Colin Kaepernick: “Right now, I’m part of the 49ers.”

SANTA CLARA — This is the transcript of Colin Kaepernick’s Week-14 press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


How do you bounce back from what I assume was a disappointing performance?

“Get back to work. That’s what we have to do is move onto the Jets, take what we can from that film, correct our mistakes, correct execution, make sure we’re putting in the work this week to prepare to go get a win.”


About the Bears film, is there anything now that you can put your finger on as to why the passing game wasn’t working all day long?

“It’s hard to say it was one thing. We just weren’t up to par on that. We have to be able to perform better regardless of conditions or anything like that. We have to do a better job.”


Was there a slick ball issue? Was the ball hard to grip in that game because of the snow?

“Elements always play a factor, but you have to be able to handle the elements. That’s part of football. That’s part of what we get paid to do and we have to do a better job with that.”


My memory might be screwed up, but you had the issues in the New England game. It was kind of similar conditions and I think you went to a glove, if I’m right–?

“No, didn’t go to a glove.”


You didn’t wear a glove in 2012 in New England?

“Oh, 2012? I don’t think so.”


A screwed up question. I guess my question would be, did you consider trying that on Sunday in Chicago?

“No. That hadn’t crossed my mind. I hadn’t had issues in the past. So, I hadn’t thought about that.”


Anything different with head coach Chip Kelly not being here, just in terms of preparation and the plan, putting the plan in this week?

“No. We go about our business as normal. We make sure we’re on top of things, on top of the game plan, keep our install schedule the same and get ready for Sunday.”


It’s already a tough season obviously, but seeing your coach go through what he’s going through, what are your thoughts on that situation?

“Our thoughts and everything are with him. You never want to see anybody have that happen to them, have that happen to a family. But, we have to do a good job as players and coaches that are here of making sure that we’re on top of the game plan and preparing for Sunday.”


Not that you need extra motivation to try to win now, but does it add incentive to try to go out and get one for the coach?

“We have to do that regardless of circumstances. Obviously, with the situation, you want to have something positive happen and get a win and have that under your belt where you can say, ‘OK we got this win this week.’ But, that’s where our focus has to be every week is going out and preparing to win.”


It seemed like the offense was kind of trending in a positive direction. Was this a major step backwards for you guys in Chicago?

Sunday was a step backwards. We have to get back on track this week. We have to put that work in, make sure everybody’s prepared, the mindset’s right and once again, move onto New York.”


Can you pinpoint why?

“Once again, there’s a lot of things that play into that. It’s hard to say what it was. But, overall, we just have to do a better job.”


ME: Have you decided to opt out of your contract at the end of the season?

“No, I haven’t made any decisions on that. Those decisions will come after the season.”


Offensive coordinator Curtis Modkins said you’re starting Sunday against the Jets. Did you already know that? Did somebody have to come and tell you, ‘Hey, you’re still going to be our starter,’ or was that assumed?

“They told me this morning that I would be starting.”


Did you have a question about that?

“After the game, it was something that, I don’t know if anybody really knew. So, for me, I wanted to make sure regardless I’m coming in and preparing to make sure I’m ready to go.”


Did coach Modkins tell you you’d start or quarterbacks coach Ryan Day?

“Coach Day.”


During the offseason, obviously the Broncos were at least interested in trading for you. Did the Jets ever come up? Were there ever any discussions with New York about moving there?

“No. What my focus is right now is getting ready for the New York Jets this week. There’s no conversations with other teams, anything like that. Right now, I’m part of the 49ers. My focus is helping my teammates get a win this week.”


I’m talking about this past offseason.

“This past offseason we had talks with different people. But once again, that’s in the past. We’re focused on this week.”

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  1. Surprised nobody asked him about selling his house in San Jose and buying a house in New York. Seems kind of an important question to me. But I am not a Bay Area sports journalist so what do I know.

    1. He would have just given a canned answer like “I spend time in NY in the off season and bought that place 6 months ago.”

  2. A leak says Kap will opt out. Kelly’s strategy on Sunday was not QB friendly. Kap gets benched. Sabotage? It appears Kelly is another York yes man. He deliberately put the team in a position to fail. Kelly is a loser but he is safe. SMH

  3. Did I miss the question about why the Niners only threw the ball once or twice the whole first half?

    That’s got to be a “scheme” issue, and so far we haven’t heard why that was the case. Did CK7 say “I’m cold-handed today, sorry” or did the coaches just not plan for more than two pass plays in the whole first half?

    Since the Niners were playing against the Bear’s substitutes why would Niner coaches dumb-down the offense? If somebody is bigger but dumber (rookie), don’t make it a head-butt battle; make them think.

    I guess Chip n Niners Offense is super-simple already, but at least try a pass play.

    1. They called more than 2 throws… qb scramble runs and sacks account for several non- attempts.
      Kaep apparently struggles to throw the ball in this kind of weather according to most reports… which makes some sense as it really looked like he was trying to lay the ball in there and didn’t have confidence in his normal throws hence the shot put motion rather than his usual baseball throwing motion.

    2. They still ran it on third and long, and even punted from the 32 yard line.

      They only passed when they really really had to, so it was totally predictable. Bears did play action on first down, and proved that one could throw the ball in those conditions. Kaep had a great game in NE under similar conditions, so the small hands argument is nonsensical. I have also watched many Utube Nevada games when Kaep played in inclement conditions.

      Hope they spray down Kaep while he practices throwing. He should also look into wearing gloves. He should at least try them on and practice throwing with them on. Coach Day is falling down on the job if he does not at least try to have Kaep practice those things. It is called preparation.

  4. As poorly as this guy performs he is overexposed. Doesn’t this team have even one good news item to report on occasion or is Kaep the only good news?

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