Colin Kaepernick: “I’m getting more and more comfortable in this offense.”

This is the transcript of Colin Kaepernick’s Week-13 press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


How are you enjoying the humidity?

“I’m all about the humidity and heat. A little easier to get warmed up. A little easier to get going. Feels good out there.”


Yeah, that’s what TE Vance McDonald was saying, that you guys actually feel a little bit better playing in the hot weather. Was that kind of uniform for everybody today?

“I think that’s uniform for more of the skill players. I think the big guys like it a little bit cooler, keep them a little more hydrated, a little less fatigued.”


How did you make it out of this game physically?



The last play, it looked like you took a really big hit.

“No, it wasn’t too bad. It was more the fact that [Miami Dolphins DT Ndamukong] Suh got me from behind. I didn’t realize that during the game, but after watching film, he did a good job retracing and grabbing me from behind on the goal line. But, that’s why I do a lot of stretching and a lot of mobility things to make sure if something like that does happen I’m prepared for it.”


Was there a facemask involved in that play?

“That I don’t know. I can’t tell.”


But your legs, it seemed to buckle the way he was bringing you down. That’s why it looked like it was kind of awkward.

“I mean, felt a little awkward as far as how I ended up laying, but no everything’s fine. Everything’s good.”


How are your legs doing? You’ve done a lot of running through six weeks. Are you conditioned to the point where you feel like you’re still fresh?

“Yeah. I feel very fresh, feel ready to go, ready to do whatever this offense needs me to do to try to help us get a win.”


Why do you think that your rushing yards are so much greater than they’ve been at any point in your career as far as yards per game? Do you have any theories as to why you’re gaining more yards rushing?

“I think part of it is this offense lends itself that that. There’s more opportunities for that, especially being in three-receiver sets most of the time, a lot more space out there. So, scramble lanes are bigger. When we do run zone-read there’s more space there as well.”


But, most of your yards are coming off scrambles and not designed runs, correct?

“I think it depends on the game. I think it really varies.”


Do you feel like you’re making as good of decisions as you’ve ever made in terms of when to take off, when to stay in the pocket?

“I feel like I’m getting more and more comfortable in this offense. Ultimately, I think that’s what it comes down to for a quarterback is getting comfortable in an offense, really getting your feet settled in, getting that foundation to be able to go out and just play freely and this offense has been great for me in that way.”


I know we’ve talked about before how you feel like you thought this offense would be a good fit for you, but now that you’re six weeks into it, how has that maybe kind of manifested itself?

“Well, I think it’s showing more and more every week. The more I get comfortable, the more receivers and offensive line get comfortable with what’s going on, I think we put up more and more yards, give ourselves more and more opportunities to score. Now, we just have to convert those opportunities into points.”


Head coach Chip Kelly when he’s asked about you has talked about and how you’re improving, he’s noted, you know, look at quarterbacks when they stay in the same system, you know, New England Patriots QB Tom Brady and New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees being obviously examples. But, I guess this is getting to a question about your future. It would seem logical that you would want to stay in this offense which suits your ability and stay with Chip. Does that seem logical to you?

“No, I’m focused on Chicago this week. I’m not thinking that far down the road. But, that’s very true as far as quarterbacks being in a system that they’re familiar with, they’re familiar with the coach, why they’re calling plays, they’re on the same page so when you step on that field you know exactly why your coach is calling that play, what his intent is and what you’re trying to get done.”


Your last four games by some statistical measurements are your best four games of your career. Does it feel like that? Do you feel like, as people would say, the old Colin?

“I feel like I’m trying to continually get better. There have been games that we’ve played well but we haven’t won and ultimately that’s why we play, is to win. So, for me, there’s opportunities to improve, opportunities to get better and to have more yards, more points on the board and I think that’s when we’ll really start thriving.”


You didn’t get a chance to play against Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio’s defense last year. Is it familiar to you? When you look at it, do you see the old 49ers defense from a few years ago?

“Yeah. Familiar. Obviously, a lot of different figures in those positions than when I was going against it in practice. But, yeah, structure’s the same, a lot of things that you look at and you can kind of fall back on as far as practice. So, that’s something that will be useful this week.”


You guys won the last time you went to Solider Field last year. Does that instill more confidence that this is going to be the game where you guys can turn it around? Does that help?

“I think ultimately it’s going to be our play that determines that. We’re continually getting closer and closer to wins. We have to get over that hump now. We have to be able to cut out the turnovers, the penalties, the mistakes that are killing us and put points on the board in those situations instead of shooting ourselves in the foot.”


WR Torrey Smith was just saying that he hasn’t had very many nine-route opportunities this year. Is it something that the defense is doing to specifically take that route away from him? He’s so good at it.

“I think it’s a combination of things. It can be the defense. It can be the play call, what we’re trying to get done. It can be a situation in a game. There’s a lot of things that go into whether or not you’re going to throw that ball, whether that’s an option on a particular play and we just haven’t had those opportunities yet.”


It wasn’t that long ago that people, I certainly never wrote this, but didn’t view you as a viable starting quarterback anymore. The beginning of this season, after the Buffalo game, or whatever, that conversation seems to be changing. I’m sure you may have heard some of the criticism. Do you find it, is there redemption for you? Is it satisfying, like ‘I told you so,’ or what are your emotions?

“Steadfast. For me, I know what I’m capable of, I know what my teammates are capable of and I believe in that. And ultimately that’s what our focus has to be. That’s where our mindset has to be in order for us to continue to keep going and to pull out a win.”


Are you going to do any community outreach stuff while you’re here? Just since you guys are away from home for the week, find something to do?

“There’s not going to be a lot of time. This is a business trip for us. Our focus is trying to get our first win in a lot of weeks now. So, our mindset and focus has to be on that and making sure we’re doing everything we can to go out Sunday and get a win.”


Are you going to have your website on your cleats on Sunday?

“No, I won’t. I figured I would get fined for that.”


The NFL is allowing players to do whatever they want to showcase their various charities this weekend.

“I didn’t know that but–.”


Sacramento Bee reporter Matt Barrows has something designed for you.

“You have them in your car?”


It’s a project I’ve been working on.

“No, I won’t. But, my website is up and running. It’s on my social media. So, people can find it there if they’re looking to follow up.”

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  1. With Fangio, he will look at how Kaep was so open because the they were in man and the DBs had their back to him, so the Niners should expect a lot of zone.

    Niners should roll out Kaep and flood a zone. It will make the DB on the other side useless, and Kaep just needs to hit the receiver not covered in the zone. They should take advantage of the defensive speed by doing misdirections and reverses.

    This will be a very tough game, but if they stop shooting themselves in the foot, they may win. The coaches need to prepare them for every contingency, and have them play with discipline.

  2. Q. It would seem logical that you would want to stay in this offense which suits your ability and stay with Chip. Does that seem logical to you?
    A. No

    1. There are a lot of words that follow after the “No” that give a little more context…

      1. Yes, but he could have just said right away that he was focusing on the Bears. His first word was no and I think that was a Fruedian slip.

        1. ‘No, Im focused on Chicago this week.’

          Hmm, that does not sound like a slip at all.

          To him it was not logical to dwell on the future because he is focused on Chicago.

          Sorry, 80, you are using selective editing to make a mountain out of a molehill.

          1. On a subconscious level. It’s like saying the first thing that comes to your mind. He is not happy here.

            1. Sorry, Kaep is very happy here. He has won back his starting job, and has moved the offense well.

              Next you will be insinuating that he is a cancer in the locker room.;p

              1. Kap is very happy here? You talk to him or is that the doll talking when you pull the string?

              2. He is not happy with Baalke. He wants to test free agency. He wants to go to a better team. With regards to suggesting Kap is a cancer, that would be pure speculation. Like saying Kap wants to leave or that he is very happy here.

              3. Prime, Kaep was very frustrated being relegated to second string. How could he redeem himself without playing?

                The Niner FO did everything in their power to let Gabbert take all the reps and be the starter.

                Kaep played it cool, did not say a bad word, and did everything he could to help the team. Finally, they benched Gabbert and let him start. It would be churlish to think he is resentful that they are allowing him to play. Kaep is as happy as a clam, especially since he is proving all his detractors wrong.

                You must be grinding your teeth, and I could not be happier…..;p

              4. Like you conveniently avoided to respond to today, running QB’s don’t win in today’s NFL.
                I grind my teeth at how foolish you sound!

              5. 80, I totally concede that he is not happy with Baalke. After the leaks and smears, all orchestrated by Baalke and his minions, Kaep has every reason to not like him. You could tell in his PCs when he said he had not even attempted a conversation with Baalke.

                Still you can tell that he is happy, especially when they score and he is celebrating and smiling with all his team mates.

                No, I do not have insider information, but just from my perspective on the couch in front of the TV, they are not sulking, pouting or snarling at each other.

              6. Last 4 starts, two 400 yard games. If not for the defense, he could have won at least 2.

                Yup, Kaep’s a keeper. He gives the Niners their best chance to win. Way more so than some house painter who throws the ball like the DBs are the intended receiver.

              7. Prime, that is your problem. You think a QB has to be a passer or a runner. The new prototypical QB in the NFL needs to be both.

                Kaep is not only a running QB, he is also a passer, and you cannot wish away the fact that he passed for 400 yards. Kaep is a dual threat mobile QB.

                I did cite SB QBs who are mobile. Cam is a mobile QB. Wilson is a mobile QB. Aaron Rodgers uses his legs all the time to evade rushers and buy time.

                While not a SB QB, Alex is a mobile QB. So is Winston, Mariota and Taylor. Tannehill showed some nifty moves, and Dak Prescott is mobile, but has not been asked to be a runner.

              8. Fair enough seb. I will concede that he isn’t 100% unhappy. The football field is an escape for him. As you said he gets to prove all his detractors wrong.

                The rest of the week is another story. It is probably awkard every time Kap and Baalke are in the same room or pass each other in the hallway. Trent appears to be safe. If Kap believes Baalke will return he would want to leave.

              9. 80, I believe Baalke is a dead man walking. He is going to fall on his sword because some one needs to take the fall for this disaster of a season, and it sure will not be Jed.

                That is why Baalke is declaring that it is all his fault. With his track record in drafts, and the fact that decent FAs have avoided the Niners like the plague, the Niners cannot afford any more incompetence. It is way too important to trust the draft and free agency to a person who drafted AJ Jenkins and signed only Zane Beadles.

                Baalke will not get fired on the team bus so he can hear the players cheering, so Jed will just kick him into the contracts and financials department. Gamble will provide continuity, and he has a track record of working well with Chip.

                Heck, with Baalke gone, Kaep may want to stay……

              10. For some reason you think throwing for 400 yards suddenly makes Kap a passing QB. When in reality those yards gained came in parts of the game where teams are up by 2 or 3 scores, in soft zone coverage.

                Why don’t you study Kaps game a little since you know him so well. Take a look at his footwork, his mechanics throwing, the way he reiterates he just goes out and plays, does not need to work on his skills. Or the fact he struggles when defenses force him to make throws outside the numbers.(Not bubble screen passes to RB’s)

                Why are you so blind to the fact that in 5 years, he has not developed in key areas an NFL QB needs to develop in?

                Instead you throw the rug over the mess and blame Baalke, the personnel, the sun at Levi stadium. Be real for once and tell me he is a guy worth paying 14.9 million and building a team around when he has not improved as a football player! He is the same or worse since being in the league with the same awful fundamentals he came in with!

              11. Prime it’s hard to take you serious and you lose credibility when you’re suggesting Gabbert/Ponder would be better. And when you overlook that 31 points given up a game by the defense contributes in a huge way to those loses.

                Sort NFL defenses by points per game and there’s a lot of good QB’s with terrible defenses that have 6 loses because their defenses allow 25 or more points a game. Rodgers, Newton, Bree’s, Luck, Ryan, Rivers. I am not giving CK any passes on losing 6 straight but you’ve got to look beyond the QB here and see the defensive coaching, talent level, injuries and the QB all play into our team’s record. It’s not just the QB’s fault and suggesting Ponder will help is ludicrous.

              12. Prime, there you go again. This is why I think you have absolutely no football acumen.

                You derided Kaep as being wildly inaccurate. He has delivered ball on time and into tight windows. You say he has no touch, then he lays the ball in over the LBs and in front of the safeties.
                You say he is Mr. long windup, and he has not had balls batted down in his face like Gabbert.
                You say he cant throw outside the numbers, when even Wilson acknowledges that he has done it many times.

                Now you are say he is not a passer, when he threw for 400 yards. Does not matter if he threw a swing pas that went for a TD, he threw a pass so well, it resulted in a TD.

                So now you are falling back on the old fundamentals screed. My reply to you is to say that your logic is fundamentally flawed. Your hatred towards Kaep is blinding you, so you will grasp at straws to try and diss him.

                Dissing a 400 yard thrower as only a runner just defines you. You look sad and pathetic when you declare Gabbert is so much better. We all saw how wildly inaccurate Gabbert threw, but you boosted him because you hate Kaep so much.

                I sure am glad that you grudgingly admitted that Kaep took the league by storm. With an improved defense, he will do it AGAIN.

                Next you will be declaring he is a cancer in the locker room, when all the player interviews show a strong, united band of brothers, who are professional enough to see that they will only win if they are all on the same page, and mature enough to separate social activism from playing football.

                The storm is coming, and I see wins on the horizon. I could care less about draft position, and just want them to get that winning mindset back.

              13. Wilson, we may have passionate arguments over a lot of things, but I do not think I ever once said you have no football knowledge.

                You can back up your claims with logic and solid facts, and many times, I have conceded points to you.

                You have more football acumen in your pinky finger than Prime has in his whole body.

              14. Jack, now that Old Coach is back, I hope you will step down with grace as the de facto blog HC, and let Old Coach take the reins.

                You can still fire me, if you want. ;p

              15. Wilson, Sebnnoying where did I say Gabbert was better? I said it was Ponder time. Why because Kap has shown nothing new. I’ve seen back yard football and poor mechanics.
                Looks like you guys look at the box score and are enamoured. One thing you are forgetting in that box score, the W!
                Anyways you guys keep hoping for a storm. He won’t be here next year and I’m counting down the weeks.

              16. Prime, there you go AGAIN. You were such a cheerleader for Gabbert, you wanted to bet me money over his starting.

                Time to take off the pom poms, but now you double down and cheer for a house painter.

                Still being delusional, because Chip is staying, and he is smart enough to not to sheathe his most powerful weapon, so your wish that Kaep will be gone will be another kick in your teeth.

              17. Prime you said all off season and last season that BG was better and should be starting. Now that he’s flamed out you’re pretending you didn’t back him. But you skipped the part about suggesting Ponder would be better. He can’t even crack the 53.

  3. How can Kaep get more comfortable running this offense? He needs structure. He needs to be able to confidently stride up to the line on any down and distance and fire off a play with little reading. He should not worry about what the defense is doing, he should be thinking that the defense will need to play perfectly to stop this play, then execute flawlessly and let the defense make a mistake.

    He needs to have an assemblage of plays depending on down and distance, and he also should have the authority to change a play after the snap.

    He needs to be prepared so well, that he knows 9 scripted plays in a row, and can get the whole offense moving together as a team, because they all know the plays ahead of time.

    He needs to stop wasting time. When behind, wasting any seconds is a recipe for failure. If ahead, sure, go ahead and milk the clock down to the last second.

    Kaep needs to be more deceptive. If he can fool a defense, he can have the ball carrier running without being touched. I actually heard the commentators talking about a pump fake. I would like to see a play where Kaep takes the snap. He pump fakes left, looks left, even points left, then he pivots and flings the ball down the right side line to a streaking player for a long gain.

  4. How can the Niners make the crucial adjustments in the second half?

    Last game, they abandoned the run and started slinging the ball. Too bad they still lost, even though the offense was productive.

    The Niners need to realize that the other team has seen the plays and have devised counters to them. The Niners need to take it one step further, and devise counters to their counters. One of the best ways to do that is to do something totally different and unexpected. The opposition cannot counter a play they have not seen before.

    The Niners should run a reverse in the first half, Then in the second half, they should fake a reverse. They should set up the defense by attacking their expected reaction. The Niners should invite the blitz, then take advantage of the area the blitzer left undefended.

    Above all, the Niners need to roll out Kaep. It will discombobulate the DBs and allow for easy throw and catches to wide open receivers. Kaep may also keep the ball and score himself.

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