Colin Kaepernick inducted into his high school Hall of Fame

Former NFL football quarterback Colin Kaepernick applauds while seated on stage during W.E.B. Du Bois Medal ceremonies, Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018, at Harvard University, in Cambridge, Mass. Kaepernick is among eight recipients of Harvard University’s W.E.B. Du Bois Medals in 2018. Harvard has awarded the medal since 2000 to people whose work has contributed to African and African-American culture.(AP Photo/Steven Senne)

Pitman High School in Turlock, California inducted former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick into their Hall of Fame on Saturday.

Kaepernick did not attend the induction. His family attended on his behalf. Click here to read more.

Kaepernick played three sports in high school — football, basketball and baseball. The latter may have been his best sport. The Chicago Cubs drafted him as a pitcher.

He currently is the best unemployed quarterback in the world. Teams like the Buffalo Bills would rather lose every week than sign Kaepernick and win sometimes. Strange.

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        1. Yeah, he is. His quarterback rating from 2016 is better than the current rating of all but 22 qualifying quarterbacks. Plus, he’s mobile.

          1. No he’s not. In 2016 he’s at the bottom of nearly every statistic that counts for a QB.

            Beathard currently exceeds Kaepernick in average yards per pass, yards per game and completion % compared to his 2016 numbers. The only reason he doesn’t have a higher QB rating is the interceptions .

            Also, how many games had Kaepernick started by 2016? Yet he still didn’t put up numbers better then Beathard? Pathetic. Precisely why he doesn’t have a job.

            1. Kaep is a SB QB who has set playoff rushing records. Kaep has a 4-2 road playoff record.
              CJB has not even sniffed the playoffs.
              Kaep got to the SB after only 10 games. CJB has a 1-9 record.
              Oh, and interceptions are kinda important, and not to be dismissed as irrelevant.

              1. *SB LOSING QB, congrats he joins the likes of Earl Morrall, Craig Morton, Tony Eason, Rex Grossman, Chris Chandler and others.

                Getting to a SB and losing is not a measuring stick. Many awful QBs got to a SB and lost.

                Also, re-read what you just wrote “QB who has set playoff rushing records”. WOW… Tell us how many rushing yards Montana and Brady have in the playoffs combined?

                4-2 playoff record? Mark Sanchez has a 4-2 road playoff record. Congrats.

                You keep going to these stats that prove absolutely nothing. CK was a flash in the pan, one trick pony who had his time in the league, never progressed as a QB, one read guy. The guy just isn’t/wasn’t that good.

    1. I do. Glad he is getting more accolades.
      Now, he needs to win his lawsuit, and play again.
      Looking at the league, the Bills and Jags could use Kaep. Now, even Tampa Bay is having QB problems.

  1. We should have gave up draft capital for Foles.
    We should have signed Kap.

    Oh look, Mullens played well and Shanny was able to use his full playbook. Strange.

      1. I think CJ should have been benched after the first Az game because he sucked and I wanted to what we had with Mullens. But that’s the thing, nobody (including Shanahan) knew what kind of QB Mullens would be, and we still don’t after only one game. Shanahan felt CJ gave them the best chance to win, as Mullens was a complete unknown and had an inconsistent preseason.

      2. Trent Dilfer should have been benched sooner in 2007…but he wasn’t.

        Coaches don’t go benching guys willy nilly, especially for a completely unproven undrafted guy.

        Its a good thing you don’t coach.

      3. They wouldn’t have known what Mullens was due to the fact he doesn’t get many snaps as the backup. It still remains to be seen how good the kid really is when he goes against a half decent team which won’t happen until the beginning of Dec.

        1. I find it ironic that Grant takes a shot at Shanny for not playing Mullens earlier, when the 49ers were the only team to bring him in for a visit….

    1. “Oh look, Mullens played well and Shanny was able to use his full playbook. Strange.”

      I seem to remember a lot of folks being really excited about C.J. Beathard after the Redskins game last year….

    1. Click bait? I remember back in the day on Maiaocco’s blog when things were getting slow, he would throw an article about Alex Smith out and then let the floodgates open.

  2. Vague report puts Dodgers’ Zaidi in Giants GM Winner’s Circle
    The GM Meetings begin tonight and it’s possible one front office exec could be changing hotel suites.

    MLB Network and Fox Sports reporter Jon Morosi tweeted out that the Giants are are prepared to offer Farhan Zaidi a position in their front office.

    We don’t know Morosi’s source on this, of course, but he’s had a tendency over the years to have strong connections to several front offices (usually the Tigers’), so it’s possible that somebody he knows heard or has details on what’s going on with another team:

    Jon Morosi

    An official with another @MLB club tells me #SFGiants are prepared to offer a position to Farhan Zaidi. It is unclear where process stands, or if Zaidi will accept. Neither the Giants nor Zaidi are commenting. @MLBNetwork
    1:49 PM – Nov 5, 2018

    He has a bachelor of science degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a doctorate of philosophy (PhD) in economics from the University of California, Berkeley.[5] He briefly worked for the Boston Consulting Group and the Sporting News website between MIT and Berkeley.[5][6]
    Oakland Athletics
    While at Berkeley, he read the book Moneyball and it changed his life.[7] He saw a job posting for a baseball operations position with the Oakland Athletics and sent out his resume, beating out 1,000 other applicants for the job.[6] He was a data analysis sabermetrics assistant when he started.[8] His boss with the Athletics, Billy Beane, called him “absolutely brilliant” and credited him with the acquisition of Yoenis Céspedes.[9]

  3. Report: Giants preparing to offer front office position to Dodgers GM

    SAN FRANCISCO–Since hiring Farhan Zaidi as general manager in November, 2014, the Los Angeles Dodgers have won four consecutive National League West titles and back-to-back National League pennants.

    Zaidi has played a significant role in building one of baseball’s top teams, but he may soon be faced with the prospect of accepting a new challenge.
    TomD’s Take:
    Andrew Freidman may be the talent scouting start, having played. Zaidi gets criticism for relying too much on sabermetrics

  4. There’s a few reasons why the 49ers should trade down anyway, so let’s look at them.

    1. There are some holes in the roster and you can never have too much depth in the positions you are set at. San Francisco currently holds only five draft selections (no picks in Rounds 5 and 7), and moving down could net some nice currency.

    2. The 49ers biggest need is the biggest strength of the draft
    This is a pass-rushing draft. EDGEs, interior linemen, linebackers. It’s such a strong group.

    If the Niners miss out on a few of the big talents like Ohio State’s Nick Bosa or Clemson’s Clelin Ferrell, there’s plenty of talent in the middle of the first round…

  5. Agree coach. Kyle should have gone with Mullens the second JG went down. Big mistake going with CJ DeBerg. As for Kap, there’s no proof that he would come in a play even half way decent after a two year hiatus. On the contrary, he lost almost every one of his starts, going 1-10, including 9 in a row, in his last season. He hadn’t played well in his final 3 seasons, accumulating a lousy 11-24 record. Where’s the proof that he’d win coach? Seb? If only the NFL were so easy that you can take 2 years or more off, and walk in and win playing the most important position. Are you basing your statement that he’d give teams the “best chance to win” on how he played 5 years ago? Laughable. You (coach or Seb) don’t have the slightest clue how he’d play now, today. I do! He’d stink up the joint, just like he did his last 3 years! Lol

    1. Juan, Kaep is in the prime of his life, and could play for years.
      The one good thing about being blackballed, is that he has not taken any hits, so he is fresh, totally healthy, and good to go.
      The NFL are a bunch of gutless wonders. Cowards who do not even want to allow Kaep to try out. They are terrified that Kaep will come back, and take the league by storm, again. Certainly not a profile in courage. Where is the macho bravado, bloviating to allow Kaep to try out, so they can prove he cannot play anymore? NFL and his detractors need to grow a pair, instead of turtling.

    1. The benefit of having an average NFL passer who’s also mobile.

      Jacksonville and Denver would benefit for having Kaepernick.

        1. An average passing mobile QB would give roughly 10 teams a better chance to win than what they currently have. You play to win the game. Hello!!

          1. Grant you are saying kap can help us make the playoffs? Don’t talk about playoffs. Playoffs? You don’t talk about playoffs?

              1. “Kaepernick’s TD-INT ratio is very good.”

                Because he plays safe. He’s like Alex Smith without the accuracy and touch. Being a game manager worked for both when we had a good roster. Without a good roster, Kap is lucky if he wins 1-2 games.

  6. Why or what is the motive to put squidward in the news? I can not wait until this grievance is resolved. I don’t care who wins. I am just soooo excited for Kaepernick to go back to being insignificant! Where he belongs.

  7. This is what you get when you sign Colin Kaepernick:

    The guy is a back up quality QB. Why swap one for another? Let’s keep playing the kids that are going to maybe still be on the team a year from now and hope they can get better instead of wasting snaps on another back up that we already know has zero future in the league.

  8. Hello! You play the game to win coach, that’s why you wouldn’t sign a QB who hasn’t played in 2+ years and when he did, the last 3 years of his mediocre career, he stunk. He’s wasn’t average then. He certainly wouldn’t be average now. He’d stink. LOL
    Coach, please state even one fact that backs up your argument that he’d be “the best chance to win”! From my vantage point, going 1-10, and losing 9 in a row in his most recent play, doesn’t exactly provide compelling evidence of someone who can suddenly excel. The Seb argument that he was great 5 years ago is even more ludicrous. HELLO! You play the game to win!!

    1. Juan, in 2016, he had a 90,7 QBR and a 16-4 TD to int ratio.
      Believe it or not, he is working out every day, and is in fantastic shape.
      Sure, KS may not be competent enough to coach him up to be able to play in a game, but Kaep should just be allowed to get back to his roots and run the pistol and RO. That way, he could decide whether to hand off, throw the ball, or run with it, every play. Then he could decide where to attack the weakest part of the defense.
      Looks like you have amnesia about that 2016 season. Kaep did not win because the defense allowed third string RBs to gallop for 200 yards. Even Joe could not win with that putrid defense. Bellore would not only jump out of the gap the RB would run through, he would block one of his own players.
      I remember that Rams win. The Niners fell behind, but he willed his team to victory. He went for it, and converted a 2 point play for a one point victory. Kaep played to win every time.
      Now, with Mullens, Kaep may be relegated to second string, but he is light years better than CJB. Savage is a savage joke.

  9. A year from now and he’ll be a year older, three years removed from the game and there will still be whispers about him being signed.

    He’s a vegan, lost a bunch of weight and wants to be Martin Fidel X.

    He has no interest or burning desire to play QB, because if he did, he’d be in Canada, where he could have numerable photo opps with Castro’s son, in a game suited for his skill set. He has no fire in his belly, but he will have a trademark on his face.

    Grant, I’d love for you to hang out with Jason Whitlock and talk a little Kaepernick.

    1. Agreed kap just wants to pick his hair wear political T-shirt’s and cop hating socks. If dude wanted to play he would be playing end of story.

  10. Thank you Grant, I suspect you posted this just to make my day.
    I totally agree that the Bills would rather lose without Kaep, than win with him.
    Drek Anderson? Oh Wait, they benched him. They started Peterman, who threw 3 interceptions.
    No wonder the Bills are 2-7 and have scored only 96 points.
    Other teams that could use Kaep are the Jags, Broncos, TB and the Giants. Both the Jets and Cards could sit their rookie QBs Darnold and Rosen , and let Kaep play, if they want to win.
    Grant is very astute to point out that Kaep is a mobile QB. Mariota, another mobile QB, just won his game because he extended drives with his legs, and scored a TD.
    What a bunch of gutless wonders, who want to prevent Kaep from ever playing again. Their hate against him is unreasoned, and ignorant.

    1. Totally agree.
      Kap is the best QB available and better than a lot of the starters and backups.
      The BFL (bigoted football league) would rather lose than give him a fair chance to play.
      History will look at Kap in the same way people look today at Muhammed Ali.
      A hero and a great athlete, who is probably doing more for this nation than most of the BFL

      1. Muhammad Ali is the greatest heavyweight! Greatest boxer..
        Champion of the world multiple times
        Went to jail for his beliefs..

        Kaepernick isn’t the greatest anything in football…not a champion…
        And no…champion of social justice doesn’t count..

        1. Ali, at the time, was called a coward, and worse.
          The same people who hate Kaep, hated Ali just as much, and maybe even more. Ali was reviled, and the death threats were numerous, and specific. Remember, refusing to fight was a lot worse than kneeling for the Anthem.
          Now, they love Ali, but they are hypocrites, since they hate Kaep.

    1. You don’t get it. It’s their business. They can do whatever they want. Baltimore was very close to signing him until his idiot GF tweeted that Steve Bisciotti is a racist and Ray Lewis is his house negro. And you want that tied to your QB?

      Nessa makes Miko Grimes look like Maya Angelou in comparison.

      It’s not just Kaep, a player who has lost serious weight, and was never known as a great student of the game, it’s the side show, the circus, that goes along with him.

      And here’s another thing. If he plays again, it makes his GRAND statement with Nike less heroic and ultimately dilutes his brand as a martyr.

      Stop living in the past.

      His career is done. Over. But I am sure he will take your money for his non-profit and you can fully support him and his vision (whatever it is).

  11. No matter which side of the Kap debate you fall on he’s not coming back so there’s no reason to keep talking about it. Might as well rehash the Kap vs. Smith debate while you’re at it. Time to move forward not backward.

  12. Why do we keep having stories foisted upon us from someone that hasn’t been on the team in years? Enough with Kaepernick stories, he isn’t a Niner anymore. MOVE ON!

  13. Kap started the last 6 games of the season. He threw 12 t.d’s an 2 i.n.t’s.
    Jimmy G starts the last 6 in 2017 an throws 7 t.d’s an 5 i.n.t’s an gets a $137 mill contract.

    1. Kap was a pitcher/ running back masquerading as a quarterback..
      When it was all said and done

      Jimmy G understands Quarterbacking..
      The nuisances…skills…
      qb smarts..prescence…touch…accuracy
      Something we haven’t seen since Steve young/Garcia

  14. Whether he is starting caliber or not doesn’t matter. A substantial percentage of fans would boycott and it would be a bad business decision. Many people despise him, and even if you happen to love him, you have to acknowledge the business risk.

    That’s not to say being a BLM martyr (or giving the appearance of such) is a bad decision for Kaepernick. He seems to have made a career of it that will last much longer than his football career would have lasted, and provide much more narcissistic ego fuel than being a mediocre , declining NFL QB would have provided.

    1. Nike is supporting Kaep, and I do not see players burning jerseys on the field.
      There still are protests, and the ratings are up.
      Those boycotts are hollow threats, and maybe the NFL would be better off without the haters.
      Many veterans support the cause, and his right to protest.

      1. Let me see if I can respond to each of your four points:

        1) Nike is going after the Millennial demographic, and Kaepernick’s stance is obviously well-received by that demographic. The NFL and Nike do not necessarily prioritize Millennials the same way. They are the future for both brands, but the NFL probably can’t afford to alienate older generations the way Nike apparently can, for a lot of reasons.

        2) There haven’t been nearly as many protests this year, and they’re not getting as much TV exposure when it does happen.

        3) You are speculating; it’s possible a significant percentage of people threatening to boycott would folllow through. Then you assume that audience segments you don’t personally agree with are dispensable to the NFL. Revenue from customers Seb dislikes is the same as revenue from customers Seb likes.

        4) It’s dubious that a significant percentage of veterans agree with Kaep. I’d like to see data on that. I know quite a few veterans who range from not feeling strongly about the issue either way to vehemently disagreeing with Kaep. But the left-leading sports media seems to have a dog in the fight and they look to spotlight vets who agree with him.

        1. 1. There were photos of enraged fans burning the Nike swoosh. Every NFL uniform has a Nike swoosh. If they were committed to those words of outrage, those players should take off their uniforms and burn them like the haters did. Guess the players do not mind that Kaep is a spokesman for Nike.
          2. There still are protests. Kayla Morris just did it last game, and I think she was the bravest person on the field.The NFL is blackballing Kaep to stifle dissent, but it keeps happening.
          3. The hate is unreasoned, because Kaep and the others are PEACEFULLY protesting for social justice. Only reactionary dictatorships squash dissent.
          4. There are many veterans who claim ALL veterans hate Kaep and his protests. I just cited a veteran who said that the haters do not speak for her, that she supports his cause and the right to protest. Many other vets said that they fought for Kaep’s right to protest, even though they may disagree with his method. Sure, it is not black and white (pardon the double entendre), there is a grey area, but the other side needs to accept that other people disagree with their reactionary over the top intolerance.

  15. Seb,
    I was curious. In the last presidential election CK encouraged young people and minorities to not vote. He said there was no difference in the 2 candidates and we ended up with Donald Trump. Did you support his stand on voting then? do you still?

    1. OC, no. I encourage every citizen to vote. Kaep is not helping his cause by claiming the electoral system is corrupt.
      We all see how the democratic process has worked, even with all the voter suppression.
      I wish Kaep would read more about the Civil Rights struggle, because all the gains were due to the people voting. I would encourage Kaep to register to vote, and I hope he voted.
      Kaep is not perfect, and I think he has been given bad advice.

      1. Just wondering how that blue wave went. Seb.. 🤣🤣🤣
        Kap has no clue on how the Electoral college saves this country for voices who wouldn’t be heard.
        To think NY and California should run this country is ridiculous.

        1. md, that blue wave turned the House blue. Expect a blizzard of subpoenas, and cannot wait to see his tax returns.
          The electoral college gave a minority the victory in 2000. We had 9-11 because Bush wanted a distraction to get Enron off the front page, so did not do anything to prevent it, even with ample warning. Bush then destabilized the Middle East, and the death and destruction has created a crisis.
          If Gore had won, the budget surpluses would have eliminated the debt by now. With Bush, he started wars that we are still mired in, gave us ISIS, and his wars and tax cuts have ballooned the debt to 30 trillion.
          Trump also gained power with a minority of the popular vote, and his tax cut added another trillion to the debt, so now the Republicans want to cut medicaid and Social Security. He has succeeded to make the US the laughing stock of the world, and he has abdicated leadership so China and Russia are filling the void. Trump licked Putin’s boots, which made me want to throw up.
          This last press conference was a new low, with him acting rude and being a racist. Thankfully, even though he is still trying to obstruct justice, Mueller will unleash a deluge, and Trump will not know what hit him. His con will be exposed and there will be a chant of -Lock him up.
          California, with the 6th largest economy in the world, would do well to secede from the US. Then we would not be supporting the rust belt with our tax dollars.
          So, now you know what I think of that ‘blue wave’ that turned a lot of state governments Dem. I would much rather have talked about this upcoming Giants game, but your snark deserved a response.

        2. To think NY and California should run this country is ridiculous.

          Yup. Take away CA with it’s $2.7T GDP and NY with it’s $1.6T GDP and you’d have a pretty ridiculous rest of the USA alright. Two states that contribute 1/5 of the USA’s GDP? You’d better believe they should have a lot of say in how the country is run.

          How about federal govt representation apportioned by GPD? Certainly Ayn Rand types and other libertarian acolytes would approve.

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