Colin Kaepernick blames his regression on ‘injuries, coaching changes, a lot of different things.’


This is the transcript of Colin Kaepernick’s Tuesday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

What did you do during the Bye Week from a football standpoint, first of all?

“Recover. Get your body back. Get it feeling good, feeling loose, ready to go for the next game.”

And then off the field, you had the event in Oakland. What did you get out of that? What did the kids get out of that do you believe?

“It’s an event we wanted to put on to help give them the opportunity to succeed. Give them some resources, some knowledge that can help progress them, help them understand the current state of things as well as how to handle different situations and how to succeed in different situations.”

How involved were you in the curriculum?

“From top to bottom, it was something myself, my woman, our friends, we came together, we put it together as far as curriculum, the event, everything. So, we wanted to make sure it was something that was very grassroot, that was true to what we believed and the message wasn’t skewed or misrepresented or manipulated by a corporation that we had to stand behind.”

What did you get out of that experience?

“For me, it was amazing to see how engaged the kids were. Them being locked in, having very in-depth questions about things that are going on and different parts of the curriculum. And the positive feedback we got after, the excitement they had, for me that was exciting to see.”

 Did you feel more helpful at that event or did you see just how much you meant to them?

“I would say both. Very helpful. It’s exciting to see the youth that have that strength, have that courage, have that intelligence to say our situation might not be the best, it might not be ideal but we can succeed through it regardless.”

Was there any moment or any one thing that someone said to you or came up to you or something that stuck out to you about the event?

“There was a 10-year old who asked a question in the kind of open forum session towards the end and the in-depth thought that was in that question, for a 10-year old, was to me something I said back after and was like, ‘Wow, that was impressive that you came up with that question.’ And for me, that’s exciting to see that the youth not only are just getting surface-level knowledge, but are forming their own ideas, opinions, their own thoughts. That’s something that we need.”

How would you sum up the state of the team going into the second half of the season?

“We have to win. The state of this team is we have to win and we have to win a lot. We put ourselves behind the eight ball and we have to bounce back from that.”

You’ve had some pretty memorable games against the Saints in your career. Can you draw on that going into this week’s meeting?

“You know, I think you have to take each week differently and treat it as its own entity. Knowing some of the things that they’ve done in the past can always help you and one of the things that we’ve always said playing the Saints is you’re going to have to put up points. They have a very talented offense, very explosive offense. So, we’re going to have to be able to match up.”

Sorry for jumping around, back and forth, but the 10-year old question, what was that question?

“I don’t want to get into the details of what it was, but very in-depth, very thoughtful.”

You mentioned the message. What was your message for those kids?

“It was hard to say there was one message. There were a lot of different topics that we covered, a lot of different areas that we wanted to share with them. So, it’s hard to say one thing, but ultimately is they have the right to be great. They have the right for their freedom. They have their right to be treated as human beings.”

With your new contract you now can be a free agent if you choose to after this season. Why was that important to you?

“It was something that we thought was mutually beneficial while doing the contract. That’s a long ways out. Where my focus is right now is the New Orleans Saints.”

Speaking of the Saints, the last time they played in the Bay Area was the playoff game in 2011. I don’t think you actually played in that game. You were a rookie. What are your memories and is there anything that pops to mind? Is it a play? Is it a moment?

“A lot of back and forth. That’s something that, even at that point, watching the game was we would score, they would score. We would score, they would score. So, it’s something that we have to be ready to put up points this week.”

What’s different about the team is same head coach, same quarterback as 2011, just giving them that consistency. How do the 49ers build that consistency here because you can see how that pays off for a franchise?

“Yeah. We have to build it week to week. Every practice, every day that’s something that you have to build upon and it does take time. But, we have to do everything we can to speed up that process.”

Through events like this and the stand that you’ve made this season, do you feel like people know the real Colin Kaepernick now or at least a little bit more so to where maybe your image has changed in people’s minds that didn’t know you previously?

“Yeah. I think people know a little bit more about me. Been a little bit more open with where I stand and my views. So, I would say yes.”

Are you comfortable with that? Is it a comfortable feeling? I mean, you’re so football focused most of the time that we didn’t even really know you that well.

“Yeah. For me, there’s nothing to hide. There’s nothing that I’m afraid to say about my opinion and my stance and what I believe in because I know why I believe those things and I have knowledge to back that up.”

Your career trajectory has been different than most quarterbacks who come in and they might struggle initially and then they improve. You’re not struggling initially. Now, you are. Why is that? Why has there been a difference in your play as your career has gone on?

“There’s a lot of different factors that can play into that. Whether it’s injuries, coaching changes, there’s a lot of different things that can affect that and it’s something that we have to be able to build upon as a team to make sure that we’re going out, we’re performing well and doing everything we can to get wins.”


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  1. Nice excuses Kap. You must read Sebs posts. You should have acknowledged your lack of preparation and your throwing technique.

    1. Naw, he just spoke his own opinion.

      One thing I would like him to do is not worry about whether he is winning or losing. Kaep should just concentrate on scoring at least 7 times per game. I also hopes he goes bold and strives to get TDs, and do not settle for field goals. I want him starved for TDs.

      If he scores enough, the winning follows.

    2. It’s sickening to hear his s__t. You’d never hear Joe, Steve, Alex, or Gabbert, speak like this immature punk! Seriously … Colin, live a day in my shoes! You CAN’T!!!

  2. Oh please. At the end of 2013 Grant charted every pass you threw. You were 80.9 or some crap from the pocket. And, over time, the more you stay in the pocket, the worse you get as defenses have long figured You Cannot Read Defenses and Lock on One Receiver.

    I’ve seen HS QBs with better pocket skills. You whole game was “Colin Kaepernick, Bigger & Faster than You.” Well, this is the NFL and they’re ALL big and fast. Not a bunch of kids who’ll finish their careers as third-rate collegians.

    1. According PFF only Russel Wilson had more designed roll outs called for him in 2014. The problem is once defenders understand they need to force contain then constrict a pocket rather than simply rush the passer they are very capable of doing just that. They simply rush upfield then push in… its similar like setting the edge vs the run. It just requires the defender to get deeper before setting the edge.

      Once the rollout is contained the patterns of the receivers will normally lead to constricted coverage as coaches don’t want to ask the qb to throw across the entirety of the field and the qb is no longer able to threaten the run and force defenders up.

      The trade off is the pass rush is delayed in this scenario so designed pocket passes will have more time for the receivers to get open.

    1. Kaep is too stupid to take serious. He has trouble with coaching changes but he wanted to be able to change teams at the end of the year. Hello – is anybody home up there? You can bank on Kaep having another coach next year but it probably will be up where Prime lives.

      1. Nothing wrong with where I live. Believe it or not the CFL has become a very entertaining league to watch. The players are not to the caliber of the NFL but the way the NFL game is going it’s not looking too good!

            1. Why did you take my comment to be a negative comment on where you live Prime? I maintain that Kaep is doing everything he can to make signing him in the future as difficult as possible. I meant no disrespect to our neighbors to the North. Perhaps I could have said it better, but thinking about the 49ers while sober has become too much for me.

    2. Still think they are not utilizing him properly. If they want to win, they should accentuate his strengths. If they do not roll him out at least 15 times per game, they must be content to lose.

      Funny, they gave Alex Smith all sorts of slack because of his carousel of coaches. Coaching does matter, and competent coaching is imperative. Continuity in coaching will help any QB.

        1. Cassie, I will claim to be the first to point out that Kaep should not be forced to only be a pocket passer.

          Why, forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer is like putting an Abrams tank in a pit.

          Thank you for giving me the opportunity to elaborate on your post. I want the Sundance Kaep. A dual threat that makes the other team respect the pass.

          1. Cassie tell me what you think:

            Dreaming, I’m always dreaming
            Dreaming Kap will be good
            Searching I’m always searching
            Hoping someday I’ll find
            Someone, someone to agrees with me
            Someone who needs me but until then
            I’ll keep on dreaming
            Keep right on dreaming
            Dreaming till my dreaming comes true

            1. Imagine

              You may say that i’m a dreamer
              but i’m not the only one
              I hope some day you’ll join us
              And the world will be as one

              1. LET IT BE Seb. Some may think that HAPPINESS IS A WARM GUN but ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. With Jed in charge there is no day like YESTERDAY. Maybe the Niners will be great again, maybe WHEN I’M SIXTY-FOUR. Jed needs all the HELP he can get. He is a real NOWHERE MAN. Jeds 49ers are HELTER SKELTER.

                HELLO, GOODBYE and goodnight. :-)

              2. We’re on the eve of destruction…

                This whole blog, it is explodin’
                Fingers pointin’, Seb unloadin’



              4. Seb Ive decided to start old wind up in my fantasy league this week. Just picked him up for Sundays game. Do your thing and make the storm come this week please!



              6. Not a chance would I diss John Lennon. But this dreamy, head in the clouds idolatry is actually very unhealthy for you……….

              7. Saw, when I quote song lyrics after posting the song title, then have you say that it is freakin horrible, it just means you were clueless all around.

      1. This coach made Sanchez look good. Kap just sucks. He can’t read a defense. He’s a joke. He should take him and his oppressed life and get out of Santa Clara. At this point I’ll take Blaine back.

        1. Seb-

          Wrong again. John Lennon wrote that song, not the Beatles. You do know they broke up in ’70? And he wrote this song by himself-after the break-up?
          But that is unimportant. What is important is that you call people names when you don’t understand where they are coming from. It was horrible because of the slurpy sweet sentiments you have for Kap
          You may not believe this, but not everyone worships at the Kap altar like you……..and I see no reason to do so. As a fan, what’s he done for me lately? He’s certainly part of the problem, not the solution.

          1. Saw, you are trying too hard. John Lennon is pretty closely associated with the Beatles, and I consider him a Beatle even when they broke up.

            Gosh, I am only trying to counter all the hate directed at Kaep. They hate him because he wants to right injustices, and it has even gotten racial in tone.

            Guess what? Kaep is the starting QB for the 49ers. Diss him all you want, but it sure seems you want the Niners to lose just because he is the QB. I would love it if they fired Baalke because that is the only way Kaep would stay. I am resigned that he will leave, and wish him well. Then the Niners will have to draft a QB and miss out on a stud defensive lineman.

            Posters are delusional if they think a rookie QB is going to lead this pitiful talent barren team to victories.

            Kaep did lead the team to the first 2 TDs in the game, but the defense just let them run roughshod over them with third string RBs. If you think Kaep is the sole problem on this team, I will question your football knowledge.

          2. I call posters names? Wrong. They call me all sorts of names, hurl epithets, slurs and invective. I have been very reticent to deliver any broadsides, but if you want me to respond in kind, posters will start begging me to stop.

            Butt hurt about clueless? When you disparage a musical legend, that action is pretty clueless, but I did not call you a clueless twit.That would have been name calling.

            Believe it or not, I am verbose, and can graphically and eloquently insult posters in a million ways. However, I just want to calmly and civilly discuss the team I love with other fans.

      2. Attempting to compare the carousel of coaches Smith to the two coaching changes Kaepernick has gone through is a great example of a Kaepology.
        How exactly do you want the team to utilize him Seb? You claim they are not accentuating his strengths, yet Kaepernick has run several times. What do you want? The opposing team to just jump out of the way instead of manhandling him like they should?

        1. Yeah because Alex Smith definitely had worse coaches than Jim Tomsula his 1st few years in the league..Alex has had Andy Reid since he left Harbaugh while Kap has had the team janitor & Kelly…how dare an qb not develop into Brady with that development cycle..

          1. Ksap can’;t read defenses

            that’s not the coaches fault

            Kp locks onto one receiver / overthrows open receivers again NOT the
            coaches fault

        2. Well, I predicted they would stack the box and dare him to pass. How do you counter this?

          By sending out 4 receivers and spread them wide. Kaep should look to either side, pump fake to freeze them, then throw to the other side. It will be a 2 on 2 situation, so if one misses, it could go for a long gain.

          Raiders showed how effective the slant pass route was, so the Niners should copy their play.

          They need to invite the blitz, then roll away from the blitz, and use a TE to allow Kaep to roll out and throw on the run.

          Kaep, by rolling out, will thwart their goal of containing Kaep in the pocket. He will also be a threat to run.

          Kaep is on his third HC in 3 years fyi.

            1. No, Kaep stayed in the pocket until the protection broke down, then he used his mobility to gain first downs with his legs.

              I am talking about designed roll outs. I do not know if the Niner coaches are smart enough to accomplish that goal, but if they want to win, they should roll out Kaep a lot more.

              1. I highly doubt that every time Kaepernick ran that it was because the pocket broke down.

              2. I just trust my eyes. I did not see very many designed roll outs. Kaep dropped back straight into the pocket.

              3. Seb trusts his eyes… A twist on ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ by Carl Douglas..

                Sebnynah had a Colin-K sighting
                Seb’s posts came fast as lightning
                In fact they were a little bit frightening
                Both de-ranged and biting

      3. SEB-

        you are an idolator-absolutely guilty of idolatry.

        You have to throw accurately in this league-Kap does not.
        You have to read defenses much better than college D’s-Kap does not.
        You have to be able to throw where the receiver is going to be, not where he’s at. Kap is no good at that.
        These are all NFL caliber skills that he must have, or should have developed by now. And this is just for starters.
        Please, no long and lengthy sermons how Kap has been in the Superbowl-many teams have brought very average QB’s along for the ride.

        Kap would have been a better pitcher in MLB-at least a prospect.

        Im positive your messing with everyone. No one looks at a Ford Pinto and calls it a Mercedes like you do…….

        1. Saw, I am patient. next season, Kaep will go to a team loaded with talent, but lacking an elite QB. Kaep will take the league by storm, again, because he is a true team leader. He did not complain with his low passing totals, because he just wanted to win.

          I think other coaches will look at Kaep’s skillsets, and start to drool with anticipation.

          I think you are too harsh on Kaep’s accuracy, because most starting QBs had the OTAs and TC to work on syncing up with his receivers. Kaep, with his setback during the preseason, had little time with his receivers.

          Kaep had 3 surgeries, and rehabbed until just before TC. With more time and reps, Kaep will start throwing like he did before his shoulder injury.

          Ford Pinto? More like a Jaguar. Once he starts hitting on all cylinders, he will be revved up.

          1. Remember, according to Seb, all Kaep needs do is practice by throw darts at a dart board…get that flick of the wrist going. No more long wind-ups. With that, here comes the storm! Think Ballad of the Edmund Fitzgerald…

            The wind in the stands made a tattle-tale sound
            As a fan leaned over the railing
            And every man knew, as the coach did too,
            T’was the witch of November come stealin’
            Halftime came late and the show had to wait
            When the gales of November came slashin’
            When afternoon came it was freezin’ rain
            In the face of a hurricane west wind (that would be Kaep…)

            1. Cassie, u have great stuff!! Edmund Fitzgerald–thats terrific stuff.

              I would love to have that song played for Seb……….But Seb gets his storms from the Russian River-only.

          2. Seb–

            So Montana, with his legendary accuracy…he was just what, lucky? All of those comebacks? Also at Notre Dame?

            You have to be able to hit the open man consistently, IF your an NFL starting QB.

            The only storm your going to get are the ones that come up the Russian River.

            1. Saw, speaking of idolatry, I had Joe Montana’s poster on my wall during my college years.

              I think Kaep, who threw for 10,000 yards in college, is pretty accurate, and he has thrown jaw dropping passes that few other QBs could do.

              Kaep needs to work on his touch, but Joe also had Jerry Rice to throw to. Kaep has never had a HOF WR to throw to.

              Vance compared to Brent Jones? Dont make me laugh. Draughn, Hyde or Davis compared to Roger Craig? That is an insult to RC.

          3. Seb-

            I know you remember Montana had back surgery. Thats a very dicey thing, especially for a pro athlete. Yet he came back the same year and kicked arse.
            A back injury is infinitely more serious than what Kap had to deal with. Kap is the proverbial flash in the pan……………….

              1. You can NOT be comparing the two QB’s.

                Kap is lucky he does NOT have JR. Rice would have gone balistic on all those overthrows-bullet passes on a 5 yard out-throws in the dirt-throws that bounce off the heads of coaches on the sideline-it goes on and on.
                Seb…the jig is up. I know your messing with me. You have to be…….

              2. But Joe did play, and play well, with a very swollen throwing elbow.
                Forget it Seb………U know them by the fruit they bare. The Kap tree is barren, brings forth no fruit, is infested with worms. The Kap tree needs to be chopped down and thrown into the fiery furnace.

              3. Saw, you were the one to bring them up.

                Of course, I think Joe walks on water. Kaep needs to improve, but he does have talent.

  3. i know how we can win….. why dont kaep just run on every single play all the way down field? cause he’s only wasting downs trying to throw to these crappy, undersized,receivers and slow,stone-hand tight ends.

    1. Niners need to be balanced, because they are just loading the box and daring Kaep to pass. Running into the teeth of the defense is a lesson in futility.

      Maybe the Niners should poach Deandrew White from the Patriots, and use him on kick offs, too.

      I agree, they should start Hamm, he looked like he could hold onto the ball.

  4. Self awareness being a prerequisite for substantive change (improvement), Colin’s comments are underwhelming.
    On a positive note, he does seem quite engaged on his social crusade……

  5. Coaching Changes? For sure, Kaep hand a heavy hand in the destruction of Harbaugh and Tomsula. Kelly is next in line.

  6. I will not go to anymore NFL games or buy anything NFL

    I have had season tickets for over 40 years

    I don’t go to or watch games to be insulted and see the country disrespected

    Kap is a RACIST with his black panthers tee shirt

    anyone want to buy my seat license ???

    HEY stupid Kap the NFL is a corporation and I know you hate corporation’s

    does that make you a hypocrite ???

  7. Alex Smith had 7 offensive coordinators and not once did I here use that as an excuse

    Alex has class

    Kap has nothing — snowflake — cry baby —loser —

    1. Oh please. That was the mantra of the Alex lovers. I heard it until I was sick of it, yet could only see that he could not or would not throw the ball further than 20 yards. In the biggest game of his life, he completed only 1 pass to his WRs. AS would rather take a sack than hurt his completion percentage, which resulted in a concussion and loss of his starting job.

      1. Nice try Seb, but Smith had no one to really to after the Giants took Davis out of the picture. Kaepernick meanwhile has at least two good and healthy options to throw, but their numbers are not called by him or this coaching staff. And please do not cling only to the last three words of the previous sentence.

        1. This coaching staff? I have been critical of O’Neil since he was hired, and have not been impressed with Modkins at all.

          Their pressers prove my point.

  8. I wonder if kap learned a whole lot while he was at the hustler club in vegas over the weekend? Why work on improving your craft when you act like a socialist during the day and later on go party with the hookers and strippers

  9. Just more excuses. He blames injury and coaching changes. Tony Romo has played with 3 different head coach’s. Also has had alot of injuries. Yet Romo doesn’t make excuses when the Cowboys lose and has a poor game. If anything, he wants to take full responsibility for the team losses. So what Kap says is excuses of why they lose. As a reminder. Romo didn’t have a good O-Line until his 7th year starting. A good QB will find ways to win. No matter what!!! Now let the hate comments come in.

  10. 49ers will be $100 million under the Kaep (ha) next year. Will they spend any of that money? I’m not so sure given their track record.

  11. I love how I keep hearing the offensive players say they practice great but for some reason don’t carry it over to game days…. Gee guys, think it has to do with the fact our defense SUCKS!?

    It’s a HUGE slap in the face to every Faithful that O’Neil and Baalke still have a job post-bye… What an embarrassment this franchise has become :( The Yorks are a bunch of losers.

    1. “..I love how I keep hearing the offensive players say they practice great but for some reason don’t carry it over to game days……”

      Could be because ,,, Modkins offense works great …
      (in practice ) … but ..

      not so good on game day

      1. think I read somewhere .. that Modkins just won
        the “Jimmy Raye Award” … for
        “Offensive Effectiveness” …

      2. It could be it works great in practice because they are playing against our defense :D. This is the worst run defense I have ever seen in the NFL.

  12. Having been a season ticket holder since the early ’70s, I’ve decided to never attend another 49er game as long as Kaepernick is starting quarterback. The $10,000 “license fee” was unquestionably my worst investment and I’ve made some bad ones. The approximately $2500 per year ticket price (two) is wasted money. The “license” is worthless and I can’t even give away my game day tickets. My frustration started with the Harbaugh debacle and reached it’s zenith with Kapernick drawing attention to himself. Colin, you’re on company time here.

    Now the City of Santa Clara is questioning the team’s financial shenanigans. If this once proud sports enterprise isn’t the worst in world right now it’s on the short list. Probably the only way it an be salvaged is for the York family to sell to the Ronnie Lott/Joe Montana consortium or to the Microsoft guy. Lord help us.

    1. ‘ ….. or to the Microsoft guy……”

      didn’t know he was interested .. but ..
      Larry Ellison … (Oracle) … once .. threw
      his hat into that ring ..

  13. I passed a guy walking today. He looked to be in his mid to late 70s and was wearing a generic red t-shirt with hand painted lettering saying : Niners. I asked if that was his way of staying loyal without giving money to Jed. He gave me a big grin and said he was hoping the team would sue him for copyright enfringement.
    ; >)
    Push back 49er Faithful, LOL!

  14. I don’t know what the problem is…I’m 3 seasons into my Madden franchise and I haven’t lost a game with Driskel at QB.

  15. If I were the Niners’ GM, I’d draft two QBs in the first 4 rounds in 2017, and one of them would be Luke Falk primarily because of his accuracy.
    Things one does not seem to be able to improve in a NFL QB are short and medium range accuracy, pocket awareness (which comes under Harbaugh’s rubric of “athletic instincts”), and “character traits essential to NFL QB success” (includes toughness, work ethic and leadership qualities). Falk scores well on all these. He throws with a good touch outside the numbers, and under pressure. He will do well in Chip’s system.

    1. Hey Mood
      Scooter likes Falk also. To me he has some arm strength limitations, so seems like a solid back-up but kind of like Ponder as a starter. I’m also not sure Kelly will be here. Originally I thought he’d get his two years irrespective of Baalke’s fate, but this mess is so baaaad now that I dunno…….
      Jed could hire Matt Millen as GM so he could draft a QB in round one three years in a row……maybe one could stick.

    2. Completely agree on Falk. His ball placement is the best of the college QBs I have watched. And I really like his intangibles from everything I have seen and read about him.

      I thought Gabe Marks’ comments about him were fantastic – called him the Messiah of the Palouse and the CEO of WSU football. Tells you all you need to know about his leadership, intelligence and how he is seen by his teammates.

      1. Wasn’t sure you were on board with me regarding Chip Kelly, Scooter. I agree with both of you guys. Complete clean out is required, and then York will get it dirty all over again….

        1. I didn’t mind the hire at the time as I thought Kelly was probably better than the vast majority of coaching candidates that realistically wanted the job. But 1 and 6 is 1 and 6. The lack of talent on the roster is obviously a part of the problem, but a big part is poor coaching too. Especially on D. And Kelly’s up tempo offense scares off too many decent DC candidates.

        2. It is depressing to think that no matter what changes are hoped, the realization that the Yorks are involved brings it all crashing down. They are toxic to the game of football… Jed needs a spanking and goes to bed without supper!

    1. If there is one thing that I know as much as I know the sun is going to rise in the East tomorrow, Chip Kelly will be the head coach of the 49ers next season.

      With Baalke gone we’ll have a chance at a decent draft and free agency. It wont be a complete 180 but the tone towards the coaching will change significantly once this team gets an infusion of talent at a few key positions especially the one that rhymes with water tack. You just can’t expect an offense to compete with any scheme in the NFL if you are playing with second stringers as your starters.

      1. Baalke is the core from which the negativity of this team has been emanating for some time. It can not change until he is gone as GM. He is a dysfunctional individual with psychological problems that this team has mirrored for quite a few seasons now.

      2. I disagree. With Helfrich on the hot seat, Chip may take the JH route, and have a fall back option. Phil Knight has deep pockets, and could easily offset Chip’s salary so the Niners would be off the hook.

        Getting rid of Baalke is problematic, but if they tank, maybe Jed will use him as the fall guy. Then the new GM would be able to choose his HC, and make a wise decision to try and retain Kaep. Still think Kaep will leave, because Jed is part of the problem, too.

  16. Colin, in hindsight, what could you have done differently over the last three years that would have positively impacted your trajectory as an NFL QB?

    Colin, why do you think Tom Brady values his throwing mechanics so much when you’ve gone on record as saying that you’re “not huge” on them?

    Colin, what separates you from a QB like Phillip Rivers, who is considered a great QB on a bad team while you’re considered a bad QB on a bad team?

  17. There is a saying that goes “The whole is greater than a sum of the parts.”
    With Colin, perhaps part of the problem is that he ISN’T greater than a sum of the parts.
    Arm strength-check
    Raw intelligence-check
    Efficient passer-Not
    Clutch passer-Not
    Winning QB-Not
    The parts are there, but parts are parts.

    1. We have seen what he is as a football player, there is no mystery. This makes no sense to me, he is what he is. Lets move on.

  18. Something in the way he (Kap) moves,
    Attracts Seb like no other,
    Something in the way Kap woos me,
    I don’t want to leave kap now,
    You know Seb believes and how,

    Somewhere in Kap’s smile he know,
    Where to find that open receivers–who know,

    But something in that thowing style shows me,
    He can’t possibly hit that beer vendor I’m owing,

    Your asking me will Seb’s Kap love grow,
    You stick around Levis fans–don’t leave early–and it may show,

    Something in the way that beer vendor just ducked in the 3rd row,
    Kap’s just hit my beer cup!

    And Splish Splash, I Was Taking a Bath,

    But I still don’t want to leave Kap now,
    You know I believe in that storm and how…..

      1. Miller isn’t as high on Falk as I am. He has him as a 3rd round prospect atm, based on some of his previous reports. I would prefer Falk to Kaaya personally, but I’d be fine with Kaaya in round 2.

          1. Only if they address the QB and WR issues in some other way. Can’t be relying on a 4th round pick to be the QB of the future.

              1. As in the first round, or before a QB?

                If they are picking in the top 5 I doubt they take a WR. But might trade down and grab one and get an extra pick or two.

              2. First round and before a QB. My guess is the team would trade with the Titans and trade one of those picks for even more compensation. Then they will draft Lawson or Williams for their first pick followed by addressing the position they did not with the previous pick.

            1. Well, you know me. I want a miracle and have Kaep be the Niner QB for the next 8 years with a couple rings.

              Until they fix the defense, it does not matter if they select another Joe Montana. Niners will just continue to lose.

              1. I don’t think Kaep will be that QB, sebnyah. He has too many variables in his way. Being on a team like the present Niner’s is just one more negative factor. He is the best choice available at present, but he will never reach his potential here.

                I understand your perspective and where you are coming from however. A dysfunctional organization impacts everyone involved with it negatively. Of course the same could be said for all the players on this team as well.But the QB’s productivity is one of the players more affected more by the players and system around him.

              2. Will, please just admit that Joe Montana would not win when the defense gives up 1000 yards in 2 games.

                Kaep cannot throw the ball and make catches, and he sure cannot act like a turnstile on defense. The defense gave up over 300 yards rushing. That has not been done since 1958.

                I totally agree that the problems start at the top.

          1. Jack, I would review the tapes that have Bill Walsh describe what he wants in a possible draft prospect.

            They should follow his advice, and target players that fit his parameters.

            Above all, they should stop with the ACL picks.

            ACL picks are like buying a used car that was in an accident.

              1. Bill Walsh, with his 86 draft, built a Super Bowl team. He knows talent, but more importantly, he knew how to utilize that talent.

                I will counter all his few misses with all his many home runs.

              2. Yeah, the Bengals tried to squeeze the 49ers for a better draft pick for the 13th pick and the 49ers said no.

              3. Bill Walsh was also masterful in acquiring elite Free Agents.

                Something Baalke could only dream about.

              4. Walsh was also operating in a time when there was no salary cap and had an owner that spared no expense for contracts, as well as perks.

                And please, don’t accuse me of disrespecting Walsh, or defending Baalke Seb, because I’m doing neither. These are just facts.

              5. Yep. There’s a reason that guys like DeBartolo and Jones haven’t won a Super Bowl since the infancy of the salary cap. The game changed.

                There’s some things the current regime can take away, such as the way players are treated and the value of keeping your best guys, but not much else.

              6. Hit, Bill Walsh won because he had a driven and passionate owner who treated his players like they were valued contributors.

                We have none of that now.

                Defending Baalke when he is sitting on 45 mil in cap space is specious. Bill Walsh would have spent every penny to try and win. Baalke is cheap, tries to lowball players and likes to cut them on the team bus.

              7. Seb,

                I never said Walsh won because of the advantages he had over current teams. I merely pointed out that he had those advantages available, which is a fact. If you feel that threatens Walsh’s standing as an all time great (which he most definitely is), then I don’t know what to tell you.

              8. Hit, I did not say that threatens his standing. I am just pointing out that you brought up those points in a way that tempers his accomplishments.

                At least we can both agree that Bill Walsh was a football genius, and he changed the game. His coaching tree will be a legacy that few others can boast of.

                I felt privileged to have witnessed in person his greatness and magic during those Glory Years.

    1. Garrett and Kaaya in the first two rounds would be pretty good, although I would prefer Falk if he’s there.

      I have a feeling like Scooter mentioned, that a couple of these guys will go back to school. I think Kizer may be leaning that way once he gets the feedback from the advisory board.

      If that happens, the 2018 QB class could be an all timer. Biggest question mark will be Rosen. Very concerning to hear he’s going to miss the rest of the season with an injury to his throwing shoulder.

      1. Kizer will be advised he will be top ten, so I highly doubt he returns. Especially with Kelly inexplicably inserting Zaire here and there….

        1. It’s possible Razor, but he’s struggled quite a bit over the course of the season and it may be enough for the advisory board to rate him as a low first or second rounder. He has the talent no doubt about that, but I think he is showing that he needs more time and another year at ND might be the best thing for him. It was curious that Kelly pulled him against Stanford, but Kelly is in a tough position too. He needs to win games and Kizer was really having a tough time at the point he was pulled. Now that they are just playing out the string I would imagine he’ll just let Kizer play and take his lumps regardless of what happens.

          1. Considering the personal economics, being one of a big bunch of good QBs in 2018 dilutes a guy’s market share as opposed to being a rare commodity in 2017, and beginning the earning power a year earlier doesn’t hurt.

            1. Very true BT, but if he comes back and dominates next year, he’ll be in the discussion to be one of the top picks in the draft. If he is rated where I think he may be after this season, it may be a big difference in draft slots and earnings over the course of his rookie contract. Obviously if he is rated top ten this year he’ll come out, but he hasn’t been consistent, and often times has struggled a great deal, so unless he completely blows up over the next 4 games, I don’t see him being rated as a top ten pick.

              1. agree if he’s rated <#15 he should choose carefully. His dad should hire a financial adviser to crunch some numbers and see where the lines cross.

            1. Truly shocking you’d work a Goff angle into this ; )

              I agree he’s played in a system that prepares him for the NFL more than the one Goff played in, but Goff played a lot better last year than Kizer has this year. Not even close quite frankly. Doesn’t mean anything at the NFL level of course, but Kizer has not performed like a top ten pick for the majority of this season. I like Kizer’s potential, he’s almost a clone of Daunte Culpepper physically, but he’s a long way off from showing he’s a franchise caliber QB, and I think he’d be better off coming back and showing that level next year if he can reach it.

              1. The guys at Walter football are a run read but offer little perspective and analysis. Most of that paragraph is about the Texas game and we’ve clearly seen Kizer struggle for most of the year.

                Look I know you are a fan Razor, I am too, but if we’re being honest about his season as a whole, it hasn’t been good. The Texas game was his best by far and it was impressive, but it was the first game of the season and as we’ve seen, Texas isn’t very good. His numbers as a whole don’t stack up to a QB capable of going first overall and he hasn’t led his team to wins either. You criticized Goff for not playing well against good defenses and lack of wins overall, and yet you are now backing Kizer who hasn’t come close to doing what Goff accomplished. There seems to be just a little bit of bias coming out here.

                As I said, he clearly has the talent to be a good NFL QB, but watching him this season, he doesn’t look like he’s ready to go pro. That’s all I’m saying. You may ultimately be right and he declares and goes top 5, but I’m just telling you what my opinion is based on what I’ve seen from him this season.

              2. As you are well aware, Rocket. The NFL is all about how the college player projects to the next level. Kizer, in my humble opinion, projects quite well….

                **Disclaimer-political banter**

                I just thought of a killer new slogan for Trump as he approaches the finish line. “There’s a Wall of Corruption that’s been built by people like Hillary Clinton. Hillary, Tear Down That Wall!” ; > )

              3. Not bad but it unfortunately can’t alleviate the feeling of impending doom I’m feeling knowing that by this time next week, we will have elected one of the worst Presidents in history no matter which one wins.

  19. Excuses always come from losers! Period. Never hear of a successful athlete complaining?! Maybe it’s all that kneeling that’s inhabiting his ability to play well?!!!! What a loser. I was a fan of his until he started to take a knee and come up with excuses to why his performance is what it is? Get a haircut too while your’re making up excuses. You have plenty of downtime on the bench right?

  20. It took the Cubbies 108 years to repeat a WS win. That would put the Santa Clara Imposters on track for 2098 SB win, as long as they don’t muck it up. Oh, wait….. if it’s still all in the family…..precious little chance they won’t.
    The good news? Levi stadium will be an estuary surrounded by seating by that time. Fishing, kayaking, bird watching, and crocodile races.

  21. One thing that Kaep left out and the fact of his unawareness of that aspect was also responsible for his decline in 2015. He spent the off season working on his touch passes. No problem with that. but——-There was a poster either on this site or another that articulated a potential problem in respect to that fact. It is one thing to learn and prefect a “touch” pass, but yet another to recognize in game conditions when throwing one is appropriate. He stated that Kaep should be very cautious in integrating that into his in game arsenal. I had the same perspective.

    Kaeps velocity has always allowed him to throw into a small window. He is used to that.The size of the window for throwing a touch pass needs to be much larger and recognition of the difference in game is a skill that requires adjustment and reps. In the multiple interception Arizona game, he threw two passes that were intercepted that would not have been if he had not taken something off the ball. The players were open and stationary just waiting for the ball but the lack of velocity allowed the defenders the time to close and undercut the receiver. Someone should have clued him in on the potential for that to happen.

    I knew after that game that he was done as a 49er. He is the type of player who plays best when following his instincts. That requires confidence and after that game his was shot. While the horrible offensive line played a major factor, he could have adjusted better if he hadn’t lost his MoJo. For some QB’s it takes quite sometime to recover their confidence. It took Plunkett an entire year sitting on the bench of a different team.

    His loss of Mojo in an are that he valued along with his obvious search for identity made him the perfect target for radicalization. There are presently too many things on his plate for him to become the player he could have been.

    I quite posting on this site because I just got tired of the negativity in respect to Kaep and wanted to wait till he was gone. Well that didn’t work out as quickly as I expected. I wasn’t going to wait another year. .

    1. It did not help when his DJ QB coach said that the sideline pass should be an automatic failsafe pass, and for the QBs to take 15 % off the velocity to get more touch.

      Coupled with the fact that Kaep had less than a nanosecond of protection, and TM admitted they knew where he was going to throw to, those picks were predictable.

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