Colin Kaepernick: “I’m excited about our offensive line and what they bring to the table.”

SANTA CLARA — Colin Kaepernick spoke in the 49ers’ auditorium Wednesday. Here’s a transcript, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

Just your thoughts on the opening game, how it went and what you’re looking forward to this week?

“I think there was a lot of good things that happened for us in that game. Also things that we need to clean up and get better at. Looking forward to this week. Hopefully being out there a little longer and being able to get in a rhythm with our offense.”


You guys are having a new field put in. You’ve had to answer questions about the field over the last year. When you were practicing on that last time and it was coming up in divots, you were just stepping over them and cleaning them up. You were going about it as business as usual. Have you gotten past any mental hurdles of what you’re playing on?

“Yeah. I don’t worry about it. To me, I’m out there playing football regardless of what the surface is. I’ve played on worse stuff than that growing up.”


You had that long throw to WR Torrey Smith in the game. Was that a good throw to have in preseason game one, because it kind of allows you guys to talk and work out chemistry issues on those deep patterns?

“Yeah. That’s exactly what it was. It’s a good opportunity for us to be able to talk about it, really work out the fine details of where we want to be hitting that throw, how we want to go about doing those plays, and that gave us a good foundation to start.”


How has WR Jerome Simpson been just on the field since he got here? Just what have your impressions of him been as a receiver, what he does well?

“He does a lot of things well. Very fast, very athletic, has good feel for the game and he’s been an all-around great teammate. Someone that’s come in willing to learn, willing to do everything he can to help this team.”


Without him for the first six games, obviously there’s an opportunity for some guy to be the number three. Looks like all those candidates don’t have tons of experience. Do you have confidence in those guys that are going to have to fill that role?

“Yeah, very much so. We’ve had a lot of reps with other guys other than Torrey, Jerome and [WR] Anquan [Boldin]. So, moving forward, it’s not something we’re shying away from or uncomfortable with. We have people that have proven to us that they can go out and be good football players for us.”


One of those guys is WR Quinton Patton. You and him have spent a lot of time together over the last few years on and off the field. What’s the dynamic like between you and Quinton and the trust factor that you developed on the field with him?

“I have great trust in him as a person, as a football player. He’s someone that, he’s constantly learning, constantly talking to me about what I’m looking at. I think that’s really helped our chemistry on the field and his development as being a reliable receiver.”


How has G/T Erik Pears fit into the huddle?

“Great. Really tall though, makes me feel a little bit shorter, but he’s been a great player for us. Done, once again, everything we’ve asked of him. Come to work and worked hard every day. So, I’m excited to have him more out there in games and see what he does.”


Are there things that we don’t get to see on the practice field that you do that make you think, give you confidence that you can replace former 49ers T Anthony Davis at a high level this year?

“Yeah. I think just last week alone, you got to see a preview of it. We had very clean pockets, great pass protection. So, I’m excited about our offensive line and what they bring to the table.”


From NBC in Reno, we haven’t had a chance to catch up with you since you were at the Governor’s dinner a couple weeks ago. What was it like to be back in Nevada and just to be the keynote speaker of that event?

“It was amazing. It was good to be back in Reno, see a lot of familiar faces and get to spend time with a lot of people that helped me get to where I’m at now. So, it was a great experience for me and my family.”


Can you talk about what it’s been like making the transition from the former 49ers and current University of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh era and now to 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula and what this start of training camp has been like for you so far?

“It’s been a smooth transition. Coach Tomsula’s done a great job as far as keeping everyone focused on what our goals are, what we want to do and what we’re trying to get accomplished through OTA’s and through mini-camp. So, excited where this team’s headed and I’m excited about what we’re going to be able to do.”


Speaking of camp, how much chemistry or who have you created the most chemistry with so far in camp?

“That’s really hard to say. We have 90 guys in our locker room right now so there’s constantly chemistry going on between players. So, it’s something you work on every day and try to get as close as you can with all the players to make sure when you step on that field you have that chemistry, you have that bond where you want to play for each other.”


Is there any concern that WR Bruce Ellington hasn’t been able to get out on the field and work on that chemistry after suiting up for basically every game last season?

“That’s something that he’s working through right now. For us, we have to deal with it as it comes to us and every time he’s out there we’re working, trying to make sure that we can get on the same page.”


You hosted some Camp Taylor kids yesterday. Was that fun to hang out with them after practice a little bit and have them watch you and the team at a practice?

“Yeah. It’s always amazing to be around my kids. It was great to see them, great to have them out. Made my day. Good to have them in the middle of camp, kind of get a refresher and get a back to reality kind of situation to come around. So, I was really excited about it.”


What was that interaction like after practice? You go through a two-hour practice and then go over there and meet up with those kids. What’s that like?

“Energizing. It’s something that, it brings great joy, great excitement to me. It really does make my day every time I’m around those kids. I think they give more to me than I could ever give to them.”


What’s it been like having RB Reggie Bush here? You lose former 49ers and current Indianapolis Colts RB Frank Gore last year. What’s Reggie’s presence been like so far with you?

“He’s a true professional. He comes to work. Works hard every day. Once again, the constant conversation with him about what we’re doing, how we want to get it done and how we want to go about things in a game. So, excited to have him on the field and see what we can do.”

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  1. I would like to see “chemistry” banned from interviews.

    Did Colin earn any “harping” time today?

  2. Kaep should just say he is working as a catalyst to produce synergistic effects, and that the team is coalescing into a cohesive unit to focus their energy in appropriate directions to score TDs.
    Thank God Kaep has learned his lesson. I think he is a more sympathetic figure when he is allowed to be more open and affable. I am extremely pleased with his new interview style.

    1. Sebinynah- Sometimes when people are allowed to be themselves their comfort level naturally increases. Operating under restriction either externally or self imposed will often create a negative persona that does not exude likability.

      1. I just wish Kaep had been prepped better. They should have told him that the reporters job is to ask the hard prickly questions, and his job is to answer them calmly, composedly, truthfully, thoughtfully, completely, and hopefully, with a smile on his face

        1. Actually as a QB he’s supposed to speak only in cliches and not give any real answers. Just like Russell Wilson.

          1. Thats fine with me. The cornier the better. I bet Logan could come up with some whoppers.

  3. The lack of interest in Colin’s current training camp interviews could only be matched by the Great One.

  4. I do not mind terse Kap – it is his style once training camp starts (and I do not see ‘terse’ as a pejorative). I do find the change from off-season style to training camp/season style interesting. And it is not just the terseness – his entire demeanor changes. He is more comfortable talking about things other than the details of football, and once the questions about the details start, he grows less comfortable and more terse.

    Having said that, I did think this interview did seem a bit more relaxed, even before being asked about the Camp Taylor Kids. He held eye contact better and kept his facial expression neutral other than a couple of smiles (with the exception of talking about the kids, when he was all smiles).

    It is always nice to see smiling Kap. It is too bad that the prevailing narrative on Kap does not often include the side of him he shows when he is talking about Camp Taylor or participating in Camp Taylor events.

  5. Bob Lange is a genius to bring the Camp Taylor kids to see Kaep. He just shines when he can be around them.

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