Colin Kaepernick: “I’m very confident in my talents … but it will still be the same offense.”

SANTA CLARA – Colin Kaepernick spoke at his locker Tuesday afternoon. Here’s what he said about football.

ME: Do you feel you’re ready to play full time?

KAEPERNICK: Yeah. That’s what I prepare for. That’s why I’m in the weight room, why I’m in practice, all those things.

ME: Why do you think Chip Kelly keeps saying you’re not ready?

KAEPERNICK: I think it’s the fact that my weight isn’t where it was. My strength is still growing, developing. But once again, I’m always going to be prepared, always ready to put it on the line for this team.

ME: Do you feel you have to be 225 pounds to play quarterback?

KAEPERNICK: Once again, we’re just trying to build. Whenever he feels like I’m ready to step on that field and ready to put me out there, I’ll be ready and willing.

Q: What about your speed? Is that where it was pre-injury?

KAEPERNICK: Yeah, I don’t feel like I have any issues there. Once again, I go out to practice, do everything full speed, make sure I’m prepared for when my number is called.

Q: Has it been frustrating watching the offense from the sideline? Do you think you could add something different?

KAEPERNICK: It’s something that the team always wants to win. I think that’s the only frustration. There’s things that we need to improve, we have to address because the last two weeks weren’t good enough. That’s something we have to do as a team to make sure we go out and get wins.

Q: Do you feel if you were out there it would be a different offense?

KAEPERNICK: That remains to be seen. It’s still going to be the same offense. Obviously I’m very confident in my talents and what I’m able to bring to the table, but it will still be the same offense.

Q: What is your program to gain weight?

KAEPERNICK: Eat food. And a lot of it. That’s something that I’ve always constantly had to do and be conscious of. I have a very lean body type, so putting weight on for me is a little more difficult that for others.

Q: But you’ve got to feel that you can play at under 225 pounds, right?

KAEPERNICK: Once again, I’m always ready to play. I’m always ready to step on the field and put it on the line for my team.

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    1. I don’t think you can make any type of deduction on where Kap stands with Chip’s offense, by mincing this set of words #80. You may not like Chip’s system, but Colin went out of his way to respectful to Blaine and actually gave a very measured, respectful answer.

      Colin’s no dummy. He realizes the 49ers receiving corps isn’t NFL worthy. It was a big time question mark and marginal group at best, coming into the season, and that was before the team lost, IMO, 2 of their 3 most important WR’s on the roster (BRUCE ELLINGTON – the “lightning quick” 5’9″ 200 lbs, 4 Star recruit, & ERIC ROGERS – the “smooth as silk” 6’4″ 218 lbs CFL star receiver and matchup nightmare)

      Colin also realizes Chip’s system relies on having a QB who can make the quick read and get the ball out ON SCHEDULE & ON TARGET.

      And Colin also realizes Blaine is still uncomfortable at the mesh point of the zone-reads. And if I am Colin, this is where I am thinking I would make this offense much more effective. Where Colin is natural at the mesh point making these reads, Blaine may as well be CLOSING HIS EYES during the handoff, because he is obviously simply making up his mind to hand the ball off 95% of the time without even considering whether the defense is respecting his option of pulling the ball and running. I have spent the last 2 games yelling at Blaine through my TV set, wondering why he isn’t keeping the ball. On the one play Blaine was decisive and held the ball (which he probably had made up his mind well before he actually analyzed the read), he had an easy 10 yard scamper, with plenty of time to slide. He’s a fast QB who’s running ability defenses simply are not respecting because Blaine is clearly not natural running Chip’s zone-reads, and they know it. Add to that the fact that he’s got a poor group of WR who have trouble making separation, AND the even bigger problem of Blaine’s SHOCKING lack of accuracy (especially so far this season when he is forced to actually lead a receiver on a slant, up the seam, or any swing, or even screen pass), that I, quite frankly, have never seen as a NFL starter, at this level, maybe ever ……. and you have a recipe for disaster!

      The Rams did respect Blaine as a runner, and passer, in the season opener, and that was the difference. Right now, they are simply crashing down on the RB on every zone-read and their safeties and linebackers are playing very shallow, and simply smothering Blaine Gabbert, and this 49ers offense!

      I have real questions about whether Colin is accurate enough, or has the ability to release the ball quickly, on schedule or lead his receivers well enough to run this offense. However, I know he’s much more natural making the zone reads, and if I am being honest, how much more inaccurate than Blaine Gabbert can Colin Kaepernick be?

      1. 49 if we expect Colin to come in and be a better runner than Blaine, that’s a huge mistake. This is about a QB who can put it on the WR’s numbers and get them into a situation where they can catch and run with it. That requires accuracy, something old wind up does not have. And it requires WR’s who are fearless and can run. Again, something the 49ers don’t have.

        Ive said all week, lets see what #7 can do. What do we have to lose? Nothing because the personnel at the key positions is simply not there. Its pretty clear after the Rams game that teams know what to take away. Chip has nothing to work with!

      2. Grant, you know it drives me nuts when you cherry-pick quotes and use them as headlines, even when these individual quotes can come across differently when taken in full context.

        When you read this quote out of context, it almost sounds like Colin is saying that even though he’s confident in his own talent, it’s still going to be the same offense, so his own talent probably won’t change the fundamental way in which the offense operates.

        Yes, you absolutely used this quote out of context Grant. You didn’t even use his entire answer to the question asked!

        Q: Do you feel if you were out there it would be a different offense?

        KAEPERNICK (entire answer): That remains to be seen. It’s still going to be the same offense. Obviously I’m very confident in my talents and what I’m able to bring to the table, but it will still be the same offense.That remains to be seen. It’s still going to be the same offense.

        When I read Kaepernick’s entire answer, it changes the way I perceive his quote.

        “IT REMAINS TO BE SEEN.” This is the first part of his answer, and maybe the most important part Grant! My question to you is, why would you leave this part of the quote out? That’s not good journalism Grant!

        In other words, it seems to me he could very well be hinting that we’ll have to see him in action, before we can determine whether the offense would be different if he were out there running it.

        And my response would then be, yes, the offense could very well be fundamentally different, because Colin is much more natural, experienced, and confident, when it comes to making the split second read, keeping the ball, and running it himself.

        There was a nationally televised game in which ……. I’m trying to remember correctly, Colin kept the football and ran it himself, and if memory serves me correctly …………. he was pretty effective, and actually made a fundamental difference to the way the game played out.

        Anyone else remember this nationally televised game? I wonder if you asked Dom Capers whether having Colin Kaepernick in that particular game, made a difference in the effectiveness of the 49ers offense?

          1. Come on Grant! Now you are insulting my intelligence!

            First off, he actually said “it will be the same offense” twice, not three times!

            HOWEVER, he LEAD with “that remains to be seen”, didn’t he? Doesn’t that fundamentally change everything that followed in his answer, to something closer to, “we’ll have to wait and see?”

            I mean, seriously Grant! If I ask you someone, on record, if the sky is blue and they say to you “yes, (and then they look up into the sky and say) it certainly appears to be blue today”, and as a reporter you leave out the “yes” and change the answer to, “it certainly appears to be blue today”, doesn’t that fundamentally change the answer Grant?

        1. I don’t honestly know how much difference Colin would make. After all, neither AJ Green, Julio Jones, my boy- Stefon Diggs, nor Antonio Brown are going to suddenly be out there creating separation and catching long, electrifying touchdown passes from CK7

          But Colin’s natural, innate ability to read the defenders on inside and outside zone runs could very well make a substantial difference in the way the way this offense operates.

          After all, how much less accurate of a passer could Colin actually be than Blaine Gabbert? SERIOUSLY!

      3. You may be right 49. If so, he just talked a lot crap about his fellow offensive players. He still has poor leadership skills either way.

        1. I think so #80. I understand your frustrations with Chip as well.

          While I do think Colin’s ability to run Chip’s zone-reads would help loosen up the opposing defense a bit and help Hyde and the rushing attack, I am not sure it would translate to many more wins. I seriously doubt Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger, Tom Brady or Andrew Luck would win more than 3 games with this group of WR’s and TE’s no matter what system they were trying to run.

  1. Unless the offense puts up 65 points next week, we’ll see the rising icon at some point. Common sense to me indicates after the bye, against a very weak defensive team, the New Orleans Saints….

  2. Joe Staley pretty much nothing about Anthony Davis and it was a lot. He wasn’t surprised. Baalke needs to go he has ruined this team and will continue to do so.

    1. Baalke DID ruin this team, and Jed’s horrible judgement allowed it.

      In the real world, both of these jokers would have been long, long gone.

    2. Michael, once again I have to point out that without an elite QB, winning in the NFL is cyclical, by and large. So it’s a bit of a stretch to say Baalke “ruined” this team.

      However, I think it’s fair to say that Baalke has done a very poor job drafting, and signing free agent offensive playmakers, especially WR’s and TE’s (although some of it has been buzzard’s luck). And Trent is at least partially to blame for the quarterback situation. Harbaugh is the one who is directly responsible for choosing Kaepernick over Alex Smith, so he deserves part of the blame (if you believe this team would be better of with Alex). Baalke has done a much better job on the defensive side of the ball, and there are, IMO, a lot of good young defensive players on this roster.

      And the NFL has now become a passing league! That’s a fact. While defense still wins championships, you have got to be able to pass the ball when you need to, and you cannot win championships with the league’s worst passing game.

      Therefore, even though I feel like I have been as fair, and realistic as anyone following the 49ers and evaluating the 49ers teams, that the time has come.

      (Drum roll please ……………..) BAALKE NEEDS TO GO! Yep, I said it!

      Even though I don’t think this team is so devoid of talent that they can’t quickly get back into contention if they play their cards right and get themselves a franchise QB this coming offseason (2017), and use the draft and spend money in free agency (they will have tons of money to spend) to fix the WR corps and TE corps through the next 2 offseasons. I think it’s time to FIRE TRENT BAALKE, and hand the keys over to TOM GAMBLE!! I think I trust Tom to get the right QB and fix our receiving situation. If he does these 2 things, there is enough young talent everywhere else on this roster to develop this team into a PLAYOFF CONTENDER as soon as 2017, and a perennial NFL CHAMPION as soon as 2018!

      GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!

      1. How many of us would rather have Alex Smith right now as our starting QB?
        If you no, stick your head in the sand!

      2. Harbaugh went with Kap during the SB run, but he did not want to trade Alex Smith. No HC in the history of the game would willingly get rid of a vet QB he knows he can win with if his starter goes down. Baalke was in charge of the roster and Baalke traded Alex Smith.

        Smith has been gone a long time now and it’s really pointless to keep bringing him up, but he would not be doing much better with the current group if he were still a 9er imo. He is limited as a passer and was derided regularly for being a check down machine, taking too many sacks and throwing the ball out of bounds whenever he rolled out to his right. Ring a bell?

        The QB position is just one of a number of problems this team has. Yeah Gabbert hasn’t been very good, but neither has anyone else around him. Too much focus on the QB position and not on the team as a whole imo. Kap isn’t going to magically make this team better either. He has shown an inability to play from the pocket and teams figured out how to stop him when he tried to run the read option, so what else is there?

        The fixes this team needs won’t be found until after the season, if they are even able to find them. Strap yourselves in and enjoy watching the game because you love the game. If you want to see great Niner football, watch a highlight reel from the old days or some of the big wins they achieved during the first 3 Harbaugh years, because this team will continue to struggle but hopefully improve as the season wears on.

        1. Alex Smith regardless of his limitations as a passer is in a far greater class than either Kap or BG.
          He would at least provide the 49ers and the current lack of personnel a way better option.
          Baalke had no choice but to trade Alex. He was in a contract year and flash in the pan was coming off his one good year.
          How much does the organization regret that trade? I’d say they kick themselves every time they see Afro boy walking around the facility!
          I know it is irrelevant to talk about hypotheticals now with Alex but every organization goes through altering trades or would have been picks. Smith is definitely one of those!

            1. It would make watching the game more watchable and less consumption of alcohol and drugs! Trust me!

              1. Roll out and throw to the sidelines is more exciting? Yikes, you Canadians must really be boring…; > )

              2. BH(before Harbaugh) and AR(after Reid) Alex Smith is much improved but he hasn’t led them anywhere near the promise land….

              3. I knew it was going to be a difficult year. I believe it’s a rebuild but after seeing the lack of talent on offense, the expectations have been lowered.
                I think our defense has promise. There are some good pieces to build
                But on offense, it’s a hot mess. The only silver lining is the oline. After that we will need an entire draft to develop the QB,WR,and RB position. I would seriously devote all 10 picks to those 3 positions. That’s how bad this offense is. Draft 3 of each and one more RB for good measure!

        2. Thats simply not true rocket. Baalke seeded control of the QB position to Harbaugh. It was part of their “deal”. I know that to be fact!

          Harbaugh wanted Kaepernick to be his long term QB, and understood it was going to cost a lot to sign him. On top of that, it would have been unfair to keep Alex, and Alex wanted to be traded after he lost his job to kaepernick. Nobody pays premium for 2 QB’s rocket.

          You are simply wrong about this rocket, and I am sure Grant will back this up.

          1. Harbaugh wanted to draft Kaepernick, that is no secret, but Baalke was the guy with final say and still is. If you have proof of that not being the case feel free to post it.

            I stand by what I said. Alex and Harbaugh had a good relationship and there is no reason why Harbaugh would want to get rid of him. Kap was only two years into his career on a 4 year deal so what it was going to cost to sign him wasn’t a factor at that time. Smith wanting to be traded has nothing to do with this. You are saying Harbaugh wanted him gone and that makes no sense. Coaches want a strong QB depth chart. GM’s don’t want to pay a backup a lot of money and always want to add draft picks. This was on Baalke; not Harbaugh, and really it was the right decision from a business stand point. I don’t blame Baalke for making the deal. It’s what he did with the picks that is the problem.

            1. I just told you that Alex wanted to be traded. That’s a fact. Keeping Alex on the depth chart behind Kaepernick would not have worked, and it would not have been the right thing to do.

              Harbaugh knew this when he made his decision!

              1. Help me out here Grant.

                Once Harbaugh made the choice to go with Kap, Alex was going to be traded. harbaugh understood this, and knew the right thing to do was find a team that wanted him as their starter.

                Keeping Alex behind Kap on the depth chart wouldn’t have been worked long term.

    1. Good post Cubus. Not many guys open, some awful throws, a few open guys and pretty conservative most of the time.

      1. In a couple of clips some of the recievers not getting the ball didn’t look like they were running hard to sell their routes.

  3. Get in there ol’ boy. Time to show the real reason why you wear a football uniform to work and not a clergy uniform.

  4. This guy is such a clown..I’ll informed and generalizing cops but mad when people generalize blacks..smh..This entitled generation of cry babies dosent have a clue what “opression” is..Sucks that my favorite team is mismanaged.horrible, boring and on top of that gotta hear about this entitled little cry baby every other article..

  5. Screw Colin Kaepernick. I hope he never plays another down for the team I’ve followed since the 70s. CK is a POS.

    1. Most people seem to have been indoctrinated to believe that bullsh!t only comes from certain places, certain sources: advertising, politics, salesmen–not true. Bullsh!t is everywhere. Bullsh!t is rampant. Parents are full of sh!t, teachers are full of sh!t, clergymen are full of sh!t, and law enforcement people are full…of…sh!t – this entire country. This entire country is completely full of sh!t, and always has been. From the Declaration of Independence to the Constitution to the Star-Spangled Banner, it’s still nothing more than one big steaming pile of red, white and blue, all-American bullsh!t. Because, think of how we started. Think of that. This country was founded by a group of slave-owners who told us all men are created equal. Oh yeah, all men, except for Indians and blacks and women, right? I always like to use that authentic American language. This was a small group of unelected, white, male, land-holding, slave-owners who also suggested their class be the only one allowed to vote. Now, that is what’s known as being stunningly and embarrassingly full of sh!t. And I think Americans really show their ignorance when they say they want their politicians to be honest. What are these fockin’ cretins talking about? If honesty were suddenly introduced into American life, the whole system would collapse!

      George Carlin, PG version

      1. USA is the greatest country on earth. The United States Constitution & Declaration of Independence are the greatest documents ever written. They establish The idea of Natural Rights which really established America as the 1 true beacon of Liberty. The founders of this country are some of the greatest men to ever live. Your diatribe is sickening and so ignorant it’s nauseating. You don’t deserve the liberties and freedom the founders of this country fought and died for.

        1. Why is it not at all surprising that this BS comes straight out of Texas, which, as it happens, is the state of the US most inclined to secede, historically speaking.

          Funny thing is, the world over, Americans (Texans and Floridians more specifically) are jeered at for being loud, fat, and belligerent, whereas Californians are perceived as athletic and beautiful fortunates. What’s more, it took going from the world renowned moron, W, to President Obama, for the politics and people of the US to gain back some measure of esteem the world over. It was the bombastic, simplistic rhetoric of another Texan that put the US in the toilet.

          Austin’s not a bad place, but man oh man, Houston is the worst place on earth.

              1. Awesome, but that does not change the fact that this blog has become a political idiot’s blog instead of a sports blog. If I wanted politics, I would go to Fox News, MSNBC, or any of the other stupid political hack sites.

              2. You remember the Amazing Kreskin? He used to be another guy I liked that was a regular on Johnny Carson. I think he’s still alive….

              3. Unfortunately, he was before my time Razor. I will try to check him out sometime during my free time this week.

              4. MW, if the Niners keep on losing, I will welcome distractions.

                If Kaep leads them to wins, I will be insufferable.;p

              5. Politics is not a distraction; it’s a venomous discussion point(s) that quickly devolves into senseless bickering.

              6. Well, it is nice to escape into football talk, but the next president is kinda important.

                It might go nuclear, and disrupt football games.

              7. So important that people turn into venomous vipers waiting to strike anyone who disagrees with their political stance? So important that a person must reach into the sewage and pull out any nasty or derogatory comment they can find? So important that a person must base their stance on mindless perceptions? We already have a GM and ownership overseeing a team that we like acting as idiots. A fan should not be considering that as a challenge to see how low they (the fan) can go.

              8. MW, you know me, I can calmly and politely discus a myriad of subjects. Its the others who tend to go pyrotechnic.

              9. George Carlin: Some people see the glass as half full and some see it as half empty. I wonder why the glass is twice as large as it needs to be. In our case substitute “salary cap” for glass.

          1. Dude,
            Californians are not seen as beautiful and athletic. I love California, but to outsiders we are seen as Elitists who are so busy patting ourselves on the back for being so accepting.
            All the while ridiculing everyone else for not being as accepting or open minded. Not deigning to think that in our generalization of outsiders we are in fact doing exactly what we are accusing everyone else of.

            1. I agree. I have traveled to many states, and think California is the best place on earth, but we still have racists, elitists, and Cops who unload their weapon at close range.

              I do feel a little smug when I can fire up a steak on the barbie while others are freezing their tushes off, or look at a big wall of fog while others are dripping with perspiration 10 minutes after taking a shower.

              Still, I will not take shots at Houston. He is probably upset how his candidate got crushed by a woman who smiled while being interrupted.

              1. Hmm, that was pretty tame, to me…..

                I did not use vulgarity or expletives, race bait, question some one’s patriotism or intelligence.

                Did not name names or invoke calumny.

                But, whatever….

              2. But why was it needed? You had a decent post until adding that pointless crap at the end.

          2. Johnny the Coloradans don’t think this.

            “whereas Californians are perceived as athletic and beautiful fortunates.”

            Here they want all the Californians to go back to California. Truly anyone not born in the state they’d like to leave as well.

        2. Houston 9er … I agree whole heartedly with every word you wrote. Of course that doesn’t mean that when there IS an injustice that we as Americans shouldn’t boldly state what it is and work to eliminate it. It’s like the 49ers in the 80s. Win the SB in 1984 with a 17-1 record, the best team by far in football. But Bill Walsh wasn’t satisfied with the speed and talent at WR, so he made a trade … for one Jerry Rice. Always seek to improve and get better and better and better. That’s how the United States will continue its upward trajectory.

  6. On another subject am I the only one who thinks Eric Reid is the most overrated player on this team?

    1. There was a reason he didn’t receive a contract extension, and I doubt he’ll be around next year. Someone will overpay for his services, similar to Goldson….

      1. He’ll be around next year. The 49ers took up his option, and I highly doubt they get rid of him.

        I also expect he will get an extension this offseason.

        He may be overrated by some, but I guess it really depends on how high you rate him. Some seem to be trying to suggest he is a below average starter. He really isn’t. He’s a solid starting safety. But like most players, he does have some weaknesses. And he’s by no means a dominant playmaker.

        The 49ers would, in my opinion, be idiots to get rid of him. This is a talent deprived squad. Getting rid of solid starters is not the place to start. And solid starters on this dumpster fire would most likely look like above average starters on a good team. Put Reid behind a talented front 7 (like, say, in 2013) and you’ll see a pretty good player.

        This offseason the team should be extending the contracts of Reid, Ward, Lynch and Hyde. Even if they aren’t top echelon players, they are still pretty good players. Replace the marginal talents, not the decent players.

        1. So far, I think Alex Smith and IDub are the only players to hit free agency and end up resigning with the 49ers. We’ll see….

            1. 5th year option is only guaranteed for injury, so they could cut him before the 2017 season. Also, since he wasn’t a top ten pick, he’ll make an average of the 3rd-25th highest paid player at his position. I also remember Reid saying that upper management wanted to see him making more plays….

              1. And I am saying they won’t cut him. And in fact would be idiots to do so.

                I don’t care if he gets overpaid, and neither should any of us. The 49ers have a ridiculous amount of money to spend. The dumber idea on such a talent deprived team would be to cut a decent player over money.

                I would be very surprised if they don’t look to extend him this offseason. Regardless of who the GM is.

              2. Well, he’s currently graded by PFF as one of the highest graded safeties in the NFL. So far so good.

        2. I agree Scooter,
          while he doesn’t appear to be as good as we had hoped. Safety is an extremely dependent position on others doing their job. In zones, if a corner or LB doesn’t drop deep enough, or get in his proper position, the safety can easily be made to look like an idiot for being out of place when in fact he wasn’t.

          On this roster as you stated we are devoid of talent and at the very least need a few solid starters to build upon Reid can be that provided he stays healthy.

        3. Reid is one of the last ones we should be talking about parting with. He’s not elite but he’s good, and right now that is a lifeline on a team with so many question marks.

    2. Reid is the player that signs a big free agent deal with another team and gets cut after one season due to concussions.

    3. Not me. The Niners should try really hard to retain veteran leadership. Getting rid of talent leads to 5-11 seasons.

      Reid is a beast, and I hope he plays another 5 years for the Niners.

          1. Seb, I don’t have to tell you he’s had too many and has contemplated retirement because of them….

  7. I can see it now……..the field at Levi’s stadium being overwhelmed by fake afros being thrown from the stands after Kaepernick’s first INT.

  8. I don’t think he’s even a solid starter..jmo..I think he’s average..pretty weak in coverage and has become very soft on the run after his concussions..and that jump ball with Graham was a pathetic effort..just brings me back to my frustration with Baalke high pick on Tartt and he’s a situational player,high pick on Reid he’s an average player..I’m just so frustrated with Baalke draft picks even a blind squirrel could find a nut..But not Baalke..he believes in leather helmets and field goals

    1. I think you’ve hit the nail right on the head as to why some people think the team should offload Reid – he’s not the difference maker people expect from a 1st round pick, especially one they traded up for. But just because he’s not as good as you hoped he might be, doesn’t mean he isn’t any good at all.

      If Reid was available in the open market he’d be snapped up in a jiffy, and get paid a lot of money. He may be overrated by some media, but I think he is very much underrated by some 49er fans.

      He’s actually played quite well so far this season. That play by Graham I think is the real impetus for a lot of fan angst against him this year. And the funniest part about it is he played it really well, was the first one to the ball, but just lost the contest for the ball. I agree it was soft, and he needs to come down with it or at worst prevent Graham from getting it. But nobody seems to want to accept he actually played the coverage well, and in fact has been good in coverage most of the year so far. Earlier in the game he had an excellent PB against Graham, but don’t hear anyone talking about that. He also had some very good tackles coming down into the box. The only other negative play I really saw from him against the Seahawks was on Baldwin’s TD, where I believe he was meant to be providing help over the top. But on review it looks like there was some good play design there, as he also had to respect Luke Willson up the middle which slowed him down getting across to help with Baldwin. Basically Brock needs to do a better job sticking with Baldwin there.

      1. I hear ya ,just frustrating watching these past couple games..Watching Baalke pass on receivers ,qbs and other playmaker for defensive picks is frustrating enough and then watching teams put up 30 burgers on our defense is just taking that frustration and slamming it in our faces.No one on this defense is jumping out or flashing at all and with all those picks someone should be..Still think out of everyone Robinson will be the guy..we shall see

      2. You also have to factor in the fact that RW was pinpoint precise. It was not Keenum throwing the ball.

        I agree. Reid is valuable, and under appreciated.

      3. Good analysis Scooter as always. Reid is one of the better players on this team. The 49ers would be foolish to let him walk. Fans key on a few things and forget the overall quality of the player. Reminds me of the early days of Rice and Young and the criticism they received from fans which was completely unjustified. Garcia also got a bunch of that too. Sometimes we are spoiled. Reid isn’t Lott. But he’s very good.

  9. Grant, thank you for asking the questions I wanted answers to.

    Sounds like Kaep is ready to go. Gabbert should be cool, and allow Kaep to play in some capacity.

    I hope Chip goes bold and innovative, and lines up Kaep in the backfield. instant flea flicker opportunity or a run to attack the edges.

  10. “It’ll be the same offense”…translation, when I finally get to play, and continue to be the worst quarterback in the NFL (statistically he was the worst quarterback under pressure in the NFL), it isn’t my fault, it is the offense.

    Way to place blame for being a lousy quarterback before you even get on the field Kap. I can’t wait for you to just go away. The 49ers are the only team in the NFL dumb enough to pay a horrendous quarterback $10 million.

              1. Both of the QBs are buried. There will not be a resurrection for Gabbert or Kaepernick.

              2. Well, I considered it a miracle that Kaep is still on the team. Once he gets back on the field, I expect a deluge.of biblical proportions.

              3. That has been the best belief for two seasons now, but the reality is it will not happen unless Kaepernick has finally taken the next step into becoming a capable QB.

              4. You and I both want to see if he can. I am as confident as Kaep, but concede that he may not succeed. With a decent O line, maybe he will.

        1. Jumping for joy hearing that Kaep is ready to play.

          I will be swinging from the tree tops if he leads the Niners to some wins.

  11. I see #7 becoming the starter again, leads all QB’s in rushing yards and leads the 49ers to the playoffs……

  12. Open question. What does everyone expect from Lynch this year? He is supposedly in good shape. Will he be able to give us the outside rush we need? Will O’Neil use him properly? Will he stay clean from here on out?

    1. I heard he’s given up the drugs and promised to concentrate on booze like his role model Aldon Smith.

  13. I don’t know about you guys but I can’t wait for the day where we don’t have these distractions on our team. Whether it’s Kaep moving on to a different team or Balke getting fired. We need a new direction and hope. Seems like we are stuck in the mud… Looking forward to changes after the 2016 season.

    1. Lol…as long as the Yorks are running this team…

      You all should be thankful for Kap. Without him the 49ers would be just another terrible team that nobody talks about.

      1. Thankful for what? The useless distraction of protest? Your country will always be marred in racism. Sorry but that is the reality of 250 million people living in one place!
        Kaepernick is just another guy who’s message gets lost over time. And he is a terrible quarterback for the record. We are a bad team with or without him. More so with!

  14. If a QB change is going to happen look for Kaepernick to make his first start against New Orleans.

    1. What’s the point in putting him in? If everything goes well we win a couple more games and we retain him for another year at 15 mil? We deal with another year of distractions. I’m a fan of Kaep on the field but this distraction needs to go away..

      1. Maybe Kaep can get back to the 2012 Kaep, and we might even have a chance at the playoffs.

        Distractions? There are many distractions, there are always distractions, and someday, I hope the Niners do not let the distractions to keep them from winning.

        1. 4* Free NFL Betting Prediction: Dallas Moneyline

          I have zero faith in Blaine Gabbert, zero… he has not given any indication that he is a competent enough QB to be an NFL starter.

    2. Kaep is going to get his chance… But the reality is the change will come after the AZ game. In reality I wouldn’t be surprised if ponder even gets a look at some point. He is the least athletic but most accurate of the 3.
      The answer is not on the roster… And sadly the answers backup may not be either.:/

      1. Think you’ve got to let it play out a little longer. Once the switch is made there’s really no going back.

        1. I agree Jack. And unfortunately, the team is about what I thought they would be. The one thing I’m hoping for is growth on offense and for Buckner to prove himself to be better than I think he is.

      2. Shoup, what’s your criteria for accuracy? Ponder’s career completion rate is exactly the same as CK’s? Ponder’s is almost 5% better than BG’s career average. I know completion percentage is only part of accuracy. Seems like there are a few other things like timing, consistency of placement, velocity/touch, giving advantage to the receivers momentum.

        1. If your looking at career numbers none are going to look terribly accurate. However, you have to take into account a few things. Kap’s accuracy numbers should be slightly inflated. His first 2 seasons he played behind the most dominant offensive line in pro football and teams had to commit to stopping the run. This led to a lot of defined looks (easier reads) in addition to having more time to throw the ball than most other qbs. Most qb’s should be more accurate in this scenario.
          Ponder had Peterson, which is a huge help to a qb. But his line was not nearly as good so he had to make complicated reads quicker.
          Now with all that said true accuracy requires the qb to put a catchable ball in a spot where their wideouts either a) don’t have to break stride b) only their wr can catch it or c) allows the wr to catch the ball without getting blown. Additionally it’s not just about putting these passes on a line often qb’ have to drop the ball in windows.
          This last part is the part that all our qb’s struggle with. Both Kap and Blaine can accurately throw the seem routes very well when their feet are set. But when teams force them to make drop throws down the sidelines both are inaccurate. Ponder, doesn’t have their arm talent but he does throw the drop throws better than they do, allowing the wr to make plays on the ball.
          But when I say most accurate… On this roster, it doesn’t say much.

  15. 49ers will have to handle Dallas rookies Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott

    1:26 PM MT
    Nick Wagoner
    ESPN Staff Writer

    Santa CLARA, Calif. — Two of the NFL’s crown-jewel franchises will meet Sunday when the Dallas Cowboys come to Levi’s Stadium to meet the San Francisco 49ers.

    Ezekiel Elliott: It took time for Elliott to look like the runner everybody thought would tear up the league from Day 1. (Elliot had 140 yds rushing)

    Dak Prescott: He is now up to 99 passes to open the season without an interception. Prescott’s-decision making has been well ahead of his experience.

  16. Clearly, the schedule dictates the bye week is a good time to asses the quality of play and make changes as needed.

    1. Clearly my eyes tell me that some players are hurting the team and changes need to be made immediately. They waited too long to pull Devey. Hope they do not wait too long.

      1. Seb, do your eyes tell you the 49ers need to deal for a QB from another teams roster, since the answer is not in San Fran?

  17. Dallas Cowboys vs. San Francisco 49ers – Week 4 Picks And Predictions

    San Francisco really did not stand a chance in Seattle and after that Week 1 shutout of the Rams, they have given up 83 points combined in last two games. That is just unacceptable for any team that wants to get into the Playoffs.

    Dez Bryant is not in top shape, but he came back into the game after he hurt his knee and scored a Touchdown. That gives us confidence that he will be back in the lineup for Sunday match. On the other hand, Kaep won’t likely hit the field, so we are predicting Cowboys win in this one. Final score should be somewhere along the lines of 27:13.

  18. Jim O’Neil on Cowboys OL, facing Dak Prescott, correcting mistakes

    The San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator met with the media Tuesday to discuss what went wrong in Seattle, and what’s next against the Cowboys. We’ve got a full transcript, courtesy of 49ers PR. You can watch video here.

    By • David Fucillo • @davidfucillo •Sep 27, 2016, 5:45p

  19. Chris Simms, Bleacher Report: 29 (-9)

    I know what the Legion of Boom is capable of.

    But even I didn’t think—in this pass-happy era of quarterback stat-stuffing—we’d see a signal-caller put up a 119-yard performance through four quarters. Blaine Gabbert proved me wrong.

  20. I don’t think the Labrum tweeter to Damon is wrong.

    So much idiocy resides at 4949 Centennial, from Jed stiffing Tim Kawakami on dinner, to the Girl Scout of America rip off; the 49ers threatening to sue Kawakami for revealing their annual profits; keeping Kap’s injury a secret; all of the coaching rejections against the 49ers; and now lying about KAP’S STATUS.

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