Colin Kaepernick says 2015 killing of Mario Woods inspired his activism

Colin Kaepernick, left, and Nessa Diab are seen on stage at HOT 97 Summer Jam 2019 at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, June 2, 2019, in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Scott Roth/Invision/AP)

Colin Kaepernick hasn’t said much publicly since he last played in the NFL and became a civil right activist. But, he recently explained to Paper Magazine what inspired him to become a social activist.

“The discussion happened shortly after the execution of Mario Woods, Kaepernick said. San Francisco Police Officers shot Woods 21 times on Dec. 2, 2015. After this horrific shooting, Kaepernick became obsessed with activism, according to his partner, Nessa Diab. “If Colin wasn’t reviewing a playbook, he was a reading a history book,” Nessa explained.

Kaepernick lost his starting job with the 49ers on Nov. 2, 2015 — a full month before Woods’ tragic killing. I find it interesting that Kaepernick had his awakening only after he got benched. He didn’t have an awakening when police killed Sandra Bland on July 13, 2015, or Freddie Gray on April 19, 2015, or Tamir Rice on Nov. 23, 2014, or Laquon McDonald on Oct. 20, 2014, or Michael Brown on Aug. 9, 2014. Back then, Kaepernick still was the starter and the 49ers franchise quarterback. He had much to lose.

Why do you think Kaepernick had his epiphany when he did?

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    2. Nessa is the Yoko Ono of the 49ers.
      She was with Aldon Smith (who was clearly from all news and pics very in love with her) and the she jumped onto Colin’s pole. Devastated Aldon, he spiraled downhill after that.
      Why isn’t that reported on more-it’s the side show to Harb/Balkee
      Just as relevant to why the locker room split and it all went into the toilet.
      That chick ruined Kap. Her comments on the Ravens owner were asinine.
      She is trouble.

      1. I agree 100%m Nessa! I too have been wondering why more was not written about it. I remember Colin dismissing the news about the love triangle. That there should have revealed everything anyone should ever need to know about Kaepernick: He lies a lot. And, because he got away with those lies while be rewarded with the Aldon Smith being waived, Colin has continued to spew BS about every topic he claims to be passionate over.

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    4. He should choose better people to protest America over. The dude slashed someone and stood there with a knife with multiple drugs in his system, he took a few shotgun bags like a champ and they bounced off him like it was just a dodgeball on the playground.. he killed him self by police suicide..

  1. Pictures that speak a thousand words. When he’s 100% irrelevant and not making news/publicity she’ll be gone with the wind. He’ll still have the t-shirt for the memories though.

  2. Thought we exhausted this topic long ago. There’s no new revelation here except for a good excuse to whip up the masses on a boring sports news day. Hey, I think I’ll write a piece on Kaepernick, that will surely rattle the sheep.
    C’mon Grant!

      1. Ummm are you Grant or his editor?

        As much as I disagree with GC, I think he chooses what to cover and write about. His editor may strike down his ideas, but I’m feeling like he has a bit of free room to roam on his posts.

          1. “Back then, Kaepernick still was the starter and the 49ers franchise quarterback. He had much to lose.”

            innuendo coming out your back end hole.

            Let’s be clear, when “Police killings are the sixth leading cause of death among young men” maybe your article should have focused on what Kaep is actually talking about instead of attacking the Black messenger.

            Racists or just ignorant?


            1. You cite a story that stays its the 6th leading cause of death among ALL young men, regardless of color…

              So how is it racist?

              Also…why aren’t you as concerned with the 3rd highest cause of death…homicides?

              More young men aged 25-29 (such a small sample size!!) die from Cancer and Heart Disease than police killings.

              That story is a joke. 7 out of 100k die of heart disease. Police killings are less than this. The article doesn’t even state the amount of deaths per 100k, shoddy.

              1. Try putting a lure with hooks on if you must troll

                “The risk of being killed by the police is more pronounced for black men, who are 2.5 times more likely than white men to be killed by police, while black women are 1.4 times more likely than white women to be killed by police.”

                . . . the story is about Kaep and Police killings not homicides. Most believe Police ought not be killing so many Black young men – exactly what Kaep is saying.

                Same old obfuscation from . . . let me guess . . . a white guy?

              2. The irony of a person who never posts calling someone who’s been here before CK was a 49er a troll is quite rich.

                Can’t bring real debate, so instead you speak in snippets, completely devoid of logic or basic writing structure, not to be taken seriously.

                No need to reply, it won’t be read.

              1. Coach,
                The type that does not listen seemingly never will.
                I give them one shot and leave them to stew in their perturbed state.
                Explaining logic to irrational people just does not work, nice try though.

                Back to the subject of the Cohn article, I believe he was asked to cover it because of the news I posted. I posted to tell Grant he missed the main point the news cycle was bringing forward – Police kill 1 in every 1000 Black men and Kaep is an activist trying to ameliorate the issue. Grant chose to throw shade on Kaep instead of talking about the issue.

              2. Coach…the reply was not for you, it was for the person who calls a long time poster a “troll”.

                I remember your name from before. I’ve been here since before Maiocco left and was replaced by Barber but I had a different username at that time.

                Even back then we had the various trolls, Darren being one of them, who would only talk negative about the team. I feel as if many are just the same people, an online schizophrenia if you will.

                But yeah, natural vs unnatural…however Cancer and Heart Disease is pretty unnatural in young men aged 25 – 29. Thats an anomaly, its so uncommon that most people don’t ever talk about it or think of it as something to concern themselves with, which is my point that if something as rare as Heart Disease kills more young men 25-29, then the deaths related to police are even more extremely rare. Its rare for men 25-29 to die period. And out of 100k, less than 6 die from this, actually the article didn’t list how many per 100k nor does it list what other factors went into it, whether these young men are armed or are using violent force against someone or the police themselves, etc. It was a very weak article that was intended to stir emotions without actually providing a lot of context.

                That was the point.

              3. Lowel,
                Thank you for the kind words. I might not have always agreed with you but I always appreciated your incredible prose.

          2. Can you push to keep these types of articles out of the 49ers section?…if not we might as well have updates on all past 49ers in this section.

            The guy was a 49er for 6 years, started just 4 seasons. Whats Tim Rattay up to? How about Steve Stenstrom? No article about Anthony Adams with his social media fame and newest gig…

            Point being this doesn’t relate to the 49ers anymore. At best it should just be on the sports page.

          3. Grant,
            Fair enough, but doesn’t your boss know where these types of topics lead to?

            If your editors desired result was to stir the blog with political crossfire and conversation about racism, he should feel proud of himself.
            Poor journalism…

          4. Lucky Grant!
            I sympathize (truly) with CK’s feelings and intentions. His actions were, to be kind/charitable/diplomatic, ill-advised in the extreme.
            From a football standpoint it really wasn’t much of a loss… hate to be cold, but sometimes the truth is a mother****er.
            Has he been “blackballed” by the league? Possibly, but I think not. At least not in any way collusion could be proven in court.
            Was/is he more talented than many other QB’s who have found employment around the league? Almost certainly (Nathan Peterman… REALLY Oakland??). Does his talent outweigh the perceived baggage he would bring to any team who sign him? Clearly not. To coin a phrase, “there are teams who would sign Adolph Hitler if they thought he could help the win…”

  3. Question for the masses…

    During the regular season, which side of the GOOD/NOT SO GOOD ledger will Wishnowsky first appear?

    A Robot Moron might say Good. A true seer might say not so good.

    1. (with apologies to Joni Mitchell)

      By the time we got to Levis
      We were half a billion strong
      And everywhere was a throng in denial

      We are scarlet
      We are golden
      We are billions of robot morons
      And we got to get ourselves back to Grants scolding

        1. No argument from me, Red. But have you been following the “a punter taken in the 4th round!!!!?” debacle here and elsewhere? Wishnowsky will be forever known as the player that prevented the Niners from picking a 3rd string offensive lineman.

          1. Yeah, sorry, the hysteria over that pick was my point, and I know you don’t subscribe to that.
            Interesting that PD editors would want to drag Kap, political divisiveness, and Seb/MD et al ‘triggers’ into their sports blog. Click-Ho’s, because Wednesday is the doldrums of the weekly sports cycle. Many took the bait; no surprise.

    1. How many white mass murders have been arrested, how many disarmed, how many should have been riddled with bullets and weren’t. It speaks sadly to the value placed on human life, or not, largely based on the color of a persons skin.

      1. LOL! Funny you have a baby rapist as your profile pic! Um, I think pretty much all white mass murderers have been arrested or killed themselves. But let’s keep on using the race card so we can keep racism alive and well! That’s the true problem here.

        1. We can debate Mj’s innocence or guilt, but try sticking to the topic at hand. What’s not debatable, is the statistical danger faced by people of color in confrontations with police officers. What’s not debatable, is the legacy of discrimination and prejudice, the unconscious biases that still exist today in our society. It’s SYSTEMIC, and no, racism doesn’t disappear just because you shut your eyes to it.

          1. Is white not a color?

            But you do realize that more caucasians are shot by police than any other race.

            Do total numbers not matter as much as percentages?

            Please leave this debate out of this board because you’ll undoubtedly lose.

  4. Like it or not, Colin Kaepernick is a follower. Not a leader. Not an activist. He’s a weak minded fool. When he first came into the league he emulated Jim Harbaugh in how he talked to the press. Short answers. Passive aggressive. CK’s “activism” didn’t start until after he started regurgitating all the false narratives his girlfriend was spewing. If Kaepernick started dating Tila Tequila instead of his terrorist sympathizing girlfriend then Ck would be wearing a MAGA hat in Boston as Tom Brady’s backup. CK isn’t a 49er. CK isn’t someone to glorify. CK really has no place on a 49er blog. He’s an absolute loser. Now let’s move on.

        1. Thank you, Grant, for writing about Kaep, but I assume you were assigned this story.
          The oppression goes back hundreds of years when it comes to American injustices. Slavery was an Evil that took the lives of 750,000 soldiers, in order to end it. Jim Crow perpetuated it. Lynchings were spectacles that sent a ‘message’ for the oppressed not to be ‘uppity’. White and black friction is still present today.
          Maybe Kaep should have read about Emmett Till, who in 1955, was lynched and mutilated for supposedly whistling at a white woman. They are all outrages, but one of the most egregious recent ones was Oscar Grant, who on New year’s day in 2009, was shot in the back while handcuffed, lying on his stomach. Yes, there is a litany of police brutalities, and one becomes numb, they are so frequent. The latest gun massacres do not engender the same revulsion as Columbine did 20 years ago, because there have been so many since then, with no action on sane gun regulations. They cannot even pass Background Check legislation, which is supported by 95% of the population. It just makes sense to stop unstable and dangerous people from obtaining guns.
          Kaep may not have listed the victims Grant mentioned, but Kaep did speak out, in a video, detailing many recent incidents, and named the victims, like Cary Ball, Justus Howell, Alton Sterling, Mike Brown, Nicholas Thomas, Tamir Rice, Phillando Castille and Stephon Clark. He did not mention Sandra Bland, Freddie Gray or Laquon MacDonald, but the list includes hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent people being summarily executed by abuses of authority.
          When did he have his epiphany? Does it matter? I am just glad it happened, and I wish all patriotic Americans will become active, to fight the hate, and build a more just society. Some say Kaep did nothing. Wrong. He helped start a dialogue, and everyone talked about nothing else for a whole week. Kaep helped energize a movement, at a big cost to his career.
          Kaep was inspired by the Mario Woods tragedy. Probably because he was horrified that the police emptied their pistols at him. Looks like 5 officers were shooting at an unarmed citizen. Guess he decries police shootings more, because the police are supposed to protect people, not slaughter them.
          This reminds me of another incident in Sonoma County, when rogue officers emptied their pistols at a suspect, shooting 42 bullets and that hit him 27 times. Maybe there should be a protocol, where an officer shoots once, then has to assess the impact, before shooting again. Trigger happy rogue police officers have also killed innocent bystanders.
          The blackballing is continuing. Now, we have the Eagles signing a 40 year old retired QB, instead of Kaep. Guess they would rather lose without Kaep, than win with Kaep.

          1. The blackballing is continuing.

            Blackballing ? Maybe. More like what team wants to subject themselves to the circus that would accompany a Kaepernick signing?

            1. He still did not deserve a 5 officer, trigger happy firing squad,
              I hope they teach de-escalation tactics, and start a one shot rule. Take one shot, then assess, before unloading their weapons at a suspect.

    1. I tend to agree. I think he was a pretty passive activist. If you are going to carry the torch, then do it completely. I think he enjoys the attention it gives him. Not sure he would ever commit himself completely. There are plenty of activist out there that dedicate themselves to a particular cause. He is not one of them. In and out.

        1. I don’t. You can say that Sebbie is opinionated and you can say whatever else that you want about him, but he’s not a moron.

    2. Since when can a person not grow, learn and evolve as a person? Bet you came out of the womb with all your beliefs fully formed and fleshed out. While you sit, choosing to fight for nothing, to stand for nothing, and to bash someone who at the very least risked their public image to try and change something you can’t begin to relate to; from your position of privilege no less: he took a risk. Ask yourself, given a backup Qb salary, whether or not you could do the same.

      1. Aw yes, the elusive “white privilege” card, when all else fails!!!! I’m thinking Krapernick has been extremely privileged, me not so much!

        1. All privilege isn’t monetary. A black man and a white man exercise their 2nd amendment right to bear arms independently of one another and they each walk past a police station. They should both have equal protection under the law, but which one is more likely to be accosted, which one more likely to be given the benefit of the doubt, and which one more likely to end up dead?

              1. Read the article. It’s the most scientific study ever done on policing and race. The conclusion is that increasing diversity on a police force doesn’t result in lower instances of police brutality or violent conflict. Equating issues between police and public to white privilege simply isn’t true. Many other factors at play.

              2. Houston good luck with idiots like onelame I’m getting them to actually listen to statistical facts.
                Cnn is right, you’re wrong.
                Emotions over facts!!!

              3. Yes, police brutality is equal opportunity, but the racial profiling, and the majority of incidents occur against black males. Yes, black officers do shoot black males, but the majority of these tragedies have white officers profiling and shooting black males. In Ferguson, it has been proven that the whole system is corrupt, with little accountability. In many cases, having a black officer helps defuse the situation.
                Is it a societal problem? Yes, black unemployment is historically higher than white unemployment, and is exacerbated by depressed regions. The best way to stop crime is to have full employment, with a livable wage.
                Many point to Sandra Bland, but she is an anomaly. Police shootings of women, while occurring, is still rare, statistically.
                I agree, there are many other factors in play, but white privilege does protect white suspects, whereas black suspects get the judge, jury and executioner.

              4. Is it a societal problem? Yes, black unemployment is historically higher than white unemployment, and is exacerbated by depressed regions. The best way to stop crime is to have full employment, with a livable wage.

                I have to agree with that, Seb. In the past, in the inner city (read black) the breakdown of family structure, the drug use, societal issues were laid at the feet of the “shiftless” and unmotivated population. Now that we are seeing those same symptoms in rural and suburban areas (read white), it’s because of the loss of manufacturing jobs, those damn pharmaceutical companies pushing opioids, it’s now a national emergency! that needs addressing at the highest levels. Racism much?

              5. @Ribs, you are just wrong. Flat out wrong. In the last 50 years the US govt has spent around $15 trillion trying to help low income inner city citizens. The Code of Federal Regulations that governs HUD grants dictates grant funds must be used to improve the lives of “minorities.” HUD’s specific definition of minority is “non-white” regardless if whites are the minorities in a specific city awarded with a Community Development Block Grant. So in a city like Baltimore where whites are in the minority at around 30%, CDBG funds are used to help non-white citizens. I’m actually fine with the efforts made to improve the lives of minorities. It’s a worthwhile effort that definitely should receive us taxpayer funds. My problem is with you saying the citizens of the US haven’t cared about issues facing people living in poverty until those issues impacted white communities. That’s total and absolute BS.

              6. Yes Houston, and we heard all about it from the likes of your hero, the racist POS Reagan, whipping up white resentment over every penny taken from them for Cadillac driving welfare queens and strapping young bucks.

                Tell me, in your research what group is the main recipient of government assistance – food stamps, medicaid, temporary assistance for needy families, etc? After that come back to me and explain why we haven’t heard anything about the F150 driving welfare king.

              7. @Ribs, I don’t research anything on this subject. I don’t blame you for your ignorance on the subject either. Depending on how you break out hispanic citizens, the white population in America accounts for 60-75% of Americans so I would guess white people get the most in govt benefits. That’s beside the point. Like many people, you confuse what the news chooses to sensationalize to determine what Americans care about. Get involved in some charities and you’ll see people do care about those in need regardless of their ethnicity. I’m involved in 2 non-profit organizations that help people in need. The vast majority of recipients are minority. Due to location, one of the organizations primarily serves non US citizens and most of those women don’t speak English. People really do care about our fellow humans. If you’d get past your blinding victimhood rage then you may be able to see that.

              8. Houston, I have no rage, blinding or otherwise. As far as victimhood, far from it, I am completely cognizant of my white privileged status.

              9. Congrats on succumbing to that white privilege stupidity. Lemme ask…

                Do you think Indians have indian privilege in India?
                Do you think Hispancis have hispanic privilege in Mexico?
                Do you think Asians have asian privilege in China?

                Congratulations, you’ve solved the ancient mystery that the majority in a country has certain advantages over others in their country. Glad you imbeciles cracked that code.

              10. you’ve solved the ancient mystery that the majority in a country has certain advantages over others in their country.

                So you are saying racism is a thing. And congratulations back at you, I think that’s a first for a conservative. Without acknowledgement, there can be no movement in dealing with it.

              11. You can call it racism if you like. I call it basic human nature and common sense where the majority has an advantage over the minority. That fact of life is not specific to white, black, hispanic, asian, or any other ethnicity. Would you be at an advantage or disadvantage if you moved to Lagos? Does that mean then that all Nigerians need to be cognizant of their black privilege in Nigeria? The entire topic is so ludicrous.

              12. Would you be at an advantage or disadvantage if you moved to Lagos?

                If this were pre-1960 when Nigeria was still a colony under British rule, yeah definite white advantage. Despite majority population, “black privilege” in Nigeria is a relativity new thing. Granted, they’ve done through issues with corruption since then during self rule (mostly due to the massive Nigerian oil reserves and the West bribing of officials in efforts to secure that) and most post-colonial states have. What do they have in common? Decades, sometimes centuries, of subjugation and exploitation by their white European colonizers. It doesn’t help that this is one of the countries relegated to the sh*thole category by our current president.

              13. @Ribs,

                You crack me up, man. You’re like the guy who waited in line 12 hours so you could be first for Kool Aid in JonesTown. If you had any idea how ridiculous you sound you might be a bit embarrassed. I’m actually going to print your post out for my friends from Nigeria. I’ll see them Friday. I’ll let you know how they respond. Good luck Bro.

              14. If this were pre-1960 when Nigeria was still a colony under British rule, yeah definite white advantage

                KEK, if we just go back 50-60 years, my point stands!

              15. I’ll let you know how they respond.

                I’d be interested. It’s always good getting the scoop from those directly affected. Which is why you and others should take BLM more seriously.

              16. KEK, if we just go back 50-60 years, my point stands!

                Our MD likes to talk about “racist Democrats” from the Civil Rights era as if that has any relevance today. Republicans like to call them themselves party of Lincoln. And that’s only … *counts on fingers* …. 160 years back! So whatever dude.

              17. I’m actually going to print your post out for my friends from Nigeria. I’ll see them Friday.

                Also, edit to add…I’m particularly curious about their feelings over the Shell Oil dealings with their country.

              18. Deal, Ribs. I’ll let you know what they say. Both guys I know from Nigeria are engineers. One actively works as an engineer and the other is now a consultant. Not your kind of guys though. Devout Christians and fairly conservative especially where taxes are concerned. I’m more libertarian than conservative so it’s always good to talk to them. I know a little about the Shell Oil situation but they will probably know more. There are certain requirements for entry into the market in Nigeria that would probably make most people uncomfortable. The other thing to note is Nigeria is extremely dangerous. Many things you might hear about an oil company doing are a direct result from attacks and violence from local warlords but you never hear about that part in the news.

              19. Hey Ribs. Had a meeting and then did lunch with my friends today. I told them what you said about Nigeria and the history and that you mentioned the issues with Shell Oil. They both just laughed. Both said no one can understand Nigeria unless they lived there and experienced it for themselves. The history with British rule is just as you laid out. No secret there. Also said oil companies didn’t create the corruption in Nigeria. Oil companies operated under the same rules as every other business in Nigeria so saying oil companies are to blame for paying off local officials is nonsense. They had to pay for access to the market. Both said the biggest issue facing Nigeria is corrupt politicians getting rich off basically blackmail and grift. According to them the issues with Shell are not specific to Shell. It’s the dirty little secret that the politicians work with local tribes to attack oil production and then the government negotiates peace to get more money out of the oil companies. The big scheme now is that different groups attack oil lines and cause a spill and then join with local groups and the government to sue the oil company for the spill. Sounds like a huge jacked up mess to me.

            1. Seb…. this made up term of white privilege kills your take.
              You use it as if it’s really a proven fact. It’s nothing more than a talking point for the leftist race baiters.

              I don’t know why you don’t believe it’s not about color, but about status now a days. You went on a long rant about the Jim Crowe laws and a dark history that this country has gotten past.
              And yet you still vote for the party that passed these laws and voted against civil rights of the 60’s. Somewhere some professor told you it all changed. It has, but instead of coming out and lynching minorities now, they slowly kill them with dependence on government, drugs flooding the urban areas, liquor stores on every corner, abortion clinics to match the liquor stores, and fatherless homes.
              These areas are ran by the democrats. They have been keeping minorities down since they lost the war and lost the civil rights movement fight.
              The poorest cities and most dangerous ones are the same ones that have a lot of these shootings by cops, they are also the most dangerous for cops and each other.
              Now you and onelame can come on here and post history all you want.
              Today is NOTHING like the past, it’s a slap in the face for the people who fought to end it.
              There is no such thing as white privilege. It’s an opinion.
              You look into the whites and Latinos who are killed by cops. Most are poor, and from bad places.
              I’ve seen tons and read tons of stories where poor white people are profiled simpky beckase of what they drive or look like. So save that garbage about it being predominately black only. Whiskey tango????
              That’s what your news pushes and that’s what you eat up.
              There are more atifa, gang members, BLM members than there are KKK members. They’re dead, and a joke! Nobody in their right mind fears the KKK Today.
              Just stop it with this narrative and recognize that in the black communities they aren’t doing theme-selves any favors by killing each other, and selling their drugs to their own.
              And to discredit this problem like onelame trying to flip the subject into some joke of a racist column he copied is an outrage.
              Ignoring it and pointing a finger at this big bad boogie man.

              The real problem is minds like yours.
              So quick like onelame to pull the racist card because someone else sees things differently.
              You continue to push the leftist narrative with zero facts to back these claims up, sweep real problems under the rug because it doesn’t fit your narrative.
              And again. You still voting left.
              How would any minority like myself with a free thinking mind and clear understanding of this countries history have any respect for someone pushing the party of racism plan?
              Is it you white liberals don’t believe a Hispanic or black man can have free thought and is smart enough to know history and work hard for their own stuff?
              Or do you believe you’re intellectually superior and we need your help with life?
              Do you see us as being dumb and helpless?
              Have you lived in any ghetto or Barrio to really know how it is?
              Why does the white liberal shut down any Hispanic or black person who sees things differently?
              It happens daily.
              No thanks from this Puerto Rican on your “help” I’m wise enough to remember and know where I some from and how I moved ahead and I’m not stuck in prison.
              Are there bad cops? Hell yes there are.
              But I’m more worried about big government starving our rights, and paying a lot of these cops to do the same. Not just getting away with murder, but patrolling US as prisoners no matter what color you are!
              There are bigger problems than the MSM saturating the airwaves with another black man being killed by a cop, and truthfully, ignoring all evidence of such case.
              Michael Brown hands up don’t shoot was a flat out lie.
              Never happened. And witnesses there (black btw) debunk that hoax. And that hoax started the BLM movement, and the media fueled it.
              They matter.
              The divide they’re pulling needs to be stopped and called out! Stop being part of the problem.
              Free thinking minorities who lived it everywhere!

              1. Good for you. You think overt racism does not exist in America. I do.
                We started out poor, but by working hard, we gained middle class status. I started out working in the fields, harvesting prunes. I worked as a roustabout, helping repair drilling rigs to pay off my college debts. I moved to Santa Rosa, and lived in a one bedroom tenement on Santa Rosa Avenue for years. I mowed lawns for years, and still dig ditches.
                Maybe 18 year old Michael Brown did not raise his hands and say ‘Dont shoot’, but he was fleeing, then was shot 6 times by an officer who fired 12 times. Self defense? No, a trigger happy cop became judge, jury and executioner. I hope body cameras become standard issue for the police, so every interaction is documented.
                Stop being part of the problem? I am advocating for social justice for ALL Americans. I want the abuse of authority to stop. Separating children from their parents is a heinous abuse of human rights. I want rogue cops to be held accountable. I want a well regulated second amendment. As long as one person is oppressed, we all are oppressed. We, the people.
                I want people who recite the pledge of allegiance to live up to their words- With liberty and justice for all.

              2. Are you Seb!
                By pushing this white privilege narrative?
                Michael Brown attacked the cop and was going for his gun.
                You can’t wipe the facts away that started a movement of false narratives like it’s no big deal.
                Hands up don’t shoot never happened, and rioting and hatred was spawned from it.
                It’s a pretty big deal. The media is completely at fault, like most of this BS narrative they push while ignoring other stories of other races getting the same treatment.

                This country is on the brink of another civil war. And for what?
                Minorities are thriving compared to the past. Yes there are still some dark things going on, just not as big as the media and folks like you push.
                We’re talking about a black man who’s a millionaire and has privileges regular folks will never experience. In fact their are millions of millionaire of color.

                This divide has to stop, example.
                I mention the biggest threat that’s been ignored for decades for black men and I’m called a racist.
                This is why dialogue goes nowhere now a days. Lame people like onelame have this irrational fear and don’t have the capability to discuss others outlook without pulling the cards handed to them by their college professors, Hollywood, sports figures, musicians and MSM.
                It’s a joke.
                Never met the a$$hat and he knows I’m a racist. What a joke.
                My whole point is, people like CK are nothing but puppets with bad info but good intentions.
                The black race shouldn’t be fooled into thinking this is a huge problem for them when statistically it’s not.
                Bigger fish to fry, and I hope one day the black population in this country get another’s great leader.
                They’ve been lacking one since MLK.
                ANd trust me anytime a cop gets away with a murder I’m voicing my outrage. Difference is mine doesn’t see only the color of the victim. Wish I couldn’t say the same for the racists that beat the color drum.

              3. Please separate me from One. I am just giving you my perspective.
                I agree, Kaep has made his point, so he should move on to better ways to protest, that does not infuriate a large segment of the population. There are more productive ways to effect change.
                That said, I still think he can play, wants to play, and should play. The collusion is proved when a team brings back a retired 40 year old QB, and does not give Kaep a tryout.
                Guess we are talking past each other, but both want to have life, liberty, and be allowed to pursue happiness, like rooting for the Niners.
                Demonizing liberals and demonizing the right wing, aids our enemies, who want to divide us.
                Maybe we should stress our common beliefs, than fight over our differences. I believe we should be fiscally solvent, conservative and equally beneficial. You do not like welfare? I do not like corporate welfare. You want lower taxes, I want equally fair taxes, that will balance the budget. You may want to own guns. I want to be free from gun violence. You may want a strong defense. I want my defense to counter the Soviet threat.
                I am glad you agree with Kaep. He pointed out that cops were being paid, then ultimately not held accountable for heinous acts. He wanted them fired, and held accountable.
                Thank you for presenting your arguments in a civil tone, and I will concede you do have points.

              4. I can do that Seb….
                but I have seen you use the race card a time or two.
                But you’re right you are your own individual and I will respect that.

              5. Thank you. I do appreciate your posts, especially when they pertain to football. We may not agree very often, but you have been civil, and can express yourself using logic and examples.
                Yes, I must admit, I can be hyperbolic at times, but it is an emotionally charged topic.

    3. Always thought the same,I’ve followed his career since college and my cousin went to high school with him and from what I seen he looks like a lost soul who really has no idea who he is

  5. Maybe it hit him harder and became more real for him because it was local – in San Francisco. Just sayin’ maybe…

  6. Man, Marcellus, and Whitlock tore into him and Eric Reid yesterday, but particularly Marcellus, who grew up in Compton and saw some real sh!t in life, versus the Brady Bunch dairy farm that Kaep grew up on
    Pretty clear who CK worships–it’s right on his chest.

  7. Grant on Twitter…

    Grant Cohn

    [poll question] Is Jimmy Garoppolo the best QB on the 49ers right now?
    1,931 votes•Final results
    55%Yes, 45%No


    Replying to @grantcohn
    Wow, are we really asking that question?

    Grant Cohn

    Look at the results. Closer than you’d expect.


    Replying to @grantcohn
    No need for this. This what twitter trolls do, not reporters

    Grant Cohn

    The results of the poll prove there was a need for this.


    That forty percent of twitter has people who over react?

  8. Kap certainly didn’t have a problem with cops when he called them on Aldon Smith, who just happened to be his girlfriend’s ex.

    1. caps a fool! the protest started out… being against police killing young black ppl…….it quickly spiraled to being a general “screw America deal”……the pig socks….it became somewhat of a belligerent ” screw the cops, the government, the president, the military, white ppl etc….. ”
      if he would have stayed focused on police brutality only…….he wouldn’t be the punchline he is today! he costed the NFL millions of $$$……..funny thing is….no other entity makes more young black men millionaires than the NFL!!!!! hes not bright enough to see that he was screwing the biggest ally of the ppl he wanted to protect!!! definition of conflict of interest!!!! if he would HAVE JUST STUCK TO PROTESTING THE DEATHS OF YOUNG PPL BY THE HANDS OF THE POLICE…..and not insulted them as a whole…..
      my issue with kap has always been about football only…..he screwed the 49er faithful! he had all the talent to be great buck lacked the heart…..if he would have focused on getting better at the job that made him a millionaire…..

      and kap dosent want to play football……the idea/legend that he was a great qb that sacrificed his career……… far more powerfull than the idea hes simply a backup caliber player at best……theres better passers out there around 30 to be a back ups…….theres better young athletes to try to teach to play qb……
      hes too old to be a project and not good enough to be the veteran back up

  9. His last relevance was destroying the 49ers after he learned that the NFL figured him out. He would have been cut but claimed an undisclosed injury and milked out the injury to stay on the roster long enough to be paid. Blane Gabbert took his job outright and hasn’t played since. Kaep now wants 20M$ a year to be an emergency backup for a team wanting to sell tickets with no chance of making the playoffs. Hey Kaep please be a star by crashing the Emmys or Grammy awards by demanding social justice while you were raised by an upper class white parents in Turlock California, the heart of Californians agriculture center

  10. So now Grant has the ability to know what another human being is thinking. Just like a physic, you’re a hoax. Typically I get a kick out of your shenanigans. But this story is in poor taste.

  11. Given that this blog is about the actual team, is it too early for 53 man squad predictions?

    1 – Jimmy Garoppolo – obviously!
    2 – Beathard – not sure why KS loves the kid so much
    3 – Nick Mullens – he is important insurance

    4 – McGlinchey
    5 – Person
    6 – Richburg
    7 – Tomlinson
    8 – Staley
    9 – Garland
    10 – Garnett – if he’s ever healthy
    11 – Skule – wins by default even if that means the team loses
    12 – Brunskill – Please, oh Please, no injuries to the starters!!

    13 – Kittle
    14 – Dwelley
    15 – Celek – he’s insurance and knows system well

    16 – Taylor – JG’s most reliable WR
    17 – Pettis
    18 – Goodwin
    19 – Samuels
    20 – Hurd
    21 – James – Special Teams win the day

    22 – McKinnon or Coleman if McKinnon can’t go
    23 – Breida – most productive back
    24 – Mostert – most explosive back
    25 – Juszczyk – most overpaid back

    26 – Ford
    27 – Buckner
    28 – Armstead
    29 – Bosa
    30 – Thomas
    31 – Day
    32 – Street
    33 – Blair / Taylor
    34 – Jones

    35 – Warner
    36 – Alexander
    37 – Greenlaw
    38 – Lee
    39 – Al-Shaair
    40 – Mayo / Nzeocha

    41 – Sherman
    42 – Witherspoon
    43 – Tartt
    44 – Ward
    45 – Moore
    46 – Williams
    47 – Reed
    48 – Verrett
    49 – Colbert
    50 – Reed / Exum

    51 – Gould
    52 – Wishnowsky
    53 – Nelson

    1. Thanks for getting us back to something I’m interested in Sour :).

      If I were the niners I might look to pull off a “mutual disappointment” draft pick swap. Does someone have a highly selected guard, tackle or dB that has disappointed? I happily trade King Solomon for them :)

      I’ll also predict that Najee Toran makes the squad.

    2. I see an OL who’s not currently on the roster. I also have my doubts about Celek. Hurd’s bag of swiss army knife tricks might obviate (there’s a 10 cent Seb word if there ever was one) the need for the 3rd TE. And possibly open a crack in keeping Bourne.

      1. Rib and Shoup,

        I certainly would be ok with unloading Thomas for the right interior lineman (though I would prefer a center).

        In terms of Celek on the team (or not) I could see him cut but I would bet that even with Hurd there is a 3rd TE.

        Could see Bourne making the team, but he has so many drops and James has Special Teams value.

        1. It’s interesting we are talking about 3 or 4 open spots at most. That must be a marked difference from the last couple of years?

          1. Absolutely, and it does point to some talent on the team, however, the talent on the OL is very questionable and thin. The WR group has a lot of unknowns and the LB corps is also somewhat questionable. The DBs aren’t good or durable. Other than that things are pretty good.

    3. SY,
      Thanks for bringing the masses back to order.

      I like your current roster setting. Sure that there will be some adjustments going into September, but only minor changes in reference to your roster.

      I believe that Lee is not a lock for the roster. He looked good last year, but he was a second layer tackler imo.
      Back in the early 2000′ we had a LB named Derek Smith who averaged nearly 12 tackles per game – good, but the majority of them were well beyond the LOS.
      I see the same thing with Lee.

      Greenlaw and Shaair are making tackles much closer to the LOS. Lee is reactionary while the two rookies attack and are better at setting the tone.

      Now, I’m not projecting that Greenlaw and Shaair are future stars or even locks to make the roster.
      I’m only expressing my view in playing styles. Saleh’ defense is looking to play more aggressive and attacking rather than reacting.
      Your pre roster seems to reflect that mindset – nice.

  12. It says “ when kap was benched” kap was never benched kap had multiple surgeries in the off season and couldn’t lift a weight for 8 months he wasn’t playing because he was 15lbs under his playing weight and chip kelly wanted him to get his weight up!

  13. Without this narrative being shoved down our throats. Statistically he nor any other SJW has a leg to stand on with this.

    Fact is cops are getting away with murder in some cases with every race.
    They blow up this number of black people have more of a chance to be killed by police, but leave out the fact that AFrican Americans lead the way in felonious crimes, and are more likely to have a run in with the law.
    And let capita white men are killed by the police more than any race.

    This is nothing but selective moral outrage, designed to ignore the true problem in the black communities. Killing their own. By a wide margin I might add. The biggest danger to a black man in America is another black man. These are facts!
    And apparently it doesn’t fit the narrative Ck chose to follow.

    Again he has every right to protest what he deems social injustice, and to a point he has a legitimate gripe.
    Doing it at your job doesn’t cover you.
    He could have gotten exposure off of the field.
    This blackballing garbage is a joke.
    Again donthis at your job and see how long you last.
    Other problem with this argument is he wasn’t very good at his job.
    Got an offer and refused it because he felt he was worth more, got another job and his girlfriend decided to step in and wreck that for him.
    So save the blackballing garbage. Reid is playing football. Because his talent outweighs his protesting.

      1. Shhhhh little white SJW.
        I know who the real racist is.
        Your white privilege doesn’t work with me.
        Nice try though.

    1. White Americans’ unsubstantiated views about the potential of violence from black people was the number one excuse they used to justify slavery, lynching, Jim Crow and various forms of mass incarceration. Never was Klan violence or the lynching of black people by white people ascribed to an inherent white trait. Without the ability to claim oppression of black people as a form of self-defense, racial segregation and white supremacy would be seen for what they are: rank oppression of other people for financial or other benefit.

      The idea of out-of-control black violence continues to motivate white supremacist propagandists and remains a main recruiting tool for the hate movement and its wish for a genetically pure white ethnostate. Because this narrative of black criminality is so central to American history — the foundation upon which discrimination has long been justified — it persists as white supremacy’s enduring siren song.

      1. I’m laughing that you present your opinion as fact, and again like most white liberals who think they’re smarter than the minority, you brush away the FACT that black killings on each other isn’t the bigger problem.
        I swear you liberals. You’re a joke.
        Let me guess you have one black friend and you know the struggle now. Boy please.
        You’re white. Shut your pie hole, and don’t speak for us.

    1. I like what Kocurek is accomplishing. That said, I wonder how effective his methods would be with a solid veteran line over a few years running. Mostly, we see him a couple feet from ear holes yelling at the top of his lungs. Perhaps his technique morphs/adapts over the course of a season. So far, so good. We’ll see.

    2. Solomon Thomas is stout against the run, but all many posters care about is his sack totals.
      Solomon Thomas played with the second string, because he is second string, behind Armstead.

      1. My point was he looks improved under Kocurek, and a clear mind. Not to take a cheap shot at him. He’ll get his opportunities along side Buckner, Bosa, and Ford. I expect he’ll carve out his own niche of mayhem inside….

        1. I think both Woods and Kocurek will help this defense a lot. Looks like they are playing fundamentally sound technique, and tackling well.

          1. What about the backup qb? I still maintain it will be Beathard. I’ve said it before, if you cannot make the deep throw in this offense, you’re not the guy Shanny’s looking for….

            1. No, I disagree. In last game, CJB was inaccurate on at least 4 throws.
              I think Mullens specifically worked out, so he could make those long throws.
              However, you may be right. KS likes CJB. With JG struggling, they may carry 3 QBs.

    3. Raz,
      I haven’t watched a replay of the game again, but did Thomas play some in the 4th quarter? Thought I saw #94 out there.

  14. Kaepernick reminds me of the movie A Bronx Tale when Robert DiNero (Lorenzo the bus driver) tells his son: “Sometimes in the heat of passion, the little head tells the big head what to do, and the big head should think twice about what you are doing.” I guess Kaepernick never saw the movie.

    1. And I wonder if she ever reached over to open the door for him.
      Gonna day that’s a no. She is not one of the great ones. 😛

  15. The Denver game had a few surprise stats: Time of possession, Denver had 10 more minutes then the Niners. Denver won the turnover battle, again. Third down percentage 18% Niners 42% Denver. Denver also had more passing yards. The Niners had more rushing yards. Difference is Field Goals versus TD’s.

    1. And the margin of victory TD set up by a turnover. Lets see more of that (or in comparison to last season, some of that ) in the regular season!

  16. The police did not kill Sandra Bland.

    Delete this.

    And as I’ve said many times, CK is a weak minded individual, easily molded by those in his life, going from nice guy when with his family, to standoffish jerk with Harbs, to “activist” with his GF. He has no original thoughts.

    When Eric Garner was being choked out for selling cigarettes, CK was posting Miami Dolphin hat selfies and flexing on instagram.

    Please, let this be the LAST CK article we ever see on this site.

      1. What? He wasn’t getting enough eyeballs from whipping up a QB controversy over QBs that are actually here? Those PD overlords must be tough taskmasters.

        1. Rib – I know you’re a long time 49er fan but I just can’t help asking you this question. In the 49ers history, how many years did they NOT have a quarterback controversy? Yeah, there was the Montana stretch and a smaller stretch by Steve Young but seriously. (although there was a small patch when Montana and Young were controversial) I remember when Brodie and Tittle were involved, John Brodie wrote in his autobiography that Red Hickey was so fed up that on game day he decided the QB that completed the most passes in pre-game warmups would start. Seriously! (unless Brodie is a liar) Saying the 49ers have a QB controversy is almost redundant based on my knowledge, which dates to 1946. It’s as San Francisco as cable cars, fog and sour dough bread (among other things). Most of us old timers got over it long ago.

  17. I don’t know, was it the straw that broke the camels back? What the hell difference does it make when or why a man becomes “woke” its only important that he did.

  18. I’m reluctant to get into this topic, but what the hell. It’s not all that far-fetched that it was the killing in his own community that resonated with Kaepernick and first drew his attention to the issue. It’s possible, given his prominent place in the community, that family or friends of Mario Woods reached out to him, or that he reached out to them. JMHO, but it’s pretty cynical to question the timing of someone’s decision to start engaging on an issue like this. That’s particularly true of a guy in his 20s who has a notoriously time-consuming job.

    And it’s not like Kaepernick’s career was over at the time he started speaking out. Obviously he went on to start eleven more games for the team.

    Finally, in the interests of accuracy, Sandra Bland apparently committed suicide. That death has not been ruled a homicide so far as I’m aware.

    1. Many feel like she was unfairly imprisoned, and neglect allowed this tragedy to occur. She did not signal a lane change, to being dead.

      1. Don’t get me wrong, I find Sandra Bland’s death deeply troubling. But her situation was distinct from the others on Grant’s list who were indisputably killed by the police action (all shot except Freddie Gray), and Grant seems to be attributing her death directly – as opposed to indirectly – to the police in a way that many would likely view as controversial. I’m not saying that view is necessarily incorrect, but it really complicates what I believe is Grant’s attempt to make a relatively simple, if perhaps misguided, argument.

        1. I will agree with your last sentence. There was police brutality, but no outright shooting.
          Justine Damond is an example of a rogue police officer shooting a woman. Grant should have used her name.

  19. How Penn State’s undrafted free agents fit with their new NFL teams

    Why he wasn’t drafted: Versatility.
    Givens is a tweener who can’t play outside but can’t play nose tackle either. He’s a three-technique player — but can be effective in the right defense. He’ll likely never be a three-down starter, but he can play in situational passing downs.

    How he fits with San Francisco:
    San Francisco is going to have one solid front-four with Nick Bosa, Arik Armstead, DeForest Buckner and Dee Ford — all top-25 draft picks in 2014 or later — so the only thing it really needs is depth on the interior. Well, San Francisco failed to address that need during the draft. Givens could potentially earn his way into a few subpackages on passing downs, so he’ll likely provide situational depth in San Francisco. The opportunity is limited here with such a solid defensive line, but Givens will be in position to learn a lot.

    True 3 technique DT. He shows a good burst off the ball with the ability to get into the backfield and disrupt. Plays with good power for a guy his size but could be swallowed up by bigger IOL.

    1. Thanks for the info Tom.
      These guys were long shots at best to make the team. Wish them well going forward.
      I like Walter and am interested to see what the team has in mind for him.

  20. I suspect when the final roster is cut down there are going to be some a few Niners going to different teams. Depth seems much better.

    I am also believing that our second unit defensive lineman is probably better then a lot of teams first unit.

    I am leaning towards CJ getting the back up job.

    Hoping Moore wins his job but if he doesn’t its nice to know that he is there when/if Ward or Tartt go down.

    Every team is screaming for OLineman, doubt any quality will be released. Hard to find.

    1. “Every team is screaming for OLineman, doubt any quality will be released. Hard to find.”

      Yeah. Do you think it’s a result of the spread offense being used so much in college? I know I’ve heard that most spread QBs (not all) don’t translate well to the NFL (at least for prostyle offenses) but I wonder if that also is true for the offensive linemen.

        1. @jack ….that’s a bad excuse…

          Players can always have off-field practice time…..and we are talking about oline where most of the expectation is based on toughness and strength

          I think it has more to do with what college is producing…..there is a reason why players from Alabama, etc who play more traditional football are preferred compared to players from spread/new football

      1. Mario Cristobal looks like a pretty good offensive line coach to me, and so I’d look to draft either from Oregon or Notre Dame if I’m looking for one….

  21. Niners signed Andrew Lauderdale. They could have re-signed Erik Magnuson, but he just signed with the Bills.
    Glad they are looking to improve the O line.

  22. Cardinals cut Kevin White. I remember when he was considered almost a “sure thing” at WR coming out of college. His NFL draft profile compared him to DeAndre Hopkins. He was selected 7th overall in the 2015 draft. 6’3″, 215 lbs with a combine 40 of 4.35 seconds. It appears that injuries have dogged him, but with those stats you’d think somebody is going to take a flyer on him.

  23. I find it interesting that Kaepernick had his awakening only after he got benched.

    Gee Grant, who do you think has more time to think about other things, a starting QB or someone who’s on the bench?

  24. Bigger question. Why do the editors at the Press Democrat (not Grant) insist on propping up a former QB, who play pretends at being an activist? CK stopped being relevant years ago but the media just cant seem to move on.

    Big ups to Jay Z for writing the epitaph to Kaepernick’s woke-tivism shtick. It was played out from the beginning.

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