn’t be able to tell you.”


You didn’t read any of that?

“No, I’m focused on Green Bay.”


A couple of the Cardinals players basically said that they were able to read the throws that you were going to make, kind of read the plays before they happened. Sounds like you didn’t hear that, but when an opponent says that do you try any extra harder this week to disguise what you’re doing? I know you guys self-scout.

“We go out, we run our plays. We have play designs for a reason. It’s not going outside of our offensive scheme to try to make a play.”


In obviously 2012 and 2013 you faced the Packers quite a bit, three times. A lot of success against that defense, how has that defense changed from the one you’ll be facing on Sunday?

“They do a lot of different things. There’s different players back there as well. So, it will really depend what they roll out for us on Sunday.”


Tomsula said that yesterday guys came in still frustrated, there was a vibe that way but by the end of the day there was a switch over. Could you speak to that and maybe what you saw yesterday from your teammates and kind of moving forward?

“Just players trying to figure out how to win. What we need to do, what we need to change, to make sure that we’re on the right track.”


Looking at film to see what you can do better, could you be specific on what you think you need to adjust this week?

“It’s not necessarily adjustments. There’s things that, I might want to go somewhere else with the ball. I might want to check to a different play. There’s a lot of different things that go into it depending on the play.”


What does this offense need to do differently, or what can you guys do better when you’re being pressured?

“Have quick answers, have ways to get the ball out of the hand and into the playmaker’s hands.”


You once said before that the only opinion you care about of you as a quarterback is from your coach and your teammates, is there any indication of where that opinion stands in the last couple of days from your teammates?

“From me, everything I know, we’re good. So, I’m going out to play football to win.”


Did you watch the Monday night game and find any appreciation in what Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers was doing?

“I didn’t get to see the game. But, I have watched it now since. I didn’t watch Green Bay’s offensive side.”


How would you describe your kind of overriding emotion over these last couple of weeks? Are you angry? Are you frustrated? Are you determined? How, what would you use to describe the way you feel right now?

“I’m not too big on feelings. Feelings aren’t going to help me win a game. I’m focused on doing what I can to help this team win.”

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  1. “Something that you have to deal with once the ball leaves your hand.”
    No Colin that’s actually something you deal with before the ball leaves your hand.

    1. Agree. Yes the player made a play. But kap made that play easy. Throwing off back foot, late, always betting his teammates. Is a recipe for disaster. But Luck is going thru same interception. KW says this will pass. If he just hit the open receiver instead of forcing it. Difference Colts have some good receivers that bailed Luck out. What’s the last WR this GM has drafted. Free agent? Not sure, kap can be a game manager. He’s a gun slinger. Hot and cold. When he had a defense and o-line. It didn’t depend on him to win the game.

      1. If Baalke gets a pass on the 2012 draft class, I got to give one to Kaepernick for the Cardinals game. He’s had a second helping of adversity and two slices of humble pie. Let’s see if he can do the baby steps and untie his knots….

        1. Razor I respect your optimism with everything 49ers. However, the Cardinals game and last years Seahawks game both times, players on both teams have called out #7 publicly on his inefficiency in reading the field and making throws outside the numbers.
          Now every 49ers fan wants to see this guy turn the corner. My honest opinion, its too late at this stage in his career. Whst he lacks cannot be taught or lesrnt. Its innate and instinctual.

          1. I’ll bet those guys are just trying to help Colin improve his game with all those heartfelt comments.

          2. Opinions are based on evaluation, and there’s another chance to evaluate against the Packers coming up. You’re opinion is probably correct, and I’m more inclined than ever to agree with you after his latest debacle, but if through the hard work, coaching and repetition, he can find a way to improve, maybe, just maybe he can be an average quarterback with above average athleticism. That is, until and if they can get a guy like Goff aboard and understudy for a year or two….

            1. It wouldn’t matter if I was being coached by Phil Jackson or Bozo the clown. I am not ever going to dunk on a regulation height rim. I miss the rim by roughly 3 ft and I am done growing.
              Kaepernick, as Prime has pointed out, does not possess the skill set to overcome the rim height. He can’t complete passes outside the numbers. He can’t read defenses or identify underneath coverage. This is what the NFL is challenging him to overcome.
              The scheme and coaching in SF is closer to Bozo the clown trying to out coach Phil Jackson on a basketball court.

          3. @Prime Time,

            I totally agree with your Take.

            Kaep has had 4 years to get better as an NFL QB, specifically the following;

            #1 Reading Defenses Pre-Snap.

            #2 Quickly going thru his Progressions effectively within a 3 Second Time Table consistently.

            #3 Stepping into the Pocket & throwing the ball leading with his left foot forward in order to be accurate with his passes consistently.

            The first 2 Picks last week he threw off his back foot both times. That is Suicide for an NFL QB. That’s what Rookies do! It’s as if everything he worked on down in Zona with people like Kurt Warner evaporated from his brain.

            I had always been a Kaep Backer but after that performance last Sunday it became very clear to me that the 49ers will need to Draft a QB come April and #7 will need to find a new home as a “Back Up”. It pains me to say it but he is NOT a Starting NFL QB, and he never will be.

            1. Geep knew al of about Kaep’s issues because he was the QB coach last year. Under Harbaugh Kaep was definitely lost half the time. They were trying to make him better because they knew they couldn’t win with him just being a running QB. They were banking on him evolving and improving.
              His first year as a starter, when he said he had a lot on his plate, that’s when you knew the game was too much and too fast for him. Teams have to respect his athletic ability, because he can make an amazing play. That element of threat, and Roman’s ability to actually call plays that would work every so often, kept teams and defenses at bay.
              It was last year when it was obvious he didn’t have it. Just look at the output of the offense. We blamed Gore, the O-Line, bad WR, Vernon. Kaep mostly got a free pass.

              So back to this year, they are simplifying the offense even more for him ,and he still can’t see the defense or read the plays or anticipate throws.
              He’s slow to process and react. He has bad mechanics, not touch on his passes. You think 6 weeks at with KW’s camp is going to solve his problems?

              He drove this team into a ditch when he didn’t evolve. Harbaugh’s the one that made him a starter before he was ready mentally. 1st year is an outlier year, not the norm.

              What happened last Sunday against AZ, that’s going to be norm.

              1. Fan,

                So if Geep knew how bad Kap was, and everybody else did as well, then why didn’t the Niners draft or go after a FA QB to at least provide competition? If he is crap and the team knows it, wouldn’t it make sense to start figuring out how to replace him?

                I know this goes against your gleeful onslaught against the guy this week, but surely if the team agrees with our views they would do something about it wouldn’t they?

              2. “wouldn’t it make sense to start figuring out how to replace him?”

                Wasn’t there talk that they were trying to trade him?

              3. There were rumors, that’s about it. Doesn’t change the fact they did nothing to improve the QB depth on the team. Rightly or wrongly, they obviously didn’t see the need to bring in competition for the crappy starting QB they had.

                For what it’s worth, I think it was a mistake not to bring in more/better competition going back to when they traded Smith. I’ve said so many times but I’m just the Kaepernick defender.

              4. “There were rumors, that’s about it.”

                Kinda like there were rumors about Harbaugh the year before…….

              5. It appears that they may have tried to improve the position by moving the player. The depth is kinda irrelevant at that position since only one can be on the field at a time. Having competition for the spot doesn’t mean Kaepernick would improve. Many were saying the same thing regarding Smith during camp in 2011.

              6. Jack:

                When CK replaced AS, many speculated that the advice CK received from AS was important to him in having a good 2012 season. Do you think the loss of AS has played a part in CK’s seeming regression or are we well past that.

              7. It appears that they may have tried to improve the position by moving the player.

                That doesn’t make any sense unless you have a young QB waiting in the wings you feel can take over. They didn’t, and still don’t.

                The depth is kinda irrelevant at that position since only one can be on the field at a time. Having competition for the spot doesn’t mean Kaepernick would improve. Many were saying the same thing regarding Smith during camp in 2011.

                It’s very relevant actually. Having quality competition tends to bring out the best in the participants. Smith didn’t start playing his best football until Harbaugh took over, but he was also being pushed by Kap in the second year. Made both of them better.

                Then there is the obvious reason why having quality depth is important: They would have a true option to replace Kap with right now if they agreed with you on Kaps abilities. They are stuck right now because they don’t have an upgrade to replace him with. If they had drafted a QB in the past couple of years, we might not be having this discussion right now.

              8. Cubus,

                I think the issue is the league has caught up to him and Kaepernick has so far been unable to adjust accordingly.

              9. One of the teams they were reportedly talking to was Philly. Based on when the “rumor” first leaked it is likely that they could have been targeting Nick Foles. That addresses who would be taking over.

              10. One of the teams they were reportedly talking to was Philly. Based on when the “rumor” first leaked it is likely that they could have been targeting Nick Foles. That addresses who would be taking over.

                You are going to dislocate your shoulder if you reach any further.

              11. Foles was traded within a week of the Kaepernick “rumor”. I did hurt my right shoulder recently, but it wasn’t from reaching. Thanks for your concern though.

              12. You are going to dislocate your shoulder if you reach any further.
                You’re going to walk into a wall if you continue to be so shortsighted.

              13. I did hurt my right shoulder recently, but it wasn’t from reaching.
                Small world I just had mine operated on last week.

              14. Grant,

                Totally agree that neither of Kaepernick or Foles are franchise guys, and for that reason I would rather save $11 million Foles instead to fill in holes elsewhere, and use him as a bridge to the guy they eventually think would take over.

                That kind of move would seem to fit Baalke’s MO.

              15. Careful with the talk about other QB’s it gets E’s panties in a big’ol bunch.

              16. You’re going to walk into a wall if you continue to be so shortsighted.

                Based on what? Not buying some opinion Jack made up based on a rumor that went nowhere? I don’t doubt there’s a possibility Chip Kelly called asking about Kaps availability. What I do doubt is that the Niners ever seriously considered trading him, and then doubled down by not drafting or adding a FA to oppose him.

                Every move the team has made they’ve made with the belief that Kap is their QB, and they didn’t need much behind him. That is coming back to bite them now, but that’s obviously how they viewed it with their actions which is what my response to fan was to begin with.

              17. What FA QB was available that would have pushed Kaepernick this season any more than Gabbert has?

                In the draft after the first 2 picks the only QB’s selected were Garret Grayson, Sean Mannion, Bryce Petty, Brett Hundley, and and Trevor Siemian. You and I both know that none of those guys would have posed a threat to Kaepernick this season.

              18. Wasn’t the rumours about trading for Kaep also prior to the draft?

                If so, it could have been a case of looking to swap for Foles (or another of Philly’s QBs) plus some draft picks, with the idea of then also drafting a QB.

                But, it doesn’t matter, just idle speculation now.

              19. Ahem, Grayson would have replaced Kaepernick by the third preseason game.

                Ok not really but if they had used the same type of pick that the Saints did then you would have people starting to ask why or when will he get his shot. Same thing with Bryce and Hundley though as well. Where they were taken and given their performances during preseason I think there would be rumblings starting to occur.

              20. Stop being a party pooper Scooter!! Idle speculation is what makes this board fun!

                Yeah, if the discussions did in fact take place my guess is the breakdown would be due to the draft pick portion.

              21. “If the discussions did in fact take place my guess is the breakdown would be due to the draft pick portion.”

                Definitely agree there. As it was Philly got the worst end of the deal from a draft pick point of view (they gave up higher picks than they received from the Rams as part of the trade). I assume Baalke would have wanted more for Kaep.

              22. What FA QB was available that would have pushed Kaepernick this season any more than Gabbert has?

                There wasn’t one and that is a reason why any thought that they were going to trade Kap is pretty ridiculous.

                In the draft after the first 2 picks the only QB’s selected were Garret Grayson, Sean Mannion, Bryce Petty, Brett Hundley, and and Trevor Siemian. You and I both know that none of those guys would have posed a threat to Kaepernick this season.

                Sure they wouldn’t this season, but to not take one at all even to develop for the future? Bridgewater and Carr were there a year earlier and they passed on them for Ward. Obviously they weren’t thinking they had a problem at QB.

            2. Either the coaching staff is really that bad, and maybe they are since they ran the pistol on the one yard line, or maybe they just thought that he would go to Kurt Warner’s school and magically be healed.

              Suffice to say, he sucks, will continue to suck, will make one amazing play to make you forget he sucks, and then go back to sucking.

    1. Good question. Baalke’s day two and three picks seem to be where he excels.

      Draft position is important, yet rarely mentioned when evaluating a GMs performance selecting players. Below are (standard) chart values of 49ers drafts 2008-2014.

      Year – Chart Value
      2014 – 1,718 Baalke
      2013 – 2,041 Baalke
      2012 – 1,031 Baalke
      2011 – 2,363 Baalke
      2010 – 2,800 McCloughan, Baalke, Singletary
      2009 – 1,600 McCloughan
      2008 – 1,463 McCloughan

      Note: These points are for draft slots used. They do not include draft slots traded to following season(s).

      Makes the horrible drafts like 2012 look not so horrible (though still pretty dang bad).
      Takes (just a little) shine off the 2011 and 2013 drafts.

      Relative to chart value, 2008 could be the worse then 2012.

    2. At the moment, I’d say Carlos Hyde. And that is damning as he’s only topped 100 yards rushing once in his career.

    3. There is not a lot. Other than Reid and maybe Aldon Smith
      There is none on the offensive side that I can think of

      He has not drafted well at all.

    4. Since 2012, Baalke has had two good draft picks: Carlos Hyde and Eric Reid.
      2012: A.J. Jenkins (bust), LaMichael James (gone).
      2013: Tank Carradine, Vance McDonald, Corey Lemonier – minimal impact.
      2014: Jimmie Ward (reserve), Marcus Martin (awful), Quentin Dial (non-descript), Kenneth Acker (burned like toast)
      2015: Arik Armstead (1 tackle), Jaquiski Tartt (MIA).

      Baalke could have picked from Street & Smith and done better than that.

      1. An AFC personnel man on the Niners defense: “The safeties are overrated due to the age of one (Antoine Bethea) and the inability of the other (Eric Reid) to track and make a play on the ball.”

        Bob McGinn: “S Eric Reid (6-1½, 213), the 18th pick in ’13, isn’t playing quite as well as in the past. He has had concussion issues and hasn’t tackled as well. He has terrific speed, athleticism, length, smarts and work habits.”

    5. Baalke’s best draft was the draft McCloughan set up for him. He has hit a few picks but he has way too many AJ Jenkins in his closet at this point. You also have to look at the hiring of Tomsula/Chryst/Mangini. I know York plays a part in the coaches hire but as the GM he has to be responsible for the top level staff including the head coach. If Tomsula is one and done, then Baalke needs to go too.

      I have a question that perhaps you can help answer, Grant. Have the 49ers changed their scouting budget since McCloughan left? Are they spending more or less on the scouts? I have absolutely no idea how an entire scouting department can come away and put AJ Jenkins name in that envelope. Or even put down LaMichael James as a 2nd round pick in the same year. Even more recently, Jimmie Ward from last year. They keep taking these chances on tweener players that dont ever seem to work out. I REALLY don’t like Baalke’s draft strategy. Are they going cheap on the scouting department?

      1. “Baalke’s best draft was the draft McCloughan set up for him.”

        Totally disagree. His 2011 draft class produced results right away. Aldon Smith, Kaepernick, Chris Culliver, and Bruce Miller were all starters for a team that went to the Super Bowl, and Kendall Hunter played a key role as well before getting injured. The long term results haven’t turned out great, but the impact of that class was immediate.

        1. That’s definitely a good class and it is why I asked the question about the scouting budget. The 2010 class was really good in my opinion with Davis, Iupati, Bowman, Dixon, and Williams. The 2011 class you mentioned was good. It’s been downhill ever since. What changed? Did we run off some scouts to save a few bucks?

      2. The 2010 draft had almost three times the draft capital that 2012 did…
        2,800 vs 1,031 on the standard chart.

        Some day a bio will reveal who pushed for Taylor Mays. The rumor mill suggests Singletary wanted Mays, and had a heated draft day argument with Baalke. Singletary eventually got his man.

    1. Probably not. What you would do is point out that Colin himself doesn’t believe he’s any good or that he ever will be.

  2. Meat and potatoes Colin, you’ve got to speed up your progressions, reads and throws. If I’m Chryst, I spoon feed him early with bootlegs, screens and quick slants to establish his rhythm. Once he’s in the flow, on first or second down from the shotgun formation, give him that three progression, down field throw from the pocket….

    1. Razor, I don’t think Kaep. does well with quick slants or screens . It would nice if he did , but in the last game he was shell shocked and as it turned out he never recovered during the game.

        1. I wasn’t making a suggestion. I was predicting what the 49er solution to their problems may be. It’s Baalke’s way after all.

          1. HT I was trying to make a joke not criticize you. Supposedly Einstein said the definition of insanity is trying to do the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I don’t know if you agree with me but Baalke is no Einstein…and that’s the problem. It’s one thing to play very poorly like they have. It’s quite another to make no visible changes and expect different results. I personally am sick of hearing “We gotta execute, that’s all”)

            1. OK … :-}

              If they do finally execute better, Baalke’s Parcells Scheme may be found to not work as expected. Of course, if you over power the competition and get at least seven yards on each first down, and always succeed in running the ball into the end zone from the red zone, no one will stop you. It helps to never make a mistake.

    2. Razor, I think those plays, bootlegs, screens, and slants work in your favor if you are the defense. That’s not CK’s strength, thus making the D’s job much easier keeping things in front and on 3rd and long.

    3. We are going to need you to free up your schedule Razor because this is exactly what he needs. It appears SF coaching staff is vehemently against this idea.

  3. When good teams find themselves down 14 in the first quarter, they just stick to their original game plan. Of course if our game plan was designed to keep the score close at the cost of not winning, then maybe they just slow things down even more.

    1. When I played video games in middle school, that was the main way I’d beat my friends at Madden — switch personnel groupings. Some kids would forget to match up. We were 13.

      1. How can a DC think defending 11 personnel with a base 3-4 was a good idea? Maybe if the LBs were excellent in coverage, but that certainly isn’t the case for the 49ers.

      2. It’s a sub package world in the NFL, and you’ve got to have seven linebackers and defensive backs that have above average coverage skills. Not just zone Safeties, but ones that can play some man to man. Especially at linebacker, I’m not sure Mangini has the athleticism needed to run his scheme, plus this defense is an inexperienced unit and has yet to gel or display the instinctual awareness that comes from having played together in the same scheme for a year….

        1. It’s been suggested a number of times that Tarrt could replace Wilhoite. It seems like Acker, Brock, Ward, Bethea, Reid, Tarrt and Bowman should be able to work. 6DBs and 1 ILB handling the secondary, with the OLBs rushing along with the DL. The lack of rerouting is a concern in Mangini’s defense. Maybe more man and less zone.

          1. I see I misunderstood some of what you said, Razor. You’re saying the scheme doesn’t fit the personnel. Maybe a switch to more man instead of zone is really in order.

        2. If Mangini wants to continue to have his LBs playing a lot of snaps in coverage, then I agree, he doesn’t have the guys to run his scheme.

          Lets face it, without a dominant pass rusher or two, he is kind of forced to be creative about the ways he gets after the QB. He does need to try and disguise things a bit to try and create some confusion up front. But you still have to be sound at the back end. He needs to figure out a way to fix the back end of the D. And you are right, the real question is does the team have the players to do so?

          I think being more consistent in the use of extra DBs, similar to how the Cards do it, is certainly worth a look as one approach to solidifying the back end while also providing an inherent ability to disguise looks, as players are more interchangeable. But obviously that comes at the risk of no longer being strong enough up front stopping the run.

          1. They need to stop the pass. If not, Rogers will dissect them.They should shut down the pass and invite the run.

              1. No reason, but hard to explain if it doesn’t work.

                Remember seb, it’s a great coaching staff, especially on defense because Tomsula is a great D line coach and our leader Baalke constantly finds great defensive players and coaches.

  4. Does anybody think Anthony Davis is sitting at home watching this dumpster fire and saying to himself, “man, I can’t wait to get back to my team.”

    1. Grimey: If I were him I’d be jumping up and down. I’d want a raise..a sustaintial payraise to return next year or else you are playing with Pears again.

  5. If we keep getting blown out… much longer till they start firing people? Or do they keep everyone till the year is over?

        1. Mid,

          You’re forgetting one thing, he’s got Eli Manning throwing to him, not Ben Roethlisberger.

          1. But he’s still been making some noise on the field Ex. I wouldn’t be as worried if we had a strong defense or a good pass rush, but we don’t. Instead, we have a Mangini defense and almost no semblance of a pass rush.

  6. Reggie Bush practiced in full, so I wonder how many plays he’ll be good for against the Packers. I’d like to see him have a breakout performance….

  7. I kinda feel for Tomsula… He’s following in the footsteps of a decent coach who set big expectations the last few years. Tomsula’s a good guy in a tough situation… I blame York Jr. for this mess and it’s no wonder he’s hiding right now… He said hold him accountable and this diehard surely will.

    1. I kind of feel bad for us fans,ownership has let Baalke destroy this team from coaching all the down to players

      1. Is Baalke really doing what he wants or simply following orders from York? Without knowing it’s hard to say… Personally, I would have taken a Kubiak + Phillips combo while keeping Tomsula as DL coach but that’s just me. If those rumors were true that Baalke offered the job to Adam Gase only to be overruled by York then who knows what else he dictates to Baalke. That’s why I hold York accountable for this hot mess.

        1. It’s not hard to say that Baalke is in charge of all player personnel, the coaching staff, and the over all strategy for football success. It’s possible Jed might have constrained Baalke in the coaching budget, but it’s Baalke that wouldn’t want a head coach that brought a new power center into Santa Clara.

  8. Lane Kiffen looks like the boater, who throttles up his speedboat in a no wake zone, because he sees Jim Tomsula fishing with a snoopy pole in a rowboat.

    1. Q1. No. The Packers OTs are bad, but the 49ers provide them the perfect antidote in very average edge rushers. Mangini will need to continue to blitz to get pressure on Rodgers.

      Q2. Gosh I hope so. Surely Mangini will learn from last week’s debacle.

      Q3. No. He’ll continue to get roasted if the 49ers keep trying to use him like he’s a #1 CB. If he struggles in the slot, knowing the coaches they’ll probably persevere with him anyway, but if they do make a change I think Ward is the logical choice to take the slot CB role.

      Q4. Yes, but only if the 49ers aren’t blown out by half time. If they can keep it somewhat close into the second half, I think the 49ers get their running game going.

      Q5. I imagine they’ll use it some, but probably no more than around 10 plays or so. I expect they will look to get the passing game going with some play-action, and will want to run a bit out of more traditional sets to set up the play-action.

      Q6. I expect this will be something of a bounce back performance. He certainly can’t play any worse, and I think we’ll see an ok but unspectacular performance.

    2. I like the match up of Kaepernick versus the Packers linebackers with the read option, and an uptempo assualt….

    3. Can RB Carlos Hyde Get Back on Track? Yes…

      – If he has his full compliment of tight ends blocking for him, especially McDonald
      – They don’t fall behind early
      – They don’t abandon the run
      – He doesn’t get dinged early

      I think missing McDonald for most of the last two games had a bigger impact than facing a 3-4. (The Vikings were poorly prepared)

    4. Goff is only recently on my radar. I agree his movement in the pocket to buy time and find the ope receiver is very Rodgers like.

        1. Even if they re-sign Boone, is he LT material?

          And is Staley in need of replacing? He’s still our best OL.

          1. I believe that RT Davis will be traded if he does return after this season and Staley moved to RT to provide some stability on the line’s right side. It’s also possible that Staley could be a fire sale casualty if York panics too much,which is something I also can’t rule out right now. If either of those two happen, then the will need a LT.

        1. At Peytons’ place up in Denver, Kubiak gave up trying to put him under center. Seems he’s gone back to shotguns and pistols….

          1. Peyton can’t move well enough at this point to play under center.
            Of course the league is moving more to the gun everyday. Playing under center matters less and less.

            1. No, but you need the framework in order to to take the hits, and Goff and doesn’t have that.

  9. Tomsula and Mangini should be thankful to Kap. He is sure saving them from additional scrutiny. Tomsula is getting the sympathy, and Mangini has escaped a couple days of questioning.

  10. Hmm, quick passes that gets the ball into the hands of his playmakers.
    Where have I heard that before?

  11. Kap said: “I didn’t get to see the game. But, I have watched it now since. I didn’t watch Green Bay’s offensive side.” – yea, why study the best QB in football? This guy will never get it.

    1. Probably because he is going to be facing their defense and not their offense… Talk about not getting it. Measure twice and cut once before you take a shot at someone next time.

      1. I hope he studies Rogers just for his snap count. He has coaxed several players to jump offside, and he flings the ball downfield because it is a free play.

          1. Exactly. There is no time to study other QB’s once the season starts. It’s all about focusing on the defense you will face in a given week. It also doesn’t help to watch other QB’s play in a completely different style of offense either. QB’s get better through repetition on the field. Everything else is just gravy.

    2. Colin’s job this week is to function against the Packer defense. Watching other quarterbacks during the season is not his job, and it wouldn’t help him.

      1. I beg to differ. Purposefully avoiding anything that could make you better is not wise. I hope studies Brady, Manning, Rogers, Breeze and Big Ben to glean new insights.
        Maybe he could learn from them not to throw late off his back foot.

  12. Vernon Davis quoted on ESPN blog:
    “Before the game started, one of their coaches came up to me and told me they were going to try to take me away,” Davis said. “That was the plan and I’m sure they were trying to take other people away as well.
    “But to hear a coach say that before the game started is kind of like, ‘Oh, wow, really?'”

    Davis, of course, did not catch a pass on two targets. So the Niner coaches get no respect from the Arizona coaches….

  13. Guys, kap will continue to struggle as long as there are 8-9 men in the box on every play. Even when Vernon said they were trying to take him away, they can do that with 8-9 men in the box. I would say screw to. Come out passing, the 1st 15 plays. And I’ll say this, if kaep can’t move the chains passing the ball on depleted coverage, its time to move on. This is ridiculous!! I love the potential, but eventually, potential has to turn into production!!

      1. Charlie Casserly

        Former NFL general manager, NFL Network analyst

        GLENDALE, AZ – SEPTEMBER 27: Quarterback Colin Kaepernick #7 of the San Francisco 49ers breaks a tackle by Markus Golden #44 of the Arizona Cardinals in
        GLENDALE, AZ – SEPTEMBER 27: Quarterback Colin Kaepernick #7 of the San Francisco 49ers breaks a tackle by Markus Golden #44 of the Arizona Cardinals in the fourth quarter at University of Phoenix Stadium on September 27, 2015 in Glendale, Arizona. Cardinals won 47-7. (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images) ( Norm Hall )

        “I’m not just looking at Sunday, I’m looking at all three games this year and last year. Yes, you need to move on,” Casserly said on the NFL Network. “To me, he’s an athlete playing quarterback … people say, ‘what happened when he was younger, was he better?’ No. He had a better offensive line and a better defense. As a passer, I see a lack of consistency in accuracy, ball placement and touch. Reading defenses, he doesn’t go through the progression consistently with accuracy making those decisions. He struggles, especially this year, when pressured. He tends to freeze … he looks like a guy who’s got deer-in-the-headlights syndrome. Move on.”

        1. Remember,

          Casserly was the GM who built the Joe Gibs Washington Redskin SuperBowl winning teams

            1. Packers’ Next Opponent: San Francisco 49ers scouting report:

              “Kaepernick hasn’t changed and really hasn’t progressed a whole lot as a quarterback,” said an assistant coach on defense for a recent 49ers’ opponent. “Kaepernick is predictable. He’s a whole lot more thrower than he is passer.”
              “Offensively, San Francisco will struggle until they realize their overpaid field general is not a dropback quarterback. Green Bay 31, San Francisco 17.”

          1. “Remember,

            Casserly was the GM who built the Joe Gibs Washington Redskin SuperBowl winning teams”

            No he wasn’t, Bobby Beathard was the GM with Joe Gibbs.

            Charlie Casserly had a decidedly middling career as an NFL GM, living off of the glow of being associated with Beathard and Gibbs, as much as his own ability.

            He’s very old school and is biased against mobile QB’s. I’m not saying he doesn’t have a point in what he says about CK, only that his comments come from a certain point of view.

            Remember, Charlie Casserly drafted Heath Schuler (a QB and rated the 4th biggest bust of all time).


    1. Fan,

      Firstly, CK’s passer rating isn’t 16.7. You intentionally make it sound like that is his passer rating for the year. It’s really lame. If you have a point to make you should be able to make it without cherry picking stats.

      Secondly, have you ever asked yourself if you’re really a fan of the 49ers? I mean, seriously, you seem to take such glee in the struggles of CK, in particular, and the team, general. It isn’t normal behavior for a fan.

      1. Dang. Kaepernick has a worse passer rating than Jameis Winston, and only 4 QB’s who have thrown a pass this season are lower. Yikes!

              1. MD,

                One of the first rules of Fantasy Football: Never, ever, ever draft a QB early (unless, of course, the QB in question has a career year while on your roster).

              2. I usually draft my kicker around the time most others do, but I draft my starting D/ST unit around the 5-7 round range.

      2. Being a fan with Kaep at the helm is like being the fan of the Titanic. That movie did make the most money in the history of movies so I guess that’s why some of you cling to him.
        Why would any fan of the team root for the guy who threw the pick in the SB that cost the Niners a chance at a ring, another pick that cost them a chance to go to another SB? Isn’t it clear by now he’s not getting better but getting worse?
        If i was truly evil, you can say I’m a fan of the Iceberg.

        1. Why would any fan of the team root for the guy who threw the pick in the SB that cost the Niners a chance at a ring, another pick that cost them a chance to go to another SB?

          Because he is our starting team’s starting QB.
          I had this @!!#ing discussion with others when Alex Smith was here and frankly I got sick and tired of it! You don’t have to like Kaep or his play, but for god sakes support him while he is starting for our team!

          1. Damn it. I’m so pissed after reading that drivel that I put up a post with a lot of grammar errors.

        2. It also wasn’t a pick in the SB, but hey who needs accuracy when you are beating down a player on the team you supposedly root for right?

    2. Fan77,
      Nary a sound about our porous defense in your context?

      Honestly speaking, are you convinced that even if CK throws for over 300 yrds and accounts for 3 TD’s that there is a very possibility that we could still lose because of our defense?

      Sometimes it’s a good idea not to take what the Cossell’ and the Casserly’ say as gospel.
      Like you, they pretty much blame all the teams woes on Kaep.

      1. If Kaep threw for 300 years and 3 TDs, that’s a mirage. I had higher hopes for him this year, and I didn’t buy into his performance against Pit as a sign he turned the corner. But his game in AZ just really show who he is as a QB. He’s never going to get it. He will have a good game here and there, but it’s not going to be the norm because we would have seen it.
        Prime Time and I both suggested that when there’s pressure, he’s going to revert and that’s what happened. I don’t mean pressure from D-Linemen, but pressure of the moment. He’s only really shined in his first year when he was playing loose. He had a good game against Carolina in the playoffs and then became a turnover machine against Seattle.
        You have to admit he was bad last year.

        The team has problems, mainly with coaching, and the QB. If the team doesn’t believe in the QB, it’s over. We can say the same thing about Alex Smith when he was here.

    1. Take a look at Carson Palmer in the film Jake Plummer included in his critique of Kaep. When Kaep can make that throw he is ready to start in the NFL. Otherwise he stays a gimmick player who will only beat you if you let him.

    2. Thats great – but can all of these writers, analysts, etc. STOP CALLING HIM A YOUNG MAN. He is ready to turn 28 in his 5th year in the league. I want him to improve and have his talent brought to fruition, but no more young man excuses.

    3. “All those things Kaep had us believing on what he learned over the summer …”

      I don’t remember Colin doing that to any one. Are you a buddy of his?

  14. Kaepernick has been pressured on 43.2% of his dropbacks this season. Passer rating is 71.1.

    Tyrod Taylor has been pressured on 42.1% of his dropbacks this season. Passer rating is 98.3.

    Kaepernick has the lowest rating among the 5 QB’s who have faced the highest percentage of pressure on dropbacks.

    1. Any minute now Rocket is going to chime in and say your stats are all wrong Jack. He’s going to pull out some number from 2012 and say Kaep has a 100 rating or something like that to prove you’re not as smart as he is.

      1. See th difference in jack and you are Jack actually has an open mind and sticks to facts doesn’t hate ck.
        Your cred has been shot, revived and then ran over with a Mack truck!
        It pays to keep it real. Maybe you should learn how to do that, and call
        It like it is.

      2. I don’t argue with the facts Fan. If those are the numbers that’s how it is. Last weeks game was a train wreck for Kap and his rating plummeted because of it. Not surprising at all.

    2. I would like to see dropped passes and yards to go. That’s pretty important when posting qb stats like this. I’m not backing ck, I would like to see situational stats though

        1. I don’t either. I guess I want to know how his teamates make him bad and vice versa. Lol all around bad!

              1. In which case I would have to disagree because Davis had at least one drop against the Vikings.

  15. I have been a supporter of Kap in the past. He is a great athlete and is a smart guy. He should be able to play QB. I was hopeful his work this summer would help him read defenses, go through his progressions, make the right decisions, make the correct throws and avoid the type of mistakes that are easily avoidable. But last Sunday none of those things happened.
    I understand the offensive line is terrible, but that does not effect his pre-snap reads. He appears to lack the ability to throw the ball quickly and accurately to minimize the effect of the rush. He does not seem to be able to extend plays like Rogers by moving around and waiting for a receiver to get open. There was some of that in the first and even the second game, but not in this last one.
    I think the Niner’s need to design the game plans for the next 2-3 games that require Colin to show he can play the position, move the team, make the right choices and throws and prove that he can be a passing QB in the NFL. If he can’t do this in the next 2-3 games then it is time to move on.

    1. Ex golf,

      Excuse me , Casserly was an asst. to Bethard, big deal, but you left that out. He still built the hogs, and other dimensions of 2 their superbowl team Wikepedia

      1. The point is, in relation to Kap, having seen Theisman, he knows exactly what the article states: Kap’s slow at reads, inaccurate, etc.
        The next time you are hired as a GM, speak to me about Kap’s problems
        Until then, I’ll trust the ex-GM

        1. TomD,

          As usual, you took my comments out of context. My issue isn’t what Casserly said about CK, I mentioned that his comments had merit. I was questioning Casserly’s ability to objectively comment on CK. He isn’t crazy about mobile QB’s. In addition, he drafted Heath Schuler. While these facts alone don’t make his comments on an NFL QB irrelevant, but you should look for someone more credible for support.

          That and the fact that you erroneously claimed

  16. I’m going to my first 49ers game on Sunday… Any suggestions from the vets out there??

  17. When can we see what Purcell can do in a meaningful game. Dudes engine just doesn’t stop. He could be a spark for the o-line.

      1. Dang it! I think I was in between mentioning being a problem for an o-line and typed it in.
        I wouldn’t be against a 4-3 and adding him in though

  18. Rocket’s had a tough week trying to defend his favorite back up QB so here’s a little love.

    Blog Pick’em Results through week 3. Rocket continues to show the rest of us why he’s the two time champion:

    Rocket 32-16
    NinerMD 30-18
    dlptown 30-18
    MWD 28-20
    CFC 28-20
    Nofear4x4 28-20
    Undercenter 27-21
    JPN001 27-21
    D Rogue 27-21
    Crab15 24-24

    I am once again consistently average. Mediocrity I am your patron saint.

    1. Good week after last weekends horrible decision making.
      I’ve got the niners winning for the tie this week. :-)

  19. Same data with different slat:

    “Kaepernick has been sacked eight times, and pressured more than any other quarterback, according to” ,,, Cam Inman

  20. I keep hearing about how the Packers have the two worst tackles in the league and yet which QB is torching teams for a bazillian yards and points a game? I guess it’s still possible to be a productive QB with a bad line.

    1. It is when you are elite like Rodgers is. Kap isn’t and needs help around him to succeed.

      1. You should change your avatar name to The Energizer Bunny because you keep going and going and…


        1. Hey just calling it like it is. Rodgers is a HOF caliber player; Kap is middle of the pack. Big difference there and a reason why Rodgers can overcome things Kap cannot.

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